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Entitlement In The Younger Generation

- Entitlement is the greatest problem facing today’s generation and should be fixed by educating parents of the importance of giving criticism to their children and teaching the children great responsibility and good work habits that may influence their decisions later on in their lives. Major problems of today’s generation are laziness, disrespectfulness, and self entitlement. Laziness is the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy. Disrespectfulness is the quality of being disrespectful....   [tags: me me generation, parents, education]

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Stop Dating The Younger Generation

- So now I have decided to stop dating the younger generation. Now focus on the OAP’s. Well not quite, as my ex, he was 54 ' and when we first met he was 52 however, within six months he aged 10 years but I felt stuck as fell in love’ so I thought and wanted to make it work as I don’t like giving up on people as I’d not like them to give up on me. This however came to a dead end — but each dead end I reached there would be an excuse, so I’d turn around and give it another go, but then, yet another dead end and this went on for quite sometime....   [tags: English-language films, American films, Thought]

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The Importance of Mass Media for the Younger Generation

- THE IMPORTANT OF MASS MEDIA AND IMPACT AMONG THE YOUNGE GENERATION Mass media, including TV, radio, newspapers have a great influence on people and especially on the younger generation. It plays an important role in shaping the opinions and position of the younger generation. In the present, the younger generations are influenced by mass media, including TV, radio, and newspapers. They think this is the model for them because in daily life it is necessary for everyone, therefore, it is not unusual that it has a great influence on the people and especially on them....   [tags: education, behavior, motivation]

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Differences Between Older And Younger Generation

- Understanding a Bias, it is preference to favor one over another. Bias can be conscious and non-conscious. It can be positive or negative (Ryan. V. & Saha. S, 2011). I believe that I form my bias between the younger and older generation regarding beliefs, politics, or values. I am mindful that I incline to blame it on the generation gap whenever I see there is a conflict between older and younger generation. Second, I think people with mental illnesses are dangerous and should be avoided. I was born and raised up in Nepal....   [tags: Sociology, Mental disorder, Suicide, Psychiatry]

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Younger Generation Obsessed with Dieting

- According to statistics, 51% of 9 and 10 year-old girls feel better about themselves if they are on a diet, 46% of 9-11 year-olds are ‘sometimes’ or ‘very often’ on diets, and 82% of their families are ‘sometimes’ or ‘very often’ on diets. In addition, more than half of teenaged girls are, or think they should be, on diets. About three percent of these teens go too far, then becoming anorexic or bulimic. Dieting can come about because of the want to be skinny, and many choose to avoid food or skip meals....   [tags: weight, starving, anorexia]

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How The Younger Generation Perceive Things, Their Beliefs And Values

- Bias in simple words means a person’s likelihood to favor one over another. Bias can be conscious and non-conscious. It can also be positive or negative (Ryan & Saha, 2011). I believe that I am biased about how the younger generation perceive things, their beliefs and values compared to the older generation. Thus, whenever I see there is a conflict between older and younger generation, I tend to blame it as generation gap and overlook my biasedness. I was born and raised in Nepal, a country where access to better healthcare and related information is very limited....   [tags: Suicide, Mental disorder, Sociology]

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The Influence of Television on Today´s Younger Generation

- The Influence of Television on Today’s Younger Generation Television has an enormous influence on the younger population of today. With the explosion of technology and the 24/7 access to television, children are flooded on a daily basis with huge amounts of media. All the accessibility to television shows allows for children to see and learn things, which are not suitable or appropriate for their age, leading to immoral, inappropriate, aggressive and anti-social behavior. TV shows shape and mold young people in a lot of ways, creating thoughts and ideas that have a huge influence in their views and actions....   [tags: media, behavior, development, inapproiate]

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Baby Boom Coming to Retirement Effect on Housing Demand in Canada

- Introduction: The baby boom generation is the generation of the 1945 to 1964; there age distribution is between 49 and 69 years. Many of the baby boomers entered there retirement years and many of them are still working. This generation counts for about 27 per cent of the total population in Canada. The baby boom generation is the largest in Canada followed by the echo baby boomers- the children of baby boomers. (See chart 1 below). Chart number 2 shows that this baby boom generation that brought the housing economy demand really high in the 1970s since the boomers were in there 20s and were buying there own houses, so the 1970s with the strongest sustained period of new home construction i...   [tags: baby boomers, younger generation]

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The Problem With Childhood Obesity

- One the biggest problems we deal with today, especially in America is obesity. More specifically our younger generation. The number of obese children has risen dramatically in the last couple decades and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. With fast food restaurants popping up around every corner it’s hard not to see why we are a fat country and why our children will grow up to be obese. But who is to blame for this rise in obesity with in our young children, the parent. The fast food chains....   [tags: Younger Generation, Health Issue, Obesity]

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Commentary on The Good Citizen: How a Younger Generation Is Reshaping American Politics by Russell J. Dalton

