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Research on Mathematical Calculations of Bonds Betwen Amino Acid Residues and CO2 Molecules

- Cundari et al presented a powerful computational prediction system based on mathematical calculations of bonds between amino acid residues and CO2 molecule (Cundari et al. 2009). In their study, binding energies for CO2 and amino acid residues of Rubisco active site differ between different enzyme species that belongs to different organisms. It has been suggested that most of the hydrogen bonding in α-helices goes toward stabilizing the tightly coiled helix in loop 6 of Rubisco, whereas in contrast the edge of a β-sheet is open to hydrogen bonding, the binding energies are shown in table 1 (Cundari et al....   [tags: molecules, science,]

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The Stages of Molecules in a Cell

- ... 2. Fructose will exhibit net diffusion into the cell. 3. Glucose will exhibit net diffusion out of the cell. 3. Size of the cell, concentration gradient of the cell, carrier protein of the membrane influence whether a molecule will be able to pass through a biological membrane. If the molecule is too large, it will require some kind of transport protein that is surrounded in the plasma member to allow it to pass through. Large molecules typically carry charges, so that may also affect the process....   [tags: osmosis, filtration, transport]

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Questions and Anwers on DNA and Molecules

- Question1 What are Eukaryotes. Eukaryotes are known to be the organisms which have double membrane or membrane bounded, such as the nucleus, mitochondria than in plant cell this will include chloroplast, examples of this eukaryotes are, animals, plants, fungi and protozoans. Genome is defined as entire genetic material of an individual. All eukaryotes have mitochondrial genome of which it is very small in size and circular in shape, meaning that depend on the organism the genome will vary in size since others are small, so the specific size normally range from 10Mb in length to 100 000 Mb in higher eukaryotes....   [tags: eukaryotes, genomes]

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A Study On Substance And Substance Molecules

- Question 1. a) Testosterone belongs to steroid family and it is a hydrophobic and insoluble molecule. In the body, over 95% of testosterone molecule are bound to proteins rather than staying in a free state. To fulfil its regulatory function, testosterone molecules need to be transported from the cytoplasm into the nucleus. However, this activity cannot be achieved themselves as they are prone to be repelled by hydrophilic head part of the nuclear membrane. Therefore, a carrier protein (androgen receptor) is needed for the cross-membrane transport and the delivery of testosterone....   [tags: Amino acid, Protein, Protein structure, Oxygen]

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Structure of the Cell and Bio Molecules

- The cell, what is a cell means and what is the structure of it. Everyone knows that it’s the smallest particle in any living organism and it’s responsible for anything that happens in our bodies. As there’s no one know what it functions, what is the structure of the cell and what it is consisted from and what does every part in it functions. So, first of all the theory of a cell is that all organisms are formed from cells which is the structural unit of life and they are raised by division of pre-existing cells, as they can be cultured to produce more cells....   [tags: genetic blueprints]

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A Experiment On Chemical Molecules

- Introduction Hydrates are compounds that form crystals that have water molecules in their structure. Barium chloride dihydrate, or BaCl2●2H2O is an example of this, with five water molecules for every one molecule of barium chloride. The water is called the water of hydration, and the dot between the barium chloride and the water molecules means that the two types of molecules are bonded together. The water of hydration is heated out of the hydrate when the temperature reaches above 100℃, since the hydrate bonds are weaker than the ionic bonds that are formed between the salt ions....   [tags: Ion, Mole, Water, Salt]

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The Heat Of Gaseous Molecules

- Discussion At a constant temperature, a pure liquid has a vapor pressure that describes the pressure of escaped gaseous molecules that exist in equilibrium at the liquid’s surface. Adding energy to a pure liquid gives more molecules the kinetic energy to break the intermolecular forces maintaining the liquid and raises the overall temperature of the liquid. Eventually, adding energy boosts the liquid’s vapor pressure until it equals the surrounding atmospheric pressure. When this occurs, the pure liquid boils at a temperature called the boiling point....   [tags: Distillation, Temperature, Gas, Thermodynamics]

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Infrared Spectra Of Unknown Molecules

- Abstract: The goal of this lab was to measure the infrared spectra of unknown molecules and use the measurements to determine which sample was obtained. An IR spectra of a solid sample and an IR spectra of a liquid sample were generated and the functional groups were identified from each spectra respectively. The peak frequency above the fingerprint region (>1500 cm-1) were identified for each sample’s spectra and the appropriate functional groups were assigned to each peak. The liquid sample was determined to be 2-propanol and the solid sample was determined to be benzoic acid....   [tags: Infrared spectroscopy, Spectroscopy, Infrared]

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Biology: The Chiral Molecules

- ... Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are one of the types of carbon, which is in cylindrical nanostructures form. Nanotubes are one of the members of the fullerene structural family. Their name is obtained from the long hollow structure with the walls formed by one atom thick sheets of carbon, called graphene. The sheets are then rolled at specific and discrete angles, and the combination of the rolling angle and radius decides the nanotube properties. There are several structures of CNT, which is differing in length, thickness, types of helicity and number of layers....   [tags: biomolecules, carbon, nanotubes]

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How Organic Molecules React And Synthesize

- Introduction: This lab puts together ideas presented in class combined with knowledge from prior courses to help us learn and better understand how organic molecules react and synthesize, with ways to identify them using their physical properties. This lab reinforced a lot of the learning that we have grown upon in the last few lectures by giving us a chance to do identify physical characteristics of molecules that can’t be demonstrated in lecture, an example being the smell of esters. To start the lab we synthesized an aqueous acetaminophen out of 4-aminophenol and acetic anhydride in a test tube....   [tags: Acetic acid, Ester, Carboxylic acid, Alcohol]

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