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The Summer Bridge Program Where I Served As A Mentor

- The organization that I served was the Summer Bridge Program where I served as a mentor. This is a program offered by the University of Redlands to incoming students that are first generation and may also be recipients of the Cal Grant. People are able to take part in Summer Bridge through invitation only. In this week long program, students get a taste of what it is like to be in college by living on campus and attending mock classes in various subjects. Students are also exposed to the many resources and facilities that are available at the university as well as having the chance to access faculty and staff....   [tags: Management, Learning]

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Lessons Learned at Summer Camp

- Lessons Learned at Summer Camp     Gazing up at the clouds, I thought of all the great times I had been a part of. The whole week had been full of excitement. Every day was a payoff of all of the work put into this experience. "Did it have to end so quickly?" I wondered to myself. "Just think of next year", I said to comfort my disbelief, "Its going to be ten times the fun. I'll make sure of that." After what seemed like years of waiting, the day of camp finally arrived. I hastily packed my bags and threw them in my car....   [tags: Memoir Essays]

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Summer of the Mad Monk

- The Summer of The Mad Monk The year is 1936. Philip Tyler is an imaginative, 12-year-old boy. He lives on a farm outside of the small town of Delia in Alberta but their farm is suffering and their lives are suffering because of the Great Depression. They have lived in poverty for as long as he could remember, so he, like many other boys in that time had to be creative and imaginative. School was nearing the end of the year, and he and his best friend Digger had nothing to look forward to. Diggers father had noticed and he gave the boys an old .22 to work on because the barrel was crooked....   [tags: essays research papers]

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All Summer Of The Planet Venus And How The Sun Shines

- Generally, science fiction is an important aspect of life especially nowadays where many actors are coming up with very interesting science fiction elements In my case I will look at the case of the fiction involving “all summer in a day” which is a story of the planet Venus and how the sun shines and how people perceive it. I will also look at the technological contribution to modern days. It describes how the colonists have established settlement underground which are full of long tunnels. We will also look at how the general life is described and how people survive there....   [tags: Solar System, Sun, Planet, Earth]

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Beauty and the Beast vs.The Summer and Winter Garden

- Most modern fairy tales are expected to have happy endings and be appropriate for children, where as in past centuries most were gruesome which is why they have been modified throughout time. The stories “Beauty and the Beast” by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont and “The Summer and Winter Garden” by Jacob and Wilherm Grimm share similarities and differences. The two stories are distinct because of the peculiar year they have been written in: LePrince de Beaumont’s story is written in London of 1783 and Grimm’s in Germany of 1812....   [tags: literature, fairy tales, moral]

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Christian Summer Camp Creates Resilient Children

- When I was a kid, there were few things I looked forward to more than summer vacation. I couldn’t wait to laze around in the sun, sleep in and play all day. I got to spend time with my friends and my cousins at our family’s lake cabin up north. I had the opportunity to attend a Christian summer camp one year. I spent a week at Flaming Pine Youth Camp where we were not allowed to wear shorts, sleeveless shirts or walk to the beach without a cover up. As my oldest child grew up, my cousin suggested that I send him to the camp where she was assistant director....   [tags: expectation, behavior, child’s self-esteem]

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Formal Critique of “Indian Summer Hudson River”

- Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) was an American artist and member of the Hudson River School. He was one of the first of the Hudson River Artist’s to paint beyond New York and see the unexplored west. Bierstadt’s paintings focused more upon the sublime in nature. His painting titled “Indian Summer Hudson River” was completed in 1861. It is an oil on canvas painting, which measures twenty-four inches in height by forty-one inches wide. One looks out across a secluded section of the Hudson River. It is late afternoon, and the sun is beginning its decent....   [tags: Art Analysis]

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Report on a Summer Camp with Adults with Multiple Different Diseases

- For the past two years I have attended a summer camp for adults with MDA. These adults have multiple different diseases that effect their muscles ability to grow and develop. For some this disease hasn’t had much of an effect on them yet, for others it can be difficult for them to so much as get up in the morning. This disease can make life extremely difficult for the people who have it. They tend to get left out of things more often, and most don’t get to go out of their own homes to much. Campers post count downs on Facebook every year, starting the day after they get back home from camp....   [tags: training, senior councelor]

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Completing Intake Paperwork At A Summer Camp For Children With Disabilities

- A common dialogue between adults and college students is what the student has planned following graduation. This past summer, I was completing intake paperwork at a summer camp for children with disabilities through the Carson Center. I am typically called in to handle intake paperwork when the child has a violent or traumatic history, due to my unique area of study. When interviewing a child’s father to assist in the intake, he asked me questions about my schooling and ambitions. I explained to him that I would be pursuing graduate studies in hopes to one day work in the field of sexual offender rehabilitation or offender profiling....   [tags: Clinical psychology, Psychology, Sex offender]

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The Cultural Industries And A Summer Of Television Poverty Porn

- According to Xu Qing, the director of the reality show ‘Grade One’, the main purpose of this show is to record the life of the boarding school students in order to investigate how primary education effect them. How and what parent, teachers position and relationship should be in this circumstances. From 2001, China media policy principal aim is ‘build big Chinese corporations that can compete in the global economy.’ (Hemondhlgh) ‘entertainment industry no longer depends so heavily on government subsidies and has had to start earning its own way with livelier offerings’ (Today, 2014) In this essay, I am going to use the require reading, Introduction chapter of The Cultural Industries and A Su...   [tags: Television, Reality television, Primary education]

