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The Persuasive Text

- The purpose of a persuasive text is to change or alter the viewpoint of the reader for it to agree with the author’s perspective. The intention of this specific text is to persuade the reader to help end poverty today by joining ‘Make Poverty History’ and it uses persuasive language and techniques to do this – this essay will explain the effect on the reader and will focus on analysing persuasive language. Pronouns are an effective persuasive language technique because they address the reader directly....   [tags: persuasive text]

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Is A Text Worth Your Life?

- Is a Text Worth Your Life. It is estimated that at any given moment during the day, 660,000 people are attempting to use their cell phones behind the wheel. Hundreds of thousands of people are in danger because of someone’s lack of care. Driving is dangerous enough, adding a cell phone to the midst only complicates the matter. A person is risking their life to look down at their mobile device for a few seconds only to send a few words to someone else. Some people argue that a person should be punished and have to pay a hefty fine if they are caught in the act....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS]

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Text Message And Teen Literacy

- In the sources that I found about text message and teen literacy, it showed and also informed me on how teens take the next talk to the classrooms in schools and how it creates bad grammar among themselves. During my research I found out that many kids and kids use shorthanded text and it affects their literacy in so many ways. We as teens don’t think that our findings will benefit anyone unless they want to have a short knowledge in grammar. As teens we don’t really see how doing something wrong can harm us....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS]

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Computer-Assisted Text Analysis

- Computational approaches are largely used in the variety of text applications such as feature selection and classification tasks because of their efficiency of dealing with huge amount of data. The discussion is concerned, however, with the applications of computational approaches to only literary texts in general and Hardy’s texts in particular. To my knowledge, there is no computer-aided thematic classification of the works of Thomas Hardy. The only study that approached Hardy’s works in terms of clustering techniques is Hoover’s (2002)....   [tags: Text Analysis]

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Text Classification Systems

- Currently, there are many classification systems. Broadly speaking, these systems fall into two main categories. These are binary and multiclass systems. Binary classification systems are only concerned with classifying documents into two main categories or groups. Classification systems of this kind are used to distinguish between just two classes of objects. As Maranis and Bebenko (2009) explain, these systems provide Yes/No answer to the question: Does this document belong to class X. In this, such systems can be useful in classifying emails where they are classified whether spam or not, or commercial transactions where they are determined to be fraudulent or not....   [tags: Text Analysis]

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The Use Of Cellphone Text Messaging

- Position Paper The use of cellphone text messaging is an innovative medium of intervention delivery in healthcare. In light of the revolution of the digital era and smartphones, texting has become common. A recent studied show that adolescents prefer to utilize texting to communicate over other communication methods. In the health care field there are few guidelines regarding how to navigate between clinical practice and texting. The guidelines that do exist regarding technology usually emphasizes on how clinicians should limit texting rather than promoting it....   [tags: Instant messaging, Mobile phone, Text messaging]

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The Visual Text of a Herbal Essences´ Advertisement

- In the October 21, 2013 issue of In Touch magazine, Herbal Essences’ hair products has an eye catching, bright advertisement to catch a readers attention. As readers browse through the magazine, the advertisement serves the purpose to stop and catch the reader’s attention. The dark haired, dark skinned model, Nicole Scherzinger, is used to show-off the products. Scherzinger’s hair is an image a reader can’t help but notice. Long, think, and full a volume is what attracts the reader, especially females because they would love for their hair to look like the hairstyle shown on the advertisement....   [tags: advertisement, hair, model, text]

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Mobile Phones And The Development Of Text Messaging

- Over the past few decades, the popularity of mobile phones has exploded and the development of text messaging has followed close behind. With so many people utilizing the new technology, the world of writing was primed for a new style to take shape. Software and hardware limitations of writing messages on cellphones prompted texters to stray away from typical writing rules and create a whole new type of writing. As far back as the 19th century, people have been sending electronic messages in the form of telegrams (Bellis)....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS]

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To Text or Not to Text?

- For 80 years now, people have been talking on the telephone. For over 100 years, we have been driving vehicles. However, it was not until recently individuals have tried to combine these two. While most people know the dangers this can cause and has caused, many people in today’s society still have not put the cell phone down before getting behind the wheel. Linda Doyle, a loving mother and an avid helper for the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, became a statistic in the year 2009. Her life abruptly ended in a car accident by a distracted driver....   [tags: Legal Issues, Driving, Cell Phones]

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We Never Talk Anymore: The Problem with Text Messaging

- Text messaging has become a norm in our generation, as technology rapidly advances and gives way to more efficient forms of communication in a fast-paced world; and many are skeptical about the influence this new form of interaction is having on our society, especially with our younger generation. David Crystal, a professor at the University of Wales, writes “2b or Not 2b?” in support of text messaging. He insists, despite those who underestimate or negate the beneficial influence text messaging has on language proficiency, that “there is increasing evidence that [texting] helps rather than hinders literacy” and that the fairly recent form of communication has actually been around for a whil...   [tags: text messaging, texting, communication]

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Using Text Messaging As A Primary Communication Tool

