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Sunspots And The Rotation Of The Sun

- Sunspots and the Rotation of the Sun Sunspots are areas on the sun’s surface that are cooler and darker than other parts of the sun and represent areas with strong resonance magnetic activity (Macdonald 43). The sun rotates on its axis and it is easy to identify how the sun rotates by observing the motion pictures of sunspots. While observing the sun for a number of days, one should expect the sunspots to move and this is enough evidence that the sun rotates. In the observation assignment, I plan to track and deduce the sun’s rate of rotation by picking up two sunspots and tracking their motion on the surface of the sun....   [tags: Sun, Earth, Observation, Rotation]

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What Are Your Goals For This Rotation?

- Week One: What are your goals for this rotation. The goals of this rotation were to enhance my knowledge on critical care medicine and to prepare me for the NAPLEX. What would you like to learn or practice during this experience. During this experience, I would like to learn how to assess patients and determine what changes need to be made. I want to be able to figure out what is wrong with the patient based on their lab values and presenting symptoms. How do you think you can contribute to this practice setting....   [tags: Learning, Patient, Pharmacology, Pharmacy]

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Tides, Sun, And Rotation Of The Earth

- Tides are the “rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and rotation of the Earth” (encyclopedia). It is a proven fact that in comparison to the Sun, the Moon is much smaller, although it is smaller than the Sun its gravitational attraction is much greater than that of the Sun because, the Moon is much closer to Earth than the Sun is. The Moon being much closer to Earth than the Sun is causes the oceans to bulge out in the direction of the Moon....   [tags: Tide, Moon, Tidal force, Tides]

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Job Plan For Job Rotation

- Job design is one of the principles in this case, it is the offset to an additional Motivation, job satisfaction and commitment to the organization are major influences for employees. I have noticed that employees are happier and better contributors if, they are being productive and feel part of the team. How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case. As a proactive approach, the HIM management has implemented several changes to improve work motivations and reach their goals....   [tags: Management]

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First Week Of Psychiatric Clinical Rotation

- First week of psychiatric clinical rotation was a great learning experience for me. I prepared for each clinical practice day and safely performed all care measures adhering to MRU and agency policies. For the most of the part, there was a lot of charting which was very overwhelming at the beginning. Eventually, I used cheat sheets that assisted me to complete my charting in a timely manner. I kept my eye on clock to make sure that I complete documentation on time. I charted initial client charting within the first 30 minutes of coming on to shift....   [tags: Psychiatry, Nursing, Clinical psychology, Time]

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My First Weekly Clinical Rotation

- Today is Day One of my first weekly clinical rotation which means that for the next 10 weeks, every Friday, I get to put my hands on real patients who have real bodies. I was fortunate enough to receive my first clinical rotation at walking distance from where I lived in Stamford, Connecticut. I thought for sure I 'd be nervous, and indeed I was. I 'm out the door heading to Prime Care Medical of Stamford, where I met Veronica my Medical Assistant Mentor for the day. She has been an MA at this practice for the past 6 years and is very passionate about her job and the wellbeing of the patients....   [tags: Electronic medical record, Patient, Physician]

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Crop Rotation and Soil Sustainability

- Crop Rotation and Soil Sustainability Agriculture is responsible for providing food for an ever-growing population, and as it becomes clear that yields cannot continue to rise without limit, sustainability of agricultural practices becomes an increasingly important question. The soil is a precious resource in which all of agriculture has its base, and careful management of this complex system is essential. Crop rotation is one of the most important management practices in a sustainable agriculture system, both as a means of conserving soil and of maintaining its fertility....   [tags: Agriculture Farming Papers]

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Investigating The Mental Rotation Performance Of Human Figures

- The purpose of the experiment conducted by Jansen and Lehmann (2013) on object-based mental rotation was to investigate the mental rotation performance in male and female soccer players, gymnasts, and non-athletes. The study was conducted because no previous research included both soccer players and gymnasts. Previously, experiments had been conducted that addressed both groups separately compared to non-athletes, but no research had included all three groups. In addition, the experiment considered the differences reflected in the results when human shaped stimuli and simple block objects were used in the mental rotation tasks....   [tags: Male, Female, Sex, Gender]

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Mental Rotation : A Classic Cognitive Psychology Paradigm

- Mental rotation Mental rotation is another classic cognitive psychology paradigm, which was devised by Roger Shepard at Stanford. To understand how this task works, take a look at the shapes in the top panel (A) of Figure 12.3. The two shapes are the same; the one on the right has been rotated clockwise by about 90°. By contrast, the pair of shapes on the bottom row (B) do not match. If you look carefully, you will notice that they are mirror- Earworms and Imagery 5 images of each other, so that even if you rotate the shape on the left clockwise by 90°, it won’t match up with the shape on the right....   [tags: Cerebrum, Temporal lobe, Brain, Cerebral cortex]

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Rotation of the letter "R"

- Rotation of the letter "R" Psychologists have been interested in the processes that go on in the mind for centuries. However, a new method for assessing the various processes emerged in the 1970's. Several researchers predicted that mental imagery was treated by the brain similarly to actions performed on physical objects. Thus, performance in tasks involving inspection, rotation, and comparison of mental images according to size should be similar to results obtained using actual objects. Kosslyn, Ball, and Reiser (1978) asked participants to scan a mental map after studying a map of an island with several landmarks....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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My Amazing Internship Rotation of Watching a C-Section

