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The Ponzi Scheme Of Ponzi Schemes

- The case that was provided in the Stanwick textbook provided information on the Madoff Ponzi scheme which is said to be the largest of Ponzi schemes in the world. This case was a very interesting case. It showed how Bernard Madoffs massive falsehood created disaster for around 13,600 clients. The impact from Madoff did not end with his clients being impacted but also people far and in between. Madoffs Ponzi scheme was controlled through his company that consisted of his family being the head of the company, friends, and employees....   [tags: Bernard Madoff, Ponzi scheme]

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Ponzi Schemes Are Not Real Investments

- Imagine owning a company that was in control of customer assets valued at $65 billion. Bernie Madoff was in this position through his company Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. Now imagine investing your entire retirement account with Madoff 's company, and losing it all. It turned out that Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities was a Ponzi scheme that ran for many years under the appearance of a profitable company. A Ponzi scheme is a type of investment fraud. The return on investment promised by the fraudster is above average....   [tags: Bernard Madoff, Ponzi scheme]

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Ponzi Schemes : The Greatest Crimes That People Commit

- There are many crimes in America that people would consider to be major crimes. Some may say murder rape or child abuse but I think Ponzi schemes are the greatest crimes that people commit. A Ponzi scheme uses "investor money to find a productive business venture the con orders channels the proceeds from new investors to pay interest to only earlier ones"( Basu, 2014 pg.1). Ponzi schemes can come in many different shapes and sizes. Those types of disguises makes scheme hard to detect and make it hard for people to take legal actions against a company....   [tags: Ponzi scheme, Bernard Madoff]

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Why Not Year Schemes Work?

- Why not last schemes work. Why when we try to change, we get frustrated and then try to do the same with more intensity and outcome of change that happened to be even less successful ?, the answer is because we are in a constant change, where the nature of change, itself has changed. Multiple media announce that things are not like before, or as they should be; everything is changing, family relationships, jobs, political systems, economics. The future has arrived so quickly that we are destabilizing; How can we muster ourselves facing a world that is changing before our eyes ?, To answer this question we have to consider our basic notions about change....   [tags: Sociology, Social movement, Communism, Capitalism]

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Schemes Under Project Management

- Project management is a term coined to describe the process of developing, organizing, motivating, and allocating resources in order to achieve specific goals. Using this method, each project that an organization gears undergoes a life cycle that is managed by a team of people and their head supervisor. Schemes under project management require intricate planning via its leaders and sponsors, hard work from its staff, and strong leadership from the project manager, but the benefits derived from project management are tremendous....   [tags: project management, business world, goals]

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Check Digit Schemes

- In an age when information is increasingly transmitted through electronic formats, maintaining the accuracy of information is crucial. Whether this information is as simple as a book loaned by a library or as important as a banking account number, maintaining consistency during information transmission is critical to preventing monetary or organizational errors. To maintain consistency in various information transfers, check digit schemes based on number theory are used to dectect when errors occur....   [tags: Mathematics]

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Bullying Prevention Schemes

- Description and extent of problem Episodes of aggressive reprisal by casualties of bullying have initiated an augmented alertness of the predicament of bullying within the preceding few years. Whilst bullying is frequently disregarded, a huge number of youths especially scholars testify of having been bullied through school. Therefore, Bullying is a grave menace that might have harmful psychosomatic consequences on individuals for example inferior self-worth, despair, and even suicide. Thus, Bullying impediment schemes are a community-wide attempt based on institutions as schools intended to convey significance that bullying will not be acknowledged in school and any other place....   [tags: Bullying in School, Youths]

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Different Types of Carbon Emission Schemes

- 1. Introduction: Carbon emission trading schemes (ETS) have been implemented all over the world as a means to limit the production of greenhouse gases (GHGs). There currently exists an extensive variety of these carbon trading schemes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. ETS have been used for other air pollutants prior to their application to greenhouse gases. Emissions credit trading in the United States has existed since 1977. (Tietenburg et al. 1998, 6) One of the world’s largest and most successful ETS, was established in 1990 under the Acid Rain program of the United States Clear Air Act amendments....   [tags: acid rain, greenhouse gases, ]

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Classification Schemes Based On Multiple Criteria

- 2.4.2 Pattern Classification and Categories In order to apply a pattern for a specific problem, it is imperative to locate the right pattern. This necessitates that software developers must read and understand every pattern in order to select the appropriate one. Pattern selection will be easier of patterns are classified into groups of related patterns so that it is easier to choose from the group. Developing a classification scheme involves identifying useful criteria on the basis of which patterns can be classified....   [tags: Computer security, Information security]

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Bernard Madoff: Scam Artist

- In December 2008, one of the largest Ponzi scheme surfaced when Mark and Andrew Madoff reported the works of their father, Bernard Madoff to the federal authorities. A Ponzi scheme is an investing scam that promises high rates of return with little risk to investors. The operator generates returns for older investors by gaining new investors. Bernard was arrested on December 11, 2008 and charged with securities fraud. He pled guilty to 11 counts and was sentenced to 150 years in federal prison-the maximum possible prison sentence....   [tags: Ponzi schemes]

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Piaget 's Theory : The Schemes Help Children

- 77. Piaget’s theory said: the schemes help children to organize their learnings in groups of familiar actions and thoughts that are continuously given by the environment; these permit children to adapt well to their environment. Schemes is helped by to other processes: Assimilation and Accommodation 78. A. Conservation is the understanding that if nothing is added or taken away, an amount stays the same regardless of any alterations in shape or arrangement. B. Students in the preoperational stage hasn’t completely developed their logical thoughts process which is meant that they will show a lack of conservation domain when they ask about this....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development]

