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Alfred Nobel

- The inventor of dynamite was a very important roll to take part in. The ultimate inventor of it was a mane named Alfred Nobel. Before dynamite, miners had to use nitrogen to blow holes in rock and other things. However it is too volatile and can explode incredibly easily. Alfred changed all this. &nbsp; Alfred Nobel was born on October 21st 1833 in Stockholm. He studied their until1842 when his family moved to St. Petersburg in Russia. Since his father was an influential inventor and industrialist the family moved from country to country....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Problems of Living in a Newly Set Up Town in the West

- The Problems of Living in a Newly Set Up Town in the West In the time period of 1840-1895, commonly known as the American west, pioneers set off to the west of America to set up homes there, with the promise of free land, and the image of ‘streets paved with gold’ in their minds; Americans were more than willing to pack up and find their fortune. However, moving west was not as easy as most had anticipated, and many families perished on the journey over alone, not to mention the living conditions when they arrived....   [tags: Papers]

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How and Why Hitler and the Nazis Came to Power in Germany

- How and Why Hitler and the Nazis Came to Power in Germany Before the Great War in 1914 Germany was a rich and prospering country. The end of the war in 1918 and between 1933 reduced Germany to a weak and struggling country. There are many reasons for the fall and rise of Germany during this time, which ultimately results in the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. After the war Germany found defeat in the First World War difficult to accept. Their did not accept that they had been truly defeated: they thought their government had been 'stabbed in the back' by left-wing Germans who lacked patriotism....   [tags: Papers]

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The First World War Was Important as a Locomotive for Domestic Change

- The First World War Was Important as a Locomotive for Domestic Change The First World War introduced a lot of large welfare reform, including the war pension, but welfare reforms had started before the beginning of the First World War, and continued after it. In that sense, the First World War can be seen as a catalyst (or locomotive, if you will) for welfare reform, as it sped up the changes. Trade Unions had been active before the First World War, with the boom before the war helping trade unions to negotiate better terms and conditions, as can be seen in the Miners Strike of 1910....   [tags: Papers]

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The Use of Coal as an Energy Source in the United States

- Energy from Coal: The Nation’s Dirty Secret Abstract While technology has led the world into such an advanced setting with intelligent machinery and automated devices, coal has remained a loyal contributor of the energy needed by these various types of equipment to function properly. Almost half of the electricity in the United States is produced in coal plants where coal is burnt to produce this energy [1]. Both beneficial and detrimental factors come with this alternative source of energy, known by the world for centuries....   [tags: Energy Power Fossil Fuel Natural Resource]

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Oppression of American Indians in Our Hearts Fell to the Ground

- From the Sioux in the North, to the Tonkawa in the South, tribes filled North America when the Europeans first set foot on the soil that we now know as the United States. The relationship between the Native American tribes and the Europeans had its fair share of difficulties for the next thirty years. Faced with the threat of the westward movement, as well as the ruthless military treatment that came with it, the North Americans began their unjustified, inhumane battle for survival. The Europeans colonization of North America has forever changed the lives and cultures of the Native Americans....   [tags: American History]

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Baldwin Declares End of General Strike A Victory For Common Sense

- Baldwin Declares End of General Strike A Victory For Common Sense Baldwin speaks for the many British citizens who today are celebrating the calling off of the General Strike which has caused sevre disruption and chaos all across the country. Although rumours of an imminent peace have been circulating the country for a few days now, the welcomed decision was officially announed by TUC representatives who met at Downing street at mid-day yesterday....   [tags: Papers]

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D.H. Lawrence's use of Language in Odour of Chrysanthemums

- Write a study of the opening of D.H. Lawrence’s short story Odour of Chrysanthemums. Comment in detail on the way in which Lawrence’s use of language creates a particular atmosphere and raises certain expectations. The opening of ‘Odour of Chrysanthemums’ tells us about the domination of industry over nature. It presents nature at its worst and the dominance of technology, symbolized by the engine. The focus of the story is on the engine, the people, nature and its description and the mood of the story is gloomy, despondent....   [tags: English Literature]

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Britain's Joining of the the EEC in 1973

- Britain's Joining of the the EEC in 1973 The EEC's description is as an economic customs union, in a supranational political structure. In 1951 the 'Six' first established their European unity by signing the Treaty of Paris, which was the beginning of the European Coal and Steel Community. The ECSC followed a Plan by French Foreign Minister Robert Schumen, which arranged the ECSC as the institution for the European coal and steel industries. The EEC was the result of talks started at Messina, then finalised when the Treaty of Rome was signed by the 'Six' in 1957....   [tags: Papers]

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The Development of Trade Unions for the Unskilled

- The Development of Trade Unions for the Unskilled The 'new model unions' were for the skilled workers and only covered a small section of the working class which meant a great mass of unskilled and semi-skilled workers remained largely unorganised this was with exceptions of the Miners' National Union and the Agricultural Labourers' Union. During the 1880s the unskilled workers were organised into what is called 'new unionism'. These new unions' main features were that they charged minimal subscriptions and adopted a much more militant stance towards the employers; this meant that the unions were prepared to use the strike weapon to gain their objectives....   [tags: Papers]

