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Segregation Deep South During World War II

- Political protesting within today’s society is often relegated to mass marches, social media usage, and other large acts. Unfortunately, small and simple everyday acts of protest are often overlooked or deemed useless in the long run. Sadly, this diminishes most of the protests that take place within America. However, this is not a new trend, but one that can be seen throughout American history, specifically within Jim Crow laws and segregation Deep South during World War II. Within Robin Kelley’s “Congested Terrain,” the way lower and middle-class black citizens fought for their rights to the public spaces within Birmingham Alabama are explored....   [tags: Black people, White people, Working class]

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Adam Rothman 's Slave Country : American Expansion And The Origins Of The Deep South

- Adam Rothman 's Slave Country: American Expansion and the Origins of the Deep South. Rothman 's first book is a timely monograph that reminds us about the different ideological and political motives that drive territorial expansion in the United States during that time. In just over two hundred pages, he provides an analytic narrative of how the Deep South- Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi - grow into a thriving society. More importantly, is he well argued thesis that the expansion of territory in which plantation slavery can be a main force drove settlers and speculators into what is now known as the Deep South....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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A Late Encounter With the Enemy by Flannery O’Connor

- Sothern gothic literature that include Works like Flannery O’Connor’s “A Late encounter with the enemy” incorporates the idea of “investigating madness, decay and despair, and the continuing pressures of the past upon the present, particularly with respect to the lost ideals of a dispossessed Southern aristocracy and to the continuance of racial hostilities.”(Marshall 3). These ideas all share a common theme that O’Connor brings to the table in “A Late Encounter with the enemy, along with “The American South serves as the nation’s ‘other,’ becoming the repository of everything from which the nation wants to disassociate itself” (Marshall 3–4)....   [tags: gothic fashion, deep south]

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Race Relations Between African Americans and Whites Following Reconstruction

- Following what was arguably the most turbulent time in American history; Reconstruction had far-reaching effects on a number of areas of life in the United States. In the Deep South, one of the clearest impacts could be seen on racial relations, specifically between whites and newly-freed African Americans. Legally, dramatic changes had been made at the federal level, providing African Americans with a host of rights that had never been offered them before. It was no wonder, then, that former slave owners in the South rejected these changes and rights, taking whatever steps necessary to keep African Americans down....   [tags: Racial Relations in the Deep South]

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Flannery O’Conner: Deep South Scribe

- Dead at the age of thirty nine years young, Flannery O’Conner lost her fight with lupus, but had won her place as one of America’s great short story writers and essayist. Born in Savannah, Georgia, within the borders of America’s “Bible Belt”, she is raised Catholic, making O’Connor a minority in the midst of the conservative Protestant and Baptist faiths observed in the Southern United States. In the midst of losing her father at the age fifteen, followed by her diagnosis and struggle with the same physical illness that took him, as well as her strong unwavering faith in the Catholic Church are crucial components of O’Connor’s literary style which mold and guide her stories of loss, regret,...   [tags: Biography, Writer, Analysis]

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Black Boy by Richard Wright and A Brief Introduction To The History Of The Deep South

- Compare the two texts an extract from Black Boy by Richard Wright and A Brief Introduction To The History Of The Deep South for: 1) Tone 2) Use of Language (Style) 3) Register (Degree of Formality or Informality) Black Boy by Richard Wright is a personal recountive piece while A Brief Introduction To The History Of The Deep South a piece of expository writing. In Black Boy, the narrator recalls and describes 2 incidents that occurred on the same day which impacted his life and let him better understand the Whites’ thoughts and how to react to them....   [tags: Black Boy A Brief Introduction To The History Of]

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The Outbreak of the American Civil War as a Result of a Concerted Campaign of Aggression by the Deep South

- The Outbreak of the American Civil War as a Result of a Concerted Campaign of Aggression by the Deep South The Origins of the American Civil War lay in the complicated set of problems of slavery, expansion, sectionalism and politics of the antebellum era. As territorial expansion forced the United States to confront the question of whether territories were to be slave or free, as the power of slaveholders in Congress decreased, and as the North and the South developed obviously different economies and societies, the disruptive issues of sectionalism propelled the nation into the Civil War....   [tags: Papers]

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Time Changes Everything

- Time will inevitably change everything. That being said, more than roughly a century and a half ago the institution of racial slavery was a heavily debated societal issue, which led to the Civil War. It is my own personal opinion that slavery is best defined as the absolute ownership of another human’s life as personal property, and this practice of racial slavery served widely as one of the only means for economic prosperity throughout the Deep South. Wealthy plantation owners, subsistence slaveholding farmers, and even northern abolitionists who were involved in the purchasing cotton from southern slave states and weaving that cotton into clothes for sale benefited economically from slave...   [tags: civil war, deep south, racial slavery]

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There Is A Deep Legend

- There is a deep legend: A tale that goes way back to around 1982: Lutheran South Academy 's ( LSA) first year to bring education to young ,and eager minds.This school; a loving private school, had amazing teachers and staff that cared for all their students and did all they could to help them. Not only that, everyone shared a special bond: teacher and students, students with other students, office ladies and students, office ladies and teachers, and so much more. Even if some students were more stubborn, or unfocused, or just not as easy to deal with, they never gave up on them....   [tags: Brown hair, Eye color, High school]

