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My Pennsylvania Landscapes

- All of my life, I have lived in Bradford Woods, Pennsylvania. As it is only a half-hour drive away, I also consider the city of Pittsburgh as part my home. Beyond that, I can also say that Pennsylvania, as a whole, is an area that I am from. There are many things that make this landscape unique; that let me know that it is “home.” These range from the shape of the land itself to the architecture of houses. One way that I know when I am home is when I am in “my hills,” as I selfishly call them....   [tags: Pennsylvania Landscapes]

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The State Of Pennsylvania Recidivism Rates

- In the state of Pennsylvania the recidivism rates have been stable over the past eight years. In the following the writer describes what happens to criminals after release in the state of Pennsylvania. The writer expresses if prisoners benefit form time served or do they just become better at being criminals. The following will provide detail statistics from Pennsylvania for recidivism as well as re-arrest rates within the state. The writer will briefly look at the Quehanna Motivational Boot Camp which is one of the exceptional programs in Pennsylvania to rehabilitate inmates into society....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice, Recidivism]

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An Analysis of the Pennsylvania DREAM Act

- Every year, three million students graduate from high school in this country. Of these three million students, over 65,000 students are not able to attend college. It is not because of their incompetence that they incompetent or unqualified, but rather because their legal status prevents them from following the path of higher education, enlisting in the military, or even being able to drive (Pennsylvania, Resolution No. 090417). For nearly a decade Congress has failed to pass the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act)....   [tags: Agenda Setting, Societal Issues]

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Slavery and Servants in 1800s Pennsylvania

- By the 18th century, Pennsylvania was becoming home for American Development. Many people that were drawn to Pennsylvania were servants whether, for sometimes 4 years or however long, it took to pay off debt for their travel across the Atlantic. If they weren’t servant, they were slaves who almost had no chance of freedom. Servants had a chance to become free after paying off their debts with work, but not the same for slaves. A welsh yeoman farmer, Gabriel Thomas, who spent 15 years in Pennsylvania before adventuring to England....   [tags: Freedom, Debt, African-Americans]

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Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, And The Unconventional Georgia

- In the beginning America was a heaping mess of conflicts, rebellions, religious intolerance, and many other things. How could you expect her to be anything else, with the so called “melting pot” of diversity that was thrust upon her door. Throughout the thirteen colonies many events and political standings helped to shape the country we live in today. However, with all of the diverse opinions and proceedings going on it is hard to pinpoint what was more important than the last. In my opinion, I believe that Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and the unconventional Georgia helped to shape our great country....   [tags: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party]

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Tuition Increases at University of Pennsylvania

- In 1914, the tuition cost to go to the University of Pennsylvania at the Wharton School estimated at about $150 with a general fee of $10. This does not include other expenses such as room and board- which estimated to $180 and textbooks- estimated to $10. It is now 2014, one century later, and the tuition cost to go the exact university and school is $40,594, general fee of $3,772, technology fee of $716, and a recreation fee of $324. Once more, this does not include the expenses of residence halls ($8,330) and the average meal plan ($4,592)....   [tags: Tuition Costs, College Education, School]

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Virginia And Pennsylvania 's Constitution

- During the 1700’s, one of the most discussed topics, was the kind of government that should be incorporated into each state. Several men with skeptical beliefs and contradicting ideas, led to many (indirect) disputes about which route should be taken. Virginia and Pennsylvania’s constitutions were a hot topic during the era, they stimulated an intriguing matter amongst many politicians. From Thomas Paine to Carter Braxton’s writings, each individual had an important role arguing and making claims toward the type of government they found to be the most effective....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States Constitution]

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Difficult Dialects: Pennsylvania Dutch

- ... Frey wrote what is considered one of the best books on Pennsylvania Dutch, and in his book he covered history, phonology, morphology, syntax, word formation, and vocabulary (4,5). One of the biggest influences of the language has been religion, causing many “Bible-words”. An example of this would be found in the word for flesh being the opposite of spirit (14). Another big influence was the economic level in which most of the Pennsylvania Dutch speakers grew up in. Most were agricultural workers and were peasants, who had few to no elegances of life or of speech....   [tags: linguistics, Amish, Mennonites]

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Pennsylvania Forests Management Strategies

- The management of the Pennsylvania forests should incorporate proper population control mechanisms for the white-tailed deer together with suitable pest control mechanisms in the habitats. Other strategies relating to tree harvesting, nutrients conservation, fire management, and the utilization of wood products need to be changed to effectively conserve Pennsylvania forests and the wildlife in them. The most significant controversy surrounding the present management strategies for Pennsylvania forests and the wildlife in them is in the control of the white-tailed deer population....   [tags: state environmetal policies]

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Pine Trees of Pennsylvania

- PINE TREES OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania is home to a wide variety of of evergreen tree species. Some of which include: e_hemlock_cones_full Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) The Eastern Hemlock is often used for construction timber. The Eastern Hemlock is the offical state tree of Pennsylvania and is often found in cool moist habitats. This evergreen produces cones 3/4" long that are egg-shaped and hanging singly from the tips of twigs. Under each small section of the pine cone are 2 small, winged seeds (Cook Forest, 2013)....   [tags: evergreens, propagation]

