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The Floor Is Brown And Tiled

- ... I hear them laughing and giggling. Their faces fill with joy and bright smiles. Next to them I notice two older men. Both drinking hot coffee and indulging in a muffin. They wore black ironed pants, with a shirt and red tie. One man had a leather briefcase so I’m assuming they were talking about work. I see a young woman and her husband talking in spanish and their daughter sitting on the woman’s lap, playing with her mom’s phone. I seen a guy with beach blonde hair covering his face, on the phone....   [tags: Coffee, Espresso, Caffeine, Tea]

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Personal Statement On The Bathroom Floor

- ... I knew in 5, 10, 20 years my age would not come into question.” When you make decisions you think you are ready for, you must deal with the consequences of your actions. However, there will be times when you will cherish the mistakes you make. These types of mistakes can teach you an important lesson or give you more opportunities in life. My mother told me that she could never redo her mistake, because she “fell in love with me.” “The first person I told about my pregnancy was my best friend Stacy; she was very supportive through the whole process.” As Stacy would ironically later go through the same thing, they have always stuck together through thick and thin....   [tags: Family, Mother, Pregnancy, Father]

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A Functional Floor Plan

- Introduction It is usually very important for any restaurant, not just a college restaurant to have a proper floor plan that will ensure proper flow of activities and service. Failure of which usually leads to mishaps for example guests finding it difficult to locate the guest room or even getting lost on their way there, servers and guests bumping into each other while going round a sharp corner or when individuals have to take a seat next to a stranger(s) so as to give space for another individual to go through an aisle way....   [tags: Architecture]

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Dental Office Floor Plan

- The dental office floor plan detailed above clearly and cleanly divides the dental space into 3 clear segmented areas: non-clinical (patient and administration), clinical, (dental delivery) and clinical support (supplies, storage, and laboratory). The non-clinical space has the most diverse user traffic patterns since patients and family members, clinical, and non-clinical staff may use this area. This non-clinical space should not be blended with the clinical and clinical support areas. The bottleneck areas are the patient in-take and out-take or registration area of the patient reception desk....   [tags: Office Design]

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The Benefits of Using Kitchen Floor Mats

- Kitchen is a composition of many things. Kitchen appliances, furniture and utensils are the significant and major components which make the function and its task possible in the kitchen. However, there are other minor components that aids in the work while preparing the food as well as cleaning in the kitchen. Similarly, there are mats in the kitchen that helps us in many ways as they save the floor from oil, grease, dirt and liquid which is redundant in the kitchen. Kitchen floor mats play an important role in saving the floor from the damages as well as your feet....   [tags: Interior design, interior decorating]

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Stripping and Re-Finishing a Tile Floor

- Abstract This is a systematic paper on how to strip and re-finish tile floors. Caring for tile floors is not as simple as sweeping and mopping. They must be stripped and refinished every six months to ensure it remains looking its best. The steps include preparation of the supplies. Then there is the preparation of the floor. The next step is stripping the floor. The next step is laying the sealer and finally laying the finish. By following these instructions, the floor will look newer, longer, and with a high gloss shine....   [tags: Instructional Process Essays, how-to essays]

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My First Day On The Cardiac Floor

- ... I believe assisting with the viewing of the educational video that described the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phases of a CABG surgery, provided by Eastern Maine Medical Center, also represented the information and health care technology objective. After completing my assessments and patient teaching I was invited to observe the preoperative and intraoperative care of my patient who was undergoing the CABG. The time I spent with the preoperative nurse, anesthesiologist, purfusionist, scrub nurse, and circulator was not only fascinating, but very educational....   [tags: Nursing, Critical thinking, Patient]

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Hextech: Floor 100 Ruby Castle

- Floor 100 Ruby Castle Our gilded group approached the entrance to the dreaded Ruby Castle. Loaded with excitement that we will win the unimaginable powers. Our group of heros charged into the a room full of Red Crystals. At the end of the hall there was a throne surrounded by the rarest crystals one could equire, not even I Kawaoe had some of those items. Suddenly, the Blood stained Knight appeared in front of us as the final boss. Floor 1 Town of Beginning A rainbow coloured light flashed across the eyes as if I was warping from one dimension to another....   [tags: online video games]

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The Killing Floor

- The Killing Floor Frank Custer leaves his young family in rural Mississippi in pursuit of industrial employment in the northern “Promised Land” of Chicago, Illinois. Little did he know about the true extent of the journey he was about to embark on. Initially a move to secure work and improve upon the conditions which surrounded him and his family; Frank was about to change more in his life then just his economical status. Immediately upon arriving in the bustling city, Frank and his close friend Thomas gravitate towards other working class African-Americans with similar backgrounds....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Price Floor System: The Price of Food Import in the EU

- Before the introduction of payment schemes the CAP established a price floor which was mainly enforced by tariffs. These tariffs- also called variable levies- where used to keep food prices within the EU above the price floor. The Price floor was set above the world price but below the equilibrium point in the market. This point is known as ‘self-sufficiency’ and at this point the EU would import no food. The tariff causes the price of food imports to increase to the initial price plus the value of the tariff....   [tags: tariff, markets, production]

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I Am Responding From A Floor Charge Nurse

