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Analysis of the Authenticity of an Actor's Persona

- An actor often has to take on vastly different roles for the production of a large variety of films. In the development of these roles, the actor constructs different sets of personae by the use of specific gestures, vocalics as well as speech content, in order to aid the communication of ideas and thoughts. Hence for an actor whose profession involves the practice of portraying fictional characters with authenticity, it is almost impossible to determine if his persona off the screen is truly authentic....   [tags: dramatic arts]

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The Relationship Between The Persona And The Wolf

- As we progress further into the poems, the different ways Duffy presents gender dominance becomes obvious. In LRC, Duffy develops the budding romantic relationship between the persona and the wolf, deviating from the original tale because the persona is a willing, complicit participant in her own seduction: Sweet sixteen, never been, babe, waif and bought me a drink My first. You might ask. Here’s why. Poetry The Wolf, I knew, would lead me deep into the woods Sixteen is the legal age of consent, highlighting the fact that although the narrator may appear to be very sexual she is still a child, an innocence which is then blemished by the wolf offering her a drink....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, The Queen]

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The Career, Persona, and Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt

- Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most influential people in the early 20th century. His leadership style, his reforms, and his personality shaped an America that was rapidly becoming a world power. Theodore Roosevelt is admirably remembered for his energetic persona, his range of interests and achievements, his leadership of the Progressive Movement, his model of masculinity and his “cowboy” image (). He was a leader of the Republican Party and founder of the short-lived Progressive Party of 1912 ()....   [tags: presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, history, USA, ]

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Freedom, And Happiness Are Rights Of Every Persona

- freedom, and happiness are rights of every persona. The United States regulates the world with diplomacy even if their interests are in jeopardy. Protecting minority rights against the majority factions is a concept that contradicts itself. To protect minority rights is useful because without the minority how would the majority factions get power from. As the constitution is governed by the people many of the most powerful political places could not have been there without the minority. The same goes for the minority if they did not have the majority factions they would suffer because they would not be fully educated enough to govern their own country....   [tags: United States, United Kingdom, Government]

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How I Have Developed My Persona

- When I reflect on how I have developed my persona, I begin to see that its construction is a result of the impact that a variety of ideas have had on me. While some people like to say that they attempt to emulate a specific person, I have come to the conclusion that such endeavors inhibit a person from being unique. As a result, I have not tried to embody any of the people who have influenced me, instead I have mixed their ideas with my own in order to create my own unique persona. Allowing me to develop my own ideas, while also mixing in the ideas I acquired from others, such as: my parents, a vagabond, and those on the internet....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, Mind, MIND]

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Writer Versus Persona in Travel Literature

- Today it seems that writers consistently strive to find a relationship between the hero and the audience, hoping to spark more interest in their readers or viewers - most of the time this is achieved through the retelling of their own personal experiences, a story that was told to them, or, possibly, a fabricated story with a main character that the audience can easily relate. That being said, many pieces this semester revolve around the notion of the writer and the persona, particularly in travel literature....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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The European Union and Persona Data Protection

- Nowadays, more people give away their personal information on social networks without realizing the potential threats. Under EU law, personal data is defined as ‘any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.’ While under Article 8 ECHR, there is a fundamental right for the privacy of your life. The Directive 95/46/EC sets a landmark in the history of data protection within the EU. In January 2012 the Commission drafted a proposal for new rules regarding data protection in order to replace the Data Protection Directive....   [tags: social networks, EU law, reform]

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Critique of Barack Obama's Public Persona

- Almost naturally, and within the last decade, many Republican leaders have been condemned as laughable in the political realm due to their lack of “acceptable” orality. The 43rd president of the United States could easily agree that political tidiness has always played a major role in deciding who is fit (or no longer fit) for leadership in the bipolar nation called the United States of America. The populace wants someone to dazzle them with the flashiest words and bring false security through the vaguest ideas....   [tags: US Government, Political Experience]

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Orderly Struggles of Power, Persona and Reality in Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper

- A story of feminism told through the eyes of a depressed manic, is shown within the text of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper”. Gilman was inspired to write the story upon her diagnosis of depression, which sent her into a manic state, and by the request of her doctor was put on bed rest (A&E, 2011). However, this only motivated Gilman to pursue her writing as an attempt to recover and in turn “The Yellow Wallpaper” was created. During the 19th century, the time of which the story was written, women were expected to play the role of a wife and mother and society did not tolerate anything otherwise (American Literature, 1998)....   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]

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Jane Eyre: How People and Dwellings Changed her Persona

- The situations in which one is raised in effects a person’s personality and decision for the rest of their lives. Positive qualities such as wealth and an uplifting atmosphere will characteristically create successful humans that lead happy lives. Contrarily, if someone is raised in an abusive family often the individual will be bitter and emotionally scared. In the novel Jane Eyre, her life is set in mostly oppressive dwellings. Starting with Gateshead, Jane’s physically and verbally abusive family members were the foundation for her hatred and rebellion towards oppressive authority....   [tags: Charlotte Bronte novel analysis]