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Shared Knowledge and Schemes Created by a Set of People

- The term ‘culture’ holds a significant importance in every person’s life. It is an integral part of the identity of every individual. There is no single commonly accepted definition for ‘culture’ but one particular definition which stands out is "Culture is the shared knowledge and schemes created by a set of people for perceiving, interpreting, expressing, and responding to the social realities around them" (J.P. Lederach, 1995). Culture consists of the various social and moral values which are a part of any society....   [tags: culture, globalization, ikea]

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The Obesity Epidemic : Fad Diets And Weight Loss Schemes

- In today’s fast-paced society, people have less time for food preparation and eating healthy meals. The ever-increasing numbers of fast food restaurants with full parking lots and grocery stores’ freezers filled with frozen meals make it apparent that nutrition is a problem in this country. Obesity has become a growing issue, showing up in a great deal of adults and an increasing number of children. People develop their food choices and eating patterns while growing up, so, as adults, they find it is difficult to break these habits or make dietary changes....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Health, Weight loss]

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The Marketing Schemes Of Mcdonalds

- Marketing in its self is one of the biggest tools a business can use to attract customers to their business. Colors in marketing express what the company is offering, in a subliminal way. Customers recognize brands by colors, UPS is brown and FedEx is blue and orange. Brands uses color marketing to support the personality their business wants to portray, the color pallet has aligned emotions and responses to their respective colors. McDonalds is the biggest fast food chain in the United States, and still one of the biggest growing chains in the world....   [tags: White, Color, Primary color, Fast food restaurant]

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The Arguments For and Against Coastal Protection Schemes

- The Arguments For and Against Coastal Protection Schemes The sea is constantly eroding the coastline. This destroys property, and people living nearby have reduced value on their houses. Natural beauty spots and walks are lost, reducing tourism in seaside towns. Solutions to this are coastal protection schemes that slow the waves down and delay the process of erosion on the cliffs. The arguments for sea defence schemes are as follows… Sea protection plans help to prevent further loss of economy caused by coastal erosion, for example; reduced property prices in 'at-risk' areas, less tourism due to destruction of tourist spots (which results in less money), and the...   [tags: Papers]

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Biodiversity Offsetting Schemes

- Introduction: Modern society faces the challenge of developing its infrastructure and economy whilst improving the quality of the environment and biodiversity. The United Kingdom government’s Departments for Agricultural and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has suggested that these contending aspirations can potentially both be accomplished through a planning strategy known as Biodiversity Offsetting. Biodiversity offsetting is a planning strategy that aims to compensate for losses of biodiversity in a given area by protecting an area elsewhere and generating gains that are ecologically equivalent to the loss in the area being developed (Maron et al....   [tags: losses of biodiversity, environmental damage]

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Paint Color Schemes

- You have selected the subject for your painting, determined the support and the medium you will use. The next task is laying out your palette. If you are a beginning art student, the colors in your tabouret may be minimal. You have fewer choices to make. However, if you are past the beginning stage or are just a paint junky, you may have a drawer overflowing with tubes of paint. If you are unable to resist the impulse to buy every new color that comes along, you have to decide which hues will work best with the color scheme you have in mind for your painting....   [tags: Art]

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Population Reduction: The Method for Economic Growth?

- Until recently, the term “population growth” has always been regarded in a positive manner; still many people believe that a growing human population results in a growing economy. While many people debate whether a reduction in our total numbers is necessary, others debate what the effects would be. Not only does our population affect the economy, but also our environment, education, quality of life, and everything around us depends on how we react to this growing problem. Our population is growing and we must decide how we will react and what effects our actions will have....   [tags: Tax Rate, Ponzi Schemes]

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Business Fraud: Pyramid Schemes, Tax Fraud and Money Laundering

- Business Fraud Business fraud basically involves acts that are a breach of ethics and integrity in a business environment. According to Investopedia, business fraud is any activity undertaken, unethical or illegal in most cases that gives an unfair advantage to the undertaker of the action (Investopedia). Action Fraud, a “fraud report center” in the UK reports businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to fraud and as much as 25% of SMEs in the UK fall victim to fraudsters (Action Fraud). This paper discusses three common types of business fraud, which include Pyramid schemes, tax fraud and money laundering....   [tags: unethical business behavior, illegal fund]

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Frauds and Scams: The Schemes and Cons of Criminals and the Victims They Prey Upon

- Fraud, scams and cons are everywhere. They affect many people every day, making this a form of crime likely to affect most people, in some way, during their lifetime. The various types of scams and cons are staggering. A Google search for a list of frauds netted over 1,000 types of schemes, scams, frauds and cons. The simple truth is this: There are people out there with the desire and motive to profit from the misfortune and deception of others. They will use the methods they know to succeed (usually financially) and make a situation profitable for themselves....   [tags: Crime]

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Presentation Analysis : An Imperative Research Instrument And An Invaluable Part Of Most Schemes Of Triangulation

- Document analysis Documentary analysis is an imperative research instrument in its own right and is an invaluable part of most schemes of triangulation, which is often utilised in combination with other qualitative research methods in the study of the same phenomenon (Bowen, 2009; Bryman, 2001; Denzin, 1970). Documentary work contains some aspect of the social world and objective statements of fact (Bryman, 2001). This method is a systematic procedure for reviewing or evaluating documents in order to elicit meaning and gain understanding....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Qualitative research]

