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The Character of Meursault in The Outsider, by Albert Camus

- Meursault had an indifferent, nonchalant demeanour. The setting of the novel prevails in Algiers after the invasion of the French. Since the novel was written post World War I, the political tension and fear in the society is vividly visible. Meursault was drastically different from the narrow minded people who alienated him. Since the society had been colonized by the French, it was vulnerable, destabilized and wary of threats, Meursault was unaccepted by them. Meursault, the protagonist and narrator is a stoic and detached figure....   [tags: The Outsider Essays]

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Religion in Modern Britain: An Outsider

- In my personal opinion, it is possible for an individual to feel as if they are an outsider to a religious group of people, or a religion as a consensus. On the other hand, I believe that is it quite impossible to be a complete outsider of a religion. But I believe it is possible to be an outsider of a certain type of religion, if you know nothing about it. Then one can easily become an insider if they immerse themselves in that religion’s culture and study it’s practices. Currently in my life, I do not practice or affiliate myself with any type of religion or religious group, so therefore I can classify myself as an outsider of religion in my present state....   [tags: insider, outsider, culture]

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The Outsider by Albert Camus

- The Outsider by Albert Camus BACKGROUND: ‘In our society,’ wrote Albert Camus, ‘any man who doesn’t cry at his mother’s funeral is liable to be condemned to death.’ This may seem a bewilderingly dramatic, almost self-indulgent sort of assertion, but it is one which Camus brought to life in The Outsider, and to frankly devastating effect. The Outsider has become something of a cult classic over the years, especially in undergraduate circles. It inspired The Cure’s ‘Killing an Arab’, a song which attracted a degree of controversy when it was (wrongly) assumed to advocate racial violence....   [tags: Outsider Camus Literature Analysis]

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Human Relations in Camus' Novel, The Outsider, from an Existentialist View

- Human relations are very important for any human, and differ from one age to another because of the emerging of different movements across time. The human relations with God, love, society, death etc… are relations that human make to live his life. I study in this paper the human relations in The Outsider novel by Albert Camus from an existentialist view. I want to study Meursault relations who is the main character in Albert Camus’s novel The Outsider , Meursault is being executed because he kills an arab person, but the main reason is that he does not cry at his mother’ funeral and lives his life as there is nothing happened, he goes in the next day to swim and he makes love with his fr...   [tags: The Outsider, Philosophy]

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Analysis of Camus' The Outsider

- In the essay "Camus' The Outsider," Jean-Paul Sartre explains that Camus' book is more of an 'experience of the absurd' for readers than a 'novel' because it uses literary approaches to identify and clarify the absurdity of life. He then defines the absurd, people's reaction to it, and the narrative technique Camus uses. According to Jean Sartre, the absurd is both a 'state of fact' and what people obtain from this 'state of fact'. He is also the man who does not hesistate to draw the inevitable conclusions from a fundamental absurdity.The writer shows us that Meursault, the protagonist, is rather absurd because unlike any other rational person, he does not regret his mother's death and in...   [tags: The Outsider Essays]

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The Supernatural in H.P. Lovecraft’s The Outsider

- The Supernatural in H.P. Lovecraft’s The Outsider One of H.P. Lovecraft’s many short stories, “The Outsider” has been praised since its publication as his most profound and meaningful. This story has been interpreted many different ways, varying from an autobiography of Lovecraft himself to several different philosophical analyses. One such interpretation, by Dirk Mosig compares the plot and settings of “The Outsider” to Lovecraft’s own doubtful views of religion and an afterlife....   [tags: Lovecraft Outsider Essays]

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The Absurd Morality of Death in The Outsider

- The Absurd Morality of Death in The Outsider In The Outsider by Albert Camus, death can clearly be seen as a significant image - there being six deaths mentioned in total. In Part One we are shown the natural death of Meursault's mother and Meursault's murder of the Arab, and in Part Two we are presented with the parricide of a brother/son and the subsequent suicide of the perpetrators, another parricide that is to be tried after Meursault's case and the death penalty pronounced on Meursault. Through these depictions of various deaths, Camus shows clearly the conflicting and often arbitrary treatment of death within society, a treatment that reveals a confusion between the motives behind a...   [tags: The Outsider Death Dying Albert Camus Essays]

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Usage of the Outsider Theme in Claude McKay's Poetry

- Usage of the Outsider Theme in Claude McKay's Poetry Claude McKay was an important figure during the 1920's in the Harlem Rennaisance. Primarily a poet, McKay used the point of view of the outsider as a prevalent theme in his works. This is best observed in such poems as "Outcast," "America," and "The White House." In these poems, McKay portrays the African-American as the outsiderof western society and its politics and laws and at times, the very land that he is native to. McKays's poem, "Outcast," is the most obvious example of this outsider theme....   [tags: Papers Claude McKay Outsider Poetry]

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Self Discovery in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment and Camus' The Outsider

- Self Discovery in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment and Camus' The Outsider       In every society, it is important for individuals to adhere to a set of principles in order to maintain order. In Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment and Camus' The Outsider , however, both protagonists ignored the values of their society. Raskolnikov and Meursault felt their own beliefs were significant, and through their actions they were able to express them. As a result, one man was judged as a social deviant, while the other man suffered psychologically....   [tags: Camus Dostoevsky Punishment Outsider Essays]

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Tale of the Ragged Mountains and Lovecraft’s The Outsider