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T.S. Eliot Paints a Grim Picture in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock

- ... The Italian epigraph which, according to Perrine’s Sound and Sense, is a “passage from Dante’s Inferno in which a man in Hell tells a visitor that he would never tell his story if there were a chance that it would get back to living ears” provides a pitch-perfect introduction to the poem: here is a man who, like the poem’s persona, is suffering from the pain of Hell—in the persona’s instance a personal hell—and wishes to recount his story without fear of it becoming manifest to the living. Line 92 echoes Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress,” a poem in which the persona sets out to convince his lover to act without hesitance or delay; in a more perfect world, the persona of “The Loveson...   [tags: storm, persona, imagery]

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Medea, by Euripides - Constructing Medea’s Compelling Persona

- Medea, by Euripides - Constructing Medea’s Compelling Persona In the play Medea, by Euripides, many techniques are incorporated to augment the compelling persona of the protagonist, Medea. She has an overpowering presence, which is fashioned through the use of imagery, offstage action and language. Dramatic suspense, employment of the chorus and Deus Ex Machina also serve to enhance the intense persona assumed by Medea. Medea is frequently associated with images of violence and rage. “She’s wild....   [tags: Medea Euripides]

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How Corodozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. Became Snoop Dogg

- What is remarkable about social media is the ability to create: the ability for a user to craft himself into a unique persona--the ability to pick and choose what the audience sees and does not see. Phenoms around the world use social media to promote, to engage, and ultimately to ascend in the hierarchy of fame. Corodozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. (or otherwise known as Snoop Dogg) was born on October 20th of 1971 in Long Beach, California. After being arrested for drug possession in his adolescent years, Snoop started to make music as an escape from this struggle....   [tags: media, persona, fans]

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I Saw Abigail Williams with the Devil in the Crucible by Arthur Miller

- Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible as a symbolism for his own failing marriage and the communist hunt in America at this time in his life. However, almost 50 years later, Miller also wrote the screenplay for his movie adaption of the play. Moreover, there were definite changes to scenes, characters, and dialog, between the play and the movie. Miller’s variation to his own play, showcase key differences in Abigail Williams, through his changes in her persona, relationship with John Proctor, and the added scenes in the film....   [tags: persona, relationship, scenes]

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Mise-en-scene in Citizen Kane and Persona

- Mise-en-scene in Citizen Kane and Persona Mise-en-scene is the principle by which a piece of film will derive its meaning wholly from what happens in the single shot and not from the relationship between two shots. For example the director might include shots with various composition, angle, depth, movement, and lighting. Citizen Kane has many good examples to show Mise-on-scene usage. The scene that I believe is the most significant and powerful mise-en-scene that I have this seen this semester exists in this movie....   [tags: Movies Film Editing Essays]

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Spinster, by Sylvia Plath

- “Spinster” by Sylvia Plath is a poem that consists of a persona, who in other words serves as a “second self” for the author and conveys her innermost feelings. The poem was written in 1956, the same year as Plath’s marriage to Ted Hughes, who was also a poet. The title suggests that the persona is one who is not fond of marriage and the normal rituals of courtship as a spinster is an unmarried woman, typically an older woman who is beyond the usual age of marriage and may never marry. The persona of the poem is a woman who dislikes disorder and chaos and finds relationships to be as unpredictable as the season of spring, in which there is no sense of uniformity....   [tags: Imagery, Persona, Expression]

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- 1. INTRODUCTION The Internet is a very popular Information Technology means for exchange of information and transaction data between businesses and customers all around the world. For over three decades now, internet has become a prime business market area. The US Government had initially developed the internet for the purpose of research and education within the country. However, today this evolving technology has spurred drastically and has reached out to all the aspects of business and social circles of our daily lives....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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What Happened to Returning Australian Soldiers after WWI and WWII?

- ... The financial situation was further problematized due to the negative social stigmas attached to receiving welfare benefits. Soldier’s who were forced to rely on government pensions weakened their masculinity by demonstrating an ‘un-natural dependency’. An immense amount of pressure was placed on soldier to transcend their impairments, induced by their military participation in order to reassert their pre-war masculine responsibility. Therefore the goal of rehabilitation was to assist every man to regain his productive capacity....   [tags: ANZAC persona, soldier resettlement program]

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Marshal Bruce Mathers III: Eminem

- Marshal Bruce Mathers III who is also know as Eminem was born with great talent and determination. He faced many challenges in his life but his determination and commitment lead him to success. Eminem's life as a child wasn't easy since his father abandoned him when he was six months old. He lived with an abusive mother who never supported him and considered him as a worthless human being. According to Han Eysencks. Eminem would be categorized as extroverted because he was very active and energized....   [tags: psychoanalytic approach, persona, id, ego]

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Breastfeeding Up Close and Persona

