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Personal Statement : My Dearest Claire

- My dearest Claire, How can I explain what you mean to me. How can I tell you what’s in my heart when words are so inadequate. Can you understand how I feel about you, or will you just think I’m ridiculous. Do you even care. I think about you all the time. You are my first thought when I wake and the last thought before I sleep. I often think about how happy I feel when you are with me and what it would be like if you felt the same way about me. Sometimes I am so preoccupied with thoughts of you that I struggle to concentrate on anything else....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2009 singles, Pop ballads]

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A Tan to Die For by Claire Oliver

- “A tan to die for” written by Claire Oliver is a letter to the editor that shows that the use of solariums can greatly increase the potential for life-threatening melanoma. Claire Oliver’s tone shows a composed, collected and complacent frame of mind at her imminent death, stating that “[she is] at peace”. Her composed tone when discussing the certainty of her impending death appeals to a sense of rationality, and writes optimistically about the remainder of her life. This optimism, and personal responsibility, comes from her wish of helping those who do not know of the health risks involved in the beauty young teens crave to acquire....   [tags: Letter to Editor Melanoma Tanning Solarium]

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gender roles in marie claire

- One of the most prevalent forms of invisible social control is the creation and perpetuation of stereotypes. Today’s society is filled with stereotypes and the media has proven to be an excellent breeding ground. Research in the stereotype domain indicates that the media can prime stereotypes, and these primed stereotypes do influence how people are later perceived. Also the research on media priming of stereotypes generally increases confidence in the generality of the media as a prime. Television, movies, newspapers and magazines contain millions of images that feature individuals portrayed in stereotypical ways....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Article, By Claire Cain Miller And Quoctrung Bui

- The article, “Equality in Marriages Grows, and So Does Class Divide,” written by Claire Cain Miller and Quoctrung Bui, was published in The New York Times on February 27, 2016. In their article, Miller and Bui provide an analysis of the current trends regarding the contemporary construct of marriage and the shrinking marital pay gap, fueling greater income disparity between classes. The commentary postulated in this article is based on annual survey data from the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development....   [tags: Marriage, Husband, Wife, Family]

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Morality of the Decision Made in Claire McCarthy's Dog Lab

- Sometimes one must make a decision that puts to question what they believe is right, what they believe is wrong, and what they are willing to give up to make the decision. In the essay “Dog Lab” by Claire McCarthy, she recounts a story from when she was in medical school and her teacher gives them a choice on whether or not to participate in an experiment to learn about the vascular system. This experiment involves taking a perfectly healthy dog and putting him under anesthesia, cutting them open and pumping them full of different chemicals to see what they do to the heart....   [tags: believe, right, student]

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Child Rearing Are On The Rise By Claire Cain Miller

- Social class, group of people who rank similarly in term of property, power, and prestige, separate people into different lifestyles and provide them with distinctive ways of looking at the world. It gives each individual 's different roles to perform and allow them onto different stages. Social class set people onto different path; it open opportunities to some, but close it from others. In the article, “Class Differences in Child-Rearing Are on the Rise” by Claire Cain Miller describes the impact of parents’ social class on raising a child....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Sociology]

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Claire's Antiques Analysis

- Claire's Antiques Analysis Maggie, Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in reducing fixed costs for Claire’s Antiques, which would in turn increase profits. To answer your questions, I feel that we first need to discuss what the differences are between fixed costs, variable costs, and semi-variable (mixed) costs are. Based on the different types of costs, we can then review what current costs does Claire’s have that fits into each category. Then we will be better able to discuss whether or not it is a good idea to convert fixed costs to variable costs....   [tags: Letter Business Costs Management]

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General Description Of Claire As A Caucasian Woman With Light Brown Hair And Brown Eyes

- General Description Appearance. Claire is a Caucasian woman with light brown hair and brown eyes. Claire is estimated to be in her late 30s or early 40s. She is married and has two children. Claire is estimated to be a housewife who takes care of her children since she mentioned that she took care of the kids at home and her husband worked. Claire’s Education status is unknown. Claire is estimated to have a medium body frame and build. No physical abnormalities or disability was noted. Claire was wearing a grey, clean sweatshirt....   [tags: Suicide, Major depressive disorder, Parasuicide]

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The Classic Fairy Tales by Maria Tator and Mad Shadows by Mari-Claire Blais

- In “The Classic Fairy Tales” by Maria Tator and “Mad Shadows” by Marie-Claire Blais, both texts deal with the idea that suffering and understanding are deeply connected. The authors aim to prove that suffering and understanding go hand in hand in order for change to occur. In “The Classic Fairy Tales”, Beauty and the beast, Snow White and Cinderella, will explore the relation between understanding suffering via transformation, desire, and physical injuries, when compared and contrasted with Mad Shadows....   [tags: suffering and understanding are deeply connected]

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Animal Abuse, By George Orwell And Dog Lab By Claire Mccarthy

- At some point in your life, you will be put into a difficult situation. A situation where you will be found stuck in the middle; contemplating on what’s “right” or “wrong”. You will begin questioning yourself as an individual. It is your choice to be wise and make a decision you won’t later regret. Once a decision has been made, there’s no going back. There is much controversy on the topic of animal abuse. Many individuals question if it’s morally right or wrong to kill an animal or even use them for scientific testing....   [tags: Burma, George Orwell]

