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Patient's Rights and Medical Care

- Patient's Rights and Medical Care In the face of the threat of euthanasia, does the patient have the right to the final word. What are his rights in the area of medical care. This essay will explore this question, and provide case histories to exemplify these rights in action. For legally competent adult patients, regarding medical care per se - according to Anglo-American law -- every competent adult has the freedom to seek or not to seek medical care and to refuse to consent to any specific treatment proposed, under the common law right of bodily integrity and intangibility: 1....   [tags: Euthanasia Physician Assisted Suicide]

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Managed Care

- The advantages of managed care to the consumer are medical expenses completely covered, no deductible, and lower monthly premium payment. The consumer under managed care coverage would only need to make his monthly premium payment and co- payments. Managed care makes health care more affordable to the consumers. The disadvantages of managed care would be the consumer would only be able to see caregivers affiliated with the managed care organization, having to pay co-pay every visit, rising premiums, under treatment, and too much reed tape to get necessary treatments....   [tags: Caregiver Medical Health Care]

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We Must Change the American Health Care System

- We Must Change the American Health Care System I came to the United States sixteen years ago. Being a European, I have watched with great interest and disbelief about the ongoing disagreements regarding a socialized health care system, which President Bill Clinton has proposed. I am a native of Poland and experienced positive benefits of socialized medicine, so I can't understand why some people are so negative towards changes in the health care program. Are we really happy with our current medical insurance....   [tags: Medical Care Insurance]

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Baylor Medical Center And Emergency Care Issues

- Baylor Medical Center and Emergency Care Issues Description of Organization Baylor Health Care System is a medical network that services seven counties in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. It is a not-for-profit, faith-based network of hospitals, primary care centers and practices, rehabilitation clinics, senior health centers, affiliated ambulatory surgery centers, and the Baylor Research Institute....   [tags: Management Medicine Analysis Business ]

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Infection Prevention in a Hospital Setting

- Title: An algorithm to estimate the importance of bacterial acquisition routes in hospital settings. Introduction The significant increase in antibiotic resistance amongst pathogens is making it very difficult to successfully treat infections, especially in intensive care units (ICU’s). Prevention of the spread of infection among patients within the hospitals is fast becoming amongst the most important methods for controlling infections. This requires the identification of the different acquisition routes, that is, routes by which bacterial colonization occurs....   [tags: Medical Care Position Paper]

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Medical Malpractice

- Medical Malpractice The doctor-patient relationship has been defined differently through the years. In the beginning it developed into a "common calling" which meant doctors practiced medicine as a duty to their patients. Laws were developed to protect patients, therefore doctors used proper care and expert skill. In the past six centuries, medical malpractice has increased, which lead to revision and addition to the law. Liability was introduced along with the "GIANT of all torts", negligence....   [tags: Medicine Lawsuits Canada Health Care]

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Patient Centered Medical Home

- In order to evaluate XYZ healthcare’s transition from current practices to patient centered care the term must first be defined. Patient Centered care is care that is “respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.” (Epstein et al, 2010) Patient centered care also involves improving patient satisfaction and results while also reducing costs for diagnostic testing, prescriptions and unnecessary care....   [tags: treatment plans, health care, communication]

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Universal Health Care

- Today with the advanced progress of medical science and the health system capacity, the population‘s health care seeking behavior is much more improved. However the fact that people’s access to good health care should or should not depend on social factors such as their level of income or social status has so far aroused much concerns. As far as I concerned, all people should be allowed to access health care services regardless of their social backgrounds. First of all, good health care access is considered as one of the essential human rights....   [tags: Medical Insuance Health]

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Medical Patient Records

- Medical patient records are organized domcuments created to obtain patient medical history and previous care. Medical records are personal documents stored by his or her health care provider. Each medical record has enough information to distinguish each patient . It contains their first and last name with gender and age. Every patient's medical records are different some contain more information due to their medical history. If a patient has alot of problems and have been treated then their file would have more information ....   [tags: Electronic Medical Records]

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Lack of Health Care in the United States

- Even after all the debate conserning ObamaCare, the United States still lacks a health care system that provides insurance for all citizens. With an economy that is weak, and a high rate of unemployment, this represents a serious problem. In other countries, where insurance is mandatory, medical bill are rarely paid by the average citizen. Healthcare in the United States is must be given to everyone, but it’s the matter of affording to pay the medical bills, and being accepted by an insurance company that is the main issue....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Evidence Based Nursing Practice (EBNP) to Analyze Medical Care

- EBNP Nurses are the archeologists of the healthcare field. They research, examine, and resurrect the information needed to perform appropriate medical procedures on a daily basis. Refining that process helps utilize time to expedite sound knowledge into practice. Implementing this practice involves a community of nurses in order to keep the profession moving forward in a progressive, innovative, and improving manner. Imagine a ladder with all of its steps. Without each previous step we cannot climb any higher....   [tags: Patient, Care, Diagnostic]