- ... Once we were done with paper work, we went back to the labor and delivery unit where we suited up. We wore medical booties, face masks, and nurse caps. Once the patient was ready to go into the OR, she first had to meet with the anesthesiologist to fill out more paper work. After meeting with the anesthesiologist, we all went into the OR. There was a student nurse, two anesthesiologists, the patient, and two RN nurses. While the student nurse was preparing the OR, the patient was getting an epidural....   [tags: blood, surgeon, birth]

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My First Clinical Rotation Outside Of 5w

- On my first clinical rotation outside of 5w, in the Roanoke Memorial Hospital, I had the pleasure of visiting the OR. My last week of clinical rotation, I got the opportunity to witness two different cases. I saw a hemorrhoidectomy, and a Laparoscopic colectomy. Although I only had an opportunity of witnessing the hemorrhoidectomy in the middle of the procedure, both procedures were quite invasive. There were both very interesting to watch. The collaborative team did a great job interacting during both cases....   [tags: Surgery, Anesthesia, Hemorrhoid, Hospital]

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My Institutional Rotation At Mount Sinai St. Lukes

- During my institutional rotation at Mount Sinai St. Lukes, I was asked a drug information question on what is Corlanor (ivabradine) and whether heart failure patents would benefit from using this drug. Corlanor use is indicated to reduce the risk of hospitalization for worsening heart failure in patients with stable, symptomatic chronic heart failure with left ventricular ejection fraction ≤ 35%, who are in sinus rhythm with resting heart rate ≥ 70 beats per minute and either are on maximally tolerated doses of betablockers or have a contraindication to beta-blocker use....   [tags: Heart failure, Cardiology, Ejection fraction]

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Mental Rotation Of Images

- Abstract The idea of mental imagery has always been a controversial subject in the field of psychology. Many psychologists have argued that such a concept is impossible to measure because it can not be directly observed. Though they are right about this, it is not impossible to measure how quickly mental rotations of images are processed in our brains. Subjects in this experiment were presented two shapes simultaneously, via computer screen, and asked to make judgement, as quickly as possible, as to whether the two shapes presented were the same or mirror images....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Abstract In light of a number of high-profile corporate failures during the first half of 2001, a number of studies have been performed to address the impact of mandatory rotation of audit firms to ensure the appropriate level of ‘independence’ of auditors. Majority of studies conclude that the detrimental effects of firm rotation on the quality of the audit work by far outweigh its positive effects as a safeguard against various independence and quality threats. Frequent changes of audit firms, whether resulting from mandatory rotation or otherwise, introduce threats to independence and operational difficulties that make audit failure more likely....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Hip Rotation Range of Motion in People with and Without Low Back Pain Who Participate in Rotation-Related Sports

- Introduction and background of the study: The study aroused from the previous study on the hypothesis that limitation of the hip range of motion will have effect on the lumbopelvic by transferring the increase in forces. Limitation of the movement in the hip will stress the structures on the lumbopelvic region by an abnormal biomechanics that damages the structure and produce pain in the low back in rotational sports. Previous studies of hip rotation and LBP, the measurement of interest has been either active or passive end range hip rotation with and without low back pain....   [tags: Medical Research ]

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The Impact of GPA, Multiple Clinical Rotations, and the Sequence of the Clinical Rotation on Graduates' of College of Pharmacy Performance on the NAPL

- Review Article The aim of this study is to determine the impact of Grade Point Average (GPA), multiple clinical rotations, and the sequence of the clinical rotation on graduates’ of college of pharmacy performance on the North American Pharmacy Licensure Examination (NAPLEX test). Clinical rotations are defined as those clerkship experiences that are not based solely on order entering, or dispensing of medication but requires pharmacist-patient contact and patient monitoring. Examples of clinical experiences that meet the requirement of a clinical rotation include internal medicine, ambulatory care practice, and specialty areas such cardiology, infectious diseases, critical care unit and eme...   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Translation, Rotation, and Scale Invariant Character Recognition using Modified Ring Projection

- II. INTRODUCTION Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been a topic of interest and research for well over a half-century, but Invariant Character Recognition (ICR), which is the recognition of characters written in different positions, orientations, and scales is still a challengeable problem. So far, many research groups have proposed different ICR techniques in the literatures. These methods can be generally divided into five groups: ‎[1],‎[2] Optical techniques, ‎[3],‎[4],‎[5] boundary-based analysis especially via Fourier descriptors, ‎[6],‎[7],‎[8],‎[9] neural network models, ‎[10],‎[11],‎[12],‎[13],‎[14],‎[15],‎[16] invariant moments, ‎[17],‎[18],‎[19],‎[20] and finally, genetic al...   [tags: Information Technology ]

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I Have Learned During My Clinical Rotation As A Volunteer With Chi

- In this paper I will discuss what I have learned during my clinical rotation as a volunteer with CHI; providing details of all positive and negative aspects of my experience. In addition, areas such as my expectations, observation, and analysis will be addressed as well. I will also touch on how this opportunity will influence my career as a nurse and help in my personal development. I have always have an inclination to serve the community and work with populations in need. Once I heard the mission of CHI, I realized that I was going to a place that was going to give me the opportunity to work and serve less fortunate people....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Health care]

