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The Importance of Auditors in the Job Market

- As more companies are being established in Indonesia, auditor has become one of the most demanded positions in the job market. Companies need auditors to examine financial reports and to help the companies in managing risks and securing their financial condition. According to a researcher at Economic Modeling Specialists International, Auditor is the second most demanded professions in most of the countries in the world (Berita Satu, 2012). Therefore, being an auditor is a good choice for those who want to have a promising career....   [tags: companies, fanancial, risks, external, internal]

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The Views On Todays Job Market

- ... Jobs consisting in the routine production field are banking, insurance, wholesaling, retailing, health care and so on. Those who work in these fields are people who are paid an hourly wage and represent about twenty percent of the national product. Often times wholesaling, retailing’s, and banker workers, along with others, don’t have an education higher than a high school diploma, representing the middle to lower class. Routine personal services also entail simple, repetitive work, but unlike routine production services they are provided in person such as restaurant and hotel workers, barbers and beauticians, and various others....   [tags: labor, income, healthcare]

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Preparing Disabled Students For the Job Market

- Looking at the results in New Jersey, which is similar to the national results, Whites are more likely to enroll in AP classes, yet, Asians are more likely to pass these exams and earn college credit. Black and Hispanic represent the smallest percentage that enroll in challenging courses, but Blacks have the lowest percentage passing rate among all groups. Below chart shows that a majority in every group completes high school, yet, Blacks and Hispanics is less likely to get a diploma compared to their White and Asian counterparts....   [tags: special Education, learning disabilities]

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- The job market today is difficult for both employees and employers. It hurts emotionally and financially to lose a job, and it is equally painful to have to terminate someone. Both sides struggle. If you work for an organization that may be facing layoffs, being prepared helps. Below are some tips Begin by praying -- and often. Ask God to help you maintain a positive attitude and to keep your mind from flooding with negative, fearful possibilities. Do not allow your mind to play the theme of my family will go hungry....   [tags: Employment]

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Education and the Evolving Job Market

- The lives of students today are changing. They are preparing for lives and jobs that have never before existed. If teachers hope to have a significant and worthwhile impact on these quickly changing lives, they must change the way they think, prepare, and instruct our future generations. Children cannot afford to have teachers who remain stagnant in their methods and ideals. Students crave instructors that are willing to allow them to tap into their potential in a manner that is interesting, fun, and important to them....   [tags: Education ]

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Population And Immigration In Relation To The Job Market

- Population And Immigration In Relation To The Job Market The most important factor controlling the size, variety and unemployment in the labor force is that of population growth and decline. Baby Boom Generation: An interesting facet of the American job market has to do with a direct connection to W.W.II - the "baby boom generation." (those born between 1947-57). A noticeable increase in enrollment in public and elementary schools grew steadily from 1964 and peaked at 46 million in 1971 due to this large group of children entering school....   [tags: Employment Baby Boomers Essays]

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The Hidden Job Market: Strategies For Survival

- The Hidden Job Market: Strategies for Survival As many new and potential graduates begin to prepare themselves for the job market, two important concepts, networking and mentoring, will help them to strategize. Networking and mentoring are the keys to success. They have become the forefront of the job search process. According to, "between 75% and 85% of all jobs are not posted or advertised on the web or in newspapers". These jobs are only known in the "Hidden Job Market". gives some great examples of how to establish a network and maintain it....   [tags: Jobs Careers]

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The Necessity of College Degrees in Today's Job Market

- You’re 50 years old, sitting at the bar with your best friend of over 30 years, talking about the good ole days, reminiscing about your first love and how you looked forward to that first day of work at the job you thought you would have for the rest of your life. Suddenly you find out that your best friend just lost his job of thirty five years to a “snot nose kid” who just graduated college with a bachelor degree in engineering. Not even a generation ago, most parents thought that college was a waste of time and money....   [tags: college education]

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Four Year’s Bachelor Degree Not Really Necessary

- Recently, Obama came up with an agenda which says “We expect all our children not only to graduate from high school but to graduate from college and get a good-paying job” (Rustigan, A23). Now, expecting all students to get a four year bachelor’s degree is not plausible suggestion. Without a question, it is certainly not necessary for every student to get a four year degree because there are alternatives which will facilitate a student to get a high paying job. Intelligent students may or may not need a bachelor’s degree to achieve success....   [tags: job market]

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Computer Job Displacement

- Computer Job Displacement „New ideas go through three stages. 1. It's impossible – don't waste my time. 2. It's possible but not worth doing. 3. I always said that it was a good idea." Science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke We are masters of our own fate… we invented it…we have to live with it…we have to adjust our lives to it…so what is there to do. What do you do after you created a computer industry witch has a wide range of activities based on the manufacture and use of computers to satisfy your business or personal needs....   [tags: Technology Innovation Job Market]

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Take This Internship and Shove It by Anya Kamenetz

