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The Trade Routes Of The World

- The trade routes were the communications highways of the ancient world. New goods and raw materials, were transmitted by people moving from one place to another to conduct business (“"Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History”). When the Ottoman Empire took control of Constantinople in 1453, it blocked European access to the area, severely limiting trade. In addition, it also blocked access to North Africa and the Red Sea; two very important trade routes to the Far East (“Begin Exploring the Age of Exploration with This Handy Overview”)....   [tags: Europe, Christopher Columbus, Middle Ages]

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The World 's Trade Routes

- During early modern European expansion, many interactions took place between Africans, Asians, and Native Americans. Religion, politics, and economic desires were the motivation behind Europe’s desire to expand. Due to their advanced maritime technology and weaponry they were able to do so therefore leading to world globalization. This advanced technology that the Europeans possessed allowed them to take over and control the world’s trade routes, thus connecting various regions of the world that were previously isolated from one another....   [tags: Africa, Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Caribbean]

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My Career And Educational Routes

- When analyzing my career and educational routes, I am constantly considering what benefits me most now and in the end. I do understand that I could be working full time and attempting to start building my life, but the only benefit I see out of that is getting ahead by a few extra years. When considering getting a degree and starting my life after that, I think about the doors that open, and the benefit of a higher pay. When reviewing the cause and effects of attending college, I believe that I gain the most benefit by attending and earning a degree....   [tags: Higher education, Academic degree, University]

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Trade Routes and Religion

- The Major religions spread across Eurasia and Africa through trade routes and conquest. Along with the religions came ideas and practices to new and distance places, changing local populations and create new traditional beliefs and customs. Beliefs and religions ebbed and flowed through the Silk Roads that was “an artery that for nearly a thousand years was the primary commercial network linking East Asia and the Mediterranean world. This trade route extended over 5000 miles and took its name from the huge quantities of precious silk that passed along it.” Nomads, monks and traders survived on these open roads selling goods, services, and ideas to other people and traders to pass on....   [tags: history, knowledge]

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Broad Analysis On The Lines Of The Kcata Routes

- Broad Analysis Map One: This map was created to send a simple, clear message about the operating hours of the KCATA routes. In order to ensure the map was not too overcrowded, only the hours of the days Monday through Friday were represented. The goal of providing this information was to allow the viewers to visually understand the areas that are heavily serviced and those that are not. This map also demonstrates the span of the KCATA routes, which is also another key element, again another way to see the reach of service of these routes....   [tags: Road, Bus, Household income in the United States]

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Mendelssohn and Spinoza: Different Routes to Liberalism

- The query of both Mendelssohn’s and Spinoza’s liberalism is valuable: it asks us to elucidate the relationship between both philosophers’ political dogmas and one of the most important political developments of our time, liberalism. In the Theological-Political Treatise, Spinoza sought to enfeeble the grasp of religion over the individual and encouraged Jews to discard their exclusive adherence to their own beliefs in favor of a universal system based upon natural law. While both Spinoza and Mendelssohn wished to secure freedom of thought, Mendelssohn desired to guarantee the freedom of religion as well....   [tags: Philosophy, Religion, Politics]

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Routes to Persuasion

- pain and crevecoeur Persuasion is the force exerted to influence behavior that includes a reflected change in attitude. Everyday we are bombarded with messagesfrom people who wish to influence our behavior and attitudes. Persuasion canbe used to accomplish good as well as bad, though, in my paper I willrefrain from making value judgements and only report the factual aspects. I will discuss the two basic routes to persuasion, the elements involved, andways to protect current attitudes and behaviors from change....   [tags: essays papers]

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Alternative Routes For Administering Nutrients And Medication From The Body

- Introduction: In some instances, there is a need for alternative routes to administer nutrients and medication to the body. When a patient is not able to consume nutrients orally, other means are considered. Those may include enteral or parenteral nutrition. Enteral Nutrition: Nutrition is normally delivered through the enteral method, also known as tube feeding, when a patient is able to digest nutrients in their gastrointestinal tract but may have an issue swallowing, chewing, or ingesting food....   [tags: Nutrition, Digestion, Metabolism, Vitamin]

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Gun Violence Should Be Stopped Through Proper Routes

- Juvenile violence can be stopped through proper routes. "Juvenile violence is not a result of kids ' access to guns, but stems from the failure of our culture to give kids a sense of individual responsibility and respect for human life." (Public Perspectives) Parents now are disregarding the punishment side of raising a child. Without that discipline in their life, they tend to veer off the path to one that might not end up the best. From learning the basics of gun education, a child knows what to do around a gun, how to respect it, and how to not accidentally shoot anyone....   [tags: Firearm, Gun violence in the United States]

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European Trade Routes 1100-1500

- If there was ever an important period historians, and people could put a finger on, this would be it. This is the important period where the world’s countries, kingdoms, and dynasties established trade routes. This is the period where countries were made and countries were destroyed because of the importance of trade and the importance of building a fundamental, religious, and economical way of life. This paper will discuss the goals and functions of trades, and traders, and a historical analysis of world trade....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Qantas Is The Third Largest Airline As Of Passengers And Airfreight Across Domestic And International Routes