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35 Shots of Rum

- 35 Shots of Rum Lionel it is time to move on 35 Shots of Rum directed by Claire Denis taken in Paris, France 2008. This film on transitioning to a state of being beyond conception also, helping to realize that moving on a part of life. Lionel and Josephine are father and daughter that are moving towards the realization that moving on is the best action for the future....   [tags: Film Analysis, Claire Denis]

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The First World War

- World War I – Sister Claire Evelyn Trestrail Sister Claire Evelyn Trestrail was the eldest of five being born on the 10th of December, 1877 in Clare, South Australia. Trestrail served in the First World War as a nurse following in her mother’s footsteps who was a trained nurse, Acting Matron of King Edward Hospital in Perth and also had involvement within the Red Cross and the Saint John’s Ambulance Services. Trestrail’s younger siblings also had involvement within the First World War with her two younger brothers; John Henry and Amarald Glen, serving in the royal Flying Corps and respectively, 1 Machine Battalion....   [tags: Sister Claire Evelyn Trestrail, biography]

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Comparing the way two poets, John Claire and Ted Hughes, write about

- Comparing the way two poets, John Claire and Ted Hughes, write about the theme of nature and the season of summer. Through out my essay, in which is to follow, I will be comparing the way two poets, John Claire and Ted Hughes, write about the theme of nature and the season of summer. The two poems that I am to study are Work And Play written by Ted Hughes and Summer Images written by John Claire in the 1800's. In both the poems the poets are talking directly to us (the reader). Although both poems are about summer and nature they are coming at us from very different points of view....   [tags: English Literature]

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Claire Morgan

- ‘The Signalman’ and ‘The Black Cat’ Mystery Stories. In my opinion the most important thing to make a good mystery story is suspense. The writer should have the reader wanting to read on and asking questions right from the start. The description of the setting and characters are vital to the mystery. It gives the reader the emotions to really understand the atmosphere of the story. I don’t think the atmosphere needs to be really obscured but some bizarre features are needed to get an eerie and suspicious feeling....   [tags: English Literature]

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Claira Barton

- Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her father, Captain Stephen Barton, was a farmer, horse breeder, and respected member of the community. Her mother, Sarah, managed the household and taught Barton the importance of cleanliness. Barton was the youngest of five children, and her two brothers and two sisters assumed much of the responsibility for her education. Her sister, Dorothy, taught her spelling, Stephen taught her arithmetic, Sally taught her geography, and David coached her in athletics....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Theme Of The Visit By Friedrich Durrenmatt

- In The Visit the author Friedrich Durrenmatt revolves around the theme of the corruption of money because it plays an important part in the progression of the story. Friedrich Durrenmatt is using Claire, a powerful billionairess to show how money can affect behavior, moral principles and politics. Claire gives the people of Güllen a big decision to make in exchange for money and the choices they are given leads them to commit murder. Claire is able to manipulate an entire town and play with the law because of her wealth....   [tags: KILL, Corruption, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Morality]

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The Visit by Friedirch Durrenmatt

- Allusions, by definition, are literary devices with casual references to other people, places, or events in history and literature; however, Swiss author Friedrich Durrenmatt relies upon the classical device not only to interconnect stories but also to support his life views in the plot of the play The Visit. The play follows the townspeople of Güllen, a dilapidated German village, and their succumbance to temptation as billionairess Claire Zachanassian returns and offers one billion dollars for salvation....   [tags: money, morality, corruption]

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Friedrich Durrenmatt’s Use of Allusions to Enhance the Plays Plot

- In The Visit by Friedrich Durrenmatt, the use of allusions is very prevalent helping to compare the extent to what Durrenmatt is describing to its allusions. Durrenmatt’s implementation of allusions is used to offer a deeper understanding of the characterization, to compare the current town of Guellen to what it once was in order to explain why the town needs Claire’s money, and to show the irony of biblical ideas in order to show how Claire’s doings are as far from morally right as could be. Friedrich Durrenmatt's use of allusions in order to enhance and describe the characters include the famous Romeo and Juliet, Lais, and Lord Alfred Tennyson....   [tags: the visit, friedrich durrenmatt, allusions]

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Male Reactions to Female Power in Antigone

- Western society has a long history of subjugating women to men. Some cite the idea that women are somehow weaker or inferior to men as a reason for the existence of this social dynamic. In Sophocles's Antigone and, Dürrenmatt's The Visit, however, the female leads show great strength and are even able to threaten the male leads with their power. Creon and Alfred Ill's disdainful and oppressive treatment of women stems not from the supposed inferiority of women, but from the theme that man is afraid to lose control....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Clique by Lisi Harrison

- ... She decided not to say anything anymore. What was the point?”(44) But one good thing is that Claire doesn't really show effect in what Maisie and her posse is doing to her but this cause the bullying to get worse and worse. The main idea in this novel is the problems between mainly Massie and Claire. Massie does not like Claire at all for no reason. Massie just met Claire and immediately hates her. Claire does not clearly understand why either but she kind of just goes with it and doesn't do anything about it....   [tags: literary analysis]

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Preparation: Key to Diver Competence