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Reasons for People's Objections to World War I

- Reasons for People's Objections to World War I As the war progressed, more and more soldiers were needed to help out in the war to replace the large amounts of soldiers with casualties, as the amounts of volunteers were declining each month. There were many men who were eligible to fight but were not volunteering, so conscription had to be introduced to keep the numbers of soldiers great enough to defeat the Germans. In January 1916, The Military Service Act was introduced....   [tags: Papers]

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Communist Controversy over Film Salt of the Earth

- Communist Controversy over Film Salt of the Earth Salt of the Earth was released in 1954, during the anticommunist McCarthy era by a collection of blacklisted individuals, including screenwriter Michael Wilson, producer Paul Jarrico, and Hollywood 10 director Herbert J. Biberman. Salt is based on the Empire Zinc strike of Local 890 in Bayard County, New Mexico that took place from 1950-1952. In many ways, Salt of the Earth resembles the archetypal American dream by presenting the triumph of ordinary, working class Americans over the forces of discrimination, inequality, and injustice....   [tags: Politics McCarthyism McCarthy]

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Would I Become the Next Snow White?

- Would I Become the Next Snow White.   Ah, to be a Disney Girl. To possess beauty so divine it can melt the hearts of charming princes and gruff miners alike. To be able to use the same gift to tame temperamental beasts, while you attract, through angelic song, otherwise timid forest creatures. To know that, in the end-despite the fact that your wicked stepmother has forced you into a life of servitude and an evil queen is seeking your mutilated heart-yes, in the end, some day your prince will come....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay]

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An Alternate Perspective on the Mythical West

- An Alternate Perspective on the Mythical West The topic of the American West has intrigued me throughout my life. The tales of cowboys and Indians, of the rugged individual and nature, has always sparked my interest. A land with such quixotic stories of adventure, the West has instilled itself in American history. The yarns and movies of the mythical frontier provide a perception to which I among many others have chosen to adopt at one time or another. This perception has been embedded in many youths, providing a nationalistic view of America using the West as a symbol of the individualism to which our forefathers fought for....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Last Frontier of the United States

- The Last Frontier of the United States The last frontier of the United States was a great time period where Americans and immigrants from around the world came and settled for new land. It was a time where the federal government encouraged western settlement and economic exploitation. The United States of America came of age after the civil war. In a period of less than fifty years, it was transformed from a rural republic to an urban state. The frontier had vanished. Great factories and steel mills, transcontinental railroad lines, flourishing cities, vast agricultural holdings marked the land....   [tags: Papers]

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The Modern Welfare State of the 1906-1914

- The Modern Welfare State of the 1906-1914 Before 1906, the British governments had little involvement in the everyday lives of the people: Gladstone in particular advocated the policies of ‘self help’ and Lassiez-faire’- the government should have minimal interference in the lives of citizens. However, from 1906 onwards, the British public began to benefit from a number of reforms such as pensions and childcare which they had never received before. Whether this could be described as the beginnings of the welfare state depends on the perspective: certainly government involvement increased but these reforms didn’t affect every citizen in all areas of life, suggesti...   [tags: Papers]

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Coal: A Human History by Barbara Freese

- Coal: A Human History was written by Barbara Freese to focus on the history of coal and how mankind has used it as part of their lifestyle. Ever since the times when early nomads used the slash-and-burn method, coal has been around acting as jewelry for the Romans and as fuel for peasants and the noble class in Britain. Coal was in such high demand that many inventions were utilized for the convenience of retrieving it from intolerable conditions such as vacuums and the construction of more efficient underground tunnels....   [tags: Coal Natural Resource History]

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Push and Pull Factors for Chinese Immigrants

- Push and Pull Factors for Chinese Immigrants In many cases throughout America’s history immigrants have settled here for many different reasons. In conclusion these reasons were known as push and pull factors. Push factors are factors that repel migrants from their country. And pull factors are factors that attract migrants to move. In my main immigrant group which is the Chinese, there were several push and pull factors that I will be mentioning. First, some of the push factors that were included in my group were the fact that there were a lot of disasters....   [tags: Immigration China Chinese]

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Kakadu National Park

- KNP Kakadu was declared a national park on 5 April 1979, and also granted world heritage status in 1979. Kakadu National Park is a magnificent part of Australia, and contains many beautiful features. The name ‘kakadu’ comes from the land’s traditional aboriginal owners, the Gagudju people. They have interacted with Kakadu for over 50 000 years, one of the longest periods of interaction found anywhere on earth. The Aboriginal rock art is of particular significance as it provides us an insight of the Gagadju people’s lives for over 50 000 years....   [tags: Australia]

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Anti-Chinese Riots Happening in Washington State

