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Nietzsche's Portraiture: Wagner as Worthy Opponent

- Nietzsche's Portraiture: Wagner as Worthy Opponent ABSTRACT: Richard Wagner always represented for Nietzsche the Germany of that time. By examining Nietzsche's relationship to Wagner throughout his writings, one is also examining Nietzsche's relationship to his culture of birth. I focus on the writings from the late period in order to clarify Nietzsche's view of his own project regarding German culture. I show that Nietzsche created a portrait of Wagner in which the composer was a worthy opponent-someone with whom he disagreed but viewed as an equal....   [tags: Wagner Nietzsche Philosophical Papers]

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The Wagner Act

- Since the enactment of the Wagner Act, there has been a dramatic change in the way employment is handled between managers and employees. Employees have been given more of a chance to decide what they want at work, and are able to negotiate with their employers. They have the opportunity to discuss wage, hours, over time, etc. Previously, employees had little to no say in decisions that were made regarding their employment and basically had to be “yes men” for the employers. It prevented employers from firing people in unions, as well as people who were sympathetic to unions....   [tags: Rights of Employees]

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Life of Wilhem Richard Wagner

- Wilhem Richard Wagner, known by Richard, was born in Leipzig, Germany on May 22, 1813. Richard Wagner led a contentious life and is known as one of the world’s most influential composers. He is also famous for his operas such as the four-part, 18-hour Ring Cycle and Tristan Isolde. Wagner led an influential life never losing confidence in himself from financial debt due to his operas not meeting success to being too sick to even compose his music. Richard Wagner is the perfect to example as to why a person should never give up....   [tags: composer, opera]

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The Life of Wilhelm Richard Wagner

- Wilhelm Richard Wagner was one of the greatest opera writers of all time. He helped to take opera to a whole new level from even Verdi and Puccini. Some say that Wagner was very egotistic, however; “his extreme egotism rested on conviction, Wagner had the ability to do great things” (Colles 207). He was extraordinary at composing music as well as formulating words. He was not a prodigy however his musical skills surpassed many other composers from his time period. Richard Wagner was the son of Frau Karl Fredrich Wilhelm Wagner (Jacobs 1)....   [tags: Biography ]

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A Brief Biography of Richard Wagner

- Wanger lived in a reactionary and unsettled time, this restlessness is given a creative voice in his music and the condition of the romantic era man, removed from nature and isolated from communion with humanity is expressed in all of his music but especially in his operas. The morality of Wagner’s work has always been controversial, at best thought a work of a clearly flawed and tortured genius and at worst it is suspected to be steeped in subtle but deep racial hatred. For the purposes of this article I will present Wagner’s taking them at face value, without examining the theory stating that Anti-semitism was inherent to Wagner’s operas....   [tags: Parsifal, famous composers]

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A Way of Life: A Wagner Matinee

- No one every thinks about how we got here. About what our ancestors had to go through and how the chances that we would actually ne here get slimmer and slimmer the more that you think about it. All those people that are in your family tree have helped to shape who you are and the person that you will become. Our family seems to determine who we are going to be in life and always seems to find a way to get us there. In the story A Wagner Matinee there is a man, Clark, who lives in Boston who receives word from his Aunt Georgiana who is coming to visit from Nebraska to settle an estate....   [tags: Willa Cather, story analysis]

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Views of Strength: A Wagner Matinee

- The pioneers that traveled west from the east coast experienced so many hardships that today it has become hard to even imagine them. Willa Cather is an amazing author because through her stories readers can begin to imagine what it was truly like when pioneers had to go west and survive purely off of the labor of their own two lands. When she wrote A Wagner Matinee many Nebraskans felt that she was poorly portraying their way of life, and really what she was trying to do was highlight their strength and endurance....   [tags: Willa Cather, short story analysis]

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A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather

- Pioneers set off heading towards the west to escape the challenges they faced in the east. They had an idea of what the west held for them, but none really understood. Newspaper and explorers portrayed the west with endless possibilities. Thousands of men, women and children took a trip heading west to look for a place that held their future. Once there they realized that there was a lot of work in order for them to succeed. The west changed and shaped the people. The hardships made tough and worn humans....   [tags: isolation, music, Nebraska, Boston]

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In Search of Wagner by Theodor W. Adorno

- ... For example when he describes the different types of listeners, he equates certain genres such as jazz with a lower social status or lower musical intelligence. From a purely theoretical advantage, this can lead Adorno to make inaccurate and sweeping interpretations of the music he analyses. Adorno opens “his search” for Wagner with an analysis of Wagner as a social character. Wagner, who came from the "Bohemian milieu of dilettantish artists," begs for sympathy and for money (Adorno, Search, 15)....   [tags: fascism and anti-Semitism]

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Adorno's Sociological Critique of Wagner's Leitmotives

- Adorno described Wagner’s leitmotives as ‘over-inflated’, and characterised the sense of totality the composer aspired to as ‘mere illusion’. Describe Adorno’s ‘sociological’ critique of Wagner’s leitmotivic practice and compare this with the rather well-disposed judgments that he made in his analysis of Berg’s string quartet, op. 3. Discuss the merits as well as the limits of Adorno’s aim to decipher the sociological content of the work. In ‘The Artwork of the Future’ (1850) Wagner explored the idea of a collective artwork, a Gesamtkunstwerk....   [tags: musicology, composers]

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Themes of Regionalism in Cather's A Wagner Matinee

