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The Mayor Of Casterbridge : Life And Death Of A Man

- In Thomas Hardy’s novel, The Mayor of Casterbridge: The Life and Death of a Man of Character Michael Henchard’s mistreatment of those around his seem to categorize him as an immoral man; however, his perseverance and desire to make amends reconcile him to the reader and make him seem more human. The first and possible most immoral decision Henchard makes involves his wife Susan. Within the first few chapters of this novel, Michael Henchard, in a drunken state, auctions his wife and child off to a passing sailor for five guineas....   [tags: Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge]

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The Mayor of Casterbridge: Social Standards

- The Mayor of Casterbridge: Social Standards What kind of person auctions off their wife and baby. In The Mayor of Casterbridge, Thomas Hardy explores the personality of a man, Michael Henchard, who hands his family off to a stranger, Richard Newsom, for a mere five guineas. Oblivious to the consequences of such an act, Michael Henchard, intoxicated, lets go of his wife, Susan, and daughter, Elizabeth-Jane, who remain silent and unsure of what lies ahead. Just beginning his struggle in accepting standards of society, Michael Henchard realizes the disastrous effects of alcohol and promises to never drink again for twenty-one years....   [tags: Mayor of Casterbridge Essays]

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Setting and Symbols in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- Setting and Symbols in The Mayor of Casterbridge Modern critics consider Hardy a great writer and they consider The Mayor of Casterbridge one of Hardy¡¯s two great novels. Of all the Wessex¡¯s novels, however, this is the least typical. Although it makes much less use of the physical environment than do the others, we still cannot ignore the frequently use of symbols and setting in the novel. In my essay, I¡®ll analyze the function of the symbols and the setting in The Mayor of Casterbridge. The setting place of this novel is Casterbridge (England), a fictional town based on the city of Dorchester....   [tags: The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy Essays]

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Essay on Fate and Chance in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- Fate and Chance in The Mayor of Casterbridge            Thomas Hardy's disillusionment over religion was a major theme in both his novels and his poetry. In his mind there was a conflict over whether fate or chance ruled us. He explores this dilemma in the poems "I Look Into My Glass" and "Going and Staying." Each poem takes a different stance on the matter. It is up to the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge to illuminate which position he ultimately adopts. The poem "I Look Into My Glass" is similar to "Going and Staying" in many ways....   [tags: Mayor of Casterbridge Essays]

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Michael Henchard in The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- Michael Henchard in The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy Michael Henchard is a character with traits that have both a positive and negative traits effect on his life. I believe the characteristics that allowed Henchard to rise to social respectability and fall into destitution where the same. "Character is fate"(Plato) For example Henchard stubbornness and pride allowed him to keep his 21-year vow not to drink. This shows his stubbornness brought an aspect forbearance....   [tags: The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy]

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Human Destiny and Chance in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge

- Human Destiny and Chance in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge Present readers might perceive that Thomas Hardy's viewpoint in the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge is severe and depressing. However, most people adored Hardy during his living years. In an era when the Industrial Revolution was bringing dramatic and sometimes disturbing changes to England, he celebrated the nation's roots in its rustic past. In an era when new ideas like Darwin's theory of evolution challenged long established religious beliefs, Hardy showed that even the simplest people have, at all times, dealt with comparable eternal questions: How are humans to live....   [tags: The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy Essays]

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Analysis of Characters from The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- Analysis of Characters from The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy A young Scot who arrives in Casterbridge at about the same time as Susan and Elizabeth-Jane, Donald Farfrae becomes Michael Henchard’s business manager. He quickly becomes Henchard’s only trusted friend and, later, his adversary in both business and love. Hardy draws Farfrae as Henchard’s counterpart in every way. He is physically small, polite and charming, careful and controlled, forward thinking, and methodical. Whereas Henchard propels his fate through moments of rash behavior, Farfrae is cool and calculating in all he does....   [tags: The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy Essays]