- It is nearly impossible to walk throughout campus, without seeing someone glued to their phone typing a message while walking. Understanding the development of a child, communication serves as a key component to their overall growth. Without the appropriate communication skills, children put an invisible capacity on their social capabilities. Over a period of time, evolution has naturally caused methods of communication to transform. There has been an exponential growth in the creation of technology, especially when considering cell phones....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS]

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Text Messaging And Its Effects On Human Behavior

- Almost one-third of the world’s citizens are insufficiently active for optimum health, and physical inactivity has been identified as a leading risk factor for mortality. Decreased physical activity levels put adults at an increased risk for obesity, hypertension, cardiac disease, and diabetes. Due to the consequences of physical inactivity, many healthcare providers and researchers have searched for approaches to help individuals become more physically active. With advances in technology and the billions of cell phone users worldwide, innovative techniques such as mobile technology and web-based programs have been considered to help people increase their physical activity level....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Instant messaging]

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Text Messaging Has Altered The Communication Among Teenagers

- Over the last decade, technology has increased rapidly from basic flip phones to updated, touch screen smart phones. With technology on the come up, text messaging (the communication between two or more phones) is starting to become more prominent in everyday life. If you take a walk outside and look around, in today’s society almost every teenager that you walk past will have a cell phone in their hand and their eyes glued to the screen. Almost every single person in the 21st century is connected to a cell phone one way or another....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Instant messaging]

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Analysis Of Text Messaging As A Primary Mode Of Communication

- ile text messaging is a more efficient way to get in touch with people than face-to-face or phone conversations, it ultimately leads to a lower degree of personal communication. This method of communication leads to a significantly greater degree of misinterpretation than oral conversations because of the unavailability of such nonverbal cues, such as facial expressions and other body language, as well as tone of voice. The use of text messaging as a primary mode of communication will ultimately degrade the depth of interpersonal relationships....   [tags: Text messaging, Mobile phone, Instant messaging]

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The Negativity Of Texting, Where Would We Be Without Text Messaging?

- The Negativity of Texting Where would we be without text messaging. What would our lives be like without text messaging. Text messaging or texting has become evolved into a part of our daily life. We depend on it for most if not pretty much all of the way we communicate. From sending messages, pictures to videos and so much more. “The first text message was sent in 1992 from Neil Papworth, a former developer at Sema Group Telecoms” (Erickson). “Nokia was the first handsets manufacture whose total GSM phone line in 1993 supported user-sending of SMS text messages” […]....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS]

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Kelly DeVries and Douglas Smiths’ Second Edition Text, Medieval Military Technology.

- ... Over the course of this book, DeVries and Smith used many primary and secondary sources to back up their argument, with the aid of visual sources as well. To provide an example of how DeVries and Smith prove their argument, I have chosen two examples. The first example, is a stone fortification, that portrays how medieval technology influenced society, by providing a more permanent form of protection . Figure 9.5 of Chateau-Gillard Castle in France , is an example of a twelfth century fortification which allowed protection from outside threats....   [tags: book review, text book, analysis]

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Text Message As A Person Who Never Likes For Address Problems

- As a person who never likes to address problems because of the fear of hurting their feelings, I would do it over text message rather than in real life. An example of this was when I was the editor of my high school yearbook. A girl on my staff (lets call her Tina) had been giving me a hard time throughout the whole year and wasn’t giving complete effort for the class. It was 6 AM on a rainy Tuesday in April, and the last of the yearbook pages needed to be submitted. Tina wasn’t there, as usual....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS]

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Don 't Text And Drive : Let 's Save Some Lives

- Don’t Text and Drive: Let’s Save Some Lives In today’s society, texting and driving have become an issue. Many teens and adults, have formed a habit of using their cell phones while driving. Texting while driving can be very distracting, which can cause many accidents to happen. In trying to prevent this, new laws have been passed, making the use of cell phones while operating a car, illegal. However, too many people do not respect this law. People should stop getting distracted while driving because texting while driving is taking people’s attention on the road, accidents are getting higher and is comparable to drunk driving....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS, Automobile]

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The Text Of The Bible

- Throughout the text of the Bible, and especially evident in Chapter 3 of Genesis, there is a system which God has set up to denote the proper relationships each of his creations share with each other and with Him. An analysis of this reoccurring theme will help to establish that God’s intended system is a hierarchy in which there is an apportionment of “servants” and “masters,” with God having the final authority. This motif is first introduced in chapter 1 of Genesis where God sees that His creations are “good,” already establishing a higher standard, “good,” from a lower one, “bad.” In the system that follows, the hierarchy runs with God foremost as the creator; then humans come next as su...   [tags: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Serpent, Satan]

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The Greek Text Of The Text For Colossians 4 : 6

- The Greek text for Colossians 4:6 is translated “Your speech (be) always with grace, seasoned with salt to know how you must give an answer to each one.” For reference sake, when we compare that to the NKJV version: “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.” As you can see, the translations of the two texts are virtually identical. We start with one of the first words in the sentence: logos. This is not only the subject of the sentence but also the central point of this text....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Gospel of Matthew]

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The First Source Of A Text Is Visualizing