- Many political analysts argue that engagement is an important characteristic of democracy, yet the younger generation is indifferent towards politics. They’re more interested in the latest iPhone technology than in campaigning or voting. In The Good Citizen: How a Younger Generation Is Reshaping American Politics, author Russell J. Dalton counters this with the idea that Gen X’ers are still engaged, just in a different way. The book is divided into three sections. Chapters one through three deftly connects theory and survey data to characterize citizen norms in modern America....   [tags: Youth, Politics]

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Video Games: The High Tech Threat To Our Younger Generation

- Video Games: The High Tech Threat to Our Younger Generation Anyone who has ever walked through a shopping mall on a weekend knows how popular videogame arcades have become with our young people. It is becoming a force in the lives of millions of kids all across America. Parents and teachers become more concerned and worried when they see their kids devoted to videogames. They are highly concentrated because vidiogames greatly influence the mental and learning processes of the younger generation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Generation Y : A Generation Of Slackers

- Generation Y Not Generation Y, more commonly referred to as the “millennials”, is today’s group of young people. Similar to other generations, each cohort is labeled with unique characteristics and inevitably faces adversities while taking its place in society. Many American’s today debate their views on the youngster generation, but none the less all sides can agree the discussion has become a hot topic. Catherin Rampell creates an open discussion in her article, A Generation of Slackers. Not So Much, addressing the main issue: Are millennials a generation of slackers....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Strauss and Howe]

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The Generation Of Generation X

- Imagine taking a step back a few decades to the 1960’s, where the newest generation of that time was just being born. Generation X is the generation born after the Baby-Boomers, meaning this generation had been born anywhere from 1960-1980. During this time there was no such thing as Facebook or Twitter, technology wasn’t as advanced as now, the Second World War had ended and many political events such as the Vietnam War, The Women’s Movement, and the Jonestown Mass Suicide helped influence this generation....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Strauss and Howe]

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The Generation Divide And The Generations

- The Generation Divide The “Generation Divide” (Biro, 2013) is a challenging problem for the leadership in today’s culture. The gaps between these generations are a concern organizations are confronted with. Today’s workforce includes four generations spanning more than 60 years in age (Cogin, 2012). Strategies aimed at attracting, retaining, and engaging employees of all ages are strategic concerns that employers are focusing on (Cogin, 2012). This paper will address the strengths of the four generations of American workers that exist in today’s workplace, similarities and differences, and how to resolve collaboration efforts between them (Mayden, 2014)....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Cultural generations]

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The Generation And The World Change

- As time ticks on and the world changes, some generational values are left behind and new ones emerge as circumstances change and technologies evolve. With more generations working together than ever before, it can be a challenge to understand one another and work out differences. Each generation lasts about twenty years before a new one is created, through generational lines are imprecise and culture driven. There are four primary generations today: Traditionalists (born from 1925-1945), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation Xers (1965-1980), and Millennials (1981-2000)....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Demographics]

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The Generation Of The New Millennium Society

- As we entered into the new millennium society was faced with new challenges that would create different ways of thinking and how society thinks. Our world would take on different ideas of past generations. No more of the conventional thinking of roles that are played by men and women in society. The millennium gave people a voice to create and become other than their parents. New generations became tech savvy, went to school, and learned to juggle work, family and education at the same time. Unlike their parent which had more traditional roles and believed that in order to be successful you must work over 40 hours and be away from home and not take time out to enjoy life....   [tags: Generation Y, Cultural generations, Demographics]

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A Generation Of Slackers By Catherine Rampell

- In Catherine Rampell’s article, “A Generation of Slackers. Not So Much,” the idea of the younger generation, known as Generation Y or Millennials thought of as lackadaisical and indolent by older generations has been quashed by Rampell’s explanations of the differing behaviors and ideas held by these two generations, causing a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of productivity. The era of computers has especially been a major cause of such a rift, specifically the dependence on technology of which has contributed to the growth of synergistic and collaborative dispositions amongst the younger generations- behaviors once thought of as ineffectual in the workplace....   [tags: Generation Y, Strauss and Howe, Generation Z]

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The Generation Of The Millennial Demographic

- Being part of the Millennial demographic does have its advantages. Though this essay isn’t quite on the advantages, there is one key idea I will be referring back to many times; Millennials are lazy and spoiled. Not only do Millennials live in a generation where the future of the world is taking shape, we are the ones who are changing it. The infographic created by Cognizant’s Todd Weinert and Sara Mihan, visualizing the study of Millennials and Telecommunication, proves exactly how spoiled the Millennials truly are....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Demographics, Want]

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The New Working Generation By Ronald Reagan

- The New Working Generation “Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation.” Ronald Reagan The Cross Generational Conflict is a social issue that personally affects me. As I started working in retail, I realized that contradicting points of view from different generations can cause conflicts in the workplace. When I started working, I had a group of co-workers always looking over my shoulder making sure I was doing what I was supposed to be doing....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Employment]

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Is The Millennial Generation More Narcissistic Than Other Generation?

