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Thom Gunn’s In the Tank - A Manifestation of the Human Consciousness

- Thom Gunn’s In the Tank - A Manifestation of the Human Consciousness A thorough analysis of subject material and literary style exhibits the complexity of establishing a strong thematic base, which does not deter from the ebb and flow of a poetic medium .  In Thom Gunn’s In the Tank, a felon is overwhelmed by emotion at the state of his existence in prison.  In what appears to be a moment’s reflection, Thom Gunn’s narrator in In the Tank reveals an abundance of sentiment pertaining to his environment.  From meticulous description of the prison environment, to the exasperated feeling of loneliness and dejection, Gunn lures an audience into a seeming first-hand account of prison-life....   [tags: In Tank]

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A Single Tank

- A single tank moved along a small and quiet path in the forest. A deer turned and stared at it for a second before leaping out of the way as it sped along smashing a fallen tree, breaking apart the wood. A small group of soldiers equipped with Kalashnikovs held them nervously in their hands with military helmets upon their heads. Less than a month before they were fussing over their exams. Now they were conscripts of Alkharania being mere children compared to the elite Red Guard. The motherland had called and they had answered with a great gusto....   [tags: Military, Army, World War II, Soldier]

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Setting up a Fish Tank

- Saving Nemo Fish keeping may seem like a fun and easy hobby, but without the proper research and knowledge one will kill the fish rather than keep them. Most people think keeping fish is an easy hobby because all you have to do is buy a tank and the fish to put in the tank, but they are extremely wrong. Fish are very hard to care for, and they are also very temperamental to changes within the tank. Fish require constant care and a watchful eye of the water conditions in the tank. If the water condidtions in the tank are not set up properly, or if there is a spike or sudden change in the water conditions it could cause the fish to become sick or even kill the fish....   [tags: fish keeping hobby]

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The M1 Abrams Tank...and Beyond

- The United States military decided to develop a new tank that could compete with and defeat the tanks of the Soviet Union. They began several projects initially in an attempt to replace the dated M60 tank, which entered the service in 1960. After several attempts, the U.S. Army awarded a contract to General Dynamics for the production of the MA Abram tank. The M1 tank has been continuously improved and it has proven itself as one of the military’s most effective and important fighting vehicles in battle....   [tags: Military Science]

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The Fish Of A Saltwater Tank

- The fish loving started at a very young age. It first started when I went to the county fair and notices all the fish that you could win. That is when my obsession started about loving fish. I wanted to have them all and could not resist on want to collect or win more fish. This obsession would last till I want to have a saltwater tank. Having a saltwater tank is really amazing because it makes you feel accomplish about having a little eco-system within your home. There are numerous saltwater fish in the sea....   [tags: Coral reef, Coral, Research, Scientific method]

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The Novel ' Tank Born

- It is clear, after reading the novel Tank Born that there are many aspects involved in the story that relate closely to the ideas and terms we have discussed thus far. In this final response, I will be critically analyzing the novel, and will bring forth certain aspects of the novel that can be brought back to our class discussions about race, gender, class, and body politics. In particular, I would like to focus on Kayla, and the struggles she went through as a young woman who was oppressed by the society in which she lived....   [tags: Human, Female, Girl, Brown]

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Thermal Stratification of a Hot Water Tank

- For many years, the standard for residential household hot water systems has been an oil, gas, or electrical hot water tank that provides a reliable supply of water at a set temperature. The temperature gradient within the tank was thought to have little significance, as long as the output temperature was constant. It wasn’t until Sharp and Loehrke’s report [36] on the topic was published in 1979 followed by Hollands and Lightstone [37] ten years later that the potential rewards of thermal stratification became apparent....   [tags: hot water, temperature]

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A History of the 714th Tank Battalion

- A History of the 714th Tank Battalion, 1942-45 The men of the 714th Tank Battalion served their country in its greatest time of need. A key element of the 12th Armored Division, the 714th fought in harsh conditions against a desperate German enemy for five consecutive months, driving the Nazi Armies from France and back into the German heartland. The 12th Armored Division was activated on 15 September 1942 at a freshly built Camp Campbell, Kentucky, and soldiers from across the nation began arriving to fill the division's ranks on 24 October 1942....   [tags: United States History Historical Essays]

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RC Tank Combat Rules and Strategy Tips

- RC tank combat is an exciting hobby that offers military enthusiasts the opportunity to recreate combat situations using their favorite armored vehicles from history. These vehicles range from tanks to armored cars, to even including artillery pieces. If you are passionate about military history, then this hobby offers you the opportunity to recreate tank battles from the past and test your own strategies in simulated combat situations. As with any combat situation, solid strategic planning, speed, and the element of surprise will play a role in winning a RC tank battle....   [tags: Military History, Tabletop]

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The Black Panther Tank Battalion

- The 'Black Panther' Tank Battalion The 761st 'Black Panther' Tank Battalion was the first African-American armored unit to see combat. Before and during mobilization for World War II, officials in Washington, D.C., debated whether or not African-American soldiers should be used in armored units. Many military men and politicians believed that blacks did not have the brains, quickness or moral stamina to fight in a war. Referring to his World War I experiences, Colonel James A. Moss, commander of the 367th Infantry Regiment, 92nd Division, stated, "As fighting troops, the Negro must be rated as second-class material, this primarily to his inferior intelligence and lack of mental and...   [tags: essays research papers]