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Pennsylvania Musical Arts

- Central Pennsylvania, and specifically, the Harrisburg area, is full of many potentially bright minds who unfortunately can’t always find the right place with people who will nurture and encourage them. Plagued with the common national problem of an overpopulation of students paired with an understaffing of teachers, many of these minds go by without anyone to guide them in the right direction. As a result, intelligence that could be used to better the world around us is directed toward darker things such as crime and violence....   [tags: Music ]

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The ACLU of Pennsylvania: Fighting for the Equality of All

- The argument between advocates and adversaries of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights and same-sex marriage in America has been a waging war for centuries, gaining substantial attention and consideration in society and the media in the 1960s. Americans are sharply divided on the topic of same-sex marriage, almost split down the middle with fifty-three percent in favor and forty-seven percent1 opposed to it (Kennedy). Because marriage is a vital public institution, this issue has raised many debates, rallies, protests, and even violent acts among citizens who have strong opinions and stances on it....   [tags: LGBT, Same Sex Marriage]

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Pennsylvania State Statutes Dealing With Education

- 1. Pennsylvania state statutes dealing with education are governed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education (, which was established by the General Assembly ( Those statutes are as follows are found within the Public School Code of 1949 (available in full at The major categories within this document deal with the State Board of Education, regulation of private schools, financial matters, higher education governance, education standards, and regulation of employees....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, United States]

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Deregulation Or Restructuring Of The Pennsylvania Electricity Sector

- The Process of Deregulation or Restructuring of the Pennsylvania Electricity Sector Pennsylvania has a very long and extensive history in the electricity sector much like many other states, and it has its chapter in de-regulation and reconstruction of its electricity sector as well. Prior to December of 1996, Pennsylvania’s electricity market was being regulated and controlled by the local government; since then the market was deregulated in hopes to create a competitive market to decrease electricity prices for consumers (Electricity Watch)....   [tags: Electricity generation, Electric power]

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Contemporary Uses: The Pennsylvania State Capitol

- Contemporary Uses: The Pennsylvania State Capitol Pennsylvania has a wide variety of beautiful historical buildings that reflect many different styles of architecture. They include historical homes, unique covered bridges, government buildings, and breathtaking churches. Some of Pennsylvania’s most recognized examples of great architecture are Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater” and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts located in Philadelphia. However, the one building that I think of when it comes to great architecture is The Pennsylvania State Capitol....   [tags: Architecture]

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The Worst Tornado that Hit Pennsylvania in 1985

- Some say that the tornado of 1985 will forever go down in history as one of the worst natural disasters that have ever occurred in Pennsylvania (Forbes). In reportedly a matter of a few seconds for some towns, the tornado, stubbornly set on its path of destruction, swept through many towns. Despite how long the tornado may had taken to virtually obliterate them, the result was always the same, maximum damage and death (Haas). The ramifications of the tornado caused severe property damage and casualties, which amplified the dire need for aid and forced those who had lost their homes to quickly realize that actions needed to be taken....   [tags: tornadoes, albion tornado, natural disaster]

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Application to the Business School at University of Pennsylvania

- I have always been enamored by business: The allure of working hard and reaping the rewards of it has stirred within me a passion of which I have never tired. This fervor has influenced me to apply to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where I believe I can be a valuable asset to the college while it in turn prepares me to face the challenges and opportunities that both the domestic and international economies present. Though my high school classes have given me a solid foundation in many of the basic principles of economics, I have been left yearning to glean more knowledge about the business world....   [tags: academics, leadership, entrepreneur ]

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Application for a Degree Program at University of Pennsylvania

- Beauty can be summarized in an assemblage of neurons, the stratification of the cerebral cortex, and the symphony of action potential exchanges that compromise human life. As a longstanding proponent of polymath education, I embrace Benjamin Franklin’s devotion to craft an intellectually diverse campus driven to unite the traditional scholastic branches of academia. With my own experiences in life sciences and global relations, I admire Penn’s programs combining neuroscience with international studies, computational biology, and statistical reasoning....   [tags: academics, activist, research]

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Tim Murphy and the 18th Pennsylvania District

- Tim Murphy is a Republican house member hailing from the 18th Congressional district of the state of Pennsylvania. He has an impressive professional and political background, earning his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, practicing as a psychologist for many years, and serving as a Pennsylvania state senator from 1996-2002 before successfully running for U.S. House of Representatives. His political views closely match those of his constituents, a fact that has allowed him to be a representative for eight years, and he is favored to win re-election for another term later this year....   [tags: Politics ]

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The Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative

- The Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative is a financing program developed to bring grocery store to underserved census tracts in the Commonwealth Pennsylvania. The program aimed to provide healthy foods to alleviate diet related diseases, stimulate private economic investments, eliminate financial barriers to capital, create jobs, develop a qualified workforce (The Reinvestment Fund). The funds provided for the program were conceived through a public-private partnership between Pennsylvania, The Reinvestment Fund, The Food Trust and Urban Affairs Coalition....   [tags: Finance, Debt, Investment, Grocery store]

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Prigg V. Pennsylvania: Kidnapping and Slavery