- ... The supervisor decided that she wanted the novice CNA to stay on the unit to learn the dinner routine of the floor. The seasoned CNA and the floor charge nurses spoke their concerns about leaving someone with very little experience of the floor structure and that there was a risk of a potential fall happening. The charge nurses then express their feelings of wanting the seasoned CNA to stay on the unit instead. The supervisor brushed off the nurse 's concern, and was firm about her decision on keeping the novice CNA in that unit....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Nurses, Florence Nightingale]

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Story in the Floor Plan

- Story in the Floor Plan The firm hand of the architect draws straight lines on translucent paper. The lines intersect into corners—forming rooms. More lines intersect—forming more rooms. The rooms line up, one after another, leaving spaces for doors, naturally. The house is built. In The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, the narrator’s voice shadows this architect’s hand, ingraining the familial relationships and intentions of the Samsa family into the walls. The rooms of the architect are the vessels that the narrator fills with the virtuous and appalling intentions of the members of the Samsa family....   [tags: The Metamorphosis Architecture Essays]

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Use Bathroom Floor Plans to Create a Stunning Space

- When it comes to putting together a new bathroom, the process seems like it simply calls for a tub, toilet, and sink to be fitted into a room and then the bathroom is finished. All that would remain to do would be to add a few decorations and then your bathroom should be done. While this may work for a basic utilitarian bathroom, this haphazard process won't work if you want a beautiful bathroom that adds to the ambiance and value of your home. For that, you need to develop some solid bathroom floor plans....   [tags: Electricity-Efficient Fixtures, Accessories]

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My First Dressing Change On The Surgical Floor

- ... She said that she should be starting to get up and moving today. After I had introduced myself to my client and took her vitals I talked to her about her daily goals and what I would be doing today with my assessments. When I came back to my patient to do my head to toe assessment, I asked if she would like to move to the chair when we were done, she said she would try but she it was very painful to sit up because that put pressure on her incision line. I asked if she would like her pain medication that she didn’t want earlier, because I discussed that by the time I finished with my assessments the pain medication would have begun to kick in helping with the pain when she got up....   [tags: Pain, Patient, Doctor, Question]

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Ground Floor Customer Service and Marketing Department

- ... Though the connection to that particular computer is broken, the network still operates. Since this computer network is interconnected exclusively within itself, it can be referred to as a Local Area Network. At this point, the definition of a hub is imperative. Quite simply, a hub is a small inexpensive device that joins computers together. Most hubs today use the Ethernet Standard and others the USB standard. The Hub represents layer one and two in the OSI model, also know as the Open Systems Interconnection reference model seen below....   [tags: network, topologies, program]

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The Glass Floor Problem By Richard V. Reeves

- Many issues of society are hard to conquer due to the sheer vastness of our nation both in land and in population. Variables are a part of everyday life and one cannot simply eliminate them in macro-social situations. Social hierarchy based on wealth has been an integral part of societies for centuries, and the problem is still one has a solution being actively sought in the 21st century. In “The Glass-Floor Problem” by Richard V. Reeves, the idea of putting blame to post-secondary schools and employers is brought up....   [tags: High school, College, Poverty, Wealth]

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President Obam The State Senate Floor Speech

- ... It simply allows the government to finance existing legal obligations that Congresses and Presidents of both parties have made in the past.” What was their Previous Position. Obama’s previous decision was to not increase the debt limit. Obama worked hard to find avenues for funding regarding programs such as Medicaid and the States Children’s Health Insurance Program. He focused on the fact that interest on our debt that we are paying can be used to fund other areas such as homeland security, veterans, education and transportation....   [tags: United States, Barack Obama]

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Process of Floor Maintenance

- PREFACE Floor maintenance is a vital activity in any building which has tile flooring, whether it be a hospital, university or office building. Floors can either reflect a positive or negative image of an institution, depending on how they appear. This paper discusses the proper procedures for the three main steps in floor maintenance: stripping the floor, applying the finish and maintaining the finish. Everyone that is associated with the field of janitorial supplies and maintenance should have at least a general understanding of the correct procedures in floor care....   [tags: Process Essays]

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Ceiling and Floor Prices

- Ceiling and Floor Prices The United States government is known for its laissez faire approach to business. However, at times the government must intervene and take control of prices. When this happens, it is said that a ceiling or floor price has been put into effect (according to the price change restrictions). A ceiling price is usually set below the EP and it benefits the buyer. The reason for a ceiling price is to help keep prices down when a certain item is in great demand. According to the basic principles of micro economics, the seller will raise the prices of products in great demand so they ( the seller) can profit the most....   [tags: Papers]

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Floor Exercise

- Floor Exercise Floor exercise is a sequence of tumbles, leaps, and balances, which make a gymnastics performance. No equipment is used, only a mat and open space. At competitions, judges look for good posture, proper technique, continuity, and variety. Floor exercise builds confidence and character. Your self confidence increases as you learn body control. As you become involved you will gain self discipline. You will learn valuable lessons about exercise, eating correctly, and getting the proper amount of rest, leading to a healthy and longer life....   [tags: Exercise Physiology]

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Room on the Third Floor - Original Writing

