Similarities Between Vietnamese And Chinese Culture Essay examples

Similarities Between Vietnamese And Chinese Culture Essay examples

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Vietnam is an emerging economy in Southeast Asia with thousands years of history. The early Vietnamese people developed and shared their custom with many civilizations such as Champa, an Indian influenced state, and China, a powerful neighbor in the north. Vietnam had been ruled by the Chinese government for about a thousand years, colonized by the French for almost a century, and controlled by the American for 30 years. Because of the long aggressions of other countries, many foreign cultural values were added to the Vietnamese culture (Nguyen & Truong, 2016). For instance, when the French ruled Vietnam, French language, textbooks and French ideologies were taught at school and French style recreation was popular. Western scholars who examined Vietnamese culture found many similarities between Vietnamese and Chinese culture and some scholars refer to Vietnam as “a Neo-Confucian society” (Nguyen, 2009, p. 44). However, before the invasion of China and other Western cultures, Vietnam had developed a high level of civilization with a cohesive society, which helped the early Vietnamese keep their cultural values from being assimilated (Nguyen, 2009). For instance, although Vietnamese culture was heavily influenced by Chinese culture which mainly focuses on the family value, Vietnamese culture considers the clan value and the community value are more important than the family value (Tran, 2003). It can be said that Vietnamese culture is unique with the mix among the cultures of the early Vietnamese, their neighbors, and their invaders.
Vietnamese culture values relationship, responsibility, and sacrifice (Adian & Adian, 2009). Individuals have strong connections with their families, their societies, as well as the nature and they are...

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...cators in encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly habit. First, because Vietnamese culture values sacrifice, responsibility, and harmony, it can be expected that the Vietnamese possess the suitable characteristics to behave in an eco-friendly way. Second, it can be seen that the Vietnamese have soon developed the belief of human ecology and this may make it easier for the communicators to persuade the Vietnamese to live in a more environmentally friendly way. Finally, in order to effectively change the Vietnamese consumption behaviors, the communicators can take advantage of the important cultural values in Vietnamese culture such as responsibility and harmony. For instance, the communicators can design an advertising campaign of green products which emphasizes the harmony between humans and the nature or the responsibility of humans for protecting the environment.

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