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Reflection in Iris Murdoch's Under the Net

- Reflection in Iris Murdoch's Under the Net   In her novel Under the Net, Iris Murdoch examines the nature of reality through the thoughts and relationships of the novel's main character, Jake Donaghue. A recurring theme in the novel is the idea of reflection, in both senses of the word: Jake is continually thinking about ideas, and he is also forever trying to see himself as he really is. Many of the instances of reflection in the novel occur near rivers or are connected in some way to currents....   [tags: Iris Murdoch Under the Net]

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Silence Throughout "Under the Net"

- According to Wittgenstein, “Only in silence can one remain in truth.” Constant events and running around hinder an individual from finding the truth or the individual is somehow ignoring the facts that surround them. This idea can be related to Jake Donaghue in Iris Murdoch’s first published novel. Jake, a character who wanders with no aspirations to the homes of friends looking for the easy way, in time comes to realize what life is about. He struggles with the idea of silence and truth merging together hand in hand....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Comparing Female Identity in To The Lighthouse, Heat of the Day and Under the Net

- Female Identity in Virginia Woolf’s, To The Lighthouse, Elizabeth Bowen’s, Heat of the Day and Iris Murdoch’s, Under the Net After reading Virginia Woolf’s, “To The Lighthouse”, readers are left with the disturbing reality of the role of a woman during this time period.  The characters of Mrs. Ramsay and Lily Briscoe portray these demeaning roles.   However, instead of completely giving in to the domination of men, they are starting the woman’s movement of resistance in the period of the beginning of World War I....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Pet -- Net And The Sitter

- Pet_Net had been off to a great start, but as of late, they have been under some scrutiny. Complications with two of Pet_Net’s dog sitters have placed the company in uncomfortable situations. The first event occurred while a Pet_Net dog sitter was taking a clients dog for a walk in a nearby park. At the moment, with nobody in sight, the sitter let the dog off of the leash. Moments later, a mother and child entered the park. The dog overexcitedly greeted the small child, knocking him over, and breaking his arm....   [tags: Dog, Puppy, Veterans Stadium, Fiduciary]

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The Causes of the Net Neutrality Act

- There is no clear definition of the term “Net Neutrality”. “The term was coined by law professor Tim Wu, [however] the idea can be traced back to the open access movement...lead by Lawrence Lessing. (Krämer, Jan, Lukas Wiewiorra, and Christof Weinhardt.) Some of the main reasons the “Net Neutrality” act was created are, the creation of bills designed to control piracy infringing on peoples writes and privacy, the lack of control over how laws are monitored and enforced, and Internet Service Providers creating new media services and preventing use of alternatives to their customers through their networks....   [tags: piracy, privacy, internet]

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The Issue Of Net Neutrality

- With the rapidly growing internet, the issue of net neutrality is perhaps more important now than ever before. Net neutrality is the principle that has been brought up within the most recent years, that handles the issue with how the internet should be regulated. With open internet net neutrality, Internet service providers (ISPs), are bound to enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and they are incapable of favoring or blocking particular products or websites. This goes along with the concept of treating ISPs as common carriers....   [tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution]

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The causes of Net Neutrality

- The Net Neutrality act can be looked at from many angels and seen as many different things; some say it's about our freedom to use the internet for whatever we choose to (so long as it's within legal means). Others see it as preventing Internet Service Providers (ISP's) from controlling what services we use, or website we visit in order to earn more money. In a negative light, Net Neutrality can be seen as an attempt by “Internet Pirates” to fight a losing battle with publishers cutting down their forms of beating the system....   [tags: internet service providers, freedom]

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Net Neutrality: The Future of the Internet?

- The Internet is by far the most fascinating invention ever to me. Its ability to contain access to the infinite knowledge of nearly everything in digital format is beyond my comprehension. Seeing technology grow through my years has kept me heavily involved with my inner geek. I stay on top of the news, especially technology news, and over the past few years a topic that has repeatedly caught my eye is the complicated topic of Net Neutrality. I began my research on Net Neutrality by first figuring out where the term originated from and what the term actually means....   [tags: Internet]

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The Philosophical Interpretations Of Net Neutrality

- Understanding Two Conflicting Theoretical Interpretations of Net Neutrality Cyberspace is generating a new sense of urgency for protection and privacy of individuals’ personal information. Anonymity is decreasing while security is increasing in a society that is so heavily connected to the World Wide Web. Information has become the target of many large multi-million dollar companies and government institutions. It is an alarming revelation that companies and institutions have access to personal information with the sole intention to maximize financial gain or what the government feels is “security”....   [tags: Ethics, Immanuel Kant, Deontological ethics]

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The Cranes, An Absorbent Safety Net

- Family has played an intricate role in the development of the society in which we live. The diversity in which families are formed is now becoming even more diverse with the American culture, which is changing at a rapid pace. Diverse cultures coupled with social economic challenges are key contributors to the dramatic change to the institution of family. With these challenges facing the institution of family, this closely tightknit unit which has been the cornerstone of American society has diminishing from a traditional standpoint....   [tags: Family, Nuclear family, Marriage, Extended family]

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Grandparents Are A Family Safety Net