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A New Frontier for Engineering: The Mark I Tank

- ... Many said the tanks weren’t ready for battle, and that they should keep them a secret from the Germans until they were running at full capacity. These hesitations became a reality. The tanks failed during the attack. They struggled on the terrain of the Somme, many of the crew members were inexperienced and unfamiliar with their controls, and several had mechanical failures as well. By the end of the week, British and French forces had made a considerable advancement, at most 2,300 miles in some areas, but had failed to break through the German lines....   [tags: warfare weapons]

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The Quality And Health Risks Regarding Consumption Of Tank Water

- The quality and health risks concerning consumption of tank water (unfiltered and filtered) has been of debate for many years. Whether this water reaches Australian drinking standards, and which is more suitable to drink conveys the purpose of this experiment. Specific water quality tests are required to determine the suitability of these water sources, including Biochemical dissolved oxygen, total dissolved oxygen, pH, phosphates and nitrates; and faecal coliforms tests. These tests can ensure if tank water meets Australian drinking water standards, and which is the safest for human consumption (unfiltered vs....   [tags: Water, Sewage treatment, Oxygen, Acid]

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Shark Tank : A Reality Television Show With The Purpose Of Entertain

- Shark Tank is a reality television show with the purpose of entertain, educate and motivate people, showing an easy way to expand entrepreneurs companies and ideas that haven not start yet and making the American dream possible. Shark Tank have create thousand of jobs making millions of dollars with ideas from zero or growing products. They know how to start small businesses and helping the entrepreneurs to achieve huge successes. The student decided to watch the second episode of the eighth season of Shark Tank because it was the first one that he was able to find on   [tags: Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship]

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The 's Make Up And The Tank 's History

- Although Berger neglects to identify the possibility of an interaction with the model and observer, Williams demonstrates such an interaction does exist. Hirst experiences a story, a realm of realism and fear, from experiencing the art while Williams identified more with its construction and make up. Surprisingly, Williams appears to completely reject Hirst’s encounter of fear with the shark when she asks how the image “of a shark, pickled in formaldehyde,” brings about her realization of mortality....   [tags: Art, Artist, Experience, English-language films]

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Tank Chromatography.

- Tank Chromatography Introduction: Chromatography is a method used to separate both organic and inorganic compounds so that they can be analysed. Scientists often use chromatography to figure out which basic constituents makes up a specific mixture. Chromatography relies on the principle of selective absorption. A botanist named M.S. Tswett in 1906 first discovered chromatography. Tswett used a method called 'column chromatography' to separate chlorophylls by pouring petroleum-ether extract of green leaves into a column of powdered calcium carbonate....   [tags: Papers]

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Physics Ripple Tank

- Physics Ripple Tank If someone were to spend time near an ocean in the southern United States, they would probably notice one thing. They would notice that it was so hot, that they would need to cool off all day long. And the best way to do this would be to go to the nearest beach, and cool off in the refreshing waters. At the beach, they would hear the seagulls cawing, feel the hot sun shining down onto them, and they would notice all of the waves in the ocean. They may notice different wave phenomena, such as the waves breaking and growing and wonder what were going on, and why this phenomenon was occurring....   [tags: Papers]

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The Mark I Tank’s Role in Changing Trench Warfare

- During the First World War, 1914 to 1918, the “Western Front” referred to a series of trench lines that ran from the Belgian coast, to the Alps. The Western Front was a direct result of the stagnation. Both the axis and allied sides “dug in” and settled down to a war of attrition, with little movement over three years. Born from the need to break the domination of trenches and machine guns over the Western Front, Britain designed the world’s first combat tank, known as the Mark I. It was developed to be able to cross trenches, resist small-arms fire, travel over difficult terrain, carry supplies, and capture fortified enemy positions....   [tags: Military Technology ]

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Effects of LNG- Tank Sloshing on the Global Motions of LNG Carriers

- Introduction Figure 1. Schematic configuration of two- dimensional wave sloshing Sloshing has been very important for many years and widely studied in many of the engineering areas. Wave sloshing can be described as motion of the wave in a subjected area. More specifically, wave sloshing is the change of wave height and its frequency with time. Wave sloshing could be very dangerous for ship containers during navigation because sloshing may cause serious damages on container walls and sometimes even hull structures, eventually affecting vessel's motion, especially for offshore supply vessels which transport natural gas (LNG carriers)....   [tags: conceptual analysis, wave sloshing, engineering]

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Septic Tank and Sewer System Analysis in Nobelton, King City, Ontario, Canada

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION The community that is focused on this report is called Nobelton and it’s situated within King City at the intersection of Highway 27 & King Road. The sewer services were provided through on-site septic tanks in this community. The purpose of this report is to propose a well-designed sanitary system instead of the septic tanks for the distribution of sewer services at Wellington Street conduct an assessment of possibility of connecting it to existing sanitary systems on Ellis Avenue....   [tags: sewage disposal]

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The Mark I Tank’s Role in Changing Trench Warfare

