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Allusion in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- ... Scott Fitzgerald’s work starting from the very beginning when Ned references his list of pools he must cross. He argues that this is an allusion to Nick Carraway’s list in Gatsby (Allen 289). He believes that there is without a doubt a relationship between the two works since Cheever uses many of the same literary devices as Fitzgerald does. This includes animal imagery, puns, and ethnic references that we see in both works when talking about the lists (289). His next argument for showing allusion is the families involved in the story....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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The Monotony of Life in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- Throughout the story, John Cheever uses the the literary device of symbolism to illustrate the theme of a cyclic human experience that erodes away every day. Throughout the story "The Swimmer," Cheever uses this device to represent a plethora of symbols. For example, the main and initial symbol perceived in everyones minds are the aqua swimming pools. While wasting the day drinking at his neighbors house, he has an epiphany to swim through all the pools on the path back home. Before this however, the main character, Neddy, complains about the days where everyone just moans that they drank too much last night....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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John Cheever's Personal Connection to The Swimmer

- Why do people read literature. The definition of literature is a writing of some sort in which expression and form are characteristics or features of the writing. It can come in the form of poetry, novels, biographies, or essays. There are a couple of main reasons people usually read literature. People usually read for an escape from life, to learn something new, to confront human experience, or simply for pleasure. One of the more popular of those four is to confront human experience....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- Thomas Hardy, an English novelist and poet, once observed, "Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change." In "The Swimmer", the world around Ned Merrill, the main character, transforms constantly as time goes by, causing Ned's physical, mental, and social state to decline. However, although Ned Merrill experiences the inevitable - growing older - he does not fully grasp reality and the idea that time moves on, even if one is not ready. "The Swimmer" is a short story written by John Cheever, a writer who used his own experiences as inspiration for his stories - "Cheever's problems with his parents, brother, wife, alcoholism, and bisexuality have alr...   [tags: The Swimmer Essays, Literary Aalysis]

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Alcoholism in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- “The Swimmer” by John Cheever is a short story about Neddy Merrill and his journey through alcoholism. Alcoholism plays a detrimental role in Neddy Merrill’s life because it has been ruined due to his dependence on this awful substance. The author symbolically presents the stages of alcoholism, its effects on the alcoholic, as well as how the alcoholic’s family and friends change towards Neddy. The pools that Neddy swims through, as well as the people and situations that Neddy encounters represent the different stages of his drinking....   [tags: the swimmer, john cheever, alcoholism]

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John Cheever's The Swimmer

- The setting of “The Swimmer” is in the suburbs, describing the aquatic adventure of Neddy, an energetic and cheerful father and husband. After attending a cocktail party, he decided that he would swim his entire way home through various swimming pools. Through his adventures, the protagonist makes a great discovery that his marriage life is a great lie. The journey from the cocktail party to his home converts him from a vibrant man to an old impoverished man whose life is in a major crisis. As he arrives at his house, he finds his children and wife have abandoned him....   [tags: Midlife Crisis, The Swimmer Essays]

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The Passage of Time and Life in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- Having written a multitude of short stories and novels, author, John Cheever, has showcased his incredible writing abilities multiple times throughout his career. Even as a child, Cheever outwardly expressed his desire to write. As proven by his longstanding career, Cheever’s thirst for writing remained with him throughout his entire life. In perhaps his most famous piece of work, “The Swimmer,” Cheever’s impeccable writing ability is showcased brilliantly. Although originally set out to be a novel, “The Swimmer” has grown to become a widely recognized and analyzed short story, one which both readers and literary critics alike admire....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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Bourgeois Suburban Life Exposed in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- “The Swimmer”, written by John Cheever, is a story about the life of a middle-aged man living in a bourgeois American suburbia. I chose to write on “The Swimmer” based on its universal themes of the American Dream and life and hardship in suburbia. The story is very true to the lives of many Americans living the American Dream today. Keeping up with the Jones’ is part of this dream and can turn into the nightmare of Neddy’s life if denial, escapism, and alcoholism become too much a part of the American Dream as it did for the protagonist....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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Surrealism vs. Realism in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- John Cheever uniquely crafted the story “The Swimmer” by using a mix of surrealism and realism throughout the story. Most people when they read “The Swimmer” they have to reevaluate it to comprehend what is happening. The reason for that is because Cheever shifts between surrealism and realism so much that the reader does not even notice. The story starts out with Neddy being so strong and youthful, but as the story goes on he weakens and ages. When he was youthful Neddy decided to swim every pool in his neighborhood....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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The Swimmer, by John Cheever: Time Waits For No Man

- The Swimmer begins with a party at the Westerhazy’s house. All the guests there are of high social standing, judging by the fact that tennis courts, sail bags, and alcohol are mentioned repeatedly. The phrase, “I drank too much” comes up repeatedly and the guests mention this phrase repeatedly. One of these guest is Neddy Merrill. By the context of the story, the reader determines that Neddy is well off and enjoys being part of the culture that his status brings. This culture is one of drinking and one where time seems to stand still, regardless of where a person is, be it by the poolside or whilst traveling....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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Obsession With the American Dream in John Cheever’s The Swimmer