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Inner City Initiatives and Re-Development Schemes

- EXAMINE THE REASONS FOR INNER CITY INITIATIVES AND RE-DEVELOPMENT SCHEMES (10) The widest definition of an Inner City is “An area found in older cities surrounding the CBD, where the prevailing economic, social, and environmental conditions pose severe problems'; Although the inner city areas have been identified as having problems for many years, it was not until 1988 that Margaret Thatcher put forward the “Action for Cities'; campaign. She realised that something had to be done to improve the conditions, and took the problems found in the inner cities as the reasons why the re-development schemes were necessary....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Multiple Access Relay Channel

- In wireless networks we have high and time varying packet losses due to the effect of fading. One way to provide communication without effect of fading is to introduce channel coding and network coding in the system operation. Channel coding (redundant symbols/ bits at the physical layer) is to add redundant information into inside the packet to recover errors in the original information. Network coding (redundant packets at the network layer) is to add redundant information across multiple packets....   [tags: Replay Selection Schemes, Wireless Networks]

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Free Much Ado About Nothing Essays: Schemes and Tricks

- The plot of Much Ado About Nothing is an elaborate network of schemes and tricks. This statement is confirmed throughout Much Ado About Nothing. The play contains many examples of tricks and schemes that are used to manipulate the thoughts and feelings of characters. The major examples of such manipulation include- Don Pedro, Claudio and Leonato tricking Benedick into believing that Beatrice loves him, Hero and Ursula trick Beatrice into thinking Benedick is in love with her. The relationship between Claudio and Hero also endures much manipulation....   [tags: Much Ado About Nothing Essays]

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Avoiding Scholarship or Grant Schemes

- ... If they have to pay money to get money it is more than likely a scam. In reality students should never have to pay to receive a scholarship. A second warning sign would be if a company contacted them stating that they won a scholarship or grant that they have not entered themselves. A student can't win a contest if him or her have not entered information in to the organization. Scammers just want to make it seem that way so students and consumers will give them their personal information. Students need to keep their common sense....   [tags: financial fraud in search of higher education]

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The Collapse of the Madoff Pyramid

- ... Somewhere in his life, he decided that the millions he was making was not enough, and began to pull off the fraud of the century. In business, stakeholders are those who are affected by an organization, member, or system. In the case of Madoff, there were two types of victims, the net losers and the net winners. Net losers are those who put in more money initially than they ended up receiving. Net winners are those who recouped their original investment plus profits (Ferrell, Fraedrich, Ferrell 2012)....   [tags: Ponzi schemes, frauds]

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Madoff 's Scheme : Ponzi Scheme

- Madoff’s Scheme “The Whole Government is a Ponzi Scheme” is a quote by Bernard “Bernie” Madoff who was said to have ran the largest Ponzi Scheme in the U.S. Madoff was 71 years old when he was caught for running a Ponzi Scheme. He ran a family business and through that he ran his Ponzi Scheme. He told no one until 10 years after his family business took off. Madoff’s was quite successful in his life, before he made his mistake. His Ponzi Scheme hurt many people who invested in the company, not knowing that it was a swindle all along....   [tags: Ponzi scheme, Bernard Madoff, Charles Ponzi]

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A Report On The Pyramid Scheme

- Couple of years ago my brother told me about this good samaritan in his class that inroduced him to a job that can yeild millions in no time. Thos class mate “good samaritan” explain this job as a program rather than an everyday job. He claims you are enrolled by investing a small amount in the program then you become a recruiting agent for the program, the new investors also invest in this great program and whoever recruited the new recruiter gets a share of the investment. As a fresh graduate this sounded great but as an Accounting Major it rang too many illegalities and fraud, I just couldn’t phantom it....   [tags: Ponzi scheme, Bernard Madoff, Fraud]

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Emissions Trading Scheme For Airlines

- There are significant number of countries where there is carbon emissions trading scheme. Like Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom and some many more. China has launched its first carbon emission trading scheme. Providing a market incentive to control pollution, companies which exceed their quota of carbon emissions can buy unused allocations from others- as per the scheme. It is unlikely to have much impact as analysts say the scheme’s limited range means. With some permits allocated free and others auctioned, companies must construct a permit for every tonne of carbon dioxide they produce, under the emissions trading system....   [tags: EU Emissions Trading Scheme]

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The Ponzi Scheme Of The Great Gatsby

- Is the lack of education drives humanity to live “bad lives” (Rumble, 2007, p.3) as posit by Ted Honderich, or the highly educated ones cause the lives of some turn bad because of greed as in the case of Madoff by orchestrating one of the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history? Rumble leaned towards Honderich idea of people living bad lives was primarily due to lack of education, and to counteract its negative impacts like poverty, crimes, and the like is to provide a free quality education to all funded by the state government by implementing a redistributive tax law....   [tags: Education, Higher education, School, Ponzi scheme]

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The Social Security is not a Ponzi Scheme

- Social Security is not the Ponzi scheme some oppositions may advocate. Social insurance, as envisaged by President Roosevelt, would address the permanent problem of economic security for the elder community by creating a work-related, contributory system in which workers would provide for their own future economic security through taxes they paid while employed. It provided an alternative both to reliance on welfare, and to radical changes within the capitalist system. It can be seen as a moderately conservative, yet activist, response to the challenges of the Depression (SSA, 2014)....   [tags: social security act,ponzi scheme,social insurance]