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Health Disparities Among American Women

- Yes, I know there are health disparities that exist between American women. Many women in America are not of same race, some are employed while some don’t have a job or any source of income to seek for medical care. According to statistics, the number of white women with high paying jobs is high compared to black women, Latinos and Hispanics. Women who are not legally here in America cannot receive medical care except if they pay out of their pocket, there are not even qualify to get free medical care under the state or the county where they live....   [tags: medical care, insurance, race]

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The Dengue Virus is Affecting The Health of Millions Worldwide

- Introduction Dengue fever affects the health of millions of individual’s worldwide living in tropical and subtropical areas. This virus has swiftly spread across the world and has caused an endemic in all WHO regions, except the European region and Indonesia (Bouri et al., 2012) . The occurrence of dengue fever around the world has increased dramatically with over 2.3 million reported cases in 2010 from South-east Asia, North and South America and the Western Pacific. In 2013, 2.35 million cases of dengue were reported from the Americas alone (“WHO | Dengue and severe dengue,” n.d.)....   [tags: endemic, serotypes, medical care]

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No National Health Care System in the U.S.

- The Conflict Theory views society as a competition derived from inequality in class, power, gender, and ethnic variations. The United States currently has no national health care program, this puts an extremely unequal disadvantage for the poor. Medical care is supplied by private businesses whose main intention is making profit. So those who are wealthy will have greater access to medical in our nation. And the handout points out exactly this, unequal distribution wealth cause unequal medical care among the citizens of the United States....   [tags: medical, patients, socially]

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Quality of Care

- Care always involves a relationship between the person receiving care and the person providing care. There are several types of care relationships which include care provided to family members, formal medical care (for example Primary and Secondary Healthcare) and care provided in Service User’s homes by Homecare Workers. This essay will focus on two types of care, namely, Primary Healthcare and Homecare. It will describe some of the skills involved which make the caring relationship successful together with how the quality of care can affect the relationship between the provider and the receiver....   [tags: Primary Health Care, Home Care]

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De-regulate the Medical Profession

- De-regulate the medical profession. The government has to many regulations on who can do what in medicine. Someone who is a 3rd year medical student can perform surgery and medical task and a nurse with 30 years of experience can’t. We live in a county with more than 300 million people and only have 600,000 doctors, that’s 500 patients for every doctor. There are many potential students who can make it through medical school but cannot afford it, or a family crisis. Over 95% of forms are rejected and its true we want the most proficient team of medical students but in a health care crisis like we have we have to take our chances....   [tags: medical profession, ]

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Healthcare Practices and The Affordable Care Act

- Healthcare practices must contend with many challenges throughout the year, from adopting new technologies to managing health outcomes for any number of patients. Numerous factors can add up to have a dramatic effect on revenue cycle management, creating positive - and negative - changes in providers' bottom lines. Medical practices are businesses, and funds must be controlled to maintain profitability. According to a survey from TransUnion Healthcare, three-quarters of patients believe that knowing their out-of-pocket costs for treatments would improve their ability to pay for health services....   [tags: patients, medical bills, obamacare]

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Medical Waste Pollution

- Have you ever wondered about why the air is so bad. Big cities across the world are experiencing drastically poor air quality. The reasons for this are plentiful and the overall hazards which accompany it are frightening. The incineration, or burning, of medical waste has been a major contributor to the current debilitated state of air quality. Unfortunately, society has not been sufficiently cultured on the causes and effects of medical waste pollution. I feel it is imperative that the Earth’s inhabitants become aware of this hazardous waste disposal and arm themselves with education....   [tags: Environment, Medical Waste]

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The Health Care System

- Have you ever had a time in your life where you have had to go to the doctor. If so then even you have had experience with the health care system. In this paper we are going to explain all about the health care system. First we will explain exactly what the problem is with our health care program. From there we are going to go into exactly how we would solve this problem and improve the entire system. After that since nothing is perfect we are going to tell you about what the potential problems are with our solutions and why it’s still better than the alternative....   [tags: Health Care, USA, ]

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One Family's Thoughts and Opinions Regarding the Medical Care Bill

- This medical care bill has brought disagreements to families across the country that either loved or hated the concept. As a daughter to aging parents, a sister to ill siblings, a mother to children unable to afford insurance and a grandmother to children in desperate need of medical Advertisement coverage. I am one of the Americans the majority of the population sees as a threat to increased taxes. I am not going to pretend to understand the numerous pages outlining the bill nor will I go so far as to say I have read it cover to cover....   [tags: Health Care]

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Health Care and the Marxist Theory

- In the past centuries, health care was the responsibility of individuals and their own families but today Medicine comes to be an institution only as societies are more productive and people take on specialized work. At the same time as people become dependent on governments and organizations to provide them their health care and insurance, here is the problem. Social conflict analysis points out the connection between health and social inequality. Following the ideas of Karl Marx, we can match health to the operation of capitalism....   [tags: medical care, profit, politics]

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Companies and Technology in the Medical Field

- In United States medical care, the instrumentation and supply industry forms a focal unit in ensuring that the field is well equipped to deal with the ever growing medical requirements for both, the people living in and out of the country. Medical device companies produce a massive amount of products used for diagnosing and treating ailments. These incorporate surgical and professional medical instruments, electromedical, and also electrotherapeutic apparatuses, precise appliances and materials, ophthalmic goods, and clinical equipment (Scannell 2004)....   [tags: medical care, accuracy inc, medical devices ]

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Why should medical editors CARE about case reports?