- “Take This Internship and Shove It” by Anya Kamenetz is about the declining state of jobs for new college graduates or current college students. Anya Kamenetz is attempting to prove that internships, particularly unpaid internships, are part of the problem of new graduates finding employment in their field of study. Kamenetz is also trying to prove internships are harmful to the job market in general. Kamenetz describes internships as “fake jobs” and states internships cause low wages and decline in young workers being part of a union....   [tags: job market, loans, education]

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The Importance of Receiving a Higher Education

- Like many veterans before me, it seems as if time flies by quicker than we expect. Twenty years ago, I felt there was no reason to concern myself with the immediate future because I had decided my career was going to be with the armed forces. The educational requisite to enlist, back then, was a high school diploma or general education diploma. In some cases, one could enlist with a waiver in the absence of either one. I was fortunate enough to have a high school diploma when I enlisted. Therefore, my concern with higher education was non-existent and I felt no obligation to pursue a college degree....   [tags: Benefits, Job Market]

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Graduates Employment in Malaysia

- Do you have what it takes. With more people graduating with a university degree, employers are spoilt for choices in getting the best people to serve in their organization. When choices are in abundance, what could you do to get noticed, considered, and ultimately hired. Malaysia itself is at full employment with an unemployment rate of 2.9 per cent in November 2012 (Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2012). Why there are still unemployment rate happened. Reports and surveys have shown that not only employers, but also educators, leaders, and professionals have begun to realize the importance of soft skills and capability of themselves itself to gain a job....   [tags: job, market, opporunities, education]

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Precarious Employment: A Growing Trend in Canada

- Precarious employment is work that is not secure, generally does not include any type of benefits, and is paid so lowly that it generally does not meet the living wage. This type of employment is unfortunately a growing trend in today’s societies due to many factors such as outsourcing, globalization, a saturated job market, shifts from manufacturing to the service sector and jobs also being replaced by computerized units. When speaking on precariousness these trends also affect European societies due to the fact that the outsourcing is generally to places where labour is extremely cheap in order to lower the costs of goods such as Asia and South America....   [tags: job market without benefits or security]

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Key Roles in Of Mice and Men

- Just like in of mice and Men, America currently needs a helping hand. People search for a job day after day, but just never seem to gain stable employment. George and Lennie find that getting a job can be just that difficult where they currently wander. When they arrive at the ranch, they meet people who relate to people who Setting plays a key role in Of Mice and Men, placing the reader in California during the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, jobs rarely popped up, and they quickly filled at the first opportunity....   [tags: job market, great depression, ranch]

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Gender and Race: The Difference Makers in Jobs

- Gender and Race, the Difference Makers in Jobs Introduction Since the Industrial Revolution in the United States of America, working conditions for women and minorities have not been given equal pay or top positions in the work place. Women being degraded by the men in charge, and minorities constantly at odds with one another so they will not form a Union. Such things keep those with low-status in the job in line, and not feel they are equal to the ones in charge. People from other countries are in search for a better life elsewhere, and take the risk of going to the United States illegally to seek out the American Dream....   [tags: inequality and discrimination in the job market]

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College Is a Good Investment

- I call it ‘the work of my dreams’ for a reason. Like many people, I dream about having a decent future, the kind of work that will turn me on for a lifetime. I have been a big fan of the career, Physical Therapy. Physical Therapist plan, prepare, and carry out individually designed programs of physical treatments to maintain, improve, restore physical functioning, alleviate pain, or prevent physical dysfunction. Although it’s easy as it sounds, it needs a graduate degree to get there, and the studies are intense....   [tags: bachelor, college, job market]

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Job Loss in the Solar Market Industry and Rice Market Floor Prices

- ... In contrast if the farmer decides to decrease water consumption by using dry farming technique then it would have a positive external affect as there would be more water available for all farmers dependant on the aquifer. The reason there is likely to be an external affect is because all the farmers that are dependent on the aquifer are drawing or consuming water for the same source so the decision of an individual farmer affects all the farmers consuming water from the aquifer. b) The negative external effect described by the line,' there might not be enough left for their children and grand-children to irrigate the soil' shows that the current consumption of water is higher than the so...   [tags: business analysis]

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Th Oil and Natural Gas Industry's Effect on Oklahoma

- The Oil and Natural Gas Industry’s Effect on Oklahoma Oklahoma's oil and natural gas industry is giving us unstoppable progress for energy solutions, but the other parts of the nation are still searching for theirs. While providing jobs for the thousands of people who live in Oklahoma, the oil and natural gas industry not only donates to America's petroleum production, but it also produces millions of dollars for our state’s economy, schools, and roads. Making new headways in our industry every day, artificial technology, scientific breakthroughs, adequate new exploration, and drilling methods took place....   [tags: Energy Solutions, Job Market]

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Purpose of Higher Education

- People in the past did not stress value of receiving a higher education because it was not as indispensable as it is today. Now, people perceive others not only by their appearances, but by their accomplishments. Employers always hire people with the most education and experience. The majority of students are concerned about getting a higher education throughout the years. Nevertheless, some people question the purposes of getting educated, and consider it meaningless. The concept of education has a significant meaning....   [tags: Economy, Job Market]