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My Father Died At The Beginning Of Summer One Year

- Royce Abela 0161-8875 My father died at the beginning of summer one year ago, the day before the start of my classes as a sophomore biology major. Sunday, May 10, Mother’s Day. Alone, in my hometown. He had a stroke and was found deceased the following morning by paramedics after not showing up to work that morning. He was going to take off work to come visit for a few days, too. My other came up a couple days earlier than my dad; she waited after I got out of my calculus class to call me. We drove down that afternoon, back to my hometown, my father waiting for my mother, brother and I, in order to say goodbye to him one last time....   [tags: Emotion, English-language films, My Hometown]

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My Summer Internship At The Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department

- Introduction During my summer internship at the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department, I was assigned to the Crime Analysis Division. As an intern in this division I was assigned a multitude of tasks that varied from day to day and I was responsible for completing them in a timely and accurate manner. Upon first arriving I was giving a long term project where I periodically updated and improved upon a PowerPoint slide show that contained all of the pictures of suspects in numerous fraud cases....   [tags: Police, Criminal justice, Crime, Constable]

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Analysis Of The Summer School Program A Great Gig

- Bell (1980) raised the consciousness that any gains made toward the actualization of racial equality will only come when the gains made by people of color “convergences” with the interest of whites. According to Bell even policies or programs created to ensure improvement for people of color will be render ineffective if it conflicts with the interest of whites. Principal Gaffney presented her recognition that the institutional practices of summer- and after-school programs intended to promote academic improvement for students of color were rather grounded in the interest of adults....   [tags: High school, College, Education, Racism]

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Navigating The Twin Cities Housing Market This Summer

- Navigating the Twin Cities housing market this summer is a confusing and overwhelming feat. It’s easy to find yourself gallivanting around the cities from house to house, realizing that none of them are what they appeared to be in the MLS listings. We are in the middle of a frenzied, seller-friendly market. This is great for people who are ready to part with their homes, but for first-time buyers it can often feel like the uncomfortable experience of going on a first date with someone who curiously doesn’t look anything like their profile picture....   [tags: Real estate, House, Quantification, Shower]

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`` Simple Recipes `` By Madeleine Thien, And The Closing Down Of Summer ``

- “Simple recipes” by Madeleine Thien, and “The Closing Down of Summer” by Allister MacLeod both take focus on the struggles of isolation or alienation in their families, caused by the separation of cultural identities, or being away from home due to work. The impression of isolation found in the text is generated from the circumstantial behaviours among the character’s actions, thoughts, or exchange of language. Macleod focuses on how his protagonist has become detached from his family, losing the ability to communicate to them due to his seasonal occupation and adapting to the sub-culture of his work life....   [tags: Family, Sociology, Norm, Heteronormativity]

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`` Simple Recipes `` By Madeleine Thien, And The Closing Down Of Summer

- “Simple Recipes” by Madeleine Thien, and “The Closing Down of Summer” by Allister MacLeod, both possess a theme of isolation or alienation within two different family dynamics, caused by cultural division. The impression of isolation found in the text is generated from the the character’s inability to communicate their internal emotions, or the forceful demand to adhere to cultural traditions. Macleod narrating protagonist has become detached from his family, losing the ability to communicate to them due to his seasonal occupation and adapting to the sub-culture of his work life....   [tags: Family, Sociology, Heteronormativity, Norm]

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The Summer Of Service, My Time Of Growth Individually And With The Lord

- June 2016, the summer of service, my time of growth individually and with the Lord. From the third of June up until the twenty-fourth, I spent my days and nights washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen and dining hall at Camp Eagle in Rocksprings. Through this work I met many lifelong friends. From people who boulder as a hobby to very loving and sweet friends who have stories not a soul could predict, everyone differed in such a beautiful way. Although I loved every single person I encountered as brothers and sisters in Christ, we each had differing beliefs....   [tags: Religion, Faith, Islam, God]

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Analysis Of Ben Selkow 's ' A Summer Of The Cage '

- “A Summer in the Cage” is a documentary filmed by Ben Selkow that shows his friend Sam battling with a manic-depressive illness known as bipolar disorder. The main theme of this film is the struggles the main character Sam goes through when battling bipolar disorder. Selkow firsts meets Sam while filming a documentary about street basketball. Ever since that day, they became close friends. Sam decided to help make the documentary with Selkow. Selkow begins to realize after spending so much time with Sam that he had something off about him....   [tags: Bipolar disorder, Mania, Major depressive disorder]

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Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' The Summer Of 1816 '

- Mary Shelley Wollstonecraft, in the summer of 1816, tells the world a story she claims owes its life to her husband, their two friends and her own inner author, which is accredited to her literary parents. She tells a heartbreaking story of a misbegotten creature with no sense of belonging and no companions. She tells of an unloving creator, one who wishes he had not been so foolish in his creation, and who hates that which he has created. Mostly, however her riveting tale seeks to point to the horror created by society, that of people unloved and uncared for, meting out miserable existences until either the upper class citizens take pity, if they are “pleased” by them, or else, until their...   [tags: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Paradise Lost]

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It Was One Hot Summer Day At Lac La Biche