- Introducing Liberty in Feeding Babies: No Stigma Attached After eighteen years of failed in vitro fertilization trials1 and ineffective fertility drugs, my aunt had built up a wall against the taunts of a society that measures individual success based on one’s ability to reproduce. When my aunt did give birth to a healthy baby boy, she was forced to battle a new wave of criticism. She had difficulty producing an adequate amount of breast milk and soon after her delivery, she came down with the flu....   [tags: benefits of mother's milk]

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Paradox and Persona in A.E. Stallings’ “After a Greek Proverb”

- A.E. Stallings’ “After a Greek Proverb” provides a new perspective on an ancient idea by commenting on human beings and our relationship with time. It expresses the remorse and discontentment experienced upon the realization that a temporary compromise has lapsed into a permanent way of life and that once elapsed, time is never recovered. While not unique in its sentiment, the poem is notable for the ways in which this argument is presented. The central argument is rooted in paradox. The notion that, “nothing is more permanent than the temporary,” (3) at first seems like a logical impossibility....   [tags: Literature]

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Formation of Multiple Personae Online

- In past generations identity was defined by how we viewed ourselves internally but as social media has evolved throughout the internet era, individuals forms their identities externally according to what the digital world views as acceptable; then forms multiple personas to fit each and every virtual situation. Persona can be defined as the aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others; so by way of the internet one has the ability to think through what they are about to say before they say it and present an aspect of themselves that they see as positive....   [tags: Social Networking Online, Social Medias]

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The Personas of Abraham Lincoln

- Abraham Lincoln is perhaps one of the most interesting characters to have ever graced the American political arena and presidency. He is most noteworthy, obviously, for his role in saving the United States from its own destruction and the eradication of the vile Southern tradition of slavery. However, upon deeper inspection, one finds there was much more to Lincoln than his political achievements. Throughout his years as a politician, there's a noticeable shift in terms of his character, and political persona....   [tags: politics, slavery, growth]

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Buyer Personas Flow

- Chart 7: Buyer Personas Flow The organization you work for should stop whatever you are doing in marketing and get your personas identified. Personas identified for one provider may not be the same for another. Work with the sales team to get to the real truth, look at existing internal data and call buyers in your industries to review their roles, what they believe in and how they contribute to major purchases. To not do this work is a real missed opportunity to get the provider’s organization focused....   [tags: Marketing ]

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The Famous Five and the Persons Case

- ... She was supported by the Federated Women’s Institute and National Council of Women. Also, over 500 000 people wrote letters and signed petitions to support Murphy being appointed as a senator (Alberta Online Encyclopedia, 2004). However, Robert Borden, the Prime Minister during that time, refused to appoint Murphy into the Senate as women weren’t “persons”. Two other prime ministers, Meighen and Mackenzie both promised to make changes to the British North American Act to include women as persons, but both failed to do so....   [tags: women, persons, senate, rights]

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Social Media Personas vs Real-Life Behavior

- Twitter use involves special factors that create a unique psychological environment for the user. Amichai-Hamburger (2007) believed that with the help of Twitter people could easily maintain their anonymity by making multiple accounts. In fact, users can choose a false name and falsify or hide other personal and identifying details. Turkle’s (2002) theory that people under secrecy tend to express themselves more freely and sincerely than they would in a face-to-face interaction since they are not subject to the usual social rules and norms....   [tags: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube]

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Are persons with MPD/Dissociative Identity Disorder responsible for bad actions committed when in an alter state?

- 2. Are persons with MPD/Dissociative Identity Disorder responsible for bad actions committed when in an alter state. Why or why not. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) Diagnostic criteria dictates that the presence of two or more distinct identities (each with its’ own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self), as well as at least two of these identities recurrently taking control of the person’s behavior coupled with the inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness....   [tags: Mental Institution, Personal Identity]

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Dual Personas Revealed in The Epilogue of "The Tempest" and The Custom House of "The Scarlet Letter"

- It’s 6:30 a.m. and the alarm clock begins to ring. I get up and get ready for school. I arrive at school and see that everyone is happy and talkative. I feel normal, not really willing to talk or even smile. I feel very different from others. I hardly talk and I just don’t feel like myself at school. Once the bell rings to go home, I burst out the doors and out to be myself again. I’m two completely different people. At school, I’m just a regular serious kid. When I get home, that’s where the party begins and when I am able to become myself again....   [tags: The Tempest, Scarlet Letter]

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Society As Personas

- Shakespearean theatre is written to mimic, either positively or negatively, human emotion and interaction. This is either done directly through the dialogue and interaction of characters, or abstractly through the use of symbols and themes. One of the most common ways William Shakespeare conveys his opinion of society is through the different personas of major characters. In many works of literature—especially classical tragedy—no character ever achieves perfection. Something that a character has done in the past, a defective personality trait, or even something as simple as a physical quality keeps them from succeeding....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Evil Personas in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

- Evil Personas in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Some believe that every individual has an evil persona trapped inside that is just waiting to get out. This may be true for some but it may also just be another excuse for one to commit evil deeds. In the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, a prominent doctor (Dr. Jekyll) conducts a scientific experiment in which he compounds a certain mixture he consumes and transforms into an ugly, repulsive creature (Mr....   [tags: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde R.L. Stevenson Essays]