- Is the Millennial Generation more Narcissistic than Other Generation. In this millennial generation or also known as Generation Y culture exposes to technology and the use of easy access of social media. It spurted the issue of developing narcissism than any other generation. The effect of American culture has promoted the ideology of self-worth. As it continue to grows, psychologist are beginning to believe that “Generation Me” has become a positive effect of self-view. Even though it is positive, psychologists sometimes label it as narcissism....   [tags: Generation Y, Demographics, Strauss and Howe]

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The Future Of The Millennial Generation

- The Millennial generation are believed to be putting off getting married for a variety of different reasons. Some are more obvious then others. Most are leaning towards the delay for finical reasons, either they have to little money or are viewing kids as a speed bump on the road to them earning more money faster. There are some reasons that are not so obvious, like emotional readiness. Having the generation grow up with the highest in penitential divorce or unstable households, they do want to have their child grow up in that same environment....   [tags: Family, Generation Y]

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The New York Times And The Millennial Generation

- In 2010 The New York Times published an article call, "What is it About Twenty-Something," in which it is implied; that we are in the thick of what one sociologist calls "the changing timetable for adulthood." Sociologists traditionally define the "transition to adulthood" as being marked by five milestones: completing school, leaving home, becoming financially independent, marrying, and having children. In 1960, 77% of women and 65% of men reached all five milestones by age thirty. By 2000 less than half of women and one third of men had done so....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Strauss and Howe]

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Leadership Communication and Generation

- ... My primarily focus in my communication style is based on listening first and then thinking before I speak in order to give an appropriate answer or solution. My generation finds it easy to value change and innovation. For me, being a leader is not about delegating work but about coaching, teaching, and mentoring subordinates. It brings me joy to see one of my subordinates develop new skills and become promotable, due to my help in training him/her. I believe this is due to being an empathetic leader since another leader took a chance in my earlier years, and ingrained in me that I too could be a leader someday with his coaching....   [tags: generation x, writing process, style]

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The New Greatest Generation By Joel Stein

- In an article titled “the new greatest generation “by Joel Stein implied that the narcissist has increased between younger generations than the proceeded generation. A researches conducted by the National Institute of Heath says that “58% more college students scored higher on a narcissism scale in 2009 than in 1982” (qtd. Stein 28) millennials are the demographic cohort following generation x. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and other commentators say as birth years and”… depending on whom you ask, of people born from1980 to 2000” (28)....   [tags: Generation Y, Demographics, Strauss and Howe]

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A Generation Of Slackers? Not So Much By Catherine Rampell

- “A Generation of Slackers. Not So Much” written by Catherine Rampell is an informative article about today’s millennial generation after high school. It provides the reader with a deeper look into young people’s work ethic, or what some to think to be, lack-there-of. The author does a fantastic job using research, credible resources, and statistics to support her belief that Generation Y (children born in the 1980s and 1990s) is no less productive than previous generations. I will admit that before reading this piece, I was one of those who believed that Millennials were in fact the “coddled, disrespectful and narcissistic generation” (Rampell, 2011, para 3)....   [tags: Generation Y, Strauss and Howe, Generation Z]

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Generation, Generation X, And Millennials

- A generation is a group of people that shares age, years, location, and special life events. Each generation has markers, such as historical events, that affect the entire generation (Phillips, 2016). Generation diversity in nursing helps to create an entire, complete team by bringing together people with various moral and ethical perspectives. The current generations that make up teams in nursing today include Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Although bringing together these different generations creates a blend of clinical expertise and experiences, conflicts and challenges often arise because each group holds diverse outlooks and considers different qualities...   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Baby boomer]

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The Media Has a Grasp on Younger Generations

- Media can influence every home in America. Not only is it capable of influence through television, but it can influence through magazines, newspapers, word of mouth, even clothing. The qualities of a person media tends to influence most, is their self-esteem and personality. Women are especially seen as being influenced, but men are in the bunch as well, although less published. Children are being brought into the influence as well at younger ages each generation. With more media influence in families, we can expect more social problems....   [tags: Technology, Self-Esteem]

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Medicare Should Be Paid For By The Younger Generations

- Medicare has been providing health insurance to people since the signing of the social security act in 1965. Signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson as an amendment to the social security legislature, Medicare became one of the biggest health programs to help people aged 65 and over and to those 65 and under with disabilities. The program has helped these people significantly with their health requirements. Today our economy is under financial stress having a debt accumulation of around 54 trillion dollars, eighty trillion being Medicare liability alone....   [tags: Healthcare, Politics]

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Differences in Training Methods between Older and Younger Generations

- Introduction In today’s workforce, it is very common to have coworkers in multiple generations. The four generations that are currently in the workforce are the Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. Currently, the Baby Boomers and Generation Y make up the majority of employees in the workforce. There is great diversity between the generations in terms of what motivates them to perform well at work, attitudes about work, causes of conflict in the workplace, and communication in the workplace....   [tags: traditionals, baby boomers, x, y]

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Generation Y 's Intelligence