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How an Individual Positions Themselves for Marketability

- How an Individual Positions Themselves for Marketability With an unstable business environment and competitive job market individuals are finding it more difficult to acquire or maintain a way of life they have been accustomed to. Unfortunately this change is occurring faster than society would like to believe or can keep up with. The days of working for one company until retirement is one of rarity. Technological advancements, global competition, lack of leadership and foresight all play a part in the instability of the job market....   [tags: Job Market Employment Careers Essays]

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Employability in The Belgium Market

- Introduction Belgium is a small country with around eleven million inhabitants. In Belgium they speak three official languages: Dutch (6 million), German (1 million) and French (4 million). The capital of Belgium, Brussels, is also the capital of the European Union. Despite the small size, Belgium has an interesting and complex institutional and political structure. As the country is split in several language communities, each of them with their own administration in charge mainly of cultural and educational affairs....   [tags: cv, job description, business, languages]

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Actuarial Science

- “Part super-hero. Part fortune-teller. Part trusted advisor (“Be an Actuary.”).” An actuary is all this, they are crucial apart of the world of business. Actuaries work in both the public and private sectors of business. They are manly in the administrative part of the work place. They are in every large corporation and in even some of the smaller companies. Actuaries are most often in insurance companies and large corporations; though they are even in so financial planning businesses (“Be an Actuary.”)....   [tags: actuary, business, demand, market, job security]

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Making Ethical Bids in a Competitive Market

- Making Ethical Bids in a Competitive Market As the United States economy struggles through a sluggish time with the stock market dropping and unemployment rising, being competitive in the job market has become extremely important among professionals. Engineers are no exception. For most engineering firms, being competitive and successful requires obtaining design projects offered by companies in other fields. These projects can range from designing heating and ventilation systems for office buildings to water systems for cities to computer networks for businesses—the list of possibilities and disciplines is extensive....   [tags: Engineer Engineering Job Papers]

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Global Market Research

- More and more small businesses are trying to expand their customer base, and sales, through international trade. These small companies have learned that to stay competitive and to expand their companies, they must compete on a global level. The global market provides several benefits including increased sales, job creation, and protecting the effect of declines in the domestic economy. In this case Sperry/MacLennan, a Canadian architectural firm, have been highly successful in their local regional market but is discovering that in order to stay competitive in their field; they need to tap into the global market....   [tags: Market Research ]

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Fixing the Housing Market

- To really be able to fix the housing market, we have to look at how it got so bad to begin with. Banks were giving loans out to people who couldn’t afford to repay them. That was, what I see, as the most detrimental situation regarding the housing market. Are the banks only to blame. Absolutely not. Those people who took those loans with little thought of repercussions also caused this mess. We shouldn’t be borrowing money so loosely and the banks should not have made it so easy. Regardless of cause and effect, we are in this situation and must find ways to deal with it....   [tags: housing market, USA, economy,]

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Competitive Global Market: THe Case of Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation

- ... According to the authors of “Building a business case for diversity” turnover among women is twice as high as for men and replacement costs total 93 percent of the departing employee’s annual salary (Robinson & Dechant, 1997). The second problem is underestimation of direct connection between high absenteeism rates and consideration of diversity groups in the workplace. Without exact understanding of each diversity group’s needs and concerns, the company cannot estimate and appreciate employee’s performance, and as a result the employees don’t fully engage themselves at work.....   [tags: diversity, job satisfaction]

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Market Research Implementation Plan

- Market Research Implementation Plan Disney resorts currently exist in numerous locations across the world. In an effort to expand to South America, Disney must determine how potential customers, as well as locals to the Rio de Janeiro locale would feel about the new resort. Disney must utilize marketing research to make this determination, and the following discusses the four types of research methods Disney might use. Determining the research tools is an important step for the company because they are the ones that will be used to collect and analyze the data to determine the needs of the market....   [tags: Market Research ]

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Chinese Art Market 101

- The Chinese art boom of the 2000s will be remembered as one of the most influential periods in modern art history. Chinese art dates back to the sixth century during the period of the Northern and Southern dynasties. During the Sui and Tang dynasties (500-1000 A.D), China was reunifying, creating a period of prosperity and a flourishing art and literature market. Art during this time reflected many different cultural backgrounds around China. These art pieces included paintings, calligraphies, Buddhist sculptures, metalwork and ceramics....   [tags: participation in the global market]

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Negative Relationship Between Job Stress and Job Satisfaction

- Turnover The term of turnover is defined as the ratio of the number of organizational members who have left during the period being considered divided by the average number of people in the organization during the period (Price, 1977). Gusafson (2002) stated turnover term also often utilized in efforts to measure relationships of employees in an organization as they leave, regardless of reason. However it is different for Xiancheng (2013), he mentioned that employee turnover is a method of personal issues who decides to stop associate with the company for better advantage....   [tags: turnover, organizational development]

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India as a Foreign Market: Exploring the Market