- ... Cather uses Nebraska terrain, such as rough trails, weather, and farming, and society to stress the difficulty of living in the specific region, or the West. Differing from Romanticism, which would demonstrate lives, lived idealistically beyond the level of everyday life, the life of Aunt Georgiana, the main character in A Wagner Matinee, is portrayed through tough weather and the difficulties of the tough terrain out West in Nebraska. “…her skin was as yellow as a Mongolian’s from constant exposure to a pitiless wind and to the alkaline water which hardens the most transparent cuticle into a sort of flexible leather” (Cather, 516)....   [tags: ]

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West vs. the East in Wagner Matinee

- The era during the short story, Wagner Matinee, was a remarkable time in history. The world was being discovered and the industrial industry was just coming into the prime highlight. The new industry brought life to ease for the people living in very compact areas, such as the East coast of the United States. They had privileges such as trains, electricity, and multiple others honors. These were displayed through the speaker’s advantages in Boston. However, in areas where the population was slim, the settlers did not have all the advantages that people in the already settled places did....   [tags: industry, popluation, pioneer]

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The 10 Rules By Eric T. Wagner

- The 10 Rules to Help with Building a Wildly Successful Business provides entrepreneurs with rules that will assist the business with rapid growth. For example the one rule states that you must be prepared to be copied, and says that you do not have to necessarily dislike them but form an alliance and possibly sell your product to them. An analysis of ethos in 10 Rules to Build a Wildly Successful Business suggests that using the 10 rules is an effective method of building your “wildly” successful business....   [tags: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Joseph Schumpeter]

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Nietzsche and Wagner

- Nietzsche and Wagner In terms of artists and their influences, the case of Nietzsche and Wagner has been the focal point of discussion between many great academic minds of the last century. The controversy surrounding the relationship has led many to postulate that the eventual break between the two men may have contributed to the untimely death of Wagner in 1882, and Nietzsche's eight-year writing spurt from 1883 - 1888. While investigating the details of this peculiar relationship, I was struck by the historical and philosophical depth of several discoveries, the fundamental question being this: Why was Nietzsche's perception of both Wagner's music and his character upset simply because...   [tags: Papers]

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Wagner: The Artist and Reformer

- Wagner: The Artist and Reformer Born in 1813 in Leipzig, Germany, Richard (Wilhelm) Wagner was destine to work in the arts. His father died while Wagner was still an infant and his mother, an actress, remarried Ludwig Geyer, an actor, singer, author, portrait painter, and an old friend of her late husband (Henderson, 1923, 3). Wagner would go on to become one of the key figures in the development of the opera. Through his reform, Wagner was largely responsible for altering the course of the opera in the Nineteenth Century....   [tags: European History]

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Richard Wagner and Opera

- Richard Wagner and Opera One of the key figures in the history of opera, Wagner was largely responsible for altering its orientation in the nineteenth century. His program of artistic reform accelerated the trend towards organically conceived, through-composed structures, as well as influencing the development of the orchestra, of a new breed of singer, and of various aspects of theatrical practice. As the most influential composer during the second half of the nineteenth century, Richard Wagner's conception of music remains very much with us even a century after his death....   [tags: Papers]

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The Analytical View of a Nebraskan Opinion of A Wagner Matinee

- In the past there have been stories concocted from within the depths of writer’s minds, portraying what they know and what could be. However there seem to always be casualties by the sharp words that have been thrust into the world. “A Wagner Matinee” is no exception due to the reference of Nebraska and its occupants. The Nebraskans believed that Cather, the author, was intentionally insulting them, but Cather claimed that it was a tribute to the pioneer way of life. I would Argue that the story really is a tribute the pioneer way of life through three main ideas of the story: Aunt Georgiana’s sacrifice, how Clark live as a child, and Aunt Georgiana’s survival of the west....   [tags: pioneer, tribute, sacrifice, survivial]

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Down From Heaven By Colleen Wagner And Annabel

- What defines gender. The sex of a person refers to their physical anatomy, their sexual orientation refers to whom they are attracted to. The gender identity of a person, however, is their internal sense of being male, female, neither or both. The way in which they manifest their masculinity and/or femininity is their gender expression. Society has no right to dictate a person’s gender identity or manifestation, nor does it have the right to confine them to any one of these. Too often does the public deem someone’s gender and expression the same as their sex, and treat them as such without consulting the individual....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender role, Man]

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Richard Wagner

- Richard Wagner TIME LINE: Wagner’s Life 1813: Wilhelm Richard Wagner is born on May 22. Wagner’s father dies on November 23. ;1814: Wagner’s mother remarries § 1815: Wagner’s mother has a daughter Cacilie § 1821: Wagner’s step-father dies § 1829: Wagner composes his first music: two piano sonatas and a string quartet § 1830: Writes a piano arrangement for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony § 1832: Begins work on first opera, Die Hochzeit § 1833: Begins work on Die Feen § 1836: Marries Minna Planer § 1839: Flees to London to avoid creditors, then to Paris § 1847: Takes an interest in Greek plays § 1857: Begins work on Tristan & Isolde § 18...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Richard Wagner

- Richard Wilhelm Wagner Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig, Germany, on May 22, 1813. His work was done throughout the romantic period. His father died soon after his birth, and in 1814 the family moved to Dresden. In 1822 Wagner entered Dresden's Kreuzschule. In 1828 he enrolled at the Nicolaischule in Leipzig, where he began lessons in harmony with the conductor named Christian Gottlieb Müller. Over the next three years he composed several piano sonatas, overtures, and seven songs. Inspired by the works of Beethoven, Mozart, and Weber and Shakespeare, Goethe, and Schiller, he taught himself piano and composition....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Richard Wagner

- Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Richard Wagner was born May 22, 1813 into the family of a municipal court clerk, he spent his childhood in Dresden. He regarded himself as "the most German of men", "the German spirit" and is not only known because of his 13 operas and numerous other compositions but also because of his influence on our understanding of German culture and history. As a youth Wagner was fascinated by literature, particularly the plays of William Shakespeare. Through his teens he was more and more attracted to composing....   [tags: German Opera Progressive Composer]

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Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World by Tony Wagner

- In today's society, we are constantly improving the way we do things. The continual need to be creative and improve everyday processes is becoming a necessity. Companies are becoming more innovative, and the advancements in technology continue to go beyond our imagination. Because of the shift in thinking, it is more important than ever to teach our children to become innovators. Tony Wagner in his book “Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World” seeks to identify the key components in fostering innovation and molding young minds....   [tags: original ideas, problem solving appraches]

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The effect of the use of video texts on ESL listening test-taker performance

- Elvis Wagner investigated the use of video texts in testing the listening of ESL students within the experiment exhibited in his article, “The effect of the use of video texts on ESL listening test-taker performance.” While the article itself was based heavily around the experiment conducted to test the effectiveness of video texts in testing listening, Wagner posed very interesting questions which he hoped his findings would portray. Wagner’s first question was the most interesting and asked, “1....   [tags: Research Analysis, Elvis Wagner]

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German Language : The French And Indian War

- With the Romantic era taking a foothold in the nineteenth century, the rise of the German opera was nourished with the rise of nationalism in music. Due to the comparative nature of the German language versus the Italian language, early German language operas were imitative but could not effectively compete with Italian language operas. “Traditional operatic singing was a function, an outgrowth of the Italian language, the nature of its vowels, and consonants, and its ability to sustain melisma....   [tags: Opera, Richard Wagner, Romanticism]

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Women: The Symbol of Strength and Endurance

- Women have been considered to be the symbol of strength for many centuries. Women have often been forced to be in charge of the family when the male in the family couldn’t. There are many times during wars that the men have to go off and fight, they leave their women behind. Then these women have to not only continue their responsibilities and take care of their families, they also have to take over the men’s responsibilities. Women also have to leave the people and the places that they love so that they can be with their husband....   [tags: A Wagner Matinée by Willa Cather]

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The Crying of Lot 49: Oedipa the Conspiracy Theorist

- Thomas Pynchon’s novel, The Crying of Lot 49, is set in California during the 1960s in the aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and in the midst of the Vietnam War. It is also a period of counterculture and social revolution when drug use becomes popularized and sexuality is explored. This historical context is evident in the novel as the main character, Oedipa, attempts to establish order and meaning in life. This essay will explore how Pynchon uses Oedipa as a projection of increased paranoia during this historical age....   [tags: social revolution, Linda Wagner, meaning]

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An Analysis of the Main Theme Presented within Willa Cather’s text A Wagner Matinee

- “I felt suddenly a stranger to all the present conditions of my existence, wholly ill at ease and out of place amid the surroundings of my study.” (Wagner, 654) When the United States is mentioned, there are a few places that immediately come to mind, places like Florida, Nevada, New York and California. There are a lot of places in the middle that often times tend to get left out, though the truth is that these places are the most important. Places like Nebraska and Wyoming are crucial pieces of the nation....   [tags: Willa Cather novel]

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Architectural Realism

- As a proponent of Architectural Realism, Otto Wagner was interested in urban planning. Although Wagner began as a traditional architect, he promoted the transition from historicism to the idea of an architecture that spoke to its time. As an architect, Wagner began his career with buildings that were designed in the conventional Baroque and neo-classical styles. Wagner attempted to turn away from the accepted traditional forms of architecture by bringing together structural rationalism and technology....   [tags: Urban Planning, Otto Wagner]

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Richard Wagner

- Printing label 1. Summary p. 3 § What Is The Business § What Is The Market § Potential For Business § Forecast Profit Figures § How Much Money Is Needed 2. Business Structure p. 4 § Ownership § Your Past Employment & Business Record & Achievements § Record Of Other People Working For You § Weaknesses In Your Management & How You Propose To Deal With Them 3. The Service p....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Do You Think Music Is So Different Than Pictures?

- “Do you think music is so different than pictures?” asks Margaret Schlegal walking home with a young man who would later be introduced as Leonard Bast. “I-I should think so, kind of,” he said. “So should I. Now, my sister declares their just the same. We have great arguments over it. She says I’m dense; I say she’s sloppy…. Doesn’t it seem absurd to you. What is the good of the Arts if they’re interchangeable. What is the good of the ear if it tells you the same as the eye. Helen’s one aim is to translate tunes into the language of painting, and pictures into the language of music....   [tags: Art, Music, Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt]

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Vivid Use of Imagery in My Father’s Garden, by David Wagoner

- In David Wagoner’s poem, “My Father’s Garden”, the speaker describes his father’s job as a fruitful gardener that his father find very productive but does not finally yield anything of value. Through the use of vivid imagery, we are presented with two contrasting outlooks on life. In four stanzas, Wagoner’s use of imagery and metaphors shows us what he thinks of his father’s job, his education and subsequently, the choices his father has made throughout his life. We are first presented with image of an open hearth which directly sets the tone for the first stanza....   [tags: Literary Analysis, David Wagoner]