- Vision Sources The first source that students can use to demonstrate their understanding of a text is visualizing. Today’s students think visually, they remember shapes, movements, colors and relationships of characters in a story. Students can imagine a fictional story taking place as if the story was a movie. Along with a graphic organizer, to highlight sections of the story, students can picture the plot in space and time. They can also use verbs, adjectives and nouns to create diagrams or pictures or other mental images....   [tags: Reading, Reading comprehension, Comprehension]

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The Principles Of Text Connectivity And Communication

- 52 Based on the above observations on the text, we will focus in detail on the principles of text connectivity and communication. Text Connectivity: Cohesion and Coherence As we have discussed the above, the central concern of textlinguistics is to discern how different parts of a text (sentence or paragraph) are combined together according to the principles of connectivity through which dynamic communication is available. In order to investigate the rules of text connectivity and communication, we are to take into consideration the following matters: (1) syntactic cohesion (2) thematic coherence....   [tags: Linguistics, Semantics, Discourse analysis]

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Parody and a Parody Text in Culture

- Introduction With the new digital age came new accessibility and acceptability for audiences to be active members of media production. The internet, especially through sites such as YouTube, has allowed a greater number of individuals to connect across vast spans of geography to share in digital culture practices. Some of those practices, like popularizing “production, distribution, appropriation” would not be possible without digital technologies like YouTube (Russo & Coppa, 2012). The availability to contribute to all three processes has greatly impacted what Henry Jenkins (2006) calls the participatory culture....   [tags: gender, stereotypes, media]

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The Turn of the Screw: An Ambivalent Text?

- “The Turn of the Screw is essentially an ambivalent text. Its narrative prompts divergent, even opposite readings, but does not reconcile them. What happens remains irrevocably uncertain” The former recorded statement will be debated to establish its validity, in addition to doing so it shall be illustrated my means of closely analysis the text as well as referring to a key passage within the novella. In order to debate the statement provided it is firstly important to determine whether or not The Turn of the Screw is in fact an ambivalent text....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Code for Sending a Text Message

- GSM Shield library GSM coding is significantly facilitated by using the GSM library. The library consists of a few header files and examples. The header files encompass AT commands to start up SIM900 and test the serial communications between Arduino and GSM. Moreover, several functions are integrated in the library to facilitate sending text messages, making phone calls and data transfer. It is worthwhile to note that two GSM libraries can be found on the internet, including GSM_Shield library and GSM-GPRS-GPS-Shield library....   [tags: programming, GSM coding]

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Questions On Global Use Of Text

- 1. Using words in sentence around an unknown word, students are to try to infer what the meaning of the word is. 2. Global use of text may be needed to make an educated guess. Students are to look at a larger portion of the text to associate meaning to the term. 3. Students is to this about what they already know and try to correlate that knowing to solving what the unknown term is. 4. Students then use the parts of words (prefix, root, and suffix) to try to derive a meaning to the word. Then, they are to try to plug in that meaning into the sentence to confirm the guess....   [tags: Critical thinking, Thought, Meaning of life]

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The Dietary Restrictions on the Biblical Text

- In the history of humanity, humans have consumed plenty of things, from plants to human flesh. It is all about survival. However as societies became more complex and states began to form, several changes in the diet were created, mostly by religious principles. However there are underlying causes for these dietary restrictions besides the religious aspect. Both Marvin Harris and Mary Douglas propose some of the underlying causes for the dietary restrictions in the old texts. Harris proposes several reasons for the dietary restrictions in the Leviticus, including moral, ethical and functional, while Douglas presents the cost benefit and a historical reasons for dietary restrictions in several...   [tags: Marvin Harris, Mary Douglass, Diet, Bible]

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The Drugs And Society Text ( 2015 )

- There are only a select few things that overpopulate the world, two being humans and drugs. I began the drug education course with the preconceived notion that I was going to learn all about medications and possibly illicit drugs. My notion was promptly dismissed when I learned the most basic definition of drugs— any substance or compound that modify, enhance or distort normal body function. This concept was difficult to grasp being that as a 4th year pre-medical student I am programmed to think of medications as drugs....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Heroin, Mental disorder]

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Reading : Introducing The Text

- Before Reading - introducing the text Tuning in to the topic: • Ask the students’ to recap the previous lesson in which we discussed MSV and discussed how and why each affects our reading. • Explain the goal of the lesson and the behaviour. • The students’ will ‘think, pair, share’ and discuss their favourite toy and why it’s their favourite. • Student will then be asked to share their ideas with the group. • Share your favourite childhood toy with the students. Book introduction: • Read the text title and author to the children....   [tags: Question, Sentence, Debate, Problem solving]

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Using The R & M Text

- 1. Using the R & M text, choose two traditional methods of flexible design research and briefly describe them. You may choose case studies, grounded theory, ethnography, narrative or other approaches. Choose two of interest to you. All of these traditional methods of flexible design research are reliable based on the different case and topic. However, I prefer to discussed about case study and ethnographic study in flexible research design. According to R & M text, "Case study is a strategy for doing research which involves an empirical investigation of a particular contemporary phenomenon within its real life context using multiple sources of evidence." Case study research helps us to an un...   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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The Text Code Of The Street