- Scuba Diving is a way of life for some people; but for most, it is just a hobby or sport. In all cases, these bubble-blowing adventurers submerge themselves into a magic world where life is no longer bi-dimensional and air supply is limited by how much is loaded in their backpacks. It is, indeed, a humbling and eye-opening experience, a true statement of the magnitude and beauty of our planet. Unfortunately, Scuba Diving is also an activity that has many risks, some of which can be fatal. To reduce the risks involved, prior to being certified, Scuba Divers go through a somewhat rigorous training program where all risks are highlighted and basic techniques to avoid them are introduced....   [tags: hobbies, underwater sports, scuba diving]

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The Portrayal Of The Movie ' If The Shoe Fits '

- People throughout history have been known to commit evil acts that harm other people. The television show Criminal Minds, consists of numerous serial killers that commit heinous crimes that harm people and a team from the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI investigates the crimes. In one particular episode called “If the Shoe Fits,” a girl named Claire kills men who she meets that are in her opinion only after sex and not true love. Throughout the episode the girl is said to be in her own fairy tale, in this case it is Cinderella....   [tags: Morality, Psychology, KILL, Disgust]

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Analysis Of Nella Larsen 's ' Passing '

- Nella Larsen 's ' novel "Passing" introduces two dissimilar experiences of "crossing" the race line by two African-American women. With an accomplished and engaging plan, Larson is able to deal with subjects such as sexuality, identity, race, and class division with the use of wit and allegory. Passing is a moving, emotional story, describing the struggles experienced by both Irene and Claire in their fight to support and defend their own race and endure polite society. All these social issues and problems seem to culminate in the end of the question; is what the person you are inside, defined by your race on the outside....   [tags: Race, Racism, African American, Sociology]

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Summary Of The Visit By Friedrich D�rrenmatt

- The play The Visit, takes place in the late 1950’s, post-World War 2, in Güllen, Germany, the town being in complete ruin and in the need of money. When a special offered is made by the main character to help them prosper, they can't seem to resist the temptation. In his tragicomedy, the author Friedrich Dürrenmatt focuses on his moneyed main character Claire Zachanassian as a way to highlight the manipulation of a society through power. Claire’s power to manipulate is first portrayed when she arrives to Güllen and pulls the emergency brake....   [tags: Proposal of marriage]

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Interpersonal Commmunication in the Movie Marty

- Interpersonal communication is everywhere in society, both the past, present, and the future. “Marty,” a love story, and a movie made in the fifties, shows many examples of interpersonal communication. In this movie, the main character, Marty, who is a decent, socially awkward man who is pressured by his peers and family to find love and get married. He then gets fed up and goes to a club in town and meets a woman named Claire, who is in similar circumstances to him. Marty and Claire then interact and spend time together and Marty experiences companionship for the first time....   [tags: Marty and Clair, attraction theory]

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Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' The Red And The Black '

- The characters in Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We talk About Love are all part of the submerged population group. There are no heroes in Carver’s stories like in the Lais of Marie de France, no grand adventure or crime as in Shakespeare’s Othello or Stendhal’s The Red and The Black, but a submerged group of imperfect people drunk and hungover watching their life fall apart to ruins from right underneath them. Freud, in Civilization and Its Discontents uses an analogy about the ruins of the ancient city of Rome to explain the layers of the psyche....   [tags: Death, Old age, Rome, English-language films]

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Characterization in the Movie the Breakfast Club Directed by John Hughes

- The 1985 movie directed by John Hughes, The Breakfast Club, is widely regarded as the defining 1980s film for teenagers. It deals with topics such as the damaging and disuniting effects of stereotyping; teenage rebellion against the hardness of adult hearts; and how the friendships you choose shape the person you become. Two characters in the film, Claire Standish and Allison Reynolds, are, like the others, developed over the course of the film as well-rounded, three-dimensional, seemingly contradictory characters....   [tags: stereotyping, teenage rebellion, friendships]

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Adaption is Life: The Chamaleon by Sugar Rautbort

- Life is full of curving roads and hidden paths, one may walk along in denial thinking that this path can be controlled, to be molded to ones hopes and dreams. Yet when the harsh reality sets in, that the reins are not in our palms, some began to thrash about, grasping for control wherever it may lay, these types of people usually are not able to remain in the saddle. The key however, is the ability to adapt. Sugar Rautbort writes of a strong woman who learned not to grasp onto the thin lines of leather, but to mold her body to the horse’s strong back and lace her hands into the flashing mane before herself....   [tags: survival, sucess, change, path]

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Friendships and Hollywood in Lisi Harrison's "Dial L for Loser"

- This story is about 3 really good friends who are twelve and travel from New York to Hollywood for an opportunity of a lifetime. They’re going to Hollywood to audition for a part in a movie, two of the girls get cut and become very jealous of the girl that makes it. Massie and Alicia are ready to pack their bags and go home, but Claire the girl that got the part, doesn’t want her friends to leave. So she asks around the studio and finds out that there is a job for the girls to film behind the scenes....   [tags: Dial L for Loser, Lisi Harrison,]

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The Breakfast Club By John Hughes

- In the film The Breakfast Club, written by John Hughes, a group of five high school students find themselves forced to attend eight hours of detention on Saturday. As each student arrives at Shermer High School for detention, the audience can see that each character attending detention represents an obvious high school stereotype. The jock, the criminal, the nerd, the princess and the basket case feel as if they could not be more different. Throughout the day as they talk and learn more about each other, two characters, Claire Standish and Allison Reynolds, realize they have a lot more in common than they initially thought....   [tags: The Breakfast Club, John Hughes]

