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Divine Grace and Justice in Dante's Inferno

- Divine Justice and Grace in Inferno The purpose of the pilgrim's journey through hell is to show, first hand, the divine justice of God and how Christian morality dictates how, and to what degree, sinners are punished. Also, the journey shows the significance of God's grace and how it affects not only the living, but the deceased as well. During his trip through hell, the character of Dante witnesses the true perfection of God's justice in that every sinner is punished in the same nature as their sins....   [tags: Dante Alighieri European Literature]

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Montgomery Clift's Performance in Judgement at Nuremberg

- Montgomery Clift's Performance in Judgement at Nuremberg Montgomery Clift was an idol of teenage cinema audiences from 1949 to 1956, despite his matinee idol good looks he won respect of the film critics for his performances in, 'The search', and 'From here to eternity', for which he received nominations for best actor academy award, although did not win. His next nomination after 1954's 'From here to eternity', was in 1961, as best supporting actor in 'Judgement at Nuremberg'....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of Love Poetry from Different Poets

- Analysis of Love Poetry from Different Poets As long as there has been poetry there has been ‘love’ poetry. Many poets express their feelings through their writing, therefore many poets write about love and other emotions and feelings attached to it. Different poets have different styles of writing, so approach that particular subject in different ways. “I am very bothered” by Simon Armitage, “I wouldn’t thank you for a Valentine” by Liz Lochhead and “First Ice” by Andrei Voznesensky are poems where the poet uses different styles of writing....   [tags: Papers]

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Divine Comedy – Pagans in Paradise

- Divine Comedy – Pagans in Paradise In the beginning when God created humanity, it was said that He created all humans in His image of goodness (Genesis 1:27). Dante then adds in his Divine Comedy that God has instilled a certain predetermined capacity of goodness in each human being as He wills, which should be utilized fully during life (Paradise 3:84). It would then be assumed, in Dantean thought, that all humans have the choice to live fully to this capacity and assume a place in heaven upon death, to fail to utilize this capacity and suffer in Hell for eternity, or to sin and seek repentance at some point in their lives, allowing them to enter Purgatory....   [tags: Divine Comedy]

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The Dawn Of A New Beginning

- The Dawn Of A New Beginning Many mornings during my childhood, my father would take me to watch the sunrise over the water. The place he took me was discovered several years prior and was the ideal place to watch the sunrise. It was comprised of a hill that was surrounded with only the purity of nature. The hill was encompassed by trees, and it slowly sloped down until the foot of the hill waded into the water’s edge. At the top of the hill stood a massive Wye Oak tree, that to a child eyes seemed as though it was a skyscraper....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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The Ideology of Scientology and Kabbala

- The Ideology of Scientology and Kabbala A leader of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, once wrote, “A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists (3).” Alternative religions have had a dramatic impact on today’s culture. In the past few years, Hollywood has become “the cast of religious fads (2).” Many famous people such as Madonna, Roseanne, and Courtney Love have become products of the alternative religion, Kabbalahism. Others like John Travolta and Tom Cruise are well known, devote Scientologists....   [tags: Religion Scientology Kabbala Religious Essays]

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Ancient Egyptian Greek and Roman Stele

- Ancient Egyptian Greek and Roman Stele Just as we use tombstones to mark graves and commemorate our dead, so too did ancient civilizations. One way to do so in the ancient world was through the use of steles. A stele is a stone slab, usually decorated in relief and inscribed, that honored the death of a person. Three of the ancient cultures that had implemented the use of the stele were the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In comparing an example from each civilization, it is possible to see the evolution of the stele from one period to another and the different influences each civilization had on a single element....   [tags: essays papers]

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Padre Antonio Vieira's Sermons about "slaveries"

- Padre Antonio Vieira became a missionary priest and returned to Brazil in 1652, with very complex messages about slavery. His teachings could be interpreted as being against the Christian religion, but they raised a lot of questions about the slavery of the New World and whether or not the God's name was being used in vain. During his two sermons in Bahia and Sao Luis do Maranhao, he used his own beliefs of universal church to convert non-Christians to the faith. He uses the Bible, as his reference and his faith in God, as his guide to show that the settlers should treat the natives fairly and humanly....   [tags: American History]

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Role of Religion in Dr. Faust

- Role of Religion in Dr. Faust Dr. Faust is a legend from the sixteenth century that tells the tale of a man that sells his sole to the devil for non-human powers. This legend is influenced by the time that it was written. During the sixteenth century religion had a large role on the society. It had affected everything from Government to everyday life for people. This story was set in the area of Europe. Which had a heavily religious influence. The Faust legend employs the notion of black magic and sorcery....   [tags: Papers]

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John Calvin on God's Divine Providence

- John Calvin on God's Divine Providence In John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion he spends a great deal of time expounding his doctrine of God's Divine providence in all of creation. He explains not only how God continually governs the laws of nature, but also how God governs man's actions and intentions to bring about His own Divine Will. Calvin believes that God's providence is so encompassing in creation that even a man's own actions, in many ways, are decreed by God. Because of this belief there arises the question, "Does Calvin leave room for the free will of man?" At the outset I must make clear that Calvin defines Providence as this: "providence means not that by whi...   [tags: Papers]