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The Mayor of Casterbridge

- The Mayor of Casterbridge The Mayor of Casterbridge, which was subtitled The Life and Death of a Man of Character, was written by Thomas Hardy. The book’s main focus is “the spiritual and material career of Micheal Henchard, whose governing inclinations are tragically at war with each other” (Penguin Classics, Blurb). Henchard, in a fit of drunkenness, has decided to sell his wife and daughter at a fair. Afterwards, Henchard becomes a wealthy man and the mayor of the town Casterbridge....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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The Mayor of Casterbridge

- The Picture of Dorian Gray is a short novel by Oscar Wilde originally published in 1890. The story begins at the home of Basil Hallward and opens with a conversation between him and Lord Henry Wotton. Lord Henry is fervently admiring Basil’s latest portrait of a young, beautiful man, Dorian Gray. Dorian Gray is the main protagonist in the story. He is described as having a “simple and beautiful nature”, and he remains this way until he is corrupted by the antagonist of the story, Lord Henry, who reveals himself to be the epitome of selfishness and egocentricity....   [tags: Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray]

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The Mayor Of Casterbridge

- Literature: The Mayor of Casterbridge Can it be said that Henchard's downfall is all due to 'some great error?' Some may believe that it is a penance for selling Susan, but this would be to take Newson out of the equation, who, it must be said, is just as guilty of this act as Henchard. I believe that Henchard is totally blameless for his downfall, to use a bad pun that will become apparent later, it is in his nature. It is my belief that Henchard is a personification of nature. It is obvious that his life has completed a revolution but when you look closely, you can see that Henchard's life resembles the seasons....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge and Frank Norris' McTeague

- Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge and Frank Norris' McTeague Thomas Hardy and Frank Norris are artists, painting portraits of men filled with character, that is distraught with regression. The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy is a powerful and searching fable. Frank Norris’ McTeague is a documentation of the animalistic pursuit of empty dreams. Both authors withhold the protagonists of their dreams, in a grotesque world, which provides no sign of escape. Each emphasizes themes of greed and devolution, while carefully detailing character portraits....   [tags: Hardy Casterbridge Norris Mcteague Essays]

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The Role of Festival in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- The Role of Festival in The Mayor of Casterbridge One of the most striking aspects of The Mayor of Casterbridge, for example, is the role of festival and the characters’ perceptions of, and reactions to, the festive. The novel opens with Henchard, his wife and baby daughter arriving at Weydon-Priors fair. It is a scene of festive holiday in which ‘the frivolous contingent of visitors’ snatch a respite from labour after the business of the fair has been concluded. Here Henchard gets drunk and vents his bitterness and frustration at being unemployed on his marriage....   [tags: Papers]

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Henchard's Personality in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- Henchard's Personality in The Mayor of Casterbridge Introduction Michael Henchard begins the novel by entering Casterbridge 'with the walk of a skilled countryman'. He starts his life at badly, as he sells his wife to a young gentle sailor called Newson. His impression changes, as he becomes a wealthy corn merchant and the Mayor of Casterbridge. 25 years later, he ends up with his life in tatters, and eventually dying alone. In this coursework, I will be discussing Henchard's personality, and the reasons for his success and his deterioration in life....   [tags: Papers]

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Redemption and Reconciliation in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- Redemption and Reconciliation in The Mayor of Casterbridge In Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge, rejection and reconciliation is a consistent theme. During the Victorian era, Michael Henchard, a common hat trusser, becomes Mayor of the town of Casterbridge, Wessex. However, his position does not prevent him from making a series of mistakes that ultimately lead to his downfall. Henchard’s daughter, Elizabeth Jane Newson, is affected by her father’s choices and is not spared any disappointing consequences....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Main Character in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- 'The business of the poet and novelist is to show the sorriness underlying the grandest things, and the grandeur underlying the sorriest.'; Thomas Hardy said this upon completion of the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge. Thomas Henchard, the main character in his novel, becomes the example to illustrate this idea. Henchard is at one point the most powerful person in a small town called Casterbridge. He is the wealthiest person and commands the most respect, but Hardy shows some terrible characteristics of Henchard....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy Thomas Hardy wrote the novel 'The Mayor of Casterbridge' in 1886. Two of the main characters, Donald Farfrae and Michael Henchard have a contrast in luck and Hardy uses characterisation, language, historical and social background and a craft in the structure of his novel to help bring across this point. During this essay I am going to comment upon how Hardy does this and further consider the view that, Farfrae's good fortune is a result of Henchard's ill luck....   [tags: Papers]

