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Caring For Populations Of South Carolina

- Caring for Populations in Aiken, South Carolina Aiken County is a large county located in South Carolina. It is centrally located between Columbia, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia. There are two colleges, the university of South Carolina at Aiken and Aiken technical college, as well as a large public school district, many churches, a hospital, multiple libraries, many golf courses and several manufacturing plants, including the department of energy’s Savannah River Site. It is well known in the equestrian community nationally....   [tags: Diabetes mellitus, Insulin, Obesity]

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The Environmental Issues Of South Carolina

- I live in Summerville, South Carolina which is a beautiful place. This area has many parks to visit which are filled with trees and wildlife. There are also laws protect pine trees. With this considered, I had a preconceived notion that it was a nature-oriented and environmentally conscious town. However, when I conducted research to see what environmental issues my county was addressing, I was shocked to learn that there is a serious lack of programs, activities, or action based on anything remotely concerning any progressive environmental movements....   [tags: Drinking water, Water, Water treatment]

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The Confederate Flag Of South Carolina

- Although some people see the flag in South Carolina as a sign of respect for the fallen soldiers, others see it as a symbol of racism and hate. Representative Joseph Neal stated, "my heritage is based on a group of people who were brought here in chains, who were denigrated, demagogued, lynched, and killed, denied the right to vote and the right to even start a family" (Murphy). Many people have similar views when it comes to the Confederate flag, especially after a radical, racist man named Dylann Roof, shot nine African Americans at their church....   [tags: American Civil War, Southern United States]

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The City Of Charleston, South Carolina

- Introduction Imagine: It’s Saturday morning in Charleston, South Carolina. On this brisk morning, a resident is reading a book with a cup of coffee on the porch of his historic home. Without warning, a boisterous call from the PA System of a cruise ship pierces the tranquility of the morning. This call signals the departure of the cruise ship, which is then followed by an unnecessary horn, wailing four times. According to a citizen of Charleston, this is a common scenario as it repeats 104 times a year....   [tags: Cruise ship, Tourism, Pacific, Ship]

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The State Of South Carolina

- Aiken County is a large county located in South Carolina. It is centrally located between Columbia South Carolina and Augusta Georgia. There are two colleges, the university of South Carolina at Aiken and Aiken technical college, as well as a large public school district, many churches, a hospital, multiple libraries, many golf courses and several manufacturing plants including the department of energy’s Savannah River Site. It is well know in the equestrian community nationally. Aiken is home to Palace Malice, who was winner of the Belmont Stakes race in 2014....   [tags: Insulin, Diabetes mellitus]

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A Report On South Carolina

- South Carolina has a lengthy and illustrious history of high rates of poverty, homelessness, and the mistreatment of the individuals stuck in these two seemingly inescapable ruts. This state prides itself in its hard-working, determined citizens who welcome others with gracious southern hospitality, but perhaps over the years, the majority of its congregation forgot that not everyone is as independent as they. There are thousands of people all over South Carolina yearning for a ladder with which they may escape the desolate cavern of poverty and rejoin the forces of the self-reliant community....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Southern United States]

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The Reconstruction Of South Carolina

- Summary Reconstruction failed in South Carolina (SC) due to the rise in power of the of Democratic party after the election of 1877 in which Hampton was elected Governor. This shift in power took hold due to the over exaggerated rhetoric regarding Republican party corruption, fear of black militias, and Democratic radicals’ use of violence, fear, and coercion to prevent blacks and Republicans from voting. The major contributor to the anti-republican and black rhetoric was Martin Gary who organized much of the violence leading up to Hampton’s election....   [tags: Ku Klux Klan]

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South Carolina in the Fifties

- Most stories depict a world full of misconception and over scrutinized facts which deal with an indirect narration of the past. The story is drawn out and over dramatized to the point of disbelief. Bastard out of Carolina is just that. On the contrary, this book is nothing but realistic. Comparing world sufficiency established by Dorothy Allison’s idea of the fifties to that of today’s standards, one would see it as if that world is one out of a fairytale; not so much a fairytale, but as more of a nightmare-tale....   [tags: literary analysis, society, Dorothy Allison]

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Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina And Texas

- States such as Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas had many reasons to want to secede from the Union. Some of their reasons were similar and some were different. In the article, “The Declaration of Causes of Seceding States,” they give their reasons for wanting to leave the union. Some of the main reasons had to deal with, the Federal Government, the want to abolish slavery, and the presidential election. Starting with Georgia they mention different reasons for wanting to secede from the Union and how they have had enough....   [tags: American Civil War, Southern United States]

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My Experience At The University Of South Carolina

- The idea of going to college outside of South Carolina, even studying outside of the country, has always seemed unreachable. My mother, father, or anyone in my immediate family is not able to tell me about an abroad trip in college. Leaving home and attending my mother’s former college has always been a goal of mine. Being accepted into College of Charleston was the pinnacle of my college career at that point. That changed a year ago when I found out that my roommate was applying to study in Spain....   [tags: Public health, Health care, Health]

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Sherman’s Stab at South Carolina

