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How the 1961 US Freedom Rides Inspired Aboriginal Activism and Protest in Australia

- The 1961 US Freedom Rides were an immense driving force within the African American community seeing as the participants— mere students who were part of an activist group called the Congress of Racial Equality (CoRE)— refused to give up on protesting for what they believed in even when being violently attacked by those who strongly opposed them. It is obvious that their perspiration and determination to achieve their goals would inspire many and, due to the ever increasing inequality and dehumanising behaviours directed towards Australian Aborigines during the same time period, inspiration was exactly what was needed to begin protests and activisms much like those conducted within America....   [tags: tent embassy,australian aborigines,freedom rides]

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The Physics Of Amusement Park Rides

- The Physics of Amusement Park Rides The amusement parks we known today have an interesting history, that come from European fairs and pleasure gardens. The Worlds Fair was very influential in the creation of amusement parks. The first Worlds Fair in 1851 held in London began the thought process in creating a fun environment for large exhibitions. With that the first amusement park was born 44 years after the first Worlds Fair. This amusement park was the first enclosed park entertainment area in amusement rides, the infamous Coney Island....   [tags: Classical mechanics, Force, Mass, Kinetic energy]

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The Civil Rights Movement: Freedom Rides

- ... She was, “One of the leaders of the Nashville Movement, was one of the foremost figures when students took over the freedom rides after violence caused the original CORE group to call the project to an end in Birmingham" (93). Freedom Rides became influential in changing people’s mindsets because they noticed how the students involved and how they were treated. The students were carefully trained in nonviolence, a "technique require[d] that a participant not strike anyone, not even to save himself/herself or a group member from a beating" (Olds 18)....   [tags: African American history]

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Freedom Rides: The Civil Rights Movements

- On Sunday, May 14, 1961, a mob formed around a Greyhound bus carrying black and white passengers throughout the countryside of Alabama (Holmes). Events like this sparked major turning points in the Civil Rights Movement. The bus attacked had been carrying Freedom Riders through the Alabama countryside in hopes of public locations being desegregated (Holmes). This bus ride symbolized the activists support sent towards the racist rules to be outlawed. Knowing these hopes and dreams for the laws to be outlawed, the men and women on the greyhound bus put their lives on the line to change what they believed needed to be different....   [tags: jim crow laws, african americans]

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The Beauty of Car Rides

- When I was six years old, I hated car rides. To a six year old, a car ride was the epitome of boredom. There was nothing to do on a car ride except sit there for hours watching the trees. I would get carsick every single time I was in my mom’s Volvo. If I wasn’t sick or bored, I was waiting painfully in the backseat for the next exit ramp so my mom could turn off the road for a bathroom break. My mom would have to bribe me with candy or some other special treat just to get me in a car everyday....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Jesse James Rides Again

- Jesse James Rides Again. History books say that Jesse Woodson James was killed on April 3, 1882, but others believe differently. (Hall) I believe Jesse James died in 1951 in Grandbury, Texas at the age of 103. Between 1882 and 1948 he went by many different names but mainly went by J. Frank Dalton. From the Civil War to Jesse James supposed death in 1882, Jesse was a major outlaw. After 1882 Jesse led a normal life and had many different professions. Jesse Woodson James was born on September 5, 1847 in Western Missouri....   [tags: Biography]

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BVU Rides

- BVU Rides College students love to have fun at Buena Vista University. As many may already know, Buena Vista University has a reputation as a drinking college. Whether it is good or bad, a majority of college students are going to participate in drinking on the college campus and in the local community bars. There are many reasons for partying and drinking on campus. Students could be celebrating a big win for the football team, or getting a good grade on a test. Students like to have a good time....   [tags: Buena Vista University Transportation Essays]

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The Increasing Popularity of Motion Simulation Rides

- The Increasing Popularity of Motion Simulation Rides Motion Simulation Rides are the closest types of rides that takes you to the real thing … but not quite; providing more enjoyment to people than some rollercoasters. Motion Simulation Rides have been fascinating people from the beginning, from ones that train you to fly an aviation device (a.k.a. : for air freighters or space shuttles) to ones that take you to your imagination and beyond. Rollercoasters have been doing the same thing … just earlier in time because motion simulation had yet to be invented....   [tags: Papers]

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The Rides Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman

- This novel tells the story of a sixteen-year-old named Blake. One day, when Blake went to Six Flags with his two friends, Maggie (with whom Blake is in love with) and her boyfriend, Russ, and his brother, Quinn, Blake received an invitation to a carnival from a strange, gorgeous girl, Cassandra. Blake thought that the idea of going to the carnival is stupid, until he realized his brother stole the invitation. Blake convinced his two friends to tag along with him, so they could go find Quinn....   [tags: essays research papers]

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False Advertisement of the Theme Park Schlitterbahn

- Many people enjoy theme parks as a family event or just to get away from work. How does one find out about a theme park though. Many find out about theme parks through advertisements through the internet, television, or even through ads or promotions. When Schlitterbahn opened it had big promotions and swarmed the media. It seemed like an amazing theme park and I was excited to travel and spend some off time in a new park. Although, Schlitterbahn advertisements and Schlitterbahn the park is the same thing, the major rides, the minor rides, and background theme in Schlitterbahn advertisement look more appealing....   [tags: park, advertisement, rides, construction]