- During the First World War, 1914 to 1918, the “Western Front” referred to a series of trench lines that ran from the Belgian coast, to the Alps. The Western Front was a direct result of stagnation. Both the Allies and Central Powers “dug in” and settled down to a war of attrition, with little movement over three years. Born from the need to break the domination of trenches and machine guns on the Western Front, Britain designed the world’s first combat tank, known as the Mark I. It was developed to cross trenches, resist small-arms fire, travel over difficult terrain, carry supplies, and capture fortified enemy positions....   [tags: Military Technology ]

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Changes in War througout Time

- World War one lasted from 1914 to 1919 and the United States played a huge role in this war. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the nephew of the Austria-Hungry emperor was the start of this war. The assassin was from Serbia who allied with Russia while Austria-Hungry allied with Germany. During this war both sides had different plans of attack to help the troops and ultimately win the war. Both of these plans were meant to hold the other side back, but when both plans were in play at the same time, it stopped the forward movement that the plan was supposed to do....   [tags: iraq, tank, military]

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How Hawaii Citizens Recieve Fresh Water

- Fresh water is an essential need that is taken for granted. On the south side of Hawaii many have the problem of being unable to access county water lines directly from their home. In the southeastern region it is difficult, as well as expensive, to set up a water line ("Water in South Hawaii"). It cost about $1,580 on average for homeowners to install a water line ("Water Main"). Along some roads, pipes can be seen running up the sides and unfortunately the exposure causes it to sustain frequent damage ("Water in South Hawaii")....   [tags: rain catchment tank, waterlines, commerical]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The War ' Fury '

- An Innocent Archetype War brings out the worst in men; soldiers can only stay innocent for so long until they have to survive the new blood and gore clouded world they’re thrown into. Norman Ellison, portrayed by Logan Lerman in the war movie Fury, is a perfect example of crumbling innocence as he’s forced to kill to live another day. As a young innocent new recruit, who has only been in the war for eight weeks, and trained as a typist, Ellison can 't fathom the fact that he is actually on the front lines in the war against the Nazi 's....   [tags: KILL, Man, Tank, English-language films]

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The First Death Of The War

- War is described by many as the engine of change, stimulating the growth of many new innovations. The first death of the war was in a cavalry charge, which resulted in the bayonetting of a German. Within less than a year of the war starting old-fashioned traditions of warfare were radically transformed by the wealth of new innovations that were stimulated by the conflict. But how significant were these innovations. I have chosen three areas to examine which I think are particularly relevant: planes, tanks and artillery....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Tank]

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How The Pharmaceutical Get Into The Sound

- Puget Sound is a sound located in northwestern part of United States and it is the main coast of Western Washington state. It is one of the most complex and largest estuaries (location where freshwater and salty sea water meets) in the world, ranging from city of Olympia to Deception Pass near Whidbey Island. Naturally estuaries are abundant with unique natural organisms and Puget Sound is especially true; as Chinook salmon, staghorn sculpin, English sole, geoduck clam, orca whales, harbor seals and many more live in Puget Sound....   [tags: Sewage treatment, Wastewater, Water, Septic tank]

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The 's Article On The Subject Of Memorialisation, By Gavin Hughes And Jonathan Trigg

- In their article on the subject of memorialisation, historians Gavin Hughes and Jonathan Trigg state the purpose of memorials as being a ‘potent and powerful symbol precisely because of its simplicity and instant familiarity.’ This is true for most of Britain as the First World War was the first time they had experienced loss of this scale and for the country as a whole it was crucial that there be a way for the millions of families affected to show their respect and to grieve. In 1916, the government forbade families to exhume bodies and bring them back to Britain, depriving them of any solid means of closure or acceptance....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Tank]

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Physics of Caterpillar Tracks

- Every time you see one of the CATs clearing the hill at university of the snow, you probably don't see anything amazing about it. However, caterpillar tracks used on it are just ingenious and its invention is comparable to the invention of the wheel. History First vehicles powered by the steam engine started to appear in the early 1800s. Various machines started slowly replace horses. It was especially true for the jobs that required a lot of power. Transportation, of course, was the first and the most beneficial adopter....   [tags: physics tank tracks]

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The Movie ' Fury ' By Brad Pitt

- “Fury”, a noun perfectly describing the Sherman tank marching on Nazi soil. World War II was the battle between war machines for global power. Advance technology produced tanks capable of several hundred horsepower and tremendous firepower. Many notorious tanks were present on the battlefield during this time. The movie, “Fury”, featuring Brad Pitt is a fictional story of tank crew fighting in Nazi Germany. ”Fury” is a fantastic movie, but is it historically accurate. The movie stayed true to its historical background in many categories....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Nazi Germany, Tank]

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The Korean War Was A Violent Conflict Between Communist And Non Communist Forces

- The Korean war was a violent conflict between communist and non-communist forces. It began June 25 1950 when Soviet communist forces occupying the North Korean zone, invaded the US Zone of occupation in South Korea. The war had many deaths from both sides; over 5 million in total. I chose this photo because I feel it greatly represents the war, it shows the drastic negative effects of the war on innocent civilians, it shows their story of fleeing the war and how some were left without their families....   [tags: Korean War, World War II, Tank, South Korea]

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Technology Weapons Of World War One