- India as a country is ripe for foreign investment. In 2009 it ranked as 12th in the world in gross output (De Vita, 2009). India contains approximately a billion potential and affluent consumers. Within the country there are 1.17 billion people, of which about 13.7 million expected to enter the workforce. This is something that should not be ignored by businesses that are ready to expand into the global marketplace. There are many attractions to the Indian market. However, there are factors that should be considered when considering entering into this market....   [tags: International Finance ]

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Nepotism Rule in Finding a Job

- ... With the rate of layoffs increasing so does the national average of unemployment time being anywhere from 6 months to 24 months. Even though Unemployment benefits are offered not always necessarily a good thing. The help of the government financially to any citizen that was let go from their job not being their fault can only establish a comfort of being unemployed. Causing the effort of an individual to get a new job to decrease. The only good thing that has been able to come through the unemployment is something that to many sounds illogical which is the rise in rate production....   [tags: college, experience, know, hiring, qualification]

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The Job of a Preschool Teacher

- A preschool teacher’s job is to start the foundation for a child’s future not only in school but in their everyday lives. The pay is not exactly ideal and at times it is a very stressful job, but no matter how difficult the days, any preschool teacher can still leave their job with a smile on their face. Every job has its downfalls or its issues but in this job field the children they teach are able to prove that the job is well worth it. Despite the many hours of training needed and the countless hours of studying to get a degree, being a preschool teacher is a blessing in disguise....   [tags: Early Childhood Education, Foudnation]

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Job Statistics in Latin America

- After the fall of the ISI standard, many questions began to arise in regards to how Latin American countries should move forward in its development, improve growth, and create jobs. From around the 1930s until the 1980s after many Latin American countries became independent, they wanted to have economic success and become somewhat economically independent and self-sustaining. Initially these countries thought that the best way to move forward with was Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI)....   [tags: increase in emigration towards US and EU]

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Pediatrician Job Description and Salary

- A Pediatrician is a child’s physician, dealing with the physical, mental, and emotional well being of the child. You undoubtedly have to have a strong love for children and have patience to be a Pediatrician. If you don’t like children then it is apparent being a Pediatrician is not the job for you. I have dreamed of being a Pediatrician since I was 7 years old, ever since I was rushed to the emergency room for an accident I had. I remember how the doctor interacted with me; he introduced himself, and he explained what a Pediatrician did....   [tags: child health, medicine, doctor]

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Job Design and Job Analysis

- SYNOPSIS: It represents the Strategic human resource management (SHRM) core function like “work analysis, Job design and job analysis” defines its importance in strategies implementation in any organization. This assignment will also discuss the aspect of Human Resource department that why they are giving more edge to other functions like Recruitment and selection, Performance appraisal and Occupational health and safety. This report will also presents the today’s critical business challenges and the with coming new responsibilities for HR and why they have started to give more weightage to Job analysis and design in order to get the better output and efficiency of the organization....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Journalism Job Research

- The job market in the United States has changed a lot since the beginning of the recession in 2008. Young people need to know the job market so they can choose careers wisely. Many of the jobs that used to be popular and secure are now among the jobs that have the most amounts of layoffs, and some jobs are being replaced by new jobs as a result of the existing internet and technology. Lexi Tuck, a classmate in 100/102, wants to be either a journalist or a businesswoman. Based on Lexi’s list of interest and several research sources, entering the field of journalism is a good choice for her....   [tags: Career Research ]

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An Analysis of the Relationship between Job Tenure and Sales at Avatech

- An Analysis of the Relationship between Job Tenure and Sales at Avatech The Theory-Tenure and Sales Performance The primary purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between job tenure and sales performance for the outside sales representatives at Avatech. We hypothesized that the tenure of a sales professional has a positive effect on sales volume. We tested the sales performance of the employees in our 24 month sample and predicted a positive correlate with job tenure....   [tags: Statistics job tenure sales study]

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UK Vs. Germany Economy and Labor Market

- The labor market entails the relations between the demand for labor, in one hand, and labor supply, on the other hand. Labor demand is defined by the amount of labor firms demand in order to produce certain amount of goods and services. Labor supply refers to the productive segment of the population that is determined by the size of the population. Within the labor market, workers can be classified as either economically active (the employed and the unemployed) or economically active. The employed encompasses people in paid employment or in self employment while the unemployed refers to people who are not working but have actively been looking for job and are willing to start work immediatel...   [tags: labor market, uk economy, german labor demand]

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Research on the Irish Labor Market

- Introduction National Skills Bulletin 2013 report, which was written with information gathered The information contained in this research project gathers together the most recently available data concerning; Science, Technology and Engineering. We believe that these sectors have contracted very modestly in contrast to others over the period 2007-2013, and in the future will be play a key role in the Irish economy. For this report we gathered data from a number of different websites. We found and to be the most noteworthy....   [tags: science, engineering, it]

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The Australian Labour Market