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The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- "The Mayor of Casterbridge" In The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy, a person’s future lies in the hands of his or her past actions. The intelligent or ignorant decision that they make places an immediate or long-term effect on the rest of person’s life. Michael Henchard, whose interactions with the people of Casterbridge lead to his demise, is only one of the people who decide their own destiny through their actions. The decisions that the residents of Casterbridge make affect the rest of their lives....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Michael Henchard the Mayor of Casterbridge

- The untimely demise of Michael Henchard the Mayor of Casterbridge. Henchard can never escape the events of his past. What do you think drives Henchard to his end. All page references are for the new windmill classics version. -------------------------------------------------------------- There are many factors which lead to the untimely demise of Michael Henchard "the Mayor of Casterbridge". Some of these factors are partly down to bad luck whereas some of the more important ones are down to the bad decisions that he makes....   [tags: English Literature]

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Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge

- Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge. Sex is so intertwined in our society that it pervades each facet, including television, books, advertising, and conversation. Movies like The Matrix toss in gratuitous sex because the audience nearly expects it. Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge, therefore, is exceptional in its lack of sexual situations. The subject of sexual motivation and its inherent ambiguity with regard to Henchard's actions is a topic that caught my attention from the very first pages of The Mayor of Casterbridge....   [tags: English Literature]

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Mayor Of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- Mayor Of Casterbridge Chapter 2 Henchard made his way into the town of Casterbridge, penniless, depressed, and entirely ignorant of what he might do to sustain himself. He didn't much care for himself now, knowing the deed he had done. It was out of season for hay-trussing, and he had not been able to find work at that task even when it was at the height of its demand. He was faced with finding another occupation. But what can a man who has no skills other than hay trussing do. He walked down the main street of the town, stopping at every shop and inn to offer his services....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Henchard in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- Is Henchard a sympathetic character. Should we pity him at the end of the novel, or does he get what he deserves. “The Mayor of Casterbridge” – The title refers to the main character in the book, Michael Henchard, who is the key figure in the novel. The whole story rotates around his life, and how he and the other characters change. Many criticise Thomas Hardy for this book due to the unlikely coincidences that occur many times through the book. The book takes place in rural England, in Wessex, Hardy’s made up county....   [tags: English Literature]

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Analysis of Thomas Hardy´s The Mayor of Casterbridge

- Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), native to Dorchester, England, was a novelist and poet that spent the majority of his life as a career writer. His crowning achievement was The Mayor of Casterbridge, which he wrote in 1886; it highlighted his signature style of tragedy and indifference towards its main characters. He spent the entirety of his childhood and most of his adulthood in his private study because of recurring unknown illnesses. As a result, he observed the countryside that surrounded him and implanted it into the geography of his novels and poems....   [tags: Poor, Suffering, Happiness]

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The Life and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge: A Story of a Man of Character

- George Meredith had once written that “In tragic life God wot (knows)/ No villain need be. Passions spin the plot: / We are betrayed by what is false within.” What he implied was that it is not so much circumstances but rather the character of the protagonist which often lets them down and allows emotion to get the upper hand over rational thought. Meredith’s lines can very much be applied to the protagonist of Thomas Hardy’s novel which is popularly referred to as The Mayor of Casterbridge -Michael Henchard who has all the elements of a traditional tragic hero....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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The Evolution of Women in The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- The Evolution of Women in The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy’s novel The Mayor of Casterbridge takes place in a pretend town in Victorian England. The characters in his novel highly reflect the ideals and morals of the time period. However, during the Victorian Era, different types of women started to form. Hardy outlines the evolution of women during the Victorian Period through the characterization of Susan Henchard, Lucetta Templeman, and Elizabeth-Jane Newson. Although her presence in the novel is brief, Susan Henchard represents a subservient Victorian woman....   [tags: victorian england, double standard]