- Anti-Chinese Riots Happening in Washington State In the last decades of the 19th century, anti-Asian backlash fueled by high unemployment which increased resentment against Asian settlers, anti-Asian legislation, and growing nativism, erupted into violent riots in Washington State. Throughout the 1880s, thousands of Chinese laborers were especially targeted for murder, assault, and forced evacuation all across the state. The reasoning behind and the implications of these acts of violence and exclusionist policies were the same all over the West Coast and almost everywhere Asians settled....   [tags: Racism China Violence Essays]

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The Line Between Feudalism and Capitalism

- The Line Between Feudalism and Capitalism We consider America to be a capitalist nation, but what exactly makes it capitalist. Webster’s dictionary defines capitalism as an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state owned wealth. Capitalism affects the people in it on a daily basis; it affects the way they live their daily lives....   [tags: Economics Economical Government Papers]

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AP Theodore Rosevelt Outline and Evaluation

- (I got 100% on this one.) Out line: I. Theodore Roosevelt (republican) A. Birth: October 27, 1858 at New York, New York B. Died: January 6, 1919 at Oyster Bay, New York II. Background A. Education- Attended Harvard and he graduated 21st of 177. He studied in the fields of sciences, German, rhetoric, philosophy, and ancient languages. (1876-1880) Attended Columbia Law School, but he dropped out to run for the state assembly. (1880-1881) B. Occupation- Elected into the New York State Assembly as a Republican, and during his time in the Assembly, his consistent struggle against machine politics earned him the nickname of "the cyclone assemblyman." (1881-1884)...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Storming Heaven: the Land before Time

- In the book Storming Heaven by Denise Giardina, education, and the lack there of, plays one of the largest roles in the character's lives. At this time in West Virginia, where the book is set, many children had to leave school and actually go into the coalmines, as Rondal Lloyd did, or work on the family farm. Racial ignorance is also a key element Giardina confronts in the novel. The characters, chief and secondary, equally cultural and racially bland, pass on their beliefs and therefore help to maintain the continuous circle of inequality that carries on even today....   [tags: American Literature]

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Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?

- Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk. The capability for nuclear energy has always existed. However, not until December 2, 1942, at the University of Chicago, did nuclear energy surface. Enrico Fermi made that discovery by making a chain reaction in a pile of uranium. How a nuclear reaction works is that a neutron is “shot” through a gram of uranium, which creates fission. This causes a chain reaction, thus creating a nuclear reaction or nuclear energy. This was the first man-made nuclear reaction....   [tags: Papers]

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Mountaintop Removal Mining in West Virginia

- Mountaintop Removal Mining in West Virginia One of the most frequently talked about and discussed ethical issues, that I have heard a lot about since moving and living in the state of West Virginia for over a year, is about Mountain top removal mining. Mountain top removal poses two ethical questions, the environmental hazards of mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia. And the economical benefits and resources it brings to the state. What is right and what is wrong; an answer or a problem....   [tags: Papers]

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Creation of a Welfare State Between 1906 and 1914 by the Liberals

- Creation of a Welfare State Between 1906 and 1914 by the Liberals A welfare state is defined as the state providing optimum services free of charge for all citizens, such as Education and Health (obviously this is achieved through taxation). Either you provide optimum services, or not. Some historians argue that the Liberals did create a welfare state. Many others argue that they did not intend to do so, and went nowhere near achieving a welfare state. Through analysis of their reforms and intentions, it will be possible to deduce whether they wished to create a welfare state, and whether they achieved it....   [tags: Free Essays]

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It's All in the Jeans

- It's All in the Jeans Bell-bottoms came and went, came back and then left again. Top hats had their era. Platform shoes had an intense, yet short, life. Polyester made a brief appearance. At one time, sailor suits could be seen everywhere; not anymore. Hot pants come and go. Yet jeans seem to have survived. They have achieved the impossible: remaining a major trend from the eighteenth century to the present day. Jeans -- trousers made of denim clothing -- have survived through the decades and the centuries....   [tags: Fashion Clothing Retail Essays]

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Critical Analysis of Brassed Off

- Critical Analysis of Brassed Off We studied a 5 minute exert from the film Brassed off. Within this there were many media techniques. And in such a short exert there was a lot. The main characters are Phil and his wife Sandra. The scene starts with Phil, a miner, being a clown at a childs party. He is not very good and we can tell that it is not his main job and he is doing it for the money. We then go to Sandra who cannot afford a few items at the local shop and the cashier tells her to pay her back next year....   [tags: Papers]

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Architecture And Art : The Great Sphinx

- Architecture and art plays a major role in exhibiting and reiterating the histories of ancient world. In relation to the Ancient Near East, the Great Sphinx serves this purpose. To the south of the Khafre pyramid in Giza near Cairo, there sits a huge creature at the depression with the body of a lion but with a human head. This monumental statue, which is the initial true colossal imperial sculpture, is identified as the Great Sphinx. It serves as a national emblem of Egypt both modern and ancient....   [tags: Ancient Egypt, Ancient history]

