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Application Of The Wave Speed Equation

- Three learning targets were pre-assessed: application of the wave speed equation, vocabulary, and wavelength measurements. The pre-assessment measured student ability to apply the wave speed equation v=λf when given the initial conditions that form standing waves. It also measured student knowledge of the vocabulary on the topic of standing waves, such as harmonics, nodes, and antinodes. Furthermore, it measured student ability to determine the wavelength of a standing wave. These three measured criteria are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standard HS-PS4-1, which requires the use of mathematical representations to support a claim regarding relationships among the frequency, wavelengt...   [tags: Wavelength, Standing wave, Wave, Frequency]

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The Third Wave Of Feminism

- Third Wave Feminism The term “feminism” has been around for almost 200 years first meaning “the quality of females” and since then has been defined a multitude of ways. Today feminism can be defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as a noun meaning “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” (Feminism). This definition truly describes today’s feminism, third wave feminism. Third wave feminism first began in the 1990’s and is still present today. Third wave feminism is a movement to redefine words such as sexuality, gender, and gay that society had previously twisted into one correct meaning....   [tags: Feminism, Third-wave feminism, Gender]

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Feminism : Third Wave Feminism

- The term “feminism” has been around for almost 200 years first meaning “the quality of females” and since then has been defined a multitude of ways. Today, feminism can be defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as a noun meaning “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” (Feminism). This definition truly describes today’s feminism: third wave feminism. Third wave feminism first began in the 1990’s and is still present today. Third wave feminism is a movement to redefine the concepts of words like beauty, gender, and gay that society had previously twisted into one correct meaning....   [tags: Feminism, Third-wave feminism, Gender]

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Feminism : The Second Wave Of Feminism

- II. The second wave of feminists started movements that helped the poor, women, and anyone in need of help. Black feminist movements were contributed to aid in youth, protection of the people, and the well-being of an individual which was called the Black Feminist Organization in 1973 (Carabillo, Meuli and Csida 79). In the mid-seventies, the vast majority of foundations founded by women had programmed funding to the movements and was open to the public. Third wave feminism contrasts to the first wave and second wave of feminism because society has changed....   [tags: Feminism, Third-wave feminism, Women's suffrage]

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The First Wave Of Feminism

- Feminism can simply be defined as a range of movements and ideologies in which share a common ground in terms of defining, establishing and achieving equal opportunities to that of males, in regards to economic, cultural and social rights. It is a critique of male supremacy with efforts in changing this to end the social oppression of women. (Hooks, 2000) The first wave of feminism is more commonly known as the women’s liberation or women’s suffrage movement. First wave feminist’s main concern was in political power especially in terms of the right to vote, having a voice....   [tags: Feminism, Women's suffrage, Third-wave feminism]

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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

- Over the course of Japanese history, arguably, no artist is more famous for their works than Katsushika Hokusai. During his 88 years of life, he produced over 30,000 pieces of artwork, and heavily influenced Western styles of art. His most famous piece was created around 1831, a Japanese styled piece titled, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This piece has stood as a defining piece of artwork in the Japanese culture for over 180 years, analyzed by students and authors for the interpretations filling the paper....   [tags: The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Japan, Mount Fuji]

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Feminism And The First And Second Wave Movement

- Since the late 19th century, the feminist movements have taken great strides towards gender equality. The struggles of first and second wave feminism have provided Western white women with the ability to vote, as well as the ability to venture outside the private realm into culture, politics and the workforce. These freedoms gained by these movements have reached a point where many young women today believe that equality has been achieved and feminism is no longer needed. This essay will discuss how third wave feminists are believed to be undoing the efforts of the mothers of feminism and how, although freer than women of the past, the extensive freedoms afforded to women today does not equa...   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Third-wave feminism]

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The Issues Facing the Third Wave Feminism Movement

- As Third Wave feminism is currently unfolding before us, and its aims encompass a wide array of complex issues, it is often hard to describe what Third Wave feminism is. The feminist theories, mainly associated with First and Second Wave feminism attempt to describe the power imbalances that are found in society, and while doing so expose other oppressions, such as discrimination based on race or sexual orientation. As this essay attempts to place a clear definition to Third Wave feminism, feminists are concurrently trying to deconstruct old definitions and open it up for women to determine what feminism means to them....   [tags: third wave feminism, feminism,]

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The Second Wave Transition Of The United States

- The Fourth Wave Transition It was less that 100 years ago that women in the United States were granted the right to suffrage. America, a nation that was founded on the premise of representation for all its citizens, took nearly 150 years to grant half of it’s population the ability to be represented by their government. The road to suffrage was in no way an easy journey. Women across the world used any means necessary, often resorting to violence in order for their voice to be heard. In America, the first wave of feminism from 1860-1920 was just the beginning of a battle that is still being fought today (Hannam 2007, 49)....   [tags: Feminism, Second-wave feminism, Feminist theory]

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‘The Wave by Morton Rhue

- It is evident that not all young people are resilient when it comes to dealing with life's challenges, as it was displayed in the book ‘The Wave' written by Morton Rhue. There were a majority of students who were not resilient with the wave and the challenges that emerged from it, such as Amy, Robert and David. The student that was surprisingly resilient was Laurie, who was also the main character of the story. Laurie was mentally and also physically strong at dealing with the consequences that upshot from the wave Such as the isolation from the entire school and her best friend, the break-up with her boyfriend and the discrimination and violence of being and as being an ‘outsider'....   [tags: Rhue Wave]