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Suicide Epidemic in South Korea

- Among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development signed countries, South Korea leads with the highest rate of suicide. More than fourteen thousand South Koreans took their own lives in 2012 (Brown). During the years 2009 and 2010, a total of nearly thirty thousand people committed suicide. These thousands of suicides are often caused by issues within the social structure, almost unreachable standards of South Korea and other miseries. South Korea’s people consider suicide a growing and major problem of their society and culture and take many initiatives to aid in the possible saving of many lives....   [tags: South Korea, Suicide Rate, People, Culture]

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South Africa's Labour Legislation Framework

- South Africa's labour legislation framework promulgated during the past 2 decades & is regarded as some of the most comprehensive in the world. Currently, it has done much to redress the imbalances of the past. With 4 significant Acts promulgated to manage & regulate labor relations in our country, there are still areas lagging behind that have a profound influence on the country's economic performance. After our 1st democratic elections of 1994, there was a clear need for radical change in South Africa's socioeconomic & political order....   [tags: south africa, mbaki, aids, hiv]

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The North And The South

- During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, slavery had existed and traced back to the north and the south, both vary to the extent of duration. There had been extensive amount of similarities and differences between the north and the south that will be discussed in the following. In the beginning, slavery had not been introduced. Instead it was indentured servitude, which is when a man or woman agrees upon a contract to work for certain amount of years in exchange for transportation to the New World, food, clothing, shelter, and above all, land....   [tags: Slavery, American Civil War]

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South Afric A Threat Of An Economic Backlash

- The recent attacks on black non-nationals in South Africa which were labelled as Xenophobic attacks have had a negative impact on how South Africa is viewed Globally and have caused a threat of an economic backlash. In this essay we look at South Africa’s pan-African identity and if these attacks were indeed Xenophobic or whether they were a form of Afrophobia. Looking at how only the Black immigrants were attacked and not people from any other ethnic groups and choosing to only attack Black foreigners must have been deliberate thus the argument that the attacks were Afrophobic....   [tags: South Africa, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Steveston Village and Deep Cove- Canadian Tourist Attractions

- Nowadays, lower mainland tourist attractions are one of the most attractive tourist destinations for people to go travel. They always locate just beside the big cities, but you can get many special things you can’t get in the big cities, such as the natural environment, local building, fresh air and peaceful feeling. Many people like to relax in the lower mainland tourist attractions at weekend. Vancouver is a city full of good lower mainland tourist attractions. Steveston Village and Deep Cove are two of the most famous lower mainland tourist attractions in Vancouver....   [tags: Canada, tourism]

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The North And South

- `The North and South The New England area needed the south to grow more cotton . This caused the South to increase its production cotton. Also, all of this sudden increase in industry made southerners increase slave. Many slaves found themselves caught in the middle of slavery due to only relying on cotton . Charles Sumner’s quote “the lords of the lash and lords of the loom” states how these ties between the south and the north possibly could have backfired on them. In all, this much production of cotton that linked the north and south together led to greater amounts of slavery going into the civil war....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War]

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The South and Hollywood

- While the Deep South can be known for ground breaking racial issues, the plots in certain movies might have even bigger, more relevant social issues. “You is smart, you is kind, you is important.” This quote is directly from director Tate Taylor’s movie The Help, personalized from the novel of the same name by Kathryn Stockett. The Help follows one Caucasian, wealthy young woman Skeeter (portrayed by Emma Stone) and the connections and relationships she shares with several African American domestic workers or “babysitters” (portrayed by Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer)....   [tags: Film]

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My Heritage And International History South Africa

- For my international paper this time I decided to do my paper analysis on a state. For my state I choose reflected part of my heritage and international history South Africa was my state I choose. So with that being said, I looked up the definition of Africa. According to the definition it stated: “A continent S of Europe and between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.”(Dictionary, 2016).Though I find this to be extremely accurate. I wanted to go more in dept. with Africa and its definition. In fact, I continued to scroll and found the British version on Africa....   [tags: Africa, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace: Post-Apartheid South Africa

- You behave as if everything I do is part of the story of your life. You are the main character; I am a minor character who doesn't make an appearance until half way through. Well, contrary to what you think, people are not divided into major and minor. I am not minor. I have a life of my own, just as important to me as yours is to you, and in my life I am the one who makes the decisions (Coetzee 174) This is a poignant statement made by Lucy Lurie to her father David the protagonist and central consciousness of Disgrace....   [tags: South Africa Apartheid Essays]

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Main Objectives Of Deep Engagement

- OPPOSITIONAL STATEMENT As uncertainty sweeps across the globe in response to the result of the presidential election, some argue that now would be the time to reassert American activism in global security and maintain the liberal economic order through methods know to flourish, rather than risk potential disaster in an increasingly dynamic system in which the relative power of the U.S. hegemony is gradually declining (Layne 123). This tried-and-true strategy of deep engagement originated in response to the humanitarian atrocities committed during World War II, in which all assumptions of U.S....   [tags: United Nations, United States, Nuclear weapon]

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The North And South Of The United States

- In the years 1800-1850 the North and South of the United States were very different but they clashed head on as people expanded west. As people from both sides of the US moved Westward they took there beliefs, traditions and attitudes with them. Due to the West being nearly empty it was a blank slate for the people moving there to paint with their own beliefs, economies and ways of life. However this was not easy, because there was such a deep riff in the lives of people from clashing sides of the US....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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Plan a Trip to South of France