- „Always note and record the unusual…Publish it.“ (1) -William Osler While contemplating the evolution of medical publishing, one might be tempted to think of it under terms of the Recapitulation theory. Namely, as ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, similarly it might be conjectured that both evolution of medical publishing, at least in its forms, and the stages of scientific production in a clinicians` career follow similar progression of evolutionary stages. In other words, a modern „evidence-based“ clinician, trough his publications, climbs the steep „Level-of-evidence“ pyramid, recapitulating much the growth of the pyramid itself; during his first clinical steps, he writes case report...   [tags: Record Keeping, Medical Novelty]

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Medical Students and Rural Health Care

- Unenthusiastic to serve in villages. But this is a global phenomenon. There is no doubt that medical students should be unprotected to challenges of rural health care. This could be easily done through proper implementation of the up-to-date undergraduate medical curriculum and not through coercive tactics such as outspreading the 5.5 year-MBBS course to 6.5 years by making one year rural service binding and banning doctors from settling abroad. In ideal state both basic health and education needs of a citizen should be public sector programmes....   [tags: urban health, rural hygiene]

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The Field of Medicine

- Introduction One among the fields that have profited from the rapid technological progress in the previous centuries is the field of medicine. Conditions and Diseases that scientists had trouble in understanding and curing are now cured successfully and with virtual ease. More people as well as the incurably-ill now survive longer than before. Development in the global population has been distinguished in the 20th century. The old and young population has increased pressure on medical care resources internationally with the intention that no nation is currently capable to compete with the demand for medical -care and its supply....   [tags: Medical Care, Treatment]

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Tommy Douglas and His influence on Medicare in Canada

- Have you ever been sick. Chances are you have. Medical care is very expensive; a simple check-up can cost up to and over $100. If a check-up costs that much money, think about how much an operation might cost. If it weren’t for Medicare or (Free) Universal Health Insurance, it is possible that some of you would be bankrupt by now. The inventor of this system is Tommy Douglas, voted the greatest Canadian of all time by the CBC broadcasting channel. This remarkable man was the former premier of Saskatchewan for 17 years and the father of Medicare....   [tags: Biography, Health Care, Medical Care]

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Traumatic Brain Injuries

- ... Surrounding neurons can also die as well. This process exacerbates the preliminary effects of the injury. Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) parallels a TBI. Rapid formation of scar tissue due to the immense blood supply in the brain interferes with normal cognitive and motor functions. If severe swelling persists, doctors may induce a medical coma on a patient to allow the reduction of the metabolic rate of brain tissue as well as cerebral blood flow. Once brain tissue dies, it cannot regenerate; therefore, effects are permanent....   [tags: medical care, expenses]

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The Idea of Community Healthcare

- With the advent of modern medicine, all aspects of medical care have changed. Health care providers have improved cleaning methods and limitation of transfer of bacteria. As a result of improvements in testing and reporting, Public health organizations and providers have improved their knowledge and attempt to educate the community to new information, with the hope of, improving effects of negative impact to the environment. Further breakdown on efforts to bring public awareness is the cohesive workings of both public and community health....   [tags: public health, healthcare, medical care]

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Patient Safety

- Introduction Patient safety has become a major concern in the healthcare sector because of the prevalence of medical errors. Patient safety has even stood out as its own ideal discipline and it encompasses certain areas of healthcare service provision such as reporting, analysis and prevention of medical errors (because of the upsurge of medical errors across the globe). Initially, medical errors were not considered a big issue in medical circles until there was an increased trend of medical errors across the globe which resulted into adverse medical events and a high number of patient deaths....   [tags: Health Care, Medical Error]

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Demand for Highly-Qualified Nurses is on the Rise

- ... Furthermore, the curriculum should be made future proof to facilitate academic advancement. However, the achieving the above targeted workforce population is not an easy mission. Factors that affect the achievement of this goal are shortage of qualified faculties, salary disparities, incompetent curriculum and inadequate workforce planning. Certain initiative that were taken to overcome these hurdles are, 1) Inception of VANA (Veterans Affairs Nursing Academy) that focused on partnering with nursing institutions to increase number of faculties for baccalaureate nursing programs and to promote and increase enrollment in nursing programs....   [tags: graduates, medical, health care]

