The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley Essay

The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley Essay

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The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley is a story about a boy learning about life’s way of balancing out. Culver and his mother, Flora, moved to the small town of Gateway, for a fresh start from their troubling past. Culver will witness the effects of guilt and repayment of debt on his Uncle as he tries to balance out the community of Gateway. Guilt and debt encourage people to make unwise decisions in favor of those who they are repaying. Their goal is to make things even and fair. Life balances out.
Life has a way of evening out and making situations fair. When Culver witnessed Tyler and Seaweed plunge to their deaths, Culver thought, “The full reality of the fire’s danger had hit, the sheer craziness of it. Here was this inferno at the mill and along the cold deck, but no one had been killed or blown sky-high on the fuel tanks. However, on the co-op roof, by all appearances a relatively safe place, two men had plunged to their deaths.”(Lesley 159). During the mill fire, two men ended up losing their lives. The people who had set the fire are not only responsible for the destruction of the mill, but also for the deaths of two men. Chain reactions happen to many people in real life. They may do something that will affect other people. For example, when someone is driving and they go the wrong way on a one-way street, they could hit someone else. If they did, then that person would be harmed and they could get sued. Chain reactions have a way of evening out. Later in the book, when Billyum was talking with the back-room boys, he said, “’Found a burned-out vehicle—way back in the woods... Two dead guys in it. Big elk in back. All of them black as charburgers.’… ‘Any idea who they were?’ ‘Burned too bad to tell. But my guess is they’ll w...

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... alone on the river to check out the house, because he realized that the face he saw was his brother’s. Jake knew that it was time to pay back his debt to his brother. Just like his brother, Jake went solo on the river and was claimed by the Lost River. When people feel guilty about not being able to save a loved one, they often will try to redeem themself for the person. Some people change their lifestyles to do good things, or others chose to pay them back with their life. In the end, people want to pay back their debt to others. People tend to give in to guilt.
Guilt can cause people to blame themselves and make unwise decisions. They will try to repay their debt to that person by either claiming their own life or by justifying the situation in favor of the person who died. Even though the situation has hurt someone, people try to make it fair. Life balances out.

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