- When Edward Prigg was arrested for kidnapping a black woman and former slave named Margaret Morgan to return her to her former master, little did anybody know what role it would play in the history of the United States. The case that would come to bear his name, Prigg v. Pennsylvania, was a landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court on the topic of fugitive slaves. The case though was more than just Prigg or Morgan, but rather the result of decades of constitutional and national conflict over power, morality and slavery....   [tags: slavery, civil rights, fugitive slave law, Missour]

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Statement of Purpose to Attend University of Pennsylvania

- I love changes and challenges because they stimulate me to advance and evolve. As an immigrant, I enjoy discovering new things and have overcome many problems. As the first generation college student, I take honor courses, maximize my workload, and participate in academic competitions. I firmly believe that it is vital for individuals to be able to adapt new enviornment and overcome challenges. I look forward to transferring to a four-year university toenjor a more academically competitive enviornment and participate in scientific research projects....   [tags: undergrad, academic, immigrant]

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Personal Experience in a Christian Fraternity in Pennsylvania

- Instead of enlisting I went to a Christian fraternity in Pennsylvania. I still have a picture that shows me among my brothers. We were all the same height, and had the same uniform. I joined the Fraternity in 2005 and returned in 2007. By the time I returned home all the greetings of heroes had finished. I came home much too late. So many boys from my town went to war an came back to a welcome that was carefully arranged. I know people thought it was ridiculous that I had returned so much later than the others....   [tags: dialogue, mother, father, brothers]

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The Shawnee Tribe in Central Pennsylvania

- The Shawnee Tribe in Central Pennsylvania His name is Wautheeweela. It means Bright Horn, referring to horns on a deer. He is ten years old, and ready to make his journey to prove his manhood. He and other boys from his Shawnee tribe have been physically toughened and taught to be independent since an age of around six. In winters, they have had to break the ice to jump into the freezing river to continue their daily routine of learning to survive with Nature and its elements. Now will be his test of endurance....   [tags: Native Americans Indians Papers]

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Why I Want to Study Law at University of Pennsylvania

- ... The University of Pennsylvania offers specialized mentoring to pre-law undergraduates, arranging for them to meet with current law school students who can share experiences and give advice on how to succeed on the road to law. To me, this method of learning from peers is far more effective and relatable than reading a long article on law school admissions written by a lawyer from half a century ago. The John Marshall Pre-law Honor Society also arouses my interest in the school. By providing undergraduates with integral information and opportunities in the field of law, as well as allowing students to connect over their common passion for law, the JMS serves as a valuable tool for any stu...   [tags: brain, culture, community]

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Statement of Purpose to Attend Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania,

- The world of business has always enamored me: The allure of working and reaping the rewards has stirred in me a love for business. This has influenced me to apply to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where I believe I can be a great asset to the college while in turn it prepares me to face the challenges and opportunities that both the domestic and international economies present. I invest a significant amount of time reading articles from a variety of sources about topics such as market trends and consumer spending levels....   [tags: economy, business, entrepreneurship program]

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The Colony Of Pennsylvania Is Blessed With Rich Soil And Good Weather

- 1.The colony of Pennsylvania was blessed with rich soil and good weather. With this egalitarianism policy, the Quaker proprietor William Penn attracted many English, German, Irish, and Swiss settlers to the colony of Pennsylvania. These Quakers settlers were looking for a better life. The necessity to employ a large labor force was apparent as those vast fields were overgrown with wood and brush for miles to make them ready for sowing crops. To improve those lands plantation owners purchased a large number of English servants to assist them into servitude....   [tags: Slavery, Indentured servant, Indenture]

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Occupations and Industries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

- ... Industrial and personal business surprisingly showed prominence over the other eight industries New Orleans citizens operated in. Industrial employment embodied 27.5 percent of the working population, and personal business represented 24.2 percent. Notably, the marine industry was one of the lowest industries in district one exhibiting only 5.7 percent of the population. An equivalent simplification process was used for the seventy distinct types of industries listed by Pittsburgh’s fifteenth census....   [tags: career and job opportunities]

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My Psychology Of Women Class At Indiana University Of Pennsylvania

- On October 20, 2014, Ms Patti Gaines-Holmes came in to speak with my Psychology of Women class at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Gaines-Holmes grew up in an integrated neighborhood in Chicago. However, she currently resides in Homer City, Pennsylvania. Throughout her life she has showed a great deal of courage, persistency, and a willingness to deviate from social and gender roles that society stresses. Gaines-Holmes has expressed a great deal of courage in her lifetime. From when she was a young girl and showed no fear playing football with the boys, to when she got to college and was faced with a horrible sexist criticism....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Wife, Woman]

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The Most Recent Pennsylvania System Of School Assessment

- “The only thing constant in life is change”. French author Francois de la Rochefouchauld captures the essence of change so well in that quote. Considering how often we must handle changes, the educational community struggles. When looking at a district it is easy to find all of the areas that could use improvement. Creating focus and a plan for a specific change requires careful consideration and a lot of time to manage the change. In the Spring-Ford Area School District, there is so much that is going right, despite the need for a significant curriculum updates and adjustments as well as a comprehensive professional development plan....   [tags: Education, Need]

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Pennsylvania 's Education For All Coalition, Inc.