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African American and Jim Crow Laws

- For quite a few decades, African-Americans were subjected to Jim Crow laws. Starting in the 1890s, African-Americans were kept out of schools, libraries, restrooms, restaurants, and so on, and were constantly told that the facilities were “separate but equal.” African-Americans had to deal with “sun-down towns” where their lives were in even more danger than they already were if they were ever caught in these all-white areas after the sun went down. African-Americans had small wins, like in Morgan v....   [tags: oppression, freedom rides, students]

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Anaylsis of Mouse Tales: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland

- "Don't call Disneyland an amusement park, call it a theme park" The first line in the book: Mouse tales: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland, quickly explains how Disneyland is not just an amusement park but a theme park. Walt Disney didn't want his park to be another run of the mill amusement park, he wanted to create a new and different world. A life where you can't see your own world and the troubles it has. In fact, he wanted this so bad, he made twenty foot walls around the park, so no matter where you are in the park, it is imposable to see the outside world....   [tags: park, cast, rides, world, disneyland]

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Destry Rides Again, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, and the Fall of the Hollywood Studio System

- Destry Rides Again, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, and the Fall of the Hollywood Studio System Thomas Schatz cites the 1950’s as the inevitable end of the Hollywood film studio system, with the signs appearing as early as the height of the second World War (472). However, the seeds of discontent and disintegration within the system were apparent as soon as the late 1930’s, exemplified in such films as Destry Rides Again (1939, George Marshall) and Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939, Frank Capra)....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Recommending Continued Sponsorship of the Posse Ride

- Recommending Continued Sponsorship of the Posse Ride This is to recommend continued sponsorship of the Posse ride. In order to maximize the effectiveness and profit-making potential, I propose the following changes in this program – 1) Repeating successful routes. 2) Involvement of HOG members in route selection. 3) Follow up with Posse participants 30 days after the completion of events. 4) Creating spontaneity during the ride. 5) Increased participation of employees on the rides. These new initiatives would help us better understand customer needs and build long lasting relationship with customers....   [tags: Harley Davidson Posse Rides Essays]

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The Anatomy of a Roller Coaster

- The Anatomy of a Roller Coaster To adequately understand the relationship between physics and roller coasters, it is essential to first describe and explain the basic structure of roller coasters. In simple terms, a roller coaster is much like that of a passenger train. To explain, a roller coaster consists of a series of connected cars that move on tracks. However, unlike a train, a roller coaster has no engine, or rather a power source of its own. There are two major types of roller coasters, characterized mainly by their track structure....   [tags: Amusement Parks Rides Essays]

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The Immersive Ride At The Mountain Park

- their way up a gradual slope, signs give warnings such as “Beware The Drop” and “Turn Back Now.” Too late to back out, passengers find themselves face to face with a steep drop that ends in the dark base of the mountain. The log flume plummets with accelerating speed into the darkness below. Spalsh. Water drenches anyone on board, and the ride comes to a close. Even though water rides can yield a fun and refreshing experience on hot days, a contrasting effect can be found on cold days. Very little fun is found from being drenched with freezing cold water on a forty-five degree day....   [tags: Amusement park, Roller coaster, Cedar Point]

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The American Civil Rights Movement

- The Civil Rights Movement of the 50's and 60's was arguably one of the most formative and influential periods in American history. Hundreds of thousands of civil rights activists utilized non violent resistance and civil disobedience to revolt against racial segregation and discrimination. The Civil Rights Movement began in the southern states but quickly rose to national prominence. It is of popular belief that the civil rights movement was organized by small groups of people, with notable leaders like—Martin Luther King, Jr, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, and even John F....   [tags: african americans, desegregation]

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Analysis of The Civil Rights Movement

- The Civil Rights Movement of the 50's and 60's was arguably one of the most formative and influential periods in American history. Hundreds of thousands of civil rights activists utilized non violent resistance and civil disobediance to revolt against racial segregration and discrimination. The Civil Rights Movement began in the southern states, but quickly rose to national prominence. Freedom Rides/Eugene “Bull” Connor: In 1947, the Supreme Court ruled that segregration on interstate bus rides was unconsitutional....   [tags: civil rights, racial equality, discrimination]

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Descriptive Essay : Enchanted Forest Water Safari

- *I was always very close with my grandfather. Even though he lived in Florida he and my Grandmother would come up to our family camp in Boonville for the summer and my sister, cousin, and I would visit them. They would take us to an prodigious place that was always full of people and had the most thrilling water rides we 'd ever seen. It was Enchanted Forest Water Safari. As kids we loved riding every ride as many times as we could. My Grandfather was about eighty-years-old but he was the most active eighty-year-old man that I had ever met....   [tags: Family, Debut albums, Paul Bunyan, Recreation]

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The Amusement Park Is An Enjoyable Place For People Of All Ages