- Impactful Weapons of World War One World War One paved the way for modern military conflicts today, the world 's most powerful, impacting weapons of the 21st century would be invented during WW1. These are just some of the many unknown facts that most people didn’t know about WW1. The great war as some call it, claimed 17 million plus lives. Their was 35 million plus recorded casualties, making this conflict the the deadliest conflict in the course of human history up till it 's time. The reason this war was so deadly was because of the innovations that had been made during this period.("10 Little Known Facts about WW1." ) First of all the weapons in the great war was the main reason th...   [tags: World War I, World War II, Chemical warfare, Tank]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Fury '

- When American Sniper opened in theaters January 2015, the world was shocked and excited that a film about a war has finally shown the emotional and psychological pain a soldier goes through. To many this was a new concept but, what the public did not realize, was in 2014, a World War II film, Fury was released. Fury is an insightful film about a tank crew surviving through World War II through the emotional and psychological hardships. The film takes place in April 1945, five months before WWII ends (Fury, IMDb)....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Tank, Korean War]

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The First Battle Of World War One Technology

- Before the start of World War One technology was starting to evolve allowing for a new type of warfare, gone was the traditional phalanx formation of lining up shoulder to shoulder and opening fire, now was the time of trench warfare. In the beginning some would describe the first battle of the war as twentieth century equipment meeting nineteenth century thinking. With that would come several large skirmishes that would result in large casualties on both sides. It would remain that way until the final year or so of the war before either side would effectively use their new technology in a manner that fits their purpose and maximizes their effectiveness....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Tank, Machine gun]

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World War I And The War

- As World War I begun in August of 1914, many leaders had split views on the thought of war. Many political leaders noted the numerous economic and political rises and that it was not worth fighting. Others believed that “rational diplomatics” had the war under control. However, the war would create new thoughts and ideas, as these would be shattered. The start of the war provided many individuals with enthusiasm instead of fear. Middle-class crowds that composed of students & peasants were excited for war, whereas working people were not....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Trench warfare, Tank]

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Keeping Heat in a Hot Water Tank

- I am going to investigate which out of a number of coatings on a copper tin will insulate heat the best. I am going to repeat the investigation as many times as possible to get the best results. The coatings will include Foam, Tin Foil, Newspaper, Plastic Sheets, Bubble wrapping and no coating at all. Equipment All the coatings: Foam, Tin Foil, Newspaper, Plastic Sheets, and Bubble wrapping. Six copper cups Six tins tops A kettle Six thermometers (If you are doing all cups at the same time) A timer Method 1....   [tags: Lab Report]

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World War I Was A War

- World War I was a war that was fought between July 28, 1914, and November 11, 1918. It was known as the Great War and in the United States, people knew it as the European War. There were many casualties that took place, both sides lost millions in total. It is widely known that World War I took most of the time in trenches in which soldiers of both sides fought. Extremely lethal new technologies arose. It was the first time that a massive war was fought not only on land and sea but in the skies with airplanes and below the sea....   [tags: World War II, World War I, United States, Tank]

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Tanks: The New Advance Weapon of World War Two

- The modern tank is called the elite weapon of every military. With powerful cannons and armor that makes a tank unstoppable this has been called the cavalry of today military and today’s soldiers could not enter combat without them and their support. The tanks use is not a long one as it was not until world war one the tank was produced, and when the first one was built no general knew what the military role the tank would play was. It was not until the world was moving into the nineteen thirties and world war two beginning the tank was still in the beginning stages when it was still in development of how it would be used in large scale battles and wars....   [tags: Warfare Technology, Artillery]

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Tanks And Weapons Of Wwii

- Ryan Tigner Sehorn 7th grade 5th period Tanks and weapons of WWII World War two is one of the biggest wars containing the countries of Germany, Great Britain, Russia, France, Italy, Japan, and the big US. The axis powers had Germany, Japan, and Italy and the allies with United States of America, France, Russia, and last but not least Great Britain. These weapons of World War two are deadly but nothing is more deadly than the tank. A tank is a well armored heavily gunned vehicle of death that are still used today....   [tags: World War II, Operation Barbarossa, Soviet Union]

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The Most Important Concepts That I Have Studied

- The two most important concepts that I have studied include: (1). Isolation (Solar energy input) and (2). Ecological communities. First, Solar Energy input determines the air’s temperature and the major dominant to climate. The solar radiation varies over the course of a year due to the shape of the earth and its orbit around the sun and the tilt of the axis. The earth’s axis is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees. The tilt cause seasonal variations in the temperature and day length. Depending on the high latitude the more seasonal variations than lower latitudes do....   [tags: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Photosynthesis, Algae]

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New Technologies During World War One

- World War I also referred to “The Great War” began in 1914 and lasted until 1918. World War I was started by the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo over who controlled Serbia. Austria soon declared war on Serbia. World War One included the following countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, and Germany in which they were known as the central powers and Japan, Italy, United States, Portugal, France, Britain, Russia, Belgium, Greece, Romania, and Serbia which was known as the Allies power....   [tags: toxis gas, tanks,the great war,caterpillar tracks]

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What Makes An Aquarium?