- Room on the Third Floor - Original Writing The reception was painted a mint green colour. Children playing football or another kind of ball game had taken large chunks out of the wall. In front opposite the gold revolving doors was the reception. The desk was made of a dark wood and on the desk sat a large dusty computer faded by the bright lamp above. Surrounding the computer was post it notes stuck onto the desk reminding that someone staying here wanted a vegetarian dinner or a complaint about a room with their TV too loud or even one that said karaoke in the bar that night had been cancelled due to trouble with the microphone....   [tags: Papers]

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The Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring Outweigh Traditional Hardwood Floor Coverings

- If remodeling or building a home sometimes the hardest choice can be in the flooring options. A vast majority of homeowners are opting for natural looking wood as opposed to carpet. There are a number of benefits of bamboo flooring to considering when choosing a wood floor covering. Choosing bamboo flooring will provide a more durable and adaptable floor. The bamboo is great for areas with temperatures that go from extreme cold to extreme heat. The extreme durability is great for any room and could be used in an outdoor living space as well due to the advantage bamboo has to withstand high humidity’s....   [tags: tips, flooring,]

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Job Loss in the Solar Market Industry and Rice Market Floor Prices

- ... In contrast if the farmer decides to decrease water consumption by using dry farming technique then it would have a positive external affect as there would be more water available for all farmers dependant on the aquifer. The reason there is likely to be an external affect is because all the farmers that are dependent on the aquifer are drawing or consuming water for the same source so the decision of an individual farmer affects all the farmers consuming water from the aquifer. b) The negative external effect described by the line,' there might not be enough left for their children and grand-children to irrigate the soil' shows that the current consumption of water is higher than the so...   [tags: business analysis]

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Social Changes of American Women in the 1920's

- After women fought for their right to vote and Congress passed the19th Amendment of the Constitution, women believed they were capable of doing anything. Before the 1920s, women were considered lower than men, treated poorly, and didn’t have equal opportunities. Women were not given the same opportunities as men because it was believed that women could not tolerate as much work as a man. Women were not educated and therefore didn’t have jobs. They were housewives who cooked, cleaned, and took care of their children....   [tags: floor-length skirt, women]

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The Architecture of the Colosseum

- The Colosseum is one of the most well-known structures in Rome, Italy. The Colosseum was built almost two thousand years ago to host games for gladiators. The Colosseum provided for entertainment for the Romans, a form of punishment for those who did not obey the laws, and a place of great architectural beauty. The Architecture of the Colosseum is very grand, with the capacity to hold up to 80,000 people. The Colosseum is over 160 feet tall, it “has a length of 620 feet and was close to 513 feet wide” (“Colosseum Architecture.”)....   [tags: design, floor, seating]

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A Nurse Manager Of A Telemetry / Medical Surgical Floor At St. Vincent 's Riverside

- This particular subject is something that really interests me, leadership and management keep nurses together, without it we would not know what works and what does not. Having a job in management takes a certain type of nurse, one that knows how to work and be considerate, professional, understanding but at the same time knows how to manage their unit. For my interview I chose a nurse manager than I am very familiar with, I have worked with her many times and she has made an impact on me as a nursing student....   [tags: Leadership, Decision making, Management]

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A Nurse Working At Boston Children 's Hospital On An Endocrinology Floor

- ... As the nurse, it is your duty to provide the best care, while respecting the father and not cutting him out of being a participatory member in the daughters care. Gather Relevant Facts The patient has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease and is currently suffering from life threatening anemia. There are many types of treatments available for those with sickle cell disease. The primary treatments used the most include medications and blood transfusions. The types of medications used include antibiotics, pain relieving medications, as well as hydroxyurea, a drug that helps to stimulate the production of fetal hemoglobin (Mayo Clinic, 2014)....   [tags: Red blood cell, Blood, Sickle-cell disease]

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The Floor Of The Balcony

- ... This concept assists the conflicting parties to review the cause of their conflict, what the counterpart wants and how best to resolve the problem. The counterparts both take the time to cool off by taking some time apart physically or psychologically. Once they are calmer, they can sit down and resolve their differences in a calmer manner. Being a first born in the family, I was busy in the kitchen preparing supper with my younger sister, what I did not know was that she was busy in the sitting room painting the coaches and everything she came across....   [tags: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Win-win game]

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- You expect a ‘comedy’ to tickle your funny bone so you can walk out chuckling. Yes, Shall We Dance does raise laughs. But - it also raises some interesting questions. The DVD says it’s ‘A New Comedy About Following Your Own Lead’ and a pun like that is bound to appeal to the individualistic age we are supposed to be living in. It does indeed – and yet, what is happiness and contentment. Is it a lovely, loving and loved spouse and all the trappings of a comfortable settled life. Can there be a sense of incompleteness in spite of having ‘everything’....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Scientific Method: The Continental Drift Hypothesis and Plate Tectonic Theory

- The initial ideas of the continental drift hypothesis led to the development of plate tectonic theory. In order for the theory to be accepted, the whole scientific concept had to undergo the extensive process of scientific method. This involves an initial Observation leading to a hypothesis, attempting to explain the occurring observation. In order for this to be determined, predictions are made to explain the specific hypotheses, which are then backed up by evidence, finally leading to having a generally accepted theory....   [tags: observation, earth's mantle, sea floor]

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The Problem Of A Nuclear War