- An amusement park is an enjoyable place for people of all ages. I love visiting them with my friends and family. I personally like Dorney Park, which gives the guests a multiple variety of rides— from being completely soaked in water to flying through the air at the same speeds cars travel at on the highway. Amusements parks overall are a fascinating place. The atmosphere created by all of the visitors is very lively. Music can be heard in the background from live concerts. All different kinds of smells are in the air, from the overly priced food stores to the quacking ducks swimming in the ponds....   [tags: Amusement park, Roller coaster, Cedar Point]

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Disney World : Magic Kingdom

- Every day, Disney World is full of people looking for magic and fun to fulfill their day. There are many different types of entertainment, rides and characters when visiting the parks. When planning a trip to Disney World, visitors can choose from four different parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom was one of the first parks created at Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom is also considered to be the main park out of the four. Magic Kingdom has many entertainments, rides, and characters around the park....   [tags: Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney]

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New Project: Creating an Amusement Park

- We want to start an amusement park, titled Fun Land because we consider it to be a fun family experience. A large amount of money can be profited from the experience. Our short term goals include getting the business up and running with reliable employees, getting the Fun Land name out into the public, paying off some of the debt, and giving customers a good experience. Our goals in five years include having new and attractive rides, good flow of customers, and good reputation. In ten years we want to generate millions of dollars, expand, and build new and exciting rides....   [tags: Family, Entertainment, Planning]

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Martin Luther King Jr 's Activism

- In 1961, the US Freedom Rides was quite a significant event that is still remembered by many Americans and African-Americans today. It was the time when racial discrimination and segregation had existed and has had an immense effect and impact on African-Americans. Yet, it had ended after a lot of hard work protesting, campaigning in different areas of America and thanks to some key events that had also helped along with these including the Birmingham Campaign and Martin Luther King Jr’s activism....   [tags: United States, African American, Racism]

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Trip to Florida

- It's hard to decide which entertainment to see near Orlando, Florida first.Universal has a lot for kids, Spiderman, Cat in the Hat, Popeye water rides, some of the rides you can only go on with a child so this was the first time I got to ride them with my sister's kids. I guarantee you will want to come back. This was my first time at SeaWorld and it was a lot to see in 1 day, luckily we had the second day free to spend more time, and I still didn't see it all. It is good if kids like to see animals (like zoos and aquariums) and touch and feed them (dolphins and stingrays and sea lions) and watch shows....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Descriptive Essay : ' Let 's Get Twisted ! '

- “Let’s get twisted!” What could be finer for the summer season and vacation time than a trip to one of the best amusement parks in America. From the east coast to the west coast, traveling enthusiasts may just find their own merry mixture ride of pure enjoyment from Cultureify’s top pickof amusement parks. While the first and foremost draw among amusement park fans is more often than not the notable thrill a minute rides, in all their intensity and height… don’t overlook the beauty of nostalgia....   [tags: Amusement park, Roller coaster, Coney Island]

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Ethnocentrism, The South and the Movie: Freedom Riders

- During the civil movement many African-Americans were fighting hard for their human rights, but peacefully. A very crucial element that was the freedom rides. Activists who would go on the bus were both black and white and at every bus stop there was such harsh violence some of the freedom riders would die. At the time, the South’s ideal culture was that African-Americans should not move forward. This is class conflict; in this case the ruling classes were discriminating against blacks and that were not allowed to ride the same bus as white people, and decided to rebel peacefully....   [tags: Discrimination, Civil Rights, African Americans]

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A Report On The Marketing Strategy

- Summary Summary of problem Uber was formed in 2009 and after its historical success; it planned to expand into other countries like China, India Pakistan etc. The current challenge for Uber is the competitors in China and different regulations in these countries. Uber is facing challenges from two of its main competitors in the China. It hardly got rides of 1 million on a daily basis in China. Uber sales are slow in these countries. Now, the company is planning to think about the expansion strategy and its effect on the operations of the country....   [tags: United States, Marketing, China]

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Disney MGM Studios versus Universal Studios

- Disney MGM Studios versus Universal Studios "Mom, can we go to Florida" is a common phrase heard when school is out. Deciding where to go and what to see is a very hard decision for cash strapped parents. Picking one park is even harder when they are both five minutes apart from each other. When you want to see top amusement parks, you have a choice of two of the biggest names in the Industry, Disney-MGM or Universal. Both parks offer a different experience, yet they started with the same goal in mind, entertain the guest....   [tags: Papers]

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Carowinds Versus the Pavilion

- Carowinds Versus the Pavilion Whenever considering what amusement park you would like to attend to, you look for the one with the best rides, atmosphere, admission. Carowinds is a better amusement park than The Pavilion when considering types of rides, atmosphere, and cost of admission. Carowinds is compiled of many gravity-defying rides. Top Gun: The Jet Coaster is the Carolinas’ only inverted steel roller coaster. While on the ride, you are hurled through six swirling inversions while in the air....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Roller Coasters And The Roller Coaster

- Imagine getting on a roller coaster. The roller coaster is starting up. It’s slowly reaching the top of the track. Suddenly the roller coaster takes off and is now reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Now imagine the roller coaster is having an error. The roller coaster is breaking down. Innocent lives are getting injured, or worse. Roller coasters now are bigger, faster, and taller. However, roller coasters are now more dangerous than ever before. Roller coasters can cause a lot of pain to people....   [tags: Roller coaster, Amusement park, Cedar Point]