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Andrew Marvell's To His Coy Mistress

- Andrew Marvell's To His Coy Mistress To His Coy Mistress: This Seventeenth Century poem by Andrew Marvell (1621-1678) is a "carpe diem" ("Seize the day") poem. Its theme is that life is short and time is passing. The persona takes the loved one to task for not yielding to his persuasions to make love to him. It is another poem about power....   [tags: Papers]

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Paradise Lost; God As A Sadist

- Humans, God's Ignorant Pawns; or, Satan, The Ultimate Scapegoat; or better yet, God the Definitive Sadist The basic Christian view of Milton's Paradise Lost is that a purely evil being, the anti-god if you will, Satan, is the cause of all of human downfall. Briefly the story goes like this, first God creates everything, but a rogue angel named Lucifer wants more out of existence so he attempt a coup d'etat of heaven. He fails, as he had no chance to begin with, as the Christian god is omnipotent....   [tags: John Milton]

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Free Essay: Interpretation of God and Satan in John Milton's Paradise Lost

- Interpretation of God and Satan in Paradise Lost In John Milton's Paradise Lost, he tells of Satan's banishment from Heaven. He and his brigade have plotted war against God and are now doomed to billow in the fiery pits of hell. Satan is a complex character with many meaningful qualities. The relationship between Satan's qualities and Hell's atmosphere tell the reader more about why they seem to go hand in hand. Without Satan's features and Hell's tormenting aspects, the place would not be all it is....   [tags: Milton Paradise Lost Essays]

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An Analysis of the Final Passage in Chopin’s The Awakening

- An Analysis of the Final Passage in Chopin’s The Awakening As this passage commences, Chopin, through Edna’s thoughts, describes the seemingly endless sea that presents itself before her. Edna, through personification, shows the intimacy of her relationship with both nature and the sea. This large, “[…] never ceasing […]” (Chopin 139) body of water has entranced and enthralled Edna to the point where she is now beginning to see this natural element that amazes her so much as the only option left to her in life....   [tags: Chopin Awakening Essays]

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Homosexual Undertones in the Movie, Bride of Frankenstein

- Homosexual Undertones in the Movie, Bride of Frankenstein James Whale recreates the original horror of Frankenstein with his sequel Bride of Frankenstein, in which Henry Frankenstein once again tries to play God with the addition of an Eve to his already thriving Adam. "Henry Frankenstein...may attempt to reverse the Original Sin and re-enter the community by acquiescing to the horror cliché that 'there are things we are not meant to know'--except that his initial hubristic motive was not just to figure out eternity but to create life without the help of any Eve (he wants to 'be as God' in a double sense), and when in the sequel he manages to get married it is a sure bet that some Dr....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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A Comparison Between Roman Society and Medieval Society

- History Essay: A Comparison Between Roman Society and Medieval Society There are many distinct differences between Medieval society as illustrated by Achen in 800 AD and Roman society as illustrated by Pompeii in 79 AD, with some similarities. There are many aspects to examine, such as education, religion, tolerance, social classes, materialism, view of time, infra-structure, trade and cities. The first difference to look at is cities and that they were structured differently. In Pompeii, there was the patrician and plebeians....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Conflicting Imagery in Matthew Arnold's Dover Beach

- Conflicting Imagery in Matthew Arnold's Dover Beach           In the poem Dover Beach, the poet uses conflicting imagery to give meaning to the poem. The differences in the way that the poet sees the relationship between the beach and the sea and the way that most people would see it become more pronounced as the poem develops. He also uses the change in attitude from the first stanza to the last to emphasize his message.           The poem starts with  the normal image one would expect of a beach and a peaceful moonlit night, but quickly moves to an entirely different point of view....   [tags: Arnold Dover Beach Essays Poem Poetry Analysis]

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The Punishment Suits The Crime For Dante

- The Punishment Suits the Crime      In the Inferno, Dante takes us on a journey through Hell. Dante describes the sins and the punishment in great detail. He puts the severity of the sins in a particular order, where the further one goes down, the more severe the sin. The order that Dante puts the sins in are: incontinence, violence, fraud, and betrayal. This paper will discuss two groups of sins, incontinence and fraud, and how severe the punishment for each sin is determined. In particular, it will compare the sin of gluttony in the third circle and divining in the fourth pouch of the eight circle....   [tags: Dante Alighieri Inferno]

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Analysis of the Film The Mummy Returns

- Analysis of the Film The Mummy Returns A full scale re-imaging of Universals Pictures seminal 1932 film , The mummy is a rousing , humorous, suspenseful and horrifying epic about an expedition of treasure seeking explorers in the Sahara desert in 1925. Stumbling upon an ancient tomb, the hunters set loose a 3000 year old legacy of terror, which is embodied in a vengeful reincarnation of an Egyptian priest who had been sentenced to an eternity as one of the living dead. The Mummy Returns is a continuation to the original Mummy....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of Paradise Lost by John Milton

- Analysis of Paradise Lost by John Milton By analyzing John Milton's Paradise Lost, it is plain to see it is a fine example of epic poetry. For the most part, John Milton follows the three main guidelines that construct an epic poem. By beginning in a formal way, having supernatural warfare, and engaging a character in a dark voyage, John Milton clearly uses classical epic characteristics. In traditional epic poetry, the poet asks a muse to speak through him. In the very beginning, Milton invokes a muse to inspire and instruct him....   [tags: Papers]

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What to Do With My Life?