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Personal Narrative- Objects that Help Me Remember Who I Am, and the Importance of Self Acceptance

- When a fire is ignited many things are thrown into to keep it burning, however the fire will bring down all the items tossed into it; eventually the fire will fade. When the fire fades, only one item will remain whole amongst the ashes. The way only the strongest items survive is related to life. Life is full of lessons, speeches, and dreams that will prove to be life changing, however only the strongest of those items with the deepest meanings will survive. Growing up I know everyone has got the speech about accepting who they are and believing in themselves, however today everybody feels a sense of insecurity with the way the media stereotypes how they should be in order to be the be...   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Oppression In Minorities and Persons With Disabilities

- When people hear the term oppression, they immediately associate this word with the struggles minorities have endured throughout history. This term does not only apply to the tribulations of various ethnic groups but also to persons with disabilities. Oppression means the use of authority or power in a way that is cruel and unjust. Even though the times have changed, both minorities and persons with disabilities still fight this battle daily to be treated equally. America is one of the most accepting countries in the world, yet one of the most prejudice and oppressive at the same time....   [tags: Civil Rights]

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Persons With Disabilities And Disabilities

- Persons with Disabilities Persons with disabilities encounter countless environmental and societal barriers which affect their daily lives. There is numerous definitions worldwide and in Canada for the term “disability”, and debates about who is considered a person with a disability. Winkler gives an elaborate definition of this term which will be used to define disability throughout this paper. Above and beyond the general definition, Winkler states “Persons with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with ot...   [tags: Disability, Discrimination]

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The Rights Of Non Status Persons

- In a deeply paradoxical way, to self-identify as a non-status person is to engage in an act of citizenship—here, Peter Nyers speaks about the complexity of politicizing the rights of non-status persons, and how these rights intersect with more established human rights ,in this case, the right to citizenship. Nyers establishes an investigation into acts of citizenship by politicized groups of non-status migrants and refugees, and assesses the normative and political challenges they pose to established norms about citizenship, belonging, and political community....   [tags: Human rights, Law, Rights, Acts of the Apostles]

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The Attitudes Of Persons Not Pursuing Mathematics

- The attitudes of persons not pursuing mathematics in modern day are more neutral, and this downturn arose due to influences like competitive exams, and peer outlooks in and out of school. There’s the tendency to supposing only right and wrong solutions in mathematics, limiting children’s aptitude in handling diverse problems and helping identify mathematics authority as a continually evolving problem solving tool (Jenner, 1988, pp. 74). However, at foundation levels this can be valuable yet undesirable for a world of unanswered mathematics questions, asking how can we live in an age where there are no longer answers....   [tags: Education, Mathematics, Teacher, Philosophy]

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The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities

- Imagine a six year old little girl who wants to skate on a skating rink. This girl loves skating and she was excited. Her mom was upset when the employee told her that her daughter could not be on the rink because she had to be in a wheelchair. Also the mom realized that same day that they had no accessible parking spots so the mom told the city and they ended up putting 2 accessible parking spots in. Thankfully there was a law in place that could do something about this incident and they ended up getting to go skating because there were laws against discrimination....   [tags: Disability, Mental disorder, Decision making]

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Transgender Persons And The Lgbt Community

- Transgender individuals shouldn’t be subjected to abuse, slander and danger when using a public restroom in any of the Unites States. Yet the U.S. recently made the bold move to make it culturally acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals and the LGBT community when passing the HB2 Bill in North Carolina by the General Assembly. With the world adjusting to the multiple terms now associated with the gender identity that spans in variations of asexual to queer, the U.S. has regressed by taking action to remove the Civil Rights of its citizens that identify within these terms....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Homosexuality]

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Crimes Against Persons And Crimes

- Crimes against persons Crimes against the person is also known as personal crimes alludes to an expansive show of criminal offenses which more often than not include direct harm to the person, the danger of substantial damage, or different activities carried out against the will of a single person. Those including real damage incorporate battery, assault and abusive behavior at home. Furthermore, offenses, for example, provocation, seizing, and stalking additionally are considered law violations against the individual....   [tags: Crime, Criminal law, Assault, Crimes]

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Understanding Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

- It is important to understand the terms that are associated with intellectual disabilities. The first term is disability. Disability is an individual performing which includes physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual mental illness impairments, and various types of chronic diseases. The next term involves intelligence. This term is the ability to think logically, reason out problems, prepare, understand difficult ideas, examine intellectually, and the ability to determine quickly and or acquire from experience....   [tags: Health, Diseases, Disabilities]

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Barriers for Persons with Disabilities

- Physical barriers can happen in many places from offices to health care organisation, this can affect people who may have a disability and may need to use ramps, may need wide doors or may even need lifts in certain areas for example in schools they would need to have wide doors, ramps and lifts. But this can also be a barrier if the building were built from a long time ago but it can be overcome is in school they rearrange the time table and have the lesson in a different area of the school building where the wheelchair can access....   [tags: physical, geographical, organizational]