- Pennsylvania’s Education for All Coalition, Inc. (PEAC) is a group of parents, educators, and individuals with disabilities who believe that children of all upbringings and abilities should be successfully educated together in their neighborhood schools within the general education curriculum. In short, PEAC believes in inclusive education. With the first parent presenter, the mother gave a vivid account of her experience dealing with the education system. Her son, Adam, was diagnosed with autism at the age of four and was non-verbal until five years of age....   [tags: Education, Curriculum, School, Teacher]

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William Penn´s Treaties and Acquired Land in the New World

- The policy of William Penn with the indians compared to the English settlers and the Spanish, French, and Dutch is quite different. This includes considering the certain agreements and ways they came to the New World to maintain land along with how it possibly changed the “New World”, now known as America, for the worst. A short background of how all of this even happened was due to King Charles II of England owing money to William Penn’s father because of a large loan he had with him. He gave it to William Penn because his father had already passed....   [tags: Pennsylvania, Iroquois]

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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

- Pittsburgh Pennsylvania “ The Big Little City,” also commonly know as the city of Pittsburgh, is one of the largest cites in the state of Pennsylvania. With over 144 square kilometers of land area, and approximately seven square kilometers of surface water (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania), the city of Pittsburgh is large by anyone’s standard. The city, which is located in western Pennsylvania, has a very diverse geography which sets it apart from many other cities in the United States. Pittsburgh and its suburbs are known for steep hillsides covered with buildings, streets which have steps for sidewalks, and sidewalks which are named streets....   [tags: Geography Geographical Essays]

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Optional Helmet Law Is a Disaster for Pennsylvania

- Optional Helmet Law Is a Disaster for Pennsylvania 1. September 4, 2003 was a sad day for Pennsylvanians. Governor Rendell signed the new motorcycle helmet law into effect, sentencing riders to death and increasing the tax burden caused by this new law. Pennsylvania is the 31st state to repeal its all-rider helmet law (Berenson 2). The new law states “no helmet is required for a person 21 years of age or older who has been licensed to operate a motorcycle for not less than 2 full calender [sic] years or has completed a motorcycle rider safety course approved by the Department of Transportation or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation” (Lobel 3)....   [tags: Argumentataive Persuasive Motorcycles Essays]

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Law Enforcement and Domestic Violence in Pennsylvania

- Section 2711 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, entitled probable cause arrests in domestic violence cases, subsection (a) states that a police officer shall have the same right of arrest without a warrant as in a felony whenever he has probable cause to believe the defendant has violated section 2504 (relating to involuntary manslaughter), 2701 (relating to simple assault), 2702(a)(3), (4) and (5) (relating to aggravated assault), 2705 (relating to recklessly endangering another person), 2706 (relating to terroristic threats) or 2709.1 (relating to stalking) against a family or household member although the offense did not take place in the presence of the police...   [tags: Violence Against Women Essays]

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I Am From The Northern Part Of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

- I am from the northern part of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. This region is marked by the Appalachian Mountains, old coal mines, and lots of farming. My family settled just outside of the town of Gratz in 1940. When my great-grandfather moved his family farm from Valley View, which is located twenty minutes to the east of Gratz, Pennsylvania, he started a small fruit and vegetable farm. The farm has been in business now for 75 years and is home to both my grandparents and my great uncle’s family....   [tags: Family, High school, Mother, Grandparent]

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The Battle Of Valley Forge National Historical Park, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

- Task B) We will take a trip to Valley Forge National Historical Park, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. We will take this trip during week four of the unit. 1) We will be discussing the major battles of the war and although Valley Forge had no hand to hand combat, it was a major battle. It tested the men’s will power and they were able to prepare for the battles head. It aligns with the standard because it helped shape the rest of the war and how America did things. The standard talks about understanding how and why people create, maintain, or change systems of power, authority, and governance, and Valley Forge did exactly that....   [tags: Thought, Idea, Textbook, Psychology]

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Native Colonies During The Colonial Period

- If I could choose to live in any of the colonies during the colonial period in America, I would choose to live in Pennsylvania. This colony was created by William Penn and the Quakers. The people of this colony believed in total equality and did not bow down to nobles. The Quakers did not take any oaths to the King and their allegiance was always questioned. The thought that England and its nobles should not have control over the colony was a pre-revolutionary war thought. I think that it is important that the Quakers spoke their minds and stood their ground by not making any oaths to the King of England....   [tags: Thirteen Colonies, Colonialism, Pennsylvania]

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Pittsburgh: From Industrial Smokey City to Most Liveable City

- Pittsburgh James Patron described it as “hell with the lid off”; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania went from being an industrial smokey city to the “most livable city” (“Family Fun”). Through determination and hard work Pittsburgh brightened up the grey skies and changed people's outlook on the once dirty city. While some would refer to Pittsburgh's past with disgust, Pittsburghers show their pride in it. + I am going to discuss why Pittsburgh has changed its status from “worst place to visit” to the “top best city to see”.* Pittsburgh is known for top family destinations, best night on the town, and for the best chefs....   [tags: cities in the United States, Pennsylvania]

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Prison Development in the U.S.