- Edgar Allan Poe’s Tale of the Ragged Mountains and Lovecraft’s The Outsider Both Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft were known for their tales of horror, shocking discoveries and mysterious characters. Lovecraft was known to have mimicked Poe’s style in his popular horror stories of the early 20th century. Poe, one of the most famous writers of short stories and poems in the 19th century, amazed readers with his rich descriptions and chilling plots. Neither disappoint in two of their stories: Poe’s “Tale of the Ragged Mountains” and Lovecraft’s “The Outsider.” Although these are not the most famous of each authors’ works, scholars often debate over the meaning and themes of e...   [tags: Lovecraft Outsider Essays]

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The Outsider

- Albert Camus states that “In our society any man who doesn’t cry at his mother’s funeral is liable to be condemned to death” (Camus, 18). In the book The Outsider, Meursault defies local convention by not showing the sadness that is expected of him at his mother’s funeral. Ultimately, his life is dependant on this very decision of whether or not to show emotion. In the society that Meursault lives in, one is expected to conform to their standards and social norms. Anyone who deviates from these norms is considered an outcast and destined to die at the hands of society....   [tags: Character Analysis, Meursault ]

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Moral Issues in Shusaku Endo's Wonderful Fool and Albert Camus's The Outsider

- Moral Issues in Shusaku Endo's Wonderful Fool and Albert Camus's The Outsider It is debatable whether morality is a code of conduct that is considered right by society or whether it is a code unilaterally decided upon by an individual. When we consider morality as a tool used by both Shusaku Endo in Wonderful Fool and Albert Camus in The Outsider, this debate holds immense relevance. Wonderful Fool, heavily influenced by Christian doctrine, addresses the degeneration of Japanese society and the way moral issues are presented in the novel reflects this....   [tags: Camus Endo Wonderful Outsider Compare]

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The Struggle of an Outsider

- Throughout our readings this semester, the theme the outsider has been present. The outsiders in these selections have all had similar roles. One of the main roles was subjection that developed from the feeling of unequal standings. This subjection silenced and forced many from the mainstream. The Native Americans were outsiders to the Europeans. The Europeans had different beliefs and ideas about life which they forced upon the Native Americans. Suddenly with the arrival of Europeans, Indians became strangers on their own territory....   [tags: Race Relations, Native American]

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The View Of The Outsider

- Have Faith in the Outsider The acts of categorization, labelling and prejudice is a common habit in a dynamic and closely linked community as it is similarly in towns, cities and countries across the globe. As the generations progress, the perspective involving those who are abnormal or outside of the typical community have changed constantly. Since the early 1500s, women have been accused and exiled in certain countries for being witches. During the 1500s through to the mid-1800s and eventually later in the years of the 1950s-1960s, African-Americans were treated as outsiders....   [tags: The Manticore, Robertson Davies, Life]

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Dracula As an Outsider

- Dracula, as it was written by Bram Stoker, presents to us possibly the most infamous monster in all of literature. Count Dracula, as a fictional character, has come to symbolize the periphery between the majority and being an outsider to that group. Dracula’s appeal throughout the years and genres no doubt stems from his sense of romanticism and monster. Reader’s no doubt are attracted to his “bad-boy” sensibilities, which provide an attraction into the novel. Looking first at his appearance, personality, and behaviour at the beginning of the novel, we can easily see Dracula’s blurred outsider status, as he occupies the boundaries of human and monster....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Outsider

- Topic: The Outsider is not about the murder of an Arab but about the inability of society to understand Mersault’s Detachment In The Outsider, Meursault is ultimately punished not for the murder of the Arab, but for his lack of adherence to the social codes governing appropriate behavior after his mother’s death. In this respect we can argue that Camus novel is not about the Arab’s murder but it is about the inability of society to understand Meursault’s detachment. The murder trial turns into a trial that judges and condemns Meursault because he appears indifferent, removed from society, and his behavior in unacceptable....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Outsider And The Guest By Albert Camus

- Humans have the freedom to think, feel, say and act however they want. However, this freedom is constrained by societal norms. In other words, the power to condone (or not) our thoughts, feelings, words and actions lies within the hands of society. Although humans are constrained by the rules society have set, there are a select few who choose to defy it. In both The Outsider and The Guest, Albert Camus portrays the paradoxical struggle against the inescapability of human judgement, and ultimately the condemnation of the individuals who chooses to differ from the norm....   [tags: Sociology, Individualism, Albert Camus, Mores]

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I Feel Like An Outsider

- Has there ever been a time where I felt like an outsider. An outsider is someone who doesn 't fit into a group of some sort. Usually, I feel like an outsider when it comes to my clothes and how I dress. Everyone would question me about what I would have on specifically in school. I attended Cordova High and to be honest I should have expected that. I have been living here in this area and I rarely see any contrasting modes. It would surprise me seeing something that I would not be used to seeing and it would bring such a relief....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Protagonist, Idea]

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The Outsider By Albert Camus

- The Outsider by Albert Camus is written about a man who is outwardly an outsider with no responsive emotion in his life that leads to his execution. Meursault’s lack of emotion and distance from society led him to prison because he is indifferent to his surroundings and situations in his life. The death of his mother, the killing of an Arab and rejection of love towards Marie illustrates his detachment to feel and respond to emotion. Meursault is a character that enjoys physical reality than an emotional mental connection with society....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Love, Life]

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The Outsider By Albert Camus