- ... And then it was said to keep everyone healthy and safe form the chemicals that we would live in a building, big enough to support all our needs. If your last name started with an A then you were on floor A. Same with the rest of the letters of the alphabet.  Most letters had more then two floors. Then there was the hospital floors, the school floors and the floors that leisure time were spent on. At the very bottom there were the government floors. No one is allowed there unless you work for the government or are sent there for some reason....   [tags: Government, Sovereign state, Monitor, Floor]

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Reasons to Choose Pre-Made Trusses

- Pre-made trusses are a convenient product that is worth the price. It out strengths and is easier than traditional rafter and roof framing. Using pre-made wood trusses is less labor intensive than traditional framing methods. It doesn't require any special skills to install. This is a good factor because it doesn't require any special training or knowledge. It is already pre-built which makes way faster and easier to install. All it takes to install one of these is a crane and an operator. With other traditional forms of framing it requires a lot of math thinking and labor which tires employees faster than pre-made trusses....   [tags: floor trusses,framing methods,labor]

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an accumulation of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean. Marine debris is trash that culminates up in oceans, seas, and other sizable voluminous bodies of dihydrogen monoxide. Its also known as the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch and the Pacific Trash Vortex. It’s located in a high-pressure area between the U.S. states of Hawaii and California. This area is in the middle of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. For many people, the conception of a “garbage patch” displays images of an island of trash floating on the ocean....   [tags: marine debris, trash, ocean floor]

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The Ways in Which Lian Hearn Develops the Theme of Personal Identity in Across the Nightingale Floor

- The Ways in Which Lian Hearn Develops the Theme of Personal Identity in Across the Nightingale Floor The book opens with the main character Tomasu having his whole village burned down by Lord Iida and the Tohan clan. This is due to the fact that his family and villagers are part of a small clan called the hidden. Tomasu then runs out into the mountains with Iida's men after him and comes across Lord Otori Shigeru who saves Tomasu' life. This is where Tomasu' identity develops a stage....   [tags: Papers]

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The Burgess Shale Fauna

- B.ED. SCIENCE WITH SPECIALISATION IN BIOLOGY   Table of Contents The Burgess Shale Fauna 3 Introduction 3 History of Discovery 3 Preservation Bias 4 Major Fossils 4 Concluding remarks: 7 References: 8 The Burgess Shale Fauna Introduction The Burgess Shale Fauna is a fauna that was constructed based on a group of fossils that were initially found, in the Burgess Shale area in the Canadian Rockies (Gould, 1989). They are a very important group of fossils as “modern multicellular animals make their first unprotected appearance in the fossil record some 570 million years ago” through this group (Gould, 1989, pp....   [tags: fossils, canadian rockies, sea floor]

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The Importance of Safety in School

- Thousands of people are affected by the lack of school safety in schools across the nation. Students everywhere are attending schools that are more dangerous than expected. This is a growing concern everywhere, and schools need to improve, or else they are prone to being unsafe. Whether it is building, drill, concussion, social, or technology safety, schools need to improve to lower the risk of an incident. Project Citizen is an effort to improve our community one step at a time. Project Citizen requires a lot of research for specific sections of our main problem....   [tags: community improvement, danger, incidents]

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Lack of School Safety

- Thousands of people are affected by the lack of school safety in schools across the nation. Students everywhere are attending schools that are more dangerous than expected. This is a growing concern everywhere, and schools need to improve, or else they are prone to being unsafe. Whether it is building, drill, concussion, social, or technology safety, schools need to improve to lower the risk of an incident. Project Citizen is an effort to improve our community one step at a time. Project Citizen requires a lot of research for specific sections of our main problem....   [tags: project citizen, concerns]

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Alternatives on Making Better Homes

- Turbular Skylight Skylight is one solution for buildings that do not have side and rear openings, it gets sunlight. However, skylights are applied in residences is a little different than usual. Skylights are placed almost in the middle of the building, extending from front to back. Under the skylight there is a empty area that divides the left and right sides of the mass of the building. When we entered the house, especially during the daytime, skylights that will immediately attract attention....   [tags: tubular skylight, metal foofs, hot water systems]

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Analyzing The Integration Time Step

- ... Max shear force is reduced only by an amount of 0.6E7 N and standard deviation of shear force by 2.5E6 N with addition of TMD at the ground floor. Reduction in bending moment is also similar to that of shear force whose maximum and standard deviation is reduced by 0.1 N-cm and 5.0E8 N-cm at ground floor. The decrease in both shear force and bending moment decrease the stresses in the internal members there by increasing the durability of structure. Earthquake loading is applied on the building with and without TMD....   [tags: Velocity, Classical mechanics, Physical quantities]

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Lakewood Nuring and Rehabilitation Center: A Personal Narrative

- Living in this place is more enjoyable in ways that people realize. I took it upon myself to move here after a heart attack had left me incapable of living by myself. My children, and grandchildren worried about me falling and they had to check on me every day, becoming a burden to them. So I sold my house and most of my non-personal belongings and moved here. The name doesn’t even hide the fact of what it is, Lakewood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. This is where I will spend the rest of my life....   [tags: home, hospital, residents, retirement]

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L Is For Laughter at Pulley Hall