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Ocean Wave Energy: Converting the Ocean's Energy to Electrical Power

- This report breaks down and compares key aspects of three separate ocean wave power generators: permanent-magnet tubular linear generators, hybrid air-wave turbine generators and wave tunnel generators. Each individual generator type is to be described and analyzed on topics such as a general background on design and functionality, applicable locations, costs and efficiency using research and diagrams to support explanations where necessary. Though these forms of power generation are not effective enough to serve as a substitute for fossil fuels entirely, they are capable of reducing human reliance on strictly fossil fuels and are thus a worthy subject to invest research into....   [tags: Ocean Wave Power, Generators]

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Wave Watcher by Craig Alan Johnson and the play Antigone by Jean Anouilh

- Death is a very delicate subject to most people. The details involving a discussion about death most certainly include some topics to be discussed in this comparative essay. People all die for a variety of reasons, be it for an honorable reason, a coward reason etc. Whatever people die for, after they go away, almost always the consequence is the same. After someone’s death, the loved ones, cry and suffer, and might even do something more tragic. Louie is a young talented boy with a different view of the world, but also, he is disabled with a series of health problems....   [tags: Johnson Wave Watcher Antigone]

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The French New Wave And La Nouvelle Vague

- We often over look small particular visual and artistic choices made by directors in contemporary films today, but when analysing these decisions we can see that there is a definitive influence of style. For example the French New Wave or commonly known as La Nouvelle Vague, was created post world war II and although the main movement died out before the 70s, it still has an important place in the industry to this day. Its characteristics and techniques are unlike many seen before its time. The style motivated numerous directors throughout its wake as well as other cinema movements following its time in the spotlight....   [tags: French New Wave, Jean-Luc Godard]

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Experiment in Literature in My Life with the Wave

- Experiment in Literature in My Life with the Wave       Octavio Paz’s extraordinary tale of "My Life with the Wave" is exactly about what the title states, a man’s life with a body of water. Paz experiments with the norm and takes literature to a higher level (Christ 375). He plays with our imagination from the start and lets us believe the man has stolen "a daughter of the sea." These two beings try to establish a relationship despite their extremely different backgrounds and in so doing take us on a journey of discovery....   [tags: My Life with the Wave]

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Doppler Effect : A Wave Phenomenon On The Range Of Frequencies Heard By A Fixed Observer?

- Maxim Gurevich Doppler Effect Physics IA Introduction The Doppler Effect is a wave phenomenon that can be heard every day. It affects different sound differently depending on their sources’ speed relative to the observer. I noticed this when I observed that if the source moves too slowly, the effect is less apparent. I wanted to explore this situation, and to fulfill my curiosity, I used a sound emitter traveling in a circle. I asked this question: “How does the angular velocity of a sound emitter traveling in a circle affect the range of frequencies heard by a fixed observer?” Background The Doppler Effect is the shift in apparent frequency for an observer when a source of waves is movin...   [tags: Sound, Frequency, Doppler effect, Wave]

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The French New Wave By Jean Luc Godard

- The French New Wave, particularly the works of Jean Luc Godard, has an important in the history of modern cinema. The new sense of realism that came out of his works would change film as an art form for the rest of time. A group of trailblazing directors who formed there own critical school called Cahiers du Cinema, set a new form of filmmaking in motion in the mid 1950’s. André Bazin is one of the most well known of these critics. The new style of the “Nouvelle Vague” rejected the linear tropes of the hollywood films that preceded, bring about complex narratives drawing focus to the common man or woman....   [tags: French New Wave, Jean-Luc Godard, Film noir]

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Tidal Wave : How Women Changed America At Century 's End

- Sara M. Evans, in her book, Tidal Wave: How Women Changed America at Century’s End, chronicles feminist activities over several decades from just before the beginning of the women’s liberation movement in the 1960’s through the 1990’s. Doctor Evans was born in 1943 and currently teaches at the University of Minnesota in the history department after receiving both her B.A. and M.A. at Duke University and then later her PhD from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Tidal Wave was written in 2003, just after the turn of the century....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Second-wave feminism]

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The Wave Of A Sound Wave

- A sound wave is a longitudinal, mechanical wave that transfers energy whilst compressing and refracting through a uniform medium. Therefore, as sound waves move through a uniform medium, the wave will experience a gradual reduction in it’s power. When sound waves pass through the medium it interacts with the molecules and the energy is transferred to the uniform medium, as heat is generated from the molecules vibrating back forth. The heat generated from the transfer of energy reduces the power of the wave....   [tags: Energy, Temperature, Heat, Thermodynamics]

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The First Wave And The Second Wave

- Feminism changed the world, quite literally. It shook the foundations of the role women had played in society for centuries and brought about a new train of thought, opening minds and smashing the gender roles that society had become so reliant on over the years. There are currently three different waves of feminism. The first wave, the second wave and the third wave. The second wave, which I will be discussing in this essay came about in the 60s and 70s, during major chances in social structure during the post war years ....   [tags: Feminism, Women's rights, Feminist theory]