- In his novel The Outsider, Albert Camus portrays the philosophy of the absurd through his existentialist main character, Meursault. ~theory of absurdism~ Camus develops Meursault not as a traditional hero, but rather as an absurd one to encourage the idea of being abnormal from normal society. Detached and apathetic, Meursault is unable to identify with people and his environment. His indifferent attitude towards the world results in his label of an ‘outsider’ to society. Meursault does not wish for another fate, but accepts his upcoming death and does nothing about it....   [tags: Meaning of life, Existentialism, Absurdism]

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Albert Camus' The Outsider

- Albert Camus’s novel The Outsider is a fictional narrative that presents strong philosophical themes such as the irrationality of the universe and meaningless of human life. Throughout the novel it is clear that the narrator and protagonist – a young man named Meursault – is the only character that is able to understand and appreciate these ideas or philosophical truths. It is for this reason that he is an outsider. Accordingly, other social groups, including women, are represented as shallow as they constantly attempt to identify or create rational structure and meaning in their lives – Camus’s notion of absurdity....   [tags: fictional narrative, themes, lietrary analysis]

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The Outsider and The Metamorphosis

- English World Literature Essay: The Outsider and The Metamorphosis Comparisons between the relationships that the protagonists had with their parents and how these defined their characters. In the novels, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and The Outsider by Albert Camus, there are many important relationships that help define the protagonists. The protagonist in The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa, and the protagonist from The Outsider, Meursault, both had significant relationships with people that helped develop and define their character, the most important of these being their relationships with their parents....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Outsider : The Cold Blood, Truman Capote

- The Outsider: In Cold Blood, Truman Capote The re-invention of Capote The contrast between the dark introductory scene with that of the quiet farmhouse scene helps to build the difference between the outsider (Capote) and his new friends at the party. His rather charismatic and friendly rapport endears him to the crow encircling him to hear his juicy tales about Jimmy Baldwin; who seemingly has a new novel in its final stage. This chatter seems to be his initial entry strategy into this rather quiet Holcombe town, Kansas....   [tags: Truman Capote, In Cold Blood]

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The Absurd in F Albert Camus' The Outsider.

- Recognizing hopelessness in this human condition, man discovers his kingdom in this world. True, this world is a temporary kingdom, one which he will eventually loss, yet this is the only world possible for him. This knowledge sets off in him in a terrible feeling of frustration, one that leads to a passionate commitment to life and all that it can offer. Consequently it brings about an equally passionate rebellion against death and everything that may justify it. The absurd as a human condition is dramatized in the experiences of one man in the stranger....   [tags: Hopelessness, Absurditty]

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An Outsider 's Analysis Of Advertisement Technique

- An Outsider 's Analysis of Advertisement Technique Advertisement is a curious fusion between an art and a science. As an art form, there is a noticeable lack of official guidelines. As a science, the culmination of failed advertising campaigns and modern research have allowed today 's advertisers to develop effective techniques that can be passed down to other advertisers who then evolve them further. A good advertisement captures the attention of the viewer and places the product firmly into their mind....   [tags: Advertising, Target market, Customer, The Target]

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What Being An Outsider Did For Me

- What Being an Outsider did for me To me all schools are the same from the time you first enter school until the end of high school. There are rejections and hurt in each one and sometimes a little different but mostly the same. School was always more scary than enjoyable but, there were things that I learned from experiencing what I did as a child. In the schools that I attended had cliques of all different kinds and none I felt comfortable in. I was the kid that was never invited to parties and if I was it was because the parents somehow made it happen....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school, 2006 albums]

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Othello the Outsider

- Othello the Outsider       Shakespeare's tragic hero, Othello, was a man whose gifts far outnumbered his weaknesses. On the battlefield, he was accomplished; in his profession, he was highly ranked; and, in his life, he was blissfully married. Despite these great advantages, however, Othello's destiny was ruin. Everything he had so carefully made for himself would be destroyed by one flaw: his fear of remaining an outsider. He feared this fate, yet he harped on it continuously, tearing himself between his identity as a foreigner and his desire to live as a normal citizen....   [tags: Othello essays]

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Victims of Society in The Outsider and Antigone

- Victims of Society in The Outsider and Antigone Both Meursault and Antigone are the protagonists in their stories. They have much in common, such as the fact that they explain their impending deaths as decided by fate, even though each seems to have an easy way of surviving. Both are willing to die for what they believe is right. The concept of fate is quite different between the texts. In Antigone, a Chorus tells you at the beginning of the play that Antigone will die. Antigone uses the excuse of fate to explain her own death to Creon, where as in The Outsider fate is much more subtle....   [tags: Meursault Antigone Literature Plays Essays]

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The Outsider in Hamlet, by William Shakespeare and Persuasion, by Jane Austen

- In today’s social environment a person can be distinguished as being either an insider or an outsider to their surroundings. An insider being defined as a person who is recognized and welcomed in to the social environment. In contrast an outsider is a person who finds themselves distinguished from the rest, commonly unaccepted into the norms of society. The idea of an outsider versus an insider is a modern idea that writers have described in many literary works; such as in Hamlet and Persuasion....   [tags: Hamlet, Persuasion]

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The role of judgement in The Outsider