- It was one hot summer day in Lac La Biche and I was with my landlord’s 11-year-old daughter drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. I had been living there for a couple days for a placement with Alberta Health Services and it was on this day that I realized that Auria was unique. She had welcomed me into her home with open arms and on this Saturday afternoon she was ecstatic to play outside with me and show me all her toys. I had an idea of Auria’s learning disability from reading with her the night before....   [tags: Occupational therapy, Therapy, Autism, Psychology]

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A Report On The Summer Of My Head Dead Center

- Writing 1 I begin my hike in comfortable clothes, a camelbak, flashlight and my ticket to view the caves. The first thing I see is the large rockslide above the visitor’s center. The rockslide is called talus slop. A talus slope describes a type of rockslide that is a loose debris piles. Talus slopes have mild to moderate rockslides as rocks slide down the pile. I was surprised when one such rock hit my head dead center. Facing the American Fork Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, USA I see another rockslide/rock chute in which the area of the chute is much tanner than its surroundings due to constant erosion....   [tags: Fault, Structural geology, Breccia, Fault breccia]

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How Successful The Season Is A Summer Mini Series Special

- Depending on how successful the season is, the graduation finale episode could also set up a summer mini-series special in in which cameras follow the three families return to Africa for the first time. This mini-series would be an extension of the season, with travel expenses paid for by the network and sponsors, while again allowing the characters to be themselves. In return, subtle product placement could take place and money from this revenue could be invested into the second season of the show....   [tags: Reality television, Television program, TLC]

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Meeting Of Meeting On The Sacrament Summer Reading Essay

- David Madril Mrs. Layman Sacraments 25 September 2015 Meeting Jesus in the Sacrament Summer Reading Essay During my reading of Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments, I reflected on my journey as a Catholic. Although I do not remember my baptism it is an important part of my life. I was baptized on August 12, 2000 and it welcomed me into the Catholic family. As Pope Francis emphasized, the Sacrament of Baptism initiates all of the Sacraments we receive on our journey as Catholics. “And with the grace of Baptism and of Eucharistic Communion I can become an instrument of God’s mercy, of that beautiful mercy of God.” (Francis, p.52) Baptism gives us a new sense of identification and grants us forgiv...   [tags: Eucharist, Christianity, Jesus, Baptism]

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The Summer School Program At Earl Warren Elementary School

- Gender Equality Beatrice Pintor Math and Science Methods TED 350 Willie Horton June 25, 2016 The summer school program at Earl Warren Elementary school is based on the Common Core standard of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). There are a total of fifteen students in Mrs. Flores class, six girls and nine boys. While observing the third grade classroom, I noticed the same amount of effort of answering math problems between boys and girls. I also observed that the girls would wait till Mrs....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Sociology]

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Advanced Course At Ecu For The Summer 1 Session

- When having an intercultural encounter, it can sometimes be puzzling, confusing, and difficult to communicate with one another. About a year ago, my family and I went on a tropical cruise. We had four different stops, including one of my favorite islands, St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. If you have ever been on a cruise or gone international before, you know that it can be difficult to get Wi-Fi or cell service. Sometimes you can avoid having to use your electronics, since you are on vacation anyways....   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication]

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A Few More Memories of My First Summer

- Deb and I worked sporadically on the Bobby, and I read in Dad’s diary that we launched her on Mom’s birthday or July 29th. I recollect it took Gerald Slate, Dad, Deb, Betsy and me to wrestle the craft down to the beach where we put her into the water to see if Deb and I got a “pass or fail” on our efforts to make her watertight. We had to wait a couple of days for the results in order to give the water that rushed in a chance to swell the wood, and hence tighten the seams. I recall Deb and I pumping the water out after a few days and then noting, “Look Deb the leaks have slowed to a trickle.” We now had another means of transportation to add to our growing fleet....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Being A Part Of Residential Summer Bridge 2015

- Being a part of Residential Summer Bridge 2015 has showed me a different way of life. I have learned that I need a lot of help with my academics. I believed I was a really good scholar when it came to academics but my grades have shown me different. I have created a different life style because before Bridge I wouldn’t do my homework assignments or even study. Every weekend I would go out and go to parties and do non-beneficial things. Now I stay in and do my homework because I have learn to do my school related stuff first and if there is time left them I could have fun....   [tags: High school, Psychology, Want, Need]

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Analysis Of Tyack And Cuban 's Summer Anderson

- EDF 6607 – Education in America Dr. Scheirer Analysis of Tyack and Cuban Summer Anderson 1) In their book, Tyack and Cuban write on page 6, “We hope that this book, which takes a century as its time span, will contribute to the broader conversation about education reform today, for improving public schools is everybody’s business.” Throughout the text Tyack and Cuban explore different reforms for education by discussing the context of the reforms and the political motivations that brought about the reforms....   [tags: High school, Education, School]

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Objective Of Doing 40 Days Summer Internship

- OBJECTIVE OF INTERNSHIP The main and foremost objective of doing 40 days summer internship in HDFC bank was to get knowledge about the basic activities of bank and investment practices conducted in the bank. As investment is very crucial part for each and every individual because it can make or break a person. It very dynamic in process so it is difficult to choose in which field a person should invest his/her money. To make a wise choice for future investment it is important to know about the processes of investing....   [tags: Investment, Hedge fund, Mutual fund, Bond]

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Personal Statement : Last Summer My Dad