- For countless years the American dream has been the golden opportunity for every person. An issue that John Cheever created in “The Swimmer,” is the obsession of the American dream. He portrays Neddy Merrill as a wealthy male with a family. Neddy is also a alcoholic and has a mistress he goes too. The story starts off with him being self center by choosing invitations that he wants to go to. He begins to swim through his neighbors pools to get to his house. As Neddy Merrill swims through the pools, it shows how his life is deteriorating into something worst....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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Allusion and Symbolism in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- John Cheever does not merely state the theme of his story, he expresses his theme, as a good writer should, in a variety of metaphors and analogies coupled with powerful imagery. In The Swimmer, Cheever writes and underscores his primary theme of alcoholism in many ways, such as his use of autumnal imagery and the color green. However, there is also some very prominent symbolism and allusions that serve to highlight the theme while also augmenting the artistic and poetic nature of the story....   [tags: alcoholism, The Swimmer Essays]

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Symbolic Meaning in John Cheever’s, The Swimmer

- In John Cheever’s, “The Swimmer”, on a hot summer Sunday ,while sitting by the pool with his wife and neighbors, as they all complained about their hangovers, a man of higher status named Needy Merrill decides to get home by swimming through the pools in his county. When Needy first starts off his journey he feels young and enthusiastic; he is then greeted in a joyous manner by his neighborhood friends. Apparently, Needy is a well-known and respected man. As his journey progresses he starts seeing red and orange leaves; he then realizes that it was fall....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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The Destruction of the American Dream in John Cheever’s The Swimmer

- In John Cheever's story The Swimmer, Neddy Merrill is a successful man. His success is measured by the prestigious neighborhood he lives in with tennis, golf and swimming pools. Neddy has made it socially and financially. He is never without an invitation to social events, which always include drinking. He is at the top of his game. While attending the party at the Westerhazy's house with his wife, he has the desire to swim home. He sees the line of swimming pools that stretch eight miles to his home, he calls them the “Lucinda River” (297) ....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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Denial and Alcoholism Exposed in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- The Swimmer by John Cheever begins at Helen and Donald Westerhazy’s pool when Neddy Merrill makes the decision to journey eight miles home by swimming through a series of pools, he calls the “Lucinda River” (297) and walking when unable to swim. While he making his way back home, he stops at fourteen old friends’ houses and drinks before continuing on if possible. By the end of Neddy’s journey, he is exhausted and comes to the realization that he has lost not only his house but also his wife and daughters, and also his so-called friends and even a mistress....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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Denial and Alcoholism Exposed in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- The Swimmer, a short story by John Cheever, tells the tale of Neddy Merrill and his decision to “swim” all the way home. It is an odd sort of an idea, and he fancies himself an adventurer exploring a new river. The river is really made of swimming pools that stretch across town, which collectively he believes will lead him home. Along his journey however, startling occurrences take place, leading to the conclusion that Neddy’s water-filled journey isn’t what it seems. The “swim” Neddy takes is really hinting at an alcohol problem that he is in denial about, and the affects it has had on his life....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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Psychoanalytical Criticism of The Swimmer by John Cheever

- In the short story The Swimmer by John Cheever, one of the dominant themes is the passage of time. In this short story time seems to pass as reality does with us unaware of its passing. The main character is the protagonist hero, Neddy Merrill who embarks on a traditional theme of a homeward journey. The scene opens on a warm mid-summer day at an ongoing pool party with Neddy and his wife Lucinda. The pool is “fed by an artesian well with a high iron content, was a pale shade of green. They are at their affluent suburban friends Mr....   [tags: the swimmer, john cheever]

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Exploring the Midlife Crisis of Upper-Class Americans in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- The promise of American freedom is stirring up the imaginations of people all over the world. Freedom is the idea of the American equalities and a mechanism of success to every individual’s skill and abilities. Freedom becomes a tool of economic prosperity of the American industry that has been a large influence on the American culture since the industrial revolution. Through the years, the technological evolutions distinguish the changes of the American life that increasingly become materialistic....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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The Swimmer, by John Cheever: Time Waits For No Man

- In “The Swimmer” by John Cheever, Neddy’s view of reality is drastically different from his neighbors. Neddy thinks that the entire story takes place in the time of an afternoon, when in reality many months have passed. Even though Neddy is stuck in the past, his neighbors and the rest of society move on, and at first it causes slightly awkward sympathy, but later he finds himself completely alone, his family, friends and neighbors having left him behind. Neddy’s situation illustrates that the passage of time is inevitable, and even if one chooses to ignore time, it will move on without them....   [tags: Midlife Crisis, The Swimmer Essays]

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Diving into John Cheever’s Short Story, The Swimmer

- In John Cheever’s short story, “The Swimmer” he conveys the transformation of the character through the use of the literary element of setting. The story begins in an American, middle class, suburbs. After what seems to be a night of partying and drinking. Neddy Merrill, the main character initially appears very optimistic; he has a perfect family, high social status and very few problems in his life. In spite of his age, he feels young and energetic therefore decides to swim across town through the neighborhood pools....   [tags: Literary Analysis of The Swimmer]

