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The Declination of the Status of Women

- Society has considered women inferior to men since the beginning of time. In private life as well as in public life, society holds women dependent on men, especially relatives. The increased subjugation of women degrades women to second-class citizens, or in some cases objects. Men, especially in time of war, subjugate women. Society, whether in times of war or not, should not be accept this form of expression as the norm or considered it acceptable. Women are equals to men and provide a valuable resource; therefore, they should not be inferior to men....   [tags: taliban, women status, gilead]

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Women's Inferior Status in The Bible

- Corinthians 14:34 states, “Let the women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but let them be in subjection, as also saith the law” (Holy Bible, King James Edition). Edith Hamilton, "recognized as the greatest woman Classicist", says that the Bible is the only book before our century that looked to women as human beings, no better nor worse than men (Tanner). However, it cannot be said that this book was consistently favorable to women. Maybe not absolutely, but conditionally in personal opinion, the Bible shows numerous examples of a woman’s inferiority to men, an assessment that has been translated into the cultures of generations....   [tags: Status of Women in the Bible]

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The Status of Women in Islam

- Introduction: In today’s globalized world, women’s studies is emerging as a fast growing discipline which is not restricted any more to the academia but is significantly capturing the attention of the civil society. The way civil society responded to “Nirbhaya” gang-rape case of December, 2012 in Delhi; the way people came on the streets in protest against this horrific and barbarous crime committed against a 23 year old woman; this people’s movement has undoubtedly engineered the emergence of a new consciousness among us about the need for a realization of women’s honour and dignity in the society....   [tags: Women and Islam]

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Islam has Raised the Status of Women

- "The dowry, previously regarded as a bride-price paid to the father, became a nuptial gift retained by the wife as part of her personal property" (Fanar). This quote sums up the transition of women from being property to an individual person. Women used to be sold and purchased, but Islam raised the status of the women within a society that never thought much of the female. In the past, certain societies believed marriage was nothing more than a status symbol. Women were thought of producing children and establishing a man’s family tree....   [tags: Women's Rights ]

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The Status of Women and the Bhaki Movement in India

- ... While one chose to remain unmarried, the other remained married her entire life. Nonetheless, both the saints chose the line of bhakti and contributed to the spread of the bhakti movement in India. Both composed a number of poems or 'abhangas', which are a form of devotional poetry sung in praise of the Hindu god Vitthala, mainly sung in marathi. Janabai was born around the 13th century in a Maharashtra village into a family of the lowest caste, shudras. At a young age, she began life as a domestic worker in the household of Damashet and Gonai....   [tags: Janabai, Bahinabai, women saints]

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Women 's Status Of Women

- Women in various religions have been impacted differently based on the status of women in their religion. I think religions effect the overall status of women in a society because some women are allowed to have more freedom than others, and allow women to be in positions of power and have equality with men. Intro and Thesis The current situation of women in various traditions is very diverse. During this course we looked at Indigenous, Buddhist, Judaism, Christianity, Islamic, and Newer religions....   [tags: Religion, Islam, Christianity, Equals sign]

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Women 's Status Of Women

- Southeast Asia has long been identified as an area where women enjoy high status. This is mainly because that women in many Southeast Asia socieites inherit welth and noble titles and relative economic equality of men and women. Gender differences in Southeast Asia are less socially visible than the socieities where male-female difference is highly marked (Atkinson, 1982; Errington, 1990). Errington (1990) questions the seemly subtle differences and the ‘high status of women’ in Southeast Asia. She pointed out that the small differences in our eyes can be a world of differences to people in Southeast Asia....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Gender identity, Sociology]

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Indicators of The Status of Women in Society

- As stated in one of my previous essays, I have never used to consider myself as a feminist. I never even raised an issue over the fact that after I resigned as the Minister to Youth at my church, they hired a 19-year-old male with no previous experience with leading youth and chose to pay him twice as much as what I had been paid for the position. Were that to happen today, however, I would no longer allow the situation to happen without making a BIG issue of it. I previously assumed before taking this class that men and women were finally on equal footing....   [tags: Gender Issues]

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The Status of Women in India

- RE: The Status of Women in India, Universal v. Relative Human Rights, Sovereignty Within four years, from 2009 through 2012, India's sudden economical improvement was an interest of many countries, including the United States. Due to its seven percent annual increase in GDP the Goldman Sachs predicted India to become one of the top five global economies by 2030, each comment on the country was in regards to its new potential. That is until December 16, 2012 on which India was the source of an international social media outrage, as protesters demanded the conviction of six men....   [tags: politics, human rights, sovereignty]