- To make an aquarium is an interesting hobby that myself, family, and friends take part of. It is a task that takes diligence and hard work. It has a wide range of varieties that can be done and are both expensive and inexpensive. Not only fish can be kept in aquarium but other species like frogs, crabs, salamanders, newts, and axolotls. It takes research before setting a tank up. It also takes creativity, responsibility, and careful estimation with the water ph levels and acidic levels to make sure your fish clean free lives....   [tags: Fishkeeping, Aquarium, Water, Goldfish]

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Transformer Oil Quality/Oil Filtration

- Most substation transformer failures, excluding acts of man or nature, can often be traced to poor maintenance of the transformer or its related components. Catastrophic failure of a substation transformer can be prevented by accurately testing the condition of the oil on a yearly basis and by having a monthly visual inspection program in place. Most of the checks on a substation transformer are relatively simple: checks for oil leaks, oil level, temperature, the operation of the on-load tap-changer, etc....   [tags: Oil]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Sleep Apnea

- As the weeks passed, he faced other medical intervention. The steel plates in his mouth needed surgical removal. Because, he had experienced, a respiratory arrest during surgery, they couldn’t run the risk of another. Using local anesthetic, the doctor cut his lower jaw open and used screwdrivers to take them out. The Maxillofacial surgeon used fifteen sutures to close the wound. Other measures followed as they took all his teeth out. In the process of time his recovery was well under way. His sleep was no longer disturbed by Sleep Apnea....   [tags: English-language films, Black-and-white films]

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The Bhopal Disaster

- The Bhopal Disaster Just after midnight on 3 December 1984, a dense gas cloud formed and rolled through the city of Bhopal and its surrounding villages. The people that inhaled the gas immediately started feeling its affect. They coughed uncontrollably, the gas burning their eyes, noses, and throats. The gas then attacked their central nervous system and, if they were unable to escape the cloud, they fell dead. The Union Carbide Corporation, an American based corporation, opened the Union Carbide India Limited pesticide factory in 1970 and began producing Sevin, their brand name for carbaryl, a Methyl Isocyanate (MIC)-based pesticide....   [tags: industrial accident, pesticide plant]

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Factors that Affected the Outcome of World War Two

- Factors that Affected the Outcome of World War Two There were many factors that affected the outcome of World War Two. Some of these were how many tanks you had, how powerful your tanks were, and how well they were built. The Allies had the most tanks in the war and this was one of the main things that helped them win. The Germans had the most powerful tanks in the war, but the allies out numbered them. The Allies using light and medium tanks in big groups against the Germans powerful tanks was the main thing that helped them win World War Two....   [tags: WWII World War 2 Essays]

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A Fight Aganist Public Schools Strict Dress Codes

- ... Unfortunately, one of Elizabeth Forward’s more strict policies prohibits students from wearing tank tops; students must wear some type of sweater that covers their shoulders if they desire to wear a tank top to school. Over the years there has been confusion over what violates the dress code – some teachers would say that students could wear a tank top if the he or she could fit three fingers in the width of the strap, while other teachers would say that any type of tank top, regardless of the width of the strap, was prohibited....   [tags: uniforms, temperature, trends, hypocrisy]

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Weapons of the First World War

- Research Overview of WW1 Weapons During World War I many new kinds of weapons and technology were invented and improved. Some of these weapons included tanks, chemical and biochemical weapons, grenades, and machine guns. Chemical Warfare was used for the first time on a large scale in World War I. There are two main types of chemical warfare, one affects the surface of the body they come in contact with and the other affects the nervous system. Almost all chemical warfare weapons needed to be inhaled to cause severe damage or death....   [tags: research paper, world war I, military]

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The First World War I

- The First World War began in the summer of 1914, progressing on very fast at first. The Germans moved themselves into a defensive position on the Western Front. The British and French attempted to break this gruesome stalemate, but only suffered more casualties to the death trap that is trench warfare. With the development of machine guns and artillery, infantry were walking skeletons when in the face of German firepower. How could the French and British conquer such an impenetrable defense without taking such heavy losses....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Soviet Union, Cold War]

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Creative Writing: My Life as a Fish

- One of the most unique creatures are fish. As I am sitting here in my room, my fish are swimming about with not a care in the world. I wonder what it would feel like to be a fish. I'm swimming about and see eight other fish swim around me. The thermometer reads 72 degree Fahrenheit, but the cold water suits me just fine. There are white, black, and gray pebbles all over the bottom of the tank which collects the deserted food particles. I accidentally suck up a small pebble with the fish food I tried eating from the bottom of the tank....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Chlorine Is A Gas With A Greenish

- Located in between fluorine and bromine on the periodic table and classified as a halogen, chlorine is one of the most heavily used elements in industry and around the home. You find it in your swimming pool, household cleaning products, and even in drinking water. [CDC facts] At room temperature, chlorine is a gas with a greenish-yellow tint and is known to have a noxious odor. [Live Science] Although it isn’t found in its purest form in the environment, chlorine is found in many common compounds including sodium (NaCl)....   [tags: Chlorine, Sodium chloride, Hydrogen, Electrolysis]

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How Technological Innovations During Ww1?