- Last summer my dad took a risk and made a dating profile. He went on dates, talked to many suitable candidates, and by Valentine’s Day was engaged. My entire family was shocked, and to be honest, not 100% supportive. We all had doubts, but there was not much anyone could do since she already had the ring on her finger. My aunts soon got over their suspicions the more they met his fiancé, and my grandma finally was going to have a daughter-in-law that she could spend her time with. The only people that were not going to give in to this rushed engagement were my sister and I....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Wedding, Bathroom]

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

- Do you know who had a really crazy summer vacation. I did. Everyone should take a family vacation to another Country. The exploration of a different culture makes for life long memories. Last summer, after months of planning our family trip to Mexico the day had arrived. The morning was already hot and I was pacing all around the house double checking that I had packed all the necessities for the week long stay. It was time to load up our belongings and hit the road for a 14 hour drive. Knowing that this drive was going to be so long, I stocked up on dvds and snacks for the 3 little ones to keep them entertained in between their nap sessions....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essay]

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Alaska, a Summer Resort

- Great places were discovered, unusual people were met, and adventures were had this summer. All of this was accomplished in America's last frontier, outside of the lower 48 states, in the wilderness of Alaska. I had no specific reason for venturing to the vastness of Alaska, I did not know anyone, and had never before been there. As a child, I remember pondering that Alaska was a place for pioneers, and brave hearted adventurers. After almost two decades of living on this overcrowded island, I set my mind's eye on this grand excursion away from home, family and friends....   [tags: World Cultures]

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summer reading

- Summer reading is given to students every year. It is an assignment handed out which is to be completed by the time school starts next year. It is compiled of a list of books in which one must be chosen and read. The assignment also includes a project, usually one that requires time and effort that must be completed as well. Schools are out for the summer. There are no more teachers and no more books. Students are ready for two months of summer fun. Going to the beach and hanging out with friends is what summer is all about....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Summer Reading

- Over the course of this summer I read four books. The books I read were Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling, The Giver by Lois Lowry, Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and Number the Stars by Lois Lowry again. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling was the first book I read this summer and I really liked it. I decided to read the 5th Harry Potter book because I had it and I never really got a chance to read it. The book begins were it had left you of in the 4th book when Harry is just about to enter his 5th year at Hogwarts....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Transition of Season in Summer and Winter by Mary Shelley and Winter and Summer by Stephen Spencer

- The Transition of Season in Summer and Winter by Mary Shelley and Winter and Summer by Stephen Spencer Both Summer and Winter by Mary Shelley, and Winter and Summer by Stephen Spender discuss the transition of both seasons. In Summer and Winter, the author is a spectator. She discusses only her observations of the seasons. In Spender's poem, the author partakes in the poem, noting his feelings about winter and summer. Spender's views are a more personal account; he actually participates in the poem....   [tags: Papers]

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Hitler's Victory at the 1936 Summer Olympics

- Hitler's Victory at the 1936 Summer Olympics Adolf Hitler, the leader of Greater Germany, August 1, 1936, opened the 1936 World 11th Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. Adolf Hitler was a perfect host; he welcomed the world's athletes to the Berlin Olympic Stadium, which was designed to seat an audience of 110,000. During the 1936 Summer Olympic Games, Hitler applauded both German and American athletes, as well as winning athletes from all other nations. Even though a perfect host at the 1936 Summer Olympics, Adolf Hitler was still the leader of Greater Germany....   [tags: World War II History]

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Will My Child be Okay at a Summer Camp?

- Will My Child be Okay at a Summer Camp. With the thought of summer camp comes the recollection of cabins filled overstuffed with bunk beds, campfires, and mess hall meals with the loads of friends we met at the opening dance. Summer camp is a childhood memory for many of us, one that changed our youth, usually for the better. Such camp memories and activities still hold true today, even for children with disabilities. The inclusive classroom that takes place during the school year has now begun to carry over into the summer months at camps across the country, whether they be overnight for the whole summer, day camps or weekend camps....   [tags: Disabilities Education Essays]

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The Threat of Winter and Summer Holidays to the Environment

- The Threat of Winter and Summer Holidays to the Environment One of the most essential things for tourism to be successful in a particular place is the quality of the environment, both natural and man-made. But when do the people have enough time to see these sites, but on summer and winter holidays. However tourism involves many activities that have a negative effect on the environment. These occur when the level of usage is bigger than the amount of caring for the environment....   [tags: Papers]

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Freedom Summer comparisons with Era of Reconstruction

- Freedom Summer comparisons with Era of Reconstruction With the end of the Civil war, many blacks felt that they would start reaping the benefits that had been denied from them for years. Being able to vote, own land, have a voice in political affairs were all goals that they felt were reachable. The era of Reconstruction was the “miracle” they had been searching for. But the South wasn’t going down without a fight and blacks would have to wait at least 100 years for Freedom Summer to arrive to receive the “miracle” they wanted....   [tags: essays research papers]

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One Summer’s Transformation

- One Summer’s Transformation Never in my life before have I been so proud to say that I am Korean. I call myself Korean-American, but before I used to consider myself to be more American than Korean. I live in this country, speak English, and am fully immersed in American culture. America is my home, and I am proud of that. However, the same could not be said of my Korean heritage. I was never ashamed, but neither did I feel any particular pride in it. That was the case until this summer’s World Cup 2002, co-hosted by Japan and Korea....   [tags: World Cup Korea Sports Soccer Essays]