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China 's Status Of Women

- Introduction According to the World Bank , China is still a developing country due to its unsatisfactory market reforms and per capita income in comparison to developed countries (News Xinhuanet, 2002). However, it has endured high economic growth in recent years, having reached all the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) while also accelerating in its social development, including the status of women. On an international scale, the problem of equality appears to be solved. Since the Mao Dynasty, the status of women has been treated as a conquered problem with the creation of the 1995 Women’s Federation for example, although many hardships and social pressures continue for women in present da...   [tags: People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong]

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Othello, The Status Of Women

- In William Shakespeare’s Othello, the status of women at the time, exemplified by Othello’s belief that Desdemona belongs to him, leads Othello to trust Iago more than he trusts his own wife. In many of Shakespeare’s plays, women lack social agency, and therefore their lives are run by men. Although Desdemona is a strong character, the fact that she is a woman creates room for Othello to doubt her. Othello begins to trust what Iago tells him more than he trusts Desdemona, which shows how little he trusted her in the first place....   [tags: Othello, Iago, William Shakespeare, Desdemona]

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Gender And Status Of Women

- 43 male presidents, 0 women presidents 9 male secretary generals, 0 women secretary generals. 1000 rapes for every 6 convictions. These statistics are frightening for women all around the world. However, as a civilization we have created these statistics. Society has established a patriarchy in which men are expected to be more aggressive and gain leverage over women. By fueling this hierarchy, women will continue to be belittled and self-deprecated. Equitable binary begins as we raise children with a double standard in which daughters are prevented opportunities that sons are given with excessive freedom....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Sociology, Woman]

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The Platonic and Aristotelian Views on the Role and Status of Women in Society

- Introduction Women’s rights and societal roles have varied throughout history. Yet, a common theme that is notable across many times and cultures is the notion that women are inferior to men. In ancient Greece, the opinion toward women followed this trend, and women were often overlooked in how they could contribute to society. It was rarely considered that the traits women share could be of use beyond their household duties. In this essay I will analyze the Platonic and Aristotelian views on the role and status of women....   [tags: Women’s societal roles in Ancient Greece]

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The Role and Status of Women in Buddhism and Confucianism

- The role and status of women in any religion in the word is known to be controversial. In Buddhism and Confucianism, women are seen as unequal and some of their belief promotes gender inequality. As outsiders of both main Chinese religions, we wonder how women put up with the gender inequalities. Women go through with the inequalities because they respect their faith and believe deeply in the teachings of Buddha for Buddhism, and Confucius for Confucianism. Much research and also thought has been put together to obtain true status of women in these Chinese religions....   [tags: Gender Issues]

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The Inferior Status of Women In India's Society

- Through child marriages, female infanticides, and child trafficking, women in India become oppressed. This oppression subjugates the status of women to a status inferior to men, thereby initiating a vicious cycle in which the status of women seems to continuously deteriorates. The marriage of children has been traditionally prevalent throughout India. A child marriage is a marriage between an older man and a woman less than the age of eighteen. As a result of the insinuations of dowry, where the family of the bride are often expected to pay large sums of money to the family of the groom, female children are already stigmatized (Lawson, 2001)....   [tags: Dowries, Infanticide, Abortion, Social Issues]

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The Yellow Wallpaper, The Treatment And Status Of Women

- The main and most evident theme among many in “The Yellow Wallpaper” is the treatment and status of women in society. The topic of women’s struggles and how it is portrayed in “The Yellow Wallpaper” is relevant to this literature course because various stories and discussions of said stories have been about the place of women in history and even modern times. Back in 1899 when “The Yellow Wallpaper” was written, women were not present in America’s workforce, barred from casting a ballot, and when married, husbands legally owned all of their property....   [tags: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Gender role, Gender]

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Status of Women in the Workplace

- Are male and female participation in the workforce destined to be mutually exclusive. The Waltham Mills of the mid-1820s and 1830s in addition to the thriving post-War 1950s are especially interesting in the context of the evolution of workplace participation in earned work, along with the social changes in gender roles, for example, that accompanied these shifts. While men have, throughout American history, sustained a substantial degree of authority over the workplace and, more generally, the conception and definition of “work” itself, women, on the whole, have found themselves somewhat pigeonholed in the home....   [tags: economic growth, economy, equal rights]

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Social Status can Affect An Individual in Either Negative or Positive Way

- A status is a position that an individual has in society. These can be as follows: age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or even a disability. An individual can have multiple statuses, as well as multiple master status. This is a status that defines an individual, and this status is how other individuals view one another in society. Statuses can affect an individual either in a negative or positive way. A negative status would be called a Stigma, which is a status that represents you in a negative way and affects an individual for the rest of his or her life....   [tags: stigma, master status, women]

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The Elevation of Women's Status in Islam

- Introduction The issue of women’s rights in Islam has been a particularly hot topic as of late, with the execution of women who attend school in Pakistan, and the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia, most of what is known and heard is negative. And as such, people paint all those who practice the religion with the same brush, they allow what little they have heard to form their opinion of a whole religion, of a whole community, a community that forms almost a third of the planet; and that is the problem....   [tags: women’s rights in Islam]