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Use of Point of View, Setting and Symbolism in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- “The Swimmer,” a short fiction by John Cheever, presents a theme to the reader about the unavoidable changes of life. The story focuses on the round character by the name of Neddy Merrill who is in extreme denial about the reality of his life. He has lost his youth, wealth, and family yet only at the end of the story does he develop the most by experiencing a glimpse of realization on all that he has indeed lost. In the short story “The Swimmer,” John Cheever uses point of view, setting and symbolism to show the value of true relationships and the moments of life that are taken for granted....   [tags: Midlife Crisis, The Swimmer Essays]

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The Lost Generation in The Swimmer, by John Cheever and Winter Dreams, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- “The Swimmer” by John Cheever and “Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald have many elements in common. These stories are about two wealthy men interacting with other wealthy people. As the stories progress Neddy and Dexter search for the truth and the meaning of life. These two literary works fall under the literary movement called The Lost Generation. Finally, at the end of the narratives they are both grieving for themselves and realize that they have missed life’s meaning and opportunities. Authors use symbolism, imagery, and other literary devises to illustrate their anecdote’s themes....   [tags: Midlife Crisis, The Swimmer Essays]

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Reader Reaction to John Cheever's The Swimmer

- Reader Reaction to John Cheever's The Swimmer One of the main ideas that is conveyed in John Cheever's The Swimmer is the way in which life consists of different mental stages and how they each affect the consciousness of the mind. In The Swimmer, Neddy goes through different swimming pools and this represents the different journeys in his life. He progresses from boundless optimism to endless despair as the seasons go by. The times when Neddy is in or out of the water also represents the emotions he is going through and perhaps can correlate to the emotions felt throughout the duration of ones life....   [tags: Cheever Swimmer Essays]

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Journey Through Suburban Life in John Cheever's The Swimmer

- Journey Through Suburban Life in John Cheever's The Swimmer "The Swimmer," by John Cheever, illustrates one man's journey from a typical suburban life to loneliness and isolation. This short story is characteristic of John Cheever's typical characterizations of suburbia, with all it's finery and entrapments. Cheever has been noted for his "skill as a realist depicter of suburban manners and morals" (Norton, p. 1861). Yet this story presents a deeper look into Neddy Merril's downfall from the contentment of a summer's day to the realization of darker times....   [tags: Cheever Swimmer Essays]

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A Criticism of “The Swimmer”

- John Cheever in “The Swimmer” uses much symbolism for his character and the voyage that this story must take. Neddy Merrill, the speaker of “The Swimmer” represents in the beginning of the piece the model of the American male of the time period in which the story was written. As the story progresses, however, symbolism is substituted for references to the nature of Cheever’s character. To be more specific, Neddy Merrill is the perfect example of the wealthy, suburban man of high status. As the story unravels, however he becomes none of those things and instead undergoes a transformation and tragedy that give insight, through symbolism and surrealism, the American’s male’s conception of life...   [tags: Literary Review]

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Comparison of The Swimmer and A Rose For Emily

- “The swimmer” and “A Rose for Emily” both show the same theme in the way that they both show that the characters cannot face the past. Emily will not face the truth, the fact that her father died. Neddy drinks because he cannot face the past. The act of drinking takes his mind off of the pains he dealt with in the past. The main ideas that are expressed in John Cheever's The Swimmer, is how Neddy lives through a variety of stages of alcoholism and how they each affect his everyday life. In The Swimmer, Neddy takes daily swims through multiple swimming pools....   [tags: Compare and Contrast]

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The Swimmer by Joakim Zander

- The Swimmer In this world there have been a lot of successful people who by hard work have achieved what they wanted in life. We see this all the time in today’s world. Every Up rise must have a downfall like usual. Some of these successful individuals may be celebrities or just common people in our communities. One thing for sure is that when you have an addiction to something, that addiction can take you all the way to where you started or even lower. We’ve seen this in celebrities. When there at their climax of their careers, suddenly you notice there involved in some kind of addiction, which makes them fall down that ladder....   [tags: story and character analysis, Marxist criticism]

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John Cheever's The Swimmer

- Set in 1960's suburbia, “The Swimmer” follows a man's nightmarish journey home as the very aspects of life blend, fusing realism and surrealism to create an “imaginative and vital myth of time and modern man” (Auser 292). The story opens with Ned Merrill deciding to swim across the county only using the pools of his neighbors in an attempt to celebrate the day's beauty. As the story progresses, it begins to take on a more dark and surrealistic tone as Ned loses his will to continue. Finally, he stumbles home, only to find his house desolate, grim, and vacant....   [tags: literary and character analysis]

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Character Comparison: “The Swimmer” and “Babylon Revisited”

- John Cheever and F. Scott Fitzgerald are both 20th century writers whose story’s thematically reflected the despair and the emptiness of life. In both story’s “The Swimmer” and “Babylon Revisited” the main characters undergo similar problems, although they are presented differently in each story. The subject matter of both stories, pertain to the ultimate downfall of a man. “The Swimmer”, conveys the story of a man who swims his way into reality. He at first is very ignorant to his situation; however with the passing of time he becomes cognizant to the idea that he has lost everything....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Lunacy in The Lottery, A Rose for Emily, and The Swimmer

- The word crazy is defined as a mentally deranged person, or done in a wild, aggressive manner. However, in many works of writing crazy can be portrayed in a variety of forms. In the Lottery, you see crazy in the concept of society and the blind following of tradition. This story also gives the term for crazy to describe the reactions of the woman who is being stoned. A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner, in contrast, shows crazy as a result of death and denial. Lastly, by contrast and comparison, you can see crazy by the irrational actions of Neddie in The Swimmer....   [tags: compare contrast essays]