- The role of judgement in The Outsider The actions of Meursault, the protagonist in The Outsider by Albert Camus, are characterized by irrationality. For example, there is no clear logical reason for his decision to marry Marie or to kill the Arab. “That evening, Marie came round for me and asked me if I wanted to marry her. I said I didn’t mind and we could do if she wanted to” (Camus 44). However, the idea that things sometimes happen for no reason is disturbing and threatening to society, because, as a logical conclusion from that, individual existence could have happened for no reason and would therefore be purposeless....   [tags: English Literature]

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Marco Polo, the outsider; Ibn Battuta, the insider

- Nowadays the wide array of transportation means and infrastructures at our disposal has made it relatively easy for us to travel from one country to another; even when those countries are thousands of miles away from each other. However, during the 13th and 14th centuries, travelling was not that easy. Yet, two men, the Italian tradesman Marco Polo and the Moroccan Jurist Ibn Battuta became famous for having managed to perform extremely long distance journeys away from their home country. At the end of their long travels, both men shared their experiences with the world via the books, The Travels of Marco Polo and The Travels of Ibn Battuta....   [tags: Italian Tradesmen, Literary Analysis]

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The Inside Perspective Of An Outsider

- The Inside Perspective Of An Outsider I read everything I could find. I spoke with natives who were visiting the United States. I studied the language diligently. I scrutinized pictures, noting each detail. Nothing prepared me for that first long walk along a Beijing street. I smelled for the first time, the smells that were to become a familiar component of my three-month stay in The People's Republic of China. I made eye contact with people who had formerly just been captured still-lifes on a reference book's glossy page....   [tags: China Anthropology Study Abroad Essays]

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The Outsider by Simon Mitton

- The Outsider Conflict in the Cosmos is a warm appreciation and cogent assessment of the scientific life of the British astrophysicist Fred Hoyle. Hoyle, who died in 2000, was one of the most capable and controversial theorists of the 20th century, contributing provocatively to a wide range of problem areas, from stellar structure and the origin and evolution of the chemical elements to the large-scale structure and history of the universe. The author, astronomer Simon Mitton, is at his best when introducing and then explaining in simple language the scientific underpinnings of Hoyle\'s theories....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Outsider - Original Writing

- The Outsider - Original Writing "Mum, mum", she must not be home, I'll call her later she must still be at the meeting, I'll put the tele on, see what Kacey's wearing in her new video. It's on straight away on every channel, no surprise there. It finishes with her on top of a building I, don't like the song one bit, it's the same as all her others. I really like the gothic powers new video but I daren't tell anyone, my friends will be too embarrassed to be seen with me. Its not cool to like things like that, the people who do like things like that haven't got any style, and they don't follow new styles, hairstyles and what makes you look good, they don't bother...   [tags: Papers]

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Sun Related Elements and The Existentialist Philosophy in The Outsider

- From the first few sentences of Albert Camus’ The Outsider, the protagonist, Meursault, is characterized as an amoral man. He is seemingly indifferent to the death of his own mother, despite the fact that societal principles would suggest he be deeply emotionally affected. His thoughts are instead centered upon the sun, which in return dictates his actions. In the novel, the sun is a representation of the societal weight which urges individuals to conform to norms. The presence of the sun indicates the stages of the development of Meursault’s belief in existentialism....   [tags: Absolute Freedom, Societal Pressure]

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Insider and Outsider´s Perspective on Scientology and its Teachings

- Towards the end of the twentieth century, the Church of Scientology emerged as one of the largest, and most controversial new religious movements of modern time. The teachings of founder L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950’s at first were successful with the emergence of Dianetics, but endured a vast amount of criticism nationally. Dianetics and the auditing process have been prohibited, as well as the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard all over the world. Due to the negative portrayal from the media and the public, “Scientology has grown into a large international, ecclesiastical body with centers in almost half the countries of the world” (Melton 53)....   [tags: Church, Controversy, Celebrities]

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Analysis Of ' The 's ' Mama Lola Where An Outsider ``

- Vodou is a religion that is often misrepresented because of mainstream Hollywood movies. It is a religion that remains an enigma to outsiders, and as a consequence, many incorrect assumptions are made about its practices. To outsiders, Vodou may seem to be based on cursing others with voodoo dolls, sacrificing animals or people, and even being possessed by the devil. However, that is not the case in Mama Lola where an outsider, Karen McCarthy Brown is given an inside view on this secretive religion....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Religion, Haitian Vodou]

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The Outsider, by Albert Camus and The Assault, by Harry Mulisch

- Camus and Mulisch present that the past and present are interrelated. The authors do this through the two characters, Meursault and Anton. Through Meursault, we see that his past actions affect the outcome of his trial. Through Anton, we see that his present situation constantly brings him back to his past despite him trying to escape it. Thus the authors stylistically link the past and present to demonstrate that they are inevitably related, where certain events are unavoidable or the past is undeniable....   [tags: Interrelation: Past, Present]

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Women, Outsider and Barbarian in The Play Medea by Euripides

- Personal Development, one of the core values at Saint Leo University, plays an important role in students’ daily lives. From the moment you step foot on campus to the day you graduate, you automatically become a different person. As a first year student, you are entering a new life and not knowing what to expect. Once you are in college, it is the start of a new chapter. You will become more mature and all the obstacles that you will go through will make you a different person. In order to have a successful Undergraduate experience, it is crucial to have a balance between personal life and school....   [tags: wrong relationship, magic tricks]

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Use of an Outsider’s Perspective in Brave New World