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- In this era of increasing medical technology, changing modes of communication and the expansion of nursing professional roles, ethical, legal and social issues in nursing are increasing. Nurses operate in situations that put them under ethical, legal and social challenges on a daily basis. These issues are linked to legislative changes and ethics of medical technologies geared towards helping nurses to provide better healthcare, for patients. They govern issues of confidentiality, practice, medical issues and the expectations the society has put on nurses....   [tags: Health Care, Medical Technology]

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An Analysis of Another Delay in Health Law’s Employer Requirements by Ricardo Alonso

- What was the article about. These days’ people are inundated with so many new laws and policy changes regarding healthcare. One of utmost importance is the Affordable Healthcare Act. It has recently become a very important topic of much debate and controversy nationwide. It is an issue that will affect millions of Americans. There are so many questions that have come into play regarding how these new laws not only affect employers, but how they will affect people in general. In the article, “Another delay in Health Law’s Employer requirements”, by Ricardo Alonso, the author makes some interesting points in regards to the healthcare system....   [tags: insurance, care, medical]

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Nursing Profession: The patient-nurse Relationship

- The nursing profession is one that provides care, collaborates with others, and provides education in a variety of different settings. I choose to work in the field of nursing to advance my career from an operating room technician to a medical-surgical nurse. I enjoy the sensation of helping others and assisting with the surgical fixation of a medical complication. The American Nurses Association (ANA) created the nursing code of ethics to ensure proper moral care, goals, values, and professional obligations of the nurse where known....   [tags: education, care, medical-surgical nurse]

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Free Clinic Project

- ... The other need is the control after the hospitalization and treatment. Most people live in poor conditions which do not let them follow the prescription after their recovery (Swartz, 2009). According to Notaro et al. (2012), one in four patients come to the clinic for examinations are required to have employment. The research identifies that community requires increased attention to preventive measured to deal with smoking, obesity and substance abuse. The most critical group of people is represented by adults aged 18-64....   [tags: health care systems, medical world]

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Geriatric Nutrition Assessment: The Importance of Patient´s Nutrition Status

- ... Both of those condition cause en affect on her ability to assume the recommended nutrition for a regular 56-year-old woman. She stated that she has a difficult eating problem after the CVA happened. She also felt depress and lost her appetite. Besides that, because of her other existing conditions such as DM, hypertension, and kidney disease, she also has to maintain a strictly low sodium and fat diet while she was in hospital. This strict diet had a big impact on her appetite and her total food intake, because she used to consume a lot of salt at home....   [tags: weakness, patient care, medical history]

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Careers in the Medical Field

- Medical Scientist Medical Scientists conduct research on human diseases to improve human health. They could be part of the development of a new product, engage in a clinical investigation along with many more activities. These activities would include you carrying up to 20lbs., but regularly only 10lbs, wearing protective gear and being exposed to hazardous circumstances. You will also be standing and inside most of the time. Before you can do those activities you first have to go through schooling....   [tags: health care, research, education]

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Army Medical Evacuation Operation

- Medical evacuation is shortend to MedEvac Operation and has been a part of Military History for many years. This is for Soldiers to receive medical care any where there may be an injured patient that may need to be evacuated from an accident to receive medical care and be taken to a facility where medical care is provided. The times have changed and also the mission, with better helicopters and better equipment. This provided better chances for personnel to survive, during the time of need. To many this is called the Army air ambulance....   [tags: medevac, military care, air ambulance]

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Technology in the Medical Field

- In today’s medical field technology plays a big role when it comes to patient care. Technology is huge when it comes to giving the patient the best type of quality care when they are in the hospital. In the old days people would just write it down on a sheet of paper and record it by hand, which caused mistakes. Now with the Electronic Health Record those mistakes are drastically declining. Statistics have shown that using the Electronic Health Record has lowered Nursing mistakes as well as improved patient care....   [tags: medicine, Electronic Health Record, patient, care]

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Why is Having Medical Benefits Important?

- Medical benefits have been a popular conversation that has received positive and negative feedback. Why is having medical benefits important. Important to you and your family. Medical benefits can assist with families when in need and also financially hurt families that do not have assistance. Most citizens have the question of should having medical benefits be mandated by Congress. Having insurance benefits is a necessity because it means that if an accident was to occur and it required a hospital visit, who would be responsible for the hospital bill....   [tags: medicaid, affordable care act]

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The Standard of Care for Diabetes

- ... Although health education can be disseminated by various methods, individual patient appointments with a primary care physician, a nurse prac¬titioner, and/or a registered dietitian are traditionally the standard of care for diabetes. Given the magnitude of the diabetes problem and rising health care expenses, strategies to pre¬vent diabetes have become increasingly more important. Previous researches have indicated 3.5 hours a day, were needed to provide appropriate care for chronic diseases like diabetes , provided the disease is in stable control....   [tags: control, shared medical appointments]

