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WW2 And American Involvement

- In this essay I intend to show that it was inevitable that the United States would move from a status of isolationism and neutrality to supporting the Allies and defending democracy, also declaring war on Japan and in the end finishing the war in Europe for the struggling allies. By 1941 The Axis powers, this included Germany and Italy had taken all of Western Europe. Their control had reached as far west as the bay of Biscay on the west coast of France, they reached as far north as Norway and Finland, as far west as the Caspian sea in Russia....   [tags: American History]

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History Of The Social Security Program

- In 1935, after bank failures and a stock market crash had wiped out the savings of millions of Americans, the nation turned to their president to guarantee the elderly a decent income. In those days, only a handful of workers had access to pensions from their employers or through State governmental pension programs. Over half of America's elderly lacked sufficient income to be self-supporting. The Social Security Act was enacted at the urging of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to create a social insurance program that ensures workers would have a source of income after they retired....   [tags: American History]

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History of the U.S. Peace Corps

- The Peace Corps, officially established on March 1st 1961, is a governmental agency devoted to world peace and progression. The Peace Corps was established by Senator John F. Kennedy when he inspired a group of students at the University of Michigan to work for their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing societies abroad. From that encouragement developed an agency of the federal government. The Peace Corps is organized into groups of volunteers and trainees that are placed in different developing countries according to their cause....   [tags: American History]

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The American Civil War

- Since this chapter is about expansion into the west, I would definitely say that the story about Henry K. Bruce’s move to the west was an appropriate introduction for this chapter. The story told about Pettis Perkinson who attempted to move his farm and slaves into the west from Virginia. Bruce was one of his slaves. The story tells about Bruce’s feelings of excitement as a boy experiencing the new environments of the west for the first time. This is similar to the fervor that many people had for heading west after seeing paintings or reading books about it....   [tags: American History]

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Japanese American Internment Camps

- After the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor, life in the U.S. had changed. It was the first time in a long time that America was attacked on its homeland. This national security threat was a big shock to the people. The Japanese had to suffer the consequences of their attack. Just as the Germans developed concentration camps for the Jewish during World War II, the Americans set up "relocation" programs better known as internment camps to keep all the Japanese. The reason the Japanese were moved into these camps was because they were suspected of being spies....   [tags: American History]

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American Rebellion In 1776

- Evaluate the relative importance of three of the following as factors prompting Americans to rebel in 1776. • Parliamentary Taxation • Restrictions of Civil Liberty • British military measures • The legacy of colonial religious and political ideas The mistake that King George and the rest of Britain made was thinking that they could forever keep the colonies under their thumb. These were not the same colonists who came over as British citizens to set up forts. These men and women thought of themselves and American citizens and they did not need a government across the ocean telling them what to do....   [tags: American History]

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History of American Popular Music

- History of American Popular Music Often these days we hear a lot in the news regarding the oppression and horrible conditions that exist in underdeveloped third world countries. I even find myself attempting to imagine what that must be like day after day living in what seems like a hopeless situation, and the one organization that I should be able to find help and leadership, the government, is empty and thoroughly dysfunctional. I then wonder were dose that leave my people. How do they make there voices heard without bluntly getting in the face of the government and risking the posabilty of imprisonment and even death for deifying the popular opinion of the present administration Th...   [tags: Papers]

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History of the American Mafia

- History of the American Mafia Imagine living in a world where crime ruled. A world where gangsters were more powerful than politicians, owned the police, and ran the city in whatever way they felt. They robbed whom they wanted and killed when they didn't get their way. Now stop imagining and realize that this happened here in the United States of America in the 1920's. It was run by an organization made up mainly of Italians called the Mafia. The word Mafia itself has many meanings. In Arabic it means "refuge", which refers to the origins of the Mafia as a society that fled to the hills of Italy to avoid attack....   [tags: Papers]

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The American Civil War

- The American Civil War The incident that began the Civil War involved the demand for the surrender of Fort Sumter, in Charleston, South Carolina. On April 11, 1861, Brigadier General Pierre G. T. Beauregard requested that the fort be surrendered. The Federal commander, Major Robert Anderson, refused. On April 12, 1861, Captain George S. James fired the first shot of the war from a Confederate artillery battery. Artillery exchanges continued through April 13, when terms of capitulation were finally agreed to....   [tags: American History]

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History of the American Government

- History of the American Government More than 200 years ago, the 13 original states approved the first constitution that united them into the United States of America. However, many things have happened before and after that which have combined to make the United States what it is today. As the New World was being settled, the original colonists who came over were mainly Englishmen. Coming in great numbers and for many different reasons, 435,000 colonists occupied the coastline of America....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Japanese Americans Interned In American Prison Camps During World War Two