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Marina Warner's The Dragon Empress

- Marina Warner's The Dragon Empress At the age of sixteen, the beautiful and elegant T’zu-hsi entered the Forbidden City in Peking. The daunting walls, enormous buildings and massive pillars loomed around her as she walked deeper and deeper into its confines. She entered the palace as a timid young girl, but it was from within these walls that she would keep her claws around all of China. Marina Warner describes the life of this ruthless enchantress in The Dragon Empress, an essential read for understanding Chinese culture during the 18th and early 19th centuries....   [tags: Marina Warner The Dragon Empress]

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Time Warner: The Impacts of Acquiring Fox News

- Abstract The purpose of this case study was to examine the impact of acquiring Fox News on Time Warner, Inc. The multi-faceted Time Warner merged with AOL in 2001, created a loss in value to both companies. Time Warner has sought after ways to either increase overall revenue through divesting portions of its corporation or acquire new companies to bolster earnings. This paper explores the impact created by the acquisition of Fox News by Time Warner to its news network line-up. The impact of complementaries, creations of anti-trusts, and the actually of a synergy taking place between CNN and Fox News....   [tags: Time Warner Case Study]

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The Guide Dog Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner

- The Guide Dog Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner Benny - He is one of the Alden children. He is six years old.. Jessie - She is one of the Alden children. She is twelve years old. Henry - He is one of the Alden children. He is 14 years old. Violet –She is one of the Alden children. She is ten years old. Grandfather Alden – He is the grandfather of the Alden children. They live with him. Jason Peters – He is a trainer at the Greenfield Guide Dog School. Mrs. Carter – She is the owner of the Greenfield Guide Dog School....   [tags: Gertrude Chandler Warner Guide God Mystery]

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Warner Bros in the 1920's

- Warner Brothers In the 1920’s To date, Warner Bro’s has over 6,500 feature films and around 3,000 television series that contains more than 10,000 episodes (“Company” par 5). Every great movie company has a background story to their success. What were then four brothers traveling with a movie projector turned into a successful movie company that has entertained crowds for generations (“Company” par 7). The vitaphone, the talkie, and the first four-legged movie star were introduced during the 1920’s, and helped define the Warner Brother company (Company par 6)....   [tags: films, tv series, movies]

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Junk Food By Judith Warner

- The essay Junking Junk Food written by Judith Warner, brings to the audiences attention the wicked problem of how there has been a decline in Americans health. Warner’s information speaks loudly about being forced into a healthy lifestyle by the Obama administration. The Obama administration tried to enforce a healthy lifestyle among the citizens by focusing on the youth and taking away sugar options for them. Warner, puts her voice into this by mentioning the system during the world war when the soldiers had to eat overseas so there was less food consumption in America, which helped stop over consumption of food....   [tags: Nutrition, Personal life, Junk food, Obesity]

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Junk Food By Judith Warner

- The essay Junking Junk Food by Judith Warner, brings to the audience 's attention the wicked problem of how there has been a decline in Americans health. Warner’s information speaks loudly about the effects of the government trying to limit types and amount of food we consume as a nation. The Obama administration tried to enforce a healthy lifestyle among the citizens by focusing on the youth and taking away sugar options for them. These efforts by the administration are being mocked by Warner because without the government controlling what we eat, we cannot make the proper decisions ourselves....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Junk food, Health]

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The Murder of Larissa Warner

- “Larissa Warner, star of this summer’s hottest movie, Gone with the Waves, has been murdered.” The announcement on the ten o’clock news shocked millions of people around the country. “I loved her. Whoever did this will pay!” Detective Elaine Gilone was listening to Larissa Warner’s husband, Caspar Neopa, scream and shout about Warner’s death. “Sir, calm down. Please. Just tell me what happened at 7:23 p.m. last night. Tell me all the details,” said Detective Gilone in an exasperated voice. GIlone was tired and hot, and her patience was wearing thin....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Acquisition Between Comcast And Time Warner

- Frequently when we hear the word “Comcast” the general norm is how appalling their customer service is. To gain customer satisfaction Comcast should focus more on how to gratify rather than how to outsmart their competitors. Rather than boasting about the “lightning fast” internet, encourage an appealing customer experience. Because of the continuous amount of complaints received Comcast needs to consider improving their customer service. According to John Malone, chairman of Liberty Global (world’s largest cable company), cable is pretty much a monopoly....   [tags: Customer service, Customer, HBO, Good]

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Time Warner and AOL Merger

- Time Warner and AOL Merger Time Warner Corporation has numerous subsidiaries which are moving media materials across media boundaries. They are doing this in numerous ways, based on synergies and joint ventures. For example some of these include gaining more access to cable lines by a joint venture with US West, and merging with AOL. They are also using a tactic called co-development as properties are knitted together by sister companies both interested in profiting off of them. This is a type of synergy because it occurs within one media conglomerate itself, and it encourages cross-media activity between the two sister companies....   [tags: essays papers]

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Analysis Of Charles Dudley Warner 's Speech

- In his commencement address “What is Your Culture to Me?”, Charles Dudley Warner argues that the educated have an inextricable burden to shape culture and “to guide the blind instincts of the mass of men who are struggling for a freer place and a breath of fresh air” (Warner 10). As a democracy, Americans have always been married to the majority, and though this is a reason for pride, this is also a reason that inevitably filters out the voices and the stories of minorities from the deafening drone of culture and history....   [tags: African American, W. E. B. Du Bois, 20th century]