- The health of a labour market can be judged by levels of unemployment and changes in wage growth. Both of these issues come into play when The Australian Financial Review reports that the Australian labour market has tightened over the past twelve months and comments on predictions for the coming year. Changes in unemployment in Australia is a key issue in this news article. In the last twelve months, unemployment in Australia has dropped from 5.6 per cent to 5.1 per cent which is described as ‘a puzzle’ in the news article....   [tags: Economics]

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A Free Market’s Development

- The twentieth century ran by a mainly Keynesian system with a modern mix economy, but now its time for a change. A free market would lead to more establishments of new businesses. In addition, a free market would allow individuals to be compensated based on skills, education and experience. Lastly, the free market economic system would lower the unemployment rate. The development of a complete free market system will lead to the growth of the gross domestic product. The development of a complete free market would strengthen the GDP as the country has a growth in the amount of new businesses established....   [tags: Keynesian System, Gross Domestic Product]

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Bilingual in Spanish and English: A Distinguished Job Applicant

- ¿Comprende lo que esto significa. If your answer to, “Do you understand what this means?” is “no,” then your résumé, similar to many other non-Spanish speaking Americans just became less competitive. In time of economic hardships where the United States has “an unemployment rate above 7.8 percent,” the ability to distinguish oneself in the job market is a non-negotiable (Scherer). With an exponential increase in the Latino populace, the American workforce has been impacted profoundly. While one may feel certain that the ability to speak English in America, in conjunction with one’s education and work experience, will suffice in distinguishing oneself in the job market, this essay will argue...   [tags: Language ]

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Stock Market Difficulties

- Stock Market Difficulties The article written by Ben Rooney entitled “No news is good news for stocks?” is about the inner organization of the stock market. In the beginning the author tells the reader, that there wouldn’t be any news in the sphere of economy, so the investors can keep calm. Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 both ended flat for the week, and the Nasquad is higher for a fourth straight week. The Fed was the centre of attention for a long period of time, when people found out about the possibility of decreasing its $85 billion per month....   [tags: Business, Economy, Strategies]

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Aqualisa Target Market

- Aqualisa target market For Aqualisa’s Quartz shower system to become more profitable and accepted in the United Kingdom’s, stagnant, unimaginative, shower market, Rawlinson needs to work to educate all potential consumers on the features and benefits of the Quartz shower system. More importantly, to gain that market share needed to make the Quartz system successful, Rawlinson needs to focus the Quartz marketing efforts on the do-it-yourselfers, and the plumbers. These markets are the areas that this new product and technology would have the most direct effect on, they will be the installers of the product, and in most cases the decision makers on where the system will be installed....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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Global Market Research

- Global Market Research Case Study Analysis Drew Sperry founded Sperry/MacLennan (S/M) in 1972 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. S/M is an architectural service that initially focused on backyard swimming pools during the housing boom throughout the 1970s. The economy changed in the early 1980s, resulting in downsizing of the previously prosperous S/M organization, leaving only three employees on staff and often foregoing a paycheck during this tight time. S/M won a bid for the aquatics facility to be used in the Canadian Games in Saint John; ultimately resulting in the organization gaining prominent international recognition in sports facility design (Aaker, Kumar, and Day, 2007)....   [tags: International Business]

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History of Active Labour Market Policies

- HISTORY OF ACTIVE LABOUR MARKET POLICIES Active labour policies were set up during the 1970s at a time of very high inflation around the worlds industrial economies. The active labour market policy was set by two economist named Gosta Rehn and Rudolf Meidner, who using this new approach was able to bring the inflation problem in Sweden under control by retraining labour forces and safely bargaining wages for people that were unemployed. This created, ensured and supplied a readymade skilled work force for, which then forced the inefficient and under-performing firms out of business....   [tags: industrial economy, social benefit, employment]

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Employability and the Graduate Market - Interim Assessment

- Throughout Term 1 I had to conduct research about the graduate market on employers from the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers. Conducting this researching showed me the traits of a highly successful employer. Whilst looking at the graduate market on specific companies such as Freshfields and Allen & Ovary, and completing work experience in an immigration law firm called Fragomen, I have discovered the significant rise and falls of employment and salaries that a career in a specific chosen field can go through....   [tags: Preparation, Lawyer]

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Market Transparency and Consumer Choice for Housing

- Since 2006, the number of foreclosures in the housing market has sparked dramatically. This is due to the fact that banks have given out subprime mortgages or interest-only loans to consumers regardless of their credit score. One of the main reasons why banks did not care about consumers’ credit history is because they resold the loans as mortgage-backed securities. This caused the loans to fall into the hands of credit rating companies that rated the loans too positive; thus, these assets were expanded and helped lead to the foreclosure crisis without hurting the banks directly....   [tags: real estate]

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Racial Discrimination Effect on Labor Market

- A number of factors such as age, gender, education level, and economic climate impact the rates of employment and average wages in the United States. Race and ethnicity are two additional characteristics, which –ostensibly – are not to be, considered in hiring and wage determination processes yet which continue to have tremendous effect on employment in this country. In an effort to better understand how these attributes contribute to the job climate, our term paper will examine the effects of ethnicity on wages and employment rates in the United States....   [tags: Employment, Average Wages, United States]