- Japanese Americans Interned in American Prison Camps during World War Two Anyone who has taken any sort of history course is most likely to have learned about World War Two and how the basic cause of this war was the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, which was a United States Water Naval Base on an island in Hawaii. "This day is a day which will live infamy" (Taylor 50), is the famous quote formally stated by President Roosevelt, while giving a public speech subsequent to the attack. For the United States of America the attack was a horrible and devastating event, many lives were lost that day....   [tags: American History]

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Changes in American Society 1920's

- Republicans dominated the 1920's political scene. During this time period, many changes occurred in the United States. Both culturally and economically. This period is known as the roaring twenties. Republican Warren G. Harding, an obscure republican from Ohio, won the election of 1920. During this time period, republicans held the position of being against the admittance of the United States into the League of Nations. During his ineffective presidency, he helped streamline the budget, approved measures assisting farm cooperatives and liberalizing farm credit....   [tags: American History]

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History of the Marines

- History of the Marines What do Drew Carey, Gene Hackman, and Lee Harvey Oswald all have in common. They are all, The Few. The Proud. The Marines. Like these young men, many people after high school join one of the many branches of the military. From the U.S. Bureau of Labor, nine out of ten high school graduates go into the military. However with the Marine Corps being the smallest of the branches, only one-fifth of them become Marines. In 2006, according to the Recruit Depot Parris Island for Marines, 99.9% of the students there were high school graduates....   [tags: American History Military]

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The Foreign Miners in the American Gold Rush

- The Foreign Miners in the American Gold Rush One Saturday night, a mob of masked men, who numbered forty to sixty, approached a small house. Arriving at the house, they dragged two slumbering men from their bunks and hustled them from the house, without even allowing them to put on their clothes, and started to kick and beat them. One of the invaders drew his pistol and shot at one of the victims. The bullet pierced the body of the man and inflicted a terrible wound. Both men who were attacked that night died....   [tags: American History Research Papers]

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The American Civil War

- In the Civil War the North had many advantages over the South. The South was outnumbered, out supplied, and pushed into a corner using military tactics. Many things changed because of the Civil War. The military tactics used by the North changed how war was fought from then on. Many changes were made politically; some were only temporary, while others were permanent. After the war was over, the country was reunited and the image of the soul and duty of our country redefined. While both the North and the South had stable and confident economic systems, the North was much more industrialized and diversified and with a better transportation system they not only had the ability for mass product...   [tags: Essays on American History]

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Causes of the American Civil War

- The Civil War was caused by a myriad of conflicting pressures, principles, and prejudices, fueled by sectional differences and pride, and set into motion by a most unlikely set of political events. From the colonial period in America where the institution of slavery began, through the period of the revolution whereby blood was shed to validate the notion that all men were created equal (yet slavery existed in all thirteen colonies), to the era of the Civil War itself, it is undoubtedly clear that the main causative factor of the war was slavery itself....   [tags: American History]

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History of American Politics

- Throughout American history there have been changes that have shaped the way we live today. Some of them are small things: for example the way we vote, the way requirements for a citizenship are obtain and other minor things that does not effect every person at any given time. There are also many consistent ways we have lived in America through our history such as: the two party systems and how we are represented have been constant for a long period of time in the United States. None of these things are as important as the end of segregation and our economic structure, capitalism....   [tags: essays research papers]

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American Indians

- American Indians form one of the minorities groups in America. Yet their native soil has the leading population in the world. America was inclined by their viewpoint before the first settler. Many of the Indians came to America as early as the turn of the century, in which they were deprived of residency until a congressional act was approved in 1946(Lee 106). Most Indians have supplied abundant assistance to the culture and flawless being of US; majorities of these donations regulate to the science field....   [tags: Native Americans, American History]

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African American History

- Berida’s story exemplifies the issues facing women in Africa in general and Kenya in particular, especially with respect to gender and class in many ways. Berida explains in her story the hardships that women have in providing for themselves as well as their families. Some of the hardships that Berida talks about are in the article “The African and Kenyan Contexts.” The article states that, “across the continent, people of many African nations have been troubled by low levels of economic productivity, environmental degradation, inadequate physical and social infrastructure, the exigencies of structural adjustment, and the battering of declining commodity prices.” The hardships that are disc...   [tags: essays research papers]

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American Colony Lifestyles

- So close yet so far The lifestyle in the three American colonies sections, varied dramatically, the most obvious was the difference between the New England and the Southern colonies. The New England colonies varied in many ways from the southern colonies, the most obvious were the motives for the founders, the political and social beliefs, and economic differences. The New England colonies were much more interested in starting a new way of life for the generations to come, the Southern colonies based lived for the day and the quick dollar....   [tags: American History]

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History and Opinions on the Policy of Affirmative Action