- “South Carolina had succeeded. It had left the Union by vote of its convention at Charleston on the twentieth.”(Lewis 137). To many people this was a shock for South Carolina to be the first state to succeed from the union. To General William Sherman he was devastated as Lewis depicts Sherman Pacing the floor as he was saddened by this tragic news, and in pacing until it became almost an omen to his future march (Lewis 138). As The Civil War came close to an end, the union had come up with a brilliant plan to end it all with just one devastating plan....   [tags: Civil War, Trading Ports]

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South Carolina Lions Charity Services

- South Carolina Lions Charitable Services requests $5,000 to continue the important health programs providing vision, hearing, and health screenings, hearing aids, and eye surgeries to the uninsured residents of Berkley, Colleton, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties served by the Bakker Family Fund. South Carolina Lions Charitable Services is dedicated to improving lives by providing vision, hearing and health screenings, and hearing aids and eye surgeries for the uninsured and under insured residents of South Carolina who otherwise would not receive assistance....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Medicine]

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South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

- The state agency I have chosen to write about is the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). They are the states leading law enforcement agency who handles case all over the state to include investigating crimes committed by common people to those committed by police officers. Therefore, in order to keep track of all the crime that is happening within our state they use the South Carolina Incident-Base Reporting System (SCIBRS) in which their training manual was last revised in 2014 (   [tags: Police, Crime, Law enforcement agency]

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Slave Patrols During South Carolina

- Slave patrols began in South Carolina, during the year 1704. Slave patrols were enacted by colonials who warranted the use and regulation of slavery through laws which limited enslaved individuals attempts and or ability to escape, establishing and requiring rules which required all settlers to assist in the enforcement of these new slave codes. Those who participated in slave patrols where noted as patrollers, patty rollers, or paddy rollers by slaves. A slave patrol consisted of groups of three to upwards of six white men who imposed discipline against black slaves who were found to have traversed away from their plantation with either the intention of escaping or simply intermingling amon...   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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Lexington Medical Center, South Carolina

- Lexington Medical Center is located in West Columbia, South Carolina. It is in the heart of the midlands here and is the hospital that everyone knows and loves. They have a 414 bed medical complex along with 60 medical practices, 6 community medical and urgent care centers, an occupational health center, Alzheimer’s care center and the largest extended care facility in the Carolinas. These facilities are served by over 600 physicians and 1,600 nurses within the hospital network. They offer a variety of medical services from pediatrics to geriatrics and routine care to complex intensive treatments....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health care provider]

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South Carolina 's Court System

- Bryan, it appears that South Carolina’s court system is similar to that of Missouri. I appreciated you thread and with that being said, Professor has proposed the following question, “If there could be changes made to make our court system more compatible with the biblical model, what would it be and why?” Most would agree that our country was founded on Christian principles and those that don’t should thank their lucky stars that we were (e.g., atheists, socialists). Our God is God of “all” and that includes civil government....   [tags: Law, Crime, Criminal justice, Punishment]

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It Is Time to Expand Medicaid Coverage in South Carolina

- ... “Here in South Carolina we have one of the lowest life expectancies and highest infant mortality rates in the U.S. With such high costs and such poor outcomes, why would we through more money at the system without first demanding improved efficiency, quality, and accessibility. As long as I am governor, South Carolina will not implement the public policy disaster that is Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion” (Hoogendyk, 2013). That makes for good sound bites during a conservative-state’s election cycle, but even the South Carolina’s medical establishment believes Haley and the legislature should change course....   [tags: Affordable Care Act]

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Legalizing Tattooing in South Carolina

- What is tattooing. Tattooing is the art of marking the skin with indelible patterns, pictures, or legends by making pricks and inserting colored ink. The word itself has its origins in the South Pacific. The art had been referred to as pricking, scarring, or staining until explorer Captain James Cook encountered the indigenous peoples of Tahiti. (Wilkinson 6) Tattooing is not just a recent fad. Tattooing has been around for a very long time. "The current first proven incident of a tattoo dates back 4,000 years B.C....   [tags: Law]

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Land Redistribution in South Carolina

- Land Redistribution in South Carolina After the Civil War, the United States was torn on how to provide services to freed slaves, or freedmen. Eventually the Freedmen's Bureau emerged from the confusion. This bureau gave food, shelter, and education to freedmen, but also did one more very important service. The Freedmen's Bureau helped to get the emancipated slaves on their feet by providing land to each of them. "Forty acres and a mule"(Abbot, 52) was the amount of land and property that each family or single man in South Carolina was to get....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of the Two Periods of Antebellum South Carolina

- ... Furthermore, image A represents the manner of slavery before abolition had set in in South Carolina. Since this sale took place in 1760 this meant that South Carolina was still a British colony, as the America Revolution had not occurred yet. With the British customs in usage, slavery was still at the point of treating the Africans as if they were no better then cattle. One of the sellers, Laurens, was one of the wealthiest plantation owners and slave traders in South Carolina meaning he conducted business in a manner of selling his imported slaves for as much profit as he could get....   [tags: advertisement of slaves, civil war]

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Overview of The South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCSDB)

