Shakespeare’s play The Tempest and Michael Cervantes Saavedra’s Don Quixote

Shakespeare’s play The Tempest and Michael Cervantes Saavedra’s Don Quixote

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How important is an individual that most often than not authors focus on the growth of one over the growth of the many? Is it because the growth of one symbolizes the growth of all? Or is the focus on the individual due to the image it presents which is the growth in us? In any event, this outlook of individualism is widespread in literature and different genres and techniques excavate the development of the individual. Another factor that comes into play in the development of the character is the situation and the effects of the environment. Within William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest and Michael Cervantes Saavedra’s satire Don Quixote are two different characters molded and formed or in both cases malformed to incorporate their capsules which are the genres and settings that imprison them.
The Tempest presents the character of Prospero the usurped duke of Milan. In the beginning Prospero’s character can be described as foul, spiteful, and selfish. This can be seen in various scenes in acts one and two of the play where he treats the people around him as his servants especially the fateful Ariel who reminded him of his promise only to be threatened of imprisonment. He’s selfish in the sense that he would do anything to accomplish his goal of executing his plan. Like a master puppeteer he is manipulative and deceptive. He even manipulates his daughter to fit according to his scheme. However, all of his foul characteristics left him as his plan nears its end. It is as if the shedding of his clothes represented his change is personality and attitude. After Prospero discarded his staff, drowned his magic book, and wore his duke garments he became more responsible and sympathetic. Instead of exacting revenge on the king of Naples a...

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...there is also the factor of the trustworthiness of a character. There are doubts in my mind that both Prospero and Don Quixote’s growth as individuals were faux used only to disguise themselves. In Prospero’s case it is used to present a different image of him, one that will not be taken advantage of just as his brother did to him. This new image is the one we see in the beginning of the play which I described earlier as foul and manipulative. In the case of Don Quixote it seems he was never insane and he only pretended to be out of his mind to avoid conflict. He presented himself as a mad man only to fulfill his dream of traveling as a knight-errant. Which if these are the cases then both characters never developed in the play and the novel then we are all manipulated as if the positions were reversed and the characters we were reading were after all the authors.

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