- Wish I could be Anything I wanna be Wanna be a fireman Wanna be an astronaut Wanna sail the seas Just like a sailor But it's not the end of the world So baby don't get upset It's just a little regret   Less than a year left of high school, then four years of college to study who knows what, and after that... I do not know. There are so many things I wish I could do, so many careers I think would be interesting as the lyrics above suggest. I am big on traveling just to see the sights....   [tags: College Admissions, Personal Narrative]

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Personal Journal: My Dream and Oblivion

- Someday I’ll soar like an eagle totally oblivious to my surroundings and for once time, as a fourth dimension would cease to exist. As if eternity would sit next to me unassumingly and time would virtually stop by moving with bolted feet in sand. The mere thought of achieving this state of mind makes me enthralled to the fullest. There are flashes of brilliance that take me near to my nirvana, as I imagine it, but a rude awakening always ends my flight and I hit the earth with a thud. And every fall makes me more adamant in achieving my dream of making for the sky, reach out for the heavens and experience what its like to defy gravity....   [tags: essays research papers]

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John Donne's The Sun Rising

- John Donne's The Sun Rising Critics of John Donne's "The Sun Rising" often note that the poem's displacement of the outside world in favor of two lovers' inner world serves to support its overall theme: the centrality of human love amidst a permanent physical universe. In an essay entitled "John Donne," Achsah Guibbory supports this reading of the poem, stating, "The world of love contains everything of value; it is the only one worth exploring and possessing. Hence the microcosmic world of love becomes larger and more important than the macrocosm" (135)....   [tags: Donne Sun Rising Essays]

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Unity in Bach's Cantata No.78

- Unity in Bach's Cantata No.78 According to Rowell, "Musical composition became much longer, and composer were forced to evolve new means of maintaining unity and continuity over long time spans" during the Baroque period. Therefore, the texture of music became very important. When I look at the musical texutre of the Cantata No. 78 by J. S. Bach, I realized that this piece was unified very well within a movement and as a whole piece by many techniques. Some of those techniques were found in the text, and the others were in the music....   [tags: Music Bach Musician Musical Essays]

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The Inferno by Dante Alighiere

- The Inferno by Dante Alighiere Translated by John Ciardi „« Summary of plot, organization and resolution o The Inferno is the first of a three part series by Dante known as the Divine Comedy. In this Divine Comedy Dante chronicles his journey to God through the levels of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. The Inferno is his description of his journey through the levels of Hell. The Inferno begins with Dante lost in a dark wood, which possibly represented sin. Dante tried to exit the wood, but three impassible beasts blocked his path....   [tags: essays research papers]

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how do you view religion?

- How do you view yourself. How do others view you. Do you really care. The answers to all these questions are shaped by the culture you were raised in. for the most part, scientists agree that culture plays a very important role in how a person develops. A woman raised in India might grow up to be a traditional woman who marries young, works part time, and who devotes the majority of her life to her family. The same person, if raised in a more Western-thinking country, might attend college, pursue a career, and not get married until after she’s thirty....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Anne Sullivan: Helen Keller´s Teacher

- Anne Sullivan: A Great Teacher &#8220;A teacher effects eternity'; (Henry B. Adams). A teacher does many things that affect her students. Even though at the time, the student does not understand the wisdom of the teachings. Anne Sullivan is one of those remarkable teachers. Helen Keller became deaf and blind at the age of eighteen months because of a fever. She lived many years not able to communicate with anyone. Helen was allowed, by her family, to do anything she wanted because they did not think she could know any better....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Life Of Emily Dickinson

- The Life of Emily Dickinson Although she lived a seemingly secluded life, Emily Dickinson's many encounters with death influenced many of her poems and letters. Perhaps one of the most ground breaking and inventive poets in American history, Dickinson has become as well known for her bizarre and eccentric life as for her incredible poems and letters. Numbering over 1,700, her poems highlight the many moments in a 19th century New Englander woman's life, including the deaths of some of her most beloved friends and family, most of which occurred in a short period of time (Benfey 6-25)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Religion's Effect on The Wanderer

- Religion's Effect on The Wanderer “He who is alone often lives to find favor” (Wanderer), but is he searching needlessly. In short, “The Wanderer” is an Old English poem of a man who is exiled due to the loss of his liege lord. The man then finds himself traveling the sea in search of a new land in which he could remain. His travel is accompanied by a lament from his heart. His heart has little hope, and even that is overpowered by the lament for the land he had just been exiled from. Yet hope still manages to find a place in this sad tale, for this oral poem was made into a manuscript by the Christian Monks around the year of 975 (Wanderer)....   [tags: Religion Clergy Wanderer Poetry Poem essays]