- Living with twelve strangers for an entire year might not sound too appealing to everyone. Yet, to the girls on the first floor in Pulley Resident Hall, it brings something new and exciting every day. Being a part of this discourse community means that the girls and I share a threshold for membership, common behaviors, language, goals and beliefs, and a way of communicating. Bonding as a group and growing closer to each other was a challenge to begin with, but became easier as our common goals and interests surfaced....   [tags: College Life]

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Costing Procedure of Flooring Contrator

- ... The price for this can range from $25 to $75 per hour, based on the type of flooring being removed. Carpet and vinyl are easy to remove, thus would be on the low end. Tile is more difficult because mortar is used to install it and all of that has to be broken up and removed. Again, the customer can save during this phase if they do the removal themselves, with the same penalty if not removed prior to the contractor arrival. The final part of this phase is repairing the subfloor. Costs for this repair vary greatly on what needs to be repaired, and are usually unable to be estimated until the subfloor is exposed....   [tags: supply analysis and procurement]

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The Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring

- The Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring Make It An Environmentally Wise Choice In Flooring When it comes to decorating a home rather it be new or refurbished, the flooring is one of the most noticeable components. Many are opting to replace carpet with hardwood flooring for the ease and eye appeal it offers. The most attractive and durable flooring is bamboo. The benefits of bamboo flooring are well beyond those from the normal choices of flooring. It is very durable and will withstand many elements other wood surface flooring cannot....   [tags: Bamboo Flooring]

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Research on what Cables are Mostly used in the US

- In this task, I was required to search on what cables that are mostly used in my country, like Fiber Optic, Copper Cable, Cat-6 and more. And for this task 1, I choose the Cat–6 cables for my assignment. This Cat6 cables is commonly referred as category 6, which it standardized the cable for Gigabyte Ethernet and for others Physical Layers that is backwards compatibilities with the category. STAFFING OIL & GAS DEPARTMENT PETROCHEMICALS DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT RECEPTION 4TH FLOOR 3RD FLOOR 2ND FLOOR 1ST FLOOR GROUND FLOOR In this task, there are 4 departments for a new 5-storey company building that would need to install the computer and telephone networ...   [tags: fiber optic, copper cable, cat-6]

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A Career as a Decorator

- ... One great feature of a rug pad is that it manages to secure your rug in place and prevent it from sliding. This really only applies to smaller area rugs, therefore if you are only interested in keeping your rug from slipping, shifting, or sliding - then a simple non-slip rug pad will work just fine. If you are having a large rug, you can buy a simple non-slip rug pad to keep your area rug from slipping or shifting from its position. If you are only interested in keeping your larger area rugs from sliding from its position, then just buying a basic non-slip rug pad can do the trick....   [tags: rug, floors, enhanced safety]

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Production and Inventory

- Introduction to Supply Chain Management Production & Inventory Inventory is plays a very important part in today’s business world. Companies must maintain some type of inventory to cover the uncertainties of supply and demand. Inventory must be closely monitored to ensure there are just the right amount and not an excess. Inventory that has expiration dates must especially be monitored closely to avoid spoilage. Inventory control is a very big issue and companies use many different ways to monitor this....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of New York City

- The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire not only affected the city of New York, but also the rest of the country. It forever changed the way our country would look at safety regulations in factories and buildings. The fire proved to America what can and will happen if we over-look safety regulations and over-crowd buildings. Unfortunately, 146 lives are taken before we fully understand this concept. On July 13, 1900 Joseph Aschs’ new building plans in New York City are approved and by January 5, 1901 the building is complete....   [tags: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, fire, New York,]

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The Key Stakeholders For This System Change, And A Group Of Patients And Their Family

- ... Have a positive collaboration with the staff nurses, patient navigator, and the hospitalist at OhioHealth Mansfield hospital is necessary as over seventy percent of the admitted patients are admitted under the hospitalists. The family and their family will also play an integral role for the facility because it is their opinions on where the gap in care happens within the facility which affects their patient satisfaction rates. These gaps in care will be important to have knowledge of, because they will become part of the patient navigator job duties to pay attention to, in making sure these gaps do not happen or are limited....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Nurse, Medicine]

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Maison de Verre and Its Contribution to Modern Architecture

- Maison de Verre and Its Contribution to Modern Architecture “Form follows function.” Every great Modern architect thought, designed by and breathed these very words. Or at least, their design principles evolved from them. Modern architects Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pierre Chareau, and Rudolf Schindler to name a few believed that the function determined the space whether the space was solely for a particular purpose or they overlapped to allow for multiple uses. Form didn’t just follow function, function defined the space....   [tags: architectural environment, maison]

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Unexplained Movement: Continental Drift

- Unexplained Movement The land we know to be certain continents, today, may not have existed in their current positions long ago. As technology has advanced in oceanography, it has been learned that there are many activities below the surfaced of the land and oceans, which can contribute to changes in, land mass. Those changes include wave erosion, volcanic activity, and lithospheric pressures. Plate tectonics was developed through a theory once named continental drift. In developing plate tectonics, continental drift helped form hypothesis of a shifting landmass and sea floor....   [tags: plate techtonics, geological analysis]

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The Effects of Staffing on Patient Care