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The Status of Indian Women

- What is the status of the Indian women in Indian society. To examine this question properly, one must look at a couple different factors. Time period and caste (or economic level) both have an effect on the status of Indian women. There is no one model of an Indian women, and therefore no way to truly pin down her status without examining these changing aspects which build this status in society. However, despite these nuances in the status of an Indian women based off of these different factors, there are also underlying aspects of society that ultimately shape a women's status....   [tags: Gender Issues]

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The Changing Status of Women in Employment

- The Changing Status of Women in Employment Introduction The subject areas which I have chosen to focus on are work and employment and women. I have chosen these particular areas of sociology because as a female myself I am fascinated by the changing aspirations of women At the beginning of the twentieth century, it was considered that women would orientate to a domestic role, women were to dedicate their life to bearing and nursing children. Women were dependant on men for money and support; they faced discrimination at work and education as many opportunities were barred to them....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Roles and Status of Women

- The Changing Roles and Status of Women In 1903 the suffragette movement was born with the formation of the Women's Social and Political Union (WPSU) by Emmeline Pankhurst and her two daughters Christabel and Sylvia. At first the newly formed suffragettes relied on spreading propaganda to gain support. However, on the 18th October 1905 they gained considerable unplanned publicity when Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Kenney stood up at a public meeting and asked if a Liberal government would introduce women's suffrage....   [tags: Papers]

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Status of Women in Indian Society

- Status of Women in Indian Society The worth of a civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society. One of several factors that justify the greatness of India's ancient culture is the honorable place granted to women. The Muslim influence on India caused considerable deterioration in the status of women. They were deprived of their rights of equality with men. Raja Ram Mohan Roy started a movement against this inequality and subjugation. The contact of Indian culture with that of the British also brought improvement in the status of women....   [tags: Middle East Culture Papers]

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The Status of Women During Renaissance

- The Status of Women During Renaissance The attitude towards women, their treatment and their rights, underwent many changes during the Renaissance. During feudal times women were given more liberties and enjoyed freedoms. They could own land and had many of the rights men had. However, this period where so many great changes had been made in the church, in literature, and in all other artistic areas, women took a big step backward in their fight for equality. Women were thought of as property, owned first by their fathers, and then their husbands....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Status of Women

- The Changing Status of Women Women have played a huge role in society. Many people respect women for the simple fact that they bring life to every human that is put on earth and, without them, none of us would be here today. Although many people respect women, women believe that they have been treated unfairly in the past. I believe that women have been treated unfairly, but I also believe that women today have much better opportunities offered to them than in the past, and that women today are closer to equality than ever before....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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The Status of Women in India in the Past, Present and Future

- ... Now, education in women has made women more independent and active. Today every woman in India is legally supported and encouraged to participate in fields such as sports, politics, media, education, science and technology. The best example of this is Indira Gandhi who served as the Prime Minister of India for 15 years of her life. She is known for being the world’s longest serving woman Prime Minister ever. Despite having so many laws about the women rights in India. There are still women suffering from inequality in certain parts of the country....   [tags: gender inequality]

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The Past and Present Views on the Status of Women in Indian Society

- Introduction In India, past and present, the status and freedom that are held by women has and is in a constant decline due to both external and cultural factors that not only causes large panic, but defensive reactions that negatively affect and hinder the women in their culture. Many studies conducted, have shown that the influence of other cultures and religions have made an impression on the ideas of Indian men that have resulted in alterations to certain behaviors, attire, possession and customs....   [tags: Culture, Gender Inequality, research paper]

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Social Constraints Placed Upon Women

- Think about the men and women in everyday life and compare their actual successes to their aptitudes, drives, and intelligences that would theoretically enable them to achieve success. Excluding factors such as differing social backgrounds and upbringings, it does not seem that an ‘aptly prepared’, ‘decently intelligent’, or ‘hard-working’ sort of woman will always achieve in the real world. No, many females are deterred from scholastic and professional achievement by social expectations, many of which are outdated because they are ‘standards’ that have been set too low....   [tags: Social Status of Women]

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Feminism: Women's Status in Higher Education

- Throughout human history, customs derived from mythical and religious social traditions have provided cultural explanations regarding the evolution of the roles of men and women and the variations between the structures of the lives of the sexes (Sapiro 28). Although many see America as a country of equal opportunities for all, including women, most forget the struggle and hardship thousands faced to earn this God-given right. Professor Barry Bull of Indiana University speculates on the current infrastructure of American society: “If we do not expect this institution to treat citizens fairly in these various roles, the hope that we will be able to achieve anything like a recognizably just so...   [tags: equality, gender roles, women]

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Women's Status in Islamic States