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Boom Towns Of The Amazon

- Urban Geography Boom Towns of the Amazon The Amazon Basin has been called the last frontier. Although there has been a considerable amount of government investments in rural development, the majority of Amozonia is urban. Charles Wageley said that the &#8220;Typical Amozonian town was lethargic and backwards due to its seclusion.'; Every year many people are killed in land disputes in this area. With all the social and environmental changes rapid urbanization in the Amazon has been overlooked....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Improving God, The Lucky Child

- Improving God, The Lucky Child Orthodontists are people whom cosmetically change the look of another person's dental features. Which I feel, gives a general idea that Alexander had wanted to become an orthodontist for the reason that he felt he wanted, in a way, to change the way he is seen as a part of Clann Chalum Ruaidh. Alexander wanted the independence of living on his own and starting a new life. Which relates to the phrase that Alexander reads on the women's T-shirt, "Living in the past is not living up to our potential"(60)....   [tags: Free Essays]

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America Needs More Immigrants

- After political security, there is nothing that the Republic needs so much as bone and sinew, for the development of its vast resources . . . we want flesh and blood, men, women, and children, to assist in fulfilling that intention. —Editorial from the Commercial and Financial Chronicle, published in August 12, 1865—as the re-United States reels back from the divisiveness of the Civil War (Abbott 156) When my ancestors came to the U.S. in the 1800s to help build the transcontinental railroad (enabling intracontinental commerce on an unprecedented scale), it was very true that immigrants contributed to America’s economic prosperity....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Class Conflict in Britain

- Class Conflict in Britain "Class conflict has gradually been diluted by growing affluence." "The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggle." This famous opening line from Marx Communist Manifesto refers to the struggle between the labouring, working classes and the bourgeoisie owners of the means of production. The proletariat are exploited by the capitalists for profit and are therefore forced to live in poverty and dire conditions. Marx predicted that eventually the proletariat would overthrow this capitalist system and replace it with a system which is often referred to as Communist - whereby the workers have control....   [tags: Politics Political]

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Society's Greatest Role Models

- There has never been a female president in the United States. Since the country's inception over 200 years ago, females have been classified as having no say in "a man's world." In the world today, most people are still offended that men get paid more than women, and also have better jobs. Unlike 2 centuries ago, women are now elected to Congress and are CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies. I do not think men or women have a say so until they walked in the opposite sex's shoes. In "The Vastness of the Dark" by Alistair MacLeod and "The Men We Carry In Our Minds" by Scott Russell Sanders, both genders and their respective stereotypes are compared and contrasted in detail....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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The California Gold Rush

- The California Gold Rush The California Gold Rush was the biggest and the richest of them all, but it was no different from any of those that followed in providing the majority of its participants with much rushing and little gold. When forty-niners reminisced through beards grown longer and whiter, the strikes of the past became richer and the nuggets bigger, but the mournful truth is that most gold hunters would have done better financially staying at home and been considerably more comfortable....   [tags: Papers]

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Life in the 1850's

- Life in the 1850's In 1850, Scandinavian gold miners in California formed the first ski clubs in the United States. On June 2nd, a series of fires destroyed several million dollars worth of property in San Francisco. In 1851, Cornelius Vanderbilt established a steam ship route from New York to California. In 1852, Congress established the Oregon territory. A year later, a San Francisco club introduced the Irish sport of hurling into the United States. That same year a yellow fever epidemic killed 5,000 people in New Orleans....   [tags: Papers]

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Emotinal Intelligence

- INTRODUCTION The term conflict represents an event that has continued to present itself within the organization. Individual which are involved in any organizations are confronted to conflicts whether its in the form of conscious or unconscious, moreover its impact is unavoidable it can either be positive or negative.(Jehn, 1997). In this study we applied Emotional Intelligence as antecedents of conflict management styles in terms of Integrating and compromising styles. The use of EI was based on the belief that emotionally intelligent people regard their own emotions and the emotions of others as a basis in framing their relationships with other people (Mayer and Salovey, 1993, 1997)....   [tags: Conflict Management, Work Environment]

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Uranium Mining

- Uranium mining in the United States has been prevalent from after World War II until the 1980’s. Uranium was popularly mined as part of a war effort. Mining of naturally occurring chemical elements takes place all over the world when those materials are found in significant quantities. In nearly everything we use, there is some part of it that has been made from a natural product that has been mined or extracted from the earth. Little do we recognize where the materials from our everyday products originate, or the process in which they were recovered....   [tags: pollution, environmental degradation, radiation]

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William Jobling

- William Jobling We have been exploring the true story of William Joblings tragic life. He was a miner from Jarrow in Newcastle, who in 1832, whilst on a miners strike, was falsely accused of the murder of a local magistrate called Nicolas Fairles. The real murderer was Ralph Armstrong, one of Joblings best friends and fellow miner. The stimulus came from a plaque that accompanied a statue of William Jobling in Jarrow. All improvisations came from that initial stimulus. As the stimulus was about a time long ago, and of a topic I was unfamiliar with, mining, I thought it would prove to be difficult....   [tags: Papers]