- Imagine, the aroma of lavender floating through a breeze, the deep blue sky underlining the fields of bright purple and soft lilac .Take a deep breath. This is not just a fantasy captured by van Gough but South of France itself. “Il est certainement un magnifique paysage” If you are adventure-loving and want to witness spectacular landscapes in just one trip then PLAN A VACCATION TO THE SOUTH OF FRANCE .Southern France does not only encompass James Bond-worthy casinos at Monte Carlo, the mega-yachts of St....   [tags: tourism and vacationing in Europe]

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Race Relations in the South

- Slavery has existed in one form or another for centuries and in some places in the world it still exists today. In most places slavery is a way of life and there is nothing that can be done about it, and in southern America that was the case too for over three hundred years. During that period many people fought against slavery and tried to get it abolished from the country, but little did they know how long and how brutal the fight would be. Even after slavery was abolished by the thirteenth amendment in 1865, the African American and some European people suffered even harder times than they did during the years of slavery....   [tags: Jim Crow laws]

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Slavery in the American South

- Slavery is a form of forced free labor in which one human being is the property of another. Close to two million slaves were brought to the American South from African and the West Indies during the Atlantic slave trade. The American South accounted for over 20% African Americans. As late as 1900, 9 out of every 10 African Americans lived in the South. Slavery supported the economic structure for the planter aristocracy. In 1850 only 1,773 families owned more than 100 slaves each, and this group provided the political and social leadership of the section and nation....   [tags: Slavery Essays]

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The Labor Of The North And South

- The early nineteenth century set the time period for the adaptation of republican ideology and the growth of waged labor. The major labor workforce was slave-based in the southern plantations. As the slave labor gradually diminished in the north, wage labor took a deep root into the northern labor system. This significant difference between the workforce for the north and the south created two different societies with their respective labor systems. The republican ideology was shared among the people in the north and south....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Employment, Wage]

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Understanding Deep Blues

- The Mississippi Delta was known for its fertile environment, perfect for growing the abundance of the nation’s cotton crop. Not only was the Delta known for its flourishing cotton supply, but for its budding music scene as well. Derivative from native African music, the blues blends together the use of old African language, tonal singing methods and the personal trials and tribulations of life in the south. Blues musicians of the Delta used their talents in order for to escape the tumultuous life of a sharecropper and make their way north....   [tags: Causes, Criticism, Changes]

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Color Runs Deep

- The word “Negro” was a self-identification that the black community gave themselves. It showed the degrading era of America towards African Americans. Langston Hughes is an African American man who uses the literary device of allusion to talk about the treatment of the black community in the early 20th century up until the present. Darkness and shadows usually speak of the past or looking to past. Hughes digs deep into the dirt of African land where his ancestors are buried and shares the history of what he and his people have had to go through....   [tags: African Americans, Negors, Slaves]

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Slavery in the South

- Slavery in the South A large majority of whites in the South supported slavery even though fewer of a quarter of them owned slaves because they felt that it was a necessary evil and that it was an important Southern institution. In 1800 the population of the United States included 893,602 slaves, of which only 36,505 were in the northern states. Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey provided for the emancipation of their slaves before 1804, most of them by gradual measures....   [tags: Slavery Essays]

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American South

- Other than death and paying taxes, few things in life are truly inevitable. Each event occurs in response to another and is connected into a chain that leads to a certain conclusion. In 1776, the southern United States did not feel the need to remove themselves from the Union to which they had willingly joined. But in 1861, it seemed inevitable that the southern lifestyle would not be able to exist in a society intent on destroying it. What provided the catalyst for such a stark turn of events....   [tags: Civil War]

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Ethnocentrism, The South and the Movie: Freedom Riders

- During the civil movement many African-Americans were fighting hard for their human rights, but peacefully. A very crucial element that was the freedom rides. Activists who would go on the bus were both black and white and at every bus stop there was such harsh violence some of the freedom riders would die. At the time, the South’s ideal culture was that African-Americans should not move forward. This is class conflict; in this case the ruling classes were discriminating against blacks and that were not allowed to ride the same bus as white people, and decided to rebel peacefully....   [tags: Discrimination, Civil Rights, African Americans]

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Shark Baiting: Chumming in South Africa

- Intro: There are many environmental issues currently flowing through the media into society and raising some strong opinions and arguments. South Africa, being one of the world’s most diverse natural ecosystems, has come under the spotlight with regards to many issues such as the Karoo Fracking debacle and the Rhino Horn Poaching crisis. Unfortunately these issues are not represented only by the parties directly involved but rather by ‘gate keepers’, as we shall call them, who determine how the issue is framed and represented to the masses....   [tags: illegal activity, environmental issue, media]

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A Gradual Decline in Prejudice between Places and People in North and South

- A Gradual Decline in Prejudice between Places and People in North and South Through her characterizations of the two main characters in Margaret Hale and John Thornton, Elizabeth Gaskell develops a transition from prejudice to love. She reveals their inner most thoughts through an omniscient third person narrative to allow the audience to empathise with their feelings. The Characters develop through dialogue because they dispute over the North and South divide and try to distance themselves from each other....   [tags: North and South Elizabeth Gaskell Essays]

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Skin Deep by Nina Jablonski and George Chaplin

- In the article Skin Deep written by Nina Jablonski and George Chaplin, they discuss and look deeper into the diverse differences in skin color. Our skin color has developed over the years to be dark enough to prevent the damaging sunlight that has been harming our skin and the nutrient folate that it carries. At the same time out skin is light enough to receive vitamin D. Anthropologists and geographers have studied and overtime come to the conclusion that distribution of skin color is not random....   [tags: sunlight, melanin, UV radiation]

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Is Renewable Energy an Economically Viable Option for South Africa?