- How significant were technological innovations in WW1. 
‘Hence that general is skilful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skilful in defence whose opponent does not know what to attack.’ Ludendorff
 In WW1 mass warfare went hand in hand with mass production. The challenges of a war on such a huge scale were a catalyst for the rapid innovation of new technology. All innovations can be categorised in two ways; completely new ideas or refinements of old ones. They include not just the end product but also innovation of processes that would occur when making end products....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Chemical warfare]

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Weapons of World War II

- Weapons of World War II "Necessity is the mother of all invention", and so it was taught and learned throughout all of World War 2. During World War 2 weaponry had to be upgraded and revised to fit every situation. The engineers of the war had to constantly develop new and better weaponry. Much like the engineers, the generals and officers were required to develop new ways of outsmarting their enemy. Today most everything is computerized for battle situations, and much is known about all other foreign defenses, but during the period of World War 2 there were many secrets, and a constant distrust of some allies....   [tags: Papers]

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A Sniper's Night

- Just outside a small town, in the dense woods was a sniper preparing himself for the coming night. The moon had begun to peer up, fading away the summer twilight. It was a harsh, desolate place the sniper was to inhabit tonight. He set his sniper rifle against a nearby tree; he lowered his head into his hands. He took deep breaths. The sniper was a young man. Strong, with sleek features, he looked like a normal person any other day, but on nights like these he was a different man. His eyes were cold, gleaming like a hunter, but deep and withered like a man who has seen too much death....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Aquaria In Relation To Science

- The hobby of fish keeping is much more difficult than it seems. It is also directly dependant on science. The bacterial cycle is one aspect related to science. As is how different filters work. Water conditions such as temperature, ph, and salinity play a big role in successful fish keeping as well. Science and Fish keeping go hand in hand. When a tank is first started fish waste and excess food begins to decompose at the bottom. One type of bacteria breaks it down to ammonia, which is highly poisonous to fish....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Do People 's Reliance On Places And Environments Influence Their Perception Of Them

- Introduction – Stormwater is often referred to as pure rainwater supply plus containing any particles or objects. This report outline consisting of the following:  How do people’s reliance on places and environments influence their perception of them.  What effect does the uneven distribution of resources and services have on the lives of people.  What approached can be used to improve the availability of resources and access to services.  How can I classify environmental resources.  How are all are connected from an environmental perspective....   [tags: Water, Precipitation, Rain, Water cycle]

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The 1984 Upheaval in Bhopal The Worst Industrial Accident in History

- INTRODUCTION: A curtain of gas rapidly dispersed over Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India without warning, causing hemorrhaging, muscular convulsion and blindness – leaving its victims defecating and urinating in their clothes – wishing for death. In the dark early hours of December 3rd, 1984, children, elderly – men and women of all ages were dying from a poisonous methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas poisoning which treacherously leaked from the Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant. The leak of MIC gas and other toxic chemicals resulted in the immediate death of an estimated 3,828 people....   [tags: Environmental Disaster ]

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Design of a Railway Coach Solar Heater and Pump System

- ... Water inside the panels can freeze in colder weather conditions which may result in damaging the system (Choosing a solar geyser, 2010). Figure 1-Direct System Advantages of a Direct System  Service water used directly from collector loop  No heat exchanger – more efficient heat transfer to storage  Circulation pump needs only to overcome frictional losses. Disadvantages of a Direct System  It is only convenient to use them in areas where it rarely freezes and the quality of water must be really good....   [tags: alternative sources of energy applied]

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Treatment of Waste Water from Domestic, Agriculture and Industry

- Treatment of Waste Water from Domestic/ Agriculture/ Industry Major contaminants of waste water from domestic: - Suspended solids - Dissolved solids - Settleable solids - Inorganic matters (eg. Minerals, heavy metals, as well as compounds like cadmium, calcium, copper, lead, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium, zinc) - Organic matters - Nutrients (eg. Nitrogen, phosphorus) - Oil and grease - Pathogens (eg. Bacteria, viruses, parasites) Major contaminants of waste water from agriculture: - Suspended solids - Dissolved solids - Settleable solids - Inorganic matters (eg....   [tags: water quality and health, contaminated water]

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Who Is Responsible For The Bhopal Accident?

- Who is responsible for the Bhopal accident. How should blame be apportioned among parties involved, including Union Carbide corporation, UCIL, plant workers, governments in India or others. The cause of Union Carbide’s tank 610 MIC leak have two theories. One theory according to the Indian government, that water was introduced through a hose into bleeder A at filter pressure safety valve lines. It happened on the Eve of the disaster when a supervisor ordered an operator, R.Khan to unclog four filter valves near the MIC production area by washing them out with water....   [tags: Bhopal disaster, Dow Chemical Company, Bhopal]

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Technological Advancements During The First World War

- “How significant were technological innovations during the First World War” The First World War prompted huge technological advancements and stimulated the development of many new innovations. All these innovations were manufactured with the intent of ending the war quickly. Although no single technology was responsible for winning the war, together they changed the way the war was fought and that is why I think technological innovations were significant. Only eleven years after their invention planes took to the skies as reconnaissance vehicles in WW1....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Battle of the Somme]

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A Wild Ride with Demolition Derby

- Demolition Derby The word demolition means collisions and hitting two objects together while derby mean a race. These two words put together creates a competitive place for people to enjoy derby cars. Demolition derby drivers come from long family history of drivers. The pasion starts when they are old enough to walk, helping dad at the garage. He can remember their first demolition derby going forty miles per hour, smashing into another car and coming in third. From that moment on, he was hooked....   [tags: vehicle, race, car]