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Disneyland Park Opening Of The Disneyland

- Question Two The first theme park opening in 1955 was Disneyland in California. After one full year of construction demands and a total investment of $17 million the Six thousands invitations to the grand opening had been mailed inviting people to experience the magic Disney had created but when the gates opened the Disneyland was far from magical. Workmen were still planting trees, the paint was still wet and the asphalt wasn’t set. The food stalls and restaurants ran out of food due to the high number of people because of counterfeit tickets being sold....   [tags: Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company]

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My First Coaster Roller Coaster

- My first roller coaster My whole life I have been afraid of heights and roller coasters at amusement parks. Every year my family and I take a trip to Adventureland in Des Monies every summer. This summer I was determined to ride my first roller coaster. It was the night before we were going and my sisters and I always have a sleepover with our two other cousins, it was our tradition. We stayed up almost all night watching movies and talking about the rides we were going to ride this time. "I 'm going to ride the Tornado", I said....   [tags: Roller coaster, Amusement park, 2009 albums]

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The Market Mix and Thorpe Park

- The Market Mix and Thorpe Park Thorpe Park is very good at marketing and getting the results it wants. This is because they follow the 4 P's, otherwise known as the Marketing Mix. The 4 P's for the park are: · Place - The location of the park · Product - The rides and other products in the park · Price - the pricing strategies the park uses · Promotion - Sales promotions, promotional campaigns, offers, and third party promotions. The park is located in a very good spot....   [tags: Papers]

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The Jim Crow Laws

- Nearly 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, African Americans in southern states lived and unequal world by taking the right from them, segregation and other types of abuse. Thanks to Jim Crow laws blacks were not allowed to go to classrooms, bathrooms, theaters, train cars, juries, legislatures and much more. In 1954, the U.S Supreme Court struck down the “separate but equal” by drawing signs that said “colored” and “white”. Then in the destructive decade and a half, civil rights activists used nonviolent protest and civil riot for change....   [tags: african-american, southern states]

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Disney World Is The Ultimate Vacation Destination

- Walt Disney World Resorts is the ultimate vacation destination. With four theme parks, two water parks, a downtown shopping district, a plethora of resort hotels and more, it has plenty to offer its diverse guests. I visit Walt Disney World at least once a year, and sometimes more if I am able to. With every visit, the more things I find to love about it. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the riveting attractions, the stores, restaurants, and everything else. Personally, Walt Disney world never loses its magic....   [tags: Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company]

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Corrosion: The Chemical Process of Oxidation-Reduction

- Every element in the periodic table falls into one category of metals, non-metals or metalloids. Metals are the most common type and they are defined by certain chemical and physical properties. Metals can be narrowed down by looking at their chemical properties. They have positive valences, which means that they give electrons to the atoms they bond with. Giving negative electrons away makes the metals form cations. (BrainPop) As metals form cations, they are able to oxidize and this makes them prone to corroding when exposed to dampness....   [tags: rusting pipes, chemistry, periodic table]

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Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

- As time passes, humans have become more and more domesticated, leaving the natural world in favor of civilization, where food and water are a click away. But the natural world is still a threat to humans today and in the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Sir Gawain is requested to travel England and find a green knight to finish a game played the year before. Gawain is threatened by the outside world, outside of Kind Arthur’s court. The exteriors and interiors in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight serve to express the conflict between the civilized world and the natural world....   [tags: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]

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A History of Roller Coasters

- Roller coasters are one of the most popular rides when you go to an amusement park with everybody in your family. Why are they so scary for some people while for others it is just another adrenaline rush. Roller Coasters are one of the most complicated rides to build and to actually ride. There are some people who just have fun building something to have a quick adrenaline rush before going to work. Roller coasters have some of the most interesting design and history; they have become one of the world’s famous rides at every amusement park....   [tags: Roller Coasters,]

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The American Civil Rights Movement

- Inspiration and role models are two important factors which influence the behaviour and actions of others. In fact, The American Civil rights Movement (in particular, the Freedom Ride of United States) inspired Australia to go forward in the journey of Indigenous Australia. This resulted in The Australian Freedom Ride. The Freedom ride of Australia occurred on February 12th 1965, led by Charlie Perkins. 29 members of the student action for aborigines group departed the university of sydney by bus bound for regional towns across New South Wales....   [tags: African American, United States]

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The Truth Behind the Bus

- The Truth Behind the Bus There are many controversial issues concerning the bus service provided by Buena Vista University. BVU Rides, commonly known as the “Drunk Bus,” receives great reviews from the students using it at Buena Vista. However, members of the Storm Lake community are not as appreciative of this service. It is important, nonetheless, that people learn facts about BVU Rides in order to make an educated judgment. According to Behind the Arch, an essay compiled by students of Buena Vista University about the drinking issues within the university, citizens of Storm Lake feel that the “Drunk Bus” endorses drinking and drunkenness....   [tags: Buena Vista University Drinking Alcohol Essays]

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The History of Roller Coasters