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The Perfect Swimmer: Ian Thorpe

- The Perfect Swimmer: Ian Thorpe [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Ian Thorpe was born on 13th October 1982 in Sydney, Australia. He is a full time swimmer and has been recognised as an elite athlete in his field since he was the youngest person ever to be chosen to swim in the Australian team at age 14. He was the fastest 14-year-old swimmer in history, which makes him a good subject for this piece. His achievements to date include gold at the Commonwealth Games where he broke the Commonwealth Record, World Record at the Australian short course championships, Gold at the World Swimming Championships and three gold medals and a world record at the last Commonwealth Games in...   [tags: Papers]

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Use of Symbolism, Tone, and Irony in The Swimmer, by John Cheever

- Finding home boarded up; a sensation of coldness and unwelcoming takes over. Sudden misfortunes arise from what was once a perfect life, and the world appears upside-down. Attempts to remember what went wrong fail. Memories are unclear and time seems blurry. At one time, John Cheever found himself in this position, using alcohol to ignore his problems. John Cheever was born in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1912. In 1941, he moved to suburban Westchester and eventually became addicted to alcohol, which is a recurrent motif in many of his short stories....   [tags: alcohol addiction, time]

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Losing Time in Life: The Swimmer by John Cheever

- Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, once declared “Lost time is never found again.” This quote ties to the meaning of how people frequently let time seep through their hands. John Cheever’s "The Swimmer" portrays this through the eyes of suburban man Neddy. Neddy is the average ‘Joe’ of most suburban households. Life in suburbia is repetitive in most scenarios, and humans can easily get lost in the monotonous adventure known aslife. Time leaks away from his figure, and he is not sure of he is the one changing too fast, or the world around him....   [tags: cyclic human experience, symbolism]

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The Swimmer By John Cheever

- John Cheever’s story “The Swimmer” depicts a protaganist, and the society that has nurtured him, as lacking in seriousness and responsibility. Neddy, the bewildered protagonist, represents a society satirized for centering its values on social status and materialism. During the course of Neddy’s journey, the illusions he has constructed about his life are stripped away, and in the process the truth behind his society is realized. In unveiling the tragedy of Neddy’s existence, Cheever reveals the unworthiness of an unexamined life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Many Theories from Literary Critics: John Cheever’s The Swimmer

- “The Swimmer” is one of John Cheever’s most notorious short stories. John Cheever’s main character is a middle-aged, suburban man, named Needy Merrill. While sitting at his neighbors, the Westerhazy’s, pool, Needy decides that he will take a journey through his neighborhood swimming pools. When Needy first starts off his journey he feels young and enthusiastic; he is then greeted in a joyous manner by his neighborhood friends. Apparently, Needy is a well-known and respected man. As his journey progresses, he starts seeing red and orange leaves; he then realizes that it was fall....   [tags: literary analysis]

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John Cheever's The Swimmer, O Youth and Beauty!, and The Enormous Radio

- Throughout history, America has produced some of the greatest writers to walk the earth. Novels, poems, plays, and short stories have captivated the American public. No one was better at enchanting his audience than John Cheever. John Cheever wrote many short stories throughout his life. He has been presented with many awards for his works. Cheever was a master of spinning tales about suburban life and other situations he experienced. Some of his most popuar works included “The Swimmer”, “O Youth and Beauty!”, and “The Enormous Radio”....   [tags: John Cheever's Work]

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Lone Bather by A.M. Klein and The Swimmer by Irving Layton

- Poetry is used to send a variety of messages, either through its imagery, meaning, or by the poetic devices used. Each and every poem has something special and unique to offer to the reader, as long as the reader looks deep enough to find it. “Lone Bather'; written by A.M. Klein, and “The Swimmer'; by Irving Layton both offer such messages to the reader. At first glance, these messages seem surprising similar, but after further examination they are in fact strikingly different....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Indoor Air Quality of Natatoriums

- ... Outdoor aquatic facilities have plenty of fresh air and UV light, which means they are not as susceptible to the chloramine problem. Chloramine formation can be accelerated by a wide variety of aquatic activities. Two major components of chloramine production occur when swimmers do not properly shower before entering water and swimmers who urinate within the pool. As the swimmer population within a pool increases, the chloramine production increases dramatically. The production of chloramines within the air is in one part due to poor air turnover....   [tags: chloramines, regulation, swimmer practices]

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The Swimmer

- "The Swimmer" by John Cheever describes Neddy Merril's "swim" home. Neddy is a husband and a father, he is also a drunk. The story encompasses about twenty years of his life of alcohol which ruined not only him but also his relationship with his family. One day after waking up with a hangover he drinks a little and decides to swim home. It is obvious he is a drunk because he is constantly searching for a drink on his swim home. Neddy was a wealthy man living in a wealthy high class neighborhood in Connecticut....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Nightmare in Bullet Park