- The Effects of Staff Ratio on Patient Care A common problem today that many nurses face is the lack of staff to properly care for the residents in the long-term facility that they work in. When a nurse is forced to work short on the floor, there may be some details in a resident’s care that are left undone. This type of behavior can lead to minor problems, such as the inability to ensure a resident’s personal body alarm is in place, or forgetting to put on a protective barrier cream as order, to major problems, such as medication errors, neglect, or even death, if the nurse is so stressed out, she overlooks a sign of potential problems....   [tags: healthcare professionals, nursing]

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The Effects Of Moist And Dry Food

- THE EFFECT MOIST VS DRY FOOD HAS ON THE AMOUNT OF BACTERIA PICKED UP OFF OF FALLEN FOOD Lindsey Alexander, Gabby Wnek, Raquel Montoya, and Lauren Burkhart Introduction Micro-organisms play a huge part in a human’s life. Microbes are given a bad reputation because they are often known for causing disease, but that is not always the case. Microbes are found on the surface of our skin, in our intestines, and everywhere else. In fact, humans need microbes to survive. Microbes make up more than 60% of the living matter in the world....   [tags: Bacteria, Microbiology, Serratia marcescens, Food]

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Business Overview: Distressed Real Estate Purchase

- • Business overview Having $150,000 acquired in cash to be used specifically for a distressed real estate purchase, I would buy a two story building that is between 2000-4000 square feet. The ideal location is in a progressive lower-middle class, urban area accessible to public transportation. The first floor will be a renovated and designed to meet the needs of a commercial space. iSOAR© will occupy the space. The second floor will be renovated and designed as a residential space to be rented out for extra annual residual....   [tags: iSoar, Monetary Distribution]

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Implementing a New Wide Secure Wireless Network at Brigham Young University Hawaii

- ... We will be installing 8 Access Points per floor which would be sufficient to cover the entire floor, there is also a printer connected to the floor switch. Students can even use their personal Wireless Devices to send print to the Printer. The network coverage is designed to ensure smooth handoff for all wireless users. Network Segmentation Segmentation divides the network into smaller units, hence reduces the amount of traffic on a network. Also it limits the amount of access granted to someone, to what that person needs to know....   [tags: network security flaws, access point]

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The, The Pillow Soft, And The Contra ÂŹ Diction

- ... Why does she think of that now. She shifts her position on the floor, liking the discomfort on her hipbone and her spine. Well, not liking it exactly, but acknowledging it. It is real. Present. Current. Not some distant, unattainable mirage. She stubs out her cigarette and lights another one. She doesn 't know what else to do. What, for example, is he doing at this exact moment. Is he consumed with the insane, incessant, seemingly unfounded, con-founding, resounding, inescapable, irreplaceable feelings she is plagued with....   [tags: Sun, Sky, Cigarette, PASS]

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Medieval Castles the Start of the Modern Age

- ... The tables that everyone would sit around had white linen cloth on them and the tables could also be easily removed. If the king was especially prestigious he would have a stationary table that would never move. The hall often had stone or wooden pillars the supported its wooden roof and if the hall was on the second floor it was supported by stone or wooden pillars as well. The floor that these pillars supported was almost always wooden or if they could afford it stone vaulting. The floor was often wooden and covered in rushes and herbs that would be changed periodically....   [tags: buildings, chapels, royal family]

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Modern Doemstic Design and Traditional German Architecture

- Heinrich Tessenow’s (1876 –1950) family house built in 1930’s in Germany consists of two floors and one basement, with a staircase that links all floors together as one. The house has one supporting pillar that is hidden away in the basement; the house comes with seven reasonable sized windows on all four walls of the building. The roof of the house is pitched up towards the sky, in the shape of a triangle on both sides of the building. The house is made of wood and bricks. (Fg.1) The style and design of the house is classical and contemporary for its time....   [tags: Form and Function]

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The Cultural Heritage Site of the Anstey’s Building

- About the Anstey’s building According to UNESCO, heritage is considered to be our legacy from the past, what we live with today and what we pass on to future generations. This extract will specifically examine the cultural heritage site of the Anstey’s building, but prior to that, one must first define what cultural heritage is or is conceived to be. Cultural heritage is an embodiment of sites or people, particular to this investigation, cultural heritage sites are portrayed through architectural designs which display a certain uniqueness of that particular building....   [tags: south africa, monumental art deco]

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Fundamentals of Fire Protection

- Fundamentals of Fire Protection Tragedy in Worcester December 3, 1999 December 3, 1999 is a day that forever changed the Worcester Fire Department. Six career fire fighters died after they became lost in a six-story, maze-like, cold storage and warehouse building. Those lost were, Joseph T. McGuirk, 38; James F. Lyons III, 34; Lt. Thomas E. Spencer, 42; Timothy P. Jackson, 51; Paul A. Brotherton, 41; and Jeremiah M. Lucey, 38. ( May 2002) This research will discuss the importance of operating within the incident command system, the importance of an accountability system, crew integrity, rapid intervention teams and the use of thermal imagin...   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating the Effect of Temperature on the Height a Squash Ball Bounce

- Investigating the Effect of Temperature on the Height a Squash Ball Bounce Aim: To investigate the effect of temperature on the height a squash ball bounces. Prediction: I think that the higher the temperature of the squash ball, the higher the squash ball will bounce. I think that as the temperature doubles so will the height of the bounce. I think that they will be directly proportional. Scientific Knowledge: If you drop a ball onto a hard floor. It will rebound, but even the bounciest ball will not bounce back to its starting position....   [tags: Papers]

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Why Do We Have so Many Problems in Today’s Society with Schools?