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The Suicide of Amanda Todd

- Behind the Screen Many people of this time have heard of one girl who was being bullied online. Amanda Todd was a seventh grader when it all started. Amanda Todd started talking to this guy on a social media site. The man exhilarated her to flash her breasts over the web. After a whole year, he contacted her again on Facebook and asked for more. This time though she rejected, and he got upset and sent the picture to everyone. The alleged tormentor knew everything including her address, her name, where she went to school, and who her friends and family were....   [tags: bullying, social media, cyberbullying]

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The Play, Proof By David Auburn

- The play, Proof by David Auburn, can be analyzed or viewed in a particular matter using how characters’ act and the point of view from which Auburn wants viewers to see play. Auburn’s play is analyzed as being a play of Naturalism. Naturalism is a philosophical point of view relating to everything that is from natural properties and causes. (Literary Devices) Naturalism is based on the attitude or role an associate has about their identity in a nation and an action that takes place to sustain a form of social sovereignty....   [tags: Gender, Social class, Middle class, Working class]

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The Breakfast Club

- The Breakfast Club (Intercommunications) John Hughes’ 1985 film, The Breakfast Club, gives countless examples of the principles of interpersonal communication. Five high school students: Allison, a weirdo, Brian, a nerd, John, a criminal, Claire, a prom queen, and Andrew, a jock, are forced to spend the day in Saturday detention. By the end of the day, they find that they have more in common than they ever realized. I will begin by selecting a scene from the movie and using it to explain what interpersonal communication is....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Gertrude Berg's Life and Accomplishments

- Gertrude Berg’s life began on October 3, 1899, in New York. Her parents were Dinah and Jacob Edelstien. Gertrude’s parents had no other children after her; therefore, she was an only child (Gertrude Berg). When she was older her father, Jacob, bought the Fliechmann’s abandoned house and they turned it into a hotel (Berg). This was the home of an extremely wealthy family at one time. As a young child, she loved to write and act out the stories she wrote for the guest at the hotel. Unfortunately, her father was unsupportive, and her mother was mentally unstable....   [tags: the goldbergs, arithmetic, jewish family]

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So Much Water So Close To Home by Raymond Carver

- In the story "So Much Water So Close To Home" a young girl is raped, killed and found in a river where four men are fishing. What makes this story interesting is that after discovering the body they did not report it until after they left, three days later. When one of the men who discovered her, the husband of the narrator, Stuart returns home he doesn't tell his wife about the incident until the following morning. Because of this, Claire believes that all men are responsible for the murder of the girl....   [tags: Carver Water Close Home Analysis]

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The Visit Themes

- Imagine someone being cut so deep, by the person they love, that for the rest of their life they plot for deadly revenge. Well in the play The Visit, one of the main characters, Claire, is burned deep by the her childhood love, Schill. In the play, The Visit, by Friedrich Durrenmatt multiple lessons can be learned from the actions of the character’s, one of these are the greed can consume people, changing their morals, and making them do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done. The parallelism in this play showed the changes in the morals of the town and characters throughout the story....   [tags: Character, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Play, Change]

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Television 's Influence On Modern Society

- TV shows have always played a big part of our lives. With such influence on modern society, television shows have the power to shape our culture. On television, the traditional idea of an American family has changed considerably over time. The traditions and values portrayed on the television show Modern Family reinforce a dysfunctional family by discussing issues never spoken about in our modern society and attempting to represent a modern view on the traditional American Family. However, despite their attempts, the show still accentuates stereotypes and unfairly represents our modern society....   [tags: Family, Marriage, An American Family, The Family]

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The Visit By Fredrich Durrenmatt

- Prominent novelist and play writer, Fredrich Durrenmatt in his play, The Visit, depicts the effects of corruption in the world through various character traits and symbolism. Durrenmatt’s purpose is to show how people will conspire in the most inhumane acts to survive when their livelihoods are at risk. He adopts a ruthless tone in order to reveal unto his readers that survival instincts can override a person’s moral compass in dire situations. The actions of the teacher the pastor and the police officer exemplify the constant internal conflict for the people in this play....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Police, Play]

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Cultural Criticism - Folk And Pop

- Tionna A. Thornton English 1101 Dr. K. Leatherwood October 15, 2014 Cultural Criticism - Folk & Pop How "Modern" is Modern Family. Nearly everyone has seen or heard of American Broadcasting Company 's (ABC) hit television show, Modern Family. And, in my opinion, if you have not, you do not have a clue as to what is good. According to, Modern Family is "...also quickly cementing itself as a culturally defining series (ABC)." Receiving four consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series and a Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Television Series, Modern Family seems unstoppable, returning in its sixth season....   [tags: Family, Marriage, American Broadcasting Company]

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The Change Of Society 's Values

- Remember when children could walk down the street without having their parents with them. Maybe, you remember your dad sitting around the house on his off day in a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie. No. Neither do I, the reason we don’t remember this is because this took place back in the 1950’s, well before we were thought of. A time when siblings got along with one another, the mothers and fathers both had their own roles within the household, and neither of them shared tasks for the most part. People always seemed to use their manners, always dressed their best, and always seemed to want to be kind toward one another, within their households at least....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Household]

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Scared And Death By Marcus Farley