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The Hallyu Wave

- Americans believe that after ‘N Sync, boy bands were dead and then brought back by One Direction. Although One Direction is a British group, American has accepted them as the return of boy bands. That can be proven wrong by looking over at South Korea. While ‘N Sync lasted seven years a Korean boy band, Shinhwa, has been together for sixteen years and is still ongoing, meaning that One Direction was not the return of boy bands, but have just been added to the list. Kpop has been alive for very long and has found its way into peoples’ hearts....   [tags: south korea, korean music, ]

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Feminism And The First Wave Of Feminism

- Feminism is known as an organized movement that aims to achieve equality a most women and men in society. Feminism within American history can be categorized into 3 phases; Women Suffrage, Social and Civil Rights, and the current wave which appeal to a number of different social and political avenues. The ideology of equality of amongst women in America had become enormously popular in the 19th century which helped assist the start of the Women 's Suffrage movement; this movement main objective was getting women the right to vote and a number of other things....   [tags: Women's suffrage, Feminism, Women's rights]

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Critical Analysis of The 5th Wave

- ... After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one” (Yancey). Some people may ask what the fifth wave entails, well to find out, those people have to read the book. The 5th Wave is written in sections, differing the viewpoint at each new section. Cassie, the main protagonist, constitutes most of the sections. Cassie’s crush since grade school, Ben Parish, is the other major viewpoint in the book. Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan, 16 years old, has seen the horrors of all four waves; she even experienced the 4th wave first hand....   [tags: survival, section, earth, world]

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Feminism : The New Wave Of Feminism

- Feminism Today we live in a society where women, overall, are paid “80 cents to every man’s dollar with a gender wage gap of 20%,” (IWPR). This is just a simple example of the inequality between sexes in the United States alone. Women are not the only gender suffering though. According to RAINN scholarly article, “1 in every 10 victims of rape are men,” and yet the main focus of rape victims are females. The new wave of feminism is focused on creating an equality opportunity for all sexes. Feminism is a term that is associated with the equal rights of all sexes, genders, sexualities, race, ethnicity, and more....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Women's suffrage, Sociology]

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Ocean Wave Energy as an Alternative

- With the energy costs increasing and the available resources depleting many people are looking towards other renewable, easily derived energy resources. With this searching many people have looked toward ocean energy. Ocean energy is an ideal resource meeting the requirements people set when looking for new sources. Although the technology is still being developed and evolved, with the technology known ocean energy has already shown to be more prospective than other energy sources already in use....   [tags: Energy]

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The Korean Wave Of South Korea

- The Korean wave is regarded by the author as a regionally specific phenomenon that does not have many modern comparisons other than the American culture spread. It is bringing on new global transformations and has the effect of blurring the boundaries between cultures, which could be considered very effective cultural globalization. A South Korean student is quoted as saying, "we feel like we can live like them in a few years,” which is in reference to the American’s and their rather unique, consumer oriented lifestyle....   [tags: South Korea, Korean War, Cinema of Korea]

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The Wave Of An Innocent Classroom Experiment

- In the documentary, “The Wave”, the true story of an innocent classroom experiment is retold to demonstrated the intense power of obedience and conformity. There are three social messages that are communicated through the documentary. Firstly, the extreme power the will to conform can have over a large group of people. The way students so readily joined the new cult-like group, they would to do whatever it took to be part of “the wave”. Within this message was the second social message, being that this strong will to conform stemmed from everyone wanting to belong, or to feel apart of something....   [tags: Sociology, Social psychology, Mores, Norm]

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The Korean Wave in Pop Music

- Korean music has changed dramatically over the past decade, most recently in the craze with pop. This essay will focus on the Korean Wave with emphasis on K-POP in terms of the sound history and culture it has created. I argue that a music genre has never been this successful in penetrating the outside world and combining culture. As this music genre is relatively new, just two decades, the traditional sense of the music must be taken with a grain of salt. I will space this paper out into three areas as stated above, touching on the history and culture, the sound itself, and performance of the genre....   [tags: K-pop, music genres]

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Rhetorical Analysis : Lyricism And Wave

- Nevertheless, Ewazen is committed to the idea of lyricism and wave-like motion in this second statement. He adds dynamics across both parts accordingly throughout so that the sweeping effect is not yet lost in the melodic lines. A brief transition written in the piano voice links the restatement of the first theme to the second theme. In it the piano tapers off to a soft dynamic and in the same instance the tessitura shifts upward lightening up the texture to make way for the trumpet. The second theme begins in measure 61 with the trumpet entering two bars later....   [tags: Key signature, Relative key, Musical keys]

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Massive Wave Of The Pacific Northwest

- Massive Mega-Quake Could Destroy Pacific Northwest Massive Mega-Quakes happen at regular intervals in the Pacific Northwest. There have been mega-quakes in the beginning of time. In Japan, a mega-quake send a 600-foot wave of water. The article I have chosen is the one on how “massive Mega-Quake Could Destroy Pacific Northwest”. The author notes that massive quakes have a magnitude of up to 9.2. It could last four minutes, according to seismologists. It occurs and then a wall of water follows....   [tags: Earthquake, Earth, Tsunami]