- The United States prison system is an important aspect of today’s society. Without the prison system, there would be no place for the law enforcement agencies to detain the criminals that they have apprehended. Now, prisons today are much nicer than the prisons of the past; it all began with the Pennsylvania system. The Pennsylvania system was “a form of imprisonment developed by the Pennsylvania Quakers around 1790 as an alternative to corporal punishments.” (Schmalleger, 411). This prison that was developed in the 1790s used the means of solitary confinement and pushed for rehabilitation for the inmates (Schmalleger, 411)....   [tags: Pennsylvania System, Warehousing Era]

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Statement of Purpose to be a Penn Kid

- It might or might not have been the countless opportunities offered to me as a Penn kid. It might also have to do with the fact that you end up needing to crane your neck in the awe-inspiring Irvine Auditorium so that you can properly gaze around. But it's mostly the former. As a prospective student for the School of Arts and Sciences, there are a multitude of selections available to me. They range from the Civic House, to Arts@Penn, to the international internship program (IIP). I love the freedom of choice because I can grow, and mature, and expand my interests....   [tags: University of Pennsylvania, arts, alumni]

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A Confederate Officer from Pennsylvania, and His Ties to the South

- The American Civil War was a very traumatic time for this country. The idea of Americans purposefully killing other Americans in battle just sends chills up most of our spines. This was true for the ordinary combat soldiers, the officers executing battle plans, or for those fortunate officers who were of administrative importance to the war. Everyone involved was fighting for a cause, the South was highly effective at converting this cause into a determination to fight and win the war. It is possible that those individuals involved in the fighting had a much stronger belief in the cause, since they risked life and limb everyday and every battle....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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A Case Review: Pennsylvania State Police Vs. Suders

- Nancy Drew Suders was hired March 1998 by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) as a police communications operator for the McConnellsburg barracks, where her three male supervisors subjected her to a "continuous barrage of sexual harassment." Suders said one of the supervisors Sergeant Eric D. Easton, talked to her repeatedly about sex with animals. The second, Corporal Eric B. Prendergast sat on her desk and made gestures simulating oral sex. The third, Patrol Corporal William D. Baker made obscene gestures as many as five or ten times a night....   [tags: Law Case Studies]

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Biography of Martha Graham

- Martha Graham began her life in Alleghany, Pennsylvania on May 11, 1894. She would be the oldest of Jane and George Graham’s three girls. Her father was “alienist” that specialized in nervous disorders; a modern day psychologist.1 Although his Presbyterian beliefs were conservative, Dr. Graham’s unusual methods to diagnose through physical movement and his ideas about the body’s unique way to express its inner senses was an influence on his eldest daughter Martha. She would later quote his slogan, “Movement never lies”.2 The idea of body movement expressing emotion and feelings would become Martha Graham’s vocabulary, language and passion through a form of dance she would develop and perfect...   [tags: Dancer, Dance Teacher, Pennsylvania]

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The Amish Community

- ... For teens today, this means cars, alcohol, drugs, partying, sex, pornography, dancing, and television. (Mazie, 745, 749). Rumspringa can last for several years and ends once the individual chooses to come back into the community and accept full responsibility of following the Amish way of life. (The Future of the Amish, 1). He or she is baptized and joins the church only if he or she genuinely wants to; no one can be forced into it (Mazie, 745, 749). Rumspringa is commonly misunderstood by Americans and is seen by them as a time for Amish teens to abandon all morals and go completely crazy....   [tags: tourism, pennsylvania, lancaster county]

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A Brief Note On The Affordable Care Act

- Since Pennsylvania has expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the number of uninsured as decreased from 11% to 10.3% according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. But, people are still struggling and hesitant because of the high premium costs. How can the state of PA help those in need of insurance to lower their premiums while continuing to receive great medical care. To alleviate the problem, states like New York and Minnesota have followed the recommendations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to implement the Basic Health Program (BHP)....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Pennsylvania]

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How Prison Reform Changed The Policies Of The Pennsylvania System And Its 5 Principles That Were Implemented

- This paper discusses how prison reform began with he formation of the Pennsylvania System and its 5 principles that were implemented. I will be examining how the policies of rehabiliation and deterrance effected inmates, with special emphasis on solitary confinement. And how the penentiarty era policies of the 19th century affected the policies of the modern-day prison system. Early prison systems of the 18th century of our penal system were created to punish criminals who have broken the law and used cruelty and and repression in hope to rehabiliate crimininals....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Criminal justice]

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The Food Pantry at Ruth's Place

- Introduction The food pantry at Ruth’s Place, House of Hope can be found in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania or online at The pantry is easily accessible by public transport, telephoning, or writing the director at her email. As the building that houses the food pantry is the home of a shelter for women experiencing homelessness, the pantry is open daily, around the clock. The pantry is open to all who are in need and demostrate need by meeting basic criteria and uses nutritional education to enhance users overall qusality of life....   [tags: House of Hope, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania]

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Colonization of Pennsylvanis by William Penn

- ... King Charles II of England had a large loan with Penn's father, after whose death, King Charles settled by granting Penn a large area west and south of New Jersey on March 4, 1681. Penn called the area Sylvania, Latin for woods, which Charles changed to Pennsylvania in honor of the elder Penn. Perhaps the king was glad to have a place where religious and political outsiders could have their own place, far away from England. One of the first counties of Pennsylvania was called Bucks County, named after Buckinghamshire in England, where the Penn's family seat was, and from whence many of the first settlers came....   [tags: debt, agreements, freedom, america]