- Some of the first elements of quests that usually come to mind include dragons, knights in shining armor, searches for ornate hidden treasures, and fairytale endings; however, the word quest simply means a journey. Often times people go on a quest in search of something they desire, but as protagonist Neddy Merrill discovers, the quest does not always turn out as planned and instead leads the quester in the direction of self-discovery. In his 1964 short story “The Swimmer,” John Cheever depicts the disastrous downfall of a man who impulsively decides to journey home through a course of swimming pools, but instead unconsciously escaping reality....   [tags: The Swimmer, John Cheever, analysis]

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Comparing John Cheever’s The Swimmer and The Five-Forty-Eight

- Comparing John Cheever’s The Swimmer and The Five-Forty-Eight Two stories by John Cheever, The Swimmer and The Five-Forty-Eight (5-48), will be explored in terms of how the characters, genre and point of view in these stories give rise to classic fiction. The Swimmer is of a suburban man, Neddy Merrill, who decides to return home from work by swimming eight miles through all of his neighbors' pools along the way. At each pool he encounters a former mistress, distant and unfriendly neighbours and other symbols of a bitter, frustrated life....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Trifles and Cuban Swimmer

- Mrs. Wright and Margarita are timely examples of the age old saying, "You've pushed me too far." Both of them were pushed throughout life to live up to someone else's expectations and in their own way they break and handle it they only way they know how. The women are under constant pressure to be someone that another person expects them to be and both women begin giving in to the expectations they can no longer live up to. Mrs. Wright lashes out in revenge while Margarita gives in and almost falls to her death....   [tags: American Literature]

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The Use of Fastskins/Laser Swimsuits by Competitive Swimmers

- The use of fastskins/laser swimsuits by competitive swimmers should be permitted because it is not technological doping, it benefits the swimmer, and it allows athletes to utilize advancement in the sport. Swimming is a sport in which I participate and the main reason as to why I was attracted to this topic. In this paper, I plan to explain what technological doping means, and why the suits should not be considered a part of it. In addition, how the suits were made and tested, how the suits benefit a swimmer and how the suits give swimming the opportunity to advance as a sport....   [tags: Sports ]

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The Warrior Dome Pool in the City of Worland

- 1993, this was the very first year that the Worland High School Swimming and Diving Men’s program won state as a team. It all started when the pool was first built in the late 1970’s. This is where most of the young children learned how to swim and or became competitive swimmers in middle and high school. Creating basic building blocks for essential survival skill, this was a key essential for most children; from learning butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, elementary backstroke, side stroke to our floats....   [tags: Olympic swimmers history]

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Dolphins are Amazing, Intelligent, Marine Animals

- Dolphins are well known for their agility and playful behavior in the wildlife of all the oceans in the world. They have many characteristics, and also there are a variety of different types and kinds of dolphins, which make them very intelligent creatures. Dolphins are smart marine mammals and great swimmers. They are known to be very friendly to humans and other wildlife creatures, dolphins often display a playful attitude which makes them popular to human nature and the culture. They can be seen jumping out of the water,riding waves, play fighting and occasionally interacting with people swimming in the water....   [tags: mammals, communication, swimmers]

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Swim in History and in Greek Epic Poems

- ... The entire leg movement should be like a frog kick. For this leg motion, it’s recommended to practice it. The arm stroke begins with the arms above the swimmer’s head. Then pull on the water and move the arms in the direction of the chest. While executing these actions, the hands should be cupped. When finished, proceed to carry the arms back to the first placement and repeat the steps listed above. Now for the body positioning, the swimmer must start and end in a horizontal, streamline position because resistance occurs with lots of up and down motions....   [tags: the illiad, the odyssey, olympics]

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Pulling and Kicking in Swimming

- Swimming is simple; it consists of two parts -- pulling and kicking. However, swimming is not all about strength, technique, or skill; it is also about fluid dynamics, drag reduction, and body structure. Due to drag reduction, some swimmers will go to extremes to reduce drag. How efficiently a swimmer kicks and pulls is also influenced by the viscosity of the water (the thickness of the water). As well as having strong muscles throughout the body because almost every muscle is used while swimming, there are many variables that effect the speed of a swimmer....   [tags: water sports techniques]

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The Evolution of Swimming in American Culture: Michael Phepls

- The regular person thinks that swimming isn’t really complex. One person just swims down and back and thats it. Nothing else, nothing more deep into the sport and nothing really changed about it either. But how has swimming changed as a sport in the last 50 years. The sport has changed so much throughout the last 50 years because what the American people are doing to improve the sport. Swimming has been almost the same sport since the 60’s-70’s, but things that have changed are the swimmers, technique of strokes and the technology of the sport which in turn reflects that American culture has evolved in technology and skills in America....   [tags: athletes, olympics]

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The Evolution of Competitive Swimming in American Culture

- The regular person thinks that swimming isn’t really complex. One person just swims down and back and thats it. Nothing else, nothing more deep into the sport and nothing really changed about it either. But how has swimming changed as a sport in the last 50 years. The sport has changed so much throughout the last 50 years because what the American people are doing to improve the sport. Swimming has been almost the same sport since the 60’s-70’s, but things that have changed are the swimmers, technique of strokes and the technology of the sport which in turn reflects that American culture has evolved in technology and skills in America....   [tags: Spitz, Sports, Phelps]