- The text Code of the Street was very intriguing and I appreciated that it was in the Seeing ourselves text. Prior to reading it in the textbook I was about halfway through reading the whole book, which was required for another class. There are many problems outlined in this books from drug use within the community to the industrial downfall within Philadelphia leaving the area of Germantown jobless. The opportunity simply isn 't present for these people once the factories and lower level minimum skilled jobs left the area, putting many people into unemployment....   [tags: Sociology, Drug addiction]

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The Art of Text Messaging

- Over the last fifteen years, the way the people of our generation communicate has altered. In the beginning, cell phones were used strictly to converse verbally. It remained that way until 1992 when Neil Papworth sent the first text message reading “Merry Christmas” to Englishman Richard Jarvis (Shannon par.1-2). Papworth was un aware that this simple greeting would have such a drastic impact on cell phones. As of 2000 all cell phones have the ability to type out and send individual letters of the alphabet....   [tags: Technology, Cellphones, Communication]

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The Dhammapada, A Sacred Religious Text

- Imagining a life of purity, thoughtfulness, and reflection may prove impossible for some individuals to accomplish; however, the way of the Buddha emphasizes the importance of an unmitigated mind, free from material desire and unnecessary passions. When one attempts to define Buddhism, he/she may cover the concepts of meditation and clearing the mind, yet actually practicing Buddhism yields a certain lifestyle, one that requires constant thought and effort. The Dhammapada, a sacred religious text, explains certain main themes of Buddhism such as Anitya, or the temporary nature of all beings, the necessary ability to master one’s mind, and the significance of overcoming outside desires and co...   [tags: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Mahayana, Bodhi]

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Sexual Assault Chapter Of The Text

- There are few concepts introduced in the sexual assault chapter of the text are illustrated by the film, and her ordeal is pretty consistent with the information given in this chapter. The first concept is forcible rape. The men who raped Sarah in the movie clearly forced here to having sexual intercourse with them. They put her hands down, and pushed her on the machine, so that she could not move. The second related concept is stranger rape. Sarah did not know assailants before the night of the rape....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Questions And Interpretation Of The Text

-   Extra Credit  Please respond to the following in short answer/essay format. Please illustrate your answers  and interpretation of the text as clearly as possible.   1.   a. What are the two types of duress and what is the effect of each on the contract involved.  The two types of duress are physical compulsion, which is a violent way to force someone to sign a contract. It can be pointing someone with a gun. Improper threats, which includes economic and social coercion. Physical compulsion renders the contract void, and improper threats renders the contract voidable by the party who was coerced.         b....   [tags: Contract law, Contract, Law, Common law]

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Text Of The New Testament

- I.THE TEXT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT The New Testament has had its original text copied carefully and been preserved for hundreds of years. We have been able to find over 5,700 manuscripts depicting the New Testament in many different translations. Even though we have these manuscripts, the first formal printing of the New Testament did not appear until 1516. This text was very successful, but it, “did make inevitable minor mistakes, which textual criticism seeks to reverse” (442). When we look at how the New Testament and many other ancient books, we see that it was done in ways much different than how books are written today....   [tags: New Testament, Bible, Biblical canon]

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Do Not Text, Just Drive

- ... (Cooper) Texting someone is nearly the same as talking on the phone, therefore, it’s an ongoing conversation. But driving is an ongoing action, excluding stop signs and stoplights as well. As a driver the main focus is the road. In order to send a text, the cell phone has to be the main focus. For example, if a driver is at a stop sign, receives a text, and decides to look down at the phone. The driver’s eyes, hands, and focus completely move toward the phone and not the road anymore, which is the main focus....   [tags: dangers on the road, accident risks]

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Literary Text in EFL Classroom

- General Conclusion Literature is considered as a complex field which makes it unapproachable to the EFL students who lack the sophisticated knowledge of the target language. Therefore, teaching literary texts in EFL classrooms is a challenging task. The challenges met in this case can be due to a variety of reasons. For example, the emblematic use of language in literary works differs from that of conventional standard language. In literature, lexicon and grammar are manipulated to have specific figurative features and to create particular effects....   [tags: language, linguistic, meaning, context]

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Reading The Groups Shared Text

- Reading the groups shared text helped enlighten all of us on the various techniques and ways that help effective learning be more prominent in this day an age of schooling. Finland, the country with the highest PISA scores, have different ways of teaching in which they teach their kids to think critically rather than memorizing useless formulas. The group shared text also showcased many more ways to learn effectively and even showed how a lot of schooling done by the Koreans isn 't necessarily the best, but what we 've learned from Finland is how the schooling is taught is what 's most effective....   [tags: Education, Psychology, Learning, Higher education]

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Setting Music to a Text

- In setting a piece to music the composer has to take into account the feelings and emotions that he desires to create and then figure out how to produce that. In the case of Friedrich Rückert’s poem “I Am Lost to the World,” there are a wide variety of ways it can be set to music, which can be composed of unchanging elements, aspects that can change throughout, and word-painting – all of which will be compared to the setting by Gustav Mahler. With any setting of a text to music, there are unchanging elements such as the ensemble to be used and the form....   [tags: Friedrich Ruckert, I Am Lost To The World]