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Feminism And The First Wave Movement

- Feminism, what does this mean. Most people when thinking of feminism, they think of the 20th century and think that this is when it all started however this is false. Feminism has been going on for ages; during the enlightenment one of the most influential feminists occurred and her name is Mary Wollstonecraft. Throughout the years, feminists and the feminist movement have had to deal with heartache, struggle and change all while trying to maintain peace. Feminism although still quite similar to what we think today has evolved tremendously over the past number of years....   [tags: Feminism, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre]

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Colonialism As A New Wave Of Ideology

- The time period after colonialism called for Africans to unite and prosper. The events leading to independence created a new wave of ideology. African socialism, African nationalism, irredentism called for new interaction between the Africans and the European powers that governed them. The evolving role of Africans leaders saw them taking back the power that was snatched from them by the Europeans. It seemed that Africa was deemed to experience a bright future. The new ideologies that emerged with the independence of African countries came with the thoughts of educated African elites....   [tags: Africa, African Union]

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The Second Wave Of The United States

- The third wave started during the 1920s and continued into the 1970s. In the 1920s, immigration laws were passed to “impose quota systems for particular nations which significantly curtailed the numbers of Muslims who were allowed to enter the county”(Verbrugge, 24) With the new quota system, Muslims were severely restricted from entering the Unites States in significant numbers. Until after WWII, the new law stated that one could only bring a selected number of relatives of people who were already living in America....   [tags: United States, Islam, Democratic Party]

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The Immigration Of The Mexican Immigration Wave

- “I do not believe that many American citizens . . . really wanted to create such immense human suffering . . . in the name of battling illegal immigration” (Carr 70). For hundreds of years, there has been illegal immigration starting from slavery, voluntary taking others from different countries to work in different parts of the world, to one of the most popular- Mexican immigration to the United States. Mexican immigration has been said to be one of the most common immigration acts in the world....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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The Future of Wave Power

- The Future of Wave Power With approximately eighty percent of our energy, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, still being manufactured from fossil fuels that release pollutants to the air such as greenhouse gasses that include carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and methane, it is not a bad idea to consider some alternative energy options like wave power. What is wave power. It is the harnessing of power of the ocean’s waves by using the momentum of the waves to power a turbine. There are several models that are effective for it’s respective region....   [tags: renewable and alternative energy sources]

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My Life With The Wave

- At a young age, gender is taught to have associations with different visual cues. Femininity is fragile, wispy, small, weak, grey, negative, and needs to be taken care of like a child. Masculinity is strong, constant, large, with standing, bright, positive, and has the need to be worshiped. Wonder Woman is the strongest example of diverging from the feminine norm yet Superman still swoops in and “rescues” her because that is how females need to be dealt with. Like damsels in distress. In My Life with the Wave, publication in 1949 when gender roles were most prominent in society, the gender associations are clearly marked out....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Gender studies]

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The First Wave Of Irish Immigration

- Immigrants from around the world wanted to migrate to the United States in search for better opportunities because the United States’ economy was blooming during this time period. Immigrants did not only came to the United States for better jobs, but also for the freedom that the United States gave to its people. Each group of immigrant had their own reason to migrate to the United States. For example, the Irish fled to the United States in the 19th century because the English was oppressing them....   [tags: United States, American Civil War]

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The Storm Of A Tropical Wave

- Hurricane Isaac formed from a tropical wave that crossed the western coast of Africa from the fifteenth of August to August sixteenth of 2012. A tropical wave is a type of atmospheric trough, usually shaped as a long line of low pressure, going from north to south and moves east to west (Charlevoix, 2012). On the next day the system increased in convection, which is vertical motions within the atmosphere caused by buoyancy, resulting in the mixing of air and transport of warm air up into the higher levels of the atmosphere (Charlevoix, 2012)....   [tags: Tropical cyclone, Wind]

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My Life With The Wave

- Exam II Relationships are a concept that everyone can relate to. In two literary works, My Life with the Wave and The Ice Man they both have plots that revolve around relationships, however the stories themselves are quite different. In order to analyze and compare them one needs to understand both of the stories. My Life with the Wave is a short literary work about a man, the narrator who falls in love with a wave, a woman and however the woman changes after being with him. She feels unsatisfied with just the narrator and eventually starts to have affairs with other men....   [tags: Fiction, Literature, South Pole]

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The Heat Wave Of Chicago

- In the years prior to the heat wave, Chicago focused heavily on marketing its city to tourists and external entities, which led to an economic boom in the early 1990s. These changes led to the creation of a city that cared more about its image, publicity, and conserving money than saving the lives of its inhabitants. This change is the entire reason this disaster was able to occur. The city of Chicago knew ahead of time when and how severe the heat wave would be when it hit. However, instead of taking the initiative, the people in charge of the disaster program decided not to start it....   [tags: Malnutrition, Poverty, Obesity, Starvation]

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The New Wave Of E Commerce

- For many, the dot com collapse in the mid nineteen nineties seemed like the end of corporates’ place on the internet. Very few people trusted these new online companies, which led to many promising websites disappearance, but a few Silicon Valley projects that were able to survive greatly shaped the new wave of e-commerce. Following in the footsteps of success stories such as, many companies have reshaped the way they conduct online business and are fighting to stay in front of new technological advancements during this decade of rapid technological change....   [tags: Online shopping, Retailing,]