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High Technology Swimwear

- High Technology Swimwear Product application: How does a swimmer improve the speed in the water. The answer may be that do more practice. However with the development of the technology, there is one thing that has totally changed that mindset forever, that is the high-technology swimwear. The high-technology swimwear is designed and manufactured for swimmers to swim faster in high competitive swimming sports. Some studies showed that wearing high-technology swimsuit can reduce the drag up to 4% and even increase the speed by 3% to 7%....   [tags: fastskin wear, material]

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The Nature of Swimming

- Competitive swimming is a sport full of juxtaposing ideologies and personal struggle with little camaraderie. The divergent sport is always evolving and pitting individuals alone against one another in a foreign environment. Likewise corporate employees day in and day out work alone building their nest egg until the day they can succeed and come out on top or retire. Competitive swimming symbolizes the struggle for many of the Americans ideologies within the framework of corporate America. In inequalities in the realm of competitive swimming mirror those of corporate America....   [tags: Society Analysis]

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Physics of Swimming

- The study of physics and fluid dynamics in swimming has been a field of increasing interest for study in the past few decades among swimming coaches and enthusiasts. Despite the long history of research, the understanding of how to move the human body effectively through the water is still in its infancy. Competitive swimmers and their coaches of all levels are constantly striving for ways to improve their stroke technique and overall performance. The research and performances of today's swimmers are continuously disproving the beliefs of the past....   [tags: physics swim swimming]

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The Controversy Over the LZR Racer Suit in College Swimming

- At 5 A.M., swimmers around the world get up to go to practice or are already jumping into the pool. Later on that day, swimmers will get into the water again and practice for another couple of hours. In addition to that, there are always weights and some sort of dry land activity. Some teams even include yoga and Pilates for added flexibility. Having a social life beyond seeing the people on your swim team is near impossible. With school work, high physical demands at practice, having to eat almost every three hours, and trying to maintain a normal life, the weeks are exhausting....   [tags: sports]

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The History of Swimming

- Swimming is a physical activity that has that has a long part in human history, that has evolved a lot since the past, and is very beneficial to the health of your not only your body but also your mind. The history of swimming is something that is dated back before the start of time and has always been a part of human culture in one shape or form. It has been around for a millennia, because human beings have always used swimming as a technique to stay above water and to move and flow through the water....   [tags: organized swimming, obesity]

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Diction And Imagery In The Poe

- The Challangers Quest The world today can be a dangerous place, causing people to be precautions. To be a risk taker in today’s society involves courage and a willingness to be vulnerable. In the poem“Swimming alone,'; author Patricia Keeney uses diction and imagery to convey that venturing into risky situations requires one to be brave and yet desperate. The swim is presented to the reader as an enormous challenge that only the brave and desperate would face, such as a player in a challenging computer game....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Life Will Go On

- There is a common notion that money cannot buy happiness. This may be true for most, but not for John Cheever’s protagonist, Neddy Merrill, in “The Swimmer”. John Cheever was born May 27, 1912 in Quincy, Massachusetts. He has written many short stories for various publishers such as The Atlantic, The Yale Review and The New Yorker. In 1930, John Cheever published his first story in The New Republic; and in 1941, he married Mary Winternitz, with whom he had two children, Susan and Benjamin. Cheever served in the army during World War II; and after he wrote scripts for television series such as Life with Father....   [tags: money cannot buy happiness]

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Swimming Techniques and Physics

- Swimming Techniques and Physics Presently scientist are conducting research to help people gain new techniques in swimming. While scientists continue research for new swimming techniques, they must start with early techniques of swimming as a sport and part of life. Learning how to swim is not easy. However, swimming is physics. There are laws, buoyancy, drags, and motions. To become a good swimmer one should take initiative to learn how certain techniques evolved and take an active approach into applying these physics into their own strokes....   [tags: Papers]

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How To Swim The Breaststroke

- How to Swim the Breaststroke The breaststroke is the oldest known swimming stroke and is one of four strokes used in competitive swimming. This stroke is also very popular in leisure swimming because the head can be held up, making vision and breathing easy and because the swimmer can rest between strokes if needed. Swimmers can also use the breaststroke in survival swimming and in lifesaving situations. Since the breaststroke has many uses and is easy to learn, it is one of the best strokes to teach a beginning swimmer....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Fundamental Physics of Swimming

- Physics can be applied to every movement, job, sport and task that we perform every day. Perhaps one of the most difficult sports in my opinion is competitive swimming. Swimmers work against many forces as defined later in this paper to move their bodies through the water. The most common swimming techniques and or strokes include the: front crawl, back stroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, sidestroke and the dog paddle. Swimming isn’t exactly natural for humans with the exception of being in the womb....   [tags: Newton's laws of motion, hydrodynamics]

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The History of the Sport of Swimming

- ... Swimming in open water occasionally ends in drowning. Since the nineteenth century, swimmers have turned to a supervised area for a safer environment. When learning to swim in North America, younger kids are usually taught “freestyle” or the crawl, while breaststroke is taught in Europe and Asia (MLA 7th Edition). Competitive swimming got its start as early as 36 B.C., but North American swimming has its roots in the British National Swimming Association. In 1846 swimming championships started in Australia....   [tags: recreation, competitive, strokes]