- Racism is a problem that is older than the country we live in. Since the beginning of time racism, prejudice, and discrimination has existed. Through the years, society has come a long way in dealing with this everlasting problem; however, the problem still lives in today's world. It affects who we are and where we will go in our life. So if racism can so dramatically alter our life, one might question what can be done to cease this unfair practice. One solution, or rather method to equal out the past inequalities African American and other minorities, is Affirmative Action....   [tags: American History]

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Oppression of American Indians in Our Hearts Fell to the Ground

- From the Sioux in the North, to the Tonkawa in the South, tribes filled North America when the Europeans first set foot on the soil that we now know as the United States. The relationship between the Native American tribes and the Europeans had its fair share of difficulties for the next thirty years. Faced with the threat of the westward movement, as well as the ruthless military treatment that came with it, the North Americans began their unjustified, inhumane battle for survival. The Europeans colonization of North America has forever changed the lives and cultures of the Native Americans....   [tags: American History]

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British Contributions to the Development of American Identity Dbq

- "To prohibit a great people from making all that they can of every part of their own produce advantageous to themselves, is a manifest violation of the most sacred rights of mankind." These views of Adam Smith were very much supported throughout the mid-18th century. Throughout this time, many new developments were made regarding American colonists view's of their sense of identity and unity as Americans. Due to an over controlling British government and a need for individuality as a country, colonists became Americans through their great fight to highly develop their sense of identity and unity as Americans....   [tags: American History]

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American Jezebel: the Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson

- LaPlante, Eve. Amrican Jezebel: The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson, the Woman Who Defied the Puritans. New York: Harper Collins, 2004. Anne Hutchinson was a remarkable colonial woman who first came to Massachusetts in the fall of 1634. She is less remembered for her contributions in the new world as a wife, mother of fourteen, and midwife to many than for her eventual trial and banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. I was interested in writing a paper on a colonial woman and chose Anne Hutchinson after a "Google" search turned up a very good review on a recent book about her life....   [tags: American History]

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Critique of Article Titled "An American Attack on Iraq is not Justified"

- "An American Attack on Iraq is Not Justified" was written by John E. Farley in 2002 when congress was considering a resolution to the 9-11 attacks. Farley is a professor of sociology at Southern Illinois University and still participates in war protests to this day. Farley's argument is exactly what the title states, a war in Iraq is not justifiable. The United States ultimately went to war against Iraq on March 19, 2003. Since then, the question of whether or not the war is ll, showing that he cares to inform everyone about the current situation....   [tags: American History]

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Re-Winning American Independence: The War Of 1812

- When the Peace treaty of Paris was signed in 1782 there were a bevy of issues left unresolved. Due in great part to this fact, the revolutionary war was not to be the last time of conflict between England and America. In June of 1812, America declared war on England once more. Considering England's complete lack of respect for American Rights, engaging in this war was most certainly necessary, and in fact, a contributing factor to the strength of America today. Britain's disrespect for America's independence was made apparent the moment that they granted it....   [tags: American History]

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Henry Ford's Automobile And It's Effects On American Culture

- Henry Ford’s Automobile & It’s Effects on American Society Over the course of the 20th century, the automobile has gone from being an expensive toy of the rich, to being the standard for passenger transport in most developed countries around the world (Urry). Not unlike the effects of the introduction of Railways into society, automobiles have changed social interactions, employment patterns, goods distribution and the basic face of urban society. The automobile itself is a rather controversial issue....   [tags: American History]

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William E. Borah and American Foreign Policy

- William E. Borah and American Foreign Policy, Robert J. Maddox closely examines the famed senator from Idaho by placing the senator's words in the context of his actions. Maddox argues that Borah possessed a sense of fatalism that affected his entire outlook. The thesis also forwards the notion that Borah's objectives never changed throughout his career, meaning that the Borah of 1917 was the same Borah of 1939. According to the author, Borah used whatever tactics were available to pursue his often unclear goals....   [tags: American History]

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American Homefront During World War II

- The American home front during World War II is recalled warmly in popular memory and cultural myth as a time of unprecedented national unity, years in which Americans stuck together in common cause. World War II brought many new ideas and changes to American life. Even though World War II brought no physical destruction to the United States mainland, it did affect American society. Every aspect of American life was altered by U.S. involvement in the war including demographics, the labor force, economics and cultural trends....   [tags: American History]

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American Colonial Life: North Vs. South

- North vs. South The northern colonies badly needed the services their isolation denied them. The people needed doctors and surgeons and carpenters and blacksmiths. And although they could survive without many of the manufactured goods available only at high prices, they dreamed of owning these things. They dreamed also of luxury items-perfume, spices, silk cloth. It became obvious very early in the colonial experience that Spain would not make goods available to the northern colonies. It was, therefore, natural that the colonists should welcome foreigners who might provide them with the things they wanted....   [tags: American History]

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African Americans in the American Civil War