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On-The-Job Training

- On-The-Job Training Much of the usable labor market skills that workers possess are not acquired through formal schooling but rather through on-the-job training. Such training may be somewhat formal; that is, workers may undertake a struc- tural trainee program or an apprenticeship program. On the other hand, on-the-job training is often highly informal and therefore difficult to measure or even detect. Less-experienced workers often engage in ”learning by doing”; they acquire new skills simply by observing more-skilled workers, filling in for them when they are ill or on vacation, or engaging in informal conversation during coffee breaks....   [tags: Work Training Employee Education]

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Level of Education to Job Requirements

- ... An example of this would be that someone with a degree in (higher education) architecture ends up having a job in the social sciences. Although the level of education can be equal, there is still a mismatch between educational level and the job requirements. Robst (2006) focuses on the mismatch between type of schooling and job requirements in the USA. He mentions that there is still not one specific theory which explains the relation between educational level and job requirement mismatch. One common theory that explains mismatch based on the field of study is the human capital theory....   [tags: schooling, years, mismatch, skills]

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Applying for a Job in the Fashion Industry

- Introduction ‘This position is best suited for a student or graduate who is fluent in English and whose written English is exceptional. You should also be able to display good knowledge of fashion history and a keen interest in vintage fashion.’ (The Gathering Goddess Vintage Boutique, 2013) I believe this extract from the job description, found on, relates to me in more ways than one. I may not have an extensive knowledge of fashion history, but it is something I am keen to gain....   [tags: career choices and opportunities]

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Job Analysis and Recruitment Techniques

- ... It may also involve reducing roles to set tasks and training employees in how to perform the tasks effectively and efficiently. The main motive of job simplification job broken into small tasks it aims great productivity through reduce reduced mental or physical effort. Job rotation:-a job design in which employees are moved more than one or two jobs in a planned manner. The main reason is expose skill and experience to enhance job satisfication. A recent study tells it helps in lead to promotions, increased pay and other career benefit....   [tags: traits, talents, ability, information]

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Job Specification for the Marketing Manager

- Department : Marketing Vacant Position : Marketing Manager Responsibility and duties • Responsible for Projects management and operational execution for marketing the product creatively, and managing by monitoring production timelines schedule. • Able to develop and enhance marketing strategies in leading organization mission and vision of the organization • Have worldwide marketing strategies and product position knowledge. • Familiar with brand marketing, products life cycle planning, develop product strategies, promotion products and new products launch strategies....   [tags: marekting, vacant position]

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Unemployment and Job Retraining Programs

- In the current economy, where the unemployment rate is significantly higher than normal in comparison to previous years, the people are clamoring for solutions from their leaders in government. There have been plans in the works in the Obama administration to create more jobs, yet nothing has come to fruition. Currently, as Congress is teetering towards gridlock once again, the Republican House Speaker and House Majority Leader have proposed to President Obama that he include a plan called “Georgia Works” into his latest proposal to Congress....   [tags: Economics, Unemployment Essays]

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Are Politicians the Job Creators?

- People often say that we need government to protect us, whether it be from foreign attacks, disease, or financial panics. Many also say that they want government to give them things: free healthcare, free housing, or free food just to name a few. While the government does have a role in protecting its citizens and providing an infrastructure to facilitate commerce, one thing must be realized: the power that is granted to the government is from We the People. Government cannot survive without the hard work of private individuals, and a country’s economy cannot prosper without a free and vibrant economic system....   [tags: government, economy, jobs]

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How 'Person-Job Fit’ and ‘Person-Organisation Fit’ Affects Recruitment Strategy

- The growing competitions created by globalization had been pressuring organization to lay more emphasis on recruiting talents in order to gain secure foothold in the market. With the introduction of person-job fit and person-organization fit, it assists both applicants and organization to have a clear image of who is the right person for particular career; at the same time, it acquires the recruitment process to operate efficiently. Here, I will have a further explanation on the topic by employing the definition from Saks and Ashforth (1997) of person-job fit and person-organization fit....   [tags: employees, skills, interview]

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How Do I Look? The Importance of Appearance for Job Applicants

- ... The idea of selling one’s self is not new strategy as individuals promote themselves every day. For example, seeking college scholarships, offers of employment, or prime projects at work are instances when one is, in essence, selling themselves. Incidentally, individuals put themselves in the marketplace, because college administrators, employers, and supervisors look for the best candidate to fulfill certain duties. Without a doubt, it is the individual who has the best sales pitch and the most pleasant look....   [tags: marketing, impressions, resume]

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The effects of inflation on the labor market

- Objective: The effect of inflation on the job market The Effects of inflation on the Job Market In the major industrial countries, low unemployment usually creates inflationary pressures. But during the recent economic expansion in the United States, prices have held steady despite low unemployment. Inflation is generally defined as an upward directional increase in the average of prices. Most people tend to be concerned about it because it reduces the purchasing power of the income earned by households....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Importance of Job Creations and Credit Changes to Ease the Foreclosure Crisis