- Is Renewable Energy an economically viable option for South Africa. South Africa mainly focuses on producing and making energy from mining coal. Although this is very effective and has been used for a very long time. The problem is that fossil fuels are limited because of the time needed to create them over millions of years and the tones of pressure that needs to be applied to form fossil fuels. The process in South Africa goes as follows, first deep mines are dug out to reach and get all the fossil fuels, which is a very big negative because of the high risk of injury and death cases, one of the other negatives is also that it has a large impact on the environment with all the unwanted dus...   [tags: wind turbines, fossil fuel]

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The Civil War And The South 's Racist Past

- From Florida to Maryland and across the Deep South, the debate around what the banner represents – a discussion fired by a racially charged massacre in Charleston in June – has divided Americans: Some see the flag as a vital part of the country’s history, while others have decried the symbol as a relic of the Civil War and the South’s racist past (Mendoza 1). Removing it would be as if someone took that piece of history and acted like it never happened. Most people have yet to educate their selves about the dispute, so they only know what the news stations have wanted to believe....   [tags: American Civil War, Southern United States]

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Ocean Deep

- Snelgrove and Grassle in The Deep Sea: Desert and Rainforest published in Oceanus, volume 38 in 1995 argue that the popular belief that the deep sea is little more than an “ocean desert” is a pure fallacy. Contrary to such thinking a multitude of benthic organisms dwell on the ocean bottom; despite the frigid temperatures and high pressure, a large heterogeneity of creatures, rivaling in variety and number those inhabiting tropical rainforests, thrive in this environment. The “analogy of the ocean desert” arose from the technologically inadvanced photographs and sampling equipment prior to the 1960’s (25)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Civil Society in South Africa

- ... During 1900s, South Africa experienced two different development models. One side, social expenditure to support the white minority and produce sustained economic growth while the other side, social abandonment and complete lack of service for majority of disenfranchised citizens. The separate development known as “apartheid “was an economic and political system changed in late 1940s by the Afrikaans-led National Party and adding institutionalized in 1970s, which excluded the majority of citizens from political and economic participation....   [tags: ]

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The South Of The Sahara Desert

- Somewhere in the savanna south of the Sahara desert, tensions flare between more and more harsh Christian movements belligerently at work to convert people of other faiths and an Islamic world aware as well as nervous of meddling Western influences. Obsessive variations of Christianity and Islam are increasing durability in Africa, raising the risk of more argument. The rise will increase due to desire of wanting others to convert to their faith. In the areas that are aggressive in Africa Muslim takes evil doing at a woman revealing too much skin or business selling liquor....   [tags: Islam, Christianity, Nigeria, Religion]

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South Sudan: A Developing Opportunity

- Sudan has known conflict for most of its existence. The discovery of oil in 1979 served to heighten this conflict as north and south fought over valuable resources. In more recent years human rights violations and genocide have occurred in unsurpassed numbers with the Sudanese governments support. Sudanese President Umar al-Bashir is the first sitting head of state with an issued arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. In July 2011 southern Sudanese citizens voted to secede from Sudan and form the Republic of South Sudan in response to years of oppression by the Arab led Islamist government....   [tags: International Government ]

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The Ranch South Strike A Chord, Poor People, Blacks, Whites, And Whites

- At the point when one considers tenant farmers, pictures of the ranch South strike a chord - poor people, blacks and whites, wearing overalls, their wives cooking, washing, and bringing youngsters up in one-room shacks with no running water and next to no furniture, while halfway dressed kids play at their feet. One maybe thinks about the ranch universe of the Mississippi Delta, the "most southern place on earth," as per the antiquarian James Cobb, where a large number of generally dark tenant farmers worked the area with donkeys and furrows very little changed from Reconstruction days....   [tags: Southern United States]

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South African Automotive Industry

- FACULTY OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Dept. of Informatics   Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 3 2. BACKGROUND 3 3. PROBLEM STATEMENT 3 4. PURPOSE OF STUDY 4 5. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES 4 6. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 4 5.1. Participants 5 5.2. Data Gathering Instruments 5 Literature Review 5 5.2.1. Questionnaire 5 5.2.2. Interviews 6 7. CONCLUSION 6 8. CHAPTER OUTLINE 6 BIBLIOGRAPHY 7   Growth of Information Technology in the South African Automotive Industry 1. INTRODUCTION 'A successful automotive industry is often seen as a symbol of economic success and as a sign of mastery of modern technologies' (TISA (Trade and Investment South Africa), 2003)....   [tags: Growth of Information Technology, Communication]

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Ancient South American Foodways