- In the history of the United States, African Americans have always been discriminated against. When Africans first came to America, they were taken against their will and forced to work as laborers. They became slaves to the rich, greedy, lazy Americans. They were given no pay and often badly whipped and beaten. African Americans fought for their freedom, and up until the Civil War it was never given to them. When the Civil War began, they wanted to take part in fighting to free all slaves. Their opportunity to be soldiers and fight along side white men equally did not come easily, but eventually African Americans proved themselves able to withstand the heat of battle and fight as true Ame...   [tags: American History Civil War]

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American Reconstruction

- American Reconstruction period is a stage of readjustment in which the whole country life turned from a state of war to the normal life. The Civil War was ended, but Americans had to confront many difficult questions such as how Reconstruction should be carried out over the differences. American in the Gilded Age: From the Death of Lincoln to the Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Sean Deneis Cashman, this book argued many debates would be considered, how this war-torn nation could be reunited together, what rights the freed African-Americans would be granted....   [tags: Readjustment, American History]

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Recovering History, Constructing Race: the Indian, Black, and White Roots of Mexican Americans

- Recovering History, Constructing Race: the Indian, Black, and White Roots of Mexican Americans Recovering Aztlan : Racial Formation Through a Shared History (1) Traditionally history of the Americas and American population has been taught in a direction heading west from Europe to the California frontier. In Recovering History, Constructing Race, Martha Mencahca locates the origins of the history of the Americas in a floral pattern where migration from Asia, Europe, and Africa both voluntary and forced converge magnetically in Mexico then spreads out again to the north and northeast....   [tags: American History Essays]

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The American Civil War was Unavoidable

- The American Civil War was unavoidable. Because of regional and political disputes the country would have continued to boil even if the extremists on both sides were kept under control. No matter what was done politically a conflict was necessary to eradicate slavery from this continent.      Anger in the South was becoming a growing trend. The Southerners were angered by the fact that, in their view, the North was trying to dissolve their way of life. Congressman Robert Toombs of Georgia says, “if by your legislation you [northerners] seek to drive us from the territories...I am for disunion”....   [tags: American History Civil War]

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History Of The Cherokee Indians

- History of the Cherokee Indians: Growth to Reduction of the tribes I would like to provide you with some information regarding the Cherokee Indians. I am one quarter Cherokee Indian. My grandmother is full blooded Cherokee and may mother is one half Cherokee. Cherokee comes from a creek word "Cherokee" meaning "people of a different speech" (Cherokee history 1996). There are 561 officially recognized Indian tribes in the United States. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is the largest database of records and histories of Native American tribes in the country....   [tags: Native American History]

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Causes of the American Civil War

- Causes of the American Civil War The American Civil War is one of the most significant and controversial periods in American history. The Civil War was caused by mounting conflicting pressures, principles, and prejudices, fueled by differences and pride, and set into motion by unlikely set of political events. At the root of all of the problems was the establishment of slavery, which had been introduced into North America in early colonial times. The American Revolution had been fought to confirm the idea that all men were created equal, yet slavery was legal in all of the thirteen colonies throughout the revolutionary period....   [tags: Civil War American History Essays]

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American Isolationism

- During the 1920’s, the economy of America was thriving. The First World War had created new jobs and industries; members of society, such as women, were becoming more profound in society and their roles were becoming redefined. The United States was emerging as the industrial giant of the world. To protect the American consumers from imported goods from Europe and encourage American products, the government of the United States imposed high tariffs. Essentially, the United States no longer desire to maintain ties with Europe....   [tags: American History]

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American Imperialism

- American Imperialism has been a part of United States history ever since the American Revolution. Imperialism is the practice by which large, powerful nations seek to expand and maintain control or influence on a weaker nation. Throughout the years, America has had a tendency to take over other people's land. America had its first taste of Imperialistic nature back when Columbus came to America almost five hundred years ago. He fought the inhabitants with no respect for their former way of life, took their land, and proceeded to enslave many of these Native Americans....   [tags: American History]

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American Women and the World War II Factory Experience

- American Women and the World War II Factory Experience After much consideration, I decided to write about American women on the home front during World War II. The work done by these brave women was astounding. In order to narrow the scope of my historical survey, I chose to focus particularly on the factory experience of these women, because the female factory worker challenged the existing societal belief of separate sex roles. In this sense, the female factory worker became a pioneer for the later expansion of women into careers that were largely considered “man’s work.” My main interest has always been American history....   [tags: American History Research Papers]

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The American Reaction to Involvement in Vietnam

- The American Reaction to Involvement in Vietnam In the early 60s, most Americans were very ignorant about Vietnam. They just saw it as a little concern. They were an extremely confident nation who had never lost a war to date, and whose resources were limitless. So they naturally assumed that all their weapons and firepower would ensure victory in a couple of months. Patriotism was very strong in America at that time. Many people remembered the McCarthy trials of the 1950's, so people were extremely aware of the anti-Communist feelings in the country in the early 1960's.Most Americans believed the 'Domino Theory' during these years, and so most were in favour of m...   [tags: American History, World History]