- “For Many in the U.S, Grandparents are a Family Safety Net.” reads an August 2011 headline published by the Press Herald. This has proven true over and over again as grandparents are often considered the “glue “that holds the family together. These patriarch/matriarchs (regardless of age) offer priceless advice, leadership, and comfort in crisis situations. Their life experience, witt, and wisdom make for essential elements of the family unit. These individuals wear a variety of hats. In many situations, grandparents are forced; not by law but by affection and personal moral to take on the role as the primary caretaker of the child....   [tags: Family, Foster care, Grandparent, Fosterage]

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Traffic and Net Neutrality

- BUS 9100 Roger Naggar 05/13/14 Net Neutrality An Open Internet vs. Internet Service Providers Net Neutrality is a real hot button issue right now and for good reason. It is the principal foundation of the internet as we know it. Data that is free flowing and unsusceptible to throttling or censoring. The traffic from, say, Netflix gets the exact same treatment as traffic generated by streaming your favorite Pandora station or streaming yourself playing a new video game to thousands on Twitch. However, there is a threat this looking to change all of this....   [tags: ISPs, Netflix]

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Net Neutrality

- INTRODUCTION The emergence of the Internet and the World Wide Web brought upon a medium of communication with a range of opportunities for the world. However, this medium is, in due course, subject to the control of a few major companies. The enigma of information flow is the central concern of net neutrality. Consumers, competition and network owners would benefit directly from the regulation of network neutrality because it would provide a positive impact to those parties as well as provide equality....   [tags: Network, Neutrality, Internet]

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The United Kingdom 's Safety Net

- There are currently over 200 million people living on this earth with no place to call their home. England contains a very small percentage of this population, around .002%, while its capital, London, holds an even smaller amount. This small amount is not surprising, because the United Kingdom has a very encompassing Safety Net. This Safety Net is in place to help those who are or are about to become homeless. In fact the United Kingdom’s Safety Net is one of the most comprehensive in the world (“Homelessness Facts and Figures”)....   [tags: Homelessness, Squatting, Poverty]

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Social Security As A Safety Net For Retirees

- The original intention for creating social security was to act as a safety net for retirees, but as time past, there seems to be a great deal of economic issues relating to the program. Social security was created to help benefit retired workers, spouse and children of deceased workers, as well as workers who have become disabled before retirement. This insurance program provides retirees with a steady income once they retire. President Roosevelt signed the program into law on August 14,1935. Since then, social security has been beneficial for many workers and retirees....   [tags: Retirement, Ageing, Social security, Pension]

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The Net Neighborhood

- The Net Neighborhood “After all…I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” The above is my favorite quote from a movie. I have never really thought about my favorite movie quote until I ran into the question on the teen forums website. I thought the best online community for me to join would be one that I was interested in. I was attracted to the teen forum website which was created by the student center. I picked a message board that I knew I could participate in so that I could actively analyze the interactions between people....   [tags: Online Communities Internet Web Essays]

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Life of Amanda Bynes - Net Worth, Money and More

- Amanda Bynes - Net Worth, Money and More Amanda Bynes is a name not unknown to many who are acquainted with the functioning and the social life of the Hollywood. Amanda Laura Bynes, born on the 3rd of April, 1986, is a former actress of the American industry. Her rise began with the Nickelodeon’s All That and The Amanda Show. The time period of 2002 to 2006 saw her appearances on What I Like About You aired by The WB. Before taking her leave from acting in the year of 2012, Bynes starred in several major releases like What a Girl Wants (2003), She’s the Man (2006), Sydney White (2007) and Easy A (2010)....   [tags: erratic behavior, television, nickelodeon, ]

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Jimmy Santiago Bac A Closed Net Family

- Jimmy Santiago Baca was born into what seemed a closed net family. He had a mother and father along with siblings. From the outside world looking in, they seemed like the ideal family. The Baca 's even had extended family nearby to help with needs and to keep a close relationship with one another. Although Jimmy 's parents were together for many years, their family did not end up how Jimmy or the siblings wanted it to. A close net family is the first that babies and toddlers learn from. The family is who shows you the first words you learn to speak, how to take your first steps, your first everything....   [tags: Family, Mother, Love, Father]

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net bans

- In July of 1995, Florida put into effect a new law banning the use of gill nets in all inshore water of Florida. The law contained two significant provisions: 1) some non-gill nets would be allowed, but maximum size would now be limited to 500 square feet; and 2) unemployment compensation would be available to affected netters through a 20 million dollar fund set aside to purchase the nets that would be made obsolete(Stearns, par.5). This ban on nets has led to a dramatic comeback for a variety of fish species, including the Spanish mackerel and Florida mullet....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Frontpage - Microsoft’s Net Solution

- Frontpage - Microsoft’s Net Solution You know about the Vermeer story right. Never heard of Vermeer. Really. So the story goes, as I am usually lounging around with others who have migrated into the vast world of the web, these questions generally come up… Vermeer was the company who silently pioneered FrontPage, and was quietly and expeditiously merged into “the empire” at Microsoft. It evolved into two key MS technologies, the Personal Web Server (PWS) and FrontPage, now widely utilized at homes worldwide as a key component of Office 2000....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Net Neutrality : Is It An Ideology That Enables A Better Web Platform For Global Users?

