Essay about Should Nurse Anesthetists be Allowed to Administer Anesthesia?

Essay about Should Nurse Anesthetists be Allowed to Administer Anesthesia?

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Throughout the years, there has been an ongoing controversy over whether or not nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) should be allowed to administer anesthesia. There are various legal issues surrounding nurse anesthetists ranging from the illegal practicing of anesthesia to physician supervision requirements. A nurse anesthetist is a specialized nurse who has been adequately trained to administer anesthesia—drugs that induce loss of pain or sensation. These types of nurses are registered and have completed additional years of college in order for them to practice anesthesia. At the minimum, it takes seven calendar years to become a nurse anesthetist. And before completing their studies, an average CRNA student completes 2,500 clinical hours and administers at least 850 anesthetics (AANA). So, ask yourself. Would you feel comfortable letting a “nurse” administer you anesthesia before your own surgery?
The first documented occurrence of anesthesia being practiced by civilian nurses was during the 1870s in the Midwest. Sister Mary Bernard, who founded the Sisters of St. Joseph in Kansas, entered the St. Vincent Hospital in Pennsylvania to train as a nurse. Only twelve months later, she took on the anesthesia obligations at the hospital (Nagelhout, Plaus 3). Her efficient administering of anesthesia caused this practice to repeat throughout the Midwest and eventually the United States.
In 1900, Agatha Hodgins went to Cleveland, Ohio to work at Lakeside Hospital. It was eight years later that Dr. George Crile selected her to be a nurse anesthetist. Alongside Crile, Agatha initiated the use of nitrous oxygen anesthesia, which was introduced in WWI and went on to open a conspicuous school for nurse anesthetists. It was then that nurse anesthet...

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...mpletely disagreed with it. Dr. Debbie Malina shot back arguing that it could be easily proven that nurse anesthetists handled all types of surgical procedures regardless of any types of physician or anesthesiologist supervision. Malina added that nurse anesthetists had little to no restrictions when it came down the cases they were involved with, the different types of anesthetics they could administer, and no limitations on what types of facilities they were allowed to work in. But, due to the many technological advances, the critical nature of anesthesia, and the increase in the amount of ill and “sick” people, doctors feel as if supervision of CRNAs is more essential than ever before. Several CRNAs added that they are able to provide proficient and efficient health care to all patients, given that most CRNAs were the primary caregivers in rural areas. (Medscape)

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