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The First Mass Wave Of Immigration

- The first mass wave of immigration to the United Sates started in 1820. The people that came to the United States were from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Bohemia, Ireland, and a small number of Chinese. Roughly fifteen million people emigrated from 1820 to 1880. There were three main causes for the mass immigration. There was the Revolutions in Europe, mainly in Germany. Then there was the 1848 California Gold Rush. The third reason for this immigration was the end of the Mexican-American War....   [tags: United States, Immigration to the United States]

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The Current Wave Of Economic Revitalization

- The current wave of economic revitalization resonates as a wake-up call for governments to come up with appropriate policies and apply them in both private and public administration to be at par with global competition from countries that they have historically shared favorable trade relations. As a result of this awareness, public sectors in these nations have continued to experience periodic policy reforms all aimed at increasing efficiency in the use of public resources as well as reducing prodigality....   [tags: Management, Strategic management]

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The French New Wave Movement

- The French New Wave movement was heavily influenced by a variety of figures, events, and cultural changes that led to its creation. Responding to the lackluster film industry following WWII, critics and directors saw the New Wave aesthetic as an opportunity to revolutionize the world of film by challenging the mainstream film industry and its unquestionable influence. France during World War II was a dark place for a film industry that had once experienced such successes. As a result of Nazi Germany’s occupation, the selection of films available in France was severely limited....   [tags: challenging the mainstream film industry]

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The First Wave Of Feminism

- First wave of feminism occurred in the late 19th century and continued to the beginning of the early 20th century, it would bring new opportunities for women and focus on woman suffrage (Class notes session 5). During this era, the right to vote was the major issue in feminism, women wanted to be involved in politics, from which they got the right to vote. This era is important since this is when women started to be open about their problems and stood up for their rights. They gave women the opportunity to stand up for themselves and ultimately encouraged the next two eras....   [tags: Feminism, Women's suffrage, Domestic violence]

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The First Wave Of Feminism

- It is a common belief that feminism has come in waves. The first wave of feminism began with the women’s suffrage movement in the 1800s. The second wave came with the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 60s and 70s. Currently, we are at the center of the third wave of feminism. One would hope that with each wave the feminist movement would have evolved, but has it. The American suffrage movement officially commenced at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848. One of the figureheads of the movement was and still is Elizabeth Cady Stanton....   [tags: Feminism, Women's suffrage, Gender role]

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The First Wave Of Feminism

- Even after the “first wave of feminism” movement in the early twentieth century, women demanded a change in their roles in American society. Suffragists fought for the passage of The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote in 1920, but later generations still sought for more. These women, who were the decedents of the original suffragists, would go on to create the “second wave of feminism” throughout the 1960’s and 70’s. This wave would go on to not only gain more equality for women, but shifted gender roles dramatically, in areas including the government, the workforce, and popular culture....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, National Organization for Women]

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The First Wave Of Feminism

- The rights for women have been fought for bravely throughout centuries by women who were able to overcome many forces of oppression. In the late 19th century the efforts for women’s equal rights became an identifiable movement, the first wave of feminism was aiming to allow equal opportunities for both men and women which focused on political change. The suffragettes were a group of women and men who partitioned for women’s right to vote, in 1894 this legislation was granted in Australia. The second wave of feminism also known as women 's liberation in the 1960’s through to the 1980’s had a broad vision of change in society....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Women's rights, Egalitarianism]

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The History of Wave Surfing

- Although it’s quite the modern fad, surfing actually started many, many years ago – almost 4,000 years ago around 2000 BC to be exact!. Polynesians first began riding waves on wooden boards when fishermen discovered it was a fast, efficient way to get to shore with their catch. Eventually catching waves in this manner caught on as a fun pastime instead of just part of work. It is unknown when “stand up” surfing started, but at least as far back as the 15th century, chiefs and queens and other royalty in Hawaii loved the sport of “he’enalu”, or wave-sliding....   [tags: beach sports, techniques, Gidget]

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First Wave Of Indian Immigration

- In 1971, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujayrah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Qaywayn declared their independence from Britain and formed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (“United Arab Emirates Profile”). In an effort to speed up economic growth in the country, the UAE government introduced the Kafala Sponsorship System in 1971. The Kafala system was a guest worker program that allowed individuals and firms within the UAE to hire migrant workers (Malit and Al Youha). The first wave of Indian immigration to the UAE began with the introduction of this system....   [tags: United Arab Emirates, Dubai]

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Hispanic Wave to United States

- The American dream has attracted a huge wave of Hispanic immigrants to the United States. The immigrants have settled in and have been establishing their families in the land of the free. In areas such as California, Arizona, and the majority of the southwestern states first generation Hispanic Americans have composed the majority of the school populations. Growing up as first generation Mexican American I have worked hard to make sure that the foundation my parents slaved will not be put in vain....   [tags: immigration, culture, education]