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The Schemer And The Fighter

- The Schemer and the Fighter Many deities offer help and advice to Odysseus on his journey home to Ithaca in “The Odyssey” but none of them provide as much help as Athena. There are many evidence in the epic poem that Athena favors Odysseus over other mortals because his virtues are similar to hers. Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom and Odysseus is a cunning warrior. However, helping Odysseus can also be a disguise of Athena bringing her wrath to those who goes against her virtues. Athena controls of most of Odysseus’s actions after he gets home to Ithaca....   [tags: Odyssey, Homer, Athena, Odysseus]

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Unconscious Dynamics / Core Schemas

- III. Unconscious Dynamics/Core Schemas Story 1: My Suspicions of Others When I begin to experience a connection with someone, my fear of abandonment is initiated and my vulnerability causes me to become suspicious of the other person. I am aware of my deep need for acceptance but I panic because I believe that others will somehow demean me. In most cases, I view social connections as dangerous and, in my inexplicable anxiety, I attempt to sabotage the relationship while convincing myself that others do not truly care about me....   [tags: Emotion, Interpersonal relationship, Love]

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History of the Ponzi Scheme

- ... As the scheme multiples it ultimately requires an unsustainably gigantic pool of investors to keep it afloat. By the 9th round, the schemer will need to find a new group of 1024 investors and by the 17th round he/she will have to come up with 250,000 investors. Background on Madoff’s scheme. In 2008 Bernard L. Madoff, former Nasdaq Stock Market chairman was arrested back in for conducting the largest Ponzi scheme in history. During his trial, he was charged with money laundering and fraud which he took his investors for 50 billion dollars, causing wealthy citizens, celebrities, banks, and even charities to lose money with his actions....   [tags: investment, fraud, investors, funds, elements]

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History And Theories Of Children 's Schemas

- In the paper I will be discussing the history and theorists on children’s schemas. I will include observations on a child’s schematic interests and my role as the practitioner. A Schema is a pattern of repeatable behaviour into which experiences are assimilated and that are gradually coordinated. (Athey, 1990:37) Children’s patterns are influenced through their genetically pre-determined biological development and their socio-cultural influences they grow up in. The more we discover on the developing brain, the greater the connections between biological patterns and socio-cultural influences need to be emphasised: Nature forms Nurture....   [tags: Observation, Childhood, Knowledge]

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The Metamorphosis of the Schemer Stereotype

- The Metamorphosis of the Schemer Stereotype In looking at movies and television, one can definitely argue that the viewer is subjected to a variety of human characters and personality types – some are older, some are younger; some are outspoken, some are timid; some are brash, some are patient – the range of characters and identities is endless. Unfortunately, this may lead to rash generalizations about gender, and in many instances, it often leads to something far more impetuous and dissuading: the stereotype....   [tags: Media Stereotypes Stereotyping]

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Investment Policy Of The Scheme

- The first offer documents of the schemes launched by LIC MF in the year 1989 do not contain any information about the investment policy of the schemes. The funds were mobilized without stating where they are going to be invested. During 1990 and 1991 the offer documents contained a few words on investment policy of the schemes. Unfortunately, these are worded in such a style that an investor cannot get a fair idea about the actual deployment of his funds. For example, Dhanavarsha (2), (3) and (4), Dhanashree 91 and Dhanalakshmi Scheme of LIC Mutual Fund launched during the period 1990 and 1991 states: “Efforts will be made to carry maximum rate of return by investing the funds in permitted...   [tags: Investment, Mutual fund, Bond, Hedge fund]

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Athena, Schemer And Plotter, Substitutes Reconciliation And Peace

- Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, states: “Mortals, always blaming the gods for their own witlessness!”(Homer 333) The debate of whether or not man controls his destiny is eternal. Many of us spend our whole lives pondering whether it is our fate or our own free will to blame for how our lives turn out. However, Felson claims “Athena, schemer and plotter, substitutes reconciliation and peace.”(89-98) In The Odyssey, Homer uses Odysseus as an archetype to convey that mortals are helpless without the will and favor of the gods....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Greek mythology, Poseidon]

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Emissions Trading Scheme and Globalisation

- Around the world, markets that are focussed on issuing permits to allow the emitting of greenhouse gases, and earning credits by not emitting them are fast emerging (MacKenzie, 2009), with countries such as New Zealand taking part in what is known as an Emissions Trading Scheme. Carbon markets have increasingly become a way of addressing greenhouse mitigation, and essentially climate change, as a result of the Kyoto Protocol and subsequent intergovernmental emissions trading scheme (Stephan & Paterson, 2012)....   [tags: Climate Change, Environment]

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The Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

- Introduction The Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme is a well-known case and is known as one of the biggest Ponzi scheme’s. In summary the scheme occurred for many reasons that I will some up into 3 points; A lack in competency by regulatory agencies, a lack of regulation, and finally a breach in ethics by Bernie Madoff himself. To explain further, the regulatory agencies like the lawyers and SEC are supposed to prevent schemes such as this one from happening but because they lacked the skills to correctly assess the situation, interpreting the number of tips they had received regarding scheme that had been filed, and to act on those in an efficient manner....   [tags: American fraudster case]

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Prosocial Self-schemas and Behavior

