Slavery During The Nineteenth Century Essay

Slavery During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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During the nineteenth century, America faced what is considered to be one of the most gruesome times in today’s history. Because of slavery in the South and the effects of the Civil War, people in today’s society recognize this time period as one many would avoid discussing. According to Stephen V. Ash, “Southern Slavery was a harsh system —cruel is a better word—that was now and then tampered by acts of kindness on the part of paternalistic whites” (xv). Although there were a small amount of slave owners who were kindhearted, the majority of the South was dominated by slave holders who believed in white supremacy. Ultimately, because many slaves endured extremely callous experiences through forced marriages, repressed education, and revolting living conditions, slave owners were able to create a suppressive atmosphere for slaves during the nineteenth century.
In the beginning of slavery, slaveholders used the Africans as a tool to help with the establishment of the different colonies. However, as slavery progressed over time, numerous slaveholders in the South began to view slavery as a social status symbol, believing that “enslaving blacks was necessary and proper” (Ash 1). For this reason, many slave owners encouraged the idea of marriage among the slaves. Therefore, by creating a false sense of justification for the enslavement of Africans, white Southerners were also able to maintain a clear conscience while participating in such heinous acts. One example that exemplifies this point is through Solomon Northup’s personal account of slavery in his bibliography Twelve Years A Slave: “Marriage is frequently contracted during the holidays, if such an institution may be said to exist among them. It is usually encouraged by the ma...

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...ferior race,” who needed “governance” from the white Southerners (Ash 1). This mentality is also demonstrated in the slaves’ brutal beatings for any wrong doings. On a typical planation, slaves were punished for crimes such as rising too late, unfulfilling their daily work quota, and running away. Overall, Southerners used excessive force on their slaves to serve as a reminder of not only the power the master had but also to serve as a symbol of “fear” (Bradley 3). Therefore, the sound of a whip or any other form of punishment method motivated the slaves to increase work production in order to decrease the chances of being beaten.
Ultimately, through the use of illegal marriages, strict education laws, and abrasive living conditions, white Southerners were able to create the perfect atmosphere of suppression for a race that has yet to recover in today’s society.

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