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Death penalty

- From the time the first colonists arrived in the late Sixteen Hundreds Pennsylvania executions were carried out by public hanging (, 2014). In Eighteen Forty Three, Pennsylvania became the first state to abolish public hangings. From Eighteen Thirty Four until Nineteen Fifty Three each county was responsible for carrying out private hanging of criminal within the wall of the county jail. In Nineteen Thirteen the responsibility of executions was passed on to the state and the electric chair took the place of hanging (, 2014).....   [tags: pennsylvania, capital punishment]

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The New Hope Impressionists

- Dumbfounded: An Artist’s View Have you ever walked into a pole. Has something ever distracted or amazed you so much, that you just took the time to stop and appreciate it no matter how busy you are at the time. Everyone is struck by something remarkable in life at one point or another. For some this could be the genius captured in the highest creations of architecture, for some this could be a painting, photograph or sculpture, while for others this could be the natural magnificence around everyone, The New Hope Impressionists or Pennsylvania Impressionists were awed by the vast Pennsylvania landscape and the beauty that surrounded them each and every time they painted....   [tags: Pennsylvania Impressionists Art]

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The Academic Gap Of Pennsylvania Council For Postsecondary Education

- Despite nominal gains in Kentucky for graduation among minorities, the academic gap still remains wide in comparison with their white counterparts. Kentucky Council for Postsecondary Education reported that during the period between 2009-2010 and 2013-2014, students who identified as Hispanic, Black or White increased in earned degree or credentials. Hispanics showed the greatest growth during this period. Asians also had a minimum increase (Kentucky Completion Report, 2015, p. 10). Though, an increase was noticed, it was not great enough to significantly affect the academic gap between whites and other minorities....   [tags: Academic degree, Higher education, Education]

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My First Year At Pennsylvania State University

- In August of 2009 I started my first year of what I would call the rest of my life. I say this not because my experience before that time was meaningless, but because it wasn’t until college when I started learning who I was and my potential for success. During my four year tenure, there are many fond memories as there are challenging moments that have made me the person I am today. Although I strive to continually learn new information each day, I can say the time I spent at Missouri State University was well worth the time, energy, and financial loss....   [tags: University, High school, Student, Education]

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Insane Asylums

- The Tales of Mental Asylums in Pennsylvania Once upon a time, long ago in the mists of time, sprawling brick structures housed countless individuals with mental disturbances. These massive structures were known to the world as mental asylums for the insane. In reality, the majorities of these individuals were not insane, but in contrast were suffering from mild mental problems such as depression or anxiety....   [tags: History Mental Illness Pennsylvania]

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Validity And Reliability Of The Literacy Test And The Pennsylvania Standard Early Learning Standards Test

- Validity and Reliability Other comparable assessments include the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test and the Illinois Standard Early Learning Standards Test. The Peabody Picture Vocabulary (PPVT) is used to assess the receptive language skills for ages 3 to 90 years old. The Illinois Early Learning Standards assesses skills and academic achievements for various age groups according to normative measures for specific age groups. The purpose is to monitor progress, deficiencies and assist in setting goals for IEP’s (Individualized Education Program)....   [tags: Assessment, Evaluation, Psychometrics, Scores]

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Technology Is Evolving Today 's Society And Hershey High School

- Technology is evolving everywhere. Hershey High School is a school moving towards a more technology based learning style. Almost all the students are using technology in classes....   [tags: Technology, Education, Hershey, Pennsylvania]

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Western Pennsylvanian Election 1937 and the New Deal

- In an era where men worked hard for what they had but had little to show for it. When large corporate owners were refusing to allow workers into unions came about the New Deal. This proposal would not just change the lives of the workers during this time, it would change the lives of Americans for years to come. In the Steel Valley of Western Pennsylvania, 1937, the elections of government officials had changed from years past. There was realignment of the political parties and the political parties switched positions for years to come....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Why Are You Interested Of A Medical? Dental, Veterinary ) Career?

- 1. Why are you interested in a medical (dental, veterinary) career. I am interested in a career in the medical field because it would allow me to serve the community in a manner that would benefit the people, my family, and myself. Throughout the entirety of my life, I have been a part of what I can best describe as a community-wide circle of giving. My family and myself receive assistance from the community and we give back by donating our extra food and clothes. Another way I like to give back is by donating my time to help the community by volunteering....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Chester County, Pennsylvania]

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Worst Job At A Wilkes Barre City Public Works Employee

- Worst job When famous clergyman Thomas Fuller said” All things are difficult before they are easy”. (Fuller) must have been speaking about some of the work he did in his life and I can see why try picking up a trash bag covered in maggots that has rotted dog feces with a little bit of old distilled beer mixed on the inside of it and let me know how good you feel about yourself. After that you may have to pick up five hundred heavy bags of garbage in one day and that will take all of the energy you had....   [tags: Odor, Olfaction, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania]

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Essay On Misrepresentation Of Women In Social Media

- Overview Social media has become a main source of interaction, where people are able to connect with each other and collect information immediately. The constant presence of social media in our daily life influence our perception of the world. As a result, giving a false or misleading representation becomes a concern for the object that is being misrepresented. For instance, social media is filled with misrepresentation of women, where they are expected to have certain characteristics and to perform certain roles....   [tags: Advertising, Media, Pennsylvania, Mass media]