- Speculation over the legitimacy of Generation Y’s intelligence has been adamant in recent years. Though most perceive this group of young people as astonishingly idiotic, pointing fingers at technology and crying apathy does not validate their biased claim anymore than a pinky swear validates a promise. People have always pondered the idea of adolescents’ abilities to be understanding, to be original and to be knowledgeable because of luxurious inventions such as the smartphone. While some claim the intelligence amongst those in Generation Y to be meager and disguised apathy, the Millennials are not phased and will continue to do exactly what they are doing - utilizing the sources created by...   [tags: Generation Y, Strauss and Howe, Generation Z]

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The Generation Of The Older Generation

- The older generation has taught the newer generation many lessons, ranging from basic education to social conduct. However, the newer generation also has many lessons to teach the older generation, such as open mindedness, freedom of thought, perseverance, and enjoying life. These lessons, while having both positive and negative effects, have become essential to the modern world. One lesson that my generation has learned, is to be open minded. The people of the older generations are more close minded and tend to think that people must fall into a certain category within society....   [tags: Mind, Psychology, Lesson plan, Learning]

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Differences Between Generation X And New Methods Of Communication

- F. Preferred methods of communication 1) Differences in generations method of communication Traditionalists and baby boomers generally prefer to communicate the old-fashion manner by being direct and professional when conducting a work-related conversation (Tolbize, 2008). Generation X is somewhat in the middle between a traditionalist and millennials on the preferred method of communications. In addition, both of those generations are extremely adaptable to new methods of communication (Hillman Jr., 2013)....   [tags: Generation Y, Demographics, Cultural generations]

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Instilling Lifelong Learning as a Generation X Teacher

- Born between 1965 and 1980, Gen Xers grew up in an era of emerging technology (Valued Options , n.d). Their relationship with digital technology will positively influence the development of their teaching practice. The generation gap between those born post 2000 and Gen X can be minimised to students by recalling that Google and YouTube were created by Gen X (Grimes, 2011, p. 1-3). These tools enable lifelong learning by providing the ability to view, and research topics anywhere (Howell, 2012, p....   [tags: technology, learning skills, generation x]

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A Cross-Cultural Group Activity Using Google Hangouts: Perceived Ease of Use and Usefulness

- Introduction The use of social media is prevalent not only among the younger generation but also in all age groups. New technologies emerge constantly and many of the digital-age children seem to adopt them quickly without much effort. While a number of free online programs are available, not all of them are appropriate for educational purposes and some may only bring undesired outcomes to students. Especially, social media can cause serious problems in schools, such as cyber bullying and privacy and security issues (Mishna et al., 2010; Redecker, Ala-Mutka, & Punie, 2010)....   [tags: use of social media by younger generations]

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Generation Catalano : We 're Not Gen X

- Millennials are those born between 1981-2000 roughly, though the Pew Research Center also states that there has been no clearly defined “end point for the group yet”. However, just like Doree Shafrir explores in her article Generation Catalano: We 're not Gen X. We’re not Millennials, not every individual born within this almost twenty year timespan will be the same, certainly not those born during the beginning compared to those born at the end. What she does that I find interesting is breaking up the years using presidential election years, hers being President Carter between 1977-1981....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Generation Y]

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The Lost Generation

- I am very drawn to The Lost Generation literary moment. One reason is my father was born in 1931. I remember growing up hearing the stories my family would tell about what life was like then. I also loved looking at old family photographs from that time period. Some of my favorite stories were of the prohibition, and my grandfather boot legging during that time in the northern woods of Wisconsin. The Lost Generation was from the time period of the 1920’s and 30’s. These were American writers who were living and writing in Paris immediately after World War I (American Novel)....   [tags: American History]

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Generation Y: Expectations Placed on the Teenagers of This Generation

- The “Generation Y” is labeled as sheltered, pressured, and conventional. “Generation Y” is also said to become the next great generation, which is putting more than enough pressure on the generation born between 1982 and 2000. The generation known as “Generation Y” was said to be sheltered, by which some of them are and others are not. Sheltered, to may people in this world, means protected from troubles or annoyances. Families with religious views are said to be more sheltered than the rest of the children or people in the community....   [tags: teens, education]

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The Work Ethic of the Greatest Generation and Modern Generation

- In the article, “The Way We Worked”, Tom Brokaw describes his fathers and other individuals’ work ethic during the Greatest Generation. The Greatest Generation took place during World War II and the Great Depression. Brokaw points out that the Greatest Generation was a generation known for their capacity of work, “As I researched the lives of the men and woman who came of age in the Great Depression, went through World War II, and built the country we know today, I was struck by how many of them went to work in their early teenage years....   [tags: The Way We Worked by Tom Brokaw]

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Effects of the Generation Gap in Agriculture

- A rapid increasing population of people develops an even faster increasing population of people that go hungry each day. Agriculturists are continuing to improve their techniques for a constant change in technology to keep up with the growing population. How do we solve this problem. Many think it is as simple as growing more food; but simply growing more food is not so easy. To grow the abundant amount of food that will be need to feed the 9 billion people in 2050 will take: time, patience, education, and everyone working together....   [tags: abolishing the stereotypes of agruculturists]

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The Destruction of a Complete Generation