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The Poetry of Simon Armitage

- The Poetry of Simon Armitage Simon Armitage was born in Marsden, West Yorkshire in 1963. He studied Geography at Portsmouth, and Psychology at Manchester, qualified as a social worker and worked for six years as a probation officer. He has also worked as a shelf stacker, disc jockey and lathe operator. He is now a freelance writer and broadcaster. His work includes song lyrics, plays and scripts for TV and radio. Armitage's first collection, Zoom, was published by Bloodaxe in 1989....   [tags: Papers]

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Topic of Death in Hamlet

- Death in Hamlet Being that death is a universally explored topic, William Shakespeare, a master of English literature, opted to thoroughly investigate this complex notion in his play Hamlet. Shakespeare cleverly and sometimes subtly brings the reader/viewer through a physical and spiritual journey of death via the several controversial characters of Hamlet. The chief element of this expedition is undoubtedly the funerals. Every funeral depicts, and marks, the conclusion of different perceptions of death....   [tags: William Shakespeare]

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Cyrano de Bergerac: Cyranos Qualities

- Throughout Edmond Rostand’s classic play, Cyrano de Bergerac, the title character, Cyrano, is a passionate writer whose complex and rich personal qualities are the foundation of his peerless eloquence. Cyrano’s unrivaled sense of humor is a defense against those who humiliate him for his outlandish appearance. For example, during the “nose” speech, Cyrano challenges Valvert with twenty stunningly varied and complex alternative suggestions, one more stinging than the next, to replace Valvert’s banal attempt at insult....   [tags: Cyrano De Bergerac Essays]

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The Beauty of Nature

- The Beauty of Nature The sunset was not spectacular that day. The vivid ruby and tangerine streaks that so often caressed the blue brow of the sky were sleeping, hidden behind the heavy mists. There are some days when the sunlight seems to dance, to weave and frolic with tongues of fire between the blades of grass. Not on that day. That evening, the yellow light was sickly. It diffused softly through the gray curtains with a shrouded light that just failed to illuminate. High up in the treetops, the leaves swayed, but on the ground, the grass was silent, limp and unmoving....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Example]

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The Problem of Loneliness

- The Problem of Loneliness In theology class, loneliness was defined as the experience of being disconnected, unrelated, or cut off from the Other. The Other is something that fulfills a dimension of the human person, that pushes one to enter into relationships, be it with God or another human. In core humanities we examined St. Augustine’s spiritual autobiography, The Confessions of St. Augustine, and credited him with defining the concept. However, many other writers since Augustine’s time have also worked with this notion of loneliness....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Fear of the Water

- It was three weeks before my third birthday. The razor sharp air seemed to laugh at my winter coat, gloves, and hat. My Mother was pushing me along in a stroller at Carson Park. Walking briskly along the pond trail to keep warm, hiding that she did not want to be there. She knew that I loved to come look at the pond in the winter, and she braved the weather because of my birthday. I looked up with my curious eyes, trying to figure out why it was that the ducks left in the winter, why the water looked hard, and how people walked on the water like in the Bible....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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What Dreams May Come

- What Dreams May Come The movie What Dreams May Come gives a rather positive view on the afterlife. I think most of the ideas and views shown in the film are related to many of society's main beliefs pertaining to death and the afterlife, but the views are left broad enough so they can relate to any specific religion. Personally, I have no concrete belief concerning the afterlife, or whether or not if there even is life after death, but I can see why many people would agree with many of the films perspectives....   [tags: Film Movies Review Life After Death Essays]

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A Price Above Rubies

- &quot; I’m going to question whatever I like&quot;, &quot; I’m going to choose whatever side I want and if God happens to be on the other side then so be it.&quot; I believe these two quotes capture the essence of the film &quot; A Price Above Rubies&quot;. The main character, Sonia Horowitz, a Hasidic Jew, embarked on a journey in which she sought to find herself through questioning her faith and the strict Jewish life.In doing so, she paid a heavy price. This, I believe, to be the message of the film....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Omens: Superstition versus Reality

- As soon as we hear this so-called word 'Omen' we squeeze our nose and feel like the people of this modern age. The people who are living in the 'Scientific era' and this appears to be a matter of great shame if they believe upon this seemingly trash. But I ask you one question and please give me your answer right straight to your heart. Have you ever searched about these things like an unbiased scientist. Science says that we must leave out some of the things since they are nothing but mere co-incidences without any significance at all....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Death in Different Religions

- Death in Different Religions Death has a great impact on people's lives in such a way that they learn to value life or even live it to the fullest. But what happens to us after we die. Many religions have answered this question for us according to their faiths. Buddhism is a religion where Buddhists believe in the concept of death and reincarnation or rebirth. On the other hand, Christians believe that after you die you go into a period of dormancy and until the second coming of Jesus will you be woken up and decided your fate whether you go to heaven or hell according to how you have lived your life....   [tags: Religion Religious Dying Death]