- Introduction Women in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, and Tunisia among others face and continue to encounter regular inequities in both law and social norms. A combination of both deeply rooted societal customs and traditional understanding of Islamic law (Sharia) continue to downgrade women to a subsidiary status. In this region, women are not represented in higher positions. They do not participate in political issues and in matters related to private sectors. In other countries, they appear nowhere in the judicial system....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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The Legal And Cultural Status Of American Women

- In the article, A forgotten moment in physiology: The Lovelace Woman in Space Program, the authors discussed the genesis of the development of programs for sending women to space. In the field of astrology there is a lack of women. The article explains the programs that were created to promote the increase of women as astronauts. The programs that were established included: Women Air Force Service Plot, Woman in Space Earliest, and Woman in Space Program. With several experiments researchers concluded that women would be more suitable in space rather than men....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gender role, Mercury Seven]

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Women 's Role And Status Of Spartan Women

- Archaeological evidence collected in ancient Laconia reveals great insight into the role and status of Spartan women until 371 BC. A compilation of written sources shows the unique treatment of women in Sparta compared with that of other ancient Greek societies. This treatment differs the economic, religious, marital, reproductive and social responsibilities from those of gender archetypes. As men were away at war and occupied with training in the agoge, women were involved in trading, agriculture and supervising helots....   [tags: Sparta, Battle of Thermopylae, Ancient Greece]

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The Role and Status of Women in the 1940s and 1950s

- The Role and Status of Women in the 1940s and 1950s After the First World War women had gained a huge step towards having equality with men. In 1918 married women over the age of 30 were given the right to vote. During the war women had proved themselves as capable as men, not only as nurses near the front lines working in very dangerous positions but also back in Britain working to help the war effort in jobs that before the war they could never have even had a chance of getting....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain

- The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain 1. Explain why women failed to gain the right to vote between 1900 and 1914. In the twentieth century women’s role in society was hugely different to what it is today. Women were regarded as being inferior to men and were treated as such. Although girls were given a compulsory state education 1870, few went to university and those who did were not awarded a degree. Women had very few rights under marriage, when a woman married; she and all her possessions became the property of her husband....   [tags: Papers]

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Women's Social Status in the World

- [Introduction] Women's status is a complex issue and a hard-to-define subject. Around the world, women's status in each society and culture varies in different ways. In some societies, women's status improved gradually, while in other, it declined or remained unchanged. What affects women's status in a society. In what kind(s) of society, /is women's status /is/ among the highest. And why. My research paper will focus on the relationship between women's status and the degree of stratification and wealth of a society....   [tags: Gender Female Women Woman]

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Women And Their Economic Status

- “Ms.” and “Mrs.” are terms that have forever defined women and their economic status in our society by belittling their existing to only a simple term. Throughout all of the women’s rights movements and advances, why not redefine these terms and what they represent. Women are often defined by their marital status. This is a common misconception we have even now in the twenty first century. The terms “Ms.” and “Mrs.” show us the role a woman plays in a household and usually shields the idea of them having a role outside of the household....   [tags: Marriage, Wife, Same-sex marriage, Woman]

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The Status of Women in China As Explained in Two Essays and A Film

- Throughout time, women have often been referred to as the inferior gender. In China, women have had to go through dire circumstances in order to look good in the public eye. From foot binding, to enduring abusive husbands, to becoming concubines in a prison-like house, women have been through hell in order to please their men, and, most importantly, to please their society. There are a series of double standards and contradictions to how men and women are treated, and this is shown in both Lu Xun and Qiu Jun’s essays as well as in the film, Raise the Red Lantern....   [tags: China, Inferior Gender, Pure, Chaste]

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Women's Status in Mid-19th Century

- No matter the era there have been rights that have been taken away from one person or another. This can be seen heavily during the Victorian Era-- around the time that Pride and Prejudice was published. One of the bigger movements in that era relate to women’s rights. They didn’t have any sort of rights, they couldn’t own property, couldn’t become employed, and much more. These rights affected women’s self values, they became less confident which influenced their actions. This made them think of what to do and how to get it done....   [tags: Victorian Era, liberation movement]

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The Status of Women in the Work Force After the Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

- The Status of Women in the Work Force After the Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe The fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union marked the end of an era in which official ideology and state policy often masked the reality of citizens' lives. This contradiction was particularly acute for women, a group that the Soviet model of communism was intended to emancipate (Basu, 1995; Bystydzienski, 1992; Corrin, 1992; Einhorn, 1993; Millarand and Wolchik, 1994; Nelson and Chowdhury, 1994; Rueshchemeyer, 1994)....   [tags: History Russia Eastern Women Work Essays]

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The Effect of World War I on the Role and Status of Women

- The Effect of World War I on the Role and Status of Women World War 1, In many people's opinion possibly one of the most influential incidents on the changing role and status of women to this day. In this essay I will attempt to go through all the major issues and make a conclusion on weather I think World War 1 Changed the role and status of women and weather it affects us to this day. Before the war women were treated with much of a stereotypical attitude. The "typical" woman was one who stayed in the home, cooked cleaned and looked after there children....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Role and Status of Women's From 1914-1928