- The History of Roller Coasters Everyone remembers their first ride on a roller coaster, an experience of terror, joy and excitement, as you tower over amusement parks going through curves and loops. From wooden wonders and steel coasters to twisters and corkscrews, the great rides began with the Russian ice slides in the 17th century and have developed into the ultimate thrill machines of today. The origins of the roller coaster will probably never be a settled issue, historians and coaster enthusiasts could argue where it all began (Harris)....   [tags: Roller Coasters Amusement Parks Essays]

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Brown Versus The Board of Education

- Sparked by the success of Brown v Board of education, suspended after the assassination of Martin Luther king, although lots of efforts and influences have been made during the struggle for civil right, the split between the ministers and young activists in was worsened by different kinds of incidents .The young activists also started to believe a new philosophy which is contrasting with nonviolence. The sit-in movement in 1960 is the birth of the Naacp. Following the idea of non-violence, black students sat at the lunch counter, waiting to be served without any retaliation to the physical or verbal violence since they believed any violent reprisal would undermine the spirit of the sit-in.Ma...   [tags: non-violence, civil rights movement]

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Ocean Park and the Certificate of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Receipients

- Ocean Park has a supportive service for extremely poor visitors. Visitors who are able to present “Certificate of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients” and their own identification documents, which show that they and their family members are receiving financial support from CSSA, the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, can enter the park by paying only $20 at the main entrance. Therefore, low-income people can get into the park by paying much lower price instead of paying $320 which is normal price for adults whose age is over 12 years old....   [tags: hong kong, prices, visitors]

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Idealized Reality Through Panoptic Discipline In Disneyland

- Idealized Reality Through Panoptic Discipline In Disneyland Disneyland is a popular theme park and an iconic representation of Disney as a company. Millions of people from around the globe, from every age group visit the park every year. The park is envisioned as a glimmering land of nostalgia and childlike imagination that is fun for the whole family. However, this land that we call “The Happiest Place On Earth” in an ironic twist has become a human trap set by a mouse, an inadvertent ploy to inflict naivety and promote fallacy....   [tags: walt disney, architectural designs, children]

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The History of Bicycles and Cycling

- History of Cycling Once the first bicycles were made, people wanted to know how fast they could go. In 1817, a German named Baron Carl von Drais made one of the first bicycle called the running machine. This machine allowed people to move around with a faster speed and an increased range. This crud bicycle was two wagon wheels connected by a wooden plank and had no pedals. At the time only men could use this undeveloped bicycle. The first road cycling race was 31, 1868 at the Prarc de Saint-Cloud in paris were the first bicycles that people wanted to really test how fast they could go using bicycles....   [tags: means of transportation]

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The Resort at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels

- Come explore over seventy acres of shared family fun, thrilling adventure, and relaxation. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, voted the World’s Best Waterpark for 16 years in a row and counting, is nestled along the beautiful banks of the Comal River and features world-famous attractions, epic river adventures, kid’s water playgrounds, and beautiful spots to relax and share a picnic – there is truly something for everyone. Stay just steps away from the fun at The Resort at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels....   [tags: waterpark, vacation]

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My Life - Original Writing

- In that very moment There I was a hundred feet in the air, my body was squished so I couldn’t move. I was scared for my life I didn’t know if I wanted to stay on or get off. So I stayed on and I held on so tight my hands started to hurt. I can’t turn back now, here we go, on the first hill I can see everything up here, slowly we are going down we pick up more speed, I closed my eyes (bad idea because, that just made it worse) I didn’t wanna look. My stomach was in my back, then we went up a smaller hill which wasn’t as bad, but before I knew it, it was over....   [tags: English-language films, Time, Roller coaster]

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Amusement Parks And Ride Manufacturers

- There are a whole host of defenses that amusement parks and ride manufacturers may raise in a personal injury lawsuit. The defenses discussed below can be defenses involving amusement park rides. 1. Assumption of the risk. Assumption of the risk is not a blanket defense that can be used against anyone who consciously takes an amusement park ride. Customers must be aware of the risks involved in order to assume them. For example, if Justin didn’t know about a loose screw in a roller coaster, that the ride operator received little or no training, or that the park never conducts safety inspections, the rider cannot have assumed the risks associated with those details....   [tags: Amusement park, Roller coaster, Cedar Point]

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Ohio Tourism

- Ohio Tourism Everyone needs to get away from home at some point. Whether it be for a day, a week a or a month, a vacation is always desired by all. Among the millions of places there are to visit in the world, one of the best has to be the state of Ohio. Ohio has hundreds of attractions. It has everything from amusement parks to camping grounds to museums. Whatever a taste is, Ohio has something to accommodate them. Among the hundreds of places to visit, a few of them stand out more than others, making them very popular and interesting to visit....   [tags: Papers]

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"986" and "A Narrow Fellow in the Grass"

- In Emily Dickinson's poem 986 the reader learns about the theme of nature-how nature can be presented as a non-harmful presence until one realizes the opposite is true. Incorporated in this poem are many poetic devices which vary from stanza to stanza. It is important to have a general understanding of the theme and certain poetic devices from a close read of this poem. Dickinson's poem 986 can be referred to as "A Narrow Fellow in the Grass" (not the actual title), which guides readers to a theme based on nature....   [tags: Poetry]

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Amusement Parks - Something for Everyone