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Durkheim 's Text On Suicide

- Within Durkheim’s text On Suicide, he arrives at his arguments by first explaining why an existing argument is invalid. There are several examples of this method within the text, however there are three prominent ones that will be the main focus of this analysis. The first example of this method would be Durkheim’s description and then rejection of the validity of insanity as a driving force of suicide. Durkheim distinguishes that insanity is too broad of a term and is not easily backed up by statistics when analyzing its influence on suicide....   [tags: Suicide, Marriage, Religion, Sociology]

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The Magna Carta: Text Analysis

- ... It is important to point out that the Barons even felt compelled to start a war against the King and they supported the heir of France. As we can see, there were many reasons why the Barons along with the Church felt the need to write The Magna Carta. On the other hand, King John was not in good terms with the Church either, because he had a dispute with Pope Innocent II. They disagreed on the election of the new archbishopric of Canterbury, one of the most influential positions of the Church at the time....   [tags: political & historical significance]

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Reading Of A Visual Text

- Close Reading of a Visual Text In a political cartoon drawn by Nick Anderson for The Houston Chronicle, a man is depicted standing on top of a towering mountain of money. There is a smaller person standing on the ground with a sign that reads, “Raise minimum wage.” The man standing on the pile of money is saying to the other person “Your greed is hurting the economy.” The cartoonist is trying to make a point about those standing in opposition to a higher minimum wage. Anderson is saying that those who are against raising the minimum wage are extremely greedy, and that they are hypocrites for calling proponents of a higher minimum wage greedy....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Minimum wage]

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Reader's Response to Text

- The responder’s sense of belonging and exclusion from the text is evoked from the discourse between responder and the text – further influenced by the composer’s purpose, values and textual features. Gaita manipulates the Romanticised representation of the loving father in opposition to the troubled mother figure Christine to evoke a sense of belonging in the reader to the filial biography “Romulus, My Father”. Conversely, Gary Crew’s “Strange Objects” barricades the reader through the repellent protagonist and postmodern textual techniques....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Don’t Text and Drive

- While I was driving to my house the other day I received a text message. Instantly I grabbed it and answered at the same time I was driving. For just a second I distracted myself to see the cellphone instead of paying attention to the road. When I looked again at the road I realized that I had just passed a stop sign without noticing. Why are we so obsessed with cellphones. Why can’t we wait to answer. The problem that I would like to address is the addiction to mobile devices and communication....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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Text Connections in Grendel

- Text to Self: In Grendel, Grendel has a keen hatred for the human race. This detestation stems from the abuse Grendel received from people for simply for being himself, a putrid, yet innocent, monster. Everyone has experienced cruel judgment from others, and I am certainly no exception. School, being the social contest that it is, makes it easy for the lines of who we are and who others think we are to not only become blurred, but interfere with our perception of ourselves. Take me for example....   [tags: human race, monster, symbolism]

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Text Messaging

- Text messaging is a very controversial subject in our society, possibly even in other cultures. Some complain that texting is overused and abused while others praise the most recent developments and upgrades of texting. The pervasive use of text messaging in today’s society has many facets; however, the bad is said to outweigh the good. Any individual’s perspective on the issue will most likely depend on their age group or social class. For example, a fifteen year old would appreciate the convenience and speed of text messaging but a fifty year old would most likely not need the texting function on their cell phone; therefore, the speed and convenience of text messaging would become irrelev...   [tags: Benefits, Disadvantages, Cultures]

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Text Messaging

- Text messaging is a very controversial subject in our society today, possibly even in other cultures. Some complain that texting is overused and abused while others praise the most recent developments and upgrades of this form of communication. The pervasive use of text messaging in today’s society has many facets; however, the bad is said to outweigh the good. Any individual’s perspective on the issue will most likely depend on their age group or social class. For example, a fifteen year old would appreciate the convenience and speed of text messaging but a fifty year old would most likely not need the texting function on their cell phone; therefore, the speed and convenience of text m...   [tags: Advantages, Disadvantages, Consequences]

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Text Clustering

- The idea of text clustering long preceded the computer age: “Clustering is one of the most primitive mental activities of humans, used to handle the huge amount of information they receive every day” (Theodoridis and Koutroubas, 2003: 398). The act of indexing long used in libraries is an obvious example. Manual clustering was the only type of document clustering possible prior to the computer age. This circumstance may have influenced much clustering work that relied only on immediate intuitive knowledge of the world without making use of quantitative numerical methods....   [tags: Language]

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Text Messages

- Introduction Research Question: The effect of text messages on students writing skills at the University of the West Indies. This Topic has intrigued the researchers interest and as a result this proposal will be investigating how text messaging and the affects the writing skills of students that attend the University of the West Indies. This topic is indeed worth studying because of the poor English skills that students are experiencing. I have also had personal experience where as a result of texting my writing skills have been negatively affected....   [tags: Effects, Writing Skills, West Indies]