- Assignment #2: Net-Neutrality: To be or not to be. Open net-neutrality. Is it an ideology that enables a better web platform for global users. Or is it an oppositional stance against internet piracy laws, which is primarily enforced for economic purposes. The very notion of net-neutrality could be outlined as a guiding principle towards the Open Internet movement, where it calls upon Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to permit access in all web applications/documents, regardless of the source. In other words, individuals around the world would have the ability to use, download or upload any content without any limitations....   [tags: Copyright, Property, Copyright infringement]

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The Should The Company Calculate Their Get Liability On A Gross Or Net Basis?

- e. If taxable, should the Company calculate its GET liability on a gross or net basis. Hawaii Revised Statute §237-3(a) defines “gross income” as: (1) the gross receipts derived from business or sales; (2) the value proceeding or accruing from the sale of property and/or service; and (3) all receipts by reason of the investment of the capital, including interest, discount, rentals, royalties, fees, or other emoluments however designated. Gross income is calculated without any deductions for the cost of property sold, the cost of materials used, labor cost, taxes, royalties, interest, or discount paid or any other expenses whatsoever....   [tags: Tax, Indirect tax, Taxation in the United States]

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A Business Operates Under Conditions

- A business operates under conditions that is suitable for ownership, with these conditions business can operate under the guidelines. These forms are designed for business to be responsible any actions that occur in the business, agreements between partnerships and laws. It’s the most important decision entrepreneurs make when they start a new business this effects their establishment and operations To understand the four type of business forms I compared and contrast the four business formats which are a sole proprietorship, general partnership, corporation, and limited liablilty company (LLC), also why he or she should select one form over another....   [tags: Corporation, Business law]

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Comparing Under Armour 's Working Capital From The Nine Months

- Financial Statements The following ratios gives an insight of Under Armour’s liquidity and efficiency. When comparing Under Armour’s working capital from the nine months ended September 30, 2014 to the nine months ended September 30, 2015 it is obvious that the amount of working capital decreased from $973,424 to $926,665. When observing the inventory to net working capital it is surprising that it increased much more drastically from 65.49% to 93.57%. This increase is due to an 36.02% increase in Under Armour’s inventories....   [tags: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles]

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Under Armour Case Study

- In order to beat its competitors, Under Armour Company can engage in market sensitive fresh product invention. New products are more likely to draw curiosity amongst the populations especially if they commensurate well with the prevailing trends (Hill & Jones 2009, p. 308). UA concentrated on the outside-in (market responsive) approach to carry out its strategies. It is reported that it sourced unique synthetic materials and employed on field product development. This enabled it to create the performance apparel segment in the athletic apparel market....   [tags: Case Study]

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Account Balance Under Hdfc Bank

- Make Your Doubts About Account Balance Under HDFC Bank Clear Through Single Call or Message HDFC bank is one amongst the first bank which got approval from Reserve Bank of India to set up bank in private sector. It was incorporated in August 1994 as in the name of HDFC Bank Limited. HDFC bank has initiated its operations as a scheduled Commercial Bank is January 1995. It is the foremost housing finance Company. HDFC has developed expertise in retail mortgage loans to different market segments. HDFC is highly committed to maintain highest level of ethical standards, professional integrity, corporate Governance and regulatory compliance....   [tags: Bank, Cheque, Banking, Toll-free telephone number]

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Brief Summary Of Standard Under U.s. Gaap

- Brief Summary of Standard under U.S. GAAP ASC 330-10 outlines the parameter of accounting and reporting for inventories in the financial statements. As ASC 330 defines inventories as assets because revenues can be obtained from its sale, or from the sale of goods or services in course of production, or from raw materials to be consumed in the production. Inventories are initially measured at cost soon as first recognized in accounting. ASC 330-10 standardize two types of inventory recording systems; periodic inventory and perpetual inventory....   [tags: Inventory, FIFO and LIFO accounting]

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Socialism And A Nation Under A One State Party

- Both socialism and democratic socialism overlap and interact with a few different ideologies. The most notable are the intersection between democratic socialism and liberalism. Both liberals and social democrats advocate for a relatively large welfare state, in order to take care of the poor and offer a social safety net. Both ideologies also believe in a sort of collective responsibility to society. They believe the purpose of people is greater than just the individual. Socialism and Liberalism also both see flaws in capitalism and have strategies to address them....   [tags: Fascism, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler]

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Medicaid Expansion Under The Affordable Care Act

- Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has greatly increased the challenges to states to maintain their fiscal integrity and a sustainable source of financing for the programs. One common approach adopted by states to provide high quality and cost-efficient care is to shift patients from a Fee-for-Service Medicaid plan (FFS) to a Managed Medicaid Plan (MMC). In California, the transition of low-income seniors and people with disabilities (SPDs) took place in June 2011 and completed in July 2012....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance]

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Dishonesty can be the Truth

- Dishonesty can be the Truth It seems as if, although humans deny and cover up their tracks to throw off skeptics, they never accomplish the task of hiding their mistakes. Some feel ashamed to accept this fact, but to others, a mistake is truly unplanned destiny. While one dwells on the thought that they failed, another revels on the idea of a new possibility. No one knows what their life ahead may hold, but learning from one’s mistakes can guide them down the right path and help them to mature along the way....   [tags: Safety Net, Higher Education]