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Trench Warfare

- Trench Warfare World War 1 is perhaps best known for being a war fought in trenches, ditches dug out of the ground to give troops protection from enemy artillery and machine-gun fire. The trenches spread from the East to the West. By the end of 1914, trenches stretched all along the 475 miles front between the Swiss border and the Channel coast. The trench system on the Western Front consisted of front-line, support and reserve trenches. The three rows of trenches covered between 200 and 500 yards of ground....   [tags: Papers]

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Montana History

- Montana History Assuredly, mining played a significant role in Montana's history. With the discovery of gold in several different gulches came boom towns across the state. As population started to increase people thought it should become its own territory and it did in 1864. Twenty five years later it became a state. Alder Gulch, Confederate Gulch, and Last Chance Gulch are clearly the gold strikes that contributed to Montana becoming a territory and eventually a state. Alder Gulch was founded in 1863 by Bill Fairweather and Henry Edgar....   [tags: Papers]

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Sons and Lovers

- Sons and Lovers The Parallels Between Two Families “It is morning again, and she is still here...” These are the words D.H. Lawrence wrote to a friend describing his terminally ill mother in 1913. “I look at my mother and think ‘O Heaven-is this what life brings us to?’ You see mother has had a devilish married life, for nearly forty years- and this is the conclusion- no relief.” (Baron’s Educational Series, 1993). At the time this letter was written Lawrence was fictionalizing his relationship with his mother, as well as the rest of his family, in the novel Sons and Lovers ....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Sons And Lovers

- D.H. Lawrence: Son and Lover “Bildungsroman, a form of fiction which allows the novelist to recreate through the maturing of his protagonist some of his own remembered intensity of experience” (Nivin, Alastair; pg. 34) D.H. Lawrence re-created his own life experience through the writing of Son’s and Lovers, an intensely realistic novel set in a small English mining town, much akin to the town in which he was raised. The son of a miner, Lawrence grew up with a father much like the character of Mr....   [tags: essays research papers]

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vincent van gogh

- Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter, whose work represents the archetype of expressionism, the idea of emotional spontaneity in painting. Van Gogh was born March 30, 1853, in Groot-Zundert, son of a Dutch Protestant pastor. Van Gogh's birth came one year to the day after his mother gave birth to a first, stillborn child; also named Vincent. There has been much speculation about Vincent van Gogh suffering later psychological trauma as a result of being a "replacement child" and having a deceased brother with the same name and same birth date....   [tags: essays research papers]

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William Randolph Hearst

- William Randolph Hearst George Hearst, William’s father was born in 1820 on a frontier plantation in Franklin, Missouri. George’s father died when he was 26. George was a very hard worker and loved his family very much. He worked odd jobs and in mines to pay off his fathers debt and to take care of his mother, sister and little brother. Mining fascinated young George and even though he could barely read he dwelled into geology books to learn more. In 1848 word started to spread like wildfire about Sutter’s mill and the very precious metal that was found nearby....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Physics of Mining

- Mining is a necessary component of the world we live in and it has been practiced for thousands of years. The mining industry produces billions of tons of raw product every year. The process of mining is very complicated and involves plenty of physics. Two main components of the mine cycle are: Drilling, and Blasting. Some important factors in mining are the pillars, rock elasticity, and the slope stability of the ground being mined. A basic method for destroying rock is mechanically induced stress, such as drills and erosion jets....   [tags: physics mining miner]

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- GEORGE ORWELL George Orwell also known as Eric Arthur Blair lived from 1903 - 1950. He was a British writer who wrote documentaries, essays, and articles. He was born in Motihari, India. Orwell was educated at Eton College in England. From an early age Orwell said, " Perhaps the age five or six, I knew that when I grew up I should be a writer." After Orwell did not win a university scholarship at Eton College he joined the Indian Imperial Police. He served with the Indian Imperial police in Burma from 1922 - 1927....   [tags: essays papers]

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Determinants of Productivity

- Determinants of Productivity Determinants of Productivity Productivity is the quantity of output formed by one unit of production input in a unit of time. Inputs used in the production of the goods and services are the major determinants of any country’s productivity they are also called factors of production. There are four major determinants of productivity of any country’s economy. · Land: the land itself, and raw materials such as oil and minerals beneath it. The natural resources that is available without alteration or effort on the part of humans....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Appalachian Musicians And Singers And The Songs They Write

- Appalachian Musicians And Singers and The Songs They Write Growing up in Appalachia and around its music has made a great impact on my life. I can remember, as if it were yesterday sitting on grandpa's front porch with my family singing along with Hillbilly songs on the radio. Along with entertaining the music eased the tensions of living a meager existence in Appalachia. By relating with these song writers and the stories in there songs we somehow find our life less tedious and more bearable....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Origin and Fate of the Empire of Mali

- Origin and Fate of the Empire of Mali Introduction In its peak, the people of Mali occupied land as far west as the Atlantic Ocean. They also traveled as far east as Gao, the capital of the Songhai, as far south as the Niger bend, and as far north as the Sahara desert. They built a great empire between 1240 and 1337 that underwent a course of slow decline until the seventeenth century. History The empire of Mali originated from a small country known as Kangaba. Its people where known as the Mandingo (they have also been called the Malinke and the Mandinka)....   [tags: World History]