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The Mayor of Casterbridge and 19th Century Wessex

- The Mayor of Casterbridge and 19th Century Wessex The plot of The Mayor of Casterbridge is slightly confusing and complex to follow, the pages of this well known novel are filled with scandal and alcohol, but provides for a very interesting and unique story. The novel is written by Thomas Hardy was a man who was very interested in agriculture and therefore was able to create a great a successful story. The story takes place in one main location, an old village created from Dorchester called Casterbridge and the other; Weydon Priors which is a smaller version of the typical market towns....   [tags: Papers]

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Setting of The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- Setting of The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge does an excellent job of displaying Casterbridge's realistic Western England setting through the architectural buildings, the behavior of the townspeople, and the speech used throughout the novel. All of these aspects combined provide a particular environment Hardy called "Wessex" which infuses the work with reality and a life. The love which Hardy had, for architecture, is displayed throughout this novel with the descriptions of the surrounding countryside, the buildings, the commerce, the roads, and the amusements that make up the environment of Casterbridge....   [tags: Papers]

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19th Century Wessex in Mayor of Casterbridge

- 19th Century Wessex in Mayor of Casterbridge The narrative of 'The Mayor of Casterbridge' is intricate and complex, making it hard to follow. The pages of this acclaimed novel are filled with scandal, but it provides for an interesting and unique story. Hardy's personal interest in agriculture enables him to create a great a successful and very visual story. The story is set in one main location, an old village created from Dorchester called Casterbridge and the other; Weydon Priors, a smaller version of the typical market towns....   [tags: Papers]

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An Analysis of Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge

- An Analysis of The Mayor of Casterbridge The plot of The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy, can often be confusing and difficult to follow. The pages of this novel are filled with sex, scandal, and alcohol, but it provides for a very interesting and unique story. It all begins one day in the large Wessex village of Weydon-Priors. Michael Henchard, a young hay-trusser looking for work, enters the village with his wife and infant daughter. What follows next, is certainly a little out of the ordinary, and this book provides and interesting plot, that is sure to brighten up any boring day....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Modernism vs. Traditionalism in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- An Essay on Modernism vs. Traditionalism in The Mayor of Casterbridge During the first half of the 19th century English society was making the difficult transition from a pre-industrial Britain to ‘modern' Victorian times. In agriculture, most of the transition took place around 1846 with the repeal of the corn laws. This allowed foreign grain to be imported into England for the first time. Consequently, the entire structure and methods of agriculture in Britain were greatly altered. Much of the action in Thomas Hardy's novel The Mayor of Casterbridge takes place during the years surrounding 1846....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Setting of The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- The Setting of The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy Henchard's fate was strongly rooted in his character. He has several character flaws that contributed to the break down of every relationship he had. At the beginning of the novel it is his temper that starts the whole story off. At the fair in Weydon - Priors, he becomes angry with his wife while he is drunk. Henchard tries to sell her because he believes that it is Susan's and the child's fault that he is not successful. This is evidently not the first time....   [tags: Papers]

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Setting in the Mayor Of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- Setting in the Mayor Of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy The Mayor of Casterbridge is set in Dorchester, according to its geographical location, and many significant events occur in the public houses of the town and its historical earthwork - the Ring. It is easily visible that each of these places has the purpose that Hardy indicates. The Ring is called the Maumbury Ring; it was used locally as an amphitheatre and an execution ground. It is ridges and ditches of earthwork; Hardy describes, 'The amphitheatre was a huge circular enclosure, with a notch at opposite extremities of its diameter north and south', which is referred to abruptly as 'spittoon of Jotuns'....   [tags: Papers]

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The Most Admirable Character in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge

- The Most Admirable Character in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge Introduction - Thomas Hardy Thomas HardyHardy was born in Higher Bockhampton, Dorsetshire, June 2, 1840, and educated in local schools and later privately. His father, a stonemason, apprenticed him early to a local architect engaged in restoring old churches. From 1862 to 1867 Hardy worked for an architect in London and later continued to practice architecture, despite ill health, in Dorset. Meanwhile, he was writing poetry with little success....   [tags: Papers]