- The South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCSDB) is the only specialized non-profit school in South Carolina for students who are deaf or blind. The main campus is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but the school serves students throughout the entire state of SC through its campus and outreach service programs. The SC School for the Deaf and the Blind was founded in 1849 by the Reverend Newton Pinckney Walker. The school was first started as a private school for students who were deaf....   [tags: Special needs, Enrollment]

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How the Civil War Effected South Carolina

- The Civil War had a multi-faceted effect on Charleston, South Carolina. As a result of the American Civil War, Charleston’s economy, agriculture, slavery, architecture, and lifestyle forever changed. Charleston, the site of great devastation during and after the American Civil War, took decades to recover. However, Charleston became the most beautiful city in South Carolina. The American Civil War affected Charleston’s agriculture in an enormous way. During the Civil War, as Charleston’s Confederates left the city, and the federal troops entered the city, the Confederates set fire to and blew up many of their own supplies (including cotton, rice and munitions)....   [tags: agriculture, slaves, economy]

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An Individual 's Entitlement Act Of South Carolina

- Everyone has rights. Even animals have rights. Our textbook defines a right as “an individual’s entitlement to something”. Rights may derive from moral standards or a legal system. Three types of rights are legal rights, moral rights and human rights. A legal right, according to our textbook is “an entitlement that derives from a legal system and permits or empowers a person to act in a specified way or that requires others to act in certain ways toward that person.” Legal rights are created by a legal system and can be different in different areas....   [tags: Human rights]

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South Carolina Child Care Center Regulations

- South Carolina Child Care Center Regulations Agency Information South Carolina, like all other states, has a strict list of child care center regulations. “Child care licensing is a type of regulatory activity in which the state authorizes an individual or a group to operate a child care facility” (South Carolina Department of Social Services, 2007). In South Carolina, those regulations are controlled by the Department of Social Services (DSS): Division of Early Care and Education. “The Division of Early Care and Education manages all state and federal child care programs, and serves as the single point of contact for federal child care dollars in South Carolina” (South Carolina Department...   [tags: Early childhood education, Childhood, Day care]

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Colonial South Carolina Report

- Colonial South Carolina Report George the Second, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, King, Defender of the Faith, I write to thee from the heart of South Carolina, Charleston to impart my knowledge of the region. My travels have been long and arduous. I arrived by way of a freight ship bearing finished goods for the colony on the twenty-eighth day of March, in the twenty-third year of thy reign. All that province, territory, or tract of ground, called South Carolina, lying and being within our dominions of America is well....   [tags: American America History]

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South Carolina

- South Carolina South Carolina stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Blue Ridge Mountains, containing 31,113 square miles. Fortieth in geographic area among the fifty states, it ranks twenty-sixth in population. The Palmetto State's four million citizens value its rich history, a legacy that is a prime factor in making tourism one of the state's largest industries. Spaniards explored the South Carolina coast as early as 1514, and Hernando DeSoto met the Queen of Cofitachiqui in 1540 when he crossed the central part of the state....   [tags: Papers]

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To what extent was the election of Abraham Lincoln the primary cause of the secession of South Carolina?

- To what extent was the election of Abraham Lincoln the primary cause of the secession of South Carolina. I will research the events leading up to the election of 1860, and South Carolina’s views leading up to the election. In my investigation, I will research the similarities and differences in the views and motives of Abraham Lincoln about South Carolina during the time of the election in November 1860 and the secession in December 1860. My investigation will also include other factors of why South Carolina seceded from the union....   [tags: U.S. History]

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American History: Bloodiest Battle of the Civil War in South Carolina

- South Carolina was an important key player during the Civil War. South Carolina had major military and political importance throughout the Civil War. South Carolina was the battleground of many significant events during this time. Such as the capture of Port Royal, the Union blockade of Charleston, Sherman's march through the state, the burning of Columbia, and Fort Sumter. South Carolina had many important battles fought on its territory, Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter is an island in the Charleston Harbor, its main purpose for being built was to protect the harbor....   [tags: fort sumter, charleston harbor]

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South Carolina State Board of Accountancy Violation Cases of 2008

- South Carolina State Board of Accountancy Violation Cases of 2008 In order to become a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) one must take and pass the CPA exam issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In order to receive licensing, one must follow the guidelines of their respective state in order to obtain a license from that state’s Board of Accountancy to get into practice. With any practice there are rules and guidelines that a person must follow. The Code for CPAs is in place in order to ensure that licensees practice accounting without any problems or discrepancies....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, CPA Exam]

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PASOs: Examining the Challenges of Latina Women in South Carolina and Understanding Solutions

- Between 2000 and 2010, the Latino population in South Carolina grew faster than any other state in the country. The majority of the population is young and healthy; however, as with any rapidly growing community, there exist a number of challenges to be overcome (“One Paso at a Time”). Latino families face American acculturation, during which some of the customs they brought from their countries of origin may feel out of place. Especially for recent immigrants, the ways of life they are accustomed to may become more difficult to continue....   [tags: Community Development, Social Issues]

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Life Altering Decisions And Its Impact On My Hometown Of Charleston, South Carolina