- Qantas is the 11th largest airline as of 2014 and ranked 1st in Australia, whose prime function is the quality transportation of passengers and airfreight across domestic and international routes. Qantas has been successful due to its innovative cost controlling of the business in expense minimisation. However as a result of this, the business has undergone capital-labour substitution and the casualisation of the workforce. This developed workers’ concerns of their remuneration, employment conditions and job security which caused the engineers and ground workers disputes in 2011....   [tags: Employment, Dispute resolution, Mediation]

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Computers Are Capable Of Planning Routes Of Computer Mazes, India On The Zeenews. India

- My popular press article is called Chimpanzees Capable of Planning Routes in Computer Mazes published in ZeeNews, India on the website. The original per-reviewed article that corresponds with this article is called Looking Ahead. Computerized Maze Task Performance by Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatto), Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella), and Human Children (Homo sapiens) which was published in Journal of Comparative Psychology in May of 2015. The study used two male and two female chimpanzees, ranging in age from 27-43 years, seven male rhesus monkeys ranging in age from11-31years, four male and four female capuchin monkeys ranging in age from7-18...   [tags: Primate, Human, Time, Future]

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Divergent Routes to the American Dream in A Raisin in the Sun

-     The American dream has been visualized and pursued by nearly everyone in this nation. Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun is a play about the Younger family that strived for the American dream. The members of the Younger family shared a dream of a better tomorrow. In order to reach that dream, however, they each took different routes, which typified the routes taken by different black Americans. Walter Lee Younger's route, which was filled with riskiness and impulsiveness, exemplified the road taken by blacks who had been oppressed so much that they followed their dreams with blind desperation....   [tags: A Raisin in the Sun Essays]

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The Ad Hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV)

- ... Nodes receiving this packet update their information for the source node and set up backwards pointers to the source node in the route tables. In addition to the source node's IP address, current sequence number, and broadcast ID, the RREQ also contains the most recent sequence number for the destination of which the source node is aware. A node receiving the RREQ may send a route reply (RREP) if it is either the destination or if it has a route to the destination with corresponding sequence number greater than or equal to that contained in the RREQ....   [tags: algorithm, nodes, routes, mobile]

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The Gold Standard to Reduce Scar Formation

- Since the early 1980s, antimitotics like 5-FU and MMC have been increasingly used as an adjunctive to trabeculectomy, and have become the gold standard to reduce scar formation. However, the nonspecific mechanism of action of these agents can result in severe side-effects 1. Therefore, there is still a need for alternative strategies to prevent filtration failure. We already showed that pharmacological enhancement of trabeculectomy using VEGF inhibitors was able to significantly improve rates of surgical success....   [tags: bevacizumab, administration routes]

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The Origins, History, Value, and Future of Cartography

- Cartography has existed for thousands of years. From the early days of tribes marking off where their best hunting grounds are, to the modern day of mapping flight paths, cartography has evolved and developed in various ways to what it is today. There are now technologies that allow for people to design maps in ways never imagined before. Computer programmes exist that allow for different types of data to be stored so that accurate representations can be formed. It has been said that, “Maps are pictures of the world’s land surface, showing its features, resources and the way it has been developed.” (Bondi, et al., 1977) Origins and History The beginnings of Cartography It has been said that...   [tags: maps,gps,routes]

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The Columbian Exchange: A Giant Step Towards Globalization

- The Columbian Exchange was a giant step towards globalization. This trade route connected the world and introduced world changing concepts to both sides. Disease, religion, and a new government were shipped to the New World. Europe, however, was better affected by the exchange of goods. New crops that were able to better feed the population were imported. These population booms were able to set up the environment for the Industrial Revolution. The Columbian Exchange gave Europe the assets needed to prosper into the nations that it has become through the importing of new crops, changes in population, and Old World nation's desire to control more of the trade routes....   [tags: trade routes, international relations]

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El Dorado: The Nicaragua Canal

- Trade routes have unsurprisingly played a major factor in the world’s economy and history: thanks to them we found out that the world was round, for example. What’s more, this discovery resulted from an accidental encountering with the Americas, en route from Europe to Asia. While the New World became the destination for major exchanges for centuries subsequently, new trading routes to Asia were still being searched. Eventually, finding a route that could connect the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean was imperative, especially during the time of the gold rush, when many people wished to get to California....   [tags: alternative commercial routes]

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World Travel Throughout History

- As the world grew its people began to explore, to spread out and seek out one another. Form 1000-1600 Man went farther than his ancestors could have ever imagined. And with this exploration came both negative and positive side effects. Some of the positives include a shift from land to sea for trade routes, the Renaissance and the vast amount of knowledge that came from that and new trade routes began to emerge. However there were also negative aspects of intercontinental trade such as; the many different warlords that came through and killed thousands in the pursuit of land and other riches one example of this would be the Mongols, The Black death that claimed the lives of so many, and last...   [tags: Inercontinental trade, disease, routes]

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The Underground Railroad: Escaping Slavery

- ... There were specific routes you had to follow to get to your next destination, and conductors. Eventually the slaves would fail on escaping, or they would make it to what was sometimes called the promise land, “Canada”. Even though the North was slavery free, a black person could not run to New York and be safe. This was because by 1640 the courts gave a law that made it so slave owners still had a right to their property. There were still people who defied the laws to help the slaves though....   [tags: routes, canada, freedom]