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The Effects That Slavery And Class Conflict Had On The American Republic

- The Effects That Slavery and Class Conflict had on the American Republic There are three events in American history that are linked greatly together and in turn have effected the creation of America as a republic. Bacon's Rebellion, slavery as an institution, class division and conflict are the three events that will be discussed in this paper. Also, it will be shown how these three events impacted the creation of the American republic....   [tags: US American History Slavery]

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Comparing Early American Colonies

- The beginning of the Americas America was a place for dreams, a new beginning, religious freedom and rights. For the people of Europe the Americas was a place to prosper, worship in there own way, and expand there kingdoms. The only problem is that they attempted to settle in their own way and all failed dismally. The New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern Colonies grew differently in various ways, but each with the same state of mind, “do it our way”. Examining the three sets of colonies will prove that they were all different in religion, government, and ways of expansion....   [tags: American History]

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African American Life Before and After Emancipation

- African American Life Before and After Emancipation Slavery was an intrinsic part of North American history from the founding of the Jamestown colony in 1607 to the legal abolition of servitude in 1865. But our nation continues to grapple with the economic, political, social, and cultural impact of that peculiar institution to this day. Over seventy years after the end of the Civil War, the WPA Federal Writer’s Project sought to understand the impact which slavery had on the lives of African Americans who once lived under its yoke....   [tags: American History Slavery Essays]

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The History of Alcatraz

- The History of Alcatraz INTRODUCTION Alcatraz is an island that is 22 acres and according to geologists it is a drowned mountain peak and is made up of mostly rock and dirt. The island itself is a part of a cluster of islands that are in the San Francisco Bay area. The island's name came from a Spanish explorer, Lt. Juan Manual de Ayala, and the ship's pilot, Jose de Canizarer, on August 12, 1775. He called it La Isla de los Alcatraces, in English is Island of the Pelicans. Alcatraz is just the singular form of Alcatraces....   [tags: American America History]

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Ideal Family: Defining the Ideal Family Throughout American History

- The ideal American family was transformed in the 19th century in large part due to the great changes taking place in the American society. Many family groups fit this changing mold while some did not. In this essay I will show how this concept of the ideal American family changed. I will also try to explain which groups of Americans followed this concept and why. The end of the 18th century was a turbulent time in American history. The country had just won its independence from Great Britain and was attempting to find an identity for itself....   [tags: My Vision for America]

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The History of KKK

- The History of KKK Ku Klux Klan is a designation mainly given to two distinct secret societies that played a part in American history, although other less important groups have also used the name. The first Ku Klux Klan was an organization that thrived in the South during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. The second was a nationwide organization that flourished after World War I. The original Klan - Six college students founded the Ku Klux Klan between December 1865 and the summer of 1866 in the town of Pulaski, Tennessee....   [tags: Ku Klux Klan American History Papers]

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The American South

- The American South So you've moved, or been moved, to the South. Or maybe you're thinking about it. You're wondering: What is this place. What's different about it. Is it different, anymore. Good questions. Old ones, too. People have been asking them for decades. Some of us even make our livings by asking them, but we still don't agree about the answers. Let's look at what might seem to be a simpler question: Where is the South. That's easy enough, isn't it. People more or less agree about which parts of the United States are in the South and which aren't....   [tags: American History States Papers]

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Christian G. Appy's Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam

- The Vietnam War, which lasted for two decades (1955-1975), was probably the most problematic of all American wars. US involvement in Vietnam occurred within the larger context of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. It was, and remains, morally ambiguous and controversial. The Vietnam War was slated as both a war against Communism and a war aimed at suppressing dangerous nationalist self-determination. Christian G. Appy's book, Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam, is a graphic and perceptive portrayal of soldiers' experiences and the lasting effects the Vietnam War has had on the American culture and people....   [tags: American History]

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How The War Of 1812 Reflect The Same Tensions That Led To The American Civil War

- September, 2005 Internal Assessment Plan of the investigation How the war of 1812 reflect the same tensions that led to the American civil war. For this assignment I will start out by researching my topic on the internet with two websites. Then I will give evidence for my topic by stating what the authors from the websites concluded. Afterwards I will then give my analysis on the topic and answer the question in my conclusion. To conclude my paper I will provide a bibliography that gives credit to the sources I have used....   [tags: American History]

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History Book Analysis

- Chapter 1 Handicapped by History Brief Summary As the first chapter in this long analytical book, chapter one serves as the foundation for the rest of the novel, with a basic premise that “history textbooks make fool out of the students.” It shows how portrayal of historical figures and events in the best light for the reputation of United States leads to biased and distorted historical education. Author’s Viewpoint Loewen uses two examples—Helen Keller and Woodrow Wilson—in order to illustrate his point, and I would like to focus on the latter for this analysis....   [tags: Analysis Textbook American History]