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American Urbanization

- With the population of America growing exponentially during the 19th century, migration from the country to the city became increasingly popular. As more and more people called the city their “home”, a Pandora’s Box of problems arose. Everything from overcrowded housing to unsanitary living conditions plagued the cities with new diseases during this time. To warn the people of these problems, author’s such as Washington Irving, Walt Whitman and Edgar Allen Poe helped make Americans more conscious about moving to the city....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Moral Philosophies

- Human nature is philosophical; if morality exists within human nature, then moral philosophy indeed deems human nature philosophical. The observance of moral patterns in human thought and behaviour often involve an analysis of reflection and action. Therefore, in the course currently entitled Human Sciences, Great Dialogues: Reflection and Action, both morality and philosophy are key themes. However, the calendar description for the course is as follows, “What is the relationship between thinking and action....   [tags: Human Nature, Human Thought, Behavior]

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Duality in Fahrenheit 451

- Duality in Fahrenheit 451 Dualities are the most elementary of comparisons, and are the easiest for the mind to comprehend in that total opposites are brought to attention. These opposites subconsciously provide one with a deeper insight of the material and consciously entertain. In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, many dualisms are included both within Montag and in the outside world that provide 180 degree flip-side views, giving the book further depth and inner meaning. Within the many layers of Montag lay several opposite sides....   [tags: Fahrenheit 451 Essays]

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Sense of Lost Love

- Sense of Lost Love Love bears all the happiness and all the pain; true satisfaction will come from loving another with all your heart. My mother always told me to remember that because that to her creates and embodies the genuine essence of life. Those words still echo through my head like ringing chime bells lost in the mist. She never hurt another soul, nobody as kind as she. Then she left me that night, no word of good bye or any wave, or hug. Nights after that I cry myself to sleep, the anguish so harsh, the wound etched so deep....   [tags: essays papers]

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Hellish nature of life

- Life is all based around heaven or hell, which is also what is good and bad. But why do we think there is a Heaven or Hell. Because one person came down and proclaimed to be a person with healing powers. There are thousands of people nowadays. If Jesus were here today we would think he was a twisted old poor man just like the rest of them. But people want something to believe in, something better after this life has ended. That’s why people were so easily trusting in Jesus. People followed him and he did miracles that further brought them in....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Donne's Use of Personification

- There are many literary devices at the disposal of writers that are used to emphasize ideas. In his sonnet "Death, be not proud", John Donne chooses to use personification. He personifies death in order to emphasize the idea that Christians have victory over death, and the promise of eternal life, where death is no more. In the first four lines of the poem, the speaker tells Death that even though some have though him to "mighty and dreadful", he is not. The reason he is not is that those he thinks he has dominion over do not actually die....   [tags: Poetry]

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Divine Foreknowledge

- Divine Foreknowledge Growing up as a Christian, in the Christian church, I was always taught that God knows everything. God knows the beginning and end, and everything in between. This is something that, until one starts asking tough questions, one usually accepts. My goal in writing this essay is not to change someone’s beliefs about God, or beliefs in God, but instead to challenge people to quote, un-quote, think outside the box. Consider the pros and cons of God knowing everything and also be open to other solutions....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind

- Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind In the video game Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Bethesda Softworks 2002), you control a character that initially has no identity. You fill out a questionnaire that decides your character’s class; thus, you are responsible for creating the foundation for your character’s role in the game. As you maneuver your character through this world, you continue to shape his/her identity through new experiences. Your actions and interactions with other characters in this virtual world influence and are influenced by your character’s role....   [tags: Games Technology Papers]

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Pre-Industrial Visual Cultures

- Pre-Industrial Visual Cultures I remember my father's futile attempts at trying to get me interested in Eastern philosophy. He got me cartoon versions of Zen philosophy and the teachings of Chinese philosophers, and would try to draw parallels between their ideas and what was going on in our lives. Unfortunately, I was more preoccupied with my telephone-marathons and other such pressing issues. The effect of his words on me was like water rolling off a duck's back. As I got older and less oblivious to the world, old ways and ideas were no longer applicable and I found myself left with nothing to hold onto....   [tags: Culture Cultural Papers]

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Does God Exist?

- Does God Exist. St. Thomas Aquinas has written several important works. Some of them are: The Disputed Questions on the Power of God, Exposition of Dionysius on the Divine Names and Disputed Questions on Spiritual Creatures. Most of Aquinas's works have been written to try to prove the existence of God. Aquinas has been a firm believer that everything had to have a creator and the only possible solution would be something called God. It is with this idea that Aquinas's Third Way was written. In his De aeternitate mundi contra murmurantes, Aquinas insists that human reason cannot prove the impossibility of an eternally created universe....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Hell, Satan, Evil

- As the great depths of hell began to rise the land began to rumble. As people ran around scared the mission became clear for me. It had come to me in a vision several times as a child as it had once come to my great grandmother. I was the one who was to calm the great depths. While walking through the village one day I came upon an break in my path. Fiery steam and flames raged out of the crack swallowing anyone who came near. I guess I had gotten too close. The next thing I knew I was in a place a sin and corruption....   [tags: My Inferno]