- From 2001 to 2007, with many government and loan application incentives, real estate purchases skyrocketed causing a balloon that burst in 2008 and left the United States with problems that need to be rectified before the economy can prosper again as a nation. The crisis began with the law of supply and demand. As the demand for housing in the most desirable areas increased, so did the investments for property in those areas. Property in other areas followed shortly. As equity in US property grew, investors from around the world began to get in on the action....   [tags: real estate]

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The Job of a Manager

- As the world moves through the 21st Century, business is becoming more dependent upon professional managers, who can bring success to an organization. Issues such as globalization and decentralization adds to the need for organization's to hire flexible managers capable of leading. A 21st century manager should possess three traits and utilize them to lead organizations: the ability to stimulate change, excellent planning capabilities, and ethics. What a manager does and how it is done can be categorized by Henri Fayol's four functions of management: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling....   [tags: Business Mangement]

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The Relationship Between Free Market and Social Justice

- ... Furthermore, all resources are owned by private individuals and all of the economic decisions are also made by private individuals in the markets instead of the governments. Social justice is that all people in the society have equal opportunities and rights. Everyone is recognized and treated in a same way by the society regardless his or her sex, race and so on. Furthermore, the distribution of resources and goods is fair that people can gain the resources according to their needs and contribution (Fraser, 1998)....   [tags: exchanging goods or services]

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The Importance Of Forecasting in Market Operations

- The Importance Of Forecasting in Market Operations "I have seen the future and it is very much like the present, only longer." says Kehlog Albran in his book The Profit. This pseudo-philosophy is actually a concise description of forecasting, the science of predicting future events. From an operational point of view, market opportunities are the driving force behind production decisions and these opportunities are compiled in the form of demand forecasting which then provides the input for planning production: process design, capacity planning, aggregate planning, scheduling, and inventory management....   [tags: Business Future Prediction Forecast Essays Papers]

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The Stock Market Crash and The Great Depression in the US

- Stock Market Crash 25 billion dollars lost in 1 day, roughly 25% of the nations population was without a job, and the suicide rate skyrocketed. These are just a few factors that turned the Stock Market Crash of 1929 into the Great Depression, one of the longest and worst economic downturns of that time, according to 16 million shares were lost at the New York Stock Exchange, eliminating thousands of investors on October 29th, 1929. The Stock Market Crash impacted the United States by putting Millions of people out of jobs, and putting America in one of the deepest financial and economical holes of that time....   [tags: Economy, Investment]

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The Effects of Market Failures

- The Effects of Market Failures Innovation has a crucial impact on the standards of living in particular economy. It is generally agreed that research and innovation are the main sources of growth and job creation in market economies. i.e. output is increased through greater acquisition of knowledge. Subsequently, 2 things matter for economic growth: savings and the state of the productive knowledge (i.e. shows how productivity the extra capital will be used). The production function diagram below can illustrate this [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Where labour productivity per worker experiences diminishing marginal returns This diagram shows how economic growth...   [tags: Papers]

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The Downfall of the U.S. Auto Market and the Collapse of the Economy

- The Downfall of the U.S. Auto Market and the Collapse of the Economy Unemployment is rising and the entire global economy is falling. The story has become all too common. If there is a negative direction available to follow, we're definitely taking advantage of the opportunity. Americans became too accustomed to the period of inflation through the 1990s, and the ongoing recession is affecting most everyone. The Big Three automakers (GM, Ford and Chrysler) have made massive cuts to their workforces, and the entire national job market has been upended....   [tags: Economics]

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Impact of Immigration on the United States Labor Market

- According to US Census Bureau data, in 2009 12.5 percent or 38.5 million of the population were foreign-born people where foreign-born is defined as anyone who was not a United States citizen at birth. Over half of these immigrants entered the United States during the last 20 years. (Walters et al. October 2010) More recently, 7 million immigrants or 17 percent arrived in 2005 or later. (Walters et al. November 2011) Foreign-born people constituted 14.7 percent of the labor force in 2005, up from 5.3 percent in 1970....   [tags: Immigration ]

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Job Designs in Service and Manufacturing Organizations

- 1. This module’s reading and lecture material has described job designs in various service and manufacturing organizations. In which type of organization is job enrichment likely to be more effective as a strategy for increasing motivation and performance. Explain. I believe manufacturing organizations would benefit the most from the use of job enrichment strategies to increase motivation and performance. Manufacturing jobs can be comprised of low level tasks that are repetitive, monotonous and unfulfilling due to the lack of challenge....   [tags: critical thinking activity, motivation]

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Telecom Job Opportunities

- Telecom Job Opportunities The telecom industry has been on a growth path for the last 5 years- with expected 7% growth on wireless facets all through 2012. This is reflected by the rapid growth of the ICT sector, which touches on cell phones, televisions, radios, broadband connectivity and any other electronic method used to connect with and send messages to others. Consequently, telecom job opportunities have also been on the rise, with a varied range for different career paths; careers such as Sales Executives, Billing Coordinators, Systems Analysts, Developers, Telecom architects, Corporate Controller among many more....   [tags: Employment]