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Our American Dream, Our History, Our Lives

- My great-grandfather moved to this country from Thailand. His lineage situation is a bit confusing considering he is of mixed blood. In those days racism was on a uphill slope, especially in such countries as Taiwan and China, and Japan, that would have been considered blasphemous and it still is today. Today we live in a more enlightened time, being of Taiwanese and Jamaican blood he and his parents were abandoned by his family and outcast among their neighbors. He frequently had to cover his face in cloths and garments just to walk outside....   [tags: Essays on the American Dream]

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Societal Views on Interracialism Throughout American History

- "-- we are all complicit and we all carry a certain responsibility for America's original sin: racism." -- David Bedrick, The Huffington Post, 10 April 2015 "Half-breed”, “Mulatto”, “Octoroon.” All of these terms at one point served to describe individuals of mixed race, particularly African and Caucasian. The controversy of interracialism has transcended generations, as well as cultures. It is a subject that, historically, has held the potential to incite savage racial discrimination, loathing, and violence....   [tags: Individuals of Mixed Race in America]

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Letters For History

- March 7, 1774 Dear Madi, I haven't written to you since before the "tea party". Man was that a sight. Tea was all over the harbor. You could probably scoop it up in a cup and drink it. It was a great show of rebellion to the British taxing us on everything we touched. However, due to the Boston Tea Party Britain is starting to crack a whip on us. Now to keep us in line they are creating something called the Coercive Acts. More like the "Intolerable Acts". Man, they are doing everything in their power to control us....   [tags: American History]

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The History of Gnu/Linux

- In the beginning of the age of the modern computer, programmers worked around the clock, creating code for their employers for use in proprietary computer systems. These elite programmers enjoyed challenging one another and frequently enjoyed stretching modern systems to their limits. These programmers became know as "hackers" for their talents at dissecting and working around difficult problems, often searching for the most elegant or most efficient solution possible. Unlike the vision of hackers as portrayed by the 1990's media., these hackers refrained from any illegal activities....   [tags: American History]

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Interpreting American Progressivism

- Interpreting American Progressivism The period referred to as the Progressive Era in American history is one which historians often disagree over, and as in all areas of history, there are many theories surrounding the era which sometimes contradict each other. Historians are always aware of prominent theories within the field, and they often participate in an ongoing dialogue concerning their research. One of the first historians to make a major mark regarding the Progressive Era was Richard Hofstadter in his book The Age of Reform, published in 1955....   [tags: American History Essays]

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Native American Repartition

- Tensions between science and religion have recurred throughout history. The issues of what to do with the remains of our ancestors are viewed differently by people. Some people believe that the burial site should be left untouched. Among this group of people fall the Native Americans. Archaeologists, on the other hand, think we should uncover the burial site to be able to discover more about the history of the land from which the grave lies. The Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act was signed into law on November 1990 by President George Bush....   [tags: Native American History]

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US History and Colonists

- 1. These natives and the colonists were far too different to be made united. America was at first discovered by Europeans, and I believe that it is very true that they brutally enslaved, killed, and conquered the Indians. Take Columbus for example. Sick, frustrated, angry, and unable to control the Spaniards on the island, Columbus blamed the Indians for his troubles and the very small production of gold. In January 1495 he seized over a thousand Indians to make them slaves. There can be no excuse for this, but it is very important to remember that it was against Spanish law and it made Queen Isabel very angry as soon as she found out about it....   [tags: US American History]

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Ellis Island and American Nationalism

- Ellis Island and American Nationalism Many people have many different opinions of airports. Some people love going to airports and flying all around the country or the world. Others are afraid of airplanes, fearing that the plane will be hijacked. Others like coming into American airports so that they can start a new life. Some think that Arab immigrants are discriminated against when entering the country, but during the early days of American immigration many more were discriminated against. Ellis Island was corrupted with American Nationalism and the fear of the unknown....   [tags: American History Essays]

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History of the Ferrari

- History of the Ferrari Ferrari, when most people think of this word they think of two things: speed and sport. Ferrari is one of the most distinguished cars in history. It has won more races than almost any other cars racing. It is also just delicate a machine as it is the fast and furious sports car. Ferrari has come a great distance since its begins in the stock races onto the modern road. It has been compared with such great cars as the Bugatti and Alfa Romeo. In my report I will tell you the beginning and the future of this famous sports car....   [tags: American America History]

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US History

- In 1828 Andrew Jackson was elected as President, as a favorite among the United States many view him as the Hero of New Orleans. He is to many the epitome of a gentleman and that he embodies the ideals of many Americans. He views himself as the President of all the people and likes the idea of having those who worked for the government to depend on him. Jackson however, was ignorant to many of the fields that would have been beneficial to him and the United States had he not been so unwilling to accept advice from experts....   [tags: American History]