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The Importance of Wind Turbines for Renewable Energy

- ... Low-mass materials are also ideal in order to control blade weight. [5] Larger blades with larger weights are constrained by gravity and will experience greater axial and tensile stresses. Finding the best size and material for rotor blades depends on the purpose of the turbine. Smaller power demands will reduce the need for larger blades and taller turbines. Linking the rotor blades to the electrical generator is the turbine shaft. When the rotor blades spin, the shaft spins as well. The rotational energy that the blades produce is transferred to the electrical generator that is housed in the nacelle....   [tags: blades, rotation, power]

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The Foucault Pendulum: Jean Foucault

- A student with a compulsive longing for the explanations of why and how things work is a science professor’s dream student. Thus, it would make sense for the first few steps within the science building to intensify that essential characteristic of its students by its very construction. The foyer of the science building evokes this sense of scientific wonder and rational thought through its methodical design, which is embodied at its center by a Foucault pendulum. The Foucault pendulum is named after the French physicist Jean Foucault, who first used it in 1851 to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth....   [tags: earth rotation, physics]

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The Concepts Of Job Enrichment

- Job enrichment is the process of motivating individuals so that they realize more satisfaction in their work (Kokemuller, 2015). Employees from time to time need and require this so that they do not become complacent in their roles. The following essay will discuss the concepts of job enrichment and how it could be utilized in a previous work role, as well as, how it could produce a higher level of commitment for the employee’s. Jobs are designed to note how tasks will be completed so that the firms, as well as, the employee’s requirements are obtained (Spector, 2013, p....   [tags: Employment, Management, Rotation, Task]

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The Intensity Of An Individual

- Motivation is the “processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal.” (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p.175) The intensity of an individual’s motivation is the measure of how hard an individual tries at their job. An employee’s motivation should be directed toward the organization’s goals. The persistence of motivation is measured by how long the employee can maintain effort in order to achieve a set goal. All three of these elements are important in motivation within an individual....   [tags: Motivation, Employment, Working time, Rotation]

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Analysis Of Yuriy Sedykh Set The World Record

- With 86.74m range, Yuriy Sedykh set the world record for hammer throwing. The statement that “The current men’s hammer throw world record will never be broken” is thus false as it is possible to beat the record if certain factors are achieved. Two key factors need to be achieved in order to break the current world record these are the optimal launch angle of 42o must be maintained and the initial velocity of launch must be greater than 29.22m/s. This can be done if the tension (centripetal force) the athlete has on the hammer is greater than 3249.94N and if the athlete can spin an optimal five times before launching....   [tags: Force, Kinematics, Rotation, Lift]

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The Importance of Agriculture

- The global population in the year 2050 is expected to be nine billion and the agricultural demand is expected to double. With the current population already over seven billion people, there are hunger issues all around the world (“New” par. 1). How are we going to deal with food shortages in the future. With less land to work with, strains on the soils, and the lack of water, it is getting harder for the farmers of the world to support our growing population. These complications are making it harder for farmers to produce quality, affordable food....   [tags: hunger, farming, crop rotation, food shortage]

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Experimental and Computation Vibration-Rotation Spectroscopy for Carbon Monoxide Through the Use of High-Resolution Infrared (IR) Spectra

- Experimental and Computation Vibration-Rotation Spectroscopy for Carbon Monoxide Through the Use of High-Resolution Infrared (IR) Spectra Introduction: The goal of this experiment is to study the most precise way of measuring molecular bond lengths and introduction to computational software used for studying molecular properties. This is of interest in that the instrument to being used, a Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer, can measure the vibrational and rotational transitions of the fundamental and first overtone of CO....   [tags: Molecular Bond Lab Experiment]

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Presence of Vibrations in Mechanical Systems

- Presence of Vibrations in Mechanical Systems – Machine Health monitoring Vibrations are found in most machines especially those that have rotating or reciprocating systems. Some of the vibrations are normal to the standard operation of the machine but some may be the result of mechanical faults including mass unbalance, coupling misalignment, mechanical looseness, and many other causes. So unbalance is the cause of most of the abnormal machine vibration. For example an unbalanced rotor always causes more vibration and generates excessive force in the bearing area and reduces the life of the machine....   [tags: balance, rotation, safety]

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My Life Of My Pediatric Rotations

- My elder brother often took me for early morning bicycle rides. Sitting behind him, I loved the way the chirping of birds grew louder and then fainter. As usual, I got lost in my dream world where children were happy and could play all day long. The next thing I knew, my foot got entangled in the spokes of the rear wheel of the bicycle; I saw a lot of blood and I fainted. In the ER, I woke up in pain; a feeling of dread came over me. The long white coats were intimidating, yet the people behind it gained my trust and made me feel better....   [tags: Medicine, Medical school, Health care, Physician]

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My Life Of My Pediatric Rotations

- The early morning bicycle rides were so refreshing. Sitting behind my brother, I loved the way the chirping of birds grew louder and then fainter. That day, as usual, I was lost in my dream world where children could play all day long and be happy. The next moment I realized, my foot was entangled in the rear wheel spokes of the bicycle; I saw a pool of blood and I fainted. In the ER, I woke up in pain; a feeling of dread came over me. The long white coats were intimidating, yet the people behind it gained my trust and made me feel better....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Clinical trial, Physician]