- Prosocial Self-schemas and Behavior The theoretical question that has been posed in this article is whether prosocial private self-schemas and prosocial private self-awareness are predictors of prosocial behavior. The self-schema is believed to play an important role in the regulation of behavior. It is believed that behavior is influenced by the activation of a schema. This schema is connected to the perception of self. Little evidence is shown to conclude that self-schemas are independently influencing any type of behavior and it is presumed that both the descriptive information about the self and the behavioral information are stored independently of each other....   [tags: Papers]

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The Madoff Ponzi Scheme

- Introduction Bernie Madoff began his career as an investment broker in 1960, where he legally bought and sold over-the-counter stocks not listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). From the 1960’s through the 1990’s, Madoff’s success and business grew substantially, mainly from a closed circle of known investors and friends through word of mouth. In the 1990’s Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities traded up to 10 percent of the NASDAQ on any given day. With the success of the securities business, Madoff started an illegal money-management business, promising his investors consistent returns from 10-12 percent, unheard of returns at the time, which should have tipped off most investors...   [tags: Bernie Madoff, pyramid scheme, scam, con man]

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Proposed Compensation Scheme for Nike, INC.

- Since the 1980s, it has been established that there must be a strong association between employee compensation and business strategy (Hufnagel, 1987). However, the development of strategically-oriented compensation scheme is a complex endeavor that requires consideration of numerous factors. Some of these elements are evolving employee needs, changing employee and societal demographics, the changing sexual composition of the labor force as well as transforming qualifications of job applicants (Dawson, 1995)....   [tags: Employees, Offshore, Factory]

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Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi Scheme

- Bernard Lawrence Madoff, the brain behind the largest Ponzi scheme in American history, was born in 1938 during a depressing era. America just went through the Great Depression and was now headed into World War II. The Madoff family was Jewish, and Bernie grew up in a prodominitly Jewish community in Queens, New York. In high school, Bernie Madoff met his future wife, Ruth Alpern. Bernie and Ruth Madoff had two sons, Mark and Andrew. Madoff’s scam started through an affinity bunko scam, which led to an enormous Ponzi scheme....   [tags: scam artists]

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Memory Is a Reconstruction: Myth or Truth?

- Definition of memory and it's functions is difficult to illustrate by a single sentence. Consequently we use several metaphors to describe memory implicitly. Our beliefs, perceptions and imagination influence memory. The fact gave rise to memory being described as a reconstructive process, explaining that memory is not an exact record of a particular experience. Instead we bring various components together and fill in the blanks with our predisposed schemas while recalling. The metaphor building "an entire dinosaur skeleton from fossils" is the indirect way to describe memory as cognitive reconstruction....   [tags: retrieval, schemas, ]

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Factors of a Job Evaluation Scheme

- Factors of a Job Evaluation Scheme A job evaluation scheme is “a method to determine the value of each job in relation to all jobs within the organization.” A job evaluation process is useful because sometimes job titles can be misleading- either unclear or unspecific- and in large organizations it’s impossible for those in HR to know each job in detail. The use of job evaluation techniques depends on individual circumstances. Job evaluation is often used when: establishing the relative value or size of jobs or roles, providing as objective as possible a basis for placing jobs or roles within a grade structure, making certain that consistent decisions will be made about grading jobs or r...   [tags: Employee Management]

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Memory Using Schemas

- Abstract In this experiment we replicated a study done by Bransford and Johnson (1972). They conducted research on memory using schemas. All human beings possess categorical rules or scripts that they use to interpret the world. New information is processed according to how it fits into these rules, called schemas. Bransford and Johnson did research on memory for text passages that had been well comprehended or poorly comprehended. Their major finding was that memory was superior for passages that were made easy to comprehend....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Rhyme Scheme Of Frost 's The Road Not Taken

- Introduction The rhyme scheme of Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’ negates the idea of the ‘choice’ of the author in the poem, insofar as each quintain is dominated by three lines of an initial rhyme in iambic tetrameter and only two of the second, the effect of this is to show the imbalance of the choice that the author is making and so helps to tell the story. However, it could be argued that the ending rhyme being the second rhyme suggests that the narrator is unwilling to fully let go of the less dominant choice, it is this human reluctance that Frost manages to capture within his poem, ‘And sorry I could not Travel Both’ (2), showing that the narrator had hesitations about the future and th...   [tags: Poetry, Stanza, Narrative, Rhyme]

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Choosing A Website Color Scheme Without Hurting Your Brand

- Choosing A Website Color Scheme Without Hurting Your Brand A suitable color scheme for your business website is important to create branding coherent to all marketing avenues. Choosing colors without careful planning, can hurt your business. It can affect brand recognition and credibility, making the business less competitive in the market. This is why you should be careful in picking the colors that would represent your website. A wise businessman would choose a color scheme carefully so as to not damage his brand....   [tags: Color, Color wheel, Color theory, Color scheme]

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A Cross-Layer Adaptive Modulation and Coding Scheme for realistic OFDMA-based Systems

- A Cross-Layer Adaptive Modulation and Coding Scheme for realistic OFDMA-based Systems Abstract—In this letter, we investigate Adaptive Modulation and Coding schemes (AMC) in fast mobility environment with realistic conditions. We argue that feedback Channel State Information (CSI) are outdated and suffer estimation errors for most mobile channels especially fast users. Therefore, ignoring such conditions in AMC scheme design can be disastrous. We provide a brief discussion about these imperfections....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Scheme $6000: A Benefit to Both the Government and the People of Hong Kong or Not?