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The Shift from Fordism to Post-Fordism and Possible Future Routes for Capitalist Organization

- The Shift from Fordism to Post-Fordism and Possible Future Routes for Capitalist Organization Capitalism continues to be a revolutionary form of social organization. Modes of production, the ordering of daily activities, and the material practices and processes of social reproduction have undergone numerous changes since capitalism’s inception. Mapping a history of capitalism’s different stages and forms – both social and institutional – would be an arduous task, complicated by the fact that in each of capitalism’s stages, features and characteristics of past and future stages abound....   [tags: Papers]

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The Silk Road in the Human Experience

- Over the course of history, few human systems have held higher importance than the Silk Road in the Human Experience. The silk roads, lasting from roughly 100 BC to 1450 AD, were a series of trade routes stretching nearly 4000 miles across Asia. The long-distance political and economic relations developed between civilizations catalyzed the development of all parties involved. To both Asia and Europe the Roads were a key point of cultural interaction between civilizations, especially in the early travel of both goods and philosophies....   [tags: Huan Systems, Trade Routes, Asia]

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Aircraft Scheduling and Fleet Management

- The primary considerations for airline scheduling are routes that “provide optimum public service...consistent with the financial health of the carrier” (Wensveen, 2011). In addition to that, there are numerous other factors that must be taken into account. These factors include: equipment maintenance, crews, facilities, marketing factors, and other factors such as wind patterns and what I would call “rush hour”. The aircraft must be scheduled so as to allow adequate time for routine maintenance, as well as a buffer to meet unscheduled maintenance requirements....   [tags: airline safety,aircraft routes,aviation ]

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The Management of Seaports

- ... This requires efficient inland distribution systems The location to be a port must be good access to road and rail routes. Poor rail and road connectivity with port was affecting cargo movement. Many businesses require easy access to good road and railway links and modern telecommunication services. These ensure that they can meet service or delivery deadlines. An efficient transport system in a capital city depends on the effective integration of the various components within the transport chain....   [tags: container traffic, location, rail routes]

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Understanding Morphine

- Morphine is the most important pharmacologically active ingredient of opium, the resin obtained from the dried juice of the opium poppy. More than 200 years ago morphine was established in clinical practice. It is the first model of opioid medicine, whose analgesic and satisfying influences are mediated by activating opioid receptors which are obtained basically within the central nervous system (CNS). World Health Organization’s (WHO) proposed that morphine continues to be the strong opioid of selection for treating moderate to severe cancer pain patient....   [tags: Pharmacology, Administration Routes]

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The Influences of the Hindustan Tibet Road

- Prologue The construction of Hindustan Tibet road in Himachal Pradesh began in 1850. It is an exquisite feat of human endeavor, on one of the highest ranges of the world. The half tunneling, done manually through the rocky stretches, speaks volumes of determination and dedication with which the highway was built. The tunneling done through huge rocks at "Khimring Dhankh" or cliff, on the Hindustan Tibet road is still considered to be the largest stretch tunneled for a road through the rocks. The 500 Km road from Ambala to Kaurik is also Known as National Highway No....   [tags: routes, trade, landslides ]

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Routers An Overview

- Routers 1 Routers 2 Introduction The purpose of this paper is give a summary of the function and use of Routers in today’s information age. To cover the complete subject of routers and routing, would be beyond the scope of this research paper. However the basic definition of a router is “ A device used to connect networks of different types, such as those using different architectures and protocols. Routers work at the Network layer of the OSI model. This means they can switch and route packets across multiple networks....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Routers and the Internet

- Millions of people depend on the internet every day and in some ways it can be center platform for a lot of businesses. People everywhere depend on it for many things not just limited to business, but keeping in contact with people in the same city or on a different continent. Without the internet people would have to wait days to weeks at a time before receiving important document or just simply saying “hello”. So in a lot of ways the internet is a real life saver for everyone that depends on it so greatly....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Protocol-Independent Multicast

- 1. Protocol-Independent Multicast (PIM) [4]: Protocol Independent multicast [4] is defined as the collection of multicast routing protocols that are used to route multicast IP traffic to different distribution points over LAN, WAN and the Internet. PIM is classified into two different versions and operates in two different modes PIM-SP (sparse mode) and PIM-DM (dense mode) [7] that are used to perform routing operations similar to that of other routing protocols like OSPF, BGP and so on. The properties of PIM are as follows [7] • It provides a loop-free tree communication between two routers....   [tags: Source Tree, Router to Router]

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- TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction …………………………………………………………………………2 Router Architecture …………………………….……….…………………………3 Basic Building Blocks ……………………………………………………………………………………………..3 Physical Components………………………………………………………………………………………………5 Router Architecture Classification …………………………………………7 First Generation……………………………………………………………………………………………………..7 Second Generation …….…………………………………………………………………………………………..8 Third Generation……..……………………………………………………………………………………………..9 Switching Architecture …………………………………………………………11 Output Queuing……………………………………………………………………………………………………..12 Input Queuing ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….12...   [tags: computer technology, data transmission]