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The Funeral Home : The Body Of A Man Named Bob Warner

- On October 31st, 2015 at noon the body of a man named Bob Warner was released to Garcia Funeral Home. According to his death certificate; he died on October 31st at ten in the morning at the Ivy Hospital, was twenty-five years old, white, didn’t have an autopsy, weighs 360 pounds, is five feet and two inches in height, had a disease called Prader- Willi syndrome, and died from the complications of a gastric, also known as stomach, rupture. The body was; obese, had large uneven teeth, the abdomen was distended, there are lesions on the hands and arms, discolorations on the hands and arms, discolorations on the shoulders and stomach, purge from the anal orifice, purge from the mouth and nose,...   [tags: Common carotid artery, Internal jugular vein]

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Analysis Of Michael Warner 's ' The Fight Of Gay Marriage '

- Shame Isn’t Normal As someone who is asexual, this book was very hard for me to read and process because all of his main points revolve around societal pressures surrounding sex and how it encompasses every aspect of queer people’s lives. The author Michael Warner talks extensively about sexual shame and uses it as his framework to analyze those who want to fit into society, those who are less sexual and especially those who “apologize” for the push to legalize gay marriage. Our country has one of the most sexualized cultures in the world, yet our views on sex are very poor....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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Time Warner

- In January 2000, AOL and Time Warner announced a record setting $166 Billion Dollar merger. Referred to as “the Deal of the Century” the talk immediately centered on the potential synergies the new company would realize. Steve Case, announced as Chairman, championed the idea of AOL/Time Warner as the “Wal-Mart” of the media and entertainment industry – a one-stop shop marketplace for advertisers to reach their audience. Case envisioned fully integrated advertising campaigns with bundled AOL/Time Warner products....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Time Warner

- Time Warner In 1989, the largest Media Corporation was formed. The integration of Time Inc. and Warner communications produced Time Warner, which in 1996 with the acquisition of Turner broadcasting, regained it's status from Disney as the largest media corporation in the world. The company right now, with over 200 subsidiaries world- wide, is becoming fully global with it's profits from the USA falling, and it's profits throughout the world rising. Globalisation is proving to be Time Warner's major asset in beating other competition to the World market....   [tags: essays research papers]

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AOL Time Warner

- AOL Time Warner On January 10, 2000, one of the largest, most powerful mergers was announced to the world. Media giant Time Warner will join forces with the Internet superstar, America on Line. The $183 billion dollar deal is the biggest in history. In the recent past, there has been a wave of merger-mania, both in the United States and in Europe. The merger of the Millennium is between America on Line and Time Warner. The AOL Time Warner deal represents the joining of the Old Media with the New Media....   [tags: essays papers]

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Implications of the AOL-Time Warner Merger

- Implications of the AOL-Time Warner Merger On January 11, 2001, America Online and Time Warner completed their historic merger shortly after the Federal Communications Commission approved the deal with conditions that affect instant messaging and Net cable access. This one hundred and nine billion dollar merger of America Online and Time Warner is one of the largest deals in corporate history. The deal combines the world's largest Internet Service Provider with the world's largest media company....   [tags: Television Media TV Essays]

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Case Study - AOL/Time Warner

- AOL Time Warner On December 14, 2000, the Federal Trade Commission approved the planned merger of AOL and Time Warner after both companies pledged to “protect consumer choice” both now and in the future. The AOL Time Warner merger was approved by the Federal Communications Commission on January 11, 2001, and is the biggest merger in corporate history, then estimated at a total market value of $350 billion. The merger created a ‘powerhouse’ of new and traditional media. AOL Time Warner has led the union of the media, entertainment, communications and Internet industries....   [tags: essays research papers]

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America Online Time Warner Merger

- In today's changing economy, organizations must develop strategies to survive the constant change that industry has seen in the last three decades. Newer technologies are created that help to boost market leaders beyond expectations. To survive, companies must first start from the inside and develop mission statements and strategic visions. Chairman, President and CEO of America Online Stephen Case was very good at his job and helped to make AOL one of the most dominant Internet providers in the market....   [tags: Management]

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Gilded Age Coined by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner

- The Gilded Age All nations pride themselves in the richness of their history and the United States of America is of no exception. One of the most remarkable and meaningful moments of American History is found in the Gilded Age. The phrase ‘Gilded Age’ was relatively coined by two American icons, Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner. However, they phrased this period in negative light in regards to the just ended Civil War. Nevertheless, true to the adage the darkest hour comes before dawn, the Gilded Age was a period of time that saw the mesmeric rise of a nation from the ashes of war....   [tags: american history, culture, monopolies]

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Business Writing AOL TIme Warner Merger

- Business Writing AOL TIme Warner Merger The bottom-line to all the hype and talk about the AOL/Time Warner merger is that "Everyone" is running scared. Because, with the merging of companies that control massive amounts of access to the public, and hardware to get their product into your house, there is less and less choices for the American public. And there is even less chance for a smaller company to compete with the "Mega-Media" companies that have been formed in the wake of the telecommunications bill which allows broadcast, cable, and telephone companies to enter each other's markets, deregulate rates, and permit companies to have much larger monopolies....   [tags: Papers]