- The budget plan has announced the “Scheme $6,000” this year. It is a scheme that people who have Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card aged 18 or above can get $6000 from government. People who choose to defer receipt $6000 can have $200 bonus. It seems that it is a good policy for people: low-income group can have this subsidy to solve their financial problem; the others can save it, or use it to buy their favourite items. But when we think it seriously, is it really a helpful subsidy for low income group....   [tags: International Government ]

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RBI Decision on 80:20 Scheme May Hit Hard the Builder-Investor Nexus

- RBI Decision on 80:20 Scheme May Hit Hard the Builder-Investor Nexus A decision by Mr. D. Subbarao, the former governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), to curb on 80:20 schemes could hit the builder-investor nexus that has contributed for nearly 50% of the sale transaction in the last one year. To protect the homebuyers and the lender, The RBI has asked banks to link home loans to the stages of construction of a project instead of upfront disbursal of approved home loan to builders. This construction-linked payment plan (CLP) requires the homebuyer to pay the installments to the builder on a predetermined rate of progress of the project....   [tags: Reserve Bank of India]

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Racial Ethnic Self Schemas And Segmented Assimilation : Identity And The Academic Achievement Of Hispanic Youth

- Students ownership of the text made Latinos’ feel “socially valuable, personally justified and were therefore inclined to claim space and speech” (Vasquez, 911). Students in general must feel accepted in any institution to succeed and by Ethnic studies courses implementing literature by diverse authors into their teaching plan, Latino students become academically engaged to participate and exceed. Based on the responses of this case study I can assure that Ethnic students respond well to a curriculum designed around their culture and language....   [tags: Ethnic group, Culture, Multiculturalism, Race]

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Bernard L. Madoff: The Largest Accounting Fraud in History

- Through his business started in 1960, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC hedge fund, he operated the largest Ponzi scheme that has ever been uncovered. In 2008, that scheme finally caught up with him. Depending on the source, the scheme has been estimated to be ripping investors off for approximately 40 years. Madoff convinced investors that they were investing in fund that promised high returns with low risk involved. In the end, Madoff had dug himself too big of a hole and couldn’t climb his way out....   [tags: Ponzi scheme]

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Social Psychology Concepts in the Movie A League of Their Own

- The movie A League of Their Own is about a female baseball league that was formed since the men were off fighting in World War II. The need to keep professional baseball going the owners tried the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (Marshall, 1992). Most of the movies that we watch have multiple examples of social psychology concepts. The movie A League of Their Own did have concepts that we learned about. The five concepts that I pick out of the movie were schemas, self-fulfilling prophesy, display rules, self-handicapping, and social exchange theory....   [tags: social, exchange, self-handcapping, schemas]

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Fraud: Early Warning Signs of Fraud

- A Ponzi scheme is a type of fraud called investment fraud. It, “involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors” (6). Investors are usually promised a high return rate. The fraudsters attract new investors and pay back their old investors with the new investor’s money. Ponzi schemes are named after Charles Ponzi who created scheme by getting residents to invest in a postage stamp scheme. Bernie Madoff is a well known and not well liked Ponzi scheme fraudster....   [tags: Legal Issues, Ponzi Scheme ]

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The Lying Crisis if Bernie Madoff

- "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Nearly every American citizen knows this phrase by heart; however, lying is a part of human nature. With an epidemic of perjury and false statements occurring at the highest levels of business, media, and politics; America is facing a crisis. More and more people are directing their focus on money, fame, and power. These people will take whatever steps possible to gain high levels of wealth while unknowingly allowing these priorities to shatter their lives and those around them....   [tags: money, pinzi scheme, fincancial]

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Frauds Of The Century By Bernard Madoff

- Frauds of the Century In 2008 one of the longest running Ponzi Schemes came to an end. Bernard Madoff had successfully stolen money from thousands of people from all walks of life. In the last 100 years there have been multiple cases of people pulling forms of fraud on others with the goal of tricking them out money or other items claiming to invest the money or items with a promise of consistent monetary returns. Many questions come to mind when talking about this problem. Team 3 will conduct a case study analysis to get to the bottom of the problem with Ponzi and Pyramid and recommend solutions to help prevent these schemes from continuing to happen....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Ponzi scheme, Bernard Madoff]

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The Financial Scandal Of Bernie Madoff

- On December 08, 2008, Bernie Madoff was arrested outside his apartment for being behind the largest financial scandal that the world has ever scene. Bernie Madoff, former NASDAQ chairman and founder of Bernard Madoff Investment Securities LLC, the company that was running a $64.8 billion Ponzi scheme for almost 20 years. The Wealth Management portion of Bernie Madoff’s firm was all one big lie; investigators estimated the firm had liabilities of $50 billion and $64.8 billion dollars of fraud amongst his 4,600 clients....   [tags: Bernard Madoff, Ponzi scheme]

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Frauds and Scams: Can You Be Protected from Them?