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One Summer Night

- Remember the day’s when you were once a teenager. Their were so many decisions to make and choices to choose from; yet so many advantages. Now can you remember all of the good times that you had. Always hanging out with your friends, gossiping, having sleep over’s, talking on the phone constantly, and all of the teacher’s whose class you dreaded. Now I want you to imagine that it is the last day before summer break. Your parents are taking a trip to Kentucky Lake with some friends, so your stuck home all alone....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Power Relations in Summer of the 17th Doll

- Dramatic conflict consists of a struggle for power among characters, and dramatic resolution consists of a shift of power among them. Discuss the conflict and resolution in "Summer of The 17th Doll" in terms of the power relations in the play. The play summer of the 17th doll consists of many conflicts, some internal and some external. Some of these conflicts are resolved and some not. This essay will explore some of the internal conflicts as well as some of the external conflicts and elaborate on their importance to the play....   [tags: Ray Lawler]

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Delusions of Grandeur – My Summer in Greece

- Delusions of Grandeur – My Summer in Greece It is the lawlessness of Greece that attracts both travelers and outcasts. They arrive on ferry boats with the eagerness of immigrants, drunk with notions of escape and pleasure. This hedonistic lure of the Greek islands is far removed from the academic splendor of mainland Europe. In myth, Greece is a land ruled by the selfish whimsy of the gods, and this climate of self-indulgence blows across the Ionian island of Corfu like a frolicking wind. Teetering, as it does, on the far edge of western civilization, Corfu presents itself as a haven or a refuge, depending on one’s orientation as traveler or derelict....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Summary of Summer of my German Soldier

- In the town of Jenkinsville, Arkansas, twelve-year-old Patty Bergen witnesses Nazis being taken to a prison camp. When she runs off to her family’s store, her father does not seem enthused. Patty’s parents do not treat her the way she wishes to be treated. Still, she tries to show her parents love. One day at the department store, a group of Nazis come in to buy straw hats to protect them from the sun as they work in fields. Only one, Frederick Anton Reiker, speaks English. He and Patty have a nice conversation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Summer Adventure: Journal Entry

- The three events that I did this summer were all fun. I had the chance of a lifetime to go to England with the band. One other thing that I did was I went to the GMO(greater Milwaukee open) which was a professional golf contest in Milwaukee. I thought it was grand . The last thing that really stood out in my summer was that I met allot of new people from all over Wisconsin and even other parts of the world including England and Germany. First my escapade to England. This was the most exciting experience I have ever had....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Radcliffe Summer Travel Grant Recipient

- Radcliffe Summer Travel Grant Recipient 1. Personal Statement: I was sitting in Au Bon Pain the other day, trying to read a book for class, but happy for the distraction. Rick plopped himself down in the chair across the table. I hadn't seen him in almost a year. I had thought maybe things were going better for him. He soon told me differently. He was on the streets again. I knew it wouldn't be long before he was back at our shelter. I have now been working at the University Lutheran Church homeless shelter for two and a half years....   [tags: Social Services Education Careers Essays]

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Descriptive Essay: Our Summer Cabin

- In my lifetime, I have been privileged to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. I have seen the rich fire of sunset over the Rocky Mountains and the brilliance of coral reefs in crystal blue Caribbean waters. No spot on earth, however, has yet surpassed the beauty of my childhood paradise, a place my family called Tamarack. Tamarack was a family camp and hunting lodge set deep in the heart of the Mountains. My earliest memories of it are fractured images of sights and sounds and smells--golden bars of sunlight through majestic oaks and elms, the ever-present smell of wood smoke and haunting echoes....   [tags: Observation Essay, Descriptive Essay]

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Analysis Of 500 Days Of Summer By Marc Webb And Produced By Steven J. Wolfe

- Life can offer a seemingly perfect relationship that takes a sudden drop towards separation without the realization that communication between partners has shown signs of deterioration early on in the connection. The film, 500 Days of Summer, directed by Marc Webb and produced by Steven J. Wolfe, recounts the story of a relationship set in the lives of Tom and Summer, two characters that met at their jobs in the same greeting card company. Although Summer made her doubts of love and relationships clear from the beginning, she and Tom soon develop a more intimate relationship....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Love]

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I Am Coaching A Summer Baseball Team Of 14 Year Olds

- For the purpose of this assignment, I am coaching a summer baseball team of 14-year-olds. Although early in the course, the material we have covered has made me rethink the way I coach. Do I want to be a Bud Kilmer type fictional coach that wins championships but the players do not like playing for him, or do I want to be like Major League Baseball Hall of Fame coach Bobby Cox. His players loved to play for him and would change to match his team rules. The answer is easy; every coach should strive to be like Bobby....   [tags: Baseball, Major League Baseball, Bunt, Manager]

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Leadership And Teamwork At The Summer Time Of America ( Ffa ) Camp, And Team

- When most people think about summer, they might think of swimming, time off from work and school, making memories, and other various outdoor activities. However, I think of summer as a time to relax, hangout with friends and family, and learn new things. This past summer, I learned about teamwork, that spending time with family is important, and that God will always be there for me. This past summer, I went to Future Farmers of America (FFA) camp, and we were engaged in different activities that involved interacting with other people who were not from Charlton County High School....   [tags: Great white shark, Shark, Lamnidae, Lamniformes]

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Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring Ans The Curse of the Golden Flower