- Every young adult comes to a point when he/she has to make a couple tough decisions that will go into helping shape their lives. Some of those decisions are whether or not to move out of our parents’ home and most importantly where to move to. Even though moving out can be an anxiety filled, frustrating, and time-consuming event, it is well worth the effort because it evokes responsible thinking, allows one to make life altering decisions and provided a sense of accomplishment. When it was time for me to make that decision, balancing pros and cons of all possible outcomes made the decision to move back to my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina an easy one....   [tags: Decision making, Cognition, Thought]

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A State Surveyor With The South Carolina Department Of Health And Environmental Center

- The profession that I want to pursue is to become a state surveyor with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Center. A state surveyor position is similar to an occupational and health safety technician. What does a state surveyor do you ask. They go into different places of employment to make sure that the facility is following current regulations concerning employee and patient safety. Surveys can be conducted quarterly, annually, or whenever there is a complaint. State surveyors are known to be hard and unfriendly so I did research to see if my personality is right for this job....   [tags: Employment, Occupational safety and health]

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Dietetic Intern Position at South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

- I am very interested in pursing a dietetic intern position at South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC). I am confident that this internship will provide me a wide variety of practical hands-on training in all aspects of the dietetic field, which is necessary to successfully reach my career goals as a Registered Dietitian (RD). Currently, I have been working as a community nutritionist for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children for over a year and half....   [tags: Admissions Essay]

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The University Of South Carolina 's Online Doctor Of Education Program

- Although it is often revised to fit a myriad of contexts, George Bernard Shaw’s famous quote, “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches” constantly implies that in the last century society has come to regard teaching as the final resting place of a career deferred. However, eight years of classroom experience and pedagogical scholarship support my conviction that an opposing sentiment is much more accurate, “He who can, does; He who can do better, teaches.” Two years ago, after completing an online Specialist in Education degree, I decided I wanted to continue my studies and begin working on a doctoral program that would research many of the questions that developed during my course of stud...   [tags: Education, Teacher, Pedagogy, School]

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Segregation Within Our Education : A South Carolina Act Of 1740

- Segregation within our education is nothing new and is still prevalent today. Segregation was supposedly abolished but to end something like segregation, something that has been practiced in the educational system for as long as there have been different races, will take time. Legally, segregation has ended but the impact is still being felt today. But to understand the damage that has been done today, the history needs to be understood. Ever since African Americans have been in America they have been denied an education in manner or another....   [tags: Racial segregation, Racism, African American]

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Overview of Poverty in the US and Solutions for Columbus, South Carolina

- Imagine a father that is out of work and cannot provide for his family, a child that is living on the streets and starving, and an elderly man that doesn’t have a home. This is what is happening throughout the nation: poverty, homelessness, and starvation. Many people are experiencing these same situations, in Columbus County, North Carolina, and the problem needs a solution. According to the recent analysis of the general population and the statistics of Columbus County, poverty and hunger are significant issues that could be solved through community aid....   [tags: Salvation Army, US Census]

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South Carolina Private School Assisting Lower-Income Students

- Children from low-income families face a dual problem of fewer educational advantages during their life. In Longs, South Carolina, a Catholic school exist which many parents send their children for the best education possible instead of public school. Schools across the United States have numerous difficulties of youth not attending and graduating high school. Parents either know of or have witnessed illegal activity within a vicinity of public schools. The literature that is provided to teach these children is not efficient and effective....   [tags: education, poverty, communities]

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The Carolinians During the Civil War

- After the civil war in 1865 South Carolinians did not take long to eliminate African Americans newfound freedom. Within months South Carolina had adapted a new constitution that was full of laws that opposed African American freedom. Benjamin Tillman was born in South Carolina on August 11, 1874. Tillman was a democratic politician who served as the governor of South Carolina from, from 1890 to 1894, and as a US senator, from 1895 until he died in 1918. One of Tillman's main objectives was to establish and maintain white supremacy....   [tags: constitution, south carolina]

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Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council

- Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council Problem: David H. Lucas purchased two beach front lots on Isle of Palms in Charleston county in 1986 for 900,000 with intent to later build one single family home on each lot. The following year when South Carolina conducted a survey of the coast line the rustles showed that the beaches of South Carolina were critically eroding. Due to the rustles of the survey South Carolina issued the Beachfront Management Act (BMA). The act placed restraints on the usage of land along the coast line, and because the building line was moved inward Lucas' lots were affected with no exceptions provided....   [tags: Papers]

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Support for the Current Placement of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina

- Support for the Current Placement of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina There is an old saying that says you can please all of the people some of the time, or you can please some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Never is this truer than in the state of South Carolina as it pertains to the flying of the Confederate Battle Flag. It is obvious at this point that no solution will make everyone in the state happy, but a compromise does need to be made that can satisfy a majority of the people....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive]

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Reasons For The South 's Hope For Foreign Intervention Was By James H. Hammond Of South Carolina

- From the outset, the South counted on European involvement with the idea of King Cotton and the belief that southern life was much like that of the aristocratic Europe. For the Union, it was important to not only deter outside nations from intervening but also from providing military aid to the South. Three essential events dictated how effective the South’s hope for foreign intervention was and the Union’s ability to keep the South isolated. The first event was created by the newly formed Confederacy was the idea of King Cotton, where the belief was held that Europe was too reliant on the South’s cotton to allow a blockade or a war with the Union....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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Tourism in Hawai’i and Charleston, South Carolina: Helping the Economy or Putting Strain on Residents and the Environment?