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Too Much Dependence on Social Welfare in the US

- Public money is like holy water; everyone helps himself to it. ~ Italian Proverb Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness— these were the unalienable rights our forefathers bestowed upon our new nation when drafting the Declaration of Independence; what a far cry from independent our nation has become. Our forefathers guaranteed life and freedom, and the pursuit of happiness; happiness was not a guarantee, but set forth as a challenge for every individual to define and actively pursue for themselves....   [tags: Government Safety Net, Government Benefits]

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Developing A Potential Strategic Marketing And Technological Solution

- Facing stagnant growth prospects, B&K worked together with JDA Consulting to develop a potential strategic marketing and technological solution that could address some of the B&K’s issues such as managing orders, enhancing customers’ relationships and reducing their order costs. Jim Anfield then came up with a Web Portal Marketing Plan, to drive incremental sales penetration, offer better customer service and reduce order-processing costs. To convince Rodrigues that the Web Portal was a better solution that just hiring more salespersons, Jim would have to present his projections and demonstrate the financial return on the Web investment....   [tags: Net present value, Investment, Finance]

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The Weighted Average Cost Of Capital

- In summarizing the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), when a firm calculates the cost of capital through the capital 's category is weighted. The WACC calculation includes all capital sources preferred stock, bonds, common stock and long term debt. Equity and debt of a company’s assets are financed. In any given situation has weighted each source of financing the cost of average is the WACC. To see how much the company 's interest has to finance for every dollar, by taking a weighted average....   [tags: Finance, Net present value, Investment]

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Determining A Capital Budgeting Plan

- The first step in determining a capital budgeting plan is estimate the future revenue and expenses, which includes driver costs, repairs, and maintenance for the buses and miscellaneous other expenses. After taking the income and deducting the expenses, the cash flow per year (or period) can be established, however, due to the time value of money these future figures need to be readjusted for their Present Value. Utilizing the Present Value formula, take Year 1 as an example; PV is what is being solved for, and FV is the future value expecting to have, which in this case would be the cash inflow for this period ($159,000.00)....   [tags: Net present value, Rate of return]

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SWOT Analysis: Should Under Armour Inc. Export to Brazil?

- Introduction Created in 1996, Under Armour, Inc.’s principal business operations include the designing, marketing, and distribution of sporting apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women and youth. The company has engineered moisture-wicking fabric products, which come in many designs and styles for wear in virtually every climate. The firm seeks to provide a superior performance alternative product compared to traditional sportswear merchandise in the market. The HEATGEAR® products contain a microfiber blend fabric designed to draw off moisture from the body that helps consumers stay cool, dry and light....   [tags: business analysis, sports apparel]

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Buyer 's Behavior : Under Armour 's Target Market

- Buyer’s Behavior: Under Armour’s target market is consumers that are involved in physical activities. The demographic age groups that they cater to varies from youth to adults. Their products can with stand any weather condition from cold weather to warm weather, which means their product can be used in any geographic location. These consumers can be either light user like walkers or heavy users like football players. As previously stated, these consumers are involved in some sort of physical activity, and this is a trend that has grown in the past few decades....   [tags: Collective bargaining, Negotiation]

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Justice Is The Premise By Which All The World Laws Are Formed Under

- Justice Justice is the premise by which all the world laws are formed under. The term justice can defined very briefly as giving the due rights to a person or an entity and at the same time disciplining society to only do good. The governing bodies of different countries have the duty to give the equal rights to all the people under their protection equally, reasonably, objectively and justly. Humans being in control of the economic-systems and its operation, they as a fact have the ability to change the systems to serve the common-people beneficially and at the very same time, they have the ability to place certain instruments within the economic- framework to benefit a few....   [tags: Money, Bank, Currency, Fractional-reserve banking]

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Professional Accountant ( Cpa ) Falls Under The General Job Title

- Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) falls under the general job title: Accountant. Accountants’ NOC and SOC are 1111 and 13-2011.01 respectively. They perform duties such as planning, organizing and administering accounting systems for individuals and establishments. They also analyze financial information and prepare financial reports to determine or maintain a record of assets, liabilities, profit or loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within an organization to monitor its’ financial position....   [tags: Employment, Recruitment, Employment agency]

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The Retscreen Simulation Outcome And Actual Statistics Of Chongming Energy System

- The comparison of the RETScreen simulation outcome and actual statistics of Chongming energy system in 2014 is presented in Table 6. It is observed that the simulation results is in high coincidence with the actual statistics, and both the differences in the power generation and GHG emission are ∼3%, indicating that the model can be used to simulate the energy system of Chongming County accurately. 3.2 Equipment optimization 3.2.1 Wind scenario As shown in Table 7, the type selection of 800 ×1 MW products more electricity with the value of 0.981 TWh....   [tags: Net present value, Payback period, Finance]

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A Meal Of Cornbread And Campbell 's Pea Soup

- When I returned home, it was dark. I prepared a meal of cornbread and Campbell’s pea soup. As I ate, I thought about my aunt’s instance, I began learning the Welsh way of fishing. Uncle Galaway said, “Your aunt has a big heart, but she has weird beliefs.” “How’s that,” I asked. “For one thing, she thinks that fishing the old way will make you prosperous. When we first became married, she had a dream that fishing the old way would make us a prosperous business couple. That’s why I worked so many years on the night shift.” “Did it help?” “It gave me something to do....   [tags: Fishing, Fishing net, Aunt, Dylan Thomas]