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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care

- Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient care Delivery models. In the nursing practice, the obligations of tasks of nurses are going to be affected by the changes in the future in the United States. Because the health care system are reformed and also have to give Services that will gain the community, nurses are demanded to take on more various roles continues care. Cost effective which is centered on the patient can be provided by health clinics and medically based homes have nurse managers....   [tags: medical, health, patient]

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The seven Pillars of Quality in Health Care

- In analyzing risks as a risk manager, has to consider patient safety, which would include activity, process, and policies in reducing harm to patients from errors. The aim should be to prevent harm to patients and avoid costly medical mal practice suits. A risk management process should be clearly understood and stated in order to apply appropriate measures. In implementing an effective risk management plan, Avedis Donabedian, introduced a model that is called the seven pillars of quality in health care....   [tags: medical cost,risk management,health system ]

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Canadian Pre and Post-Industrialized Health Care System

- During the Pre-Industrial Era, the health care system in the United States was very unprofessional. In the era, any one could become a physician. The medical practice was in disarray and there was an institutional core missing. Also, the demand was unstable and medical education was substandard. The profession was treated like a trade rather than a profession (Singh, 2008, pg. 85). But in 1870, the laws for licensing were implemented in the United States (Singh, 2008, pg. 86). However, during the postindustrial era, American physicians were more successful now....   [tags: insurance, medical, hospitals]

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Alternative Health Care Plans Throughout the World

- ... It, therefore, has control over what a doctor can do and what he/she can charge for it. Apart from Britain, other countries using the Beveridge system include Spain, New Zealand and the majority of Scandinavia. Cuba probably presents the purest form of the Beveridge model, because of the total government control of its health care systems. Countries such as Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Japan, the Latin America to some extent, and Switzerland use another model that was modeled in Germany known as the Bismarck Model....   [tags: medical, insurance, system]

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Obamacare: A New Health Care Plan for America

- As of 2014 we are presented with a new health care plan for America. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare, was brought up by President Obama in 2010 and was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2012. Obamacare’s goal is to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance, and to reduce the growth in health care spending in the U.S. The Affordable Care Act puts consumers back in charge of their health care. According to information released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, under the law, a new “Patient’s Bill of Rights” gives the American people the stability and flexibility they need to make informed choices about their health....   [tags: medical insurance, federal funding]

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Managed Care

- Managed care is simply a system that delivers health care to a specific population purchased through health insurance plans. Practitioners and providers manage the use of health care services and cost by providing effective diagnosis and treatment, appropriate use of inpatient and outpatients facilities, population-based planning, health promotion and education, and disease prevention. Managed care uses a “gatekeeper” system, where patients or beneficiaries are assigned a Primary Care Physician (PCP), who they see initially for all medical care....   [tags: Health Care]

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Medical Diagnostic Expert System

- ... Expert systems are also useful to doctors because they help them make logical decisions when diagnosing patients.  LITERATURE REVIEW A computer program capable of performing at a human-expert level in a narrow problem domain is called an expert system (Hasan et al., 2010). Doctors and other medical professionals are faced with taking difficult decisions every day that involve the life of their patients based on their accumulated knowledge and work experience throughout the years. For that to happen, it is required that the consultants have the ability to think logically, to use reason, to infer, to precisely and clearly express their thoughts and to justify the assertions made (Jankowska...   [tags: health care technologies, tools]

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Plans and Letter to Attend Medical School

- It is the fall of 1998, I still remember that year vividly. I went to second grade in a public school close by my home in India where the teachers were unsympathetic and punitive. One hot summer day, the teacher called ‘Mathivadana’... wanting me to answer a math question because I could not give the correct answer she made me stand outside in hundred degree burning sunshine. It was just a few minutes before this new feeling took over - dry and foggy eyes, head twisting and turning and everything fuzzy....   [tags: fainting, career, doctor, health care]

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Exploring Medical Coding and Billing

- Exploring Medical Coding and Billing When I was younger I use to pretend to be a doctor or nurse. It was always fun to go around and check to see who had a heart beat, who was bleeding, and who was hurt. I knew that I wanted a career in the medical field, but was unsure if I really wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. I thought the only career was to be a doctor or nurse. Of course, the medical profession is larger than that. It includes office staff, EMT’s, nurses, physician assistants, and several other kinds of physicians....   [tags: Medical Technology ]

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The Role of Medical Anthropology

- This paper seeks to show the inter-relationship of bio- medical professionals such as doctors and nurses in comparison with medical anthropologists and try to show their relevancy in the healthcare system and their collaboration in inter-professionalism. Medical anthropology is an advancing sub-discipline of anthropology. Medical anthropology is intended to provide a framework, which should enable students to identify and analyze social, cultural, behavioural and environmental factors in relation to health and disease/illness in any given society....   [tags: Medical Anthropology]