- The Changing Role and Status of Women's From 1914-1928 We are studying how far the role and status of women changed between 1914 and 1928. It includes different aspects of life for the women; it will also refer to how and why life changed during the war. In the early 20th century women’s lives were a repeated routine, which unfortunately was the same every single day....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900

- The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900 Women failed to gain the right to vote during the early 20th century for many reasons, despite their efforts in protest and campaign. Demanding the women's right to vote would be defying the centuries of tradition as they were established in society only as housekeepers, carers and bearers of children. Their rights were severely limited- only after 1892/3 Married Women Property Act could a married woman keep her properties and earnings and not pass them over to their husbands....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900

- The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900 1. Before 1900, women had generally stayed in the home. From the Middle Ages to 17th Century, they had been involved in cottage industries like making gloves. Early in the industrialisation period, women were sent down coalmines, because they cost less, but later on when rules and regulations were set over hours and safety, women were pushed back into the home because men could work harder for longer hours. Around the end of the 19th Century teaching, nursing and shop work became more common professions for women, and for those who were well-educated, clerical work....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900

- The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900 Before the Victorian era, women were deemed very much as second class citizens; any idea of women being anywhere near as equal to men would be having been thought ridiculous before this era. But the Victorian era was one of innovation and change, everything was questioned; religion, society and the idea of women being equal to men. But would British politics surely allow women the vote, many men thought that if women were allowed to vote, they might have been kicked out of office due to sheer weight of numbers....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Role and Status of Women since 1945

- The Changing Role and Status of Women since 1945 1. Source A is an account of events towards the end of the Second World War written by a woman welder and it gives us a good idea of what happened to some women when the end of the war was drawing near and men started coming home. The source tells us that 12 women welders were made "redundant" with "no reason given" and although the source is only one woman's experience, a lot of women were made redundant as soon as the war started coming to an end because men were promised their jobs back and women were, therefore, expected to go back home and revert to being housewives and mothers again....   [tags: Papers]

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The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britian Since 1900

- The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britian Since 1900 The women between 1900 and 1914 had a tough battle. They had many methods however most of them were not very successful. A huge factor was their failure to unite under a common cause. Up until 1896 there had been no national organisation and there had been many regional divisions. The two biggest divisions being London (conventional) and Manchester (extremist). They had many disputes over stance on general feminist issues....   [tags: Papers]

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My Life Paragonned to the Women in the Asher Lev Books by Chaim Potok

- “Asher Lev, an artist is a person first. He is an individual. If there is no person, there is no artist” (Chaim Potok). An individual with different characteristics has a different mindset, attitude, confidence and respect from those around them. In Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, Asher is a Ladover Hasid who grows up in a Hasidic community, who is deeply committed to his Jewish faith and finds difficulty between the expectations of his traditions and his gift. He is an individual with a broad mindset, who wants to do things inversely....   [tags: women studies, status]

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the status of ancient egyptian women

- The Status of Women in Ancient Egyptian Society Unlike the position of women in most other ancient civilizations, including that of Greece, the Egyptian woman seems to have enjoyed the same legal and economic rights as the Egyptian man-- at least in theory. This notion is reflected in Egyptian art and historical inscriptions. It is uncertain why these rights existed for the woman in Egypt but no where else in the ancient world. It may well be that such rights were ultimately related to the theoretical role of the king in Egyptian society....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Women's Status in Islam

- Women's Status in Islam In Islam, women and men are equal in terms of their relationship with Allah. It can be clearly seen that Allah has created men and women differently, this is so that they may fulfil different purposes in life. It is not a question of the superiority of one gender over another, rather it is a matter of role differentiation. Islam teaches that men and women complement one another and are both equally important....   [tags: Papers]

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The Poverty Status of Single Women and Single Mothers

- Although currently we do not recognizing the increasingly important role of women in the economy. It is important to recognize the work that women exert especially single women and single mothers. Single women have an important contribution to the economy. Single mothers, in addition is playing a significant contribution in the professional , they use their time with effort and dedication to work in home , a work that results in the education of children, caring for household members , organization and address chores, provide food, cleaning and repair of housing, care of clothing and footwear , purchases and payments ....   [tags: economy, poverty, wages, education, house]

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The Role and Status of Women in Britain in the late 1940's and 50's

- The Role and Status of Women in Britain in the late 1940's and 50's During the war women in Britain experienced freedom they had never had before. However, when the war came to and end and the men returned from fighting, many women were immediately made redundant without any explanation. The government encouraged them to go back to working in the home, looking after her family was seen as a woman's priority and duty. Women in Britain were used as a 'reserve army of labour' called upon in a crisis but expected to go back to their traditional roles when the crisis was over....   [tags: Papers]