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Inside the Mind of a Victorian Policeman

- Devoid of the Domestic: Inside the Mind of a Victorian Policeman “For many early Victorians, policing was a new and low-status occupation. Few men became policeman for positive reasons" (Taylor 49). Construction of the Typical Police Officer Several criteria apply to the Victorian police officer: * Policemen were typically involved in trade and were part of the lower middle class o “In Staffordshire, miners, shoemakers, brickmakers, moulders, puddlers, potters, engine drivers and even a printer joined the force” (Taylor 48)....   [tags: Victorian Era]

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Toray Textiles Into Mansfield

- Toray Textiles Into Mansfield Case Study of - What is Toray. - Why Mansfield. - How does it benefit local community. - The multiplier effect. - Factors involving the choice of a work site Toray Textiles - Key facts : - Established in Japan in 1926. - Owns over 60 branch plants - Asia, North America, Europe, making company name recognised worldwide. - Plants include: Italian artificial suede manufacturer, French carbon fibre manufacturer. - Sales offices located in Milan and Frankfurt. Why Britain....   [tags: Trade Textiles Consumerism Essays]

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Toray Textiles into Mansfield

- Toray Textiles into Mansfield q Established in Japan in 1926. q Owns over 60 branch plants - Asia, North America, Europe, making company name recognised worldwide. q Plants include: Italian artificial suede manufacturer, French carbon fibre manufacturer. q Sales offices located in Milan and Frankfurt. Why Britain. q Close link with Marks & Spencer - provides a good product outlet and can supply new designs at short notice. q Turnover expected to be over 80 million pounds from new plant in Mansfield....   [tags: Papers]

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A History of the California Gold Rush

- "The California Gold Rush was the significant national event of its time" ("California Gold Rush: A Look to the Past"). This legendary story begins with one man. John Sutter, one of the richest people in the area, moved to California 1839 with the intent on building his own private empire. Sutter welcomed newcomers to the area because he viewed them as subjects for his self-styled kingdom. In the late 1840s, James Marshall and about 20 men were sent to the river by Sutter to build a sawmill ("The Gold Rush")....   [tags: American History]

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walking your walk

- Walking your Walk The book mentions that ethics is about behavior. This means that for something to be a part of your ethical beliefs, you must be willing to act accordingly if put the situation. If you are not willing to act on something that you say is your ethical and moral belief, is it really a part of your ethics. I do not think that a person can believe something and contradict the beliefs with the decisions that they choose to make. The decisions that people make decide for them, what their ethical and moral beliefs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Garrett A. Morgan

- Garrett A. Morgan Garrett Augustus Morgan was born in 1877 in Paris, Kentucky. He dropped out of school at the age of 14 and moved to Cleveland Ohio where he began working at a sewing-machine shop. He became interested in the improvement of machines and designed a belt fastener for the sewing machine, which he sold for $150. In 1909, Morgan opened a clothing manufacturing company and continued to invent new devices. Morgan was interested in workers’ safety. He invented a safety hood, called an “inhalator,” which he patented in 1912 (patent #1,113,675)....   [tags: Free Example Essays]

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The Liberal Reforms

- The Liberal Reforms The Liberal Government of 1906 - 1914 tried to a great extent to set up a welfare state in Britain. They went to great lengths to improve the conditions for those living in poverty and to lessen the numbers of people claiming help from the Poor Law and other charitible organisations. The government wanted " national efficiency " in the country and their plans to acheive this began with children and in schools. Education had become compulsory and many children who lived in the slums of Britain were going to school hungry....   [tags: Papers]

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Blood Diamonds

- Blood Diamonds Until 1974, Angola had been a colony under Portuguese jurisdiction since 1576. “The combined forces of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), and the National Union for the Total Independence succeeded in their struggle in removing the Portuguese colonial government in April, 1974”[1]. A bloody transitional period ensued throughout the next year, where a struggle for control of Angola’s government erupted between these three groups....   [tags: World Politics Political Essays]

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Theodore Roosevelt

- During the early 1900’s the president of the United States of America was a man called Theodore Roosevelt. Although he began his term as president with the death of President McKinley, his period in the White House turned out to be one of the most progressive periods in American history. His progressive policies influenced the direction that the country would take in the twentieth century. In the following paper I will explain several of Theodore Roosevelt’s progressive polices. Specifically I will deal with his labor policies and his new nationalism policy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Labor Unions

- Labor Unions and the Dynamics of Race in Unions Labor unions have been in America for a very long time. There are many unions in a myriad of different fields. Labor unions were and are used to allow for equal treatment of workers. Employers always want to maximize their profits and they try to give the least to get the most in return. For reasons such as this is why unions were formed. Generally a union boss is appointed or hired to protect the rights and privileges of the employees....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Van Gogh