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American Colonization

- Today, many people see America to be the land of opportunity and wealth. During the beginnings of the New World, this fact was relevant to the Europeans as well. The growing powers competed for land in America in order to become the omnipotent country of Europe. However, because America was overseas from Europe and direct supervision by the monarch was not possible, the land of opportunity was restricted to the European countries. Eventually, as history shows, all of the European powers who colonized in the Americas lose their control, thus leading to independent countries....   [tags: American History]

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First American Settlers

- When settlers first came to the New World forests covered a large per cent of the land. The forests all had a wide range of trees and bushes in them. The "primeval forest" or the first forest Europeans came into contact with had been changed by many acts of nature such as floods, hurricanes, and flood. Actions of Native Americans also had a hand in changing forests. Such forests included redwood forests, which were home to huge redwood trees, mossy forests, and swamp forests. To many European settlers, these forests represented a wild and evil area....   [tags: American History]

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History of Radio

- Radio History      The radio has evolved over time. The radio we listen to today has a different format, purpose, viewer reach, and clarity than it did before the 1950s. The radio has survived the threat of the television industry by changing with the times. It has been dealt with in the law through acts and the creation of the government regulating agency (FCC). Today the radio is the cheapest and most affective way to communicate with everyone around the world. It began with the invention of the telegraph by Samuel Morse in 1844 and developed as the knowledgeable minds of inventors and engineers worked from the late 1800s to the present to create the powerful communications medium we know...   [tags: American History Radio Media Essays]

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Black History Importance

- Black History Importance The time has come again to celebrate the achievements of all black men and women who have chipped in to form the Black society. There are television programs about the African Queens and Kings who never set sail for America, but are acknowledged as the pillars of our identity. In addition, our black school children finally get to hear about the history of their ancestors instead of hearing about Columbus and the founding of America. The great founding of America briefly includes the slavery period and the Antebellum south, but readily excludes both black men and women, such as George Washington Carver, Langston Hughes, and Mary Bethune....   [tags: African American History Historical Essays]

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AP US History

- AP US History As the colonies of America further widened the gap with their mother country and began to develop into a successful democratic nation, numerous political changes occurred....   [tags: American History DBQ]

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The African-American Odyssey

- The African-American Odyssey The Promise of Reconstruction, 1865-1868 The emancipation of the African slave who was now disconnected from their traditions and way of life after nearly 300 years, is seemingly a great gush from the dam to the ebbs and flows of the struggle. The end of slavery as we know it, presented a ball of mixed emotions among the nation; North and SOUTH. Some slaves were grossly ecstatic to be free. For example, when a slave girl named Caddy, from Goodman, Mississippi found she was free, went to her mistress, flipped up her dress and told her "Kiss my ass!" On the contrary, some slaves were apprehensive of being free....   [tags: African American History]

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The Spanish-American War

- Throughout history, there have been many wars that have been caused by many different reasons. Also, the effects of the wars may greatly impact, good or bad, either side of the fight. One great war in history of the United States was the Spanish-American War of 1898. The Spanish-American War was caused by many things. The war has left a lasting effect of both countries involved, the United States and Spain. Both Spain and the United States were greatly impacted by the war. The Spanish-American War was not started by one thing in particular....   [tags: American History Essays Spain Papers]

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American Industrialization

- Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization caused significant changes in many people’s lives. First, the development of a new railroad system help settle the west and made it more accessible to people. Second, public transit systems in big cities provided an outlet from congested cities. Last, the discovery of a method for transmitting electricity helped to light up our daily lives. I feel that these are three of the most important changes in people’s lives caused by industrialization. First, the building of railroads out west played a huge part in the successful expansion of our country and the fulfillment of American dreams....   [tags: American History]

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History of Marijuana

- History of Marijuana Marijuana has been used both recreationally and medicinally for centuries. There are numerous accounts of its medicinal qualities in multiple historical artifacts. Its use dates back to 2737 B.C. when the Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, used it for medicinal purposes including malaria, gout, poor memory, rheumatism, and analgesia (Carter et. al., 2003). Eastern Indian documents, in the Atharvaveda, dating back to 2000 B.C. also refer to its medicinal use. The Jamestown settlers cultivated hemp produced by the marijuana plant....   [tags: American History Weed Medicine Essays]

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The Spanish-American War

- The Spanish-American War During the last years of the nineteenth century, the United States would find itself involved in what John Jay, the American secretary of state, later referred to as a "splendid little war; begun with highest motives, carried on with magnificent intelligence and spirit, favored by that fortune which loves the brave." From an American standpoint, because there were few negative results, and so many significantly positive consequences, John Jay was correct in calling the Spanish-American War a "splendid little war." The defeat of the Spanish forces marked the end of their rule in the Americas and also marked the rise of the United States as a global military power....   [tags: American America History]