- Ancient South American Foodways Domestication of plants and animals has long been indicated as a main causational factor for population increase and socio-political complexity. Evidence of domestication of plants in South America has been said of have initially occurred 8000 BC, evidence of squash in Ecuador (Pearsall 2008:107), and 500 years earlier lima beans and chili peppers are being exploited (Lynch 1983:125-6). However, it took several millennia for intensive manipulation of plants to become standard practice for subsistence....   [tags: Domestication, Plants, Animals]

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Differences Between the North and South that Led to the Civil War

- The Southern and Northern states varied on many issues, which eventually led them to the Civil War. There were deep economic, social, and political differences between the North and the South. These differences stemmed from the interpretation of the United States Constitution on both sides. In the end, all of these disagreements about the rights of states led to the Civil War. There were reasons other than slavery for the South?s secession. The manifestations of division in America were many: utopian communities, conflicts over public space, backlash against immigrants, urban riots, black protest, and Indian resistance (Norton 234)....   [tags: American History Slavery Racism Civil War Essays]

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Outbreak of Foodborne Illness in South Africa

- 1. Location: Limpopo (South Africa) 2. Diseases listed: Malaria, Foodborne illness, Cholera 3. Details of a foodborne illness (salmonellosis) outbreak in Limpopo The South African Independent Online news, in their issue of Tuesday 28 January 2014, reported an occurrence of diarrhoea outbreak few days earlier at a lodge (Mokopane) in Limpopo. The first release of information was done by the provincial diseases’ outbreak response team on 27 January 2014 and mentioned that 42 people were hospitalized....   [tags: hospital, infected, diagnos]

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A Deep, Musical Connection

- The folk genre has origins all the way back to the 19th century, which in many ways is mirrored by many popular genres in modern musical genres. To make it easy folk music is merely, “ballads and songs which are composed and conveyed vocally, without being written.”(Mclean 12) Though what we distinguish ‘folk’ today as stylistically very different to what ‘folk’ was during the 19th century, at its basic form, it still holds the same standards and concepts, describing the simpler times. Through vigorous research, it’s hard to overlook the past and expansion of folk music originating from the south, and how it could help understand the significance for observing and expanding the dynamics of s...   [tags: Music]

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The Life of Nelson Mandela

- Nelson Mandela is a man who is widely known throughout the world. This man is considered a hero of South Africa and is a man who is also considered to be a man who helped change the world for the better. Life was difficult in the city of Mvezo, Transkei and on July 18, 1918 a hero was born. Nelson Mandela’s original name was Rolihlahla Mandela and he was born into the Madiba clan. All of Mandela’s family before him had never gone to school or received a proper education. At a young age his mother sent him to a Methodist school due to his family being of the Christian denomination....   [tags: hardship, apartheid, south africa]

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Roots Run Deep

- A home is more than a place, it’s somewhere where you can center your affections and find your identity. Moving to a place from somewhere you consider home can be difficult because of the delay comfort you feel when your old identity gets tested in new surroundings. By conveying emotion with body language, having logic behind her statements, and establishing credibility, Elizabeth Alexander effectively explains her southern identity and how one identifies with a place. I can relate to Alexander in the sense of having to live somewhere long enough to be at ease enough to consider that place your home....   [tags: Culture]

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Psychobiography on Nelson Mandela

- Nelson Mandela was a leader who was able to make change occur by having self-discipline and an aim for achievement. Not only did he want change so he could live a better life, but he also wanted change for his people. His desire for change and to help others is an example of his personality. Therefore, Mandela’s personality is a perfect example of the conscientiousness factor of the psychological perspective of the Big Five Personality Dimensions developed by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae. Nelson Mandela was a well-known South African politician, philanthropist, and an anti-apartheid revolutionary, born on eighteenth of July 1918....   [tags: south africa, apartheid, slavery]

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A Torrential Downpour in the South

- What causes fascination. Perhaps it is our inherent curiosity of the unknown. Why then, do we often marvel at the most mundane of phenomena. Wherein lies the secret to this sensation of phenomenal wonder - the ability to perceive the ordinary with a unique sensual acuity. I cannot claim to have this aforementioned acuity, but I have endeavored on many occasions to hunt for the intriguing in what is plain - to experience ‘phenomenal wonder’. There are experiences which do not require acuity to fascinate us - the mystical....   [tags: Descriptive Essay, Descriptive Writing]

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Understanding Sex And Sexuality : The South Is Beyond A Challenge

- Understanding sex and sexuality in the South is beyond a challenge. Those wanting to explore these concepts are met with rigid, religious traditions and ignorant, bigots who perpetuate the ideals of the stubborn South. This is especially difficult for the youth of the South who are still trying to find themselves and navigate the trials and tribulations of life.The protagonists of both Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones and Jim Grimsley’s Dream Boy come from two contrasting backgrounds yet, both share the same struggles of understanding themselves and their sexuality and coming to terms with their sexuality....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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Pre-Columbian Health Of Ancient South American Peoples

- Paleopathological examination of a skeleton can reveal intricacies in the life way of persons of the past. Several studies have been conducted to obtain information for a comparative analysis of post-contact diseases inflicted upon the Americas to trace the origin or presence of certain infectious diseases, particularly those normally associated with Columbian contact e.g. the syphilis (Gerzsten et al. 1997). It should be noted that evidence of pre-contact syphilis in South America is not present....   [tags: History, Paleopathological Examination, Sketleton]

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Ghandi and His Fight Agains Discrimination in South Africa