- “Scared to Death” In the murder mystery “Scared to Death”, there are several suspects to who had scared Marcus Farley to his death. The suspects to the mystery are Claire, the faithful housekeeper; Tom Paisley, the Scottish medium; Sasha, Marcus’s Australian model wife; and Rachel, who is the younger sister to Jane Farley and had been in London for 27 years. Jane was Marcus’s daughter, who committed suicide and is claimed to have been a ghost. Marcus Farley read a threatening letter that was stabbed into the door with a knife, which caused him to have a heart attack and die....   [tags: English-language films, Suicide, Mystery film]

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Media Criticism of Modern Family

- Introduction: In 2009, ABC aired the first episode of Modern Family, a show about three families who are all related. Since then the show has become a huge success as audience’s find enjoyment in watching the characters as they face everyday trials and tribulations. Each episode runs for a half hour and takes place in a California suburb. The producer’s center the plot on a specific controversial issue in which the characters are forced to confront and handle, as well as resolve and give their reactions prior to the shows ending....   [tags: Social Issues, Modern Family]

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The Negative Effects of Abortion

- Claire Culwell’s birth mother found out she was pregnant at the young age of thirteen, thinking she was carrying only one baby in her womb. Claire’s mother grew up in a broken home and her mother forced her to get an abortion at five months. Claire’s mother believed the abortion was successful, so she continued on with her life. But four weeks later, a friend told her something seemed off and said she should go back to the doctor. That’s when she found out she was still pregnant. Claire survived, but unfortunately, her twin did not....   [tags: pro-life, voluntary termination of pregnancy]

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Modern Family, Gender And Sexuality

- A. How can this group be described based on their presence OR absence in the text. In the text Modern Family, gender and sexuality are both very prevalent and are described in different ways. Through out the text it is notable that the ways the characters are described can be very stereotypical. For example, the character of Claire is portrayed as mom that can not handle anything with technology and having her husband talk to her like a child. This increases the gender roles that women are weak and emotional....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Gender role]

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Hero - Original Writing

- “You have got to be kidding me,” I said, staring at the small hole in the chain-link fence. The little bit of grass on the other side was mostly dead, and the yard was full of debris. There was an old building not far from the fence that appeared to have been a small barn at one time. An abandoned pickup truck was nearby, but there wasn’t a house or other livable structure. The ground was damp and muddy as it had recently rained. I glanced down at my new, expensive tennis shoes before looking at my companion....   [tags: Dog, Pet, Dog food]

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Comparing Villains and Victims from The Speckled Band, Twisted Lip and The Cardboard Box

- Comparing Villains and Victims from The Speckled Band, Twisted Lip and The Cardboard Box The three villains which I am going to compare / contrast are Dr Roylott from The Speckled Band, Mr Neville St Claire from The Man With The Twisted Lip and Sarah Cushing from The Cardboard Box. The three victims I am going to compare / contrast are Helen Stoner from The Speckled Band, Mrs St Claire from The Man With The Twisted Lip and Susan Cushing from The Cardboard box. Dr Roylott is a stereotype villain....   [tags: Speckled Twisted Cardboard Essays]

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Analysis Of ' House Of Cards ' From The Popular Netflix Series Played By Kevin Spacey

- This critical essay will critique Francis J. Underwood of “House of Cards” from the popular Netflix series played by Kevin Spacey. In the series Francis goes by Frank Underwood. Frank Underwood is a conniving, manipulative, Machiavellian, politician with a quenching thirst for power. Frank is a U.S. congressman from Gaffney, South Carolina. The beginning of the series starts with Frank being the House Majority Whip for the Democratic party of the United States of America. The series chronological his rise up the hierarchical ladder to President of the United States....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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Conformity and Convenience in Friedrich Durrenmatt’s The Visit

- Friedrich Durrenmatt’s epic tragicomedy The Visit is a haunting commentary on the nature of mankind and morality. Bringing to the surface many questions about the difference between justice and revenge, the play is constructed in a way that leaves the reader at once perplexed and conflicted. The difference between right and wrong is often overlooked and even contorted in order to conform with convenience as the citizens of the town become more desperate. The Visit is both a philosophical masterpiece and a harrowing tale of conditional morality....   [tags: Friedrich Durrenmatt]

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The Roles of Family Members in Modern Family

- In 2009, American Broadcast Channel changed the way America viewed families with the premiere of the hit television show Modern Family. The show follows three families, Jay Pritchett’s and his two children, from his first marriage, Mitchell and Claire. Jay is married to a much younger woman, Gloria, who has a child from a previous marriage, named Manny. Mitchell lives with his partner Cameron and they have an adopted Vietnamese daughter, Lily. Claire’s family is the most like the traditional family....   [tags: class, race, gender]

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The Decision Difficulties Experienced By Clare 's Chocolates

- 3. Market research and information about the industry is very important to the organization because it will allow the organization to position itself well in terms of sourcing chocolate raw materials and in identifying the market for its products. For example, understanding that some chocolate product purchases are seasonal, e.g., at Christmas; around Mother’s Day; and, on Valentine’s Day, allows the organization to have more product on hand and to create displays, in store, that will increase purchases and attract more customers when existing customers tell their friends about the availability of high end products, at reasonable prices, in their store....   [tags: Marketing, Price, Qualitative research]

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The Role of Macrophages in Hypoxia