- There has been intense controversy in regards to Hawai’i and Charleston, South Carolina’s strong dependence on tourism as a means to help stimulate their economies. On an economic standpoint, there has been substantial support in regards to the benefits tourism has had in helping to sustain economic revenue in both areas (Blair, 2010; Frampton, 2010; Smith, 2010). Environmentalists, however, are becoming concerned about the posed environmental effects caused by the increase in tourism to Hawai‘i, while those of whom call Charleston home feel as if they are being plagued by an overrun of tourists to the area (Bly, 2010; Conrow, 21)....   [tags: Economics ]

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The Tragedy Of The Hurricane Struck Charleston, South Carolina Leaving The Citadel 's History Department

- In September 2016, a tragic hurricane struck Charleston, South Carolina leaving The Citadel’s History department obliterated. The History department got the short end of the stick compared to their neighbors, the English department. While the History professors that survived, which were mostly World History professors, pondered why this happened to them, three people came to give explanation and comfort. First off was the explanation from the Hebrew, explaining that the hurricane was, “Gods will”....   [tags: God, Monotheism, Polytheism, Judaism]

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My Client Is The University Of South Carolina 's Women 's Club Ultimate Team

- 1. It is my goal to teach my client how to throw a Frisbee backhanded because she wants to join SCORCH, the University of South Carolina’s Women’s Club Ultimate team. My client is a 22 year-old female who is 5 feet, 8 inches and weighs approximately 130 pounds. She is in good physical condition, but has never played the game of Ultimate or thrown a Frisbee before. Sam, the client, has no learning-disabilities or physical-disabilities. She is right-handed and is a self-proclaimed visual learner. As she has had no prior experience with Ultimate, she is classified in the cognitive stage of Fitts and Posner’s Learning Stage Theory....   [tags: Learning, Skill, Teacher, Performance]

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Minimally Adequate Education

- Minimally Adequate Education in the State of South Carolina In the state of South Carolina, public school's students are educated on the basis of a minimally adequate education. South Carolina legislators have interpreted the definition for minimally adequate education, given by the South Carolina Supreme Court, into curriculum requirements for students across the state. South Carolina legislators’ curriculum expectations for graduating high school students are below average. In relation, the students of South Carolina are being hindered from seeing and reaching their full potential by being “normed” to do below average work....   [tags: public schools, south carolina, abbeville]

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The Potential Revolution Of The United States

- A potential revolution was brewing in the United States in the year 1832, and it all started with an event that would go down in history as the Webster-Hayne debate was originally over tariffs. Robert Y. Hayne, a senator from South Carolina, believed that the slowing of growth in the West of the U.S. was a method for the East to retain power over the country. Massachusetts senator Daniel Webster argued against him, claiming that by saying this, Hayne was disloyally attacking the union. The topic of the debate then moved from protectionist tariffs towards the powers of federal and state governments....   [tags: United States, John C. Calhoun, South Carolina]

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My Best At The Game Of Golf

- Did you ever want to do something perfectly. How about being at the top of something and being number one at it. I am sure everyone nowadays has that want. The want for being the best that you can at something you love to do. I am no exception to the rule. I worked at being the best at the game of golf. I was first introduced to the game of golf through my dad at the young age of three. My dad played and he bought me a child’s plastic golf club and ball so I could play with him. Several times we went to Myrtle Beach National Golf Course, as dad played late in the afternoon before dark during the spring and fall....   [tags: Golf, Rules of golf, Horry County, South Carolina]

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The Federal Workforce Investment Act

- The federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) in South Carolina supports training programs that help job seekers prepare for employment and businesses access skilled workers. WIA services are delivered through the state’s comprehensive SC Works system. SC Works Centers in most counties offer job seekers and businesses access to employment and training opportunities, as well as other services provided by SC Works system partner agencies that support employment and training (   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, South Carolina]

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The President 's Executive Power

- Likewise, another characteristic is that the president personally selects his successor in the office. As a president, they must show that if any other person is gonna be the next president, it should be his decision personally to show who they trust, and the people should follow behind that person as well. Additionally, the president must expand his executive power in some way, or uses it to the fullest. Having a president that doesn’t use his power makes him look weak and afraid to show how powerful that person is in their position of the United States....   [tags: Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, South Carolina]

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The Confederate Flag’s Heritage of Hate

- The Confederate Flag’s Heritage of Hate The Confederate flag has now become a hot issue for South Carolina, which is the last state to have the original Confederate flag still flying on its Statehouse. What got the State’s attention was the economic boycott of South Carolina that was announced on January 1992 by the NAACP to pressure the State to remove the Confederate flag off of its Statehouse in Columbia. The NAACP’s removal request is based on the fact that they, the anti-flag groups, claim that the meaning of the Confederate flag is one of hate and discrimination....   [tags: Confederate Flag South Carolina Essays]