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Authorship of a Text

- Authorship of a Text Introduction: Tabloid and broadsheet newspapers are both aimed at different audiences. This, therefore, means that they are written differently to correspond with the audience that they are aimed at. Tabloid newspapers supposedly give an easier read than a broadsheet newspaper and this is what this investigation will prove. Aim: The aim of this piece of coursework is to gain information about authorship of a text using statistical measures. I will collect data from a population with a view to estimating population parameters (e.g....   [tags: Papers]

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Using Expository Text in the Secondary Classroom

- Expository text is the most common form of text used in most secondary classrooms. It is most often in the form of a text book. They are designed to explain and educate others about a certain subject. The authors of the book research information and write logical facts about a given subject. The facts include cause and effect, lists, problems and solutions, sequence of events, and descriptions (Expository Text Structures, n.d.). Most school systems provide expository texts to be used in the classroom and teachers are comfortable using them....   [tags: educational/academic tools]

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Practice Safe Text

- ... In addition, technology in cars is also being built to address the issue of texting and driving behind the wheel. There are apps being made for today’s modern phones preventing the use of phones behind the wheel. The “Teen Safer” app can detect that a phone is in a moving car, and thus blocks non-emergency calls, routes incoming calls to voicemail and stores incoming texts. Another useful technology is the “Key2SafeDriving Key”, it includes a sensor such as a signal jamming key that prevents mobile phone reception when the ignition is engaged....   [tags: driving while using smartphones]

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Text Messaging and the Negative Effects on Teens

- The mobile phone, invented in 1979, by Douglas Han is one of many ways that has changed the way our society communicates. With the mobile phone comes a list of features and capabilities such as checking emails, Internet, taking pictures, viewing and recording video, and video calling. Out of all the features that are available with mobile phones, SMS has become the most commonly used feature in popular culture, especially with teenagers. Short Message Service (SMS) began as just an idea of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) in the mid 1980s; it wasn’t until the early 1990s that phone companies started to visualize the possibilities commercially (Crystal 3-4)....   [tags: Technology]

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The Negative Impact of Text Messaging on Literacy

- Text messaging is damaging our literacy and communication skills as a society. Calling someone on the phone or writing them a letter is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. There is a new language that is being learned and not taught across the globe. It is the language of Textese, and it has quickly consumed the lives of millions across the world. There will always be the protector of language arts. These are the shrinking number of people everyone knows, that will continue to handwrite letters and sign them with proper English and etiquette....   [tags: Literacy Essays]

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Importance of a Reader´s Interpretation of a Text

- Roland Barthes’ essay titled ‘Death of the Author’ is a foundational text of contemporary reader-centred theory in which he argued that “it is language which speaks, not the author,” and that the multiplicity of a text’s “centres of culture” is focused on the reader (Barthes, 1977, pg. 143). Essentially, Barthes argued that attempts to recover or discover an author’s intended interpretation of a text are irrelevant and more so impossible to derive from the text alone; instead, the reader’s interpretation and the processes that lead to it are what matters from a critical, reader-centred perspective....   [tags: Film, Frozen]

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The Rules, Rituals, And Routines, Section Of The Text

- There are a number of rituals and routines outlined in the “Rules, Rituals, and Routines” section of the text. The main ritual/routine discussed is the distribution of textbooks, one that can make or break the atmosphere in the classroom. In the example provided, the teacher was not very organized in the distribution of the books, thus holding up the flow, and eventual lack of completion, of the lesson he had planned. Simple things like that executed properly can make for a much better learning environment; had the books been handed out in a timely and orderly fashion, the students would have been able to start the lesson faster and likely would have been able to finish the lesson, as there...   [tags: Education, Discrimination, As Time Goes By]

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The Film : Fiddler On The Roof, And The Text Judaism

- Judaism Judaism films have made, and continue to make an impact on the film industry. There are many different factors, ideas, and values that are incorporated into films based upon the Jewish religion. Stretching from over a century ago, Judaism’s engagement in the cinema started to become more prominent, and gave viewers a different perspective on the Jewish religion, and how this religion fit in to American society. Focusing on the film: Fiddler on the Roof, and the text Judaism, written by Melanie J....   [tags: Judaism, Halakha, Israel, Jews]

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The And Body Text Inserted Into My Css

- The feature Heading 1 and the body text inserted into my CSS. It changes the font of my heading and body text as that it can be inserted into my template to go on all pages so that the text is consistent. I decided to do this as it would save me time from having to change the font on each page. I felt that this had a positive impact on the web page because webpages look more professional because they are consistent. The aim of all these pages is to provide information with the best places in Newcastle upon Tyne visited by tourists and contact details....   [tags: Web page, World Wide Web, Website, The Reader]

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Romeo and Juliet Text vs. Movie

- A comparison and contrast of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ text vs. Movie Romeo and Juliet was first originally created by William Shakespeare it is traditionally shown in theatres, In this essay I shall compare and contrast the traditional script and the modern movie. The main things that differentiate between the text and movie are the characters, the main concepts of many of them have changed such as Lady Capulet she was affectionate and caring in the original text but in the modern movie she didn’t care even when Juliet had threatened to kill herself, ‘Talk not to me, for Ill not speak a word....   [tags: movies, films]

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Text Talk in Students’ Formal Writing