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The Human Condition

- The Human Condition Does life ever seem pointless and discouraging. In Albert Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus,” Camus describes the correlation between Sisyphus’s fate and the human condition. In the selection, everyday is the same for Sisyphus. Sisyphus is condemned to rolling a rock up a mountain for eternity. Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus” forces one to contemplate Sisyphus’s fate, how it relates to the human condition, and how it makes the writer feel about her part in life. Camus states “if this myth is tragic, that is because its hero is conscious” (Camus)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Divine Comedy

- During the Middle Ages, the church was a powerful institution. It had its own government, courts, system of taxation, and laws. To live a good Christian life guaranteed access to heaven in the afterlife, and a life of sin was to be sentenced to hell. Dante Alighieri was an Italian poet, who had an admirable depth of spiritual vision and was known for his intelligence (Encarta, 1). Between the years of 1308 and 1321, Dante wrote the epic poem, 'The Divine Comedy,'; which described a journey through the afterlife....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Scarlet Sharer

- The Secret Sharer written by Joseph Conrad, centers around a character of a sea captain. Its title and opening paragraphs forecast a story of mystery, isolation, duality, darkness and silence. The novel proves true these predictions reveling thematic and image patterns directly proportional to them. The opening of the novel further reveals dialectics in the novel. The clash between the private and the public world or man versus society, in other words is the primary dialectic. The journey theme or the rite of passage theme also reveal themselves....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Oedipus and Christianity

- Responsibility was a big deal in the story Oedipus Rex. Even though the gods knew what he was going to do, he still had the free will to do so. This is quite similar to the beliefs of the Christian religion. Christians are accustomed to the idea that God is all knowing, yet we as humans have the gift of free will and that makes us responsible for our own actions. It seems to be similar in the tale of Oedipus Rex and in Greek mythology as a whole. The ideas of this story within the bounds of Greek mythology seem to coincide quite well with the Christian faith; it is almost as if Sophocles meant to copy the ideas of a religion that was not invented until 425 years after his story was written....   [tags: Oedipus Rex, Sophocles]

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Homer and Immortality

- Homer and Immortality Immortality is one the subject of much mythology and folklore. From the stories of the gods themselves, to Achilles and the Styx, to vampires and present day Christian beliefs in an afterlife, the concept of immortality has been with humanity since the beginning of humanity. The wise and ever edifying Homer leaves myths of the elusive ever-lasting life out of his works; did Homer's Achilles not wear armor. The Odyssey is a story of mortality. Limitation and suffering are what define humanity, yet they are also what give life merit....   [tags: Papers]

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Caring for Children

- “No cost nor labour did I spare” is a phrase every mother lives by. It shows that a mother loves her children so much that she will give anything up just so her children can reach success in life. The way this is written suggests that there was no thought involved in making this decision, the mother did not even think about it for a second, she knew immediately that she would not spare any cost or labor for her child. Anne Bradstreet is the author who wrote this, suggesting that the most important thing in her entire life is her kid’s success in life....   [tags: Anne Bradstreet]

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Midaq Alley

- Naguib Mahfouz is the author of the book Midaq Alley that was translated from Arabic by Trevor Le Gassick. First published in 1966, Midaq Alley displays a historical period of Egypt in the most intimate sense as it is presented through the lives of the characters that inhabit the alley. Although the book is set in the early forties it possesses a taste of eternity as the reader watches the characters struggle through questions of morality, ethics, and traditions. (The answer of which shape their behavior.) This is all perceived through the eyes of the ageless alley, which is witnessed with total indifference....   [tags: Naguib Mahfouz, Midaq Alley]

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Emily Dickinson

- The complex fate of human beings in this tragic yet beutiful world and the possible fortunes of the human spirit in a subsequent life is what interests us all in life, and this is the central theme in most of Emily Dickinsons work. In her enticing poetry, Emily establishes a dialectical relationship between reality and imagination, the known and the unknown. By ordering the stages of life to include death and eternity, Dickinson suggests the interconnected and mutually determined nature of the finite and infinite....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Thinker

- Sitting alone in a garden in Paris, surrounded by Rodin’s statues, I watch the world pass me by, as I have for hundreds of years. Just over the hedge, I can see the gold dome marking the place where Napoleon is buried. All sorts of people pass by, some marveling at my creator’s talent, others wondering why he represented the hands and feet so unnaturally large. It is easy to recognize the American tourists, in blue jeans, who gawk at nude statues, and the Britons, in slightly more formal clothes, gawking just the same....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Poetry: I Dream

- I dream of a life that me and you will forever share Where we eventually call home, I really dont care I dream of a time when I will again be the one that you trust For without that, this relationship will eventually rust I dream of kisses, and walks with your hand in mine the feelings you give me, will most certainly be divine I dream of the day when in person we actually greet I get chills of anticipation, as our lips meet I dream of the dreams I will have as you sleep, peacefully next to me they are the perfect dreams, for as I awake, it is you that I see I dream of a day when I get to see your face as you laugh because I say "NO dont tip over that cow for it's only a baby calf" I...   [tags: Poetry, Poem]