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The Ford Pinto Case Analysis

- The Ford Pinto Case Evaluating the Ford Pinto Case by taking an ethical approach, makes judging the decisions made on a cost-benefit analysis difficult. Cost-benefit analysis puts a price on human life and compares it to the cost of a something else. To judge this case, a look at separate consequences must be made, weighing the good and bad results of an action on everyone affected by it (DeGeorge, 2010, p. 44). Ford’s production of the Pinto was not done in an illegal manner. However, Ford ignored morally relevant events that ultimately led to the Pinto’s controversial safety record....   [tags: Ford Pinto, Ford Motor Company]

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Film Essays - Comparison of the Movie, Life is Beautiful and the Bible

- A Comparison of the Film, Life is Beautiful and the Bible Many elements of the film Life is Beautiful can compare to the Bible. For example, Guido, the main character, acts as a Christ figure in that he saves his son, Joshua from the evils of the Holocaust. Another example that compares with the Bible is the tank that is promised to Joshua. Finally, Guido’s death eventually saves Joshua from his own death. Such examples in the movie are comparable to examples in the Bible. In the film, Guido is a Christ figure to his son....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Formar Letter from a Consultant Engineer to a Client

- " Deleted Manager´s name" Dear Sir, As a consultant engineer with WMW, the company you engaged to evaluate the Ford Pinto gas tank placement problem, I hereby submit my results. Your engineers have come up with four solutions to the problem: to relocate the gas tank from its present position between the differential and the rear bumper, to above the differential; to install a part that will prevent the gas tank being ruptured by the exposed bolts of the differential in the event of a rear-end crash; to insert a rubber bladder into the gas tank to prevent fuel spillage; or to stay with the original design and absorb the legal costs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Use of Batch Reactors

- Figure 1: Simple batch homogenous reactor. [Fogler, H. S. (2010, November 22). Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering: Mole Balances. Retrieved April 24, 2014, from Pearson Education:] Characteristics • Batch reactor normally deals with chemicals or biological reaction. • Two holes in the top of the tank, to charge the reactant and to transfer out the reactant. • Typical batch reactor equipped with agitator as stirring mechanism to increase effectiveness of reaction....   [tags: reactions, gas reactions]

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The Effect Of Three Variables, Air Temperature, And Water Flow Rate

- The purpose of this experiment is to compare the effects of three variables, air flow rate, air temperature, and water flow rate, on cooling ability of a slatted, counter-current cooling tower. Additionally, the three variables will be compared based on the closure of a water mass balance and energy balance of the cooling tower. In a slatted, counter-current cooling tower, warm water enters the top of the tower and flows down a series of slatted inserts inside of tower. An air source is introduced at the base of tower, which flows up the tower....   [tags: Temperature, Thermodynamics, Absolute zero]

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Ford Motor Company : Development Of A New Car

- In the summer of 1967, Ford Motor Company began the development of a new car that would place it in the small-car market (Mark Dowie, 1977, p. 1). This automobile was named the Ford Pinto and would grow to become its biggest-selling subcompact vehicle (Mark Dowie, 1977, p. 2). Back in the mid-1960s, Ford’s then president had been involved in a collision that resulted in his car’s fuel tank bursting into flames (Mark Dowie, 1977, p. 1). With this occurrence, one would have imagined that the company would become aware of the fuel tank danger associated with collisions, however the reverse was the case....   [tags: Ford Pinto, Ford Motor Company]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

- When Kurt awakens, his head is throbbing but he surprisingly doesn 't feel like he 's going to shrivel up and crack into a thousand pieces as he did before. It takes a shaky moment to figure out why. He 's in water. Real, glorious salt water. He blinks multiple times to get his vision to focus and he quickly realizes there 's not much to look at. He 's in a tank, a small tank if he has to be honest, with barely enough room to stretch. But it 's filled with the salt water his body was craving and it 's helping him feel stronger....   [tags: 2007 singles, Want, WANT, 2005 singles]

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The House - Original Writing

- Tank took photographs of the house. He gathered support letters from other agencies who also became involved. His doctor gave him a letter. It outlined how his health was deteriorating and was then in need of his wheelchair 24/7. She also told them that he was a virtual prisoner in his home, unable to get his power wheelchair out or in. The stairs prevented his unhindered access to the community. Allister drove him to the hearing. He hobbled in supported by his walker. John was late when the hearing commenced....   [tags: Disability, English-language films, Renting]

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Fuel Systems

- Fuel Systems In this report I will explain the fuel systems in an automobile. I will cover different parts and how they work. First thing to do is explain how the fuel system works. The purpose of the fuel system is to store and supply fuel to the cylinder chamber where it can be mixed with air then vaporized and burned to produce energy. The fuel, which can be either gas or diesel is stored in a fuel tank. A fuel pump draws the fuel from the gas tank through lines and brings it through a fuel filter....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Importance of Britain's Contribution to the Defeat of Germany in World War One

- The Importance of Britain's Contribution to the Defeat of Germany in World War One Question 1: Describe the strengths and weaknesses of British tanks in World War On. The origin of tanks in world war one was when British, French and Russian engineers and military personnel experimenting with tanks from 1915. Germany was not interested in tanks in the First World War. Tanks also kept on being developed from 1915 onwards. The first tanks in action were in the Battle of the Somme (nov....   [tags: Papers]