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Obese Persons' Obsession with Food

- Working as a waitress in a restaurant has allowed me to observe people on a normal basis. Often, I would see people who are considered overweight, or as many would say obese. Whenever I see someone enter into the restaurant that is obese, I always ask myself these questions why on earth would they ever allow themselves to become obsessed with food like that. Are they not concerned with their limitations as an obese person. Most importantly, have they considered the major health issues that come with obesity, like death....   [tags: obesity, weight, medical,]

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A Bad Person Is Still A Person

- A Bad Person is still a Person Ex Machina (2015) is a science fiction psycho-thriller directed by Alex Garland. The film is about an alcoholic, abusive, genius with a god complex who creates an artificial intelligence (AI) that appears to meet popular metrics in determining personhood. The AI’s creator, Nathan, wants to find out whether or not his AI, Ava, is capable of deceiving a human. The target of this deceptive test is the human, Caleb. The end of the film results in a challenge for some regarding whether or not Ava is actually a person or simply just a complex machine with complex programming....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse, Child abuse]

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Personal Statement : Personal Finance

- Personal Finance Personal Finance is a class I’ve wanted to take for a while now. My major is Finance not because I want a career in finance but more to learn about finance for my own personal situation. This class taught me so much. During this class I was able to evaluate my financial situation and set financial goals for myself. The four topics that helped me the most were emergency savings, buying a car, purchasing a home, retirement, and estate planning. After completing this class I have a better understanding of these topics and how to achieve my financial goals....   [tags: Investment, Pension, Personal finance, Automobile]

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Personal Statement : Personal Wellness

- The abilities God gave us are truly remarkable. God gave us these wonderful gifts to spread the grace of the lord. People often forget that we are borrowing our bodies from God. Our body is a temple that we need to treat with respect to glorify God. There are many ways that we can glorify god with are personal wellness. When thinking about personal wellness it is important to consider, mental, physical and spiritual health. There are a couple pieces within each of those three main points. It is crucial to maintain a healthy personal wellness in order to serve the lord....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Health care, Personal life]

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The Image of Persons with Disabilities as Portrayed in a Newspaper

- The newspaper dailies, have the ability to link persons with disability to the world. Still, no research has been found specifically on persons with disabilities and their portrayal in the newspaper daily in India. Many studies have focused on the more general topic of disabilities in the news (Mick 1996; Power 2006; Haller, Dorries, and Rahn 2006). Person with disabilities are also part of the society. The newspaper dailies depict the persons with disabilities, as reflection of the society’s perspective about them....   [tags: newspapers, disability studies, content analysis]

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The Children and Young Persons Act 2008

- ... In regards to education children in care often feel they are somewhat limited. Cunningham and Cunningham (2012) research and discovered that young people in care experience social exclusion, bullying and not fitting in at school or college. This attitude however due to this act has changed as the Government wanted all young people to have equal opportunities. Making the role of the designed teacher statutory for more support for care leavers by offering an incentive, they are entitled to a £2,000 bursary if they go into higher education or training....   [tags: legislation, care standards]

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Privilege Route With The Treatment Of Persons With Disabilities

- The concept of privilege intersects with the treatment of persons with disabilities in many ways. In order to first understand how it intersects we must first define the word privilege. Privilege refers to the “rights, advantages and protection enjoyed by some at the expense of and beyond the rights, advantages, and protections available to others” (= , Ch 5). According to Peggy McIntosh, “We usually think of privilege as being a favored state, whether earned or conferred by birth or luck” (White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, 2)....   [tags: Disability]

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Crimes Against Persons

- In this paper I will be talking about a couple of different crimes against people. Also according to statistics where you are more lightly to be a victim of one of these crimes. These statistics also show if your nationality might have an impact on you becoming a victim. Crimes against people can come in different forms unfortunately and from different people. So you never know who might committee the crime or against whom unless they have a pattern in killing for instance serial killers usually have a pattern....   [tags: Crime ]

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Palliative Care For Persons With Hiv / Aids

- NEED OF PALLIATIVE CARE FOR PERSONS WITH HIV/AIDS Previously, HIV was considered a disease associated with young persons. However, in present day, it is recognized as the disease that affects people of all ages. Individual aged 50 and older has many of the same HIV risk factors as a younger individual. There is an increase in the number of patients aged 50 and over who are living with HIV. This increase in the population is due to the increase in life expectancy of people with HIV and new cases in older people....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Immune system, Gerontology]

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Rome Outlawed The Use Of Persons As Security

- In the year 326 B.C.E., Rome outlawed the use of persons as security in loans. No longer could people enter a form of slavery in order to pay back the loans that they could not afford. For example, in one story, a young boy named Gaius Publilius, who was enslaved for a debt that his father had to a man named Lucius Papirius, refused his lender’s requests. This led to his stripping and beating by the man before the boy could escape to alert others of the cruelty of such a system. The general public at the time began to realize the potential injustices that the system created, especially when fathers used their children as security on their loans....   [tags: Debt, Education finance, Loan, Money]