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Analysis of History

- Analysis of History "History is the memory of things said and done. Every man is a historian." I agree that history includes everything said and done, to a certain extent. There are levels of history. The relevance to each individual's life determines the significance and importance of the certain event. Also, it should only be studied, perhaps, if the event has a certain impact on the person who is studying it. If an action proved to be important to an individual in the present or the future, that incident would be a sort of personal history....   [tags: American America History]

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African American Reconstruction

- Prior to the Civil War, African Americans were treated as second class individuals. They lacked the freedom and equality they sought for. To the African Americans, the Civil War was a war of liberation. Contrary to what African Americans perceived, Southerners viewed the war as an episode of their journey to salvation. Southern lands may have been destroyed and depleted, but the South was persistent that their racial order would not be disrupted. To most, the goals of the Reconstruction era were to fully restore the Union, and to some, grant emancipation and liberty to former slaves....   [tags: African American History]

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American Indian Movement

- An Internal "Cold War" – U.S. Government Versus AIM For the past 50 years, the United States Government has been conducting disinformation campaigns against minority groups such as the Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army and the Palestine Solidarity Committee. The American Indian Movement (AIM) was not an exception. Propaganda was only one of the many tactics adopted by the government that AIM encountered. Others include assassinations, unprovoked armed confrontations and "fabrication of evidence in criminal cases" (Churchill 219)....   [tags: Native American History]

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1920s History

- The initial response of the United States was reflected in the views of Senator, Goerge w. Norris. He is a republican of Nebraska, who proclaimed that the United States should look out for its own interest and not to worry about Europe. He was blaming Europe for a large part of the Countries Economic woes: Hoover and Congress adopted policies that sought to protect Americans regarding foreign policies. Roosevelt also followed Hoover's so called "Good Neighbor Policy" toward Latin Americans. Roosevelt's commitment to being a good neighbor and to non intervention was soon tested in Cuba and Mexico....   [tags: American History]

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History's Eras

- History's Eras Throughout the many changes in history and fluctuations in economy during times of war and times of rebuilding, there are several key people and events that have greatly affected America's path forever within the multiple Eras. Each abrupt turn in history is the result of someone's decision or some event that placed the power in someone else's hands. These sometimes critical and morally questioned times make up the guide not only to our history, but our future as well. They teach us which way not to go again, and what is, and what use to be extremely important in preserving the American culture that was founded not so long ago....   [tags: American History USA Essays]

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American Holocaust

- When one looks through the history of the last century, many great atrocities can come to mind. However, the one that is the most common is that of the Holocaust during World War II. People often wonder how something like this could have been allowed to happen. These same people wonder this without realizing that something similar has happened, right within their own shores. Not only this, but they do not realize how previously close we could become to having this happen again. To understand how this could happen again we must first understand how it happened at all....   [tags: American History Jewish Holocaust]

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American Colonists

- American Colonists You wil be amazed to learn that which has been occurring in the American colonies. Chaos reigns where once there existed reverence; rage has displaced peace. Some wick ed force has corrupted the colonists’ hearts against their own king and, therefore, against their own best interests as wel. Moreover, the fuel for this sinful fire, in a large part, emerges from a tiny pamphlet, writen anonymously – and for this and li tle else, I give its author credit for inteligence. If identified, I imagine that this traitor would suffer greatly for the outrageous views he presents in Common Sense, which strikes me as anything but common sense....   [tags: American History Religion Essays]

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California History

- California History 1. EPIC EPIC is the Educational Participation in Communities. This organization involves students as volunteers in the fight against poverty and social neglect in local communities. The goal is social awareness and student involvement. It says that poverty, neglect, and social inequity are a growing reality for millions of people in America. Families are losing their homes, people can't find good jobs, children go hungry, and education in the inner-city is a disaster. There is a is problem because the public and community programs that serve as a safety net to assist such populations are strained beyond their capacity and are usually understaffed and under-funded....   [tags: American America History]

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American Holocaust

- AMERICAN HOLOCAUST The other side of the story to our great American history is not as pretty as they teach us in grade school. The American Holocaust by David Stannard is a novel full of live excerpts from eyewitnesses to the genocide of the American Indians. He goes as far as to describe what life was most likely like before Europeans came to the Americas and obliterated the "Paradise" so described. Columbus even wrote how beautiful the places were in which he committed acts against the Natives so horrific, it was hard to read about, let alone talk about....   [tags: American History Jewish Holocaust David Stannard]

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American Colonies

- American Colonies When settlers from England came to America, they envisioned a Utopia, where they would have a say in what the government can and cannot do. Before they could live in such a society they would have to take many small steps to break the hold England had on them. The settlers of America had to end a monarchy and start their own, unique, form of government. They also had to find a way that they would have some kind of decision making power. The most important change that the colonies in America had to make was to become a society quite different from that in England....   [tags: American America History]

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