- Aldous Huxley uses the viewpoint of an outsider, or Savage, to give the reader different perspectives of his dystopian world in Brave New World. After traveling to the World State from the reservation, John (the savage) disagrees with the lack of intimacy, the lack of morality, and the lack of free will that he witnesses there, which shows the reader a very different side of the World State. These imperfections, along with many other factors, cause John to plunge into insanity and eventually commit suicide....   [tags: Brave New World Essays]

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Comparing the Characters of The Stranger (The Outsider) and The Trial

- Characters of Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider) and Kafka’s The Trial The characters of the chaplain, in Albert Camus’ The Outsider, and the priest, in Franz Kafka’s The Trial, are quite similar, and are pivotal to the development of the novel. These characters serve essentially to bring the question of God and religion to probe the existentialist aspects of it, in novels completely devoid of religious context. The main idea visible about these two characters is that they are both the last ones seen by the protagonists, Mearsault and K., both non-believers in the word of the lord....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Portrayal of Blindness in The Outsider and Oedipus the King

- The Portrayal of Blindness in The Outsider and Oedipus the King A primitive motif in Oedipus the King by Sophocles and The Outsider by Albert Camus is blindness. The protagonists in the novels are blinded to a personal truth, and are physically blinded as well. In The Outsider, Meursault’s blindness is metaphorical, as he is negligent to his own absurdity, which he later becomes categorized as. On the other hand, Oedipus’s blindness is literal, as he is ignorant to the truth of his life; and the fact that he is incapable of escaping the destiny that the Gods have set out for him, which resulted in him gorging his eyes out....   [tags: Sophocles, Albert Camus]

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Study of the Ideas of The Outsider, Threat and Danger

- Study of the Ideas of The Outsider, Threat and Danger In the study of the notion of "the outsider", "threat" and "danger", four short stories from the pre 1914 period are examined. These are "The Stolen Bacillus" by H.G. Wells, "the Red Room" again by H.G. Wells, "the Speckled Band" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and finally "Napoleon and the Spectre" by Charlotte Bronte. Each of these stories contain elements of threat and danger. In addition to this, there can be one character who can be viewed as "the outsider"....   [tags: Papers]

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The Portrayal of Society in Of Mice and Men and The Outsider

- World literature; self taught language Hungarian: After reading the two books for my world literature, of mice and men and the outsider I decided I will compare the two books on the topic choice; portrayal of society in the literature studied. This includes points such as: Meursault and Lenny not being accepted in society for who they are because they are different then others; another point would be there is a lot of violence within societies. The rest will be presented further on in my essay....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Free Essays on The Stranger (The Outsider): Relationships

- Relationships in The Stranger (The Outsider)   On the surface, Albert Camus's The Stranger (The Outsider) was about a misguided man and his sudden, fatal tribulation. Covertly, a second, more heart-grasping plot occurred in the novel. It involved a misfortuned widower and his side-kick of a dog. This scenario can be sharply contrasted to Meursault's insensitivity toward all life (and beyond). Purposefully, this contrast will evidently prove the case that Camus employed a broad range of multipersonality to enhance his novel and, perhaps, to illustrate the keen differences in people....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Free Essays on The Stranger (The Outsider): Disillusionment

- Disillusionment in Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider) In Albert Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider), the protagonist Meursault is clearly disillusioned of life in general. Two examples of this disillusionment occurred in the instances of his mother's death and an offer to be transferred to another work environment. This incomplacency is paramount in discerning this meticulous, selfish Camusian character. In regard to his mother's death, he seemed indifferent at the loss of her life. He was so uninterested in her funeral that he remarked the following: "...I can be there for the vigil and come back tomorrow night" (Camus 3)....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Setting the Tone in The Outsider by Albert Camus

- Setting the Tone in The Outsider by Albert Camus The opening lines of the novel, The Outsider by Albert Camus, set the tone for the book: "Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday, I don't know" (pg. 9), it is a dreary and depressing sentence, so are the thoughts of a character by the name of Meursault. However, the circumstances that took place, plunged him into a spiral of events. Strangely, his thoughts stayed the same, yet his life changed dramatically. Conversely, the story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" by James Thurber, is seemingly contrary to the novel The Outsider....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Kafka's Metamorphosis and The Stranger (The Outsider)

- The Metamorphosis and The Stranger (The Outsider)   Existentialism is defined as a philosophical movement that human beings are completely free and responsible for their own actions.  Existentialists will try not to cause waves and remain completely uninvolved with anyone because they do not want to hurt anybody.   There is absolutely no such thing as an existentialist because he would have to be so uninvolved to the point where he would not be able to live at all.  Although the two stories: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and The Stranger by Albert Camus are very different in approach, their endings are similar in that they both support the basics of existentialism.              The...   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Anti-Christ in Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider)

- The Anti-Christ in The Outsider   “Meursault is punished, not for his crime of killing another human being but for refusing to play the game.” This statement is of great relevance to the novel The Outsider, by Albert Camus. Society as a whole enforces its ideas and values, upon all individuals, but particularly on those who differ from the “norm”. Through Meursault’s view of the world, contrasted with that of both the religious and judicial system this notion is foregrounded. Meursault’s outlook on death and dying is very different to that of the majority of people at the time....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): Apathy