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Hiv Is A Disease Associated With Young Persons

- CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION Overview and Statement of Problem Previously, HIV was considered a disease associated with young persons. However, in present day, it is recognized as the disease that affects people of all ages. The risk factors of HIV are same for the younger as well as the older population. The older population is the largest and fastest growing segment of the United States population. The population of 65 years and over grew 15.1% from 2000 to 2010. The age group represents 13% of the total population (Werner, 2011)....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Immune system, Sexual intercourse]

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Depression and Anxiety in Persons with Divorced Parents

- ... Ongoing conflict present between the parental parties can have detrimental effects on the child’s ability to make emotional adjustments to the new post-divorce situation and structure. Children who endure this parental conflict following divorce are found to have a higher likeliness of depression. This conflict between parents may have adverse effects on parent-child relationships, especially between mother and son (Kline et al., 1991). Often time following divorce, parents agree to joint custody of the child that legally requires parents to share guardianship....   [tags: conflicts, adolescents, quarrels]

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Jewsih locaust: Displaced Persons Camps

- Displaced Persons Camps were and terrible institutions, but who would want to live in an institution. Or even in a Displaced Persons Camp. When the camps were liberate, many Jewish people found themselves with nowhere to go and the Displaced Person Camps were created; these camps often added to the hardships of those who were fearful for their lives. Background The Displaced Persons Camps a variety of people occupying them. They also had harsh conditions that they had to obey by and follow. Some of the conditions included not being allowed to eat or drink water for so many amounts of days; they were beaten, and tortured....   [tags: nazi, jewish]

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Prison Programs For Families of Incarcerated Persons

- There are many prison programs that can incarcerated families especially mothers and fathers. These programs that are made up are there to help parents reunite with their children by giving them tools and information about how to treat children, to control their emotions and reaction towards issues that might get out of control, some programs even help by educating and increasing a parents self-esteem by giving them knowledge information. Not only do parenting prison programs help bond parents and children but it also helps the incarcerated person get connected with the outside world again by giving their community an insight on how to help and respond to an incarcerated person needs....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Self Esteem Among Persons With Disabilities

- For individuals with mental or physical disabilities, the overall goal of their therapeutic recreation is often to improve that individual’s health and quality of life. One’s self-esteem plays a key role in their quality of life as self-esteem is a key component of many socioemotional problems such as depression, anxiety and addiction; yet, therapeutic recreation specialists a have noted deficiencies in self-esteem among persons with disabilities (Weiss 21). The causes of this low self-esteem many reside from many different sources thus therapeutic recreation specialists should focus on using techniques and services that not only improve self-esteem but also teach the individual with disabil...   [tags: Self-esteem, Disability, Mental disorder]

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Missing Persons Reports in United Kingdom

- It is important to say, that the decision can only be made by the UK High Court, when the court are satisfied that the missing person has been a permanent resident in England and Wales for at least one year on the date of missing, which is explained under 1(3) . Lavinia was a resident of York in England, so the requirement of the Act is fulfilled. However, there should be more information provided about the domicile of Lavinia, since the court can determine the domicile of Lavinia at the time of her presumed death, as it will be provided in later paragraphs....   [tags: resident, missing, year, death]

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Falls Among Older Persons with Dementia

- “Fall may be defined as an unexpected event in which the person comes to rest on the ground, floor, or lower level” (Struksness, Lindström, Lord, Slaasletten, Johansson, et al., 2011). In older populations, falls are quite common, but with a mental illness such as dementia, the problem is worsened. This cross-sectional study showed that the most common causes of falls reported by nursing staff were individual factors like physical impairment and mental impairment. Background: Falls are a common cause of death for people over the age of 65....   [tags: Healthcare]

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Digital Association and Performativity

- Everyone has ability to show what they believe describes them without the inconvenience of a 3 hour conversation; this is all thanks to social media and the online world. People are constantly using digitally mediated environments, or DMEs, which are websites such as, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to broadcast an identity that reflects their ideal selves. In Gary Hamlin’s article he focuses on the benefits of identity construction and self-presentation on the web. First, he explains how though web and social media platforms an “individual has power over her own identity....   [tags: identity construction, personla reflections]

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My Personal Best: The Grove

- Prior to the 2008-2009 school year, the technology resource teacher (TRT) community knowledge-base was distributed across a variety of electronic resources, including Blackboard, server shares, district web pages, email, computer hard drives, and a performance database. The information remained in isolation, and the existing resources did not reflect the massive collection of knowledge and expertise within the TRT community. After only 6 months as a TRT in the spring of 2005, I proposed the use of wiki technology to collect and consolidate our diverse resources....   [tags: Personal Reflection]

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My Journey of Personal Growth