- ... Another firsthand account of discrimination was on the train to Pretoria from Durban. Gandhi was still, at this time, accustomed to traveling first class. “But a passenger came next, and looked me up and down. He saw that I was a ‘coloured’ man. This disturbed him. Out he went and came in again with two officials. They all kept quiet, when another official came to me and said, ‘come along, you must go to the van compartment.’ ‘But I have a first class ticket,’ said I. ‘That doesn’t matter,’ rejoined the other, ‘I tell you, you must go to the van compartment.’ ‘I tell you, I was permitted to travel in this compartment at Durban, and I insist on going on in it.’ ‘No, you won’t,’ said t...   [tags: Satyagraha, Non-Violence]

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A Christmas Carol And Elizabeth Gaskell 's North And South

- The holiday season are often thought of as happy and joyous moments, which are intended to spend with close family and friends. People all over the world spend this time to think about all the things that are most important to a person’s life. Movies help portray the holiday season as a time to spend with loved ones, and a time where the greatest blessings are the things that are near and dear to one’s heart. Literature helps to provide a different perspective as to how one can look at a situation during the holidays....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Middle class]

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The Boeing 777 Jet That Disappeared in The South Indian Ocean

- Missing MH370 Flight The Boeing 777 jet disappeared in the South Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014. There were 239 passengers and crew members onboard of the plane that day. The air searches for the missing flight will end April 14th . They are preparing a robotic submarine to scan and map the oceans floor. The Bluefin is about 21 inches wide and 16 feet long. It weighs 1,650 pounds and can dive to a depth of 14,700 feet. It uses nine battery packs that can last for over 24 hours and has a 4 gigabyte flash drive....   [tags: missing plane, bluefin sub, us navy]

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South African Food Producers: Van Heerden Foods

- ... Through acquisition of JF Foods, Van Heerden could obtain their core competencies for innovation. Stransky is renowned for successfully spotting new market opportunities by acting on instinct, which paid off handsomely. Don Stransky and Van Heerden Foods completed several steps in the decision-making process to decide on whether to acquire JF Foods as part of attempts to transform the company into a highly-flexible, customer focused company. The first step of the decision-making process completed by the CEO and Van Heerden is identifying or clarifying the decision to be made....   [tags: SWOT business analysis]

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South Asian Folk Musicians Who Go

- It was during a warm summer evening when a friend called me to tell me that she had free tickets to the “Strings That Bind Us” event which was being held at the orpheum theatre by the Indian Summer Festival. Since I was not doing much during that evening, I agreed to accompany her. She did not give me much details about the event and I went in blindly.My expectation of the event was that it would probably be something that I would not enjoy, but to my amazement what I experienced was probably one of the best events I’ve been to in Vancouver....   [tags: Music, Performance, Folk music, Amjad Ali Khan]

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Civil War

- The deep south had strong opinions on issues on which the south had other feeling on, one of the main issues was that of slavery. The north had an obvious disagreement with the south over the issue of slavery, this started at the very beginning of the union with the south saying that slaves had been used for years in ancient Greece and Rome. Southerners felt that it was a more distinguished way of life and thought that the north did not like the idea of slavery as they were more interested in saving the money for themselves....   [tags: The South, Slavery]

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The Korean War

- The Korean War began on June 25th, 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. On June 27th, 1950, American United Nations forces intervened to stop the advance. This action has positively and negatively affected both the United States and Korea. Deciding to aid South Korea in the Korean War has drastically changed the lives of many people. In 1949, China fell into Mao Zedong’s communist forces. More than 500 million Chinese and 220 million soviets lived under communist rule. Japan ruled Korea from 1905 until the end of World War 2....   [tags: South Korean History]

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South Korea

- South Korea South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea, country in northeastern Asia that occupies the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is bounded on the north by North Korea; on the east by the Sea of Japan; on the southeast and south by the Korea Strait, which separates it from Japan; and on the west by the Yellow Sea. It has a total area of about 38,023 sq. mi., including numerous offshore islands in the south and west, the largest of which is Cheju (area, 1829 sq....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Grass is Singing by Doris Lessing

- The novel entitled The Grass is Singing by Doris Lessing is novel that describes most of the real and true happenings in the contemporary society, especially in South Africa. The events of key concern entail the sour relationship between the whites and the blacks in South Africa. In this piece of writing, Doris Lessing describes how the whites despise, disrespect and regard Africans as inferior individuals who should always be under them. On the other hand, the blacks also detest the whites and are not pleased by how the whites treat them in their own land, especially owing to the fact that the eras of colonialism are over....   [tags: contemporary society, South Africa, apartheid]

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Marketing Strategy for Unilever South Africa

- Marketing Strategy for Unilever South Africa UNILEVER COMPANY MISSION "Our purpose in Unilever is to meet the everyday needs of people everywhere - to anticipate the aspirations of our consumers and customers and to respond creatively and competitively with branded products and services which raise the quality of life". "Our deep roots in local cultures and markets around the world are our unparalleled inheritance and the foundation for our future growth. We will bring our wealth of knowledge and international expertise to the service of local consumers - a truly multi-local multinational." "Our long-term success requires a total commitment to exceptional standards of performance and produ...   [tags: Business Marketing Plan Strategy Strategic]

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The Jungle: The Explicit Naturalism and Deep Rhethoric Techniques