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The Politics Of North Carolina

- North Carolina, a demographically changing state, has caused much competition between candidates during all U.S. Presidential Elections. The state is categorized as a battleground state, or most commonly referred to as, a swing state. Its inconstancy in voting primarily for the Democratic or Republican Party has caused it to be one of the ten known battleground states, meaning they have an equal chance of having a Republican or Democratic win. This opens opportunities for prospective Republican and Democratic candidates....   [tags: President of the United States, United States]

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South Caroline: The Compromised Tariff

- After it became apparent that neither side was willing to yield, the only option left was to compromise. Chapter eight, “Compromise,” details the concessions made in an attempt to close the rift between the President and South Carolina. Congress was not willing to use force against South Carolina and it became apparent that favor was leaning heavily towards states’ rights. In order to find a compromise, Henry Clay was brought in to design a proposal that would lessen the impact of the tariffs on South Carolina....   [tags: nulification, Richard Ellis]

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The Master Of Education At Coastal Carolina University

- Educational Leadership – Associate Professor or Professor The Spadoni College of Education at Coastal Carolina University announces a full-time tenure track position in Educational Leadership, beginning August 2016. The Master of Education and Educational Specialist degree programs in Educational Leadership are designed to provide advanced professional studies in graduate-level coursework for candidates who are interested in becoming principals or district-level leaders, and are committed to excellence in student success....   [tags: Doctorate, Academic degree, School, Education]

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North Carolina’s Coastal Predicament

- The coastal areas of North Carolina are the most dynamic and active systems of all the natural systems in the state. In the coastal areas the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and lithosphere all interact and interrelate to one another in a fashion of spectacle that gravitates people of all backgrounds to enjoy in the fruits it has to offer. This expanse of natural splendor though is facing a troubling situation as sea levels continue to rise, temperature intensity augments at new heights, and other climate impacting factors put the coast at risk....   [tags: private property, Beachfront Management Act]

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The Regulators of North Carolina

- The history of colonial North Carolina is bombarded with frequent strife and turmoil. The people of North Carolina, because of a lack in supervision from the British monarchy, learned to possess an independent spirit. The colony remained isolated from the rest of the country because of several geographical conditions such as poor harbors, the abscence of navigable rivers, numerous swamps, and bad road conditions. Due to these conditions, communities throughout North Carolina became widely seperated....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Secession of the South

- Tensions between the North and South had grown steadily since the anti slavery movement in 1830. Several compromises between the North and South regarding slavery had been passed such as the Nebraska-Kansas and the Missouri act; but this did little to relieve the strain. The election of President Lincoln in 1861 proved to be the boiling point for the South, and secession followed. This eventually sparked the civil war; which was viewed differently by the North and the South. The Northern goal was to keep the Union intact while the Southern goal was to separate from the Union....   [tags: Justification, Tension, Law]

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The North And The South

- During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, slavery had existed and traced back to the north and the south, both vary to the extent of duration. There had been extensive amount of similarities and differences between the north and the south that will be discussed in the following. In the beginning, slavery had not been introduced. Instead it was indentured servitude, which is when a man or woman agrees upon a contract to work for certain amount of years in exchange for transportation to the New World, food, clothing, shelter, and above all, land....   [tags: Slavery, American Civil War]

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The Slavery Of The South

- The south was very passionate about slavery. They were willing to give up everything in order to keep it. This is something that seems crazy to me, because when we look back onto slavery and it seems so terrible. The south became extremely dependent upon slavery very quickly. Cash crops started becoming more popular which made the need for land rise greatly.Plantations, and farms were far too large for their owners alone to take care of. In the south the cotton industry was on an all-time high. As the cash crops were on the rise the needs for workers were also....   [tags: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States]

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The Slavery Of The South

- Southern delegates or so they thought was the economic issues that would be created within the infrastructure of America through the elimination of institution of slavery in the South. Those living in the South depended on the slaves for work labor and the idea of taking abolishing this work force was going to cause problems for them. James Jackson a delegate from Georgia was a strong advocate for keeping by slave trade and slavery a part of the everyday life in the South. He felt that having slaves was what enabled the South to move at the pace it was going and grow as it had been for so many hears....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War]

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The North And The South

- The North and the South had different perspectives. For a while these different perspectives only caused nonviolent arguments until neither could get past their differences and compromise. This led to the numerous battles of the Civil War and eventually the victory of the North. Both the North and the South had their strengths and weakness throughout the war, however, in the end the North was stronger. Factories, railroads, supplies, and population contributed to the strengths and weaknesses of the Union and Confederacy....   [tags: Confederate States of America]

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The Slavery Of The South

- 1) Enslaved African In The South: While there was a decrease in slave importation immediately following the American Revolution, the increase in forced labor would begin to grow exponentially following technological advances in cash crops (aka the cotton gin) and would require a massive labor force. With cotton fields requiring months to harvest (and commodities like corn being grown the remainder of the year), slaves had very little time to themselves other than ensuring their own survival. With the quick reinvigoration of labor demands, fugitive laws were enacted to keep slaves bound to their owners....   [tags: Slavery, Black people]