- The dictionary defines war as “a state or period of armed hostility or active military operations”, but soldiers in Erich Maria Remarque’s powerful World War One novel All Quiet on the Western Front would be able to tell one otherwise. In the preface statement to the novel Remarque declares, “It [the book] will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war.” The soldiers start to be destroyed thoroughly as they continue to lose all hope, humility and any previous ties to their former lives....   [tags: History, War]

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Talkin’ About the 60s Generation

- When people think of the 1960s, the one word that’s bound to come out of their mouths is “marijuana”. However, this is not the only thing the 60s had to offer us. The generation of the 1960s was a big leap forward in free speech and thought, technology, literature, music, and language. Two popular literary figures of the 1960s were Harper Lee and Gwendolyn Brooks. Harper Lee wrote the book To Kill a Mockingbird which was about racial inequality in Alabama in the 1930s. (“Harper”) The book helped to open the eyes of the white population in America to the problems African-Americans faced in their everyday lives....   [tags: American Culture]

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Generation Like By Douglas Rushkoff

- In an experimental article that was posted by Jean Twenge, The Me Me ME Generation, there was a response that read, “You raised us to believe that we were special—so special we didn’t have to do anything to earn it. . . . We’re really sorry we suck so much.” This statement was obviously pointed back into the direction of the “older” or “boomer” generation, blaming their choices for our outcome. Is our or should I say MY Generation lost. This view on how teenagers and even younger adolescents are growing up in a much more advanced time is shown through the wonders of technology....   [tags: Narrator, Narrative, Narrative mode]

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The Internet Parent Generation

- In “What’s the Matter with Kids Today?” article, the author points out how a research organization found the young generation to be ignorant in history and literature. Teenagers like to spend more time in front of the computer chatting with friends than reading a book. Although she admits, that the popularity of social networking has generated new and creative writers within our teens. The author further suggests that the older generation should not consider the Internet as a “villain” but a medium that can create award-winning writers someday....   [tags: Article Analysis]

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Generation Gap and Marriage

- (I don’t like the sound of the Intro rethink the first sentence) the generational gap happens with each generation born within our society. In the recent times this gap has started to show an increase towards common law marriage and away from legal marriages. This is the idea (What idea?) of the generation gap that the children change because of things the new generations have seen their parents go through. About one third of today’s young adults who marry will devorce before they reach their 10th anniversary.” (BjorkLund, 2011, p....   [tags: Divorce, Religion, Economy]

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Dumb Generation? Not Quite

- According to Sharon Begley, “IQ scores in every country that measures them, including the United States, have been rising since the 1930’s.” Those under the age of thirty have grown up in a generation where technology is vast, resources are bounteous, and the ability to efficiently utilize technology to benefit their lives is easily obtainable. In the modern era, it does not so much matter how much you know and are able to enlighten, but rather how much you can obtain from resources that are provided....   [tags: technology, resources, critically, thinking]

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Clash of Generations : A double-edged legacy

- I am 22 years old. Generation gap is not a thing of my past, nor is it something that I have in store for my future, but it is the thing of my present. It's a part of my daily life, a battle that I fight everyday. I belong to a different generation- a younger, tech savvy, open minded, enthusiastic generation - A generation of changes, hopes and dreams. The legacy that we leave for the next generation is a function of our actions, decisions and what we make of the legacy handed to us by our fore-fathers....   [tags: generation gap, generational differences]

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Generation Y

- There are many generations in society such as Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Generation X, Y, and Z. Generation Z is the youngest generation in the list. However, in any work place, Generation Y, which is known as an Echo Boomers or Millenniums, is the youngest. No one knows how it emerged, but it began in 1998 and ended in 2006. The people in this era were born between 1977 and 1994, which is my generation. In the United States, there are seventy one million Generation Y-ers, which takes up the largest part of population....   [tags: Social Issues]

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The Generation, The Millennial Generation

- My generation, the millennial generation, exists in a hyper-partisan society increasingly distrustful of major institutions. In a 2016 Pew Research poll, 45 percent of Republicans thought that the Democratic Party’s positions threatened America’s well being, while 41 percent of Democrats thought the same about the Republican Party. A Gallup poll tracking confidence in institutions shows that trust of major institutions among Americans has fallen considerably since the 1970s. The most pressing challenges America’s younger generations face in the coming decades—climate change, artificial intelligence, and many others—cannot possibly be addressed without Americans gaining more trust in each ot...   [tags: World War II, United States]

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Overview of The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein

- In “Cultural Illiteracy,” a preface to the novel The Dumbest Generation, Mark Bauerlein critically evaluates how technological distractions affect the younger generation. Bauerlein states that “digital diversions” are cutting the younger generation off from culturally enhancing mediums and is in turn making the younger generation less intelligent. Though Bauerlein is correct about the increase of peer pressure due to technology, he is mistaken about how technology is making the younger generation unintelligent....   [tags: cultural illiteracy, bauerlein ]

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Is Voting for Young People? by Martin P. Wattenberg

- ... One study found that 21% of respondents under 30 years of age learned about the Presidential campaign or candidates from a comedy show instead of from newscasts (40). Although some find information indirectly through entertainment TV, a 2004 survey proved that 7% of respondents who followed the campaign closely enjoyed it and were familiar with facts heavily relied on cable news channels as a source of information, proving that if one was motivated, a 24hr cable news channels offered more opportunities to follow politics (41)....   [tags: younger generations, computer literate]

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How is technology affecting the younger generations' perceptions of morality and the world?