- Amusement Parks - Something for Everyone People of all ages, shapes, sizes, financial statuses, and interests pour, in vast numbers each year into such amusement parks as Disney World and Six Flags. Why the fascination with these places, even to the point of repetitive visits. Each individual has his own reason, but there are a few common to all. Here in a make-believe world can be found something for everyone. On stepping from a sometimes harsh, ugly world through the gates of a "magic kingdom," one can do for a short while anything he desires....   [tags: Expository Essays]

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Statistical Investigation into Rollercoaster Data

- Statistical Investigation into Rollercoaster Data I am going to be completing a statistical investigation from some collected data. This will be obtained from a World Rollercoaster Database. The information that can be seen from the database about an individual rollercoaster is: which country designed it, when it opened, its height, its length, its max speed, the ride time, and the thrill factor out of 10. I am going to investigate whether the fastest rides are the most exciting....   [tags: Papers]

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This I Believe

- This I believe The first memory I have is seagulls. I was around two years old at the time and my family was on the board walk in New Jersey. It was summer time and the air was warm, but not hot and I can still remember the cool breeze flowing off the ocean onto the mass of people walking in between the amusement park rides. The rides are not what I remember however. It was the seagulls, they were the ones riding the real rollercoaster. All the rides simulate doing different things and making you move fast, but in reality you can’t do any of those things and you are always restricted to the will of the ride....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Analysis Of ' Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been ``

- Though thoroughly distinguishable, the short stories “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” by Joyce Carol Oates and “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri present wide opportunities for one to compare and contrast literary elements. The two works, published within thirty years of one another, may be compared through the common theme of appearance versus reality, which is furthered through analogous instances of sexual symbolism, and contrasted through dissimilar settings and plot lines....   [tags: Joyce Carol Oates, Short story, Jhumpa Lahiri]

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Significance Of John Kennedy 's Influence On The Civil Rights Movement

- A: Plan of investigation The investigation for this internal assessment will investigate the significance of John Kennedy’s influence in the civil rights movement. I will discuss any significance and criticism towards Kennedy during the involvement in the civil rights movement between the years 1961 till 1963 will be discussed. The investigation will include the books John F. Kennedy: The Life, the Presidency, the Assassination written by Andre Deutsch in which he illustrates a biography of John F....   [tags: John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson]

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An Analysis of Freedom Riders: The Documentary by Stanley Nelson

- Stanley Nelson chronicles the journey of a group of individuals, known as the Freedom Riders, whom fought for the rights of African Americans to have the same amenities and access as the Caucasians. The purpose of the Freedom Rides was to deliberately violate the Jim Crow laws of the south that prohibited blacks and whites from mixing together on buses and trains. Expectedly, many of the Freedom Riders were beaten and the majority was imprisoned. This carried on for the majority of 1961 and culminated with the Interstate Commerce Commission issuing an order to end the segregation in bus and rail stations....   [tags: rights, african american, movement]

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Our Visit to the State Fair of Texas

- My family and I recently visited the State Fair of Texas. It is the biggest Fair in Texas that comes to Dallas every fall. I haven’t been since I was very young. The State Fair has so much to do and see. And one of the biggest attractions is the food that they offer. It is especially known for the famous fletcher corndogs. The first thing we did was found big Tex. Big Tex is a great known history of the state fair. He wears a size 70 boots and wears a 75 gallon hat....   [tags: state fairs, Texas, ]

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Our Day at the Happiest Place on Earth

- It was a day meant to be at Disneyland. My cousins came down all the way from South Africa to visit us, and seeing as theyʼve never been to the Happiest Place on Earth before, we decided to take them. There were nine of us in total. My older sister, Row; my mom; my two cousins, Sarah and Ava, and their mothers; a family friend, Bev; and a girl we just happen to pick up on the side of the road, oh I forget her name lets just call her That Girl. The day was sunny and unusually warm for October. We all piled into a four seater car, some of us sitting on top of each other....   [tags: personal trip to Disneyland description]

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The Public Transit Service Cache Valley Transit District

- One of the most debated topics in Cache Valley today concerns the public transit service Cache Valley Transit District. Specifically the fact that CVTD is one of the few purely Fare-Free services in the nation. This mean that it costs the passenger nothing to ride the bus service. A person could board a bus in Richmond (the northernmost area serviced by the regular CVTD service) and ride clear to Hyrum (the southernmost) without having to pay a single cent. They could ride every route that services the core area of Logan for an entire day and not have to worry once about paying a fare....   [tags: Public transport, Bus]

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The Second Fundraiser : A Community Awareness Event

- The second fundraiser would be a community awareness event where all citizens would be welcome to come for an afternoon and be exposed to some learning activities that the Cadets in the Cadet Program get to experience. For this fundraiser only Officers would be able to run the booths. The citizens would be given gun safety seminars, they would be able to learn some self-defense moves, and they would be able to be a part of a question and answer session with a few police officers. The age requirement for this fundraiser would be 14 years old and all of those attending would pay a price of five dollars for admission....   [tags: Police, Constable, The Police, Law enforcement]

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Disney 's Popular Parks On The International Market

