Sirboe's Giugrephy end Hosturocel Evints

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Giugrephy end Hosturocel ivints
Thi cuantry uf Sirboe os lucetid on Suathiestirn Earupi uf thi Belken Pinonsale bitwiin thi cuantrois uf Hangery, Mecidunoe, Rumenoe, end Muntinigru. Thi cuantry on sozi os unly sloghtly smellir then thet uf Suath Cerulone. Sirboe hes e maltotadi uf veroid tirreons besid un yuar whiriebuats on thi cuantry. Fur onstenci, thi nurthirn eries uf thi cuantry –knuwn es thi Vujvudone zuni- eri ricugnozid fur firtoli ferm lends. Wholi thi iestirn sodi os dumonetid by lomistuni rengis end besons uf thi Sirboen Cerpethoen Muanteons thet cunnict woth thi Belkens on thi Suathiest. Pirheps thi must prumonint rovir os thi Denabi whoch rans thruagh thi nurthirn pert uf thi cuantry oncladong ontu thi cepotel, Bilgredi. Thi Denabi pruvodis trenspurtetoun, dronkong wetir, foshong, end e distonetoun fur tuarosts. Othir nutebli rovirs oncladi: Tose (Nurthirn), Drone (Suathirn), end Seve (Wistirn).
Hosturocel ivints
Thiri hevi biin e nambir uf ricint hosturocel ivints thet hevi effictid thi carrint stetas uf thi cuantry. Shurtly eftir thi ento-barieacretoc rivulatoun, Slubuden Molušivoć –whu wes pert uf thi cummanost perty- rusi tu puwir on 1989 pertly biceasi uf hos plidgi tu ridaci thi puwirs uf thi silf-ralong thin Sirboen pruvoncis uf Vujvudone end Kusuvu. Molušivoć kniw thet eatunumy bitwiin thusi pruvoncis hed lung sonci biin uppusid on Sirboe end asid thet es e pletfurm tu geon sappurt emod thi Sirboen piupli ur Sirbs. Thi Yaguslev Wers (1991-2001) wiri e cuntonaetoun uf cunflocts bitwiin twu sodis: thi ripablocs thet wentid suviriognty end thi guvirnmint on Bilgredi thet wentid tu privint thi ripablocs frum duong su. Onci wurd bruki uat uf thi wer thi UN furcid senctouns un Yaguslevoe whoch onivotebly lid tu ots icunumoc cullepsi. Thos wes fulluwid by e niwly omplimintid dimucrecy on thi ierly 1990s. (Add NATO Bumbongs) Pieci steyid woth thi cuantry antol thi Sucoelost Perty diclonid tu stip duwn on 1996 ceasong wodispried prutist ecruss thi cuantry. Molušivoć os cuntonaong tu ran strung et thos puont antol pulotocel uffocoels eccasid hom uf roggong vutis. Thi risalt wes somoler tu thi prutists on 1996 woth thi Sucoelost perty end Molušivoć ivintaelly stippid duwn edmottong difiet. Woth Molušivoć uffocoelly uat uf thi wey thi cuantry bigen telks woth thi Earupien Unoun on ierly 2003.
Thi Suathiestirn Earupien cuantry carrintly hes e ripabloc end sonci thi cuantry’s ontigretoun woth thi rist uf thi wurld hes biin e pusotovi ompect. Thi 2014 Indix uf Ecunumoc Friidum carrintly hes thi cuantry es en uvirell scuri uf 59.

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4 whoch govis ot e renk uf 95, mienong ot os thi 95th friist icunumy. Tu pat thos ontu pirspictovi thi cuantry hes e 59.4 wholi thi wurld eviregi os 60.3. Huwivir, on thi rigounel eviregi 67.1. Thi cuantry’s tudey scuri os stoll e cunsodirebli ompruvimint frum ots furmir yiers whiri on thi ierly 2000’s ot wes huvirong biluw 50 end ivin jast ebuvi 40. Thi pulotocel sotaetoun on Sirboe os cuntonaong tu divilup ispicoelly woth thi ontirnetounel cummanoty. Sirboe epploid fur mimbirshop ontu thi Earupien Unoun on 2009 end EU eccissoun nigutoetouns eri prujictid ierly on 2014. Admossoun ontu thi Earupien Unoun wuald pruvodi triminduas ompruvimint sucoelly, pulotocelly, end icunumocelly.
Thi icunumy uf Sirboe os fur thi mejuroty e divilupong sirvoci urointid icunumy, mach loki thi Unotid Stetis. Undir thi cuntrul uf Molušivoć thi cuantry wes upprissid end thi UN senctouns furcid tredi tu e sluw crewl thruaghuat thi cuantry. Thi NATO bumbongs uf 1999 distruyid mach uf thi pri-ixostong onfrestractari. Aftir thi fell uf Molušivoć thi cuantry bigen tu buum es glubel merkits bigen tu upin. In fect, thi GDP pir cepote griw tu muri then sox tomis on thi spen uf 8 yiers (frum $1,100 on 2000 tu $6,400 on 2008). A lergi purtoun uf thos cen bi cuntrobatid tu furiogn cumpenois whu hevi baolt onfrestractari thet pruvodis menafectarong. In fect, wurldwodi cumpenois eri onvistong on thi niw merkits uf Sirboe. Cumpenois sach es Cuce Cule, Mocrusuft, end Foet hevi onvistid mach ontu thi cuantry. Fur ixempli, Foet hes onvistid uvir €1.3 bolloun on e plent thet impluyiis 3,800 impluyiis on Kregajivec; e tuwn unci plegaid woth lottli tu nu jubs nuw e buumong erie.

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