- Vincent Willem van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in Zundert, a village in the south of the Netherlands. His father was the protestant minister of the place, but three of his father's brothers were art dealers, and so it is only natural that Vincent became an apprentice at the shop of his uncle Vincent van Gogh in The Hague. His uncle had become a partner in the firm of Goupil & Cie, and after having worked in The Hague for four years Vincent was sent to other branches of the Goupil firm, first in London, then in Paris....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Western Expansion

- The Westward Expansion Introduction The Westward Expansion has often been regarded as the central theme of American history, down to the end of the19th century and as the main factor in the shaping of American history. As Frederick Jackson Turner says, the greatest force or influence in shaping American democracy and society had been that there was so much free land in America and this profoundly affected American society. Motives After the revolution, the winning of independence opened up the Western country and was hence followed by a steady flow of settlers to the Mississippi valley....   [tags: United States History Historical Essays]

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Yanomamo Tribe

- The Yanomamo My name is Eric Dunning and this is my proposal to go and study the Yanomamo tribe in the rain forests of Brazil. I have compiled a historical outline of the Yanomamo tribe and some of their religion and culture, ranging from marital status to the type of food they eat. I have chosen this tribe because according to many anthropologists the Yanomamo are perhaps the last culture to have come in contact with the modern world. The Yanomamo people of Central Brazil are one of the oldest examples of the classic pre-Columbian forest footmen....   [tags: Yanomamo Indians Culture]

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Kentucky Stereotypes

- "You know you're from Kentucky if your house is mobile and your three cars aren't" This is a joke my younger brother recited to me when I returned to my Yankee home from the University of Kentucky for Thanksgiving break. He went on to ask, "If a Kentucky couple gets divorced are they still brother and sister?" The lists of redneck jokes surrounding Kentucky stereotypes are endless. Many people get a good laugh out of the jokes, but they don't realize that they are portraying a crude message about all Kentucky folk....   [tags: Kentucky Stereotypes]

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Employee Motivation

- In this Individual Project we will discuss the issues of FMC Green River focusing on Employee Motivation, along with Job Design and Goal Setting, Performance Appraisal, Pay and Career Development. This analysis has been requested to be continued by Mr. Kenneth Dailey with FMC Green River. FMC is and has been a successful company for the last fifty-six years. First originated in 1948 and produced 1.3 million tons of various grades of soda ash a year. The success of the first business brought about a second refining plant in 1953, which was completed in 1970....   [tags: Job Motivation Workforce]

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- Eureka. Nearly four decades after the events at Eureka Stockade, Henry Lawson marked the death of the battle's leader, Peter Lalor, with an anti-establishment piece of verse, 'Eureka!'. In this and other poems such as his first, 'The Republic', 'The Fight of Eureka Stockade' and 'Freedom of the Wallaby', Lawson may well have been trying to light the fire of Australian nationalism and a move to independence with our own flag, The Southern Cross. To many, the Eureka rebellion of the 3rd of December 1854 is a defining moment in Australian history....   [tags: Australian History Essays]

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- Matewan The citizens of Matewan, a coal -mining town in West Virginia lived amidst a feudalistic class process. One may think of medieval times in connection with feudalism, but the film “Matewan” directed by John Sayles was based on historical events that took place in 1920. The feudal lord was not a European king, and the serfs were not farming his land. Nevertheless, feudalism existed in this southern town, as the workers did not have the ability to choose their employer. Unlike Capitalism, the members of Matewan could not go out into the free labor market and choose the businesses for which they wished to work....   [tags: History Essays]

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- A Christmas Season in Poland In today’s society, it is very important to have knowledge of the different cultures that surround us. Most individuals that are born and raised in America practice the beliefs and social life of Americans. Most Americans tend to forget there are other cultures that surround us in our everyday life. However being born and raised as Americans, it is easy to ignore our descendents and our ancestors’ cultural background. In my case, my ancestors were Polish and have a very different cultural background than I do as an American....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Intertwined Themes of Margaret Atwood's Dancing Girls

- The Intertwined Themes of Margaret Atwood's Dancing Girls     Dancing Girls is a collection of Margaret Atwood's short stories. Each story captures a different aspect of society, different people of different ages, culture and status, with different attitudes, emotions and behavior; all in different locations and life circumstances. Yet there are many connections between the stories and these links are primarily found in Atwood's portrayal of women. As Atwood says: By and large my novel's center on women...None of them are about miners in the mines, seamen on the sea, convicts in the jail, the boys in the backroom, the locker rooms at the football game…How come....   [tags: Margaret Atwood Dancing Girls Essays]

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- Venezuela is a dangerous country, and its capital, Caracas is an extremely dangerous city. Venezuela is a deadlier place then Iraq, with about four times the number of deaths from violence in Venezuela then in Iraq. In 2008 the homicide rate for Venezuela was 48 for every 100,000 people. In the United States the rate was 5.6 per 100,000 (Llana, 2008). A 2010 report puts the murder rate at 75 per 100,000 (Shooting gallery, 2010). Caracas has become the deadliest city in the world, with approximately 200 murders per 100,000 people (Romero, 2010; US Department of State, 2010)....   [tags: Violence, Murder, Robbery, Kidnapping]