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The Civil Apartheid Rule Of South Africa

- Trade unions have the primary obligations of advocating and enforcing upon uniform entitlements to workers; to improve conditions of employment and repeal any form of exploitation and inequality. In extraordinary contrast to these universal rights, the nationalist government of South Africa, under the notorious Apartheid rule, denied even the most basic of labour entitlements for black Africans. Even before the inception of Apartheid, equity in the workforce was only privileged to the white Afrikaner who happily “enjoyed statutory trade and collective bargaining rights” 1....   [tags: Trade union, Strike action, South Africa]

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Secession in the South

- Some states are currently threatening to leave the country because of the belief that the government has too much power over the people and the laws our country has to follow. In our society, we live by laws set by the government, and if any of them are broken, there is a punishment. These laws are set to make sure that the people of America are following the way things are ran so the country will not collapse. Although these laws are set for the safety of the people, sometimes when the government has that kind of power to make people follow certain things they should not have to follow, many issues arise....   [tags: American History]

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The Fight for Racial Equality In North Carolina

- Plessy vs. Ferguson was a landmark decision passed in 1896 that instituted the practice of 'separate but equal' in American society. The 'separate but equal' doctrine was an oppressive system of racial segregation which greatly lessened the rights of all minorities especially in public education. The fight for educational equality made public schools in North Carolina and other states in the south a major area of conflict. Wilma Peebles-Wilkins noted, 'Upward mobility through the educational structure is in keeping with the desires of post-World War II black Americans to enhance their economic, political, and social statuses.' There were many court cases in which organizations such as t...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Folk Potters of North Carolina

- Imagine you are watching someone spin a mysterious brown block on this odd contraption which they operate with their foot. Their hands are constantly touching it, shaping and forming it into something that you can’t quite tell what it is. They turn all of their concentration to make every single detail so precise. This is the beauty of pottery making. Some people find it hard to believe that a clump of sticky, dry, squishy, chalky dirt can be transformed into a beautiful vase, bowl or plate. Something ugly and old can be turned into something valuable and colorful....   [tags: Iron Oxide, Civil War]

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Should Duke Energy Build a Nuclear Energy Power Plant in North Carolina

- JoTopic: Should Duke Energy Build a Nuclear Energy Power Plant in North Carolina. Nuclear energy originates from the splitting of uranium atoms in a process called fission. At a power plant, the fission process is used to generate heat for producing steam, which is used by a turbine to generate electricity. About 440 nuclear reactors are used around the world to produce about 17% of the worlds electricity. The USA has 100 nuclear power reactors in 31 states, operated by 30 different power companies....   [tags: alternative sources of power, environmental issues]

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A Brief Note On The North Carolina Government Raised The Minimum Wage

- Suppose the North Carolina government raised the minimum wage for $7.25 to $11 per hour. Also suppose that the equilibrium wage was $8.25 in Charlotte and the equilibrium wage in neighboring Fort Mill, SC was $9.50, In Charlotte, more worker will be willing to work at the higher price of $9.50, but fewer employers will be willing to hire laborers at the higher prices. The excess supply of laborers creates a surplus, resulting in unemployment. South Carolina workers would not experience a change....   [tags: Minimum wage, Employment, Wage, Supply and demand]

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Major Slave Rebellions of the South

- Major Slave Rebellions of the South Slavery in North America began with the Portuguese in the seventeenth century. Increasing and spreading significantly, slavery eventually became an economic staple in the southern region of America. Although widespread and popular, rebellion against this human bondage was inevitable. Slaves in the south rebelled and revolted against their owners many times; however, these efforts were often suppressed. Although most revolts ended in failure, some did impact the feelings of slavemasters, and unfortunately, worsened their living conditions....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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Compromises between the North and the South

- ... This contrasted the North because they wanted tariffs to be placed on manufactured goods to benefit the economy of the North. The North created a tariff called the Tariff of Abominations which made purchased goods from Europe more expensive. This angered the South because their main buyer for their exports was Europe, and this resulted in the South depending on the North for manufactured goods at a higher price. Not only was tariffs a problem, but slavery was a big issue between the two conflicting parties....   [tags: exonomic, social, political, differences]

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The History and Effects of Slavery on the South

- You would think that a society which takes up an institution as immoral and barbaric as slavery would benefit from it on the whole, but that is not the case with the American South. The only people who benefited from slavery were the top 3% of Southern society. For the rest of the people the institution of slavery would prevent them from gaining an education, proper literacy, wealth, and movement up the social ladder. If viewed as an independent nation the South was a socially stagnant aristocracy, extremely dependant on foreign trade , had fairly weak industry, and finally had a small population compared to the North....   [tags: History, War]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Rural South '