- As I have traversed my adult life, I do not remember when but, I have come to embrace the mantra “Be the Best You Can Be”. It is that “goal” to be the best I can be, as a Marriage Family Therapist, that has brought me to apply for the PsD program at the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. So you may ask yourself, what causes someone to embrace the concept “be the best you can be”. As, I sit back and reflect upon my life, and who I have become today, I must start with family history. I was raised in Southern California with my siblings....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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My Behavior And Personal Behavior

- After taking the DISC assessment, I discovered my behavior style was high in the influence dimension. After speaking with multiple colleagues, friends and family about my behavior style and we all agreed that this is true. I have always considered myself a people 's person and at the same time this is my downfall. Most of my feedback on my behavior style was I cared too much about what people thought about me. I carry my emotions on my shoulders and I tend to let emotions drive my everyday life....   [tags: Psychology, Want, Person, Thought]

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My Personal Goals, as a College Student

- As I struggle threw another ten minutes on the treadmill, I’m reminded at how unnecessary that last cigarette I had was. Or maybe if I had skipped out on the last round of shots last night I might be okay to go lift weights after this. At least I’m in the gym and you have to applaud yourself on small steps, right. Looking at my life a year ago and I have to say studying vocabulary words for anthropology or writing essays on the possible origins of World War I were not activities that I was motivated in participating in....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Personal Experience]

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Personal Narrative: My Journey to Literacy

- My achievement of becoming literate in both English and Spanish, after overcoming a myriad of obstacles distinguishes my literacy history. Writing was one of the things I didn’t like to do as a child. I always thought writing was a waste of time and that I wasn’t going to need it in life. Even though I didn’t invest much time writing, I was one of the best writers in all my classes, probably because I was very dedicated in the other subjects and I loved reading adventure books. I learned how to read and write by the age of four, since in my native country “the Dominican Republic”, kids are enrolled in school at the age of three; usually parents start their child’s education at home before th...   [tags: Personal Experience, Personal Narrative]

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

- Personal Philosophy of Nursing This paper explores the personal philosophy I have as a nursing student and what I intend to convey throughout my nursing career. A philosophy is “an analysis of the grounds and concepts expressing fundamental beliefs (Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, n.d.). Before entering into any profession it is important to evaluate your personal philosophy about the profession, as it pertains to values and principles in which believe in to guide your practice. The field of nursing is more than treating a physiological ailment, but it involves providing quality care for the individualized needs of each patient, hence being client centered....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Personal Experience: Narranthians Fables

- If this rumored Witcher group was real I suppose we’d be there female counter part with a cross between the legionnaires’ Archon race, more so on the Witcher’s side of thing. Augmented to be perfect in almost every way, but unlike witchers we can produce and bear children; a select few of us, my report of fertility came back as a unclear, so in y case only fate and destiny will tell. I am Synthyche (Sin-they-shay) Adamme (Adam-may) the cold. I am called the cold because I am unfeeling, according to most....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Top Five Personal Values

- Values are intangible things that are important to us, and that guide us, individually, to make decisions. Each person has a different set of values, morals, and ethics, which is the reason that each person handles a situation differently. Here, I will discuss my top 5 values, and why they are important to me. The one thing that I regard as most valuable is my religion – Christianity. I truly cherish the ability to communicate to God through prayer, because I believe that it is a very powerful phenomenon....   [tags: Personal Values]

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Writing a Personal Narrative

- A narrative is a story. In writing a narrative essay, you share with the reader some personal experience of your own in order to make a point or convey a message. You may choose to tell how your grandfather influenced your desire to become an orthodontist, or perhaps you’ll relate the story of the time you didn’t make the cut for the basketball team. Whatever story you tell, your purpose is to share with others some experience that has taught you something or changed you somehow. Remember that narration is more than just description....   [tags: Personal Reflection]

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Professional and Personal Goals

- Introduction For the past eleven years I have been working in the web designing and development field, specifically for colleges and universities. Beginning at Peirce College, while pursuing my undergraduate degree in information technology, and working as a work-study student on the college’s website, I was able to acquire experience and web development and design techniques that are used in a higher educational setting. After graduation from Peirce, I was employed as the web manager and eventually assistant director of web communications at Philadelphia University, where I continued to learn techniques specific for universities, such as how to design site that appeal to prospective stude...   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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My Personal Design Journey Of Design

- When it comes to design, there are infinite methods in which you could approach any given idea. The only limit is your imagination. The particular area of design concerned here are those that are interactive, something that creates a real connected experience between ever evolving technology and the curious general public, as without this spark, it is very possible that the design will be rendered forgettable. In this report, I will discuss some specific methods used for various successful pieces of design, followed by how these have inspired my personal design journey....   [tags: Design, Design management, Paper, Creativity]

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Personal Narrative : Raising A Family

- Raising a Family Starting a family was very interesting because we were married for seven years before we had any children. For awhile we thought we weren’t going to have kids, but then we did. Within three years we went from having zero kids to three, this was from 1979 to 1981. Betty and I were used to it just being the two of us and doing things and going everywhere together, our lives changed completely in those years. At the time Betty was working as a teacher so had to stop working to take care of the kids....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Iowa, Des Moines]

