Essay on The Show Dexter 's Laboratory

Essay on The Show Dexter 's Laboratory

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For this project, I choose to do my reflection over the show Dexter’s Laboratory. I choose to watch and review this particular show because it is one that I remember watching frequently as a child. Each episode of Dexter is split into two smaller “episodes”. I watched season three-episode seven which showed “Dos Boots” and “A Dee Dee Cartoon”.
It didn’t take very long into the episode to see how certain stereotypes play a central role on this show. It was something I had never realized as a kid either because I was too young to notice or had never been purposely looking for it. Throughout both segments science is portrayed a thrilling subject. At points within “Dos Boots” it even ventures into something out of a sci-fi movie with both Dexter and Mandark going inside of the computer to fight for control. Even though science itself is portrayed as an exciting thing, both Mandark and Dexter are shown to be nerdy. In the show Dexter’s outfit plays to the stereotypical scientist with a white lab coat, thick glasses, and gloves. On top of this, Dexter is incredibly short and it shows th...

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