- From the viewpoint of biochemists, hypoxia is known as the transport of a limited amount of O2 molecules, while clinicians and physiologists define it as a deficiency of O2 below the normal level of the area, leading to limiting or even cancelling some of the functions of cells and tissues (Michael and Peter, 2001). There are a number of factors which can lead to hypoxia, for example: 1) low O2 tension in arterial blood ]normal O2 tension in arterial blood is around 95 mmHg (~12%)(Timothy, 2010)], which may be caused by pulmonary diseases such as hypoxemic hypoxia; 2) disorders in blood which lead to a loss of its ability to carry O2, for example anemia and carbon monoxide poisoning (anemi...   [tags: Hypoxic Area, Life with Oxygen]

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The 's Stages Of Cognitive Development

- Two characters that I choose for this assignment are a careless and impulsive character in this movie, John Bender, or known as “the criminal”, and a character that being known as a nerd, that is Brian Johnson, or known as “the brain”. In reference to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, I categorized Bender and Brian in a formal operational stage, that is the final stage of the cognitive development stage. It is because, both of them shows characteristic of adolescent egocentrism. As for Bender, we can see that he had developed the sense of invulnerability because he had taken many physical risks and do not think about the consequences.** Besides that, in reference to Kohlberg’s stage...   [tags: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development]

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A Perfect Sized Open Plan Apartment

- ‘Well, here’s my apartment,’ Claire said flicking on lights, to reveal a decent sized open plan apartment. Most of the colour scheme was creams and whites, with a few dark furnishings. However, he could admit the one deep red wall surprised Owen in the best kind of way. Surveying the room he gave a noncommittal ‘Nice.’ Pursing her lips, she clearly didn’t buy his bullshit. With a sigh he followed up, ‘It’s a little impersonal,’ ‘It’s clean and organised. I know these are two unfamiliar concepts to you,’ she said, laying her purse down on side....   [tags: Bathtub, Bathroom, Shower, Nudity]

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Social Psychology : The Breakfast Club

- Social Psychology is the study of how we think and relate to other people. These psychologists focused on how the social situation influences others behavior. We see social influences everywhere we go, but might not notice it. Like when watching a movie for fun you do not notice it as much as when you are actually looking for the behaviors, like in the film The Breakfast Club. There are several examples of social psychological behaviors in the film. The Breakfast Club is about 5 high school students enduring detention on a Saturday....   [tags: Psychology, Social psychology, Sociology]

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Wedding Speech from the Father of the Bride

- Wedding Speech from the Father of the Bride Thank you for that welcome, I haven’t had applause like that since Frank’s bachelor party in Angels lap dancing club. Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you who don’t know me I’m Mike, Claire’s Dad and on behalf of my wife Angela and I, I would like to welcome you all here today to celebrate the marriage of our daughter Claire to Frank I would like to welcome Frank’s Mum, Margaret, partner Don, sister Helen and husband Simon as well as all our relatives and friends....   [tags: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches]

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Ethical Analysis of a Nursing Case Study

- Ethical Analysis of a Nursing Case Study `Ethics' is defined as ."..the basis on which people...decide that certain actions are right or wrong and whether one ought to do something or has a right to something"(Rumbold, 1986). In relating `ethics' to nursing care, "Nursing decisions affect people... nurses have the power to good or harm to their patients" (Bandman et al, 2002). In this essay, the author will also identify the most important ethical principles and concepts of Evan's case, will outline the different stages of one's approach to ethical decision-making by utilising the "DECIDE Model for Ethical Decision-Making" founded by Thompson et al (2000) and will make a decision on the bes...   [tags: Health]

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Analysis Of ' The Visit ' By Friedrich Durrenmatt

- A book or a theatrical play can become the means through which writers can express their thoughts and convey their messages to society. In ancient times, Greek tragedies were a clever way for writers to judge the political world of the time, and make society reflect back on its own behavior and way of acting. Throughout the years, the form of a theatrical play underwent many changes that allowed the writers to express themselves more freely, without being limited to the strict rules of form and structure of a Greek tragedy....   [tags: Tragedy, Euripides, Tragic hero, Sophocles]

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Personal Privacy : A Cultural Value On Privacy

- In today’s society I believe that Americans truly enjoy the last piece of their privacy that they have left. There isn’t much left that is private these days. Everything or everyone is being monitored to a certain degree. Your moves on the internet are being followed, you might very well have your phone conversations listened into, and your grocery store purchases are also being recorded. I believe that personal privacy is a new U.S cultural value. Especially now that everything and everyone is being monitored....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Same-sex marriage, Cohabitation]

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Moral Law And The Law Of The State

- C.S. Lewis’s “We Have No “Right to Happiness” presents an idea behind the thoughts of moral law and the law of the state. Lewis begins with the story of Mr. and Mrs. A, and develops his argument through this confrontation with Claire and there view points on the subject. Claire’s perspective is that you are given the lawful right to pursue happiness in any shape or form given that it is not wrong in the eyes of the law. Lewis argument goes beyond the eyes of the law, given that we have a moral duty to do the right thing in the eyes of God, which is seen as natural law....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Moral, Moral absolutism]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Jindabyne '

