Similarities and Differences Between Woman Work and Overheard in County Sligo

Similarities and Differences Between Woman Work and Overheard in County Sligo

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Similarities and Differences Between Woman Work and Overheard in County Sligo

“Woman Work” is about a very unhappy woman who doesn’t have anything
of her own, she uses the weather to describe how she would like to get
herself away from her mundane life, for example “Storm, blow me from
here with your fiercest wind”. She thinks that the only thing she
can call her own is the different weathers. Whereas in “Overheard in
County Sligo” which is also about a woman, however, this woman is
unhappy for different reasons, she has a nice house, lovely husband
and a good life, but although she has a good life she wants some
stardom in her life and she dreams of something more. An example of
this is “to see my thought on the printed page”. The similarities
between both the poems are that both women want freedom from their
present life. The differences between the two poems are that in “Woman
Work” all she has to comfort her is what nature can provide whereas in
“Overheard in County Sligo” she already has a fine life but she craves
fame. They both want different lives to the ones they are living at
the moment.

The theme of the poem “Woman Work” is that she is a very busy, lonely
woman, probably a slave, who just wants something which she can call
her own even if it is some time to herself. I think the sub-text of
the poem is that all she wants is some happiness and to be able to
rest occasionally in her life because she feels she does the same
routine of work everyday. Evidence of this is in the line “Til I can
rest again.” In “Overheard in County Sligo” the sub-text of the poem
is that although she has a relatively easy life, she has something
missing in her life and it is making her extremely unhappy, not
appreciating the fine things she already has. Evidence of this is “I
ought to feel I’m a happy woman for I lie in he lap of the land.

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” I
think she feels she is isolated from the rest of world, “and I live in
the back of beyond” also, I don’t think she was born in County Sligo
because she takes the beauty of the land for granted. Loneliness is
presented in “Woman Work” by the fact that she talks of doing
everything herself and she mentions “I” all the time. In
“Overheard in County Sligo” she implies that she lives a quiet life
away from civilisation. This can also imply that both women feel

The atmosphere of the poems are shown in a similar way, both are shown
to be upset, lonely, isolated, unhappy and frustrated. I think in
“Woman Work” she sees the weather as something she can call hers and
she feels it can lead her to the rest she so longs for. “Let me
rest tonight” and “You’re all that I can call my own” back this up.
The rhythm of the poem in the first stanza is very fast paced so it
makes the reader think that she is being rushed or is under pressure
to do the work however there is not one specific rhyming scheme but
two. The first helps to show the fast pace of her workload whereas
the second reflects the pace she would actually like it to go. In
the second to fourth stanza the pace slows down rapidly and she uses
the weather to describe what she really, desperately wants i.e. a
slower pace of life In “Overheard in County Sligo” she talks about
what could have been, instead of focusing on the good things in her
life. She is looking back in time and thinking about opportunities she
has missed. I think she is regretting past decisions and not making
the most of what she actually has. In “Overheard in County Sligo”, she
has a pleasant life with a husband, a nice house and a farm but she is
unhappy because she feels she has missed out on past opportunities she
can’t do what she wants to do. The rhythm of this poem is slowly paced
and the stanzas are more evenly spread out, I think this shows she is
not in any rush to do anything about her feelings and it reflects on
how monotonous she feels her life is. One main difference between
the poems is that in “Overheard in County Sligo” the woman can leave
if she wants and she does actually have quite a decent lifestyle.
Therefore, I have more sympathy for the woman in “Woman Work”.

Throughout both poems different words and phrases are used to show the
similarities and differences between both poems. In “Woman Work” lots
of verbs are used to present how much work, the woman has to do.

Verbs- to shop to feed

To mop to

To tend to press

To mend to dress

To dry be cut

To fry this hut

The sick to pick

However there are no adverbs. I think this is because you get the
impression her life is non-stop from the pace of the verbs. There are
a few adjectives put into the poem I think this is done to make the
poem seem more serious and interesting. I think the adjectives are
perfectly chosen for the effect the writer wants to have on the
reader. Some of the phrases with adjectives in them include;

With your stormiest wind

Cover me with white

Cold, icy kisses

Throughout “Overheard in County Sligo” I noticed that there was a
range of all the different types of words.

Nouns- Collective

County Roscommon Six white geese

Yard of hens

Field of cars

Adjectives- Verbs-

Yellow corn to polish

Tumbled rooms to fold

Happy woman

I think these words and phrases collectively give the impression of a
slow pace of life with a hint of sadness.

Whilst reading these poems I had mixed feelings about each woman. I
felt sorry for the woman in “Woman Work” as I think she has no choice
but to live the way she does, she has a long list of work she has to
do and I think she is being put under pressure to do so. I also
think that she can see no end to her everyday routine. However she
does not look for sympathy just the chance to rest. I prefer “Woman
Work” as I think that the poem is more meaningful and heartfelt.

The reason why I don’t like “Overheard in County Sligo” is because I
feel that the woman wants sympathy and she doesn’t appreciate that she
does actually have a better quality of life than most. I feel as
though she is moaning all the time about what she hasn’t got and
cannot see the positive side of what she does have.

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