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Tension Due to Changes at Sound Shore Medical Center

- Introduction: The healthcare system is a constantly changing field. Change is a part of life and a part of change is learning how to cope with the new environment. Doctors, nurses, social workers, and managers are continuously educating themselves, staying updated on current events, attending seminars, learning about new technology, pharmaceutical breakthroughs and broadening their knowledge in their area of work. In this field, healthcare professionals have to be wiling to adapt and accept change....   [tags: health care facilities and personnel]

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Robotics in Health Care

- Advances in technology have facilitated the creation of robotics for use in healthcare. As Bill Gates stated the robotic industry is advancing as fast as computers 30 years ago. Studies say that investments in robots for healthcare vary depending on different reports, but sums go around the 40 million Euros in 2009(Healthcare, the road to robotic helpers, 2009), estimates say that the sum can reach the $4 trillion in 2015. (Health Care Market Place Project, 2007) Robotics offers many advantages to health including, accuracy, precision (European Commission, 2008), faster recover time and minimally invasive approach, which has benefited doctors and patients directly....   [tags: Medical Technology ]

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The Need for Health Care Reform

- Abstract It is time for our government to take a step away from war and look to meeting the needs of their own citizens. The need for health care reform is more evident than ever. The recession of America has caused many people hardship due to many lay-offs and the fact that insurance premiums have risen drastically. Many families are not receiving the health care that they require due to these circumstances. It affects not only the young, but the senior citizens as well. Many people do not qualify for the already present government health care programs such as Medicaid and Medicare....   [tags: Health Care]

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Helath Care Disparity Reflection

- Racial and ethnic backgrounds have been a persistent factor in the dispensation of healthcare, stemming from the Civil Rights era. Several momentous pieces of legislation passed in that time, including the judicial Brown vs. Board of Education decision and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, both of which were intended to integrate society. However, the racial divide was not completely dealt with leading to the common medical disparities exhibited today. Interests in the status of national medical disparities have aided in the formation of significant organizations striving to transform these inconsistencies to benefit everyone....   [tags: Health Care ]

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U.S. Health Care Reform

- U.S. health care reform is currently one of the most heavily discussed topics in health discourse and politics. After former President Clinton’s failed attempt at health care reform in the mid-1990s, the Bush administration showed no serious efforts at achieving universal health coverage for the millions of uninsured Americans. With Barack Obama as the current U.S. President, health care reform is once again a top priority. President Obama has made a promise to “provide affordable, comprehensive, and portable health coverage for all Americans…” by the end of his first term (   [tags: Health Care]

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American Access to Health Care

- Health care in the United States is driven by a patchwork of services and financing. Americans access health care services in a variety of ways — from private physicians’ offices, to public hospitals, to safety-net providers. This diverse network of health care providers is supported by an equally diverse set of funding streams. The United States spends almost twice as much on health care as any other country, topping $2 trillion each year. (WHO.INT 2000) However, even with overall spending amounting to more than $7,400 per person, millions of individuals cannot access the health care services they need.(Foundation 2009) So when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a the Affor...   [tags: Health Care]

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Electronic Communication in Health Care

- On February 17, 2009, President Barack Obama signs into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The law promotes electronic health records and infrastructure development to cut costs in health care. While the law does not mandate their use, the federal government has set aside twenty billion dollars to help in the development of a strong health information technology infrastructure. Title IV states, “NO INCENTIVE PAYMENT IF FIRST ADOPTING AFTER 2014” (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, 2009)....   [tags: Health Care ]

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The Norwegian Health Care System

- The health care system of Norway is committed to providing health care services for all citizens regardless of income and to the principle of equal access to services. Accordingly, the health status of Norwegians is one of the best in the world, ranking much higher than that of the United States. The health care system in Norway is organized in three levels: local, regional, and national. The local level is represented by 434 municipalities; each municipality is responsible for providing all the services under primary health care to their population....   [tags: Health Care ]

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America's Health Care System

- Currently, the state of disease and the prevention of disease are not dealt with equally. The prevention of disease often thought of as a public health concern and the state of disease are a medical concern (Schneider, 2011c). Although, I agree, American healthcare system is unfair and unethical, with resources spent on relatively few desperately ill patients, while millions of Americans have no access to basic health care services, many fear political intervention in light of past failures. The medical system is called upon to deal with the consequences of failures in public health (Schneider, 2011c)....   [tags: Health Care]

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Managed Care and Quality Improvement

- Managed care is often seen primarily as a cost cutting initiative that is concerned with managing cost and cost only in the healthcare field. For this and a few more reasons managed care organizations face severe judging on the quality of care that they provide. When analyzed correctly, trends prove that managed care has in fact been very significant in determining and improving the quality of care. In this paper, elements such as the state and federal oversights over MCOs, voluntary accreditations, standardized performance indicators and examples of successful quality programs developed by MCOs will be used to prove this statement....   [tags: Health Care]