- The film Jindabyne, is a story about death, marriage, and race in an Australian town in New South Wales called Jindabyne. In the film, four men go fishing, and one of them discovers the dead body of a young indigenous girl. Instead of reporting what they found to the police immediately, they decide to stay and continue fishing. They decide that there is nothing they could do for her, so they tie her legs to a tree and continue with their fishing, reporting the death only when they return home. After they are done with their weekend of fishing and report the incident, conflict starts, as the men are criticized for not respecting the dead....   [tags: Indigenous Australians, Australia]

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Theme Of Honour, Valentin 's Death Scene

- Continuing on the theme of honour, Valentin’s death scene mirrors that of his father in that both are dying for honour. Valentin feels obligated to commit to the duel with Kapp, despite his awareness that it being fought over an insignificant occurrence, more out of duty than actual desire for it. Valentin admits it is a “custom ” in his family implying it is required of him to partake in it. Newman brands it a “wicked theatrical affair ” and this links to the idea that the Bellegardes are very much propped up by beliefs such as tradition is sacred, and they contort their public persona so much so that it is a mere façade, involving them acting in ways only to satisfy these ancient tradition...   [tags: Marriage, Woman, 19th century, Family]

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Bed Bathing Patients in a Hospital

- IntroductionIn this assignment I will be exploring the legal, professional and ethical issues involved in bed bathing a patient/client in a hospital setting. I will be reflecting on a personal experience, experience during a seven week placement on a diabetic ward. I have decided to use a reflective cycle which is an adaptation from Gibbs’ (1988) model.This reflection has provided a systematic approach to my learning and to my nursing practice. Within this essay I intend to discuss approaches to assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care....   [tags: Nursing Reflection]

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The Sociological Imagination and Media

- The Sociological Imagination and Media Most people’s lives in the 21 century are in some way affected by media and it is affecting the way individuals preform daily tasks. Television shows are a great example of this; they show the development of characters over a period and display how greater social forces shape what they have become. C. Wright mills uses a term the sociological imagination, it is the theory that people’s lives are shaped essentially by greater social forces and society’s expectations rather than biology and genetics....   [tags: family, shws, influence, close]

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A Research On Hidden Accountability

- Hidden Transparency Disability is like a bruise on an apple; sometimes it is evident, sometimes it is hidden. Consider Claire Hovey; she has arthritis – a hidden disability affecting one’s joints. Claire used to think of “pain as a hurdle” (Hovey, 2015); thus when diagnosed, she expected to tackle pain “with grace and poise” (Hovey, 2015) managing it silently (Hovey, 2015). However, self-doubt and fictional comparison brought negative psychological effects (Hovey, 2015) and she soon realized that neither were beneficial for her daily rehabilitation (Hovey, 2015)....   [tags: Motivation, Locus of control, Self-efficacy]

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My Memories Of My Life

- I remember one day when I was about six years old and on my way to daycare, I told my mom I couldn’t wait to be eighteen so I could be a grown up and live on my own. What a wishful thinking six year old I was, and already so full of teen angst. This past September, I moved over five hundred miles from home, I started college in a place where I knew no one, and I tried to convince myself it was what I wanted. All of my life, I had envisioned my perfect life after leaving home, the wonderful freedom and independent maturity that would come with it....   [tags: Friendship, High school]

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Friedrich Durrenmatt's The Visit

- Throughout the centuries doubles in literature create or intensify certain themes. In The Visit, doubles signify change and bring out the truth through dialogue, imagery, symbols, and characters. Characters function as doubles through dialogue, while symbols work to represent the characters. Settings enhance a character’s duality or employ them as doppelgangers. Doubles also show the irony within a work and how it makes a theme more important. Dialogue is the most prominent form of doubling in the Visit....   [tags: doubles in literature]

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Clinical Learning Outcome

- Clinical Learning Outcome I initially met Claire during a clinic appointment following discussion with a colleague that she was concerned about the negative feelings Claire was expressing. Claire was recovering from a mastectomy and was about to undergo radiotherapy. Following discussion she revealed to me her unwillingness to look at her mastectomy scar and that she felt isolated. Most other patients she had met had had lumpectomies; she was the only one who had received a mastectomy....   [tags: Papers]

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Overview of the Family in the Mockumentary: Modern Family

- ... Each family, when dissected, is built up on stereotypes to “mock” the dynamic. The “average” family that consist of Phil and Claire have typical jobs, Phil, who is a real estate rep, and Claire, a stay at home mom. Their three teenage children, Hailey, a typical high school girl obsessed with boys and strictly only concerned with her looks, the middle child, Alex, that is only focused on school and couldn’t be more opposite than Hailey, and youngest and only son, Luke that is struggling to fit in with the family being the only son....   [tags: Tv, Series, Gay]

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The Geological History Of The Little Falls Rock Formations

- On October 19, 2016, my geology class traveled to Little Falls in Eau Claire, Wisconsin to observe the rock formations that are present and determine the geological history of the Little Falls rock formations. This was the final trip where the class went to observe different rock formations around the Eau Claire region. These trips have given the class the information to describe the geologic history of the area, as well as the processes that have caused the rocks that are now present on the earth’s surface to form....   [tags: Igneous rock, Sedimentary rock, Granite]

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Uncle Tom 's Cabin, By Harriet Beecher Stowe