- Why do we have so many problems in today’s society with schools. This is why. School safety is a very big problem in today’s world. We have to work to make school safety better. Although schools and districts are doing everything they and to keep their students as safe as possible, there are still many problems. There are many aspects that go into school safety such as drills, concussions and other head injuries, bullying, technology safety, and intruders. Project Citizen is a yearly 100 point project that students must do in 7th Grade Social Studies in which students focus on different aspects of the world....   [tags: school safety, drills, project citizen]

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Structural Makeup of the Commercial Building

- Contents • Introduction • Site Analysis • Structural Make-up • Beam Calculations • Load Trace • Choice of Materials • Conclusion  Introduction This report will investigate the structural makeup of the commercial building we are working on as part of the Studio 2 module. The building has a single-storey basement that is to be used for car parking, with 5 upper storeys comprising of a café and open plan offices. This report investigates firstly the site that the building is situated on, secondly, the structural make-up of the building, thirdly the load trace and finally, materials used along with reasons for choosing them....   [tags: beam caculation, load trace]

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Bamboo Flooring Is Economical and Environmentally Safe

- Choosing the flooring for your home can feel overwhelming with all of the available choices. Carpet is also being replaced by many do to the conveniences and healthfulness of a wood floor. Replacing the traditional hardwood is bamboo. There are many benefits of bamboo flooring not found in traditional hardwood floors. Bamboo is extremely durable and more adaptable to the elements than traditional flooring. It will withstand a great difference in fluctuations of temperatures. It will go from extreme cold to extreme heat without damaging the flooring....   [tags: tips, flooring,]

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Installing Bamboo Flooring

- Usually there are no instructions in the box on installing bamboo flooring, but it is done just like ordinary hardwood flooring. The proper floor preparation is essential before any installation. It is important that all sub flooring be flat with a tolerance of no more than one half inch over a twelve foot span. If the sub floor is made of wood, staples are better to use than flooring cleats. Staples hold better and do not squeak when stepped upon. If you decide to use a glue down installation, use the adhesive that is specified by the manufacturer....   [tags: tips, home repair, ]

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Local Area Network

- 1.4 Project Scope For this project scope, all the staff of Airod will be allow to use this Local Area Network. As in one organization they are consists of 4 departments, all of department are connected with each other and also have their own limitation access. This project is created in order to develop a secure LAN architecture for this organization in which is to make them easy to communicate and sharing resource between them. As what I have observed in this organization, they are still use a conventional method if they want to communicate on each other....   [tags: the case of Airod]

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The tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911

- Girls and women ran to the doors and to the elevator. The elevator operator saved as many as he could, but he had to stop running the elevator because the fire had spread too far to keep operating it safely. Sisters, mothers, and daughters were separated. For some, the last thing they saw of their family member was either them going down the elevator, or trapped in the building. The workers became truly desperate. Some threw themselves down the elevator shaft after the elevator stopped coming. Others rushed to the fire escape, but it collapsed under all the weight....   [tags: fire, workplace safety, law]

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An Plan for the Construction of a Building, An Outline

- Introduction 1. This annex outlines a concise scope of works for the proposed Military Guard Service (MGS) Facility. A detailed Engineer Plan (DEP) should be produced in a later date prior to commencing the construction task. The sequences and details in this annex are for the guidance only and should be assessed by relevant person while producing DEP. 2. There is feasibility of undertaking concurrent activity, however careful assessment and consideration should be given to the Health and Safety of all personnel on site....   [tags: scope of work, foundations, floors, safety]

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Musee du Louvre: An Artistic and Architectural Analysis

- Paul Cezanne once said, “Keep good company-that is, go to the Louvre.” (5) Indeed, today it is known as one of the most famous buildings in the world. Some of its most famous pieces include Venus of Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Code of Hammurabi, and most notably, the Mona Lisa. Established in the sixteenth-century as the private art collection of King Francis I, it is now one of the most famous museums in the world. The Louvre is located in the heart of Paris, in France. To be more precise, it is located on the Right Bank of the river Seine, on the first arrondissement....   [tags: Art, France, Reknown]

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Working Out Your Body from Head to Toe

- CORE Your abdominals consist of four muscles, usually known simply as your abs. Abs include the rectus abdominis, the transversus abdominis, and a pair of muscles called the obliques. Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together to create better balance and stability. Oblique twists Opposite arm and leg raise Oblique twists Sit on the ground holding a dumbbell on both ends....   [tags: core, pushup, chest, legs]

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The Market for Alcoholic Beverages, Questions and Answers

- 2 Questions to address: a) What do we know about the demand for alcohol, and how is this relevant to policy makers wishing to curb consumption. b) What can you determine about the supply of alcoholic beverages (in terms of industry structure). How might individual firms hope to get ahead in this market. c) Explain, using diagrams, how individual producers in this industry might be affected by the price floor implemented in Scotland. What determines the extent to which they are affected. d) Why do you think the policy makers have opted for a price floor over a tax....   [tags: policy makers, curb consumption]

