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My Journey of Personal Growth

- As I have traversed my adult life, I do not remember when but, I have come to embrace the mantra “Be the Best You Can Be”. It is that “goal” to be the best I can be, as a Marriage Family Therapist, that has brought me to apply for the PsD program at the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. So you may ask yourself, what causes someone to embrace the concept “be the best you can be”. As, I sit back and reflect upon my life, and who I have become today, I must start with family history. I was raised in Southern California with my siblings....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Statement On Personal Growth

- Introduction I believe that most personal growth comes from surrounding yourself with people who are different, so for my interview, I consulted my Hispanic Male friend, Alberto. I choose him due to the fact that he belonged to a different gender and race than me. I had great anticipation to the responses I would receive from him due to his different identity. In retrospect, I was surprised by my findings and how they related to my teachings and my personal perception. Race When I sat down with Alberto, I questioned him on the awareness of the role his race played in his life....   [tags: Sociology, Social justice, Question]

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Personal Article On Personal Growth

- Personal Growth This semester, I am taking six classes and one lab for a total of nineteen credit hours. The classes I am taking are: English, History, Geography, Reading, Educational Psychology, and Physics with a lab. I anticipate receiving all As and two Bs; one in Physics, and one in Geography. If these are the grades I end up getting for the semester, then I should have a 3.63 GPA on the semester. I tried my best to make sure that I fully understood all the material in each of my classes and to stay on top of all my homework and class work....   [tags: Education, Want, Need, Teacher]

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The Importance Of Personal Growth And Maturity

- The idea of personal growth and maturity is something that most humans strive for. People want to grow, mature and gain knowledge and understanding in this life. When one chooses to take on the spiritual life of following Jesus Christ, there is a formation that takes place as a follower and as a proclaimed child of the living God. Through taking on this spiritual formation, there are many ways that one can grow and mature. The understanding and accepting the deep and profound love of Jesus is foundational to the spiritual formation of Christians and leads into any other form of growth....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Love, Old Testament]

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The Faith And Our Personal Growth

- As Christians look to further their relationship with Christ, growth needs to happen. As growth happens, Christians become closer to God and can grow in him. Without growth, there is nothing that will allow us desiring a deeper relationship with our God. Growth in both our faith and our personal growth allows us to see the different ways in how God can continue to transform our lives and draw closer to him. The Bible consists of many different stories in which God revealed himself to different people to show his power....   [tags: Bible, God, Supernatural, Spirituality]

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Personal Growth : Privilege And Oppression

- Personal Growth 3 Privilege and Oppression go hand in hand. Some people get more of one than the other. What is privilege and how has it affected me. How could I build a society that maintains these equal among everyone. Privileges The following are characteristics that apply to me and how they have affected me. I am a woman. As a woman, I hold the privilege of being assumed to be much more innocent and less likely to try to do something to harm another person. Even so I have been assumed as being weak, emotional, irrational, and unreliable when it comes to things of importance....   [tags: Woman, Sociology, LGBT, Homosexuality]

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Personal Growth And Challenging Creativity

- Sir Ken Anderson thrives in the field of questioning creativity in our education systems. He led the British government’s 1998 advisory committee on creative and cultural education ( Having written numerous books on the topic of personal growth and challenging creativity, Ken is widely considered one of the go to figures in his field ( He has written a few New York Times best sellers including his book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Creativity]

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Personal Growth In Uglies

- “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But , nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.” Narayana Murphy. To grow and find your place in the world you have to go through numerous changes in you life. Uglies is a book by Scott Westerfeild which dealt with personal growth and being confident in yourself. The poem “If” by Rudyard KIpling is a list of rules to help the reader be successful and find your place in the world. “The Third and Final Continent is a passage that described a man’s voyage to find his place in the world whilst living on three different continents....   [tags: Rudyard Kipling, Narrative, Conflict, Life]

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My Personal Growth Plan

- My Personal Growth Plan Being a reformer relates heavily to my schema, unrelenting standards. The reason I need to be an investigator is because I always want to make the best decision for everyone in everything that I do. Things need to be positive, balanced, and I need to do things honestly and with integrity. My decisions needs to be based on objective and measurable factors, and I try to push emotions to the side because those are subjective and often unreliable. Since everything was on my shoulders as a child, I feel like it still is as an adult....   [tags: Want, Need, Time, Nonviolent Communication]

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Growth and Prosperity

- Growth and Prosperity Growing older is something that is as inevitable as death. It is not up to us whether we will grow in age, but we can control how we embrace our never ending journey. As American anthropologist, educator, and writer, Loren Eiseley, once said “To grow is to gain, an enlargement of life…Yet it is also a departure. There is something lost that will not return.” Eiseley looked at life as a continuous advance, to make each day better then the last. He also notices that with every gain there is a lose, whether it be youth, innocence, or even lost moments....   [tags: Personal Growth]

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "personal growth"
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