- Apathy in The Stranger (Outsider) Often times an author incorporates a thought or philosophy into a work that can shape or reshape the attitude emitted from the novel. In Albert Camus', The Stranger, the Existential philosophy that the author fills into the work give an aura of apathy. With the opening lines of "Mother died today. Or, maybe, yesterday; I can't be sure," Camus immediately sets a tone of indifference (1). Though the protagonist, Mersault, is not completely without cares, the overall attitude of passiveness he has toward himself, as well as toward others, give the entire novel a tone of apathy....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Iago, the Outsider of Shakespeare’s Othello

- In any story with a recurring dark theme there always must be an outsider from humanity who somehow stands out from the seemingly equal community. In the case of Shakespeare’s Othello the outsider from humanity would be Iago for he truly stands out from the rest of society. Although Othello may be physically put out of the community, it seems that on an emotional and egotistical level Iago puts himself out of society further then Othello’s blackness does. He is not merely manipulative, as other villains are; he turns aspects of truth and good qualities, which he does not possess, and uses them as weakness for his own scheme....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): Conformity

- Conformity in Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider) Camus' novel The Stranger presents the character of Meursault who, after killing an Arab, is sentenced to death. This conflict portrays the stark contrast between the morals of society and Meursault's evident lack of them; he is condemned to death, less for the Arab's murder, than for refusing to conform to society's standards. Meursault is an anomaly in society; he cannot relate directly to others because he does not live as they do. Meursault is simplistic, even detached; he speaks of his mother's death without regret for her loss, merely stating: "Maman died today." He goes on to mention that perhaps it was yesterday - he is not sure...   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.’

- An outsider is someone who functions outside or on the verge of society; someone who is alienated, misunderstood or misjudged by a person or group of people. To be an outsider would be to hold views of a controversial nature, usually the opposite of what is socially acceptable. Hester Prynne is such an example. It is through the use of her as an outsider; her actions, opinions, morals and portrayal which show how The Outsider Novel is or isn’t just another name for the novel of social protest. Upon reading The Scarlet Letter, it would be safe to assume that Nathaniel Hawthorne is using the protagonist, Hester Prynne, as a scapegoat through whom he can socially protest....   [tags: Social Protest, The Outsider]

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Racial Diversity in Of Mice of Men by John Steinbeck

- In this fictional novella, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck sought to bring out the racial differences in George and Lennie's time. This racial diversity impacted African Americans socially and economically. Crooks is one example of an outsider, from this novel. He is an African American that grew up with white people in his childhood, but took a separate path, once realizing society's standard of segregation. Loneliness was a new feeling to Crooks; because he had always been compatible with other people....   [tags: segregration, socially, economically, outsider]

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The Man Who Drew Bunnies: Movie How to Draw a Bunny

- The Man Who Drew Bunnies It was January 13, 1995 when it happened. On that harsh winter evening there were multiple witnessess that claimed they saw a man dive into a body of freezing water to his death. The man’s body discovered a day later was ‘supposedly’ the last form of art performed by the late, estranged William Johnson. His death still remains a mystery today as no ever knew why he did it, there is only speculation. However, after a thorough investigation, the police found no answers and ruled his death as a suicide....   [tags: suicide, raymond, outsider]

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The Relationships Between Absurdism and Concepts of Death Depicted in Camus' Novel, The Outsider

- I will discuss the novel, the Outsider by Albert Camus and the relationship between Absurdism and the elements of death, freedom and physical gratification. Absurdism is the most prominent motif expressed in Camus novel, in order to successfully understand its full meaning and prominence throughout the novel; we must firstly understand the motif of absurdism and its relationships with other prominent themes within the novel. The themes that relate most strongly with the concept of absurdism within the novel are death; this plays a central role throughout the novel in relation to absurdism as Camus shows us the conflicting and arbitrary treatment of death within society....   [tags: Critical Analysis, Literary Criticism]

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Rape : An Outsider Hopping Out Of A Shadowy Place And Assaulting Someone

- At the point when individuals consider rape, they may picture an outsider hopping out of a shadowy place and assaulting somebody. Surprisingly, study shows only about a portion who are assaulted know the individual who assaulted them. This notorious action is recognized as date rape. Date rape is involuntary sex that can occur on a date or at a party with a person the casualty knows. It appears that females are presumably to be raped; however, it can transpire to men. Men are not always the suspects....   [tags: Rape, Date rape drug, Sexual intercourse]

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Free College Essays - Optimism in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- Optimism in Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider) The novel The Stranger by Albert Camus can be viewed from several different perspectives. Some people see this book as a "slap to the face" or an insult. Others, however, find the views expressed in this novel to be comforting and optimistic. Just as there are many different people in the world, there are many different interpretations and opinions surrounding this novel. I have found The Stranger to be a novel that is uplifting and reassuring and, therefore, wonderful ....   [tags: The Stranger The Outsider]

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The Stranger by Albert Camus - Man or Monster?

