Essay about Sex Is An Important Taboo Aspect Of Life

Essay about Sex Is An Important Taboo Aspect Of Life

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Sex is an important yet taboo aspect of life, there are certain aspects about it that need to be discussed that people just are not comfortable discussing because of the taboos that follow sex. One of the most important issues regarding sex is what makes it permissible, is consent enough or is there something more needed? People have been pondering this conundrum for decades and now err towards the side of caution and have made laws and policies much more stringent concerning legal, legitimate sex. In the past sex was legal as long as the participants consented to the acts, what went along with this was that consent was implied for married couples and many married women were being raped by their husbands. Now, with many laws or school/work codes, the participants must both consent and be in control of their full mental capacity. This is why many universities still consider it sexual assault or rape if a person consents to sex if they are drunk. These days many school policies have gone too far in trying to protect the females attending by placing most of the blame on males. This is a big issue today that needs to be addressed. Because of this problem I think that consent is enough as long as there is balance between the two individuals. If the participants are getting an equal amount of what they agreed upon and they have a balanced relationship then this is a virtuous sexual act.
Mappes is a famous philosopher that wrote a paper on consent. In this paper, he argues that consent is enough for making sex morally acceptable. His main framework for the paper is that to have morally permissible sex there must be “voluntary informed consent” (273). This is achieved when the act is free of coercion and deception. To be moral sex must...

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... beyond consent and equality prostitution and stripping would be considered okay. I am not saying that I agree with these things but it is a lifestyle that a person chooses and I do not believe that others have the right to take away another person’s choices. As a society people are just deciding that the people who chose these lifestyles are unhappy with them. They unfairly assume that this is not what they desire.
Consent is necessary whether it is sufficient is a different matter. Some philosophers argue that it is sufficient, like Mappes. While others, like West and Klepper, insist that consent is inadequate because there are other factors to consider that occur during and after the event. I agree more with Mappes because with the other two assessments the lines or morality seem to become blurred and it is hard to decipher whether a sexual act is moral or not.

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