- How is technology affecting the younger generations' perceptions of morality and the world. The advent of the internet signaled a revolutionary shift for society, in which participation in massive amounts of information was easily and rapidly accessible to any connected country. This digital revolution gave rise to monolithic digital communities that dominate the web and strongly influence the globe; Twitter helped Belarusian youth organize flash-protests against their authoritarian government in 2006, while Wikileaks continues to serve as a public international clearing-house for whistle-blowers....   [tags: Technology]

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Obesity 's Effect On The Future Generation

- Obesity 's Detrimental Effect To The Future Generation America’s future generation may become the first to not outlive their parents. Obesity has become an epidemic that has started to increase throughout the years. Many do not realize how obesity is transforming an individual’s health. Due to consuming unhealthy foods America has become the most obese country in the world. This disease has impacted an individual’s physical appearance and is affecting their lifestyle. The younger generation ranging from eighteen to twenty-five year olds is falling victim to this detrimental disease and it is transforming lives into shorter life expectancy rates than prior generations....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Junk food, Food]

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The Effects Of Social Media On Our Generation

- The Effect of Social Media to Our Generation Communication plays an important role and becomes an essential part in our daily lives. Today we have taken communication to new level as social media and social networking. They have had a tremendous impacts on the word, on our culture and in business as well. Social media websites are some of the most popular on the internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. They are the places where people can interact with others easily and expose themselves to strangers....   [tags: Facebook, Sociology, Social media, Mobile phone]

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The High Murder Rate Is My Generation

- These days’ people do not know the preciousness of life. In the city of Memphis people have made it known that the murder rate has been growing every year. People seem like they don’t understand the actual consequences on dying. I believe that everyone should go hunting once in their life. Growing up in a country town I learned quickly the maturity that comes with pulling the trigger and ending the life of a living thing. This lesson I believe could be better interpreted at a younger age. The generation today that is in the news about the high murder rate is my generation....   [tags: KILL, Life, English-language films, Murder]

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The Beat Generation

- The "Beat Movement" in modern literature has become an important period in the history of literature and society in America. Incorporating influences such as jazz, art, literature, philosophy and religion, the beat writers created a new vision of modern life and changed the way a generation of people seen the world. The generation is now aging and its representative voices are becoming lost, but the message is alive and well. The Beats have forever changed the nature of American literature. They offered a method of escape from the unimaginative world we live in....   [tags: World Cultures]

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The Indian Ocean Earthquake And Tsunami

- People born toward the end or beginning of a generation tend to be influenced by both eras. However, they only display the characteristics of one of the generations and not both. They fall under the category called ‘cusp’ generation. They are able to comply and fit in the prior/after their generation; at the same time, they are able to practice the values of their generation. Being able to assimilate between both generations, they can be excellent mediators and may not feel uneasy when socializing with people of other generations....   [tags: Generation, Generation Y]

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The Lost Generation

- The Lost Generation During World War I, many of the men who fought were only about nineteen years young. These men experienced horrors beyond belief in a matter of years, which is ten times worse than a normal man experiences his whole life. This generation of men, from 1914-1918, who fought in a great war and lived in constant fear of their last breathe, while we enjoy parties, the freedom of being a teenager, and able just to kick back and enjoy life at its prime. This is the lost generation....   [tags: essays papers]

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Difference Between Older Nurses And Younger Nursing Students

- Generational learning styles are a distinctive set of learning styles that is used when dealing with different age groups. Instructors need to examine how factors such as society, culture, values and experience also inspire how a student learns best. Teaching diverse students is a big challenge, each student has a unique way that they analyze, comprehend, and apply concepts to their learning. Therefore, the instructor needs to use different perspectives in order to teach each group when presenting a project based on the comparison between older nurses and younger nursing students....   [tags: Education, Nursing, Learning, Teaching]

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Generation Gap: The Gap between Parents and Children

- "The great model of affection of love in human beings is the sentiment which subsists between parents and children." as time goes by, things change. What was popular, and normal, in the 70s has changed. The older generation always wonder what had gone wrong with the younger generation and the younger generation also wonder why parents can`t understand their needs. The don`t know how to deal with the differences between each others and that has lead to a gap between parents and children. The interests ,food, habits ,slang , entertainment and also the way of thinking of the younger generation differs from the older generation....   [tags: difference, interests, entertainment]

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Retirement of The Baby Boomer Generation