- “The Jungle” is a sociological novel, the work of public and literature heritage. The story is about the hard destiny of Lithuanian immigrants who seek for freedom and justice in America that become the hostages of merciless socialistic labor system in the United States. Jurgis Rudkus suffers from the loss of his family that took place in the naturalistic scenes of gloomy slaughterhouses of Chicago, where, in monstrous miasmatic of demoralization, the hero flay the dead tubercular carcasses. With the help of grandiose rhetorical techniques like metaphor, parallelism, simile, key words, amplification and outstanding verbal approaches, Upton Sinclair won the hearts of thousands people due to...   [tags: socialism, freedom, America, Upton Sinclair]

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Racial Segregation And The Southern Cities

- their power, for if they do, they may also die, just as Emmett Till did. With the fear of their life being disrupted, Bryant and Milam wanted to offset their absence of not being able to protect Caroline during her confrontation; as such, they killed Till to show other black individuals that if they could do it to a young Chicago boy, then they could do it to anyone else too. As second class citizens, many black individuals decided to migrate to the Northern cities from the South due to unfair working conditions in order to obtain more opportunities....   [tags: Black people, White people, Race, South Africa]

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The Conflict Between China And Philippines

- Arguments lead to conflict, conflicts wages battles and battles may result to wars. Whenever something is worth fighting for, one does not simply backs out without a fight. Of all the island in the Philippines, Scarborough shoal can be considered as the most intriguing property of the country. It is said to be claim to the Philippines but China also claims it as theirs. Scarborough shoal is located at the west of Zambales, Mindanao. China refers to it as the Huangyan Island while Philippines called it Panatag Shoal....   [tags: South China Sea, Spratly Islands, Philippines]

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Early History of South Africa: A Climatological Case Study

- Early History of South Africa: A Climatological Case Study The early history of Cape Town shares little with the experience of the rest of Africa. The patterns of colonization and the relationship between black Africans and nationalized Europeans are unique to the area. The timing and speed of settlement were possible only because of the local disease environment. The system of racial interaction, a system of Aparthide unique to the area, acted differently than other systems because of farming patterns dictated by the fertility of the land....   [tags: Climate Africa Essays Papers]

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The Use of the Genus Virola as a Hallucinogen In South America

- The Use of the Genus Virola as a Hallucinogen In South America Virola theiodora (Spr. ex Benth.) Warburg is one of many species of Virola used in the Amazon region as a hallucinogenic snuff. The plant differs in its pattern of usage by the indigenous people of this region. A reddish resin- like exudate is extracted from the cambial region of the bark of this slender tree and either snuffed or ingested orally. The major alkaloid constituent of this snuff appears to be 5-MeO-DMT with lesser amounts of DMT....   [tags: Botany]

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Imperialism and South East Asia

- Southeast Asia has been controlled by Imperialistic powers since 1400s. These nations become prized for the various countries natural resources, strategic location, and the new markets to be found. The geographical locations become one of the most important factors that lead to the development of each country separately. As we reach the 19th and 20th century, European, American and Asian imperialism still has its claws deep in Southeast Asia. Imperialists are the ones who decide and shape the nation’s leading them down the path to where they are now....   [tags: Nations, Exploration]

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The Conformity in a White Society: Understanding Richard Wright's Black Boy

- “I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of the hunger for life that gnaws in us all, to keep alive in our hearts a sense of the inexpressibly human.” (Richard Wright) In 1945 an intelligent black boy named Richard Wright made the brave decision to write and publish an autobiography illustrating the struggles, trials, and tribulations of being a Negro in the Jim Crow South....   [tags: writer, autobiography, black, the south]

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Renewable Energy: Solar Power

- Renewable energy is energy that can be used over and over again. It never runs out. It is also better for the environment. I think that renewable energy is definitely an option for South Africa in the near future. There are many different forms of renewable energy and I’ll talk about the forms of renewable energy which would be most suited in South Africa. Solar Power would probably be the most successful form of renewable energy in South Africa. The reason why I say this is because South Africa is a country that has a reputation for sunny weather....   [tags: south africa, environment]

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Nelson Mandela - A Great Moral and Political Leader

- Nelson Mandela - A Great Moral and Political Leader Nelson Mandela is one of the great moral and political leaders of our time: an international hero whose lifelong dedication to the fight against racial oppression in South Africa won him the Nobel Peace Prize and the presidency of his country. Since his triumphant release in 1990 from more than a quarter-century of imprisonment, Mandela has been at the centre of the most compelling and inspiring political drama in the world....   [tags: South Africa]

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Hip Hop Music: East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, and Midwest Rap

- The beauty of hip hop is that it is malleable. It is not defined by strict boundaries but by multiple characteristics. Young artist J. Cole (2013) explains this best by stating in an interview, “I think there’s no rules [in rap]. You can say what you want. That’s your poetic license: to test people’s boundaries.” (p.1) The results of such malleability and the need to experiment within the unwritten boundaries of hip hop are the birth of different styles and sectors/scenes in America. These sectors are represented by the geographic location of the artists and the distinctive sounds and styles that the artists utilize....   [tags: rap styles, rap sectors, rap scenes]

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South African Diamond Trade: Enforcement and Perpetuation of Apartheid, Past and Present