- “Thanks be unto God, who giveth us the victory” (1 Corinthians 15:57). The novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, was a revolutionary book during 1852. This novel “helped lay the groundwork for the Civil War” ( Slavery in the United States was not abolished until 1865 through the Thirteenth Amendment to the American Constitution. Harriet Beecher Stowe, being a white woman, felt that she could not speak out about this topic because of her status. Due to this she decided to portray her thoughts through rhetorical approaches in her books....   [tags: Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe]

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The Pregnancy Project : Stereotypes About Teen Pregnancy

- The history in a family can influence many generations. Certain families have stereotypes about them based on family history. This is a real world situation; the movie The Pregnancy Project, stereotypes about teen pregnancy where shown, and how they affect people. In the Pregnancy Project, the use of Gabi’s background influenced people’s reactions because her family has a history of teen pregnancy. Gabi Rodriguez is a senior in high school and must come up with a project to graduate. Her first idea was to do statistics in foster care....   [tags: Family, Mother, Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy]

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Psychology and the Media: The Breakfast Club

- The first movie ever created was made by Louis Le Prince on October 14 in 1888, back then all movies were silent and the movie theatre was consider a simpler, cheaper way to entertain the masses. Since 1888 millions of movies have been made in every language and in every part of the world. Many of those movies have a connection with psychology and its theories, my favorite movie is The Breakfast Club which has a connection with the contact hypothesis of Gordon Allport. The Breakfast Club was made in 1985 and since then it has been used by various psychologist to explain psychology theories in a simple way....   [tags: John Hughes film analysis]

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A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee Proposal

- My proposal to the class is the play A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee. It is a psychologically based drama dealing with the issues and complexities of upper-middle-class suburb dwellers. There are six characters, including two men and four women. All of the characters are in an adult age range. The plot of the play takes place in the living room of Agnes and Tobias, a middle-aged married couple as their life is disrupted by the coming and going of friends and family with many problems to face....   [tags: delicate balance, edward albee, social classes]

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Review of the Movie: The Breakfast Club

-  In the film The Breakfast Club there are various social psychological theories and concepts that describe the inner selves of the characters. The characters in the film are initially perceived in a certain manner by each other because of knowing the way they behave in school and the type of people and environment they surround themselves with in school. However one detention on a Saturday brings these characters together and throughout the film their true personalities and behaviors start to reveal themselves by means of social psychological theories and concepts....   [tags: Psychology, Personalities, Theory]

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The Breakfast Club : Perception Of Students

- "Who are you?" This is the question five high school students are asked at the beginning of a Saturday detention session in The Breakfast Club. This question is not just unique to these students in this high school, but this is a question all high school students attempt to figure out by the time they go off to college or join the work force. Unfortunately, a person is often perceived based on stereotypes which does not reveal the true person. In The Breakfast Club, perception of students based on stereotypes leads to biased expectations, isolation, and peer pressure in American high schools....   [tags: High school, English-language films]

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Bed Bathing: Legality, Professionalism, and Ethics

- IntroductionIn this assignment I will be exploring the legal, professional and ethical issues involved in bed bathing a patient/client in a hospital setting. I will be reflecting on a personal experience, experience during a seven week placement on a diabetic ward. I have decided to use a reflective cycle which is an adaptation from Gibbs’ (1988) model.This reflection has provided a systematic approach to my learning and to my nursing practice. Within this essay I intend to discuss approaches to assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care....   [tags: reflection, health care, Gibbs]

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How Technology Has Influenced Digital Genre

- The screen of an apple laptop has been transformed into the screen of a television show episode. How could a producer ever think this idea would work to hold viewers for the entire 30 minute show. Yet strangely, I found myself captivated by how lifelike and entertaining this episode really was. Modern Family’s “Connection Lost” episode is hilariously funny and original. This episode creates one of the most realistic shows to be produced in our postmodern society. The episode was created to relate to the hectic daily lives of people living in the digital era....   [tags: Television, Television program, Story arc]

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The Adoration Of Jenna Fox Analysis

- "Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go,"-Hermann Hesse. Regrettably, in this point of view, Jenna Fox's father, Matthew Fox, was incapable of staying strong. In the novel, The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson, seventeen-year-old Jenna Fox has woken up from a coma caused by a gruesome car accident, an accident in which she was told to have caused. Later, Jenna begins to pick up and put together the puzzle pieces of her own life, including how the way she is being kept alive is illegal....   [tags: Choice, Decision making software]

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Movie Review : Safe Haven

- Each movie or television show out there has characters. These characters are what make each show/movie unique. Throughout my years of watching TV and movies I have developed a taste for the types of characters I enjoy to watch. I have to say that I enjoy a wide variety of characters, but to narrow that down, I like admirable characters as well as a little villainous here and there. In this essay I will compare these two types of characters and why I find each one appealing. I hate to admit it but I am a total sucker for the dramatic, girly, romance films and TV shows....   [tags: Film, Love, Television program, Television]

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Gambling and Casinos Addiction

- “Mommy, why are we leaving again?” Young Claire will never understand the answer to her repetitive question asked to her parents yearly. Each new home, each year, each late night, Claire has to witness her dad go out and come home late with a bigger hole in his pocket. Claire’s mother has to work off the losses that her husband creates and worry that she will find another suicide note; praying her husband will come back to his normal self, his non-addicted self. Claire’s father insists that it will help out the family with money and claims that each night is “his night”....   [tags: gambling, casinos, suicide]

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