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A Hint of Humor, a Dash of Cinnamon... in the Legal Conflict between Warner Brothers Studios and the Marx Brothers

- ... In general, humor has always had a way of easing relations with other people. Marx clearly wants to make the reader of his letter feel as comfortable as possible. This comedic writing also demonstrates to his reader that Marx is not attacking him in any way. In general, this style has positive effects and usually makes one’s reader more apt to listen to one’s point-of-view. Although humor is a good way to engage a reader, logic is what carries that reader effortlessly to the purpose of a written work, and Marx uses a fair amount of logic to explain his ideas....   [tags: casablanca, letter, refute, assertion]

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Compare and Constrast Between Warner Bros’ [WB] Sherlock Holmes and BBC’s Sherlock

- Sherlock Holmes earned the title in Guinness World Record as the “Most Portrayed Literary Human Character in Film & TV”, the world’s favorite “consulting detective” has been adapted by over 75 actors on screen over 250 times. Originally from a famous detective story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887 , Sherlock Holmes is well known for his exceptional intellect. Ever since Doyle published his first novel, ‘Sherlockians’ demanded more; and this is happening once again in the 21st century. Recent adaptations with the highest viewer ratings are Warner Bros’ [WB] Sherlock Holmes and BBC’s Sherlock....   [tags: TV, Detective, Adaptation]

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Time Inc. : The World And At The Crossroads Of Survival Into The Next Century

- Time Inc., is the one of the largest magazine publishers in the world and at the crossroads of survival into the next century. Investing in global resources to produce content on a 365/24/7 basis for all types of electronic and paper consumption. Creating original video content from the most popular brands, trusted by consumers, and introducing pay-walls on the websites will lead to higher consumer engagement. This course of action will result in generating brand awareness, capturing market share and generating more revenue that can lead to a higher stock price for the shareholders....   [tags: Time Warner, Time Inc., HBO]

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The Recording Industry

- Evinced through recent changes in its model, the recording industry does not exist as the business it grew to be recognized as decades ago. With digital media platforms driving the industry, the internet has immensely impacted the industry, shifting it away from one making the majority of its profits from revenue gained by music sales. Instead, the Internet is making it easy for consumers to not pay for music. In the novel Fortune’s Fool, Fred Goodman exposes the new economic model of the record industry, illuminating the unfairness in Internet users constantly accessing music for free, as they reject the idea of paying for music, coercing Goodman to pose the question: “Why advocate fair-tr...   [tags: digital media, internet, warner bross]

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The Invention Of The Cinema Industry

- Films have been a large part of the world for many years, but without the beginnings of cinema in the late nineteenth century and the advancements in technology that began in the early twentieth century, the brilliant films of today would not be possible. From silent films to talkies, black and white films to color films, the short and bland movies which were created years and years ago have led to the masterpieces filled with vibrant colors and stimulating sounds of today. Thomas Edison once said, “I had some glowing dreams about what the cinema could be made to do and ought to do in teaching the world things it needed to know—teaching it in a more vivid, direct way…” Thomas Edison had no...   [tags: Film, Feature film, Sound film, Warner Bros.]

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How Can Amortization Be Beneficial?

- The FAS has made changes throughout the years in the way to account for goodwill. Goodwill is when a company attempts to merge with another company to obtain the valuable intangible assets. These assets are anything that can 't be seen or touched. Valuable intangibles can be anything like a company name because it is well known. Many times companies will decide to merge because it can be beneficial to them to merge with well-known entities. This can also be less costly and less time-consuming versus building a brand new business on its own....   [tags: Balance sheet, Goodwill, Asset, Time Warner]

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No Limit Was One Of The Most Lucrative Record Labels Of All Time

- No Limit was one of the most lucrative record labels of all time. With a “ten thousand dollar inheritance from his grandfather” (Shaw) Master P was able to start a $56 million business of a strong record label that intertwined southern hip hop with a gangster rap style from the West Coast who flooded the rap industry with “two albums every month” (Shaw) by 1998. In 1998, Snoop Dogg had released his first solo album with the label after breaking away from the West Coast label Death Row. It was not the norm back then for an artist from another region to be part of a label with a rap music style not familiar to their neighborhood, but Snoop Dogg arguably broke down that barrier....   [tags: Music industry, Record label, Warner Music Group]

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The Evolution Of The Music Industry

- Over time the Music industry has experienced a great deal of change. A technology revolution has changed almost every aspect of the music industry, from the artist right through to the listener/consumer. Not unlike other forms of media, the music industry has been forced to move with the times, adapt to change and this has resulted in a difference for both the industry and the consumer. The industry has shifted from one where the supplier groups held all the power to an industry where the buyer groups now hold most of the power....   [tags: Record label, Music industry, Warner Music Group]

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The Danger Of Corporate Mergers

- I. Napoli on Economics The danger of corporate mergers arises when the power to influence service prices falls into the hands of the select few. As Napoli writes, economics plays a significant role in how media industries make decisions (Napoli, 2009, p. 162). This merger is motivated by economic factors and the desires of Comcast and Time Warner Cable to dominate the industry. The merger, as framed by the Free Press organization, is threatening a monopolistic takeover of the cable provider industry....   [tags: Red, Color, Time Warner Cable, Economics]

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Evolution Of The Music Industry