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Cambodia's Corrupt and Tragic Reign of Khmer Rouges

- ... The results of the so called, “election” led to a revolt among the people of Cambodia who in contrary destroyed everything representing the Prime Minister; which led to the decrement of Marshall Law. The real results proved to have been a victory by the opposing leader Sam Rainsy, who won by a landslide regarding to the irregular votes created by Sen. What has been an inexplicable story proves to be heart wrenching and are the reasons why Hun Sen should be tried by the United Nations. Starting around 1985, Hun Sen had tried to seize the power of being Prime Minister to himself....   [tags: communist, prime minister, violence]

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Interconnection Devices Are Used For A Modern Network

- Interconnection devices are commonly needed in a modern network, from the interface that allows one computer to communicate with two or more computers. There are few examples of interconnection devices such as hub, switch, and router. Hub A hub is a common connection point for devices in a network. It is generally a small, sometimes flat, plastic box with many ports on the back. There are numerous ports so that you can connect many computers. It has LED lights that light up in the front so you are able to identify when it 's in operation....   [tags: Computer network, Router, Local area network]

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Robust Routers Job Offer Negotiation

- In the simulation involving a negotiation over a job offer at Robust Routers, I played the role of the human resource director; Leigh Bultema, and my partner played the role of Joe Tech; the recent MBA graduate seeking permanent employment with the technology company. Joe is not in agreement with the terms of the original offer and would like to negotiate the terms of certain issues within the bargaining mix. One key issue Joe is negotiating is the relocation to Robust Routers headquarters in Silicon Valley, California....   [tags: Job Offer Negotiation]

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Why A Wireless Router Is A Network For Business Use

- 2. How to Choose a Wireless Router Choosing a wireless router is never a pleasant task because choosing one can be daunting. When choosing a wireless router, there are several factors to keep in mind: the router’s Wi-Fi Standard, the router’s connection speed, the router’s signal strength, how many bands the router has, how many simultaneous connections the router supports, what sort of built-in security the router has, the router’s upgrade capabilities and what type of warranty the router’s manufacturer offers....   [tags: Internet, Wi-Fi, Wireless access point]

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- Routers A router is a type of internetworking device that passes data packets between networks based on Layer 3 addresses. A router has the ability to make intelligent decisions regarding the best path for delivery of data on the network. In this chapter, you will learn how routers use a Layer 3 addressing scheme to make forwarding decisions. In addition, you will learn how devices on local-area networks (LANs) use Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) before forwarding data to a destination. You will learn what happens when a device on one network does not know the MAC address of a device on another network....   [tags: Papers]

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Router Comparison

- Connecting remote offices or home PC’s to the Internet and corporate networks can be troublesome, requiring a balance of bandwidth limitations, security concerns and firewall functionality. Simple setup is also a necessity, so less-experienced users can easily get these fairly complex systems up and running. In addition, the cost of communication hardware and software must be kept to a minimum to meet tight budgets. The routers also offer firewall protection for security, productivity and operational purposes....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Designing More Sophisticated Security On Their Routers And Switches

- My initial assignment was to enable and configure more sophisticated security on their routers and switches. However, after a week of twiddling I grew extremely frustrated and asked my manager to be moved to a different task. I’m glad I did, because the tasks they gave afterwards were interesting and challenging, but not frustrating. The tasks were mainly code clean up and ease of life improvement in the codebase. I found these to be a good warm up to the codebase. After one month I was finally given my own project....   [tags: Employment, Learning, Task, Intern]

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Questions and Answers: Resouce Allocation and Congestion Control

- 1) What is resource allocation. In networking protocols layers a lot of data is transferred between different processes across a heterogeneous network. Also lot of resources are shared like bandwidth of links or the routers in buffers, where there can be many packets which are queued for transmitting from different processes. It can happen that too many packets are on same link and the queue overflows where packets can be lost or even they need to be dropped. Thus to avoid this congestion resource allocation is done....   [tags: networking, routers]

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Fast PC Routers

- Fast PC Routers What's this all about. We're building IP routers out of PC's as tools for research and experimental network development. The goal of this work is to come up with an IP router platform which is completely open to bending, twisting, reprogramming, and the like, and yet has sufficient performance to be useful for experiments in the 1990's. Open routing platforms are an important tool for researchers developing new protocols and architectures. The DARTnet testbed, a precursor of this work, used routers built from Sun Sparcstations to catalyze the development of IP Multicast, RSVP, and the MBONE conferencing tools....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Wirelenss Mobile Networks: Design and Performance

- Wireless networks become part of daily life. Day by day, every hotel, mall, cafe, restaurant etc. are covered by wireless internet zones. Not only laptop computers and PDAs are used to connect to wireless networks, but also some of the new mobile phones are also equipped with wireless network cards to connect to the wireless access points to get high-speed Internet access. In order to extend the limited range of wireless access points, multiple access points are deployed to the zones to compose wireless mesh networks....   [tags: Routers, Mesh, Internet]

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What UTP Ethernet network cable would you use to connect a PC to a router using console?