- Man or Monster in Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider) In Albert Camus’ absurdist novel, The Stranger, Meursault’s detachment from society and his killing of the Arab reveal moral and ethical implications for him and his society. As is common in many absurdist novels, Camus discusses the estrangement - and later development - of an individual in a benign and indifferent universe, one in which conformity prevails. Camus not only satirizes the conformity of society, but religion and the legal system as well....   [tags: The Stranger The Outsider]

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Free College Essays - Indifference in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- Indifference in Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider) Albert Camus’ novel, The Stranger, examines what happens to a passive man when mixed in a murder. During the trial of the main character, Meursault, the prosecutor examines Meursault’s normal behavior as callous and cold. In order for the prosecutor to have a case in the reader’s mind, Camus must create the past that the trial calls for. Camus shows a passive man, and the way that he deals with normal life occurrences. Camus must create a portrait of indifference....   [tags: The Stranger The Outsider]

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The Value of Life in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- The Value of Life in Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider) In Albert Camus' existentialist novel “The Stranger,”the alienation of Meursault from society conveys to the reader the theme of the novel: In light of the lack of a higher deity, all promise of value rests in life itself. To express this theme, Camus develops Meursault’s persona, satirizes many institutions, alludes to religion, and creates many moral and ethical questions. The universal nature of these questions reveal why “The Stranger” remains relevant to society....   [tags: The Stranger The Outsider]

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The Unemotional Meursault in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- Unemotional Meursault in Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider) In Albert Camus’ novel, The Stranger, the protagonist Meursault is a character who has definite values and opinions concerning the society in which he lives. His self-inflicted alienation from society and all its habits and customs is clear throughout the book. The novel itself is an exercise in absurdity that challenges the reader to face the nagging questions concerning the meaning of human existence. Meursault is an existentialist character who views his life in an unemotional and noncommittal manner, which enhances his obvious opinion that in the end life is utterly meaningless....   [tags: The Stranger, The Outsider]

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Motif of Violence in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- Motif of Violence in Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider) The Stranger written by Albert Camus is an absurdist novel revolving around the protagonist, Meursault. A major motif in the novel is violence. There are various places where violence takes place and they lead to the major violent act, which relates directly to the theme of the book. The major violent act of killing an Arab committed by Meursault leads to the complete metamorphosis of his character and he realizes the absurdity of life....   [tags: The Stranger The Outsider]

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The Hero in The Stranger by Albert Camus

- The Hero in Camus’s The Stranger (The Outsider) Certain novels include a character who, based solely on his actions, would appear to be evil, but in an in-depth examination, can be seen in a different, more sympathetic light. The character Meursault, in Albert Camus’s The Stranger, is notable for this description. While his murderous crime and indifference to emotions make him seem to be cretinous, his dramatic transformation at the end of the story make us feel for him. When he finally grasps the theme of the book, embracing the “gentle indifference” of the universe, he also grabs our hearts, in becoming an “absurd” hero....   [tags: The Stranger The Outsider]

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Dracula as the Persecuted Outsider in Bram Stoker's Dracula

- Dracula as the Persecuted Outsider in Bram Stoker's Dracula Bram Stoker's Dracula is highly acclaimed and has received many different interpretations which deal with complex symbolisms and metaphors. These interpretations often require a great deal of knowledge in psychology, political science, anthropology, and other non-literary disciplines. These interpretations may be valid, as they are related to the disciplines on which their arguments are based, but the true power of the novel is due to a very simple theme that lies beneath the other, more convoluted interpretations....   [tags: Dracula Essays]

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Comparing the Devil in Farewell to Arms and The Outsider (The Stranger)

- The Devil in Farewell to Arms and The Outsider Once we knew that literature was about life and criticism was about fiction--and everything was simple. Now we know that fiction is about other fiction, is criticism in fact, or metaphor. And we know that criticism is about the impossibility of anything being about life, really, or even about fiction, or finally about anything. Criticism has taken the very idea of "aboutness" away from us. It has taught us that language is tautological, if it is not nonsense, and to the extent that it is about anything it is about itself....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Situation of Being an Outsider in Candle in the Wind and Remembrance Day

- The Situation of Being an Outsider in Candle in the Wind and Remembrance Day The two poems "Candle in the Wind" written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin and "Remembrance Day" written by Andrew Peters are both heart wrenching, impulsive, emotional and thought provoking poems. Both poems expressively highlight the issues of suicide, drugs, bullying, isolation, acceptance and being an outsider. They do this with powerful vocabulary and very effective language features. Within this essay I intend to discuss how different authors present and explore the situation of being an outsider within the context of a poem....   [tags: Papers]

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The Outsider in Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own

- The Outsider in Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own In A Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf writes: "I had no wish to enter had I the right, and this time the verger might have stopped me, demanding perhaps my baptismal certificate, or a letter if introduction from the dean"(8). This particular line jumps out at me for several reasons. First off, I find it rather humorous. I was rather surprised by this remark as well. I did not think that I would be reading anything that would make me laugh even the slightest bit....   [tags: Virginia Woolf A Room of One's Own]

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A Comparison of Fate in The Stranger (The Outsider) and Myth of Sisyphus

- Fate in The Stranger (The Outsider) and Myth of Sisyphus   In his works, The Stranger (The Outsider) and Myth of Sisyphus,  Camus addresses the consciousness of Meursault and Sisyphus through their fate. Sisyphus knows his fate. He to Because he has the opportunity and does rationalize his fate, he has consciousness. As the rock rolls back down, he is able to look back upon his life and analyze it. Nothing could be more existentialist. Sartre’s Garcin wants to meet his fate face to face. So, Sisyphus, embodies this desire of Garcin, and is thus a hero to him....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Free Essays on The Stranger (The Outsider): Freedom and Death