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The VA Health Care System

- The VA (Veterans Affair) Health Care System is one of the largest, most advanced health care networks in the U.S. The VA Health Care System is the provider for veterans, retirees and their dependents and manages all their health care. The VA Health Care is actually one part of the Department of Veterans Affairs. There is also VA Benefits Administration which has to do with compensations and pensions. Then the other part of the VA is the National Cemetery Administration which is in charge of the cemeteries and providing burial and memorial benefits....   [tags: Health Care]

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Medical Article Analysis

- I have chosen an article titled, “Long-term follow-up of trapeziectomy with abductor pollicis longus tendon interposition arthroplasty for osteoarthritis of the thumb carpometacarpal joint.” This article comes from the Journal of Orthopaedics, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 59-64, June 2013. The authors of this article are Erez Avisar, Michael Elvey, Ziv Wasrbrout, and Maurice Aghasi. The hypothesis of this article was that the participating patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the thumb would receive higher quality long-term results after receiving a trapeziectomy with abductor pollicis longus (APL) interposition arthroplasty....   [tags: Health Care, Surgical Research]

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Health Care Controversy: The Obamacare Act

- ... Back then people in the U.S. did not even bother with health insurance, only sailors had a mandate to pay for a federal program for medicare. The poorest and homeless families who lacked social support like the sailors were condemned to hospitals where doctors were volunteered their service. So the reason for having a comprehensive health insurance/health care form is Health reform builds upon your current health insurance system to provide people with access to health insurance coverage, legal protections for consumers, and set up for new consumers to shop knowledgeably for health insurance insurance....   [tags: medical system, health insurance]

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Harvard Medical School

- Each year thousands of students enroll in a grueling journey to find a suitable Medical School for themselves. About 5,000 students will have the courage to apply to one of the most prestigious medical universities in the world, Harvard Medical School. Founded in September 19, 1782, Harvard Medical School was first established in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but now resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Located in the Longwood Medical Area, Harvard Medical School neighbors Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Massachusetts General Hospital (“Harvard Medical School”)....   [tags: Medical Education, Medicine]

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Asian Cultural Diversity and Health Care

- The Asian culture on health care is very interesting and different from western medicine. It is not just drawing blood and finding too many white body blood cells in the blood stream therefore saying there is an impurity. Asian health is more about balance of the body’s mechanics. They believe the mind and body work together, in synchronization in a balanced state. They use a practice called yin and yang, which is hot and cold. The use of plants for treatment of illness is common practice in Asian culture....   [tags: nutrition, energy, medical]

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Marijuana Is Helpful For Medical Use

- For years there has been a wonder drug, which has befriended countless sick patients in a number of countries. A relatively inexpensive drug that is not covered by health care plans, which has aided the ill both mentally and physically--marijuana. Significant scientific and medical studies have demonstrated that marijuana is safe for use under medical supervision and that the cannabis plant, in its natural form, has important therapeutic benefits that are often of critical medical importance to persons afflicted with a variety of Life-threatening illnesses....   [tags: medical cannabis should be legal ]

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Collapsing Health Care

- The contentious debate about our healthcare system is an epitome of the ongoing political circus in America. With the 2012 elections looming just around the corner, we can expect the vitriol to rise rapidly. Our country spends twice as much on health care per capita compared to other developed countries. The current system is so dysfunctional and projected spending will increase every year, putting an unbelievable strain to our fragile economy. Majority of health care dollars spending are channeled on to patients with chronic illnesses, many of which can be prevented....   [tags: Primary Care Doctors]

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The Increase of Health Care Costs

- The cost for elderly care is increasing because the elderly population is increasing as well as the life expectancy. They are predicting that the elderly population will double in size within the next 25 years according to National Institute on Aging (NIA) and about 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 each day according to the U.S. News & World Report (A Place for Mom). By the year 2030 they are predicting to add 25% to overall health care costs. 80% of elderly over the age of 65 have at least one chronic medical condition that could either shorten their life or cause a disability (Medical News Today)....   [tags: technology, insurance, care, elderly]

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External and External Influences in Health Care

- Abstract External and internal influences are relevant in health care. These influences continue to affect the total operations of a health care facility. I will summarize the insights I have gained into the external influences of the new health care reform policy and quality initiatives. The recent health care reform legislation was passed in the house and senate this year. The senior vice president, that I have interviewed, states that health care reform is an “unknown” for organizations. In addition, I will research the quality improvement initiatives and how these external influences include implications for organizations and health care administrators....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Demand For Medical Care

- Demand for Medical Care The demand for medical care is derived from our demand for good health. Michael Grossman was the first to do econometric research on this topic. “Grossman’s work established two approaches for consideration. In the first, medical care is viewed as an input in the production function for health, and in the second, as an output produced by medical care providers (Henderson, p.142).” There are two main factors that determine the demand for medical care. The first is the patient factor....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Health and Medical Care of Infants