- Evolution – History – Music Industry Over time the Music industry has experienced a great deal of change. A technology revolution has changed almost every aspect of the music industry, from the artist right through to the listener/consumer. Not unlike other forms of media, the music industry has been forced to move with the times, adapt to change and this has resulted in a difference for both the industry and the consumer. The industry has shifted from one where the supplier groups held all the power to an industry where the buyer groups now hold most of the power....   [tags: Record label, Music industry, Warner Music Group]

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The Second Reich Was A Time Of Chaos

- The Third Reich was a time of chaos. After World War II, both Germany and the international community vowed to never let the Nazi culture take power again. In the music department, what looked to be the “simplest” way to do that was by banning all music that was either created or performed by anyone who collaborated with the Nazis, or was upheld by the Nazis as a symbol of their ideology. Richard Wagner and his very popular opera, Die Meistersinger, were part of that latter group. This was very problematic....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Nazism, Adolf Hitler, Opera]

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Self Reflection : Definitions And Explanations

- Self-Reflection Four Definitions and Explanations 1. Debits: the “… left-hand side [of the double-ledger system] is known as the debit column,” (Wagner, 2005, p. 1). Debits represent money that is transferred / paid out of an account (negative dollars). 2. Credits: “… a designation for the right-hand column of the double-ledger accounting system,” (Wagner, 2005, p. 1). Credit represents money that is received into an account (positive dollars). 3. Assets: “… an economic resource that a company owns,” (Wagner, 2005, p....   [tags: Depreciation, Asset]

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Christopher Marlowe 's Doctor Faustus

- In any tragic play, or any other work of fiction, the author always attempts to offer respite to the audience by presenting comical acts or chapters. The literary phrase for such comic intervals is known as tragic relief. Tragedy or a solemn play is certain to build anxiety in the mind of the audience; and if this worry is not reduced from time to time it creates some sort of responsive sluggishness in the mind of the audience. The topmost reason of the insertion of the comical events is to offer a momentary easing of anxiety caused by the severe parts....   [tags: Christopher Marlowe, Tragedy, Devil]

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Influences on The Early Works of Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams

- Later in their careers, Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams gained fame from their unique creativity and modern expression, but the young composers began their careers drawing on influences from family and music exposures. The pre-World War I compositions of Holst and Vaughan Williams evolve as the composers collect life experiences and these influences can be heard in this early music. Yet, the music of both young Holst and young Vaughan Williams also present very original aspects that presage the genius of their later works....   [tags: Musicians/Composers]

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The Gilded Age

- The Gilded Age Mark Twain collaborated with Charles Dudley Warner on The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today. Published in 1973, as Twain’s earliest work of extended fiction, The Gilded Age gives a name to the period of opulence and corruption at the end of the 19th century. Portraying the superficial luxury of Washington and high society, the authors describe “The general laxity of the time, and the absence of a sense of duty toward any part of the community but the individual himself” (Twain 203). Twain’s The Gilded Age, like Wharton’s The Age of Innocence focuses on high society....   [tags: History Warner Twain Essays]

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The Blind Side

- John Lee Hancock’s film, The Blind Side, is an absolutely must see. The Blind Side, is a semi biographical movie that is based on the life of a football player named Michael Oher. The film was produced in 2009 by the Warner Bros. Production Company. The movie exemplifies the works of talented actors and actresses, some of whom are familiar and others that are new to the acting world. The names of the Main characters are as follows: Sandra Bullock, who plays the role of Mrs.Tuohy, Tim McGraw, who portrays Mr.Tuohy, and new comer Quinton Aaron, who plays the lead as Michael Oher....   [tags: football, warner bros, michael oher, movie]

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Christopher Nolan's Inception

- In 2010 Christopher Nolan wrote and directed a Warner Brothers award-winning film called, “Inception”. One might claim that Christopher Nolan’s directorial style worked with the film “Inception” because of his previous award winning movies. Before Christopher Nolan directed “Inception” he directed films such as, Insomnia in 2002, Batman Begins in 2005, and The Prestige in 2006. Christopher Nolan is definely a director that understand the concept behind a good action mystery thriller. Throughout this paper one will find a dialogue on Christopher Nolan’s directorial style based off “Inception”, and an analysis on the form, content and awards that film recieved....   [tags: Warner Brothers, Award Winning Film, Movie]

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Comparing the Themes of Vincenzio Bellini’s Norma and Euripedes' Medea

- Comparing the Themes of Vincenzio Bellini’s Norma and Euripedes' Medea Vincenzio Bellini’s opera Norma is considered by many to be a reworking of Euripedes' classic Greek tragedy Medea. Both plots have many identical elements of Greek tragedy such as a chorus, unity of location, and a human decision and action culminating in tragedy. Richard Wagner greatly admired Greek tragedies, believing them to be “The highest point ever reached in human creative achievement…” (Wagner 1). In his essay Theories of Art, Wagner gives five reasons for this “artistic perfection:” 1....   [tags: Vincenzio Bellini Norma Euripedes Medea]

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History Of Western Music

- Introduction In this essay I am going to be looking at Richard Wagner’s most Influential Opera’s “ Der Ring Des Nibelungen” also known as ‘The ring Cycle.' This cycle is made up of four operas.It begins with the beginning of the world and ends with the fall of the world. This piece begins as a mythic story and ends with modern humanity. This work in total is sixteen hours in length.I will be looking at the story behind the first opera or introduction entitled ‘Das Rheingold,' as well as his use of motifs and his use of development throughout the opera....   [tags: opera, germany, humanity]

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Supply Chain Planning Matrix

