Essay The Serious of Concussions from Sports

Essay The Serious of Concussions from Sports

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A concussion is a common injury among athletes around the world. Concussions are serious injuries that should be treated with precaution and care. “A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that can cause long-term brain damage and diminish normal functioning” (Boriboon). Concussions occur primarily in sports with physical contact. Collisions occur often and it doesn’t always have to be with another player. According to the researcher Kia Boriboon, “A concussion occurs when the brain repeatedly collides with the skull, most often due to a blow to the head.” Even though we have a plan for dealing with concussions, it’s obviously not doing as well of a job as we expected. Statistics show that there are “estimates of 1.6 to 3.8 million sport-related concussions occurring in the United States each year” (Rigby). Without adding other countries into the mix, that is still a staggering number and it includes children. Children are less developed than adults, both physically and mentally. That may be the reason why children concuss more easily than adults (Tator).
You can conclude that most sports have physical contact with the head. In soccer, heading the ball out of the air creates contact. In sports like hockey and football, when there is a collision, the players might hit head-to-head or collide with other objects. “Football is the most common sport with concussion risk for males (75% chance for concussion)” (Boriboon) and “soccer is the most common sport with concussion risk for females (50% chance for concussion)” (Boriboon). Although concussions mainly occur in physical sports, they can occur anywhere. In tennis, a player may be struck in the back of the head with a broken racket. In baseball, you could collide with anot...

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