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The New Wave Of Immigrants

- Despite the fact that immigrants were welcomed with relatively open arms there were some social issues with the welcoming of immigrants into the United States. Segregation was a major problem with immigration. Just as in previous waves of immigration, immigrants clustered in neighborhoods. This made assimilation into the American culture so much harder for immigrants. Eventually these neighborhoods would disperse as the younger generations gained educations and intermarried. Another problem for the new wave of immigrants was the heightened sense of racism....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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A New Wave Of Evidence

- “When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.” That’s the conclusion of ‘A New Wave of Evidence’, a report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (2002). As an effective leader, it becomes the first and foremost responsibility of the principal to plan and implement effective strategies to keep the communication with the stakeholders open. As an intern, I have discussed with my site supervisor, and finalized three valuable projects that strengthen school and community relations....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Culture, School]

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Second Wave of Feminism

- Despite the ratification of the 19th amendment 1920’s, which allowed woman to vote, sexism and gender discrimination is still prevalent in today’s society. The first wave of women’s suffrage occurred in the 1920’s leading up to the 19th amendment, and the second women’s movement is considered to be in the 1960’s, which led to many changes regarding how people perceive women. The second wave focused on getting better treatment for women regarding them in the workforce and how their pay was significantly lower than men’s and how they should juggle family and work, if even allowed....   [tags: Gender Discrimination, Sexism]

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Hamlet's Wave of Emotions

- Hamlet's Wave of Emotions “Hamlet” the play by William Shakespeare features the character of Hamlet who is the main focus of the play. Hamlet has recently lost his father and his mother remarries quickly to his uncle Claudius. Thus leading Hamlet to believe that something fishy is going on between his parents. This becomes Hamlet's lead throughout the play allowing him to seek the truth of what happened to his father. Whether his father was killed naturally, or by Claudius himself. This truth seeking Hamlet is what leads him to a path of revenge and shifts his attitude of what he used to be to a vengeful spirit....   [tags: William Shakespeare, Literary Analysis]

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Wave Resources in North West Sardinia

- Introduction Environment This study is investigating wave resources off the western coast of Sardinia, the data used is recorded by a wave buoy located at 40°33’11.99” N 08°07’0.001” E. The location of the Buoy is shown in Figure 1 and is marked with a yellow pin. This site is located in one of the most perturbed regions of the Mediterranean Sea (Vicinanza et al., 2013). Figure 1 – Location of wave buoy Wave heights measured by the buoy are measured as hourly significant wave heights, or more accurately Hm0, and there are 20 years of data available....   [tags: alternative energy resources, tinadl energy]

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The First Wave Of Women 's Movement

- The Women 's movement is usually split up into the First Wave, Second Wave, and Third Wave. The First Wave took place in the 19th cenutry and early 20th century, the Second Wave was from the early 1960s to the 1980s, and the Third Wave started in the 1990s and we are still currently in the Third Wave. In a way, the First Wave was the foundation to the Second wave, and the Third Wave built on the Second Wave. According to Judith Lorber in Feminisms And Their Contributions To Gender Equality, the First Wave feminists advocated for more "basic" rights that we often take for granted such as the "right to vote, to own property and capital, to borrow money, to inherit, to keep money earned, to in...   [tags: Feminism, Women's rights, Gender]

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The Social Movement Of Third Wave Feminism

- The social movement of third wave feminism began in the middle of the 1990s and started a new aspect of looking at the feminists perspectives in the world. The third wave of feminism is the beginnings of a social movement in regards to gender equality, sexuality and defining “womanhood”. Third wave feminism covers a broad spectrum however, not just gender equality, sexuality and defining “womanhood” but; crime against women, challenging women standards, the use of derogatory words that turn women against women, and the old school ideology of women being subservient to men, are just to name a few of the issues that cycle within third wave feminism....   [tags: Feminism, Women's rights, Gender]

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Incat Wave-Piercing Catamaran

- Describe your selected innovation/invention and discuss the design practice used in its development. Use appropriate images to illustrate this section of your report. Relate your discussion to the industry standards that were being applied at the time. Did this innovation challenge existing standards. Incat’s wave piercing catamarans are an innovation of the catamaran through design and materials. The original catamaran where made to be a fast and stable two hulled boat, although on choppy seas they where unable to maintain this stability....   [tags: Innovation Research Paper]

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Character Analysis of Laurie Saunders in The Wave

- ... Laurie is disturbed because of the choices her class made. “Mom, the only thing that disturbs me is that so mom kids in my class could allow themselves get caught up in something so immature”. Laurie is upset that people in her class are joining the Wave. Laurie is mad about the wave because people are being beat up because of their own beliefs. All in all, Laurie is disturbed her class is involved in the Wave. Laurie shows her independence by doing the Gordon grapevine while her friends are hanging out....   [tags: school, bravery, independence, determination]

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The Tainted Legacy Of First Wave Feminism

- The Tainted Legacy of First Wave Feminism The first wave of feminism laid the foundation of feminism for decades to come by securing the right for women to vote. However, the first wave was unsuccessful in granting all women the right to vote, as both poor white women and black women, as well as women from other minorities, were excluding from suffrage groups and did not acquire the same rights. The exclusionary nature of the first wave laid a foundation of racism and classism that seeped into the second wave of feminism, and persists as an obstacle for feminist groups even today....   [tags: Feminism, Women's suffrage, White people]

