Service Services For Homeless Veterans And The Supportive Service For Veterans

Service Services For Homeless Veterans And The Supportive Service For Veterans

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Services Connected in the Community
The Department of Veterans Affairs, The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and the Supportive Service for Veteran Families are some major actors in the community for distributing services to the veteran population. They each are hubs for veterans to find resources available, and none are independent of other actors in the community, so they are able to link veterans to other resources when available.
Established linkages in Fayetteville
Fayetteville has its own set of resources and services around town that have internal linkages specific to the community. For instance, Seven Hills Day Center has a hand out with details on services for each possible need that are available around town, along with contact information and hours. Assistance in housing and general well-being, takes multiple venues and community members to be successful. If no one donated food to Seven Hills, there would be no free breakfast or snack to provide for clients. Often organizations such as the University of Arkansas and Harps Grocery Stores donate their food recovery to the food service at Seven Hills or other community meal services. Local dentists and doctors donate free services monthly. Seven Hills works mostly with the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program in getting veteran families with very low income set up with housing, which is part of the nationwide initiative (funding comes from that grant).
Linkages Needed.
It would be beneficial to link the public school system and University more to the homeless veteran population services. There are so many students that could use some exposure into different communities, and also need community services hours (for philan...

... middle of paper ...

...te more awareness in the community. We could create an educational program at the University of Arkansas that teaches the students about this population and how they can help these veterans overcome homelessness. The University transit system could also help veterans by making more bus routes that would help them get around Fayetteville. This could be done by the community raising funds to provide this.
On the first day of our group project we talked about the different resources that we knew about for the veteran population. Our group really only knew about the VA and 7hills. After completing this project we have learned so much more about the homeless veteran population. Our group was really surprised about the number of homeless veterans. We did not realize that there were so many veterans right here in NWA that were homeless or facing homelessness.

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