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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

- Women of the regency period were different culturally and educationally contrasting with the women in today’s society. Jane Austin tried to clarify all the reasons involved that put women back in the society during regency era. The novel, “Pride, and Prejudice” is a satire to those wealthy individuals like Lady Catherine and Colonel Fitzwilliam who used their wealth to get what they want. The novel is the story of what women looks like during regency era. Mr. Bennet has five daughters, who have harder time to get married....   [tags: regency period, social status, women]

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Status of Western-European Women in Classical and Post-Classical Eras

- Status of Women in Western Europe (C/C) 1750-1914 Throughout the classical and postclassical eras, it is evident that women have always held a certain label whether it be positive or negative. This was evident throughout various regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Americas, and Europe. The time period from 1750-1914 was also an era of industrialization, in places especially like Europe. New machinery and a grand-scale labor force was required to allow the country to prosper as much as possible....   [tags: industrialization, occupations, suffrage]

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Women As A Minority, Gender, Discrimination, And Social Status

- Throughout history, women have experienced great amounts of equality issues based on their gender. We have seen this in many different ways such as women were not able to vote, not allowed to work in military jobs, did not experience equality in the workplace, and many other ways. Women are not a numerical minority though they are a sociological minority, meaning that they are a group who are under a dominant group by education, employment, wealth, political power, and social status. Although women have received a lot of the rights that they did not receive in the past, they still are experiencing minority status to this day....   [tags: Sociology, Minority group, Minority]

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Three Ways in Which India can be Led to a More Gendered Balanced State

- In both developing and developed nations, women have throughout history and in modern states, have had a fairly low representation in the work force and political world. However in India, even though there has been an increase of women in its political sphere, women there still exist in a ‘man’s world’ and are held back by the entrenched traditional gender roles prevalent in India. It is important, however, for any nation, though especially developing nations such as India, to have gender-balanced nation-states so that developing nations can not only increase their global economy; but also create an equal society were both genders are represented equally....   [tags: india, women status, inequality]

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Women 's Weight Status Among Adolescents

- In the journal article, “Weight Status Among Adolescents in States That Govern Competitive Food Nutrition Content” by Taber et al., the nutritional standard policies on competitive foods were studied to determine if they caused an impact on children’s weight status. A few years later, the journal article, “State-Level School Competitive Food and Beverage Laws are Associated with Children’s Weight Status” by Hennessy, et al., was published and it had the same purpose. This article by Hennessy et al....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Obesity, Nutrition]

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The Good Earth By Pearl S. Buck : Women 's Social Status

- Women 's Social Status in Chinese Society One major aspect of the novel The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, is how women are portrayed in China 's society. The novel shows different women through different perspectives, and eventually transforms the role of women in China. Women are shown in different social classes, but each woman 's role in society is based on her social status. Women are used for the work they accomplish, or just to be toyed around, doing whatever men want to do with them. In the novel, a fellow refugee talks about strangling a baby girl at birth or selling her as a slave for money....   [tags: Social class, Woman, Gender, The Good Earth]

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Change of Attitudes Toward the Role and Status of Women During the 1920's and 1930's

- Change of Attitudes Toward the Role and Status of Women During the 1920's and 1930's At the beginning of the 1920's all women over 30 and all women property owners over the age of 21 had been enfranchised by the Representation of the Peoples Act that was passed by the government in 1918. This act paved the way for the major change in the role and status of women that occurred during the nineteen twenties and thirties. Political change came first for British Women with new legislations being introduced that began to develop the idea that women should be treated on the same grounds as men....   [tags: Papers]

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“Restoration Women: Reassessment of identity and status through theatre”

- “The dramas laws the dramas patrons give” illustrates the relationship between theatre and the people of the Restoration period (Elwin 5). As theatre of this era sheds light on the newly changing social normal and self-identification the reaction of the audience sheds insight back onto theatre itself. The concept of sex and sexuality is confronted and analyzed as women take the stage for the first time. The rapidly changing constructs of women are illustrated on stage and is widely received by rowdy and enthusiastic audiences....   [tags: Theater ]

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Status of New Generation Women : Sign of Emancipation or Degradation? -From an Analysis of Chetan Bhagat’s Novels

- Chetan Bhagat is a fascination for the youngsters as he writes about the issues that they are grappling with. The social milieu as depicted in the novels of Chetan Bhagat is alarming with the crumbling of moral values. As the youth in his novels move into a new millennium, they find themselves in a crucial point to decide whether to carry on the glorious past values of the country or to adopt the new culture endorsed in the name of westernization and globalization. They call themselves modern but they fail to understand that they cannot surpass the engrained ideologies of the past....   [tags: Literary Review, Social Rituals]

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Events Leading to the Change Women's Status and Role in Britian Since 1900