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The Apollo 13 Mission

- The Apollo 13 mission was the fifth lunar mission and was planned to be the third lunar landing. Because the spacecraft did not actually land on the moon, it is often called a “lunar swing by”(Angelo 40). After a rupture in the service module oxygen tank made landing on the moon impossible, suddenly the main focus of the mission became getting the crew home safely. Apollo 13’s original mission was aborted but is still considered a “successful failure” because of the experience gained in saving the crew....   [tags: lunar mission, odyssey, risky]

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Space Shuttle Program And The International Space Station Program

- “I think both the space shuttle program and the International Space Station program have not really lived up to their expectations.” These words by Buzz Aldrin are in my opinion why we should never give up on what we are trying to achieve. That is because once you put your mind on achieving one goal, you must achieve it and make this goal exceed you expectations. What is a space shuttle. The Space Shuttle is a reusable launch and reentry American spacecraft operated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for orbital human spaceflight missions....   [tags: Space Shuttle, Space Shuttle Columbia]

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Dolphins in Captivity vs. Dolphins in the Wild

- Dolphins have long been a creature of great fascination for many humans around the globe and throughout time. They were once completely wild and are now reduced by the hundreds, if not thousands, each year from various events that occur. These events range from being caught for research and used in an aquarium for human entertainment to being trapped and killed for their market value. Any of these occurrences come down to making money. Some of the similarities and differences associated with the two primary living environments known for dolphins, wild and captive, will be explored....   [tags: Dolphins]

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Technological Advancements Brought on by World War II

- One of the most recognized technologic advancements in plans during world war one and two waqs the blitzberg plan. The World War Two era was a time of change. There were many technological advancements during this time. These advances can be categorized into three categories. They are weapon advances, vehicle advances, and strategic advances. This technology would change the face of war forever. The first category, weapon advances, is a very important category. Leading up to the war, weapons were changing constantly....   [tags: world history, world war II]

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The Ford Pinto: An Inexpensive and Compact Vehicle

- Background In the late 1960’s, Ford Motor Company was being pressured by its stockholders and the American public to design and manufacture an inexpensive and efficient compact car to compete with other similar vehicles such as the Volkswagen Beetle and Chevrolet Vega. In response, Ford Motor Company began designing the Ford Pinto, a two-door subcompact car that would take only 25 months to engineer, as opposed to the industry average of 43. Furthermore, engineers discovered during the pre-production phase that “rear-end collisions would rupture the Pinto’s fuel system extremely easily ”, which would in turn exponentially increase the odds of the vehicle bursting into flames....   [tags: notorious car models ]

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The Barbed Wire Was Used During Wwi

- Barbed wire was also used during WWI in no man’s land, which meant that soldiers who would go running through the open lands would get entangled and become easy targets. According to Joanne Liu, graduate from Brown University with a B.A. in political science and economics states, “No-man 's-land was the open space between the friendly trench and the enemy trench” (Liu). Basically, Liu is saying that the no man’s land was the open field area that was in between the opposing armies. Trench warfare was also a major factor involved in WWI....   [tags: Trench warfare, World War I, World War II]

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Why the Stalemate on the Western Front Was Broken

- Why the Stalemate on the Western Front Was Broken All of these reasons are important reasons as to why stalemate finally broke on the western front and they are all linked in various ways, The development of new technology like the tank was a important contributor but not the most important as there were advantages and disadvantages to the tank, advantages being that it caused a lot of alarm within the German troops and was a great moral boost among the British troops, another advantage was that it could advance ahead of the troops crashing through the enemies barbed wire and spraying the enemy with machine gym fire....   [tags: Papers]

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Wastewater Treatment: Primary and Secondary Treatment

- CHAPTER-3 3.1 Introduction As the given situation describes, eutrophication is a result of the presence of nitrogen and phosphorus in river since no protection methods are carried out to end the release of waste into the water bodies. Such rivers are commonly known as sensitive rivers. These nutrients excite the production of algae providing food for their growth under the accurate circumstances thus causing eutrophication. Eutrophication can harm the ecosystem causing unwanted alteration in aquatic population, extreme reduction of oxygen, health issues to human-beings and animals, expensive water treatment costs and, interfering with recreational signifi...   [tags: microorganisms, organic waste]

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The Benefits of Hot Water Heaters

- The water heater is very important because it supplies heat to the whole house. The benefits between hybrid water heaters and solar water heaters are they both have cash incentives which help homeowners save money and they both save resources. There are many benefits of using solar water heaters. Sunlight is free and environmentally friendly and this planet has so much to use(“Getting better acquainted”). The sun’s energy is renewable, suns energy is all over the world (“Getting better acquainted”)....   [tags: solar vs hybrid]

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To What Extent Do Women Go Through To Stop Aging?

- “On an AVON survey of women aging 15-24, 80% of them experience the signs of aging …more than half of the women of the world do something about their signs of aging, through regular facial care and also an at home ‘Microdermabrasion kit’. In the US, 71% of women prefer a fusion of natural and scientifically advanced ingredients in their facial skin care products to help them fight the signs of aging.”(My Nippon). In Society today, both men and women try everything they can to stop the natural process of aging....   [tags: Beauty]

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