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Physics of Swimming

- Common Strokes for Swimming There are four common strokes associated with swimming: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and crawl stroke. Breaststroke and backstroke are considered ‘rest’ strokes; crawl stroke, also known as freestyle, and butterfly are known as ‘power’ strokes. A rest stroke uses less energy to travel the same distance, however; it takes longer to achieve this distance. A power stroke uses more energy and covers greater distances in less time. The sidestroke and elementary-backstroke are two more rest strokes used in swimming....   [tags: Sport Sports Swimming Swim Physics]

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Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

- ColdMountain - Charles Frazier - Characters : their development and impact. 1. Inman is left psychologically scarred by memories of war and the ghosts of his fellow soldiers who have died fighting. The war turned Inman into a very violent person, one who is brutal and holds little regard for human life as he resorts to violence a great deal through out his travels. His meeting with Sara results in violence when he kills the three Federals who stole her pig and trashed her house. Whilst being ashamed of the killings he is able to deal with having the following thoughts, "Inman decided to view what was before him in this context: next to the field in front of the sunken road at Fredericksbur...   [tags: English Literature]

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Media Analysis on Australian Identity

- The concept of Australian identity has changed over the course of history especially since the domination of media representation in contemporary society. From the image of a bushman to a larrikin, the identity of an Australian male evolves as the society develops, but the essential core of the Australianness remains largely on the concept of masculinity and mateship. Most of the sportsmen are considered to be the representation of the larrikins, who did not adhere to polite social conventions or rules and act rough around the edges (Hogg class lecture)....   [tags: Ian Thorpe, Athleticism]

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What I Want My Future Roommate to Know About Me

- Throughout my life I have been told that my bedroom is the spot where I can define who I am. When I was younger I had bright orange walls with teen rock band posters plastered everywhere. I used to think that these decorations defined the person that I was, but they only defined the person who I wanted to be or to become. I used to think that the popular nickel-back posters made me as cool as the rock artists themselves, but it was not until I continued being the nerdy person that I was sitting in the corner with my other nerdy friends that I realized that changing the coolness of my room had nothing to do with my own coolness....   [tags: roommates, bedrooms, relationships, ]

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Swimming Problem Maths Investigation

- Swimming Problem Maths Investigation Introduction ============ A group of swimmers are following a training schedule that requires them to dive into the water and swim one length of the swimming pool. They must keep doing this until they have completed 20 lengths. For safety's sake they have been allocated a single lane of the pool and all the swimmers must swim in the same direction in single file. Half of the swimmers say that it will be quickest always to swim in the same direction, climbing out of the pool at the end of each length to rejoin the queue....   [tags: Papers]

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Family is Always There in Jen Calonita's Trilogy, Belles

- For my Second Quarter book report I chose a series by Jen Calonita. Belles is a trilogy about a southern girl named Isabelle Scott. Her mother died when she was only six years old and because no other family members were known about at the time she lived with her grandmother in Harborside. Ten summers later, her grandmother’s health began to fail. To get away from the stress of her home life Izzie would go to the beach with her friend Kylie Brooks where she meets a cute surfer named Brayden Townsend....   [tags: izzie, butterflies club, lover]

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Walt Whitman’s Sensual Language in Leaves of Grass

- Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass covers many facets of human love, including love of the physical body. Whitman’s book contains many poems that try to embrace the beauty of the human body instead of covering it up. Whitman describes the human form in close detail throughout Leaves of Grass, but one of his poems in particular is especially vivid in detail. In “Children of Adam”, the fourth book of Leaves of Grass, Whitman gives readers a celebratory look at the human form. “I Sing the Body Electric” is one poem in particular that demonstrates how Whitman celebrates the human body through descriptive language of love and the human form and by elevating the human form to something more than a sim...   [tags: poems, human body]

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Importance of Character Development

- In his acceptance speech for the Noble Prize for Literature, William Faulkner identified “the human heart in conflict with itself” as the only subject truly worth writing about. This means that every piece of literature should have characters that struggle with themselves revealing their deeper personal feelings. Conflict is evident in literature to make the story interesting; however, a story detailing internal conflict within a single character creates greater depth to the story. Faulkner speaks of the human spirit and internal conflict as something in which every individual can identify with....   [tags: Characters in Literature]

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Defense Mechanisms Unruly Id and Neddy

- Defense Mechanisms Unruly Id and Neddy The Swimmer The idea of the human mind being composed of both a conscious and unconscious has been around for quite some time. Not until Sigmund Freud elaborated on these structures though were the ideas so popular and accepted. Freud described our conscious mind as what we are aware of in any present situation including our thoughts, ideas and perceptions. Freud also introduced us to the idea of the preconscious mind, which is closely related to the conscious in that it holds thoughts and ideas that are easily available to be brought to the conscious....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Personal Narrative - One of My Most Coveted Achievements

- One of My Most Coveted Achievements   Dr. Ross’ Comments: This essay is a very good example of a personal experience shared by the writer. She clearly describes an important episode in her life and vividly reveals a part of her true “self” to her audience.   What began in my life as yet another effort in weight loss became one of my most coveted achievements. After the birth of our third child, and too many pounds that were not disappearing, we purchased a small above ground pool. While the kids splashed, I began my aquatic exercise program....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay]

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Swiming Legends: Michael Phelps