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The Scientific Revolution And Its Impact On The Human Body And The Rotations Of The Planets

- The scientific revolution began with Copernicus in the Western Europe and ended with Isaac Newton 150 years later. During this century and a half of innovation, numerous achievements were made in science and astronomy. The modern scientific method was sculpted and refined in this era, the mechanical philosophy was elaborated and important discoveries were made concerning gravity, the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body and the rotations of the planets (Hatch).Church was still a big part of people’s life during this time period....   [tags: Isaac Newton, Scientific method, Science]

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I Was Riding Home On The L Train After Finishing My First Week Of Clinical Rotations

- One afternoon, I was riding home on the L train after finishing my first week of clinical rotations in New York City. I noticed a small group of teenagers in the back of the train laughing and gesturing amongst each other. As I moved closer, I realized the teens were mocking a young gentleman sitting beside them. Most of the teens had their mobile devices in hand and were recording this gentleman’s obscure behavior, I assumed, to share amongst friends or post it on social media. The gentleman was speaking in fragmented sentences and seemed to be having a very intense but secretive conversation with somebody the rest of us did not perceive....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychology, Medicine, Psychiatry]

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Mechanisms that Have Been Around for Ages: Gears

- ... This gear is useful for machines like conveyer systems since the angle on the worm is so shallow that the friction in between the worm and gear is able to hold the worm in place. (1998-2014 How Stuff Works, Inc) Throughout generations human beings have nearly perfected the design of these productions. Even though they make manufacturing easier for us, they still require a bit of manufacturing themselves.They can be summed up with gear broaching, gear hobbing, and gear machinery. Gear hobbing is used to create smaller splines and sprockets as well as to regular gears....   [tags: mechanics, equipment]

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The International Ethics Standards Board For Accountants

- Part B – Long Association with an Audit or Assurance Client This paper is a draft to investigate the familiarity threats to the independence of auditors created by using the same personnel on an engagement over a long period of time and the current audit partner rotation rules in New Zealand in contrast with the proposed changes to the long association rules in the exposure draft. 1. Current audit partner rotation rules in New Zealand and proposed changes to the long association rules in exposure draft....   [tags: Audit, Auditing, Financial audit, Ethics]

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- ABSTRACT One of the important areas in information technology is computer graphics. The use of computer graphics is very important because it can help users in daily work efficiently and properly (Yuwaldi, 2000). Among the most important in the field of computer graphics is geometric transformation. With the process of geometric transformation, an object can be manipulated (Yaglom, 2009). Examples of object manipulation in computer graphics are translation, rotation, reflection and scaling. An object can be manipulated in accordance with the requirements of users such as object rotation on normal images like JPEG and bitmap....   [tags: Medical Science]

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Equity And Equitable Quality Education

- Equity EFA Goal 3 is formulated to fulfil students’ basic learning needs through “equitable access to appropriate learning and life-skills programmes” (UNESCO. 2000, p.16). Goal 4 of SDGs declares one of the development agendas beyond 2015 clearly, “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” (UN, 2014, p.6). The spotlight of “equitable access” and “equitable quality education”, on the one hand, has justified “equity” as a prerequisite for good quality education....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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Figure 1.jump Performance Of Humans And Grasshoppers

- Figure 1.Jump performance of humans and grasshoppers The two columns in the graph represent the mean values and the error lines represent the standard deviations of the tested grasshopper and human subject. The jumping distance of the grasshoppers was more than the jumping distance of humans and the TTEST value was less than 0.05. 2. Relative Femur Muscle Mass The grasshopper jumps farther relative to humans because the ratio of grasshopper’s femur mass to body mass is greater than the human’s ratio of femur mass to body mass....   [tags: Standard deviation, Mean, Grasshopper]

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Descriptive Statistic Is A Statistic Analysis

- Descriptive statistic is a statistic analysis to describe the characteristic of the respondents (Pallant, 2013). This study employs descriptive statistical analysis which gives value of mean, median and standard deviation of the respondents based on several indicators, such as sex/gender, educational level, position at work and income of the respondents. By using these indicators, the researcher describes the profile of the respondents. Hence, it can give some valuable information about the respondents....   [tags: Psychometrics, Validity, Factor analysis]

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Correlation Between Performance On Cognitive Tasks And Hormone Levels

- In 2005, the study; Halari et al was conducted in London. 84 participants carried out the study, 42 whom were men, and the remainder 42 were women. The aim of this study was to discover whether there was any relation between performance on cognitive tasks and hormone levels. The hypothosis of the original study was that women on average will gain a higher verbal fluency score than men, and Men will, on average, perform more accurately than women on mental rotation. The results acquired from 2005’s Halari et al prove this Hypothosis through 3 main findings....   [tags: Statistics, Arithmetic mean, Gender]

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The Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Program Requirements

- Works independently in planning and carrying out the day-to-day functions of the fellowship, using experience to identify and solve problems and handle unusual occurrences. Utilizes Graduate Medical Education (GME) Directory published by the American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines to address questions and concerns with the SAUSHEC Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Program requirements. Utilizes Army and Air Force Regulations and other reference material pertaining to administrative procedures and file maintenance, medical dictionaries, and the SAUSHEC Residents Handbook and the Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Guide....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Medical school]