- What UTP Ethernet network cable would you use to connect a PC to a router using console. Rollover cable is a kind of null modem cable that is the most commonly used to connect a PC to the console port as shown in figure1[1]. It likes other type of cables that their names are come from how they are wired. So, it is called rollover cable because it has one end that is rolled in a way reversed from other. Lastly, the purpose of this kind of cable is to allow making a connection between a computer terminal and other device such as router or switch in order to configure them as needed [2]....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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How A Router Is A Device That Connects Connect Multiple Networks And Forwards Packets Across Them

- A router is a device that connects to multiple networks and forwards packets across them. When a data packet is sent to the router it reads the address (IP address) and sends it to its destination. They are like traffic directors; they manage all of the data packets (traffic) that comes in and going out of the network by sending them to their correct destinations. When one router sends a packet across a network, another router will receive it and send it to the right destination, by doing the same thing....   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Internet Protocol]

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Choosing the Correct Networking Devices

- ... The newer Ethernet hubs devices are much smaller compare to the older devices. This is because the older device are larger in size as they contained a built in fans for cooling the unit. Conclusion Hubs are very convenient to set up network for small business or home because it is very convenient and affordable. Several companies and manufacturers produce hubs in varying port configurations. Hubs are suitable to work with old style of broadband or dial-up Internet service. Switch Switch is a device than enable a connection to switch from one port to another....   [tags: hub, router, repeater]

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Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol is a distance vector routing protocol, where a router shares information with neighboring routers about the network in an autonomous system and shares only the information that neighboring routers don’t have instead of the whole message. It is an enhanced version of Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, both of them uses the same distant vector technology and the distance information within them is not changed....   [tags: router, protocol, features]

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Core Layers : The Core Layer

- Core layer: The core layer determines the efficiency of the network because it is the high speed backbone of the network. This layer is makes sure that data packets are transported in a fast and reliable pace across the network. Furthermore this is where the high-end switches and cables are found examples are the fiber cables. Note, in the core layer, traffic are not routed and no packet manipulation. Rather everything aggregates to the core layer Distribution layer: This layer serves as the borderline or demarcation for the core layer and access layer the LAN based routers and layer 3 switches are been used in this layer to ensure that the data packets are been properly routed between t...   [tags: Computer network, Router, Computer security]

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The Problem Of Video Games

- Imagine going to your favorite local coffee shop, buying a mocha latte and relaxing while you check your favorite news station from your wireless laptop. As the morning fades the next thing you know you 're in your cubicle holding a mouse, sending as information as you can to your boss about next year 's tax work. All of a sudden you get an urgent notification detailing issues regarding the local area network. Being confused, and flustered you decide to call the geeky IT guy, even though you think he is weird you hope he can fix your computer....   [tags: Computer network, Router, Personal computer]

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Historical Analysis of the Onion Router and Its Forensic Challenges

- Tor's hidden service is a website that takes place in the Tor network, were services like Search Engine, Directories, Web / pop3 email, Private Messages (PM), Drop Boxes, Re-mailers, Bulletin Boards (BBS), Image Boards, Currency Exchange, Blog, E-Commerce, Social Networks, Micro-Blogs are hosted by using rendezvous points within the Tor networks. Other Tor users can only connect to these hidden services, by knowing the meeting address also known as an introduction point where the client gets the public key to access the hidden service, before that happens the hidden service needs to be advertise its existence in the Tor network so the clients will be able to contact it.Like any other tools,...   [tags: dark web search engines]

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Final Networking Report For The Advertising Agency

- Final Networking Report for the advertising Agency The advertising agency has two remote offices in NY and Rural Area and one main headquarter in Austin. The objective is to design a WAN network through which both the remote offices have dedicated internet connectivity to the main office. The speed of the internet links should be >= 64 Kbps in order to enable a hassle free network connectivity. The organization plans to use routers and switches. The necessary topology and configurations are identified on the routers for the computers in the different offices to access each other....   [tags: IP address, Internet, Internet Protocol, Router]

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Network Design For Tech Inc.

- Tech Inc. Local Area Network Proposal Prepared by Marco Morley December 10, 2016 Network Design paper Bradley Armstrong CIT380-04 The proposal: Is a data communication network for Tech Inc. Network Scope: The proposed network will be designed to provide service Tech Inc. branch office. Service to include 4 departments consisting of Sales, Administration offices, Engineering and an Accounting department. Due to sensitive materials that might exist within each department, it is expected to design different networks for each department....   [tags: IP address, Subnetwork, Computer network, Router]

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Improving The Campus Network With A Vpn

- High performance computing connection is necessary to develop and increase the efficiency and the speed connection with low latency of the network. In the near future Jazan University (JU) is expected to deal with more than 56 thousand students at the end of this year, which means traffic and failures will always be there. Moreover, the need of security connection inside the campus become priority which is lead us to find a fast and private connection at the same time. This paper discusses the benefits of improving the campus network with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection starting with replacing the hardware and upgrading the infrastructure to make sure everything is secu...   [tags: Virtual private network, Computer network, Router]