- Freedom and Death in The Stranger (The Outsider) In The Stranger (The Outsider), as in all Camus’ works, Camus’ views on freedom and death – one dependent on the other – are major themes. For Camus, freedom arises in awareness of one’s life, the every-moment life, an intense glorious life that needs no redeeming, no regrets, no tears. Death is unjustifiable, absurd; it is but a reintegration into the cosmos for a “free” man. Until a person reaches this awareness, life, like death, is absurd, and indeed, generically, life remains absurd, though each individual’s life can be valuable and meaningful to him....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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deatharms Comparison of Death in Farewell to Arms and The Outsider (The Stranger)

- Death in Farewell to Arms and The Outsider     Hemingway once said that "all stories...end in death." Certainly, each living person's "story" ends that way. The interrelationship of a narrative to a life, of the "boundary situation" of an ending, is of vital importance to the existence of these two fictional narratives, A Farewell to Arms and The Outsider. Death plays an important, one might say necessary, part in both novels, too: Frederic Henry is, of course, in war and witness to death many times, wounded himself, and loses Catherine; Meursault's story begins with his mother's death, he later kills an Arab, and then is himself tried and sentenced to death....   [tags: compare and contrast essay examples]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): The Character of Meursault

- The Character of Meursault in Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider) Raymond typifies the beast-character in Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider). He is like Stanley from A Streetcar Named Desire (T. Williams), emotional and manly. Physical solutions come naturally to him, as we see when he mistreats his ex-girlfriend. Ideally, society is exactly the opposite; law and order attempt to solve things fairly and justly. I propose that Meursault is somewhere between these two extremes and that this is the reason why he is a societal outcast....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): Reader Response Criticism

- Reader Response Criticism to Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider)         In The Stranger (The Outsider), Albert Camus anticipates an active reader that will react to his text. He wants the reader to form a changing, dynamic opinion of Meursault. The reader can create a consciousness for Meursault from the facts that Meursault reports. By using vague and ambiguous language, Camus stimulates the reader to explore all possibilities of meaning. Camus also intends to shock the reader into rereading passages....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): Meursault’s Indifference

- Meursault’s Indifference in The Stranger (The Outsider)   The language in The Stranger (The Outsider) is strikingly simple. The sentences are molded to fit their function. They state what Meursault, the narrator believes. More importantly, their structure conveys Meursault’s feelings. His feelings are a prominent focal point of the novel. With all of the varying emotions and feelings he has throughout the story, there is one general term that can be applied to them all: indifferent. Meursault delights in simple pleasures, but never fully indulges himself into any of his endeavors....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): Meursault as Christ

- Meursault as Christ in The Stranger (The Outsider) In one of his later interviews, Camus made the somewhat irritated comment that Meursault is the “only Christ we deserve.” While this seem to be a pithy, witty comment, we need to figure out how Meursault is like Christ. Christ taught his disciples and had them go and teach others, yet Meursault has no disciples and chooses to say little. Meursault murders while Christ brings a man back from the dead. Most drastically, Christ ”died for our sins” in order to make all those who follow free from original sin....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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A Comparison of the Heroes Of The Stranger (The Outsider) and The Myth of Sisyphus

- The Absurd Heroes Of The Stranger (The Outsider) and The Myth of Sisyphus In The Myth of Sisyphus, Sisyphus is an absurd hero because he realizes his situation, does not appeal, and yet continues the struggle. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that The Stranger is, in narrative style, also showing us an absurd hero, or the beginning of an absurd hero in Meursault. In The Myth of Sisyphus Camus establishes the epistemology on which he bases all his works. Ant it's a very simple epistemology....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): Meursault as Metaphysical Rebel

- Meursault as Metaphysical Rebel in The Stranger (The Outsider)      The Stranger by Albert Camus was published in 1942. The setting of the novel is Algiers where Camus spent his youth in poverty. In many ways the main character, Meursault, is a typical Algerian youth. Like them, and like Camus himself, Meursault was in love with the sun and the sea. His life is devoted to appreciating physical sensations. He seems so devoid of emotion. Something in Meursault's character has appealed primarily to readers since the book's publication....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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The Stranger (The Outsider), Nausea, and Death on the Installment Plan

- The Stranger (The Outsider), Nausea, and Death on the Installment Plan        The Stranger, by Albert Camus, Nausea, by Jean-Paul Sartre, and Death on the Installment Plan, by Louis-Ferdinand Celine, all contrast themselves with internal texts that fail to represent the world competently. The Stranger includes the prosecutor's narrative of the murders as an incompetent text by refusing to support the motives he assigns. It contrasts itself with the prosecutor's narrative in view of the excessive language of the prosecutor versus the simple reporting of Meursault....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): World Without Purpose

- World Without Purpose in Camus' The Stranger (The Outsider)  In The Stranger, Albert Camus misleadingly portrays his existentialistic views of life, death, and the world.  Camus portrays the world as absurd or without purpose Meaursalt, who, as a reflection of Camus, is foreign and indifferent to his own life and death.  Meaursalt eventually senses guilt for his crime, not because of the remorse of taking someone else’s life, but because it means he would lose the little things that he considers important in his life.  Meaursalt is a puzzling character, who leaves readers to be uncertain about Camus’ views of life....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): The Gentle Meursault

- The Gentle Meursault of Camus’s The Stranger (The Outsider) In Albert Camus’s The Stranger, Meursault, the protagonist, could be seen as immoral if he were judged on the basis of his actions alone. However, through Camus’s use of a first person narrative, we begin to understand Meursault as not an immoral man, but simply an indifferent one. Meursault is a symbol of the universe, and so in understanding him we understand that the universe is also not evil, but instead a place of gentle indifference....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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