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Attitude and Navigation Systems

- Gyroscopes mainly defined as the devices or sensors used to measure the angular velocity due to which they are also known as angular rate sensors. Gyroscopes consists of a spinning mass i.e. a disk or wheel, which is mounted on a base to make its axis turn freely in one or more directions and maintain its orientation regardless of any movement of the base. Gyroscopes are used to measure the rotation angles and rates between the axis system of a moving body and a fixed body. Gyroscopes are stabilized by their spin and resultant angular momentum....   [tags: coriolis effect,mems gyroscopes,electrical theory]

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Agriculture Farming And Subsistence Farming

- There are many different types of agricultural practices in the world including both large scale factory farming and subsistence farming. One sustainable agriculture technique is called crop rotation. Crop rotation is when farmers grow different crops in succession right I the same exact field. The is a very powerful practice of sustainable agriculture. Another reason this is a powerful and important practice is because it avoids the consequences of putting the same exact plants in the soil throughout the future years to come....   [tags: Agriculture, Organic farming]

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What Motivates Us As Well As Concerns Us About Pediatrics

- Working with children can be very different than working with adults. When working with children it is important to gain an understanding of the child, their family or care provider as well as the environment in which they are in. The purpose of this paper is to discuss what excites us as well as concerns us about pediatrics as well as discuss a nursing theory to guide our practice in pediatrics as well as provide a timeline of our activities. Excitement and Concerns Working with children can be very rewarding....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health care provider]

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Improving Motivation Amongst HSS (Hospital Shared Services) Employees

- Hospital Shared Services is a security company stationed in hospitals throughout the city of Denver and the surrounding areas. The company works under a bureaucratic culture meaning it emphasizes rules, policies, procedures, chain of command, and centralized decision making. (Gibson, Ivansevich, Donnelly, and Konopaske, 2009) The majority of the security officers working for the organization comes from a military background, meaning they are use to the procedures followed in a bureaucratic culture....   [tags: hospital security, security jobs]

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The Discovery Of Venus : Earth 's Sky

- The second planet from the Sun and the third brightest object in the Earth’s sky after the Sun and Moon. Also referred to as Earth’s sister planet, because of its similar size and mass. It is also the closest planet to Earth. This planet is known as Venus and was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the second largest terrestrial planet. This planet is sometimes referred to as the “morning star” and the “evening star.” One day on Venus is longer than one year. Along with all of these things Venus also has a variety of atmospheric conditions, characteristics of the celestial body, including the path of movement and the personality of the celestial body....   [tags: Venus, Planet, Earth, Atmosphere]

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The Goal Setting Theory for Employee Motivation

- Goal setting theory can help motivate employees to do their job as managers can relate to Professor Edwin Locke goal theory. The underlying concept behind this theory is the belief that people’s goals play a vital part in deciding their behavior. People drive to satisfy these goals to help their emotions and desires. Goals guide people’s responses and actions. Goals command employee performance and actions and this can call for action or feedback. The effort that individuals will exert in attempting to achieve goals is determined by the difficulty and commitment to achieving that goal....   [tags: human resource techniques, business strategies]

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Interview Letter : A Program Interview

- For my informational interview I interview Dr. Paul Deyoung from Starke Memorial Hospital in Knox, Indiana. Dr. Deyoung moved to the United States when he was nineteen from Porbandar, India. Porbandar is a small city located along the west coast of India. Once in the United States, Dr. Deyoung began attending Purdue University, eventually obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Dr. Deyoung explained that college was both “fun and extremely demanding, especially around finals week” (Deyoung 2016)....   [tags: Pharmacy, Pharmacist, Pharmacology]

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Term Limits in U.S. Government

- Term Limits in U.S. Government Mark P. Petracca's idea that "government should be kept as near to the people as possible chiefly through frequent elections and rotation-in-office" is quite common in early republican thought and generally agreed upon by the America's revolutionary thinkers. Although the debate over limiting legislative terms dates back to the beginnings of political science, it was not until the 1990's that the doctrine began to be taken seriously when voters started to approve term limit initiatives (Sinclair 203)....   [tags: Papers]

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A Study On The Classroom

- This project was fun to create and to think about, as we never really have don much like this before. I first started with looking at the roster of students and determining how I would group them into lesson groups. I did not want lessons too big or too small, and I also wanted to include a mixture of performance levels. Because of this, my main grouping consisted of the grade that the students were in, no matter their level. Third graders will be playing with other third graders of different levels and the same concept applies for fourth and fifth grade....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Educational years]

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The Planting Of Cash Crops

- . Planting of cash crops is a process of non-cash crops intend by farmer to grow purposely to protect and improve in-between the time of crop production. It is an easy way to revitalize the fertility of the soil for other subsequent plants growth. Crops duration time are varied from monthly and years depending on its objective and approach adopted. It is usually planted in vacant space and adds to the fertility of soil after they grow instead of being eaten up. They add a number of advantages to a waste space in the off- season gardening....   [tags: Soil, Agriculture, Crops, Agronomy]

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Gender Bias And Male Physicians