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We Need Nuclear Energy

- We Need Nuclear Energy        "Minutes ago, the lights flickered, went out briefly, snapped on again. It was a warning. The electricity would last only a few moments longer, and then we would be plunged into three hours of darkness. . . . For the third time today, by official edict, we are taking our turn without electricity. A miners' strike has reduced coal stocks almost to the vanishing point, and most of Britain's electricity comes from coal" (Weaver, "The Search . . .", 652). This could become a common occurrence if the United States doesn't use other energy sources besides fossil fuels....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Noise Pollution

- Noise Pollution Noise pollution is not a necessary price to pay for living in an industrial society. Much can be done to reduce the severity of the problem. For example, vehicles and other machines can be built to produce less noise. Four-cycle engines can replace much noisier two-cycle engines in such products as lawnmowers, motorboats, and jet skis. Labels that indicate the noise levels of appliances and tools can help consumers avoid noisy products and choose quieter alternatives. Even after noise is generated, steps can be taken to reduce human exposure to it....   [tags: environment environmental]

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Renewable Energy

- Renewable Energy I am an environmentalist who is in favor of using renewable sources of energy rather than non - renewable sources. There are several types of renewable resources of energy. 1. Solar energy. 2. Wind energy. 3. Hydroelectric energy. 4. Geothermal energy. 5. Biomass energy. It is better to use renewable resources of energy rather than non - renewable sources in the long term. Eventually the limited supplies of non renewable sources of energy will finish. You would then need to find another mean....   [tags: Papers]

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Progressive Presidents

- Progressive Presidents A progressive president is one that modernized the United States in a way that brought them to a new level. They used new styles of the presidency that helped them get the job done, like addressing the people of the country and letting them know what is going on.. These presidents had to walk the fence in many cases. By this I mean be on the people or consumers side and also had to be on the big business' side. In the early 1900's the position of the presidency took a turn towards modernism....   [tags: Papers]

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- Chinese Immigration Every person who lives in America is either an immigrant or a descendant of an immigrant. Though we may not consider it, it is a fact that everyone here has come from some other place. The majority of immigrants have come to America voluntarily. Seeking a change they envisioned America as country thriving with different opportunities. For the immigrants it was a chance at a better life, not only for themselves, but for their children. It is estimated that over sixty million people have immigrated to America and it is this immigration that has built America into a "melting pot." America is a country thriving with varies ethnic, cultural, religious, and e...   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Cybercrime is a global issue plaguing the world. The dictionary defines cybercrime as “crime conducted via the Internet or some other computer network”(Merriam-Webster). The definition remains very broad because the word “cyber” is defined as “relating to the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality.” Due to the growing number of people gaining access to the internet, rapid development of technology, and the globalization of the world, more of the world population is becoming susceptible to involvement in cybercrime – whether it be as a victim or a criminal....   [tags: Internet Crime, Cyber Crime Essays]

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- Gold Gold is a very common mineral that is mined and processed in the United States and all over the world. One of the most common processes used for the mining and processing of gold in the United States is heap leaching. “The extraction of gold from low grade deposits has been one of the main factors in higher output since the 1970s” using this form of mining ( Half of all production, in the United States, of low grade minerals comes from heap leaching. It is a low cost, effective process which began at the Placer Development's Cortez open pit in Nevada in 1973 (   [tags: Minerals Natural Resources Essays]

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Animal Dreams

- Animal Dreams    "'Stop it!' I yelled. My heart was thumping. 'You're killing that bird!'" - Codi Noline, Animal Dreams  Those are the words of Codi Noline, a brave heroine with her mind set on rescuing a beautiful but defenseless peacock from horrible torture by a group of demented children on her first day back in her hometown of Grace, Arizona.  Much to Codi's chagrin, the bird turns out to be just a piñata, spilling candy and bright treasures rather than a gory mass of blood and bone.  The children aren't a pack of hopelessly troubled youth engaging in animal mutilation for sport, only a normal group of kids participating in a party game very common to the Southwestern Mexico-influen...   [tags: dreams]

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- “Women have long been associated with nature.” In the following essay Judith Plant sets out the main principles (in regards to ecofeminism): the closeness of women to nature; the belief that the domination of women and the destruction of nature have the same root cause; patriarchy; and the need to re-establish for nature the organic metaphor over the machine metaphor. Judith Plant believes that women have long been associated with nature and that historically, women have had no real power in the outside world, no place in decision-making....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Uranium Uranium was discovered in the 1700's in the coal mines of bohemia and Jachlovikna. Uranium's atomic number is 92, its Symbol is U and the atomic mass of uranium is 238.0289. Miners called it Pechblende meaning, Pechblende, from the German words pech, which means either pitch or bad luck, and blende, meaning mineral Uranium's first full analysis was done on 1789 by Martin Klaproth, a self-taught well educated german chemist. Klaproth, having extracted from pitchblende what he called 'a strange kind of half metal' (he had only isolated its oxide), he resisted the temptation to give his own name to the new element, which was quite customary at the time....   [tags: essays research papers]

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