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Build A Home Network

- Everyday when ET returns from his classes to his apartment he eagerly yearns to throw himself on top his comfy chair and simply surf the internet at his own convenience. Unfortunately, ET is living with two other roommates that maliciously wish to use all of their bandwidth on a daily basis. Ah, the horror. Luckily, ET has pondered away during his free time of how to resolve this emerging conflict. He has carefully noted that his apartment contains three computers: two desktops and one laptop. After consulting with his trusty side-kick, Andy Chung or better known as Andy, both of them absolutely believe that the most optimal solution to this conflict is to purchase a router....   [tags: Guide Home Networking Wireless Router Comparison]

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Roles of Internet Service Providers

- ... *Request comes in to translate, series of requests and responses are made, requestor accepts first response vulnerable for man-in-the-middle attack Provide authentic and authoritative routing information, uses BGP as a standard. *Vulnerability to international cyber hacking. *Report a compromised system *Comply with technical aspects of internet participation *Work with other ISP providers in the event of emergencies. Provide uninterrupted service to their providers. Provide authentic and authoritative naming information....   [tags: routers, protection, developers]

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Should Congress Repeal the Private Express Statutes?

- In July 2009, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) listed the budget of the United States Postal Service as “high risk” and recommended oversight from Congress and the Executive Branch. Specifically, the GAO stated that “Amid challenging economic conditions and a changing business environment, USPS is facing a deteriorating financial situation in which it does not expect to cover its expenses and financial obligations in fiscal years 2009 and 2010” (“Restructuring”, 2009, pg. 1). The GAO claimed that the mail volume in 2009 would likely decrease by about 28 billion as compared to 2008 and that the USPS would likely see declining volumes for the next five years (“Restructuring”, 2009, p...   [tags: US Postal Service]

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Border Gateway Protocol: Origin Misconfigurations and Effects

- Introduction The Internet is a highly unstable and non-reliable network which requires a strong routing protocol. There are about 493870 routes on the Internet and the number is increasing every day (CIDR Report). Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the exterior gateway routing protocol used for routing over the Internet worldwide. BGP exchanges routing information between autonomous systems over the Internet. An autonomous system (AS) can be defined as network or group of routers that implement the same routing policy (Halabi, 96)....   [tags: internet, routing protocols]

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Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Mobile Networks

- Introduction Wireless networks have gained immense popularity since its advent in 1970s and even more prominently since the last decade. Mobile wireless networks currently have two implementation architectures: infrastructured networks infrastructureless networks[1]. In the network architecture for Infrastructured networks, there are fixed wired gateways, known as base stations installed across the desired coverage area. A device within the network connects to the nearest accessible (the one with the strongest signal) gateway....   [tags: wireless network, Ad hoc systems]

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Open Shortest Path First

- Open Shortest Path First is one of the link-state routing protocol used in the Internet Protocol networks developed explicitly for TCP/IP Internet Environment. It is an Interior Gateway Routing Protocol defined in RFCs 1245, 1247, 1253 and 1583. The features of the OSPF protocol are as follows • Provides authentication of routing messages. • Enables load balancing by allowing traffic to be split evenly across routes with equal cost. • Type-of-Service routing allows to setup different routes dependent on the TOS field....   [tags: routing protocol, internet, network]

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All Roads Lead to Byzantium

- Byzantium was located in and around present day Turkey and Greece. “In 330 A.D., the first Christian ruler of the Roman empire, Constantine the Great, transferred the imperial capital from Rome to the ancient city of Byzantine, renaming it Constantinople.” This city would come to be known as Byzantium. Because Byzantium was located within the roman empire it had access to all the trade routes that Rome had created. Byzantium’s location impacted it’s history because it was centrally located on the trade routes of Europe, Africa, and Asia and was near many powerful territories and empires....   [tags: Constantinople, Constantine, Roman Empire]

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Transit and Transhipment: Implications for Bangladesh and Overall Impacts on Bangladesh

- 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Transit and transhipment issues have raised a lot of controversy inside Bangladesh in recent years. In Indo-Bangladesh trade talks, 'Transit' refers to the passage across Bangladesh territory of Indian goods to and from the North-Eastern States of India using Indian-owned surface transportation, while 'Transhipment' refers to the same movement using Bangladesh-owned means of transport. The issue is a matter of geographic and economic necessity for India, while for Bangladesh it has security, political and economic dimensions....   [tags: rail and waterways]

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How Canada’s Three Major Exports Have Contributed to Canada’s Economy

- Last year, Canada received 443 billion dollars in revenue from exporting goods throughout the world. Almost 54% of that was covered by Canada’s three major exports (Stat Can.) - mineral products, transportation items, and electrical equipment and machinery. While preparing theses resources for export may be difficult, it is worth it. This essay will review the large role exports play in Canadian economy by being a immense source of income, allowing Canada to maintain robust trade routes and relations throughout the world, and providing Canadians with many jobs....   [tags: Canada, Income, Economy, Exports]

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Border Gateway Protocol

- The protocol I chose to write about is the Border Gateway Protocol because it is the main protocol used to operate the internet and recommended protocol for Cisco design certifications. The BGP protocol is an inter-autonomous protocol; which means it is for connecting separate large networks, such as a college network to a corporate network or the internet. Due to the large number of routes and connection this protocol must manage; it uses very many features, or attributes, to achieve this. Cisco defines these attributes as weight, local preference, multi-exit discriminator, origin, AS_path, next hop, and community....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Ryanair And The Air Travel