- Gender bias is the discriminating manner in which men and women are treated unethically. In the Woman’s health field, males are not acquiring the same amount of patients as female physicians. Goff’s says, “… but gender bias is altering the specialty’s landscape – as patients flock to the female doctors, who are taking over women’s health”, patients are fleeing towards female physicians instead of male physician simply because of gender. Male physicians are just as qualified as female physicians and yet, do not acquire an equal amount of patients as female physicians....   [tags: Gender, Discrimination, Female, Physician]

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The Anatomy and Actions of the Knee

- The knee joint is formed by the articulation of the distal end of the femur and the proximal end of the tibia. The fibula is only involved to the extent that it serves as an attachment site for connective tissue. In this paper, the anatomy of the joint will be discussed. The knee is a hinge-type, diarthrotic, or freely moveable joint. Also referred to as a synovial joint, the 2 articulating ends of bone are encased in a capsule that lubricates the joint with synovial fluid to reduce friction. Each bone in a synovial joint has articular cartilage at the articulating surface....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Solange De Santis - Job design

- Introduction: Solange De Santis joined a General Motors van assembly plant in 1991. During her eighteen months at GM she suffered from boredom, strain, psychological distress, job dissatisfaction, a feeling of distrust and a lack of job security. All of these factors had a detrimental effect on her health, safety and productivity. What job re-design opportunities are available to foster a healthier and more productive workplace. In order to answer this question we adopt job and work design theory that will analyze her role and provide tangible solutions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Women 's Care Of Women

- Most kids grow up wanting to be something different every week. Unlike most kids, my desire to be a physician has never wavered. Several different specialties interested me throughout adolescence and early adulthood, so I entered medical school with an open mind. During medical school, we often had guest physician speakers come talk to us about their chosen specialties. The OB/GYN physicians always captured my imagination beyond the capacities of the other specialties. I also enjoyed learning about women 's health throughout medical school....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Gynaecology]

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I Am I 'm Thinking

- Casy is a very quite year 8 student and he recently moved from Fuji. When he enters the room, after he put everything endlessly in his locker, he would sit at the back or in a corner or sit where nobody likes to sit. He is dependable all alone. He didn’t interact with people much and he demonstrates no enthusiasm for learning. Therefore did ineffectively in any learning areas and come toward the end of the class. One day in science class, we gave the class motorcar kits to put it together. As normal, Casy requests to work without partner and star at kits when other students were working on it....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Teacher]

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The Day Of Science Class

- Casy is a very quiet year 8 students and he recently moved from Fuji. When he enters the room, after he place everything endlessly in his locker. Then he would sit at the back or in a corner or sit where nobody likes to sit. He is dependable all alone. He didn’t interact with people much and he demonstrates no enthusiasm for learning. Therefore did ineffectively in any learning areas and come toward the end of the class. One day in science class, we provided the class motorcar kits to put it together....   [tags: Education, Learning styles]

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My Goal For A Better Working With Patients And Families Who Are Palliating

- Back in September I wrote a letter stating that my goal for this semester was to become more comfortable working with patients and families who are palliating. I was hoping that I would have a chance to develop a greater sense of comfort in this area. I did however have a chance to expand my knowledge around death and dying during one of our classes. I was able to develop a greater understanding around palliation through Gail 's class as well as our 316 class. This week we have a palliation simulation, which I 'm hoping will further enhance my knowledge and comfort level for when I actually to get the opportunity to work with a palliative patient and their family....   [tags: Poverty, Homelessness]

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Why The Medication Is Given And Side Effects The Drug May Have

- Areas of Improvement I have many areas, which I need improve on within nursing school. I know I need to improve on pharmacology and understanding why the medication is given and the side effects the drug may have. When looking at pharmacology, I understand some medication, but trying to differentiate why one medication is given instead of another that may ultimately do the same action for the diagnosis. There are numerous drugs in health care, it is a bit overwhelming to think we might have to know all of them or at least have a general idea of what all of them do and the side effects they have....   [tags: Need, Want, Learning, Better]

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Assignment On Collateral Ligament ( Mcl )

- -Medial collateral ligament (MCL) - Aids in stabilizing the knee towards valgus and varus forces of the knee joint. MCL originates above the joint line on the medial condyle of the femur and inserts below the joint line on the tibia. MCL also serves as a resist to external tibial rotation. MCL remains tight during knee extension and relaxed during flexion. - Injury may occur in MCL either as a result of a medially directed valgus force from the lateral side or it could occur from the external rotation of the tibia....   [tags: Knee, Anterior cruciate ligament, Femur]

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Cultural Control of Pathogenic Fusarium spp.

- The genus Fusarium includes over 20 species affecting a wide range of crops from fruits, vegetables, herbs, tubers, and cereal grains (DoctorFungus Corporation) (Gullino, et al., 1998) (Lõiveke, 2006). Fusarium spp. are in the phylum Ascomycota; they have septate hyphae, conidiospores, mircoconidia, macroconidia and can be found worldwide (DoctorFungus Corporation) (Glenn, et al., 2004). Several species are responsible for producing mycotoxins in many grains which can have adverse effects for humans and other animals (Teich & Hamilton, 1985) (Lõiveke)....   [tags: Agriculture]

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I Need Improvement Within Nursing School

- Areas of Improvement I have many areas which I need improvement within nursing school. I know I need to improve on pharmacology and understanding why the medication is given and the side effects the drug may have. When look at pharmacology, I understand some medication, but trying to differentiate why one medication is given over another whose ultimately does the same action to the body. There are numerous drugs in health care it is a bit overwhelming to think we might have to know all of them or at least have a general idea of what all of them do and the side effects they have....   [tags: Need, Learning, Want, Concept map]