- Retirement of The Baby Boomer Generation Our children are our future; our seniors are our foundation (Wissel L. 2000). Fifty five million Americans are age fifty five and older, according to the United States Census Bureau, of that number, thirty five million are age sixty five and older. By the year 2030, the sixty five and older population will double to seventy million, and the fastest growing segment of the older population is age eighty five and older. The baby boomer generation will soon reach the retirement age, and expected to redefine old age....   [tags: Papers]

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The First And Second Generation Of American Independent Cinema

- When delineating between first and second generation American Independent cinema directors there is a fine line separating the two generations. This line usually lies somewhere in the early 80’s when the term ‘American Independent Cinema’ first began to emerge. Many other things that were pertinent to the American Independent Cinema movement also arose such as the emergence of video as a media form. There is a strong distinction in the change of dynamics between film school in the first and second generation of American Independent filmmakers as well....   [tags: Film, Independent film]

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Has Technology Made Us the Dumbest Generation?

- Although controversial, improvements on quotidian technology come with both advantages and disadvantages on our current generation. Some speculate that an overabundance of technology could eventually extirpate society, while others argue that increasing technology is the answer to all future problems. Both sides have very credible arguments that leave one to have difficulty answering the question, “How much is too much?” The prominent advantage of technology is efficiency in virtually every aspect; businesses, medical needs, educational resources, research, saving precious time and lives all have a positive effect bestowed upon them with increasing technology....   [tags: sociological analysis]

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The New Employees Of The Gurnee Fire Department

- The new employees of the Gurnee Fire Department are getting younger while our current members are getting older. Our older generations are preparing to retire which will bring a younger generation with different attitudes and views of the fire service to the forefront. This will pose a challenge to our current leadership and we need to plan how to manage this younger generation, as they will be the future leaders of the Gurnee Fire Department. Our department is currently made up of 3 generations who all have a unique perspective in their values, beliefs, and morals....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Demographics]

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The Environmentalist Er Analyzing Values Of Millennials

- The Environmentalist Era: Analyzing Values of Millennials Recently those defined as Generation Y have become known as the most environmentally friendly and influential individuals of this millennium. Generation Y, also known as the millennial generation, has become the most influential generation since the beginning of the 1900s. Millennials have started impelling the older and newer generations to become healthier and to take more care of the environment. According to The Six Living Generations article, millennials are defined as humans born between the years 1981 through 2000....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Environmentalism]

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Marketing For The Millennials By Suzy Menkes

- In her essay “Marketing to the Millennials”, Suzy Menkes addresses the marketing of fashion to the millennials. Menkes believes that companies should reach out to the younger people since the majority of millennials use internet. She recommends that companies should find a way to reach the millennial generation because they have grown wired which means that they have access to everything like electronic and social media. She suggests that companies should send out advertisements through the media in order to catch millennials attention....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Internet]

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The Generational Gap Challenges Associated With Selection And Recruitment

- Most companies now employ people who are in their late teens to those in their seventies (Costanza, Badger, Fraser, Severt, & Gade, 2012). This generational gap challenges organizations to identify and examine differences in age groups (Schullery, 2013). The information derived from generational studies helps obtain a clearer picture for management, training, and development in companies, so they may develop better strategies to attract, train, and maintain the top employees for their organizations (Bosco & Harvey, 2013)....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Demographics]

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The Common Core Standards Is Important For Our New Generation

- The Common Core Standards are very important for our new generation to be successful, not only in school but also in their careers and life. It has been difficult for parents, students, and teachers to adapt to the new standards because it is all fairly new. Students have been taught very differently for many years and teachers are used to teaching a different way as well. It is mostly difficult for older students to understand the new standards than it is for younger students. When I become a teacher I would life to teach special education for students K-8th grade or I primary....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Lower case, School]

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Criminal Justice And Its Effects On The Young Generation

- Criminal justice includes the procedures that are involved in addressing matters of crime. These criminal activities are overseen by maintaining social control and mitigation any criminal activities that may take place. Criminal justice includes making sanctions to those who are found on the wrong and punishing them where necessary. Criminal justice is faced with a scrutiny by both local and international bodies (Peri et al, 2010). There are different opinions on a country’s criminal justice system and these opinions depend on different benchmarks set by the observers....   [tags: Criminal justice, Crime, Corrections]

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Generations: Baby Boomers

- As students, freshmen come into high school knowing that they are hated by every upperclassmen in the school, with the exception of some friends and possibly family. The freshmen don’t understand why they are disliked, and most of the upperclassmen can’t tell you why they despise the freshmen, except for some unproved responses such as: “They’re annoying”, or “They’re so immature”. This sequence occurs every year. As the freshmen turn into upperclassmen, they too develop a hate for the incoming freshmen....   [tags: generation x, generation y]

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Generation X

- "What. The land of the free. Whoever told you that is your enemy...Yes I know my enemies They're the teachers who taught me to fight me Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission Ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite All of which are American dreams." (Know Your Enemy, Rage Against the Machine) Perhaps this explains some of Generation X, as they have come to be called, or perhaps it open up more questions. I’d like to share what I’ve learned about Gen X from people who are part of that Generation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Generation Me Considered the Most Stressed Generation Yet?