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The Saver Act And Its Effects On The Economy Of The State

- In the midst of national economic turmoil, states struggled to recover from a deep recession and tax revenues decline. Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf, along with the state legislature and State senator, created the Stimulus Act to Vitalize Economic Recovery (SAVER). The law contains a provision that allows state governments to use its power of eminent domain to force private property owners to sell their property to a private company, Quaker State Development Company (QSDC). The SAVER act, was designed to revitalize the ailing economy of the state, and through it, most of the property earmarked for the project was bought....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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The Video ' Fracking Hell : The Untold Story '

- In the video “Fracking Hell: The Untold Story” by Link TV explains how natural gas has been a huge problem not only for the earth in general but for everyone and everything living in it. The video explains how North East of Pennsylvania is having difficulties to conserve a healthy environment and people. North East of Pennsylvania is the main sources to extract gas and send it throughout the United States for gasoline and so on. However, this action is wonderful for the cost of gas, but has a huge impact on the environment and the people living in Pennsylvania....   [tags: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Natural environment]

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In Which Of The 13 English Colonies Would You Have Preferred To Live?

- I would have preferred to live in Pennsylvania out of all the thirteen colonies. Pennsylvania was a very prosperous colony due to the fact that everyone had economic opportunity. Also, the people had civil liberty, allowing them to surpass the other colonies that had multiple restrictions. In addition, they had religious freedom unlike other colonies. Pennsylvania had many great features compared to the other colonies. In Pennsylvania, progress was made toward social reform. No provisions had been made in order to receive military defense....   [tags: Informative, Personal Experience]

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Taking a Closer Look at Same-Sex Marriage in the United States

- The argument between advocates and adversaries of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights and same-sex marriage in America has been a waging war for centuries, gaining substantial attention and consideration in society and the media in the 1960s. Americans are sharply divided on the topic of same-sex marriage, almost split down the middle with fifty-three percent in favor and forty-seven percent1 opposed to it (Kennedy). Because marriage is a vital public institution, this issue has raised many debates, rallies, protests, and even violent acts among citizens who have strong opinions and stances on it....   [tags: LGBT rights and policies]

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The Death Penalty Is Still Practiced

- Mia Marotto Maria D’Amato Research Paper 16 March 2015 The Death Penalty in Pennsylvania As many United States citizens are aware, the death penalty is still practiced in more than half of the country today. However, states have different views on the reasoning behind a death sentence and the methods used to execute an individual. The following document will focus on educating the public solely about the death penalty system in Pennsylvania, and providing them with information centralizing mainly on the cons to the system, as there are wide varieties....   [tags: Capital punishment, Murder]

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Educational Budget Cuts: Denying Students the Opportunity for Potential

- Are today’s students being cheated out of the best education possible just to balance the budget. The forthcoming of Pennsylvania relies on the education of the younger generations. Only time can tell whether adolescents, currently being educated, can maintain the high level of learning with the barriers they are going to encounter with the proposed budget. For a positive future in Pennsylvania, the youth must be educated intelligently and properly. Proposed Pennsylvania state educational budget cuts will deny students the opportunity to develop their fullest potential creatively, academically, and socially....   [tags: Education]

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To Drill or Not to Drill: There Is No Question

- “Clean water is not limitless; it needs to be protected” and natural gas drilling jeopardizes our clean water. Developing our energy resources can not come at the expense of our environmental resources – our water, our land, and our ecosystems. Therefore as a resident of Pennsylvania I do take a stand against natural gas drilling hoping to protect our environment resources and wildlife. Over the past few years natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania has become a popular topic of controversy. The reason this topic is so controversial to a Pennsylvania resident is because of the impact it has on our environment....   [tags: Environmental Issues, Water Pollution]

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To Drill or Not to Drill

- As a resident of Pennsylvania I take the position that at the present time, along with other residents, environmental groups, local governments, and even businesses that we are against drilling for natural gas here in our state at this time. Developing our energy resources can not come at the expense of our environmental resources – our water, our land, and our ecosystems. Over the past few years natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania has become a popular topic of controversy. The reason this topic is so controversial to a Pennsylvania resident is because of the impact it has on our environment....   [tags: Environment ]

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Steven Nolt's Approach to the Immigrant Story in the Early Republic

- ... Public education was a new idea that threatened the tradition of a parochial school. America was a new place for the German immigrants to call home, not just a resting place till the next location would be available. The Pennsylvania Germans especially, which is the largest German immigrant group and the focus of Nolt’s writing, made America their own place. The local control of government such as with federal taxes proved to be something the Pennsylvania Germans could handle. This most likely having to do with the fact they had been under local scrutinizing control in their homeland....   [tags: german, culture, peasants]

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The Math And Verbal Sections

- The math and verbal sections are scored on an 800 point scale, with a total possible score of 1,600 points. In 2005, the College Board released a new test which added a writing section, bringing the total possible score of the test up to 2,400 points. Student scores on the writing portion of the test were not included in this case study. This was done first for the sake of continuity; since writing scores did not exist when NCLB was implemented, it would be impossible to gauge the impact of NCLB on these scores....   [tags: High school, Education in the United States, SAT]