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Free Essays on Wharton's Ethan Frome: A Timeless Novel

- Ethan Frome: A Timeless Novel The writing in the novel, Ethan Frome is fantastic. The love of Ethan Frome is crystal clear. Ethan and Mattie are both believably in love and Ethan's desperation grips the reader. Zeena, I think, is the most well described of them all. She is reality itself--beyond love, beyond fate, and it is she who outlasts them all. Although I think I fell in love with both Mattie and Ethan in this story and was feeling that intense love and pain of impending separation in their last moments together, the realist in me loved the ending....   [tags: Ethan Frome Essays]

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Divine Comedy - Autobiographical Journey in Dante’s Inferno

- Dante’s Inferno - Autobiographical Journey The Inferno is more than just a fictional story about someone traveling through the universe. It is actually more like an autobiographical journey of life through its author, Dante Alighieri’s eyes. Written in the early 1300s by a disgruntled Dante living in exile, he literally describes a man who has been trapped, and must find a way to escape. Allegorically, he’s telling us about the terrible moment of crisis that occurs in each one of our lives “when evil inside and outside of ourselves seems to block any hope for further constructive development”....   [tags: Divine Comedy Inferno Essays]

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Religion in Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

- Religion in Huckleberry Finn Religion is one of the most constant targets of Twain's satirical pen. In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain portrays contemporary religion as shallow and hypocritical. He criticizes the hypocrisy of conventional religion by comparing it with the true religion of Huck. Most of the characters in Huckleberry Finn, while ostensibly devout Christians, in reality behave in anything but a Christian way. Some use religion as a tool to obtain wealth. The king, who twice poses as a preacher, is the epitome of the greedy evangelist....   [tags: Adventures Huckleberry Huck Finn Essays]

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The Nature of Ghosts in The Woman Warrior

- The Nature of Ghosts in The Woman Warrior "Ghost." What images does this word conjure up in the average American mind. Perhaps you think of little kids draped in white sheets begging for candy on Halloween. Perhaps you imagine transparent versions of dead people wandering the earth for eternity. Perhaps you are reminded of a person who just saw something especially scary; they are "pale as a ghost". So the word "ghost" - a word with many meanings - calls forth these images. What do they have in common....   [tags: Maxine Hong Kingston Woman Warrior Essays]

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College Admissions Essay: I Will be the Wind

- I will be the wind I am a piece of paper. In the beginning I was blank. I could have been anything. A paper airplane, treating my life as a quick high, then being left on the ground, forgotten, had I wasted my childhood on drugs; a story, had I chosen to take my time and develop into a dynamic creature; a crumpled up ball, thrown away seconds later, had I not been loved; I could have been a college essay, had I been created only to be given to someone else. I am a story. As I grew up, I chose which kind I should be....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Understanding Catullus’s Poems

- Understanding Catullus’s Poems Many of Catullus’s poems expressed Catullus’s love for his beloved Lesbia.  In the first poem he is relishing her kisses and declaring the eternity of their love.  The three later poems show him sadder and he accurse Lesbia of unfaithfulness yet still confesses his love for her.  Catullus’s Poems are universal in time and are relevant to any time period.  The particular time period that I am focusing on is today’s time period and how his essays are relevant to the modern reader.  The two particular poems that I am going to be focusing on is number five and number seventy-two.  Both are very emotional and could be reflected on today’s society....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Frank Sinatra

- Frank Sinatra Francis Albert Sinatra born on December 12, 1915, in Hoboken, New Jersey later became known as Frank Sinatra and one of the greatest entertainers of his generation. American singers - Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday, influenced Frank Sinatra. Sinatra then developed a signature vocal phrasing in his music that influenced generations of popular vocalists. Sinatra anticipated the decline of big-band instrumental jazz music, and helped establish an enthusiastic climate for popular singers....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Emily dickinson

- Emily Dickinson’s poetry powerfully indicates values of society of the time. It does this through its conciseness, its simplicity and its control. Indications of society’s values are seen in many of Dickinson's poems, but they are especially noticeable in ‘It was not Death’, and ‘Because I could not stop for Death’. In Dickinson’s poem ‘It was not Death’, she demonstrates how restricting and stereotyping society can be on an individual, and how society values the conformity of the whole community, even though they may not want to....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hamlet Essay

- Death can be harsh. Death can be punishing. Death can be for the most, sad. As most people see death, it brings tough and hard emotions to their minds. Most don’t understand that death should be celebrated. They believe that once they die they never see them again. This idea that death is the end, has haunted the human life for all of eternity. Death brings cold thoughts to a person, which makes them miserable. The passing away of a beloved person, can be extremely dangerous through the different ideas and attitudes that come with death....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Birthmark