- Spring Summer Fall Winter…And Spring (2003) and the Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) are two movies that both reflect the aspects, culture and traditions of the Asian society, captured through the lenses of a movie camera from two different times. The Spring Summer Fall Winter…And Spring (2003) reflects aspects of traditions and modernity from the perspective of Buddhist teachings and the Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) reflects the not so perfect but yet a dysfunctional imperial family from later Tang dynasty....   [tags: cultures, traditions, Asian countries, film]

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The Summer Of 2015 Is Like A Black And White Movie From The 1950 ' S

- The Summer of 2015 was like a black and white movie from the 1950’s: long, monotonous, and dull. Nowadays, those outdated films are as undesirable to watch as it is grass to grow. Maybe they are unwanted for their lack of “special effects” or simply because they do not appeal to this generation’s insatiable desire for captivation and amazement. Yet, these types of movies are what as known as “classics.” A classical piece of art, or a film, or even a time period, is defined as that which sets a standard for future works to meet....   [tags: Charles Darwin, Evolution, Galápagos Islands]

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William Shakespeare 's A Mid Summer Night 's Dream And Twelfth Night

- A metaphor is the hidden comparison between two objects that do not necessarily relate. A simile is comparing two objects using “like” or “as”. William Shakespeare greatly uses these two aspects of literature to his advantage. He is a master at figurative language, and this is portrayed throughout his works. His literature would not be the same without both. Focusing on two of his plays, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream and Twelfth Night, there are two very prominent metaphors from each. In A Mid Summer Night’s Dream there is a metaphorical comparison between the magical love potion and young love....   [tags: Love, Romance, William Shakespeare]

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Analysis Of ' The Girls 's Girls ' And ' Their Summer Dresses ' By Irwin Shaw

- There is no one thing that makes for a good marriage; it is the semblance of marriage that makes people believe so. It is common for people to think marriage will be easy although it is constant work. Good marriages consist of communication, honesty, passion, intimacy and commitment. In the short story “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses” by Irwin Shaw, Michael and Frances’s relationship lacks these qualities, therefore their marriage was not great. Most importantly, the husband and wife need to both want the relationship and the life long commitment....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Human sexuality]

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Poem Analysis : We Real Cool And Summer Words Of A Sistuh Addict

- Gwendolyn Brooks and Sonia Sanchez, in their poems “We Real Cool” and “Summer Words of a Sistuh Addict”, are both alike in their idea of dealing with troubled youth. Brooks discusses in her poem “We Real Cool” rebellious pool-playing youth that “sing sin” (Line 5) and “thin gin.” (Line 6) The whole poem centers around disturbed youth. The narrator in Sonia Sanchez’s poem “Summer Words of a Sistuh Addict”, is also a disturbed young woman who is addicted to heroin, and seems to live a rather rebellious lifestyle....   [tags: Madrid Metro, Poetry, Metropolitana di Napoli]

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Throgs Neck in the Movie Summer of Same Directed by Spike Lee

- ... If you are driving into Throgs Neck then you will notice its main highways the Cross-Bronx Expressway and the Throgs Neck Bridge. The Throgs Neck Bridge connects the Bronx to Queens. The area Throgs Neck once was “Vriedelandt” later changed to Throgs Neck. For a while, people have been arguing whether or not Throgs Neck has two GG’s or one. The name Throgs Neck originally comes from an English man named John Throckmorton who was able to stay as the Dutch had allowed him to, in 1642. Ultimately, the American Indians drove out the Dutch....   [tags: crime, neighborhood, parades]

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An Ethical Situation That George Stein, A Summer Intern At Eastern Dairy

- Background and Issues This case was about an ethical situation that George Stein, a summer intern at Eastern Dairy, faced at one of the nigh shifts he participated in. George was raised in a middle class family in which living expenses were not the primary concerns for all. Instead, George showed greater interests in gathering with friends, especially his girlfriend Cathy, rather than working hard in school. In order to have extra money for dating, he spent every summer in working part time in the local community....   [tags: Ethics, Business ethics, Filters, Filter]

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Case Study : The Co Op I Have Acquired For This Summer

- The co-op I have acquired for this summer is with Michels Corporation, in the pipeline division. My position duties include assisting the project management team with preparing job estimates, developing job schedules and forecasts, tracking project budget to actual comparisons, completing take-offs, site reviews, customer interactions related to the project, and other duties as assigned. Before typing this report I have been on two major jobsites so far, learning and assisting in areas I was able....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Project management]

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Feminist Perspective in Anita Desai’s Where Shall We Go This Summer

- Anita Desai is one of the prominent novelists of Indian English fiction. She is not only concerned with the social realities, but also explores the hidden niches of human consciousness and meditates upon the existential question of women and their quest for identity in a complex patriarchal world. Her novel, Where Shall We Go This Summer is a story of a middle- aged, over- sensitive woman, Sita who is trapped in familial relationships and finds herself lonely in her own family. She suffers from identity crisis, but towards the end of the novel discovers her real self and solves the question of her existence....   [tags: Desai, literature, feminism]

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We See Soldiers Grieve Over Citizen 's Death

- In this image we see soldiers grieve over citizen’s death. If we look even closer, we will notice that soldiers’ fingers were injured. It feels as if they search and rescue citizen many days, and they did not sleep even one night. It almost seems that we can hear theirs’s prays. They want all citizen be rescued. I choose this image because that earthquake is distressing, but I saw many good spirits. This event is Sichuan earthquake in may 2008. Also Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics is in August,financial crises burst out in the whole world, and I move to other place with my parents....   [tags: 2008 Summer Olympics, Summer Olympic Games]

