Essay Slavery During The American Revolution

Essay Slavery During The American Revolution

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Slavery has played a major role in colonial America since European colonization. When Europe colonized America, there was a lot of work that needed to be done. With the vast land and lack of laborers, slaves were introduced to the new world. Dutch ships brought African slaves into America and started to use slaves as laborers. Slaves became the solution to the problem in hand. During the American Revolution, Slavery was an issue that was overlooked by the people and government. The people of America just wanted their independence and liberty from Great Britain. They did not see that slaves were people too and should have equal rights just like them. By the eighteenth century, America was influenced by John Locke’s theory of natural rights. Instead of “Life, Liberty and Property” that was believed by John Locke, Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that the natural rights of the people should be “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” These natural rights were hard to accept with slavery at play. In the book Slavery in America: An Eyewitness History, Schneider states “the defiant American Rebels who used Locke’s ideas to justify their own revolution against Britain could not blind themselves to the contradiction between those ideas and the realities of slavery” (Schneider 237). As slaves began to multiply in population, Slavery became a problem that alarmed the people. The founding fathers had to put new laws into the constitution about slavery, in effort of forming an American Union. Nevertheless, the founding fathers wanted to slowly abolish slavery but the southerners would not allow that to happen. Slavery was very important in the south because slaves were the laborers on plantations. The South had ...

... middle of paper ... head in every issue and still had the problem of slavery on their hands.
The Three-fifths Compromise, Missouri Compromise, Fugitive Slave Act and Kansas-Nebraska Act were few of the many laws that were created because of the issue of slavery. These few laws were considered some of the main laws that shaped American Politics and created the route to the Civil War. Although there were many reasons for the cause of the Civil War, the politics of slavery played a huge part in creating divisions between the North and the South. The divisions grew further and further apart as the issue of slavery grew. It was hard for America to become a union and have a government without partisan politics. Even after the Civil War was fought, slaves still had no rights. The problem of slavery did not end after the Civil War, but continued to effect politics for many decades.

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