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How Barclays Shares Turn A Corner And Return

- 4 – Can Barclays shares turn a corner and return to prominence. Barclays shares were trading as high as around 790p in 2007. At that time, few people could have thought that the share price of the company would dramatically drop within the next couple of years, to reach a low of just over 50p. Even though it’s trading now at three times that price at 150p, the company’s future seems highly uncertain. A large factor for this is Brexit. Even though Barclays is a global company, it still has significant interests in the UK and is very dependent on the UK and wider European economies for its growth....   [tags: Investment, Stock market, Net asset value, Bank]

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General Foods : A New Profit Increasing Project For Its Business

- General Foods (GF) is in the process of evaluating Super as a new profit-increasing project for its business. Payback and Return on Funds Employed (ROFE) are the decision rules used currently by GF for project decisions. While these rules are helpful, they are flawed and do not take into account the time value of money when evaluating cash flows. Net present value is a more suited tool to evaluate projects because it takes into account discounting of future cash flows, evaluates liquidity through discount, selects the scenario that maximizes shareholder wealth, and considers all relevant incremental cash flows....   [tags: Net present value, Time value of money]

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Capital Budgeting Planning And Controlling Capital Expenditure

- Capital Budgeting (also known as investment appraisal) is the most important tool in corporate finance to determine whether a company’s long term investments are worthwhile or not. It is also known as investment a Working capital are the funds necessary to support the operation of the long-lived assets. Various examples will be used to illustrate Capital Budgeting process is the process of planning and controlling capital expenditure within a firm. Capital Budgeting is over a period greater than the period considered under an operating budget....   [tags: Net present value, Internal rate of return]

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A Projected Cash Flow Methodology

- A projected cash flow methodology is used to calculate the interest rate risk solvency buffer under LICAT. There are four stressed scenarios and one base scenario prescribed by Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). The required capital is calculated based on the maximum loss under four prescribed stress scenarios. For the base scenario, the discount rate is risk free interest rate plus a spread, with the sum grading to an ultimate interest rate (UIR) plus an ultimate spread....   [tags: Net present value, Cash flow, Capital requirement]

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Capital Management : Capital Budgeting

- The word “capital” implies long term. Capital funds are long-term sources of funds. Capital budgeting is investing in long-lived assets. (Financial-dictionary) Capital Budgeting (also known as investment appraisal) is the most important tool in corporate finance to determine whether a company’s long term investment are worthwhile or not. It is also known as investment a Working capital is the funds necessary to support the operation of the long-lived assets. Various examples will be used to illustrate Capital Budgeting procedure is the way toward arranging and controlling capital consumption inside a firm....   [tags: Net present value, Internal rate of return]

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Capital Management : Capital Budgeting

- The word “capital” implies long term. Capital funds are long-term sources of funds. Capital budgeting is investing in long-lived assets. (Financial-dictionary)Capital Budgeting (also known as investment appraisal) is the most important tool in corporate finance to determine whether a company’s long term investment are worthwhile or not. It is also known as investment a Working capital is the funds necessary to support the operation of the long-lived assets. Various examples will be used to illustrate Capital Budgeting procedure is the way toward arranging and controlling capital consumption inside a firm....   [tags: Net present value, Internal rate of return]

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We Can Unite Our Country Under Terrorism as We Did During the Civil War

- Adored, hated, desired, and abused, the United States of America has celebrated 234 years of freedom. Since July 4, 1776, America has sought liberation from every oppression. Independence day was only the beginning in a victorious future of deliverance; however, every war threatens to scatter the unity of this powerful country. The Civil War was a deadly age in American history. When a foreign opposition threatens and terrorizes our unity, Americans can still face it together. Civil war automatically divides the strength of the country, lessening its ability to face the forces outside the borders....   [tags: history, terrorism, 9/11, ]

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The 's Next Gig Is The Other Festival, An Event Every Young Entrepreneur Needs Under Their Belt

- Aspirations can be overwhelmingly positive and leave you in a blissful daydream, but dreams are not enough to climb your way up the corporate or creative ladder. It’s going to take risks, a few action plans, and confidence. A budding network can do no harm as well. Dee Poku, the co-founder, and CEO of Women Inspiration and Enterprise (WIE Network) has all that and more. The former Hollywood studio executive is charismatically passing on the torch of success to women across the world through her company’s many conferences, workshops, and showcases....   [tags: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Joseph Schumpeter]

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Capital Budgeting Is A Process That Analyzes And Ranks The Proposed Projects

- Capital Budgeting Capital budgeting is a process that analyzes and ranks the proposed projects in order to determine, which ones deserve investment. There are three general methods to decide which proposed projects deserve investment which are the, throughput analysis, discounted cash flows analysis, and payback analysis. Throughout analysis determines the impact of the investment and the throughput of the whole system. Discounted cash flow analysis utilizes the discount rate in order to determine the present value of all cash flows....   [tags: Net present value, Cash flow]

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Net Present Value ( Npv )