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Summer of Wealth, Dreams and Desires in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- ... In that moment readers are finally privy to the ugly, greedy, truth that is Tom, out philandering for pleasures purely his own, while his wife gives birth to their child. Later approaching the tragedy of of the book, Tom displays another act of sub-human behavior, nonchalantly brushing off his affairs, “And what’s more I love Daisy too. Once in a while I go off on a spree and make a fool of myself, but I always come back, and in my heart I love her all the time.”(201). Tom in a sense is attempting to prove to Daisy that because he always returns to her, the acts seriousness should somewhat be absolved....   [tags: greed, villain, hero]

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Movie Analysis : `` Wall E, Released `` Theaters Summer Of 2008 ``

- In the span of the past decade, the film that has arguably provided the most compelling social commentary did not feature environmental activists or decorated healthcare professionals, but instead a measly, trash-compacting robot with a cockroach for a companion. The movie Wall-E, released in theaters summer of 2008, depicts a distant yet not entirely implausible future where mankind has abandoned a forlorn, stripped earth and where couch-dwelling human blobs sip liquid cupcakes from super-sized cups....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Cancer, Overweight]

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Analysis Of The Generall Historie Of Virginia, New England, And The Summer Islesa

- Almost everyone is familiar with the oldest and most enduring legend to come out of the colonization of America; the amazing rescue of English solider and explorer Captain John Smith by Powhatan Princess, Pocahontas. Even more so, it is largely believed that these two were involved in a romantic relationship due to written undertones of a love story through his relation with Pocahontas in Smith’s self-written bibliography The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Islesa published in 1624....   [tags: Pocahontas, John Rolfe, The New World, Powhatan]

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I can, I will, and I must: Application Essay for Summer Internship

- I can, I will & I must. These words have been key point behind my learning. It has helped me to frame my targets & reach the goals of my carrier, which I strongly believe in materials science. The modern world is loaded with ballistic variations in gadgets & devices, with miniaturization being the ace of the cards. With the technology getting bigger the demand for Nano devices has been larger and Materials Sciences & engineering has a lion’s share in accomplishing it. This extrudes me to think beyond boundaries with rationality together with addition of creativeness and innovation upon it....   [tags: research, materials, learning]

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Steven Spielberg 's Summer Blockbuster Jaws From 1975

- Steven Spielberg’s summer blockbuster Jaws from 1975 is a dramatic thriller that has audiences afraid to go in the water. Dealing with the terror of the unknown is the major theme in Jaws (Goodykoontz, B., & Jacobs, C. P. 2014). In this film Spielberg uses many different techniques to draw in the suspense of the audience and to capture their imagination. This essay will analyze how the theme of the film is established by the use of cinematic techniques such as camera shots, sound, and camera edits/movements....   [tags: Film techniques, Long shot, Jaws, Fear]

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Public Health Surveillance System For The Olympic Games

- Public Health Surveillance System for the Olympic Games The Olympics are a one of a kind event; athletes from all over the world are brought together for just over two weeks. The host city and nation experience a large influx of visitors wanting to travel, experience the city and watch the athletes compete. The dramatic increase in international travel causes an equal increase in risks, especially regarding public health. Public health, according to the World Health Organization (2016), refers to “all organized measures (whether public or private) to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a whole.” Public health encompasses and integrates many fields inclu...   [tags: Summer Olympic Games, 2008 Summer Olympics]

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Economic Impact Of Beijing Olympic Games

- Economic Impact of Beijing Olympic games in China Introduction Starting with the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984, the United States creatively combined the Olympic games with commerce, and the concept of regarding the economic impact of hosting the Olympic games was first introduced. It was a valuable chance for the host city to take the advantage of international influence and business opportunities generated from the Olympics, improving the international standing and prestige and boost the local and national economic development....   [tags: 2008 Summer Olympics, Summer Olympic Games]

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The Event Of The Olympics

- Billions of dollars and hours are spent, every four years, preparing for the Olympics. In the mid 1990’s, the schedule was modified to have alternating summer and winter games on a biyearly cycle. Countries fight for the honor of hosting these worldwide games. At first glance, it may seem exciting and glamorous to be chosen to host the games. The Olympics can offer the opportunity for the world to see the host city and surrounding area at its best, potentially generating future tourism and fame....   [tags: 2008 Summer Olympics, Summer Olympic Games]

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Application For The Annual Sacnas Chapter Awards

- It is with great enthusiasm that our chapter submits the application for the annual SACNAS chapter awards. This past year, SJCC-SACNAS chapter has experienced professional growth. With our past SJCC-SACNAS chapter, students transformed from enthusiastic students to passionate leaders and mentors in our community. Christopher Lucas, our former vice president, graduated from San Jose City College and is transferring to UC Davis in pursuit of a biochemistry B.S. Past President Adriana Echaury will be attending UC Santa Barbara as a biochemistry student....   [tags: Summer of Love, Leadership, College]

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Visit to Constantinople and Some of the Greek Islands by John Auldjo

- In order to analyze a primary source in this case Journal of a Visit to Constantinople and Some of the Greek Islands in the Spring and Summer of 1833, by John Auldjo one must first research the authors and understand his point of view. With one simple internet search one would learn that John Auldjo was a British traveler, geologist, writer and artist. Simple by just reading that line one would find out that John Auldjo was not native member to the Ottoman Empire therefore he had a different perspective of Constantinople then someone who is native to the empire....   [tags: sultan, summer, spring, 1833]