- Events Leading to the Change Women's Status and Role in Britian Since 1900 Source A is a photograph showing an early suffragette demonstration. The women shown in the photo are wearing nice dresses, probably their Sunday best, showing that this demonstration was an occasion to the suffragettes. There are women of all ages at the demonstration which shows that the suffragettes had a wide range of supporters. The demonstration appears to have only just begun as the flag is not yet unrolled, however this could also been the suffragettes were having a break form protesting....   [tags: Papers]

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The Role of Women in Challenging the Status Quo in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew

- The Role of Women in Challenging the Status Quo in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew The female characters of Shakespearean literature inspire much controversy over their roles. Many critics assert the female characters are depicted as unreal portrayals of passive women. Other critics argue that the roles portrayed were considered normal for the period in which they took place. During the period of the Enlightenment, many social norms changed and evolved. One such norm was the position of women in society....   [tags: Papers]

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Gender Neutrality of Law is a Myth

- Gender Neutrality of Law is a Myth The status of women as empowered citizens around the world is yet to be ascertained. Guided by the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it seems as if the trend towards a just social order reflects a better tomorrow, and yet, thousands of women suffer from the brutal crimes and atrocities committed by their male counterparts. Deeply woven into the social fabric of society, women face the onslaught of a patriarchal legal system - be it by the denial of fundamental rights in Afghanistan or the exclusion from property interests in India....   [tags: Women Legal Status]

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Gender Identity And Social Status

- Introduction There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and for this paper to be 1,200 words, it is apparent that analytical skills will be put to the test. The ad chosen approaches the line that is gender identity, with a woman in mid-action, representing a liner for athletic woman. With gender identity comes the talk of tomboys and sissies, and being ladylike or manly. Evolutionarily speaking, men have been strong and the leaders; while women have been the child bearers and with low social status....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Women's suffrage, Color]

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The Rise of Modern Chinese Women

- Sexual equality a concept that most of us we are longing for in the society nowadays. However, it is nothing more than a dream in the past Chinese lineage-dominated society. It is a society that famous for men are superior to women. According to Prof. Ma, men and women are treated differently in Chinese lineage-dominated society. For example, in family, workplace and politics aspect, men had absolute power and right on decision making whereas women are not entitled to or nearly forbidden to involve in the above aspect....   [tags: sexual equality, social status]

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Women´s Right Movement: Gender Inequality

- “No Society treats its women as well as its men” is a quote from the United Nations Development Program when they were asked about the issue of gender inequality, which was featured in the Chicago Tribune News. Fifty years earlier, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which specified that everyone, regardless of gender, was entitled to the same rights and freedoms (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Fifty years later though, countries are still falling short of achieving the goal of gender equality....   [tags: power, status, disparity]

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The Barriers Islamic Women Face as Explained in The Worl'd's Religions by Huston Smith

- The World’s Religions by Huston Smith is a novel based on the different religions found around the world. The main area of focus within this book was to expand the knowledge of different cultures and their religions. The chapters that were specified to focus on include Islam, Judaism, Christianity and the Primal Religions. Go into detail about each religion. Smith goes into great detail about each religion, concentrating on the teachings and essential elements of each religion, important people that helped form the religion, and traditions....   [tags: polygamy, respect, status]

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Gender Expectations and Women´s Role During the Elizabethan Era

- ... At the start of the Duke Orisino and Sir Andrew actually feel threatened by Olivia and I tried to force her into marriage. Men could vote,act -women were played by young boys- and choice of career. Sly in 'The Taming Of The Shrew calls her husband a 'lord', “Are you my wife and will not call me husband. My men should call me 'lord:' I am your good-man.”[Induction, Scene2, Line10]. Sly's ignorance of social custom shows that she is rebelling against the idea that men are the higher sex and that she is owned by her husband....   [tags: legal status, marriage, punishment]

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Women 's Talk Too Much By Janet Holmes

- Introduction A widely accepted myth that we all might hear everyday or might even think we experience is women do all the talking. In different languages around the world, there are many different sayings that say women talk too much. Myth 6, “Women Talk Too Much”, by Janet Holmes addresses the question if women are the ones who take up all the talking time or is this just a myth. I will address the main ideas and my reaction about Myth 6. Myth 6 Researchers by the name of Deborah James and Janice Drakich reviewed sixty-three studies and found out that this is the exact opposite....   [tags: Female, Male, Gender, Social status]

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Black Women at Princeton University

- In this brief report, I will be examining common practices, policies and resources that support Black women attending Princeton University. Included is a brief review of national averages in regards to higher education attainment and a rationale for continued rhetoric on this topic. My interest in this topic stem from my experience at State University’s Women Studies Program. While the conversation around gender is necessary and crucial, little attention was given to discussions of how race and gender affect an individual’s lived experience....   [tags: higher education, status]

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How Socioeconomic Status Affects Partner Violence