- Several decades ago, “Ain’t ain’t a word” was a favorite litany of English teachers everywhere, and they sang it whenever that offending word cropped up in a student’s speech or writing. Today, however, ain’t is a word firmly entrenched in dictionaries, nonstandard, but a word nonetheless. Now, looming on the horizon is something which may make language arts teachers long for the days of ain’t – text talk. Text talk, or text speak, is the language of abbreviations, acronyms, and emoticons people use when communicating through short message service (SMS) on their cell phones, or when instant messaging and emailing each other, and it is beginning to creep into students’ formal writing....   [tags: Language ]

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Talking to the Text Using Cognitive Theory

- Many factors and processes make up cognitive theories. First, students rely heavily on memory, according to this theory. There are three parts to a person’s memory: the sensory register, short-term memory and long-term memory. The sensory register has a large capacity to store almost all the information you receive but only saves the information for a short period of time. The working or short-term memory is where a person moves their information from the sensory register to process it. Finally, the long-term memory is where people’s general knowledge and most important information from the short-term memory are stored....   [tags: Education]

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The Holy Text Of Islam, Judaism, And Christianity

- . The holy text pertaining to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all relate to one another in a vast way because they all believe that God is the ultimate creator of all things on Earth and that his love is everlasting. However, in the beginning of the Torah and the Bible they specifically mention “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). Yet, the Quran simply reads, “In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. [All] praise is [due] to Allah, Lord of the worlds....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Islam, Qur'an]

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Analysis Of The Text ' Put On A Happy Face '

- At times being told to “Put On a Happy Face” can actually make others believe the delighted look on one’s face. In the text “Put On a Happy Face” by Benjamin Demott he often used metaphors, contrast, binary oppositions, and repetition to provide his audience with other viewpoints to look at. He briefly describes how the entertainment industry hand picks who they want for certain roles in movies and the special treatment among several people within the industry. In this piece of writing the author is trying to make a point that just because a director put two interracial people on television to convey to others that African American can work together and get along with one another does not me...   [tags: Race, Black people, Racism, Miscegenation]

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The Word Harm On The Original Greek Text

- The word harm in the original Greek text is ĸaĸóω, (BDAG 502a) which means to mistreat, harm, or embitter. This word is particularly unique because it is “one of only thirteen uses of the futuristic participle in the New Testament.” The participle is expressing a specific time, more accurately translating, “will harm you” or “going to harm you.” The verbs in this verse are all aorist tense, meaning they are an undefined action occurring before the main verb. This verse also includes the word, zealous, or ζηλóω, in the original Greek text....   [tags: New Testament, Old Testament, Bible, Christianity]

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Historical And Cultural Context Surrounding The Text

- Martin Arhin The Beefeater Historical: Historical and cultural context surrounding the text. New Historicist: Literature and history as equals: history is a text subject to interpretation. Kanagaki Robun’s “Beef Eater” serves to criticize the western ideals during the Meiji Restoration by portraying a satirical comic view of the new epidemic of beef eating that is infesting Japan. The short story responds to the growing relationship between Japan and the western world and the conflicts between modernization and traditional values....   [tags: Japan, Samurai, Empire of Japan, Boshin War]

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Romeo and Juliet: A Text to Film Comparison

- Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has been modified numerous times and has been a source of inspiration for many playwrights and directors. Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann are examples of directors that use Shakespeare’s legendary tragedy as a basis for their films. In the Franco Zeffirelli version of Romeo and Juliet, produced in 1968, the setting is accurate to the times of when William Shakespeare wrote the play. In the last act of the film a few differences arose. In Zeffirelli’s production Romeo does not request a letter telling of Juliet’s well-being from his friend Balthasar, whereas he did so in the play....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature ]

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A Doll 's House As A Marxist Text

- Ibsen 's A Doll 's House As A Marxist Text In Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House, readers can immediately see how social conditions trapped each character in place and did not allow them to grow further in their lives. Barry Witham and John Lutterbie 's "A Marxist Approach to A Doll House," highlights how the characters in A Doll 's House are pawns to their economic backgrounds, and in Karen Ford 's "Social Constraints and Painful Growth In A Doll 's House," she furthers the argument that Ibsen 's A Doll 's House is a Marxist writing without formally calling it Marxist....   [tags: Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House, Norway]

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Text vs Movie Romeo and Juliet

- Romeo & Juliet – Text vs. movie The tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet” was originally a play created by William Shakespeare, one of many world famous plays by the same. This play has been converted into its intended style many times in the past, the earliest version in 1968 was directed by Franco Zeffirelli, the latest film in 1996 by Baz Luhrmann. The latter is quite modern and only occassionally uses the words of Shakespeare. On the contrary, the older version was very traditional, and almost completely stuck to the original script....   [tags: shakespeare, film, literary analysis]

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The Islamic Sacred Text Is Quran Means

- Islam is the closest religion to the west, which stands in the Abrahamic family of religions. It is also one of the world 's most influential religions, in the past its power spread from the Atlantic Ocean to the confines of China. The word “Islam”=s-l-m is interpreted as peace and surrender, which literally conveys to submission to one God. Those who follow Islamic religion are known as Muslims (Hanifs people who worship Allah). The Islamic sacred text is Quran-means recitation, it is poetic and makes a significant influence in lives of Muslims....   [tags: Muhammad, Islam, Qur'an, Prophets of Islam]