- &#65279; A Story of Love and Science A Story of Love and Science Nathaniel Hawthorne is a nineteenth century American Novelist whose works are deeply concerned with the ethical problems of sin, punishment, and atonement (Adams 168). The New England writer also handles the romantic theme very well and is a master of historical fiction. Hawthorne was a descendant of one of the judges at the Salem witch trials, and he set many of his works in Puritan New England and during early crises in American history (Encarta)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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William Wordsworth

- William Wordsworth William Wordsworth is considered to be the greatest among all of the English Romantic poets. Although he did not always get the recognition that he rightfully deserved in the early part of his career, only through trials and tribulations did he reach the pinnacle of the literary world. "Wordsworth said of "the Prelude" that it was "a thing unprecedented in the literary history that a man should talk so much about himself": " I had nothing to do but describe what I had felt and thought" and " therefore could not easily be bewildered.""(Sinatra, 1) Wordsworth's innovative concept of nature and his frank exploration of his feelings and philosophical ideas created his own o...   [tags: English Romantic Poets Biography Biographies]

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Religion Essay

- Religion Essay 1. What are the functions of religion. 2. Is it possible to be religious and accept the teachings of modern science. Based upon my opinion and research I believe that it is not possible to be religious and at the same time, accept the teachings of modern science. As explained in the two questions below, the idea of a religion is to seek the answer to the meaning of life, and after death, live in an eternity with their God. Many religions outline the beginning of the world and how we all had come onto this earth....   [tags: Religion Religious]

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Appropriate Punishment

- Educational Psychology Appropriate Punishment I thought it was very interesting when we discussed punishment and positive and negative reinforcement in class. I think it is very important to use positive reinforcement just as much as negative reinforcement. I also found it interesting that when you punish a child, you should do nine good things to make up for the one bad punishment. We discussed spanking in class also. I personally have never been spanked, but that is only because my father was physically abused by his father, so my dad chooses to punish his children in other ways....   [tags: essays research papers]

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frank sinatra

- Sinatra, Frank (1915-1998), American singer and motion-picture actor, one of the most famous American singers of his generation. Born Francis Albert Sinatra in Hoboken, New Jersey, he sang with the big bands of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey in the 1930s.Influenced by American singers Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday, Sinatra anticipated the decline of big-band instrumental jazz music and helped establish an enthusiastic climate for popular singers. In the 1940s Sinatra embarked on a solo career and became the idol of so-called bobby-soxers, teenage girls who swooned over his crooning, soft-voiced singing....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Is love empty. Is there nothing except the pursuit of lust and no time for courtship or time to love another person emotionally. Physical love provides a quick bond but often has no emotional or lasting value. Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” develops a carefully constructed argument as the speaker seeks to persuade his lady to surrender her virginity to him. The argumentative point made by the speaker in this poem is the importance of time and a man in love not being able to wait another second to express his love for the women he desires....   [tags: Literary Analysis, To His Coy Mistress]

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- “The world is, of course, nothing but our conception of it.” This quote, by Anton Chekhov, seems obvious and easy to relate to. However, it perfectly describes the concept of existentialism, which is neither obvious nor relatable. Existentialism is “a modern philosophical movement stressing the importance of personal experience and responsibility and the demands that they make on the individual, who is seen as a free agent in a deterministic and seemingly meaningless universe” (“Existentialism”)....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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- Atlas In Greek Mythology, the Titans were a race of giants. Atlas was the strongest of all the titans. His father was titan Iapetus and his mother was the Sea Nymph Clymene. His brothers were Prometheus and Cronus. Atlas was the father of the Hesperides (Daughters of the Evening,) the Hyades, and the Pleiades. He was also the king of the legendary Atlantis. In etymology Atlas means &#8220;bearer'; or &#8220;endurer.'; An image of Atlas is a person with the world on his back. Also a book of maps is called an atlas....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Betrayal 1.Desire It is easy to fall in love with bodies. I Breathe skin, lose time to anticipation and pleasure, hair, lips, thighs; tangled in another person, I am lost in a jungle. Transcendence. Society teaches us to break a body down: we love legs, butts, breasts; we take images and splice them into the form of our perfect desire. Like Pygmalion we are desperate to breathe life into our conception of beauty, our imagination of a perfect creature. Reality is easily redrawn around a body whose presence in a place reorganizes the map of the world....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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- In this paper, I am going to explore the differences between communism and socialism and how different the thoughts and opinions of these two ways of life are from the current western views on religion and God. To explain about the differences between socialism/communism and western thoughts on religion I will explore the writings of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. They are founders and writers of a lot of the socialist and communist thoughts on religion and God. In our western society when we discuss God and religion, people for the most part are going to lean one way or another when it comes to their beliefs on religion....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Surgery My stomach and throat seemed to be playing ping pong with my heart as I entered the hospital’s waiting room. All week I had been playing it cool telling everyone that the surgery was not that big of a deal, and that I was enthused about all the attention I would be receiving. But today reality had hit me. I had never been through anything like this before. The waiting room was sparsely filled with families waiting for their loved ones. I tried to look at the various magazines, but nothing helped relieve the tight feeling in my stomach....   [tags: essays research papers]

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