- Ideally, the term ‘rural South’ might bring to mind romantic orange roads through the verdant countryside meandering eventually to a secluded, white columned plantation home full of southern belles with hospitable accents and sweet tea. However, that is an antique fallacy. That is a stereotype more generalized than that all Asians speak Chinese. More commonly, what you would find in the rural south are washed out roads that only four-wheel drive trucks can crawl down. At the ends of these dusty roads are not glamorous plantation homes, but twenty year old trailers with no air conditioning and a sagging roof....   [tags: United States, Southern United States, Poverty]

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Plantation Ruins in The American South

- Plantations represent a very particular, traditional time in the south. Ironically they design a sense of both pride and shame for the prestigious southern families that owned and ran them. This is a focus on ruins of plantations that have been lost through time but just enough remains to give us a sense of wonder. Such plantations as the Rosewell, Millwood, Forks of Cypress, Bulow, Windsor.. Most of what remains are just columns and walls but it’s the story of what those columns used to hold up and what those walls held in that will be in the spotlight....   [tags: Southern heritage]

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The North and South between 1880-1860

- The North and South in the years 1800 to 1860 were divided into two different territory which showed their different morale and lifestyle. Both factions conflicting ideas towards the issues affecting the nation. The compromise was made impossible by 1860 due to disagreement over states' rights, intense growth in sectionalism and dispute over the morals of slavery. During the time, the north underwent major social, industrial, and economic changes known as the Antebellum Period. The industrial economy took place in the North while the cotton kingdom took place in the South....   [tags: Great Compromise, Louisiana Purchase]

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The Civil War Of The North And South

- Through the Times Civil War • The North and South had many differences, including culture, economy and religion. The South relied on slavery with also increased tensions. The South used slavery for its plantation economy, while the North had an industrialized economy. Most Northerners opposed slavery. Tensions even more when California 's constitution forbade slavery - even though most of it was in the South. Eventually, the South threatened to secede from the Union. Henry Clay came up with the Compromise of 1850, which would hopefully make peace and ease tensions between the North and the South....   [tags: World War II, World War I, United States]

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The Jim Crow Laws in the South

- Jim Crow South Racism was prominent in the Colonial seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Racism is the belief that the physical characteristics of a person determine the capabilities in which that individual is best fit to do. Race was the foundation of all slavery and eventually led to what would be known as the Jim Crow Laws. At this time, the North and South expressed different opinions on slavery and superiority between races. The constant struggle for equality among African Americans was battled out in the American Civil War (1861-1865)....   [tags: racial turmoil, reconstruction era]

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The Differences of the North and the South

- 1787- In 1787 the Northwest Ordinance was passed. It helped form new states and governed them. Then the confederate government had almost no control. The United States went into a depression, farmers had their land taken away, shays rebellion came, and slavery became a topic of debate. This led to the constitutional convention. Many plans were proposed, but only compromises were accepted. Two important compromises were the Great Compromise, and the three-fifths compromise. The Great Compromise made a two house legislature, and the three-fifths compromise made slaves count as three-fifths of a free person when counting population....   [tags: Northwest Ordinance]

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The Beginning of the American Civil War

- This report is about the beginning of the Civil War at fort Sumter in North Carolina. The surrender of fort Sumter to the confederates was the first battle won by either side. This is a very important battle to win due to the location of the fort and control of the shipping lanes, although it didn’t have a very good defense against Fort Moultrie’s long range cannons. The unofficial start of the Civil War was started with a single shot fired by a cadet from the citadel on April 12, 1861. This was a warning shot from the south showing disapproval for the Morrill Tariff....   [tags: sumter north carolina, national union]

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Three Types of Language in North Carolina

- You may think you have heard it all until you come to the south. The phonetics and dialect is most basic and unconscious. Scotch-Irish, English, and Cherokee languages left distinct dialects, which made a great contribution to the heritage, vocabulary, and way of life. Departing from traditional standard English, Carolina dialects claim no cognitive validity concerning proper grammar. Equally important, speaking ideally a language that poses as English. The rhetoric, syntax, and semantics change depending on audience, geographical location, occasion, and intent of communication....   [tags: phonetics, dialect, cherokee language]

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From Poor White Trash to President of the United States: Andrew Johnson

- Did the Presidency of Andrew Johnson set the United States back politically almost a century. Born December 29, 1808; Andrew Johnson embarked on a political campaign that watched him rise from absolute destitution to the heights of President of the United States. Andrew Johnson was born in a log cabin in Raleigh North Carolina.(1) His parents Jacob and Polly were both illiterate, hence, Andrew had basically no education during his youth. Jacob Johnson, Andrew’s father, passed away when Andrew was quite young, leaving Polly to take care of Andrew and his brother William four years his senior.(2) With next to no money, Polly Johnson did the only thing she could to make ends meet....   [tags: Raleigh North Carolina, Jacob and Polly]

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The South and Slavery

- The South and Slavery Prompted by the moral attacks by Garrison and his American Anti-Slavery Society, the southerners felt their very own livelihood is at stake. They, the southerners, decided to draw up an elaborate defense to counteract these "preposterous" accusations. The slaveholders went to no end to justify holding slavery. In my opinion, they were trying to justify it to themselves as much as they were justifying it to the abolitionists. First of all, anti-slavery movements were not popular in the south....   [tags: Papers]

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