- Air travel is no longer just an idea that was developed to get people from point A to point B in a shorter amount of time or give a military force air superiority. Today, flying on an airplane is as common as driving a car or riding a bicycle. In fact, some airlines have made air travel an extravagant event and others have made it affordable to those who never dreamed they’d be able to see the skies. These different types of airlines open all over the world to provide services to different regions, countries and even classes....   [tags: Southwest Airlines, Airline, Boeing 737, Ryanair]

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An Ad-hoc Network: Individual Devices Communicating with Each Other

- ... A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is generally defined as a network that has many free or autonomous nodes, often composed of mobile devices or other mobile pieces, that can arrange themselves in various ways and operate without strict top-down network administration. There are many different types of setups that could be called MANETs and the potential for this sort of network is still being studied. One of the main problem in ad-hoc networking is the efficient delivery of data packets to the mobile nodes where the topology is not pre-determined nor does the network have centralized control [1]....   [tags: construction, hardware, data, nodes]

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Graph Theory Concepts and Strategies with Ticket to Ride

- Ticket to Ride is a board game created by Alan R. Moon that has been growing in popularity since its first release in 2004 by Days of Wonder. The game components include a map with cities and defined train routes, sets of 45 colored, plastic train car tokens for up to five players, destination tickets, and colored train cards. The premise of the game involves collecting enough of the colored train cards to claim or build train routes to connect various major cities in the United States and southern Canada to earn points as well as completing routes designated on the destination tickets....   [tags: Alan R Moon, board game, United States, Canada]

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The American With Disabilities Act

- As humans, it is our duty to make the world a better, and safer place for all the creatures that live on earth. We may not always do but we try most of the times. Whenever there is a problem or the need to change something that is not convenient, the governments of our countries come up with laws and regulations to solve these problems. Ever since the beginning of times a few children were born with disabilities, it was very hard for them to survive due to lack of resources and accommodations; in some countries they were even killed at birth....   [tags: Disability]

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The Rise of Rome

- The Rise of Rome The Roman Republic began in 509 B.C.E. with the overthrow of the Etruscan monarchy. In 27 B.C.E the Roman Empire began with Octavian Caesar becoming the emperor, this ended almost 500 years of republican self-government. There is much debate over why Rome became so powerful so quickly. Many think it had to do with Rome’s military strength. Others think that it was because Rome knew of and controlled most of the trade routes. Still others believed it had to do with the technology that was advanced during the Roman Republic....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Networking and Telecommunication: The Network Layers

- ... a. Explain in detail with the help of diagrams the media access control technique used in Ethernet. In the seven layer OSI model, Media Access Control (MAC) is a sub layer of the data link layer. Over the internet a Media Access Control Address (MAC address) unique identifier for a network adaptor or an Ethernet. There are different network interfaces and MAC address does the task of distinguishing it. Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) is a protocol used in Ethernet networks for the purpose of carrier transmission access....   [tags: routing, data transfer, ethernet]

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Mobile Ad Hoc Network Temporarily Forms a Network without Support

- I. INTRODUCTION Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a self configuring infrastructureless network of mobile devices .MANET is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that dynamically form a network temporarily without any support of central administration. Mobile ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that establishes the network in absence of fixed infrastructure.MANET routing protocols possess two properties such as: 1. QUALITATIVE PROPERTIES. 2. QUANTITATIVE PROPERTIES. 1.Qualitative properties involves: • Distributed operation • Loop freedom • Demand based routing • Security 2.Quantitative properties involves: • End to end throughput....   [tags: qualitative, quantitative, protocol]

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Reasons for Exploration

- Reasons for Exploration Before the Age of Exploration, little was known to the Europeans of the outside world. There was the misconception that the earth was flat and finite. Likewise, in accordance to the Bible, people thought that the earth was 7/8 land. From this belief it was thought that any voyage around Africa to India would be impossible, as it was suggested that landmass would obstruct any vessel. As well there was no knowledge of the existence of the Americas or Australia. However, it was these misconceptions that gave explorers such as Columbus reasoning to sail west to go east....   [tags: Age of Exploration]

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History Of Transportation Technologies Over The Past 800 Years Greatly Changed Human Civilization

- The history of transportation technologies over the past 800 years greatly changed human civilization. Due to the emergence of these technologies allowed humans to benefit in all sorts of ways throughout the world. It has caused a shift in the way people live and the way countries interact with each other. transportation is directly linked to the process of globalization, the efficacy of moving goods and people will directly affect the economic system we live in. Moving people faster or over long distances, moving cargo faster or more of it has been an evolution of many different civilizations knowledge and thirst for a better economy....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine]

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Europe’s Domination of Indian Ocean Arena: Costal Port Control and Alliance

- The Indian Ocean arena arguable is one of the largest trading networks that had existed in pre-modern history. The changes that occurred in the region from fifteen hundred to eighteen hundred are ones that considerable shaped and changed how the world. With previously connected trade routes connecting large portions of this area through land it was only a matter of time before the sea would lead to the expansion of trade throughout the Indian Ocean arena. With Europeans wanting spices and textiles, the effectiveness to bring these goods back to Europe was going to have to change....   [tags: trading network, pre-modern history, ]