- In addition, planned or actual production quantities also restraints the capacity of transportation and affects customer satisfaction leveAs per Fleischmann, Meyr and Wagner (2008:p87), Supply Chain Planning Matrix (Rohde et al. 2000) was used to categorized the planning tasks base on two dimensions “planning horizon” and “supply chain process”. Figure___ indicates shat typical process that occurred in common supply chain types, with exception in some specific businesses. Long-term Planning Task The decision of product program and strategic sales planning should be made base on a long-term forecast of the possible sales volume in terms of the whole product range (Fleischmann, Meyr and Wagne...   [tags: Business Management]

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Chronic Disease Is Condition That Develops Slowly And Worsens Overtime

- Chronic disease is condition that develops slowly and worsens overtime. The burden of chronic illness in the United States grows yearly. It is a global concern and is classify as the number one cause of death (Barr et al., 2003). Bodenheimer and his colleagues report that 145 million of americans suffer from at least one chronic illness and cost over one trillion dollars to the United States economy. The IOM quality report calls for a revamped healthcare system, the report stated that “the current care systems cannot do the job”, “Trying harder will not work”, and that only “Changing care systems will.” The report went further to emphasize that the usual chronic illness care ( uninformed pat...   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Healthcare]

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Change Leadership Group: Transformational Improvement Process in Schools

- Generating momentum for change can be innovative or challenging. The Change Leadership Group believes the successful leadership of transformational improvement process in schools and districts require sharpening capacities in two quite different directions at the same time: 1) Leaders need to see more deeply into why it is so hard for our organizations to change, even when there is a genuine, collective desire to do so. More than just seeing why, leaders need to learn how to take action effectively to help our organizations actually become what they need and want to be....   [tags: education, schools]

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Should The Medical Advancements Made Through Animal Experimentation?

- Since ancient times, animals have been the subjects of medical and safety testing. But only relatively recently has discontent been expressed by large numbers of people. Referred to as animal rights activists, this displeasured community condemns all animal use in medical, product testing, and research experiments despite the beneficiary outcomes because they firmly believe that interfering with another living creature’s life is immorally and ethically wrong. One individual who sides with the activists is named Jamie Aronson....   [tags: Animal rights, Animal testing]

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Graphic Representation Of A Family Tree

- A genogram is a graphic representation of a family tree that displays detailed data on relationships among individuals. Using a genogram in a therapy session is a great tool to see the multigenerational themes and issues within the family you are helping. So when asked to create my own genogram for class I felt like it was a great idea. Not only was I interested in finally getting to know the details of my family’s history, but I felt it was necessary to go through this process. That way I’d know how it feels and can related to my future clients when I asked them to complete it....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Mother, Father]

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Essay : ' Reclaiming Conversation : The Power Of Talk On A Digital Age. New York

- Turkle, Sherry. Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. New York: Penguin, 2015. Print. In this book Sherry Turkle studies something she thinks we as a people are losing sight of, which is face to face conversation. She explains in her book why she believes this is so important, and the consequences we will face if we continue to ignore this growing problem. Her argument about conversation stems from talking to people, face-to-face, In which she finds many of whom have difficulty doing so....   [tags: Emotion, Empathy, Social anxiety]

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The Total Work of Art or the Total Way of Life

- The Total Work of Art or the Total Way of Life Gesamtkunstwerk is a term that literally means the total work of art. However, it contains too many conceptions in itself. First appearance of this term is in Richard Wagner’s Die Kunst und die Revolution [“The Art and Revolution”], dated 1849. Roughly, Gesamtkunstwerk is a notion that “heaping together the various arts – architecture, landscape painting, dance, drama and music” (Daverio, 1986). However, this Wagnerian concept brought a discussion around the totality of an art work....   [tags: Art ]

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Love through life and death

- For Time Magazine, by Stephen Lowe You’ve probably heard of the Indian vs. emigrants shootings, the drowning of the Applegate family, and starvation on the Oregon Trail, but do you honestly know to what extent how hard the journey was for the emigrants to make this 2,000 mile journey (McGill; Wagner, 10-15, 109-110; Life and Death on the Oregon Trail). The emigrants had to go through endless hardship, varying from walking the entire journey to deadly unknown diseases (Boettcher and Trinklein; Life and Death on the Oregon Trail)....   [tags: Article Analysis, Stephen Lowe]

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One of America's Best and Most Controversial Short Stories, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

- ... The black box represents tradition. “Mr. Summers spoke frequently to the villagers about making a new box, but no one liked to upset even as much tradition as was represented by the black box. There was a story that the present box had been made with some pieces of the box that had preceded it.”(Jackson. 1) The idea of a simple change as just switching a material object, the black box, to something newer bothered the villagers because they believed it was made with some of the same pieces as the original one which is where they got this tradition passed down from....   [tags: villagers, sacrifice, resistance]

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Social Change Model in Action in The Ocean Pacific Community Center

- Social Change Model in Action The Ocean Pacific Community Center (OPCC) is only one great example of good leadership and the Social Change Model within today’s society. OPCC is a Santa Monica based social services agency providing housing programs and helpful services for low-income and homeless youth, adults and families, battered women and their children and people living with mental illness. Good leadership can unify and bring together the best of the group. According to Komives and Wagner, everyone has it within himself or herself to become a leader and good leadership involves collaborative relationships that lead to collective action grounded in the shared values of people who work tog...   [tags: leadership, consciousness, conflict]

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