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Google Wave: My Initial Thoughts

- So I received my invite to Google Wave one week ago, and have been playing with it off and on since then. It’s a fascinating platform, not quite what I expected, and it’s been really interesting to think about potential applications and uses of the platform. My initial impression upon logging in was that it was a typical Google app, visually very clean, colorful, and smooth. I had some idea of how things worked from watching their tech demo video, so I began to play around with creating and joining waves....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Arab Spring And Third Wave Of Democratisation

- Arab Spring and Third Wave of Democratisation: The case of Egypt The concept of third wave of democratisation was introduced by Professor Huntington. He introduced the concept in five phases. They are emergence of reformers, acquiring powers, the failure of liberalisation, backward legitimacy and co-opting opposition. (Huntington, The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century, 1991) It was then subsequently addressed through modernisation, social equality, mass mobilisation and elite pact approach inclusively....   [tags: Democracy, Human rights, Election, Egypt]

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Second-Wave Feminism and Labour in Canada

- Canadian workplaces today seem to be a fairly diverse place, with a blend of many religions, ethnicities, and genders present. However, although people preach affirmative action and melting pots in current times, many inequality and power issues still abound. One strikingly noticeable example is gender discrimination. Women in the workforce face many challenges like smaller wages, harassment, male privilege in hiring or promotions, and lack of support when pregnant or raising children....   [tags: Canadian women's movement]

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The Fourth Wave Of Feminism: A Personal Viewpoint

- As a fourth wave feminist of color, black feminism means many things to me. It means that I have many opportunities available to me that the first, second, and third wave feminist did not have. It also means that although we as women of color have been fighting for equal pay, equal rights and equality in our relationships, that we still have a long way to go. Before I took this course, I thought that feminism was about equality, fighting, and power. When it comes to equality, I thought about being on the same level as men in every aspect of life....   [tags: Social Issues]

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The Wave of Crime that Came with the Great Depression

- With the Great Depression for the 1930’s came a wave of crime. This was not the typical bootlegging from the 1920s and prohibition era with the mobs and mob leaders such as Alphonso Capone of Chicago. But this was with a new wave of crime. The notorious bank robbers. We all know of the Wild West bank robbers. For instance the James Younger gang, the Hole in the wall gang led by butch Cassidy and many others. There was a difference now. The modern day bank robber’s weren’t armed with colt single action revolvers and they most defiantly were not fleeing on hors back any more....   [tags: gangsters and the beginning of the Mafia]

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Self Driving Cars Are The Wave Of The Future

- Self-driving cars are the wave of the future. There is much debate regarding the impact a self-driving car will have on our society and economy. Some experts believe fully autonomous vehicles will be on the road in the next 5-10 years (Anderson). This means a vehicle will be able to drive on the road without a driver or any passengers. Like any groundbreaking technology, there is a fear of the unforeseen problems. Therefore, there will need to be extensive testing before anyone can feel safe with a vehicle of this style on the road....   [tags: Automobile, Driverless car, Transport, Vehicle]

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French New Wave and Poetic Realism

- Since the very first actualities from the Lumière brothers and the fantastical shorts of Maries Georges Jean Méliès, cinema has continually fulfilled its fundamental purpose of artistic reflection on societal contexts throughout the evolution of film. Two French cinematic movements, Poetic Realism (1934-1940) and French New Wave (1950-1970), serve as historical bookends to World War II, one of the most traumatic events in world history. The Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir, 1939) is a classic example of French Poetic realism that depicts the disillusionment in society and government politics by a generation already traumatized by the monumental loss of human life during the First World War....   [tags: cinema, The Rules of the Game, Breathless]

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Heat Wave vs. Buffalo Creek

- INTRO An activity that we participate in on a daily basis is belonging and being part of a community. We live in a world where associating and identifying ourselves with certain groups is how we share common interests, and we are responsible for facing whatever may come our way. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between the approaches seen from the Chicago Heat Wave and Buffalo Creek Flood. The main differences are historical groundwork, relationship to land, physical/social vulnerability, problematic development, choices we make and media coverage....   [tags: erikson´s approach, media coverage]

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The Last Wave

- The Last Wave SOC 118 "The Last Wave"-Peter Weir dir.(1977) In the film, The Last Wave, the director is trying to communicate the idea of a culture within a culture or sub culture. The dominant culture in the film is the white members of society living in Australia. The subculture in the film is the Aborigines who were natives to the land before the white people settled in Australia. The natives sustained their cultural beliefs and ideologies while living in largely populated cities....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Wave was a Good Idea

- When something like the Wave comes along, so promising and full of energy and optimism, people are bound to be caught up in it. The students at Gordon High got "swept up" in the ideals and promises of the Wave. No matter how poorly it may have turned out, though, the Wave did start as a good idea. It attempted to make all students equal, to eliminate competition and create a feeling of unity, and, most importantly, to teach the students in Mr. Ross class about Nazi Germany. The Wave eliminated cliques and accepted outcasts....   [tags: Nazi Germany]

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The Endless Power of Ocean Waves: Wave Power Plants