- Every day, physicians called pediatricians are helping and treating children’s illnesses and making sure they are healthy. Dr. Ananya Mandel describes pediatrics “as the branch of medicine dealing with the health and medical care of infants, children and adolescents from birth up to the age of 18” (Ananya l). Pediatricians work with children and care about their health. Without pediatricians, children wouldn’t receive special treatment, which is highly necessary since caring for children’s health is not the same as adult care....   [tags: children, health, pediatrics, physicians, career]

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When a Parent Refuses Medical Care for Their Children

- Parents, with the extreme exceptions, want to do what is in the best interest of their child. They believe they are entitled to make decisions about the welfare of their child and that it is a violation of their right for anyone to order them to take measures they believe are wrong. The views of parents with binding religious and moral beliefs, greatly conflict all too often with the medical world. When is it justifiable to overrule a parent’s decision to refuse medical treatment for their child....   [tags: Medical Ethics ]

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Public Health versus Medical Care

- Simply put, Public Health has its origins in and is focused upon preventing the spread of disease and illness, whereas Medical Care is focused on treating conditions, disease and illness. While there is some overlap (more so at the community level with the Health Department model), Public Health’s attempts to cross more prominently into Medical Care in this country since the early 20th century have been met with great opposition by medical professionals and their trade organizations, who did not want the government to reach further into the provision of health services in a way that might lead to a national healthcare program and thus make all practicing medical professionals government empl...   [tags: prevention, treating conditions, illness]

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Medical Care for Human Trafficking Victims

- Human trafficking is a rising global issue and is a dark human behavior that has been happening since the beginning of recorded history. These victims experience both mental and physical effects that are damaging to their lives, stripping their identity as individuals. Millions of women and children go through these traumatic experiences and have psychological consequences that need to be addressed but get little attention. This literature review suggests steps to be taken in order to treat these patients with the proper medical care by responding to the following questions: 1....   [tags: global issues, human behavior]

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Medical Scientists and Health Care System Funding in Australia

- There is a vast array of health care benefits that are offered in Australia in which many people benefit from such as the regulation of health products, workforce and health services as well as public dental care. These health care benefits are funded to ensure that the appropriate benefits are given out. Primarily, the funding strategies for the provision of Australian health services are managed by the Australian Federal Government as well as both State and Territory governments with the contributions of citizens and residents within Australia....   [tags: Health Care Funding Strategies ]

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Pain Management and Palliative Care

- Pain is neither objective nor seen or felt by anybody other than the person that is experiencing it. Pain is subjective, therefore there is no way to distinguish whether or not someone is hurting and the only and best measurement of pain is that what the patient says it is. In settings such as end of life care, patients present with many different disease processes and ultimately are there because they have an average of six months to live. Along with this stage in their lives, palliative care patients can encounter a myriad of symptoms, which can result in these patients experiencing tremendous physical and psychological suffering (Creedon & O’Regan, 2010, p....   [tags: Pain, Cancer, Medical Care]

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History of Public Medical Insurance Care in Canada

- The first execution of public medical insurance care in Canada began in Saskatchewan in 1946 under the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and the Social Credit party. At this provincial level, Medicare was first implemented and utilized. This would be the first instance of a government controlled, universal medical insurance plan ever to be achieved in North America. The North American medical institution and the whole insurance establishment were adamant about their stance against Medicare; they were determined to discontinue the growth of its popularity (Bernard)....   [tags: Saskatchewan, medicare]

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The Morally Praiseworthy Actions of Medical Professionals who Provide Care for Enemy Combatants

- Many Americans assume that medical professionals are generally helpful of others. However, a controversial question has been raised about the use of medical professionals and their involvement with torturing enemy combatants during war. Is it morally right or morally wrong for them to be involved in these sorts of practices. I believe that medical professionals who are involved in overseeing and treating tortured enemy combatants are morally praiseworthy. Medical professionals are praiseworthy because its undoubtedly correct for a medical professional to help preserve the life of tortured....   [tags: medical, nursing]

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The State of Today's Health Care System

- The State of Today's Health Care System Today’s health care system is in a constant state of fluctuation and commotion. It is sometimes difficult for the health care consumer to identify a valuable resource when they need one. The purpose of this paper is to explore one of the many health care resources that are available in the greater Philadelphia area and then visit this site to learn more about it. Philadelphia, in itself is an outstanding resource to the people of the area. In terms of healthcare resource implications this is true....   [tags: Health Care Medical Planned Parenthood Essays]

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- The government is changing again this time it will affect the medical care and housing that HIV/AIDS patients get. It has been announced that as of January 1, 2014, that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will come into action (Munar 25). This action will change many people’s lives that live with HIV/AIDS. Their rent will be paid and distributed differently under a new program guidelines through Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) which is paid through Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (   [tags: Medical Care, Housing Patients]

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