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Never Giving Up on a Dream Job

- Ever since I was a little girl my dream job was to be a fashion designer. Over the years, I lost that passion like a candle burning out. Soon after high school was over, I had no idea what I wanted to be or what to even pursue in life. I still decide to go to college rather than staying home doing nothing, might as well knock out a few general education classes. When a few family members came over we started to talk about a few careers choices that would fit some of my skill sets that I have obtain over the years of growing up and working with my parents....   [tags: personal narrative]

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New Approach: No Managers or Job Titles

- This year, Las Vegas based retailer Zappos is doing something that few companies on the international scale have had the courage to do and taking a chance with the company’s future based on the faith they have in their employees to make decisions. They are reorganizing their entire internal structure in order to implement a system called holacracy. Under this system there will be no managers or job titles as far as internal operations go, and the traditional corporate hierarchy will be replaced with a series of overlapping, self-governing “circles.” As a result, many more employees are being given the power to make what decisions they have to in order to accomplish their responsibilities wi...   [tags: zappos, holacracy, management]

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Quit Your Job - Buy and Sell Websites for a Living!

- Quit Your Job - Buy and Sell Websites for a Living. Reprinted with permission of The stock market and real estate industry have long been populated by day traders and “flippers”, those that buy and sell in a short period of time in order to make a quick profit. In the real estate industry the life of a house flipper can be very appealing. Buy a renovator’s dream property at a discounted price, renovate and modernize it and then sell it at a few months later at a profit. This process can then be repeated over and over....   [tags: Sell Websites Buy Websites]

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Analyzing My Skills and Job Options

- INTRODUCTION The main aim of the present study is to analyze my present skills and compare them with the required for my chosen carrier. For the purposes of this report I selected the job of the estate agent. The Property management jobs can be found in three major areas; leasing (sales), administration, and management. A successful estate agent should be proficient and comfortable with all aspects of the selling process. He has many responsibilities and thus essential skills are needed in order to be professional....   [tags: Career as an Estate Agent]

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AMC Theaters Online Job Applications

- Looking for a super place to work. Great benefits. Fun environment. AMC Theaters job application online can start you on your way. Any prospective job seeker knows that AMC is our second largest theater chain in the States. And a great employer to work for, either as a first or second job. With the online job application being a kind of norm in today’s hiring and job hunting environment, it is sometimes easier and quicker to fill out and start your way to a new career. Even though companies are using the online employment applications, the basic rules of filling out applications have remained the same....   [tags: Employment]

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Market Size

- Market size and Growth The perspective size of the market is based on the number of schools that will potentially allow our organization to teach their students. There are only 13 states in which financial education is required or offered which leaves us with a large potential to spread financial education to 37 other states as well as better cater to the school systems who already have a finance program. This is our key to market growth and ultimately market potential. Since the fall 2001 68.5 million people were enrolled in school the potential for growth is rather larger....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Market: College Bound

- And you thought choosing a college would be hard. Wait until you're faced with B.A., M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. Let's not forget B.S. (bachelor of science, that is.) If you're having flashbacks from Sesame Street, well, this is a bit more serious then figuring out the letter of the day. Soon you'll have to decide just how much education you wish to pursue, at which point this alphabet soup of degree choices will take on new meaning. Advanced degrees, beyond the plain vanilla bachelor's you earn after a typical four-year college stay, are proving more valuable these days in a challenging job market....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Swedish Model of Labor Market

- ... There is less wage differences within the same profession. However, workers in low profit companies became unemployed because the company is not capable to deal with higher cost which in turn put pressure to labor market. In order to reduce unemployment, the state must intervene labor market so Active labor market policy was imposed according to mobility stimulus. The state helped moving labor to flexible labor market which fit individual’s labor skill. This can be achieved by retaining or re-education of redundant labor....   [tags: deconmodification, wage, condition, model]

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Gun Control and the Black Market

- Criminals are running around with illegal guns. So we are not able to find the guns and the murder weapons. Their should not be able to get the gun at all but their find ways. This need addressing because if we do not address the problem, it will just get worse and more people will die from are mistaken. The worse it gets, the more people that die from this. People should not have to worry about the criminals who were in jail, having guns and what they would be doing with them. Gun control laws should stop criminals not law abiding citizens....   [tags: Criminals, Weapon]

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Why to Use Market Economy

- ... In the end, high profit from a market economy benefit the business and motivate them to expand their business. Second, market economy bring many benefits to the people, because people are the one who make decisions in the market economy. One of the benefits that market economy bring to the people is better quality products for less money. For example, when Apple make a new product, other companies such as Samsung or LG also come out with new products resulting in competition. Every company want people to just buy their products, so they would improve their products and lower the prices....   [tags: people, freedom, business, benefit]

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