- Net present value (NPV) is used in capital budgeting to analyze the profitability of the project or investment. The internal rate of return (IRR) is annualized effective compounded rate of return. It is also described as the rate of return that makes all NPV of all cash flow from a particular project equal to zero. NPV is calculated regarding currency while IRR is expressed in percentage form, therefore, complicated. NPV takes into account the cost of capital while IRR doesn’t hence NPV makes it possible to evaluate capital employed into a particular project or investment....   [tags: Net present value, Internal rate of return]

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Capital Budgeting And Net Present Value

- Capital Budgeting and Net Present Value In the business world, financial managers use a step by step process called capital budgeting to “determine whether an organization’s long-term investment is worth the funding of cash through the firm’s capitalization structure” (Wikipedia, 2016). The process is accomplished in five steps; “Identify and evaluate potential opportunities, Estimate operating and implementation cost, Estimate cash flow or benefit, Assess risks, and Implementation (Motley Fool, 2016)....   [tags: Investment, Net present value, Finance]

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Net Present Value ( Npv ) And Internal Rate Of Return

- Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) This tool looks at a series of cash inflows and outflows of Digitalis in the future and assigns the project a present value. It is important to take into consideration Digitalis’ Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). This is the average return rate that the Digitalis would expect to cover all its investors, for Digitalis this is 15%. China has the highest NPV value of £385 million, higher the NPV, the more attractive project. NPV fails to consider the presence of potential constraints in Digitalis’ structure that may restrict the amount of capital generated....   [tags: Net present value, Investment]

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The Return On Investment Is The Amount Of Profit Expected From An Investment

- 4.1 Return on investment is the amount of profit expected from an investment. For example, I invested $194 on a pair of limited edition sneakers knowing that there would be a demand for them in the aftermarket. I listed them for $350 and sold them for $300. The return on my investment was $106. This is what is meant by a return on investment. Income comes in forms of dividends from stocks, mutual funds, or interest received on bonds. Income for an investment is the money that investor receive periodically from investments they own....   [tags: Investment, Rate of return, Net present value]

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Consumerism : Economist Use The Term `` Consumerism ``

- Consumerism: Economist use the term "consumerism" in relationship to finances to express the practices and procedures covering consumption of goods and services based on the concept of trading monies. Coupled with cultural trends, a point to consider is the ways of advertising impacting consumer’s choices (Novotney, 2008, p. 40). Financial literacy: Financial literacy refers to the ability to understand how money works in the market world and how a contributor manages to earn it or spend it, how to track it, how to invest it (turn it into more) and how that person shares it to help others....   [tags: Investment, Net present value, Future value]

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Canadian Expansion Project Based On Evaluation Information Reviewed

- It is not recommended to move forward with the Canadian expansion project based on the evaluation information reviewed. This recommendation is made for several reasons. In order for the investment to be profitable for the company, the company would have to hit the moderate sales demand. The project would only generate $2,243 in profit after five years even though the IIR and NPV for the moderate sales plan were positive. The company would incur a loss if there was any unforeseen expense in this project....   [tags: Stock, Stock market, Inventory, Net present value]

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Key Value Of Future Cash Flows

- PART A If Sam received two payment of £100; one payment today £100 and another next year. Sam would be more likely to have a higher value of the £100 today as Sam could invest the money in to saving account which would bring interest’s, such as if the £100 was invest in to an account with 5% payed yearly Sam would get interest meaning future value over time the £100 would be higher value, also Sam would know and have the current currency value of the pounds on the exchange rate Sam £100 would be subject to interest rate charged to commercial banks as well as other depository institutions for loans received from the Bank 's discount window which mean Sam money value would also refers to t...   [tags: Investment, Rate of return, Net present value]

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The Success of Under Armour

- What makes a person choose one brand of clothing over another. Is it the price. Or is it the style of the clothing. There are numerous factors that will play a key role in determining who will purchase your products and why they will choose to purchase your product. Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour and former captain of the special teams on Maryland University’s football team, would become infuriated at the amount of times he was forced to change his undershirt during games and practices due to how heavy with sweat they would become....   [tags: Under Armour Analysis]

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Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Concentration

- Driving Under the Influence Many people don’t realize that when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol they are not only putting their lives in danger, but they are also endangering every single other person on the roads. Whether it’s a sixteen year old girl, a single mother with her newborn in the back seat, or an eighty year old man. There are more than tens of thousands of deaths due to drunk driving accidents every year. This is one issue that is not going away and it is our duty as citizens of this nation to do something about it....   [tags: Drunk driving, Driving under the influence]

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A Pre-Performance Routine to Alleviate Choking under Pressure

- INTRODUCTION The County schools sports scene has been around for many years. In these years, the emphasis on sports and achievements in our schools has grown tremendously. Starting with just 16 sports, the County Schools Sports Council now oversees 28 sports. This growth has a few noticeable effects not only on schools but also on our student athletes. The desire to compete, to win and to lift the championship can be seen on the face of every athlete that steps onto the playing field. Many would say that this is a strength of our school sports scene as each individual strives for excellence....   [tags: Choking under Pressure]

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Driving Under Influence On High Blood Alcohol Content