- South African Diamond Trade: Enforcement and Perpetuation of Apartheid, Past and Present I. Introduction South Africa was a rich country with a beautiful landscape and a rich culture. There were tremendous natural resources in South Africa and spectacular beauty. South African society was fluid and accepting, allowing people to move from one tribe to the next, without discrimination. This accepting and truly benevolent moral system, perhaps turned out to be a fatal flaw, manipulated and abused by European colonists who arrived in 1652 and have left an indelible legacy on the nation of South Africa (Thompson, 33)....   [tags: A Level Essays]

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Vietnam : Lessons For The Future

- What Went Wrong in Vietnam: Lessons for the Future Two months ago, President Nixon announced the end of America’s involvement in Vietnam, promising “peace with honor.” This long and controversial war, its roots traceable back to the 1950s, is finally drawing to an end. America has lost more than fifty thousand men in this gruesome conflict, yet achieved little — in the end, despite all that America did to ensure South Vietnamese independence, the North Vietnamese military will be staying in the South under this agreement, and the withdrawal of American forces bodes ominously for the future of the feeble South Vietnam....   [tags: Vietnam War, South Vietnam, Vietnam]

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The Legacy Of Nelson Mandela

- People all over the world can influence dramatically the development of society. Powerful leaders have the ability to shape history, and a select few have the distinction of truly changing the world. A great leader like Nelson Mandela was one of the world’s most influential leaders, and he was courageous and profoundly good human being. Mandela is one of my role model, and I have dreamed since I was young that one day I could meet and have conversations with him. I would like to learn how to think and see the world like him, and how he overcame all the obstacles....   [tags: Human rights, South Africa, Africa]

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The Country of Chile

- The country of Chile stretches around 2,500 miles from the bottom of South America to the Tropic of Capricorn. This vast area gives Chile multiple climates because of its reach from the tropics to the Antarctic. The Pacific Ocean with the Humboldt Current, and the Andes Mountains also influence Chile’s climate. The climate can be broken down into three main categories: subtropical deserts, temperate rain forest, and tundra. The main catastrophic natural disaster is occasionally earthquakes, or tsunamis....   [tags: South America, the longest country in the world]

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Inca Civilization

- This paper discusses the development of a civilization defining its ten characteristics it will define why this civilization developed. For this purpose, the civilization of the Incas from South America has been selected; however, this paper will focus on a particular people of this civilization that lived in Machu Picchu. The civilization of the Incas lived on the territory of South America, in an area now occupied by the modern Peru. The capital has been located in the city of Cuzco. The name "Inca" is not given by self-people, but Europeans mistakenly gave it since the local tribes called their supreme ruler, and came to their land the Spaniards came to be called as the whole nation (Abbo...   [tags: Peru, Spaniards, culture, South America, Cusco]

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The Willandra Lakes Region

- The Willandra Lakes Region is in the south west of New South Wales. The region is a World Heritage site because it has met two of the ten criteria set for being a World Heritage site. These criteria are: Criterion (iii): "bears a unique or exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared" Criterion (viii): "is an outstanding example representing major stages of Earth's history, including the record of life, significant on-going geological processes in the development of landforms, or significant geomorphic or physiographic features" Who are the owners of this region....   [tags: south wales, world heritage site]

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South Kenya A Small Village Of Sudanese Refugees

- Limitless In Northern Kenya a small village of Sudanese refugees have made a makeshift village, which has served as their permanent housing for the past twenty years. This village displays the kind of poverty that is predictably featured in Time Magazine on a semi-regular basis: mud walls are adorned by straw roofs, ribs can be easily counted on shirtless bodies, flour is a resource precious enough to be rationed, and a formidable desert can be seen in all directions. What do you see when you look at this village....   [tags: School, Education, Family, History of education]

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20th Century British Rule In South Asia

- This is a sensitive theme and topic to focus on in this discussion. India as a British colony has suffered centuries of over-exploitation by its colonial masters and since gaining independence it has tried desperately but unsuccessfully to come to terms with the impact of this exotic presence of foreigners in their beloved country which was possibly diametrically opposed to their culture and temperament. However it should be noted that this western culture has aggressively spread over the world and as much as the Indians opposed it, they finally had to embrace it as it is an inevitable consequence....   [tags: global politics, India, oppression]

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Travel Narrative to South America: Jones Tristan

- How does Tristan Jones overcome his ordeals. Jones overcomes his ordeals through his determination, perseverance, and willpower. One example is when Jones takes the risky, direct route from Taboga to Callao. Even with fellow sailors warning him against it, Jones completes the challenge by implementing headstrong determination. Even though the navigational hazards are obvious, with heavy rains around Colombia and dense fog near Peru, Jones exemplifies unadulterated determination: “I would have to overcome the Humboldt....   [tags: determination, perseverance, and willpower.]

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Joseph Wolpe 's Development Of Classical Conditioning

- Joseph Wolpe was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 20, 1915. He grew up in South Africa and received his M.D. from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Wolpe then joined the South African Army during World War II and served as a medical officer as well as worked in a military hospital. In 1948, he married Stella Ettman and they had two children. After the war, Wolpe returned to the University of Witwatersrand where he later moved to the United States to work at the University of Virginia for five years before becoming a professor at Temple University Medical School as a professor of psychiatry....   [tags: Phobia, Fear, South Africa, Behavior therapy]

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