- Michael Phelps The crowd roared as he stepped up to the block. As he tightened his goggles, he pictured his race on last time. The starter said take your mark…go, the race began. A few seconds later Michael touched the wall and once again, he took gold. Michael Phelps excelled in the sport of swimming and was destined to go to the Olympics, and with some help, he changed the sport of swimming and is arguably the best Olympic swimmer in history. Michael was born on June 30, 1985 and is the only boy out of three children (“Phelps” Current)....   [tags: olympic gold medal winners ]

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Examining Suburbia

- The swinging sixties were a time of change, people began to think differently they were no longer living in a Great Depression. Middle class families began to move their families to the suburbs to find the great American dream. John Cheever examines suburban life and peels back the clean cut image and exposes its deep, dark secrets in many of his short stories. In “The Swimmer“, John Cheever’s short story explores the dissatisfaction and secrets among the middle class white Americans who live in suburbia ....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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How the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games Made Its Mark on the Memoirs of the Olympics

- Did you know that during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, all of the Olympic committees were present for the first time ever. It is surprising when things happen in one’s own backyard which have influenced and shaped history. There were many elements that made these Olympics so memorable. They were the world’s participation in the events, the outstanding sponsorship of the community and businesses, and the platform for women's rights beginning a standard for the world. Incredible record breaking demonstrations of both strength and perseverance in Olympic and World records, as well as the centennial celebration of the rebirth of the original Greek Olympics distinguished these events from past game...   [tags: equal rights plattforms, centennial of the games]

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The Western Australian Department of Education (WA DoE) Duty of Care for Students Policy

- Introduction This report aims to provide a better understanding of the Western Australian Department of Education (WA DoE) Duty of Care for Students Policy by discussing its rationale, the issues covered, its importance and who is subject to its requirements. It will also discuss the implications and applications of the policy in relation to three scenarios. Discussion 1. The Policy Rationale for writing the policy: The rationale for writing the WA DoE Duty of Care for Students Policy is to provide clear guidelines for teaching staff to follow to ensure the duty of care for students has been met....   [tags: Education]

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Not an Education Thing, It’s a Medical Thing: Attention Defiance Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

- ... While some people believe that it will help, there is no firm research that tells us that strict rules will help children with ADHD behave better. Michael Phelps, an Olympic swimmer, who hated water when he was younger; started swimming when he was 7 thanks to his parents flipping him over and teaching him the backstroke. Once he began, it was hard to make him stop. Eventually his parents noticed that although he excelled in the pool, in class was not the same. When he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9, his mother was determined to prove everyone wrong about kids having ADHD and not being able to achieve big things....   [tags: diagnose, test, symptoms, medical, attention]

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The Conflict in Terrance McNally´s Lips Together, Teeth Apart

- ... . Grow up like that and you view a pool or a public toilet seat as a natural enemy." The pool is thus associated with disease and filth- -polio and public toilet seats. Why. In monologs from the characters it becomes clear there is an unspoken fear that the pool is contaminated. The house in which the couples are staying once belonged to Sally’s brother who recently passed from AIDS. Everyone is scared that by swimming in the pool they will also contract the deadly disease. Well that is everyone except John who has esophagus cancer and sees that as the last of his worries....   [tags: couple, marriage, relationship, love, death]

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Presence of Desire in Three Short Stories

- Human beings behave the way they do due to inherent urges that give them the impetus and the drive to do so. A person without these urges which have been commonly referred to as ambitions, goals and aspiration in life is in most cases considered to be a social liability lacking in both direction and purpose in life. This is a life that is worthless and insignificant. It is the direction in life, the burning aspirations, dreams and desires that push individuals to pursue their goals oblivious of the dangers, challenges and setbacks that swarm in pursuit of their desires....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Major Differences between the Paralympics and the Olympics

- ... S3 SB2 SM3 This sport class includes athletes with amputations of all four limbs. Swimmers with reasonable arm strokes but no use of their legs or trunk and swimmers with severe co-ordination problems in all limbs are also included in this sport class. S6 SB5 SM6 This sport class includes swimmers with short stature, amputations of both arms or moderate co-ordination problems on one side of their body. Sport Classes 11-13: Visual Impairment Swimmers with visual impairment compete in the sport classes 11-13, with 11 meaning a complete or nearly complete loss of sight and 13 describing the minimum eligible visual impairment....   [tags: media coverage, swimming]

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Biography of Michael Phelps

- ... Michael Phelps made history by breaking the record of seven gold medals in one Olympics by winning eight (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). These Olympics made Michael Phelps a celebrity. He became known by many because he was an amazing swimmer. Kids looked up to Phelps wanting to be like him someday. Three months after his history making swims in Beijing, Michael Phelps was caught with a glass pipe, or bong, that is used for smoking marijuana (Papa). A picture of Phelps holding the pipe and looking like he was smoking was published in a British newspaper in 2009 (Crouse)....   [tags: credibility, athletic trainer, characteristics]

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Troubled Waters: a Commentary on "the Swimmer"

- In an allegory nothing is what is seems and even when the meaning of something is pinned down it is still a subjective decision. Therefore whichever aspect that is to be defined may have completely different meanings depending on the individual reader. In John Cheever's "The Swimmer" there is certainly no shortage of aspects, ranging from very small details to broad encompassing settings, that have a different meaning other than what they literally are. One such facet is that the protagonist of this story, Neddy Merril, is swimming a staggering eight miles to his house by way of neighborhood private and public pools....   [tags: American Literature]

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