- Amusement parks have been created in order to sell the importance of fun. This fun can with be with a family, friend’s or even a school event. Many of America’s popular amusement parks would include Six Flags, SeaWorld, Bush Gardens, and all of the Disney theme parks. In the last decades there has been an increase in the appearance of amusement parks across the world. Global economic challenges have shifted from high unemployment and budget cuts to a rise in tourism in particular areas....   [tags: Walt Disney, Magic Kingdom, Amusement park]

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The Roller Coaster At California 's Great America

- As the line for the Grizzly roller coaster at California’s Great America expanded,the loud screaming noises from people above us as they ride the roller coaster at tremendous fast speed. The big tv screen that displayed hilarious pictures of people’s faces as they approached the first drop on the roller coaster.Children legs were shaking uncontrollably as if they were on a cold winter day when they deboarded the roller coaster.Instantly I realized that I am going to encounter my fear of riding a roller coaster with one of my best friends,Stacey, and my sister,Jenny.I had butterflies in my stomach as my heartbeats accelerated as I approach near the seating of the roller coaster.I have waited...   [tags: Roller coaster, Wooden roller coaster]

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Nonviolence or Violence: Which Was More Effective?

- The Civil Rights Movement brought many accomplishments to African Americans such as the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The key issues that African Americans fought for were voting rights, integration and racial equality. They were tired of the discrimination and humiliation they received as a result of the segregation laws imposed on them. “State laws mandated racial separation in schools, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, hotels, public transportation, theaters, restrooms and so on” (Blumberg 40)....   [tags: Civil Rights]

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John Lewis: An American Civil Rights Activist

- In the mid 1900's, America was finally now an independent country, but had many flaws within their undeveloped system. Racism and segregation towards African Americans was at an all time high in the Southern states. With the Jim Crow laws in place, the privileges that white Americans had were overwhelmingly more than African Americans had ("Civil Rights Movement," para. 1). During this period of injustice in our country's history, there were many activists of equal rights, both black and white. While there were many people who helped the cause, one of the most influential civil rights activists was John Lewis....   [tags: one of the 'Big Six' leaders]

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The Role of the Freedom Ride

- The freedom ride was a group of civil rights activist who sought to create change by opposing Jim Crow laws in the Southern states (Arsenault 12). They were made up of both blacks and white people. They integrated areas that remained segregated. Their main aim was to bring national attention to the unconstitutional laws used in the south. They fought for the prospect of equal rights for the blacks. To carry out their mission they used nonviolent actions. The idea to begin the freedom rides began with members of the congress of racial Equality (CORE)....   [tags: Civil Rights Movement]

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Disney World Is An Educational Wonderland

- Disney World is an educational wonderland. Disney World was founded October 1, 1971 by Roy O. Disney and Walt Disney. It wasn’t even thought of until four years after the first park Disneyland was opened in Anaheim, California. Walt Disney productions began looking for land for a second park and eventually found the perfect spot. Disney World is an entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida with four distinctly themed amusement parks, two water parks, and over ten resorts. According to Disney’s millions of guest, it is the master of “edu-tainment,” a way of entertaining and educating guest at the same time....   [tags: Epcot, Walt Disney World Resort, Walt Disney]

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The Sixties : A Long March

- The Sixties: A Long March to Freedom is a documentary depicting the cruelty against African American in the 1960’s. It sheds light on the diverse campaigns carried out by civil rights organizations in cities such as Selma, Birmingham, Montgomery, but “the incubator of it all was Nashville, Tennessee.” (Douglas Brinkley) The documentary tries to give the viewer a glimpse into the life of those who went through the hard times during The Civil Rights Movement. Many tend to intertwine race and racism and think of it as being the same thing, but they aren’t....   [tags: African American, Racism, Race, White people]

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The Drinking Age Act Of 1984

- Drugs are always a very controversial topic because they inhibit the senses and can cause many problems whether or not it is illegal. Recently, there have been changes in the drug policy within the United States bringing about an opportunity to revisit an older policy, the Drinking Age Act of 1984. In a research study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, underage drinking accumulates for about $22.5 billion or 17.5% of the money spent paying for alcohol in the United States. In 2006, 72.2% of twelfth graders admitted to drinking alcohol at some point in their lives.(Joseph Califano Jr, National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University website) Twel...   [tags: Alcohol law, Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture]

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The And Later Become Permanent Soldiers

- detachments and later become permanent soldiers. By December of 1900 the colonial military force would reach approximately 29,000 men of officers and enlisted. Before the organization of the Department of Defense the military forces were in restraint of the lands. In 1902 Australia thought the best way to configure a military force was to appoint a Commanding General Officer to accept care. The first Commanding General Officer is Major General Sir Edward Thomas Henry Hutton. One of Hutton’s first priorities is to begin collating and reorganizing the Australian Commonwealth military force....   [tags: World War II, Military, Australia, World War I]

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Uber Of The Ride Sharing Industry

- Call an Uber for cute kittens to play with; call a Lamborghini Uber for a free ride; call a Magnum Uber for ice-cream delivery. Uber Technologies, INC., the pioneer of the ride sharing industry founded in 2009, successfully attracted people’s attention and caused fervent social responses by its innovative public campaigns. During this time of global economic growth and business competition, Uber’s brand advertisements not only provided users with cheap and convenient service, but also with creative events to put more excitement into daily life....   [tags: Audience, Audience theory, Drama]