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Vision Statement : Purpose Of Teaching

- Vision Statement: Purpose of Teaching For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed working with kids. I especially enjoyed seeing them improve in areas where most people thought impossible. However, I doubted that I had the ability to successfully teach anyone. Even though I doubted my abilities to be successful teacher I consistently found myself in some capacity where I was teaching and enjoyed it more often than not. At the age of fifteen, my church conducted a Vacation Bible School scheduled for a two week period, so teachers and students were placed appropriately....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Summer]

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The Most Important Event in my Life, and How It Changed Me

- ... All 26 councils came together and participated in different games. This was when our council first truly bonded and brought me out of my comfort zone. I learned how important teamwork is and how to embrace everyone’s different talents. I am a very competitive person, but during that night, I realized that it didn’t matter who won. All that mattered was the memories being made. Another activity we did, that had a major impact on me, was the concert. Each council made a parody to a popular song and sang it in front of the entire camp....   [tags: MASC's summer leadership camp]

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State of Hygene and Safety of the SPSU Pool Facilities

- Introduction Have you ever looked at the 104 days of summer vacation we have, and thought to yourself “What is the best way to spend it?” Usually, the first thing that comes to your mind after the heat of the first summer day is visiting a pool. One thing that often goes unchecked, by the average pool goer, is the state of hygiene and the safety of the pools they visit. In knowing that during one day of operation, over 100 people bathe in that pool, intuition suggests that a substantial amount of external contaminants are introduced into the pool’s system such as, bodily fluids, fecal matter, pathogens, and other contaminants....   [tags: contaminants introduced during summer]

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Free College Admissions Essays: An Unforgettable Summer

- An Unforgettable Summer Many people often mention the fact that everyone in their life time will have an unforgettable summer. Well, this seemed plausible after the summer I spent in Seoul, Korea. This trip is thus far the best summer in my lifetime that I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. I remember from the first meeting spot for my own delegation in Portland, Oregon; how I came to meet new people from all around the United States. The trip was off to a success ever since we left for Korea from the Portland Airport and my adventure was underway....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Free College Admissions Essays: Summer Camp Entrepreneur

- Summer Camp Entrepreneur The first wedding that I planned was in no way a traditional wedding. Ten eager little girls decorated the printed invitations with sequins, buttons, and markers. The same energetic hands prepared the wedding feast, consisting of bagged lunches, blintz soufflé, and of course a layer cake. On the big day I looked around with excitement. Again, I noticed something odd about this wedding. All the participants and guests appeared about four feet high. The "groom" had long hair pinned up with brown lines on her face (was that supposed to be a beard?) The wedding location, a back yard with a swing set and a wading pool, seemed far from romantic....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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My Summer as A Counselor In Training at Camp Morasha

- My Summer as A Counselor In Traing at Camp Morasha Over the past few years, I have overcome many challenges. But the one that stands out in my mind the most occurred this past summer while I was working as a Counselor-in-Training at Camp Morasha. I, along with 40 other people my age, was assigned to bunks of kids ranging from ages eight to fifteen. I can still remember looking up at the list and seeing that I had been assigned to a bunk of nine and ten year olds. I felt violated because I felt that I deserved a bunk of older kids, not a bunk full of little children who had never heard of personal hygiene....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Symbolic Elements in Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams

- Symbolic Elements in Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams The most striking feature of Tennessee Williams Summer and Smoke as performed at the Guthrie Theater was the transformation of the characters. There are several elements that reflect this transformation. These elements are set, costumes and character mannerisms, which are all symbolic. As a result of these complexities, the audience is exposed to a very deep and meaningful production. Summer and Smoke illustrates the transformation of the human mind and body through eloquent symbolic subtleties that are present through out the play....   [tags: Papers]

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I Know What You Did Last Summer

- I Know What You Did Last Summer In “I Know What You Did Lat Summer”, written by Lois Duncan, there are five major characters. Their names are Julie, Helen, Barry, Ray, and the killer (we will find out his name at the end of the book). Last summer all four of them (Julie, Helen, Barry, Ray) went to a party, on the fourth of July, and hit a boy with their car on the way home from the party. They had been drinking and had used some drugs so if they had stayed at the accident, they would be put in jail....   [tags: Lois Duncan Literature Essays]

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2000 Summer Olympics and How it Affected TV Ratings

- 2000 Summer Olympics and How it Affected TV Ratings I believe the coverage of the 2000 Olympics perfectly illustrates the media’s eagerness to pursue “Fluff” coverage of everything but athletics. In an attempt to arouse interest in an even in which will not even be completely broadcasted, so as to increase NBC’s rating, while simultaneously upsetting loyal Olympics viewers. With the quick rotation of sports events which should be covered during the predetermined times, rather that granted an arbitrary amount of television attention....   [tags: Papers]

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I Am A Nontraditional Student

- I am a nontraditional student who began this journey in the summer of 2013. I contacted the Director at the Slac Lab Geraldo R. Guerra, and requested permission to receive tutoring. I was not a student at the time but registered for the fall semester. Mr.Guerra, replied by saying “yes we can help but I need to get it prior approval first. “Within the twenty four hours I received a phone call and I was granted permission and assigned a tutor. I came to San Antonio College once a week for a 15-30 minutes tutoring session for the entire summer....   [tags: University, Academia, Summer of Love]

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