- Do you know the difference between a fraud and a scam. Many believe they are the same thing, as they both cause harm to innocent people. A scam is usually a scheme or transaction costing a victim to lose money or assets. Examples are asking for money for a charity that doesn’t exist, or tries to sell something that don’t belong to them. People who do these type of scams are referred to as Scammers. Fraud on the other hand is more of a deception. Fraud is when someone’s trust or confidence is breached....   [tags: scheme, transaction, money, assests]

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The General Structure Of A Scheme Of Work

- Posner (1994) proposed five levels of curriculum which may be evident across a variety of programmes of study: Official, Operational, Hidden, Null and Extra. Official curriculum is what has been planned and is evident in the scheme of work. Operational is what is actually taught. Hidden includes values, beliefs and attitudes which are not recorded but taught more through role model behaviour. Null refers to what is not taught. Extra is the additional experience such as enrichment activities, classroom environment, and variation of teaching techniques used....   [tags: Curriculum, Education, Curricula, Physiology]

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Foreigners' Tax Scheme in Denmark

- Foreigners' Tax Scheme in Denmark In 1992, a special taxation scheme was introduced in Denmark for high income foreigner who take up residence in Denmark for a limited period of time, this tax scheme also known as the preferential tax regime or special tax scheme in Denmark. It applicable to all foreigner who sign their contracts for work in Denmark after 1st of June 1991. When this scheme is first introduce, there is a special tax rate on labor earnings of 30% for a maximum period of up to 3 years (36 months)....   [tags: income, rate, employer]

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Bernie Madoff : The Greatest Investors Of All Time

- Bernie Madoff was once revered as one of the greatest investors of all time. He helped create the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotients or NASDAQ. Later he served as president of the board of directors for the NASDAQ stock exchange. He claimed he could get returns on investments in the double digits in high and low markets. Bernard Madoff also executed one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American history. Madoff was born in the late 1930s in New York. His parents were working class immigrants....   [tags: Bernard Madoff, Ponzi scheme, NASDAQ]

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The Scheme Of Work And Lesson Plan

- Introduction The scheme of work and lesson planned intends to improve website development skills. The aim of my scheme of work is ‘to develop skills of Research & Development, Holistic Circumspection and Self-learning to develop a site and improve understanding of market audience’. Best practise is considered to be when students are taught to by adjusted speech: “teacher changes speech patterns to increase student comprehension. Includes facing the students, paraphrasing often, clearly indicating most important ideas limiting asides, etc…” (Outcomes, 2008)....   [tags: Knowledge, Education, Learning, Teacher]

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The Ponzi Scheme and Mental Illness

- The Ponzi Scheme and Mental Illness December 26 1919 Charles Ponzi borrowed $200 to buy some office furniture. By January 1920 he then began telling the people of Boston how he could buy stamps and sell them overseas and give them a 50% return on their investment in 45 days and 100% return in just 90 days. The people came so fast he was able to pay returns of 100% in just 45 days. The word spread quickly and more investors came. Soon Charles had two offices and hired people to take orders for stamps....   [tags: Business Ethics]

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The Elk County Maine Scheme

- The ELK County Maine scheme is highly helpful and beneficial for the eligible patients as well as the doctors and the specialist. While the scheme itself is quite beneficial and appealing, it is not getting the wider acceptance in the society due to the lack of its popularity and the difficulties doctor’s face in implementing it. So far only a handful of doctors have adapted this scheme. There is a lot of potential in this insurance policy, but it needs a better implementation plan that can assist the doctors in arranging the assistance of specialist when they are available and also knowing which of their patient is eligible (Naghibzadeh, 2013)....   [tags: Entity-relationship model, Data modeling]

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The New Scheme Of Sjsn

- Discussion Based on the findings above, it can be clearly seen that resistance to change in the new scheme of SJSN manifested itself in different ways. The refusal of three labour confederations (KSPSI, KSBSI, and KSPI) on the invitation of the Parliament to discuss the BPJS bill indicated that the workers were reluctant to get involved in the drafting process of the new policy of social security system. On the one hand, Parliament has provided an opportunity for workers ' associations to discuss the social security policy....   [tags: Hospital, Health insurance, Poverty]

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A Decentralised Reticulated Wastewater Scheme

- Prior to 2012 Mangawhai did not have a centralised reticulated wastewater scheme. Properties utilised septic tanks, package plants, or long-drop toilets (Auditor-General, 2013). Throughout the Mangawhai harbour historical reports show that, for years, run-off from the surrounding land has detrimentally affected the quality of the water. A part of this runoff was, and can still be, ascribed to birds and/or livestock. However, as the community underwent significant development which led to progressively more people needing to dispose of their effluent streams into an inadequately small area of land, higher levels of effluent was seeping into the harbour ((MCWWS), 2015)....   [tags: Management, Project management, Project]

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme

- Those living with Disability in Australia and around the world, are faced everyday with challenges that they are to overcome in order to achieve full occupational participation. From an Australian Perspective, those living with a disability are now empowered by the NDIS; a revolutionary new way of providing disability support services. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to “support people with disability to build their skills and capability so they can participate in the community and employment” (Australian Department of Human Services, 2014, pg....   [tags: Disability, Disability rights movement, Australia]

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Scheme of Work and Assessment

- In a recent white paper, ‘The importance of Teaching,’ the Government sets out the agenda for educational reforms in England. The paper ignores a fundamental, powerful tool that is available to but is still used by teachers and that is Assessment for Learning. Not only does the report fails to acknowledge this effective teaching tool, it also states that teachers no longer need to develop a written lesson plan (Great Britian Department of Education 2010). This concern was also echoed by Lucey (Lucey 2011) in her article on the importance of AfL in schools and how the Government have failed to recognise the potential it has on pupil’s learning....   [tags: Education]

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The Current Government Fundings Scheme