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The Dangers of Fracking

- With the age of constant industrial and technological growth has come the necessity for not only cost effective and efficient methods for industry, but also the need for obtaining fuel for the machines that make the modern world possible. Oil has become as precious a commodity as gold, if not more so; its attainments constantly driving the world's largest businesses and governments across the world into action. Naturally, a "quick-fix" solution to this problem is constantly sought after by oil companies wishing to provide oil on a massive scale....   [tags: hydraulic fracturing]

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The People's Republic of Power

- The essay under critical analysis is entitled, “Philadelphia’s Radical Caucus That Propelled Pennsylvania to Independence and Democracy,” written by Gary B. Nash. This analytical essay consumes the fourth chapter of the book Revolutionary Founders: Rebels, Radicals, and Reformers in the Making of the Nation, edited by Alfred F. Young, Gary B. Nash, and Ray Raphael. His essay, along with the twenty-one other accounts in the book depicting lesser-known individuals, whose contributions in securing independence from Great Britain and creating a new government in America rival that of the nation’s more notorious and beloved founders, such as Thomas Jefferson or James Madison....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Life and Successes of Benjamin Franklin

- In 1723, because of dissension with his half-brother, Franklin moved to Philadelphia, where he obtained employment as a printer. He spent only a year there and then sailed to London for 2 more years. Back in Philadelphia, he rose rapidly in the printing industry. He published The Pennsylvania Gazette (1730-48), which had been founded by another man in 1728, but his most successful literary venture was the annual Poor Richard 's Almanac (1733-58). It won a popularity in the colonies second only to the Bible, and its fame eventually spread to Europe....   [tags: congress, colonies, rights]

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Andrew Carnegie And The Homestead Strike

- Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick and the Homestead Strike Industrialists Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick could not have come from more different backgrounds. Carnegie was born in the Scottish town of Dunfermline to a very poor family in 1835. When he was 12 years old, his father, a weaver, decided to move the family to the United States in search of better prospects, arriving at what was then the municipality of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, now part of Pittsburgh’s North Side. By that time, Pittsburgh was already known as a major center for the production of steel and other metals....   [tags: Andrew Carnegie, Homestead Strike]

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Policy Analysis: The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act

- I chose a very controversial Pennsylvania Senate Bill, No. 1182, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, which proposes to legalize the medical use of cannabis in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The bill will allow medical physicians in Pennsylvania to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients who would benefit from the positive attributes (Memorandum, 2014). The bill was introduced by Folmer, Leach, Teplitz, Ferlo, Fontana, Farnese and Wiley on January 15, 2014 (Senate bill 1182, 2014)....   [tags: medical marijuana, senate, debate]

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Causes and Effects of Hunting Regulations

- Cause and Effects of Hunting Regulations Hunting is a sport involving people throughout the United States whether it is done for a source of food or just for fun. Each year people across the U.S. spend over ten billion dollars on hunting activities and equipment. In order to protect species of wildlife, each states’ department of natural resources is required to develop numerous hunting regulations. Hunting regulations are basically laws set forth specifically for the hunting population. While these regulations are specified to correctively manage populations, they usually produce unintended effects of hunter safety (Conlin, Dikert-Conlin & Pepper, 2009)....   [tags: policies, politics, wild game]

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The Criminal Justice System Of America

- The United States has one of the oldest and most valuable criminal justice system in the world today. The first known example of the punishments was in the sixteenth century. The criminal justice system of America has a such an astonishing history, that system around the world admired our punishments system and reformation system. When the our criminal justice system introduced punishments, sanctions for criminal behavior tended to be public events which were designed to shame the person and deter others....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Crime]

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American History: Washington's Trail Through Post Glacial Butler, PA

- Washington’s Trail through Post Glacial Butler, PA In 1753, the future first president of the United States, George Washington, was dispatched to Western Pennsylvania to deliver a message to the French soldiers stationed near Presque Isle. Only twenty-one years old, young Washington traveled north from Fort Duquesne through modern day Butler County. Although aware of the critical and dangerous nature of the mission, it is unlikely that that the young explorer was aware that he was traversing a land of physical features shaped by a 100,000 years of geological history (WTA, 2013)....   [tags: glacial erratics, gorge, natural attraction]

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Different Types of Disasters

- There are different types and causes of disasters; man-made, natural and a combination. Man-made disasters are caused by human error or human actions that cause harm to the environment, and people (Baack & Alfred, 2013). Natural disasters are caused by nature a hurricane for example; and a combination; NA-TECH (natural-technological) examples are earthquakes that cause structural damage such as a collapse of a bridge (Nies & McEwen, 2011). Communities must have effective emergency preparedness in place to reduce the causalities from a disaster....   [tags: man-made, natural, combination]

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New Styles Of Prisons During The 19th Century

- During the early half of the 19th century, there were two new models of prisons being built in the United States. Along with the new styles of prisons being constructed, two new styles of correctional systems were developed, the Pennsylvania system, and the Auburn, New York system (Mays & Winfree, 2009). Although the designs of the actual prisons were dramatically different, both systems shared similar ideals, with regards to how inmates should spend their days. Ultimately, the Auburn system prevailed as the more popular system of corrections in the United States, with some of the system’s correctional philosophies being used well into the 20th century (Mays & Winfree, 2009)....   [tags: Prison, Eastern State Penitentiary, United States]

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