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Organizational Structure Of A Company

- Business Issue In an attempt to reunite the company after being geographically separated for seven months, my company commander decided to create a rotation between several of the employees. While the intentions of the switch were pure, the implementation created immense manning requirements for my organization. Due to travel schedules, my organization was going to have multiple days with employee shortages, forcing my employees to work double shifts instead of having a rest day; the same was not true for the other entity of the company....   [tags: Negotiation]

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The Physics of a Yo-yo

- The Physics of a Yo-yo In everything that we do, there is some aspect of physics involved in it. Even if we are just standing still on the ground, or leaning up against a wall, there are still numerous forces acting upon us. This paper will tell of the physics involved in throwing a yo-yo. When you release a yo-yo, gravity acts on its center of mass to pull the yo-yo downward. Because the string of the yo-yo is wrapped around the yo-yo's axle, and because one end of the string is attached to your finger, the yo-yo is forced to rotate as it drops....   [tags: Papers]

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Weather and the Changing of the Seasons

- Weather and the Changing of the Seasons A) Academic Content Standard: Grade Level: Kindergarten Earth Science Standard 3b: Students know changes in the weather occur from day to day and across seasons, affecting earth and its inhabitants. B) Educational Objective: Describe in detail the difference between the four seasons Discuss the role that the Sun plays in weather between days and seasons State the relatable effects that occur with the changing of weather State the effects that the changing of seasons has not only on humans, but also animals and plant life....   [tags: kindergarten lesson plan]

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Psychological Research Report on Perception

- ABSTRACT People are thought to be able to mentally rotate an object so as to be able to imagine it in a different orientation. In this experiment partcipants were presented with two three dimensional objects. Some of the pairs of objects where the same object and some of them where different objects. Partcipants were asked to identify whether the second object was the same as the first one in the pair, even though it was shown as being rotated around a set angle, or if it was a completely different object....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Power Of The Warmth Touch

- The Power of the Warmth Touch In the last two and a half years nursing school has been part of my life, with its difficulties and special experiences at the same time. However, this semester I was introduced to the subject of Nursing of the Childbearing Family Maternity. Our obstetrical clinical rotation was held on unit two Webber North at the DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital in downtown Detroit for a total of six weeks. Every clinical day offered many great learning experiences for me. It allowed me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and further sharpen my skills....   [tags: Childbirth, Infant, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding]

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Working Knowledge And Hands On Experience Of The Current Nosc Support System

- Picture a deployed Sailor’s family not having health insurance coverage because an inexperienced Personnel Specialist (PS) attached to their Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) did not know how to process the paperwork. All NOSC support staff must be comprised of knowledgeable personnel with proven clerical skills to eliminate the growing trend of the lack of knowledge in basic records and support systems. This paper will cover the problem, discuss the current issues, and offer a recommendation to resolve the issue of the lack of working knowledge and hands-on experience of the current NOSC support systems....   [tags: Knowledge, Learning, Seaman, Experience]

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My Experience At Walgreens, A Part Of Health Care System

- Since I started working at Walgreens, I have seen many patients coming to pick up their medication and they do not know much about the medications they are picking up. As a part of health care system it’s my responsibility to educate my patient and spread awareness. I love to talk to people and spread awareness whenever I get opportunity to promote health and wellness. In the beginning of my clinical the rotation, I asked my preceptor if they have P&T committee falling under my rotation block, I would love to participate in that meeting if possible....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Learning]

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Types Of Injuries A Collegiate Baseball Player May Experience

- 1. Did the introduction section appropriate set the stage for the research performed in the paper. a. The introductory section of this research emphasizes common types of injuries a collegiate baseball player may experience. Since it mainly focuses on the function of overhead-throwing motion, the emphasis on concentric internal rotator strength was utilized to decrease the upper extremity plyometric program. Additionally, it is stated in the introduction that if the shoulders external rotator musculature is not strong enough, the athlete is more susceptible to shoulder injury....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical significance]

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Job Designs in Service and Manufacturing Organizations

- 1. This module’s reading and lecture material has described job designs in various service and manufacturing organizations. In which type of organization is job enrichment likely to be more effective as a strategy for increasing motivation and performance. Explain. I believe manufacturing organizations would benefit the most from the use of job enrichment strategies to increase motivation and performance. Manufacturing jobs can be comprised of low level tasks that are repetitive, monotonous and unfulfilling due to the lack of challenge....   [tags: critical thinking activity, motivation]

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Analyzing Jeol 100cx Transmission Electron Microscopy

- Objective: The Lab #3 is to help students familiar with rotation alignment in JEOL 100CX transmission electron microscopy. It is crucial to know the relative alignment of the image and diffraction pattern so that we can determine characteristics of the material. Procedures: 1) Turn on and align the microscope following the alignment procedure outlined in the accompanying handout. In this laboratory we will use a Cu grid supporter carbon holy film with MoO3 crystals evaporated onto it. MoO3 is a pseudo-orthorhombic structure with a = 0.3966 nm, b=1.3848 nm and c=0.3696 nm....   [tags: Optics, Lens, Electron, Diffraction]