- Driving under influence or with high blood alcohol content (BAC) increases the risk of car accidents, vehicular deaths, and more so highway injuries across all age-groups. In fact, an intoxicated driver with relatively higher BAC increases his/her risk of death by up to 380 times in single-vehicle crash (DeMichele, Lowe & Payne, 2014). Drunk driving is often considered as the largest social problem in the modern day society since 40 to 45% of all fatal traffic accidents usually involve drunk drivers....   [tags: Drunk driving, Driving under the influence]

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Under the Gaslight: The Character of Laura Courtland

- Under the Gaslight: The Character of Laura Courtland Under the Gaslight does indeed "acknowledge 'luck' or 'chance' or 'fate,' but it reinforces the importance of individual character at the same time that it suggests that integrity is not an absolute stay against the vicissitudes of circumstance" (159). This idea is mainly supported through the character of Laura Courtland--a symbol of both sides of the nature versus nurture debate. Laura was born into a prominent, upper class family, the Courtlands....   [tags: Under the Gaslight Essays]

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Safety on the Net

- The Internet is a brilliant tool for men, women and children, who are in search of information for work, school, or for just surfing the web. Kids today are so much more computer savvy than the older generation because they are taught at an early age how to operate them and how to communicate with family and friends on them. Cyber predators are always lurking through the internet to find our children to abduct and sexually abuse or in some cases even murder them. It is vital that all parents understand that children can be indirectly victimized through conversation, through instant messages like Yahoo, MySpace, and Facebook, as well as the transfer of sexually explicit information and materi...   [tags: Internet Predators]

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Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood

- Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood deals with the simplicity of life, stressing the importance of "each cobble, donkey, [and] goose"; we must rejoice in the simple aspects of life which ultimately make it so wonderful. There are many characters in the play who would attempt to hide from reality behind their "germ-free blinds" and "sealed window[s]", consuming themselves with insipid activities which do not bring the joy of the "spring sun" into their lives. Thomas' treats these characters with humour, subtly suggesting where his sympathies lie; with those characters who rejoice in the "love" and the little aspects of life which make it so much more worth living....   [tags: Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood]

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A "Net" Loss

- Net Loss Many people believe that shark nets protect swimmers by blocking sharks from entering the swimming area. However, these nets are not designed to act as a barricade, but as fishing net to catch and kill the sharks, among other species. Shark nets should not be used for protecting swimmers from shark attacks. They protect swimmers, not by deterring or blocking sharks from entering the area, but by killing them and reducing the area’s shark population. Therefore, there are fewer attacks on humans, but at a high cost to the already struggling shark population....   [tags: Wildlife Conservation]

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Courage Under Fire

- Courage Under Fire      In 1991, millions of people tuned in to CNN to observe a real life and death drama played out in the cities and deserts of Iraq. For the United States, the war was more or less a display of power and a preservation of economic interest. Nobody was to ever hear of the mishaps and foul-ups of the war. In many eyes the war was seen as a chance to boost American spirit and make the government look empowered. Director Edward Zwick and writer Patrick Shane Duncan snatched onto this notion and expounded on it in their movie Courage Under Fire....   [tags: Film Movie courage Under Fire Essays]

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The Character of No-one in Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

- The Character of No-one in Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea        Alan Quatermain, sitting hunched over and delirious from opium withdrawal, has been taken aboard a huge submersible vessel.  The aging adventurer says, "P-please.  I feel so sick.  Need my medicine."  A cold voice answers him, "You are aboard my ship, sir, and my remedies are bitter."  Quatermain turns, with his eyes rolled back, teeth clenched, and streams of sweat rolling off of his face, and he says, "Who said that....   [tags: Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Essays]

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The Issue Of Net Neutrality

- On any given day in 2015, you would be hard-pressed to walk into a room at random in America without encountering a Smart Phone. There is hardly a library left that does not feature a quiet chorus of clicking keyboards from the laptops within. We are, in essence, permanently plugged in to the Great and Powerful Internet, and we rely on service providers (ISP’s) to provide us with this now-important resource. Lately, though, getting Internet is becoming less and less simple as folks debate the enforcement of Internet— or “net”— neutrality in the United States....   [tags: Internet, Internet access, Internet censorship]

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Effect Of The Net National Welfare

- There are three parts that the net effects consist of for large importing countries: first is a positive terms of trade effect, then a negative production distortion, and finally a negative consumption distortion, and there are also positive and negative effect that the net national welfare can have. If it is a positive effect the tariff invoked by a large importing country may and can raise national welfare. In other words, when a large country invokes a small tariff, it raises national welfare, a high tariff, means the fall of national welfare, and to maximize national welfare, there has to be a positive optimal tariff....   [tags: World Trade Organization, International trade]

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The Information Age: Net Neutrality

- Net Neutrality The 21st Century, commonly referred to as the Information Age, is largely dependent on the Internet. The Internet has historically been an open medium, as it provides access to the world’s largest collection of information. In order to protect this establishment, The Federal Communications Committee (FCC), a government agency which serves as an authority on communications law, regulation, and technological advancement, put in place a set of laws, called the Open Internet Order, in order to establish a concept of net neutrality....   [tags: internet, open internet act]

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The Battle for Net Neutrality