- Before researching the specific details of the current Government fundings scheme I believed the government should assist financially with every student based on the input output model, which helps the underprivileged but assists all Australian students. After seeing that between 2008 and 2012 “spending on private schools generally grew higher than inflation each year, while spending on public schools was mostly below inflation” (The Sydney Morning Herald 2014), I saw something needed to change....   [tags: Middle class, Social class, Working class]

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Persuasion As A Manipulative Scheme

- Ever since the fall, mankind has had a voracious desire for power and influence. People witness this desire within the walls of the Capitol Building when the media exposes backroom deals. It also springs up whenever a politician uses a podium to persuade people that he makes the world work. Politicians possibly rely on persuasion because they crave the power. However, persuasion is a manipulative, unBiblical tactic of forcing others to accept a point of view by all means necessary. To comprehend why persuasion is unBiblical, a working definition of persuasion is necessary....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Jesus, Truth]

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The Grand Scheme Of Things

- I just can 't do this anymore. I keep telling myself that everything will be fine, when it can 't be. I don 't want to have to distract myself to not feel this way. That 's all life is. There 's no meaning in it. It 's just a series of lies that we use to distract ourselves from our own mortality. We all look to drown our insecurities and fears, shit that actually matters, in a sea of flashing lights and whirling . We learn to just not deal with life and its absurdity. Instead, we just choose to believe that everything is fine or that we are all special and that we mean something....   [tags: Truth, Meaning of life]

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Richard Cory, By Edwin Robinson And We Wear The Mask

- Hiding our sadness and fears, lying to the people we love, keeping our emotions to ourselves, all things that everyone does, sometimes without even knowing. Edwin Robinson and Paul Dunbar are two poets who have wrote about how everyone is fighting a battle that you may know nothing about, so you should be kind to people, always. “Richard Cory,” by Edwin Robinson and “We Wear The Mask,” by Paul Dunbar both traditional poems that express that sadness that people hide and the act that we put on for the people surrounding us....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme scheme, Rhyme, Stanza]

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Dr Thunder: Advertising Scheme

- Dr Thunder: Advertising Scheme Introduction There are multi-factorial scenarios, which have an impact on the marketing strategies for a brand. In case of off-brands, it becomes critical for the organization to closely monitor the market environment and develop a marketing strategy that helps the off-brand to compete with established national and international brands. In this report, marketing strategy for Dr. Thunder is presented which would help the brand to acclaim nationwide promotion. Dr. Thunder is a soft drink brand offered by Wal-Mart in its stores....   [tags: wal-mart, market segment, Dr. Pepper]

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Analysis Of Matthew Arnold 's Poetry

- A prominent humanist, critic, and poet of the 18th century, Matthew Arnold was a despiser of philistinism; he was a lover and sustainer of art, intellect, spirituality, and certainly the combination thereof in poetry. Matthew Arnold began his essay, “The Study of Poetry,” writing that “The future of poetry is immense,” and that “more and more of mankind” would discover poetry as a consoler, a sustainer of humanity, and an interpreter of life. He called his audience to “conceive of it as capable of higher uses, and called to higher destinies.” Arnold, believing poetry to be of such high value, was also very dedicated to upholding a high standard in the world of poetry....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Rhyme scheme, Stanza]

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I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, By William Wordsworth

- In the poem “I Wandered lonely as a cloud,” by William Wordsworth reflects on the importance of a happy memory. William Wordsworth was inspired by his love for nature and by an event occurred with his sister during their vacation. This poem is about a lonely man who love flowers especially Daffodils, find himself imagining those beautiful, bright and golden Daffodils whenever he is sad and alone. Memorable moments are often a way to escape the problems of daily life because sometimes we just need to drop our problems and relax....   [tags: Stanza, Poetry, Rhyme, Rhyme scheme]

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci

- La Belle Dame Sans Merci Questions 1) ”La Belle Dame Sans Merci” is a ballad. Prove this statement. The poem, “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”, is a ballad because it has element of the supernatural, it has stanzas made up of four lines, it follows one of the three possible rhyme schemes, and there is only one occurrence/episode/event. For example, this poem incorporates the supernatural in the fourth quatrain, “I met a lady in the meads, /Full beautiful - a faery’s child”. The fairy that is referenced belongs in the realm of the supernatural....   [tags: Rhyme, Poetry, Rhyme scheme, Stanza]

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Eros, The God Of Love

- Robert Bridges and Anne Stevenson both have different versions of Eros, the god of love. While Bridges depicts Eros as an inspirational icon, Stevenson shows Eros as someone who has been bruised and abused, the opposite of a typical depiction of a reverential figure. They talk about love itself through the god Eros using their diction, imagery, and rhyme. In Bridges’ poem “EPΩ∑”, more formal language is used to shine Eros in a more of a “god-like” light. The rhyme scheme of the poem is “AABB”, which is a traditional style, and matches with Bridges’ “traditional” depiction of a god....   [tags: Poetry, Love, Human, Rhyme scheme]

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The Spring And The Fall By Edna St. Vincent Millay

- “The Spring and the Fall” is written by Edna St. Vincent Millay. The poem is about two people, the poet and her significant other that she once had love for. The poem integrates the use of spring and fall to show how the poet stresses her relationship. Of course it starts off briefly by having a happy beginning of love, but the relationship soon took a shift for the worst, and there was foreshadow that there would be an unhappy ending. “I walked the road beside my dear. / The trees were black where the bark was wet” (2-3)....   [tags: Poetry, Stanza, Love, Rhyme scheme]

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