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Our Lady of Angels: Tragedy in Chicago

- December 1st, 1958 tragedy comes to Chicago, the catholic school Our Lady of Angels is a blase a fire has started in the basement of the north wing of the school at the bottom of the stairwell and is roaring through the north wing in a matter of minuets despite the best efforts of the Chicago fire department the north wing is nearly a total loss resulting in the death of 90 people died in the blaze and 5 more were critically injured resulting in deaths. Through my research I have sought to find the role that the construction of the building has played in the precipitation of this tragedy....   [tags: tragic fires, building construction analysis]

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The Interior Of The U.s. Custom House

- The interior of the U.S. Custom house includes a basement, cortile and balcony, east offices, restrooms, entrance lobbies and offices. The interior is centered around the two-story cortile, named the “Business Room,” with most offices opening into it (United States Customhouse, Charleston County). It was originally designed as a rotunda with a sky lit dome, but ultimately was square shaped with the span of fifty feet in both directions (U.S. Custom House, Charleston, SC). It contains black and white marble tiles on the floor with fourteen cast-iron Corinthian columns bordering the space and supporting the cast-iron balcony (U.S....   [tags: United States]

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The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri

- ... As you slowly step around and are overwhelmed by all the different displays of heaven and their meaning one you can help but stare at is “The Binding” by Christine Dixie of South Africa. She has created large paintings or different stages of a child’s sleep, the option to use a child is powerful in itself being that when you think of pure and innocence you think of a child, and nothing can be more pure, and beautiful than parent hood and watching your child the art you’ve created sleep peacefully and sleep itself is known to be peaceful and heavenly....   [tags: Africa, South Africa, Divine Comedy, Hell]

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new york stock exchange

- The New York Stock Exchange traces its origin back 200 years. Centuries of growth and innovation the NYSE remains the world’s foremost securities marketplace. Over the years its commitment to investors has been unwavering and its persistent application of the latest technology has allowed it to maintain a level of market quality and service that is unparalleled. The NYSE has grown to become the global marketplace of today. Each day on the NYSE trading floor and auction takes place. Open bid and offers are managed on the trading floor page of by exchange members acting on behalf of institutions and individual investors....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Workplace Health and Safety

- Not providing adequate safety in the workplace can be devastating. Companies put their employees at risk when they fail to implement a course of action that employees are mandated to follow in the case of kind of crises. Although it may be challenging, administrators must ensure that adequate safety measures are implemented to save lives in the workplace, therefore they must institute laws to protect workers. Two examples are provided to depict tragedies that brought about regulations that are greatly needed to protect worker and to identify the administrators’ role in protecting Americans....   [tags: Workplace Health and Safety]

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Exercises for the Glutes

- Exercises for the Glutes It was around the turn of the millenium when the news splashed around the world over that Jennifer Lopez had just gotten her 'ass'ets (buttocks) insured for a cool 1 billion dollars. That incident almost single-handedly got the derriere to the fore- so to speak. People went crazy over attaining the perfect buttocks- the right mixture of curvature and toned muscle. That the butt has a certain aesthetic value cannot be denied. Men and women around the world stock their closets up with skinny jeans only to accentuate their well sculpted buttocks....   [tags: buttocks, squats, healthy]

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The Chicago Bulls

- Why Are The Chicago Bulls So Good. Two weeks ago, I was home watching a Chicago Bulls game. I started to analyze why the team had the best record in the league. About nine years ago, the Chicago Bulls selected Michael Jordan in the third pick of the college draft from North Carolina. A few years later, the Bulls drafted Scottie Pippen from Central Arkansas State and just recently acquired Dennis Rodman from the San Antonio Spurs. After my diagnosis, I concluded that the Bulls have the three key elements to win the championship in 1996....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Grace Building

- Emerging from the subway station at the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan there is a sight that can’t be missed, the imposing presence of the Grace Building. Fifty-stories high and located at the northeast intersection of both streets, this office building has a side entrance facing 6th Avenue and a main entrance opposite Bryant Park on 42nd Street. It towers over this park with a monolithic stance, distinctly visible in the Manhattan Skyline when it is observed from the southern tip of the island....   [tags: design, functionality, location]

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Analysis Of The Dance ' Until We Go Down ' By Yana And Taught It At D Side Dance Studio

- ... Moreover, Abraimova was the choreographer and the instructor teaching this dance in this video, and it looks like she is teaching students from the ages of ten to fifteen. Her choreography is so unique, and it is such a coincidence I can relate to her originality. The reason why I feel like I can relate to her is because when she created her piece she based it off of dramatic movements while improvising. When I am improvising it is typically because I just want to get away from everything else in the world and dance in my own creative zone where I am most comfortable....   [tags: Dance, Choreography, Dance therapy]

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My Classroom University Education : An Essential And Integral Part Of My Real World Architectural Practice

- My classroom university education has been an essential and integral part of my real world architectural practice. Not only has university given me the technical knowledge and ability to use software. It has given me the ability to document my ideas and present them while still being open to criticism and growth. These skills taught at school are crucial for the profession. I do recognize that working in architectural practices is a totally different experience to the knowledge learnt at an architectural University....   [tags: Design, Construction, Project management, Learning]

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