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The Underground Railroad During The 19th Century

- During the 19th century slaves in the Southern states were held captive as forced laborers usually working in deplorable conditions. During the antislavery movement slaves often escaped captivity and took secret routes to the Northern Free States, these routes were called the Underground Railroad. The slaves were often aided along the way by other free African Americans and abolitionists sympathetic to their escape. “Somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 slaves were freed through the Underground Railroad....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War]

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U.s. Airline Applications For Direct Air Service

- Trend Lines: Update on air service to Cuba In the March 2016 edition of Trend Lines, we told you about the US airline applications for direct air service from the United States to Cuba resulting from improved relations between the two nations. Eight US carriers made official applications to the Department of Transportation (DOT) to serve a large number of routes and frequencies. In June, the DOT announced that it had made decisions to grant route authorities to six US carriers: American Airlines (AA), Frontier Airlines (F9), JetBlue Airways (B6), Silver Airways (3M), Southwest Airlines (WN), and Sun Country Airlines (SY) were awarded route authorities to serve the Cuban cities of Camagüey,...   [tags: Southwest Airlines, Airline, Low-cost carrier]

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The Rise and Spread of Islam

- The Rise and Spread of Islam The world you once knew is falling to ashes and food is become such a scarcity that people are fighting over a few pieces of bread. The political class is too busy fighting among themselves to care for anyone else. Children are roaming the streets and begging for work to feed their dying, hungry stomachs. This is not a scene from a horror movie, but rather the reality of the beginning of post classical era. In these times of hardship the people turned to a higher power, which resulted in a religious boom....   [tags: Religion, Culture, History]

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The During The 17th Century Europe

- During the 15th century Europe had numerous changes. The population expanded rapidly which gave rise to new classes of merchants. European nations were very wealthy when it came to spices. Therefore, they traded them on the land route from Asia. These land routes were controlled by the Turkish Empire, which lead to many problems for the countries who were trying to trade these spices and acquire other valuables. This then steered them to begin searching for other routes of trade to essentially cut out the “middle man”....   [tags: Thirteen Colonies, Former British colonies]

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U.S. Airline Industry

- On the surface, the players in the U.S. Airline Industry appear to be in an enviable industry filled with glamorous perks and a solid business model. However, analysis paints a different story. Digging deeper reveals significant issues with little possibility for industry wide solutions, therefore making the industry unattractive. Rivalry is one of the main issues in this industry. While rivalry may not typically doom an industry, the airline industry is too dependent on the ability to dictate price on its most popular routes to drive overall profitability....   [tags: rivalry, cost, competitors]

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Infection Prevention in a Hospital Setting

- Title: An algorithm to estimate the importance of bacterial acquisition routes in hospital settings. Introduction The significant increase in antibiotic resistance amongst pathogens is making it very difficult to successfully treat infections, especially in intensive care units (ICU’s). Prevention of the spread of infection among patients within the hospitals is fast becoming amongst the most important methods for controlling infections. This requires the identification of the different acquisition routes, that is, routes by which bacterial colonization occurs....   [tags: Medical Care Position Paper]

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Providing Cycle-only Paths to Cyclists Improves Security

- The infrastructure and safety measures for cyclists in Roehampton are far from ideal. There are currently no cycling lanes or posted signs to help cyclists navigate the area. While cycling safety is an issue for the entire city, Roehampton is urban enough to be dangerous without having the density to make cycles a normal part of the traffic pattern. There are already plans for steps to increase the safety and ease of access of cyclists in the Roehampton area, and there no doubt that other features will be added in the next five to ten years....   [tags: london, roehamton]

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Societial Changes in the Middle East in 600 B.C.E.

- From the time of the Agricultural revolution till 600 B.C.E, many changes were being made in society. New tools and weapons were developed, new types of writing, and new art forms were all being discovered and altered. But one societal element that is crucial to everyone is politics. The politics of a society effect the citizens day to day lives, and set boundries for all people. Between the time of the Agricultural Revolution and 600 B.C.E, the Middle East experienced political changes such as; the dimensions of government, and the land that was conquered and controlled....   [tags: Politics, world history, Mesopotamia]

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Airline Deregulation: Success or Failure?

- Shortly after World War I, the U.S. Government discovered the abilities of the modern airplane and created the idea of utilizing aircraft to transport mail across the country. In 1917, Congress approved funding to experiment with the idea of delivering mail by air. By 1920, the Post Office was delivering mail across the entire country, eliminating over 22 hours in delivery times of a coast-to-coast route. With the success of the airmail service and the growing popularity of civil aviation, the U.S....   [tags: Aviation ]

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Lessons of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911

- The sheer physical nature of fire is to consume all fuel that lay in its path. That is exactly what happened in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911. The building itself was reported to be fire proof, but what about its contents. The amount of unused cotton and other fabric scraps that were piled up were ample amounts of fuel just waiting to be consumed by a spark. The business owners kept what little exits and escape routes the building had locked for fear of a thieving employee. The employees mostly took the elevators up and down the building, limiting their knowledge of possible escape routes....   [tags: research paper]

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