- By using the endless power of ocean waves, endless energy can be created. Wave power plants have a simple, yet practical way of harnessing the endless energy that ocean waves provide. Although the development of harnessing this renewable source of energy is still in its infancy, many predict that this underdog of a resource could be used worldwide in the near future. Wave power plants are able to harness renewable energy by using the ocean's waves. There are several different types of wave power plants, but most behave in a similar way....   [tags: energy position paper, alternative energy sources]

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Second Wave Feminism And Its Attitude Toward Women

- In this essay I will discuss second-wave feminism and its attitude toward women in the household, and the sex/gender binary. I will aim to explain the basis of second-wave feminism and how it undermined women’s ability to define themselves. In contrast to this I will explore third-wave feminism and it’s attempt to reconcile the mistakes of second-wave by being intersectional, without definition and non-judgemental. I will further discuss how gender is defined by the self, but also by society, and how third-wave feminisms fall victim to defining women....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Feminist theory]

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Hotelling The Wave of the Future

- Hotelling The Wave of the Future Throughout the years technology has made huge impacts on the way business conducts itself. From the internet and cellular technology to laptops, communication has become accessible wherever one might be. Those who have benefited most from such technology are those who spend most of their time out of the office. However, the question is this: If technology enables employees to communicate and accomplish the tasks necessary to complete one’s work outside the workplace, then why aren’t corporations jumping at the idea....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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Women 's Role During The Second Wave Movement

- The “Feminine Mystique” is a highly influential book in the early second wave feminism movement. It is said that it helped shaped the demands of the second wave by insisting for the right to work outside the home, and to be paid equally; the right for reproductive freedom; the demand that women should not be expected to have children and be mothers if they do not want to. Betty Friedan addresses “the problem that has no name” which is the women who are highly educated, suburban housewives that are bored and want something “more” in their life....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Middle class]

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A Nursing Theorist That Created The Tidal Wave Model

- Phil Barker is a nursing theorist that created the Tidal Wave Model. The Tidal Wave Model is about recovery of mental health. What is a nurse theorist. A nurse theorist is one who studies nursing and nursing philosophy. Phil Barker is a nurse theorist and studies mental health nursing. His model of nursing describes four metaparadigm concepts of person, environment, health, and nursing. Phil grew up in the United Kingdom in the 1950’s. Phil started off in nursing as a nursing assistant and went on to receive his PhD in psychiatric nursing....   [tags: Nursing, Nursing theory, Psychiatry]

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David Rapoport 's ' Wave Theory Of Terrorism

- I have a passion in researching extremism and why and how different ideologies (i.e. faith, political, environmental, anarchism) motivate people to wage violent conflict to achieve socio-political goals. I consider ‘terrorism’ (in all shapes and forms) as a form of social conflict where different social actors are involved to pursue different goals. In order to understand such a phenomenon holistically, an interdisciplinary approach is needed. Referring to David Rapoport’s ‘wave theory of terrorism’, one can identify some distinct characteristics in the ‘waves’ regarding motivational elements (such as, 1st wave had anarchism; 2nd wave was anti-colonial in nature; 3rd wave was dominated by ne...   [tags: Terrorism, Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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The Boston Tea Party, The Declaration Of Independence, And The Great Wave

- The time period around the American Revolution and after saw great changes happening in the world. On ones side of the Earth you have a group of colonies about to engage in a war in order to earn their freedom from Great Britain and create a new nation. A building block of frustration toward the war took place on the night of December 16, 1773, where a group of colonist decided they wanted to get back on Great Britain for the newly imposed tax on tea. Along with this later comes one of the most influential works of literature the Declaration of Independence....   [tags: Boston Tea Party, American Revolution]

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Gender Feminism : Recasting The Chronology Of Second Wave Feminism

- Multiracial Feminism: Recasting the Chronology of Second Wave Feminism introduces ideas by Becky Thompson that contradict the “traditional” teachings of the Second Wave of feminism. She points out that the version of Second Wave feminism that gets told centers around white, middle class, US based women and the central problem being focused on and rallied against is sexism. This history of the Second Wave does not take into consideration feminist movements happening in other countries. Nor does it take into consideration the feminist activism that women of color were behind, that centered not only on sexism, but also racism, and classism as central problems as well....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Black people, Race]

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Death, Loss, and Depression in Erich Kruass' Wave of Destruction

- Grieving is the body’s healthy way of getting over extreme mental blows. It can happen quickly or over a long period of time, but in the end, grieving is always realized. In the book Wave of Destruction: Erich Kruass, the movie The Impossible: Juan Antonio Bayona, and several news articles grief can be seen through death, loss, and depression. Death is an obvious event that causes grief. People cope with death through denial, crying, and anger. In the book Wave of Destruction, Dang searches Leam Pom for family members....   [tags: grief, anger, cope]

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The Hypersexualization of Young Women and the Role Models of the Wave of Feminism

- Free will and the ability to choose for ourselves are some of the most important natures that make us human. As a society though, we have put limits and restraints on some people for arbitrary reasons, and try to override people’s free will, especially young women. In today’s society, young women are subjected to all kinds of prejudice and double standards. From having to face the ‘slut or prude’ paradox of sex, the rules of dressing and appearance, or how to act in public, the amount of scrutiny that they face is outrageous....   [tags: Womanly Image, Femininity, Ke$ha]

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