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Developing A Foundation Of Personal Finance

- As an Advance accounting student here at Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, NM, accounting is a major part in our daily lives and so is being in debt. On the Navajo reservation majority of the population are in debt and that is due to the lack of financial education provided. As being a parent, wondering about my children’s future and would like for them to be debt free in the future. Developing a foundation of personal finance in high school would be very helpful. Second, exposing teens to strategies to better themselves financially is a 21st century survival skill and last, opening the minds of students and having them to make inform decisions on finance at an early age would help...   [tags: Investment, Personal finance, Finance]

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Career in Psychology: Personal Narrative

- My entire life I have always been on the search of a career that would fit my persona, fit who I truly am, and to become someone who will constantly have the ability to help people through their difficult problems that they face. Throughout my life I have been deemed the type of person that people felt comfortable coming to with their problems. Maybe people feel this way because they sense that I have a sympathetic ear. Well, all I can say is that human behavior has always seemed interesting to me and that is probably why I made the decision to go down the psychology career pathway....   [tags: Freedom Writers, Acheiving Goals]

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Personal Privacy and the Government

- The United States government is up to its ears in the personal information it has collected from its citizens. Americans are becoming increasingly “aware of these slowly eroding walls of privacy,”(Hirsh) and more than half polled admit concern “about the overall accumulation of personal information about them “by […] law enforcement, government, […] and other groups,” though “they accept it as an unavoidable modern phenomenon” (Hirsh). The question is, how far is too far to trust the government with the collection, proper storage, and usage of this information....   [tags: personal information, citizens, governemnt]

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Free White Persons in the Republic

- In Matthew Frye Jacobson's article called "Free White Persons in the Republic, 1790-1840", concepts of "probational whiteness" and "fitness for self-government" are scrutinized. This article is mainly related with racism, so this word is defined by Meriam-Webster Dictionary as "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race or racial prejudice or discrimination." According to this definition racial differences have created problems among mankind for centuries....   [tags: World Cultures]

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Personal Note On Balance And Success

- Paper on Balance and Success in life Everyone dreams of a successful career and life. The definition of success is very personal. For me, the term “Successful career” revolves around happiness. My definition for successful career and a successful life: For me, a successful career is one that stirs up a certain level of excitement, passion and happiness in me. In my view, successful career should be enjoyable and interesting. To be successful at work I always pose these questions to myself: • Is this place giving me enough space to showcase my talent....   [tags: Personal life, Happiness, Success]

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Personal Statement On Intangible Objects

- intangible objects, coming from only a “comfortable” lifestyle. Therefore, he began stealing (74). He had to keep a facade that he was sane and his goal was to keep a “credible public persona” (75). He did bad at the University of Puget Sound in Washington, where he won a scholarship. However, he soon transferred to the University of Washington and changed his major to Chinese studies, where he became more popular. His grades shot up and he met Stephanie. Bundy fell in love, however, Stephanie realized that he would not go anywhere, for he had no ambition or direction (76)....   [tags: Serial killer, Murder, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer]

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Personal Robot or Not: I Robot

- Think ten years into the future, as you come home from work and the house has been cleaned, the kids have started their homework, and dinner is almost finished. After dinner you sit back and relax as your children are put to bed and the kitchen is cleaned, soon you go take a bath that has already been prepared for you. Your personal robot completing the long list of chores you left for it has plugged itself in for the night and will be ready for more work tomorrow. Domestic robots or service robots are machines designed to accomplish household chores....   [tags: personal assistance, Isaac Newton]

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The American Association of Retired Persons

- The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Founded in 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has been dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of older Americans. Percy felt that older Americans could attain a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment by remaining physically and intellectually active in society, thus came about his idea to form the AARP. The AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization open to anyone, working or retired, over the age of 50....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Personal Note On Happiness And Happiness

- Happiness can come in different forms for each person. Some people dream of achieving great wealth to buy everything they ever wanted. Others may find simple tasks such as, reading a book, to make them happy. There are people who find happiness by making others happy, whether it’d be, feeding the homeless, or giving random compliments to strangers. I think that most people would agree that the purpose of life is happiness. There are several things that bring happiness to my world, which include, family, health, and laughter, among other things....   [tags: Personal life, Happiness, Health]

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Personal Statement : Travel And Tourism

- When we first started talking about travel and tourism I had a very broad understanding of it. Thinking about it then, it was just defined to me as ‘getting away from home for a few days’. Understanding it now there are so many different definitions to tourism and they all have their pros and cons. I never really considered the three elements that I have heard belong in tourism and somehow those elements still fail to grasp the small meaning that travel can have on a person. To me travel can really open up parts of your personality that you may have forgotten, it gives you the feeling of being small, and can even restore your soul to find purpose....   [tags: Personal life, Leisure, Psychology]

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