Sin and Redemption: Iredeemable Essays

Sin and Redemption: Iredeemable Essays

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Temptation, the biggest fight you can face, is around every corner. People are making mistakes left and right, some are more intense than others. People don't know the consequences of sin in the afterlife. Many think that if a person sins then they are instantly foreordained to go to hell. Others think that there is no such thing as sinning. People are unsure of what will happen to them once they have committed a sin. No matter what sins you have face or committed, nothing is irredeemable.
People are scared of the afterlife and they aren't sure if redemption is even possible once a sin is committed. For instance in the well written speech, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Jonathan Edwards attempts to explain that hell isn't even a real place. He says that once a sinner sins it is like throwing a rock and having a spider web stop the rock (Edwards 110). Edwards is trying to get the point across that once a sin has been committed it is impossible for them to be forgiven. During the speech it is very intense and he is very straight forward. He tricks the audience into believing his thoughts and methods of redemption. Yet eventually Edwards starts talking about how if the proper steps are not taken then eternal damnation will occur no matter what (Edwards 111). Through Edwards saying this, he expresses that hell is a devastating place and no one wants to be there for eternity. Sadly there are consequences and individuals have to suffer the consequences and follow the steps to become better and to be forgiven of that sin or else hell could be an genuine destination for them.
Individuals wonder the intensity of the sins and if one sin is worse than another. In The Crucible many different sins are committed, and all the sins that...

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