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My Family's Trip to Florida

- Here we are, packing in the nice, warm, mellow sun. The sweet-scented flowers of May are blooming. The huge amount of supplies goes into the back of our big, white van. Everyone’s face has a sincerely eager smile. I look at my mom’s smile, and I can swear that it’s as open as a crocodile’s. We’re taking a family trip down to Florida. All of us hop into the big, white van. “We’re going to Florida” is just about the only thing I can hear anyone saying for the whole trip. The trip is going to take forever....   [tags: Personal Experience, Personal Narrative]

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Black History : American History

- In today’s society, is Black History Month still necessary to learn about Black History. Should it be removed or should we keep it. The argument goes both ways. Some ask why there are no other history months and others say that it is important to learn about the heritage of black people. Black History Month started as what was called “Negro History Week” by Carter G. Woodson in 1926. It was said to be the second week in February to coincide with the birthdays of two pivotal people in black history, Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln....   [tags: Black people, African American, Slavery]

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The Night - Original Writing

- Cops were all around my family’s cook off section, a man was tackled, and people were screaming. It felt cool on that night, but my sisters and I could not concentrate on the scene in front of us. That night was the night I experienced what fear meant. On May 5th, 2007 it started off like any other cook off. My family was setting up the pit, the tables and chairs, and the seasoned up briskets that were ready to be smoked for twelve hours. My mother said that if my two older sisters, Tamara and Susanne, and I helped around that we would be able to go to the carnival section that night to ride whatever we wanted....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Parent]

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Descriptive Essay : Disneyland, California

- Earlier this month my family and I vacationed to California for a week. While in California we went to Disneyland for three of the five days we were there, which is most definitely a generous amount of time to experience how different cultures interact with one another. Disneyland is a prime example of different cultures, diverse culture communication, nonverbal and verbal actions and appearance. Tourists from countries all around the world visit Disneyland and it all becomes interesting when everyone must come together and form equal and even lines when waiting for rides....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, The Culture]

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The Power of Patience

- The Civil Rights Movement represents a “mass movement” were blacks unified to combat the ideologies of white supremacy, racism and discrimination. During this movement when challenging the social and political framework of society, blacks faced may obstacles. The books Walking with the Wind by John Lewis and Civilities and Civil Rights by William H. Chafe demonstrate the obstacles faced by the participants in the sit-ins and those faced by the Freedom Riders. Both the sit-ins and the Freedom Rides are examples of non-violence resistance used to show “firsthand the kind of anger and ugliness that the peaceful movement for civil rights was promoting in the South (Lewis, 99)”....   [tags: American History, Social Issues]

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Vacation in Orlando, Florida

- It's easy to spend too long trying to figure out the best place to spend your next vacation. In fact, spending hours on a computer looking at different options, half of which might not even be attractive to yourself, could be just enough to give yourself a headache. But then think about what you hear about most often, when visiting a theme park within the Continental United States. While famous celebreties proclaiming “I'm going to Disney World!” is indeed just an add campaign paid for by Disney themselves, it easily brings to mind all the memories of famous theme parks you remember....   [tags: informative essay]

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Grand Teton National Park

- Grand Teton National Park is a United States National Park in northwestern Wyoming. It is approximately eight hundred and fifteen miles, or a thirteen hour and ten minute drive, from Boise City, Oklahoma. Grand Teton offers a multitude of attractions, some of which are located in a quaint town only five minutes from the national park. With its ski slopes and hot springs in the winter, and its scenic hiking trails through the pristine and natural beauty of the mountains, there is something for every member of the family year round....   [tags: Wyoming parks]

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The Enjoyment of Atlanta

- The Enjoyment of Atlanta Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I have visited many places throughout the United States, however, none are as exciting as Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, there are many places to go and sights to see. For example, Six Flags Over Georgia, Stone mountain Park, and the Atlanta Braves Stadium, are all in or near the city of Atlanta. Six Flags Over Georgia is a theme park containing anything from sweet treats to fun rides. Six Flags provides many activities for all ages....   [tags: Descriptive Essay, Descriptive Writing]

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The Effect of Changes in Travel and Tourism Industury on Career Opportunities

- The Effect of Changes in Travel and Tourism Industury on Career Opportunities In this first part of the question, I will talk about how technology has affected careers and job roles within the travel & tourism industry. Technology has been the biggest development on the travel & tourism industry within the last ten years. It has allowed many companies to offer improved service to customers and help with the start up of many other businesses. Computers have been used for many years especially within the airline industry for tasks such as check in and ATC (Air Traffic Control), but now computers are being used in travel agents and tour operators....   [tags: Papers]

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Structure of the Travel and Tourism Industry

- Structure of the Travel and Tourism Industry There are many types of attractions in the UK. Many types for many different people; things like theme parks for youngsters and families, places of great heritage for people interested in history and old time Britain. Basically whoever you are and what ever you like doing there is something in England of great interest for everyone no matter where it is or how far it is to get to; people visit these places year in year out because they're enjoyable places of leisure where people enjoy spending there money and time at there own enjoyment....   [tags: Papers]

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