- After reading chapter seven on the topic of violence in romantic partnerships, I was left with a variety of thoughts and questions on the topic and was mostly just trying to sift through my own personal beliefs, the information that we have been presented in this chapter, and the many different research studies that have been done on the topic. The question I decided to pursue for my paper was: “Why does income and education have to play such an effect in the experience of physical violence?” Before beginning to answer this question, I took a step back and thought more about how socioeconomic status affects partner violence, with socioeconomic status being a combination of income, educatio...   [tags: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Social status]

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History of the Evolution of Women's Rights

- ... This act gave women the right to refuse to sell property but could not manage that property or sell it without her husband’s agreement. In 1840, Texas passed its law. This act allowed women to enter into certain contracts, wrote a will, and sue for divorce. She could veto the sale of her property, and veto the sale of the family homestead even if she was not its owner. The argument for passing it was that it protected married women and their children from irresponsible husbands.Later on in 1860, 14 states had passed the same version of the statute....   [tags: from possession to citizen status]

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Social Status and Feminism in The Great Gatsby

- F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby may appear to be a simple tragic romance; however, within the text, Fitzgerald identifies and defines social gaps and importance of wealth. He also presents women within a very separate space as the men. The Great Gatsby allows the reader to enter into the world of wealth and experience the joys and tragedies of being within this certain class as well as allowing the reader to interpret the position of gender inside the class. "Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,' he [my father] told me, "just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had" (Gatsby 1)....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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Effect Of Status On Society

- The Effect of Ascribed Statuses In Our Society A person 's status has always held great importance in determining his or her life opportunities in the American society. One could argue that your quality of life is almost primarily based on your status which indicates how much of an impact it truly has on how society views and treats us. With this being said, some sociological terms to keep in mind when looking at the full scope of an ascribed status are; achieved status, ascribed status, race, ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic status or SES....   [tags: Sociology, Social status, African American]

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The Diet Of Social Status

- The diet of social status Whether a person lives within high or low class in their social status, the socioeconomic factor can decide on one’s diet, along with one’s health plan. A family’s diet shows “how social class shapes our daily, face-to-face interactions—from casual exchanges to interactions at school, work, and home” (Fiske and Markus). Not many people can afford a particular diet, whether for religious reasons or a life changing personal decision. Similar to the vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, or other diets of their liking....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Social status, Sociology]

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Women And Women 's Rights

- There was a time in the world when women were without basic rights and required the power to make decisions about their own lifestyle. They weren’t educated to the same standard as men. They weren’t allowed to work, they weren’t even allowed to inherit property. Everything belonged to their husband or family. There were no women in the police force or government and women weren’t even allowed to vote. Men’s power over women often cost their lives , the physical power is obvious. But there is also emotional power....   [tags: Human rights, Women's suffrage, Women's rights]

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Women Of Women 's Suffrage

- Throughout the 1800s, women across the world began establishing organizations to demand women’s suffrage in their countries. Today, there are still women in countries fighting for their right to vote. Some countries who’ve succeeded in the mid to late 1800s were Sweden and New Zealand. Once they expanded women’s suffrage, many other countries followed. Like Sweden, countries first granted limited suffrage to women and other countries approved to the full national level. Additionally, there were quite a few countries who had taken over a century to give women the right to vote, Qatar being a prime example....   [tags: Women's suffrage, Suffrage, Suffragette]

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Women Helping Women

- It is always gratifying to see women helping women; it is intensely so when the Consort of our Queen’s representative, the first lady of our land, gathers the helpful women of all nationalities, creeds and societies together, and by uniting them in one Council enables them to work for the furtherance and uplifting, not only for womanhood, but all of humanity; inspiring them all with a greater love of home, a greater love of country, a greater desire to be helpful to others springing from the inspiration of the Fatherhood of God and the Golden Rule which this Council takes as its motto....   [tags: Women's Rights ]

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Women 's Equality Between Women And Women

- Women have always felt inferior in society in comparison to men. Men have always been seen as the dominant figures and women as the pillars that help support their male counterparts. Women do not want to live under men as a secondary figure in society. They have developed their own movement in order to express the way they have been unjustly treated as individuals in society. The women’s movement has earned a type of formal equality through political and legal means. Along with the gain in formal equality, their lifestyles have changed dramatically as Canada itself changed....   [tags: Feminism, Women's suffrage, Sociology]

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Women 's View Of Women

- Women have never been equal to men. In the developing world, 200 million women have less Internet access than men. In the United States, men named John hold more CEO titles than all women combined. Women around the world spend more hours a day working without pay than men do. Women in the United States make just seventy-seven cents to the dollar of what men make. These are reasons why there is feminism. These are the reasons why we need feminism. Feminism is a collection of movements and beliefs that share a mutual goal....   [tags: Gender, Marriage, Women's rights, Feminism]

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