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Using Text Messages And Phone Calls

- Selfies are everywhere in society today. They’re all over social media newsfeeds and even appear in magazines. Many argue that the Selfie is the new way to communication, replacing text messages and phone calls. I disagree with this. I believe that while the Selfie is not the best way to communicate with others, because it places too much focus on the poses and appearances of the people in the Selfie, instead of their experiences, and not every person has access to a smartphone, leaving some people out of the loop....   [tags: Telephone, Mobile phone, Communication, Videophone]

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William Shakespeare 's The Text Hamlet

- In the text Hamlet, the playwright William Shakespeare relays a tragic tale of people who deceive, betray and manipulate their own family and how these shaped their identity as individuals. The drastic change in the characters’ behaviours due to tragic events and difference in individuals’ own perception from others’ is communicated thoroughly in the text. Shakespeare developed the idea that a realization regarding one’s true identity can influence how individuals perceive themselves and are perceived by others....   [tags: Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet, Perception]

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Original Text For Modern Day Audience

- In my opinion, great books are retold to simplify the original text for modern day audience. They provide the reader with an insight of the most relevant and influential events from the original story. For instance, the original Ramayana was a series of eight lengthy books but, R.K. Narayana retold the story to make the original version easier to grasp. In fact, I believe his retelling was successful as it was significantly shorter, straight to the point and relevant to the current time. This was through his use of diction, style of writing and techniques that brought a contemporary feel to an ancient story....   [tags: Ramayana, Rama, Sita, Lanka]

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The Successful College Writing Text Book

- The main purpose of the Successful college writing text book is to help you be successful in this writing class and in all other classes that involve writing. In order to do that the first unit cover several important tools included in the writing process. The text starts the writing process with going over in detail what you should expect from academic writing and what the instructor will expect from your writing. It covers strategies to improve your writing as well as assessing your learning style to help you better understand how you learn and what strategies will work best....   [tags: Writing, Sentence, Writing process, Essay]

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image as text

- Image as Text Response Critical Response Art by its very nature has the tendency to be labeled either “good” or “bad”. However there is no bad art, only art that has failed to connect with a viewer. To broadly label art as either good or bad is hypocritical, how could a Picasso be compared to a Rembrandt. The truth is it can’t, and that’s the deceptiveness of art in that it seems on the surface to be so easily criticized when in reality it’s a complicated process to undertake. The piece I chose to write about evoked such a response....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Evaluating the Use of a Text Editor

- Evaluating the Use of a Text Editor When creating a website with HTML, using Microsoft word is often easier than HTML typing as you don’t have to key in all of the page formats in HTML such as the size and colour of the writing and the positioning of objects on the page. Instead, you can simply drag objects around the screen and use the toolbar at the top of the screen on Word to format the text and change the objects. This is very unlike typing the HTML, when you would have to type in formats for text and objects, for example if you wanted the size of the font to be “6” then you would need to type in manually; “<font size=“6”>”, and then to end this format...   [tags: Papers]

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The Appropriateness of Fyran's Text in Spies

- The Appropriateness of Fyran's Text in Spies Within Frayn’s enigmatic and richly nostalgic text, the theme of spies is undoubtedly significant. The title has immediate connotations of secrecy, danger and mystery. Frayn has cleverly left a trail of hidden clues throughout the novel, which involves the reader in the story and makes us ultimately become spies. Furthermore, many characters in the text spy on each other and are being spied upon and have distinctive characteristics of a spy....   [tags: Papers]

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Why is Frankenstein such a popular text?

- Why is Frankenstein such a popular text. Frankenstein is a science fiction novel written by Mary Shelley during the time of the Romantic Movement. It has remained popular ever since it was first published and still sells well today, with many reprints of the book since the first edition. One of the main characters of the story and probably the most (in)famous, Frankenstein's monster, has become an icon of all that is monstrous and wrong. The story has been adapted and interpreted many times all in different ways, causing the monster and the stereotypical view of him to become intertextual....   [tags: English Literature]

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Cultural Issues In Translating Text

- In the "Cultural Implication for Translation" by Kate James, the author describes how translation is an activity which deals with at least two cultures, which makes translators face the problem of how to treat the cultural aspects of a source text and how successfully conveying these aspects in the target text. These problems vary according to how big the difference between the two languages is. Also, the aims of the source text will have implications for translation as well as the readers of both source text and target text....   [tags: Languages]

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Postmodernism, Deconstructionism, and the Ethnographic Text

- Postmodernism, Deconstructionism, and the Ethnographic Text Anthropology 575 Postmodernism In the late 1960’s the social sciences (mainly anthropology and sociology) entered a crisis period in which traditional ways of conducting the study of the Other were re-examined in the context of their association with dominance-submission hierarchies and the objectification of the subjects of study. There was seen to be an association between Western imperialism’s objectification of the Third World and the Western ‘data imperialism’ that objectified the subjects of study....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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