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My Perception Of Public Health

- Summary I feel that my perception of public health nursing has grown exponentially. Prior to this semester, I had not considered a career in this concentration of nursing. Through clinical experiences, I have practiced many nursing skills. At the Montclair Community Medical Clinical, I was able to administer Tdap (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) vaccines as well as help with preliminary check ups by obtaining vital signs. I have been able to administer Tuberculosis Skin Test (Mantoux Test) to preschool level children and adults....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Health, Public health]

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Why I Am A Pediatrician

- When I was at my rotation in medical school, after seeing patients in the medicine unit and learning about diabetes, hypertension, and various other diseases, I immersed myself in the field. I tried to figure out ways of contributing to the specialty even though I was just a medical student, and made up my mind to become an internist. After finishing my internal medicine rotations, I was sent to complete obstetrics and gynecology rotations. During the rotation, I was watching the senior doctors delivering babies and treat different diseases that women encountered....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Medical school, Pediatrics]

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The Rotator Cuff Complex

- The rotator cuff muscles play a vital role in dynamic stability of the shoulder and glenohumeral joint. The glenohumeral joint is a shallow socket that allows for multiple directional movements through the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes. The glenohumeral joint has the widest range of motion of all the joints in the body. The shoulder complex contains three bones: the scapula, the clavicle, and the humerus providing shape, support, and biomechanical form. The repetitive and forceful external rotation of the humerus is the primary cause of micro-trauma in competitive athletes resulting in anterior instability....   [tags: the GH joint]

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Medical Training in both the Inpatient and Ambulatory Settings

- Historically, most third-year medical student clerkships have been confined primarily to inpatient settings in order to take advantage of what was thought of as a “limitless patient supply.” Early studies of ambulatory education noted an increasing shift in patient volume to the outpatient setting, and many felt that because such volume shifts reflected the future of medical practice, training for the outpatient setting needed to be represented more fully in medical school curricula....   [tags: Medical Training]

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Exotic Rubik's cubes

- ENTERTAINMENT Exotic Rubik's cubes Everybody’s seen a Rubik’s cube before. An ordinary looking cube comprising of 27 smaller cubes and with 9 axes of rotation and a unique colour for each face. But below are five mind-blowing variations of the traditional Rubik’s cube that even cubists may fail to recognise: Dino cube Unlike the Rubik’s cube, the Dino cube has 8 axes of rotation. Rather than having pieces turn in layers, the pieces are moved by turning the corners of the cube. The dino cube appears as a regular cube with pieces separated by the diagonals of each face....   [tags: Product Review]

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A Successful, Fair, And Equitable Classroom

- In a successful, fair, and equitable classroom, it is a teacher’s role to be an instructor that encourages a classroom that is filled with opportunities to teach students self-discipline. Students, especially in middle school, are in a state of development and it is crucial that teachers at this grade level are facilitating development that is positive and successful for all students. I believe that in a classroom students should have the opportunity to be both physically and mentally involved in the classroom....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Middle school, School]

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Mistreatment of Land, Natural Disaster, and Drought Created the Dust Bowl in America

- ... After discovering how beautiful and fertile the land was, many American families quickly decided to migrate to that area and make homes and their farms there. In the beginning, life in the Great Plains was great because farmers had perfect land for their agriculture life. However, the land would not stay perfect for very long. The new soil was not used to the way these Americans would treat the soil, and as a result, the new soil began to have a lack of nutrients. Because the land in the 1930’s was tilled so much, the land and soil eroded so much that it became useless to the farmers, and of course, dust storms did not help in anyway because dust storms would simply take the soil elsewhe...   [tags: farmers, crops, economy]

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A Brief Note On The Sarbanes Oxley Act

- Auditing has become quite a challenge in recent years due to all the fraud scandals that has been going on. Such is the case that government was required to intervene and created the Sarbanes-Oxley Act; one of most significant reforms related to public companies since 1934. Modern corporations aren’t ran by their sole proprietors anymore but by managers whose job is to protect their interest. Particularly this is one of the reasons why the demand of auditing arose due to the natural conflict of interest between the owner and the manager....   [tags: Internal control, Audit, Auditing]

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Physics of Springboard Diving

- The Hurdle Before a diver jumps off of a springboard, he does a sort of hop-skip step called a hurdle. After doing a few steps, the diver leaps up into the air with his arms raised. When he lands back down on the tip of the board, he swings his arms down past his legs and then up, leaping into the air and off of the board. The purpose of this hurdle is as follows: A diver cannot simply stand on the end of board, step off, and expect to have the power to go up or the momentum to rotate his body in any direction....   [tags: Sport Swimming Swim Diving Diver Physics]

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Effects of Corn Monoculture on Soils: Models for Change in American Agriculture

- Effects of Corn Monoculture on Soils: Models for Change in American Agriculture According to writer and environmentalist Vandana Shiva, "the crucial characteristic of monocultures is that they do not merely displace alternatives, they destroy their own basis"(1993, p.50). If the self-destruction of a monoculture is really so simple, it seems that continuous cropping agriculture should long have been abandoned for a more suitable method. Unfortunately, the problem is far more complex. This paper will focus on the effects of corn monoculture on soils in general, the development of the monoculture in the United States and the effects this had on soil in this country....   [tags: Agriculture Agricultural Essays]

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