- Nothing consumes a person, a family, a community, or a society like loneliness, hopelessness, and fear. Depression, “characterized as a combination of symptoms that interfere with a person's ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy once-pleasurable activities”(What is Depression. par 4), affects a staggering 6.3 million people, as Jean Twenge clarifies in Chapter 4 of her book, Generation Me. Twenge states that “the lifetime rate of major depression is ten times higher, between 15% and 20%” than previous generations (105)....   [tags: sociological and psychological analysis]

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Generations : Attitudes Across The Ages

- Generations: Attitudes Across the Ages As time ticks on and the world changes, some generational values are left behind and new ones emerge as circumstances change and technologies evolve. With more generations working together than ever before, it can be a challenge to understand one another and work out generational differences. Generational lines are imprecise and culture driven, but each one spans for about twenty years before a new one is created. There are four primary generations today: Traditionalists (born from 1925-1945), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation Xers (1965-1980), and Millennials (1981-2000)....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, World War II]

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Generation Music X

- Generation Music X I love driving my truck. When I drive I like to play my music as loud as it can go. Often times, I think this tends to offend older people. This makes me wonder what is offensive to them, the fact that my music is so loud that the whole block can hear it, or the fact that my music is something that they cannot (or will not) comprehend. It is probably a combination of the two, but this brings up a question: Why can older generations never understand the music of the generation before them....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The Second Generation Education in Molenbeek

- In the 1960s, Molenbeek, one of the nineteen municipalities of Brussels, was known as the attraction point for industrial opportunities to non-European immigrants, especially for Moroccans and Turks. Given their role in the production process, these migrants occupied low skilled jobs; their education was elementary. After industrial declination, these ethnic groups changed their attitude towards education and their presence in education increased evidently. Nevertheless consequently performance gap between natives and non-natives in education is still noticeable in this context....   [tags: Education in Molenbeek]

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The Generation Of The 21st Century

- Depending on what generation you were to ask you would probably get different responses of the need for 21st century learning. Older generations would probably tell you there is no need for all the technology out there, they would say want to learn go to a library and read a book. Most of your older generation (myself included) would tell you that all the technology we use for 21st century learning does nothing but help to make younger generations lazy. If you think back to learning 30 years ago when we still used paper and pen and didn’t have a computer to do research, we had to go to a library to research what we were needing....   [tags: Education, Teacher, 21st century, Psychology]

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The Racial Of Generation And Race

- I spoke with six close friends about race and their perceptions regarding the topic. These conversations were open and honest, and made me think of aspects of our generation and race I hadn 't previously considered. We were all white females, but all grew up in different areas, so it differed depending on the location. One of my friends brought up an interested observation that appears way too often in our generation. She mentioned that when people are referring to someone who is black they’ll normally describe them by saying, “That black guy” verses when someone is referring to a white person they normally don’t include the race description....   [tags: Race, White people, Racism, Miscegenation]

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Parental Forces : The Older Generation

- Parental Forces As the older generation’s social forces and influences slowly fade away, the newer and middle age generation are forgetting the morals they preached and practiced. Today divorce is extremely common and is becoming a social norm for kids to have divorced parents. I too, have divorced parents. My Hispanic mother and African American father divorced when I was just 6 years old. Their separation was a major life event that caused me to question reality as a whole. Causing me ask questions of “when are we going home” and “where was my father”, all while clueless of the event that would change my life forever....   [tags: Family, Mother, Parent, Divorce]

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The Future Generation: A Lost Cause

- Nothing makes you feel older than being surrounded by those younger than you. Thus being in my final school year suddenly almost everyone else is younger than me, causing me to feel ancient. I am almost an adult, and I constantly find myself observing children, not as an equal, but as a curious bystander. And if I have learnt anything from this, it is that childhood is not what it once was. To me and many others, our childhood were years were even the most impossible of dreams were very possible realities....   [tags: children, sexualization, growing up]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Why Your Office Needs More Bratty Millennials '

- In the article “Why Your Office Needs More Bratty Millennials”, the author Emily Matchar expresses a variety of reasons why the new generation in the workforce (millennials) needs to have their voices heard. She uses different terms to discuss this generation of workers, including Generation Y, another common name for millennials. Matchar’s exposition of why millennials are changing the workplace is broken down into specific points. She references the declining job market and why, due to circumstance, it is hard for millennials to get jobs as it is....   [tags: Generation Y, Strauss and Howe, Generation Z]

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Developing Skills For Young Generation

- The country of Senegal is anticipating a project focusing on developing the skills of young generation for better employment, specificity in areas such as tourism, horticulture, and poultry farming. The executive directors of the World Bank approved a 35 million IDA credit to Senegal in order to support this project. The officials are expecting an improvement in Senegal’s both vocational and technical education and training. They believe that by upgrading the foundation of Senegal, which means better education and better knowledge for young generation, Senegal can achieve a healthy and competitive economy, this project is bringing numerous training centers that primarily focusing on develop...   [tags: Unemployment, Employment, Economics]

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