- The Battle for Net Neutrality Last January 14, 2014, a Washington D.C. court ruled out the Federal Communications Commission’s regulation on Open Internet or more popularly known as net neutrality. The decision on the case sparked debate between those fighting for net neutrality and the companies who want to take advantage of the internet’s popularity. This was a victory for Verizon, an Internet Service Provider, and other companies like it. In her article, Net Not Free for All, Aviva Rutkin writes that “information will no longer be free, but governed by the whims of big business” (Rutkin 24)....   [tags: regulation on open internet]

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Increase Revpar And Net Profits

- Increase RevPAR and Net-Profits in 23 Days Operation Jump-Start is our most requested service. It is intense but remarkable easy. Operation Jump-Start will generate an increase in RevPAR, sales and net-profits within three weeks. It is delivered in three phases. Phase One First, - Your property(s) will receive a thorough rate and positioning analysis. We begin with your own res system and expand to cover all 3rd party systems that sell your hotel. Specifically, we focus how your rates line up vs the competition and local forecasted demand....   [tags: Management, Marketing, Property, Clinical trial]

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What is Net Neutrality?

- The term net, or network, neutrality is the idea that internet providers should treat all internet content equally. Net neutrality prohibits discrimination based on the content, user, platform, etc. This principle is based on the idea that the internet providers should be considered as common carriers. Common carriers provide a service without discrimination to the general public, whereas contract and private carriers can refuse to provide a service to consumers at their own discretion. The term network neutrality was coined by Tim Wu, a Columbia professor in 2003 (Wu 2003)....   [tags: internet content equality, discrimination]

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Computere Networking: Net Neutrality

- *Net Neutrality* is the concept that internet traffic, at the ISP level, is all treated equally. This means that, regardless of what I'm doing, one can expect that their ISP is not actively effecting the speed at which that data is being sent to them. The ISP has no baring on the usage of one site for one purpose or another. In a non-neutral environment, ISPs can decide to speed up traffic at websites and throttle speeds at others e.g. if Sasktel, a popular ISP in Regina, had deals with video service *DailyMotion*, then it's very likely that traffic with popular competitor *YouTube* would suddenly be slower....   [tags: internet traffic, control traffic]

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The Hole In The Net

- Our social safety net has a hole in it. The fibers of the net are decaying; the hole is getting bigger. More people are falling through, and the people with the least strength are holding the most of the weight. Three to four million Americans are homeless according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 5.5% cannot find jobs according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, and the figure is over twice that in the 20-24 year old age group, according to the Department of Education....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Multilingualism on the Net

- Multilingualism on the Net What will be the effect of the Internet upon natural languages in the 21st century. It is widely accepted that, generally speaking, any new media change languages. For example, the prevalence of TV has dramatically homogenized spoken accents over the past few decades. Young people tend to speak in almost the same way as TV casters, and local dialects and accents remain only among the speech of older people. This TV effect, however, is insignificant as compared with the enormous effect of print media on languages over the past few hundred years....   [tags: Languages Technology Papers]

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Net Neutrality Impact

- Introduction This paper takes the look at Net Neutrality’s impact in business and the debate it has recently started. Net Neutrality is a network design concept that argues for broadband network providers to be completely detached from what information is sent over their networks. It makes the argument that no bit of information should be given priority over another. This implies that an information network such as the internet is most efficient and useful to the public when it is less focused on a particular audience rather attentive to multiple users....   [tags: business, debate, broadband network]

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The Debate On Net Neutrality : A Policy Perspective

- “The Debate on Net Neutrality: A Policy Perspective” is a scholarly journal article published by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science and written by Dr. Hsing Kenneth Cheng, with the goal to vet and analyze the effects that policies could have on the internet and broadband market when considering the possibility of abandonment of the concept of net neutrality. Although a highly regarded author and a highly regarded publisher, this work should be further analyzed and vetted in order to determine its veracity, as well as to analyze its, and in essence its author’s, use of logos, pathos, and ethos....   [tags: Rhetoric, Critical thinking, Scientific method]

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The Debate Over Net Neutrality Laws

- In 2005, Vonage, a phone company that transmits telephone calls over the internet or voice over internet protocol, complains to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about an unknown service provider blocking their telephone service. The FCC investigated the complaint and found that Madison River, a telephone company, was responsible and ordered them to stop blocking data sent from Vonage (Higginbotham, 2010). This incident was one of the first cases of an internet service provider discriminating against data sent over the internet because Vonage and Madison River are competing telephone service companies....   [tags: The Internet]

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E Commerce Interfaces : Net Banking

- Compare different payment systems used in e-commerce interfaces Net Banking Net banking is a fairly modern payment method which allows the customer to purchase items and use internet banking without the use of their card. This means that the customer does not need to enter their details like card number, their name or even their security code. This is because the net banking account already would have the information already logged into it. Certain banks also have mobile applications for online banking which allows the user to log onto their account through their phone then they have the ability to use all the banking feature like paying out, viewing the balance, looking at statement and mo...   [tags: Bank, Credit card, Cheque, Electronic commerce]

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Taxes, GDP and Net Personal Income

- Taxes are an inevitable necessary part of life. While most of us become stressed out and suffer financially from taxes, it is a known fact that we enjoy many of the benefits of the process of taxation. To look at it from a positive point of view, we must remember a few important parts of our lives that are made possible from taxes. These include new highway construction and repairs, the building and maintenance of public parks and facilities, our law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and much of the health care system; all courtesy of taxes....   [tags: Tax Policy]

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