Essay about Short Story : ' Mad 's Don 't '

Essay about Short Story : ' Mad 's Don 't '

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He walked over to the table and smirked "Ready... Aim...Fire..."

Food came flying at me and plates shattered everywhere. The sounds of glass shattering echoed in my ears loudly making them throb.

Tears formed in my eyes and began streaming down my face as I felt the cuts forming all over. Even some glass shards got stuck on my flesh.

"Happy..." Cameron smirked at Blake before turning back to me, "you clean this up" he pointed to me before everyone exited.

I knelt down on the floor and started picking up shattered glass.

"Mad 's don 't..." Blake sighed.

"I know you wanted to help Blake but just don 't try anymore" I sniffled.

"Your my best friend I care about you and this isn 't healthy" he sighed.

"Can you just... help me clean this place up, I 'm feeling a little fuzzy" I stumbled around trying to stand up.

"Of course" he responded immediately, and I exited to throw away the shards I 've already picked up. Only, to bump into a group of girls,

"Who the fuck, do you think you are?" Heather snarled her lip making an unattractive shape.

I need to watch where I 'm going seriously! I am so fucking sick of this and today 's not even one of the worst days I 've gone through.

"Stay away from Blake" Ginger growled.

"You are a slut and don 't deserve Blake" Frankie hissed and slapped me across the face.

How am I a slut when I haven 't even...? Mad 's relax don 't let them get to you. You 've cried enough for an eternity. I sensed my wolf curling up into a ball again. She always does this I mentally sighed.

"Now be a good little girl and go clean" Debby smirked.

I ran down the hall and into the kitchen. I could still hear them chuckling as their footsteps faded. I rolled m...

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...dy for bed" he commanded.

"Yes sir" I mock saluted.

"Night" Blake gave me a kiss on the cheek and I felt a blush coming on.

"Night" I called walking down the hall.

He waved and I turned walking towards the stairs.

Why 'd he kiss my cheek? I wouldn 't mind if he was my mate. Ugh Madison! It was one kiss and it was on the cheek!

I made it up stairs and headed for my room. After getting into my room I made my way to my towel and then to my night wear and, then quickly rushed to my bathroom. The shower I took was really needed.

My cuts and bruises were almost fully healed which was a total relief. So after I finished I put on my night clothes -shorts and a t-shirt- and got under the covers.

Tomorrow is another day. I hope its better.

It is my birthday after all.

Closing my eyes I drifted off into a surprisingly comfortable dream.

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