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The use of Irony in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge

- How important is the use of irony in Thomas Hardy's poetry and in his novel The Mayor of Casterbridge. Hardy's use of irony is clear throughout his work; The Mayor of Casterbridge1 (referred to from this point on as Casterbridge) clearly features many ironic twists in the plot, both obvious ones such as Henchard discovering Elizabeth-Jane's true parentage at such an inappropriate time, and more subtle uses of irony as when Mrs. Goodenough only betrays Henchard's past because Susan and Elizabeth-Jane remind her of it....   [tags: English Literature]

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Michael Henchard's Life in The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

- Michael Henchard's Life in The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy Whilst studying 'The Mayor of Casterbridge' it is noticeable from a fairly early stage that the title statement is ambivalent. We can clearly see that he suffered a great number of disasters, but he also achieved success to a higher level than most. When looking at his position before arriving in Casterbridge and for a while prior to his status boost, it is clear just how much his status has grown. When Michael arrived in Casterbridge he was a 'journeyman hay-trusser.' From this position he managed to work on his status Worth explaining how until he was a churchwarden, magistrate and the town...   [tags: Papers]

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Hardships and Broken Hearts in The Mayor of Casterbridge and Jude, the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

- Hardships and Broken Hearts in The Mayor of Casterbridge and Jude, the Obscure by Thomas Hardy Both of the novels, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Jude, the Obscure, written by Thomas Hardy are full of hardships and broken hearts. Many of the characters are hurtful and in return hurt badly. Each of Hardy's novels seem to portray an underlining feeling of aversion towards marriage. In each of his novels most of the marriages are unfulfilling and don't work out. Each marriage in the novels ends up as disastrous with the exception of Elizabeth and Farfrae in The Mayor of Casterbridge....   [tags: Papers]

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How Thomas Hardy Controls the Reader's Response to Donald Farfrae in The Mayor of Casterbridge

- How Thomas Hardy Controls the Reader's Response to Donald Farfrae in The Mayor of Casterbridge Throughout the novel 'The Mayor of Casterbridge', Thomas Hardy successfully engages the reader in the character of Donald Farfrae. Hardy uses subtle sentences that sway the reader's view of the character with great effectiveness. Farfrae does some terrible things, but he cannot be held totally responsible for his actions, as he does not knowingly cause turmoil. Consequently, the reader cannot have a detestation of Farfrae who is an entrepreneur and has a great logical mind....   [tags: Papers]

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How Michael Henchard's Character In the Mayor of Casterbridge Led to his Misery and Demise

- Why Michael Henchard’s Character Led to His Misery and Demise The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy is a novel about the rising and plummeting of a complex man named Michael Henchard. Michael Henchard does not just have one characteristic or just one personality for that matter. His personality can be described as thoughtful and strong-minded but also as ruthless, stubborn and cold. Henchard's impulsiveness, aggressive attitude, childishness and selfish nature made failure and misery inevitable in his life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Thomos Hardy The Mayor Of Cast

- Thomas Harding does an admirable job narrating the, The Life and Death of The Mayor of Casterbridge, Mr. Henchard, as well as the various other characters that influenced the phases of Mr. Henchard's downfall to prosperity and than again to his self-inflicted destruction. As self-inflicted as King Saul's death in Samuel 1 in the Bible. The narrative of King Saul's life follow comparable steps as Mr. Henchard's. In both narratives both men engage in a trusted consanguinity with another man who were existent for the majority of the protagonists' chronicle....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

- There has never been a political figure in the great and powerful city of Toronto whose personal life has been more scrutinized, observed, and brought into question by the media and citizens more than our great mayor Rob Ford’s. If there ever was, I feel very sorry for them. That being said, one could argue that this unparalleled observation of Ford’s personal doings is completely presented. Rob Ford has made a mockery of himself and more importantly, the city that he supposedly leads, if only with a fist made of a cheap wood with a venire....   [tags: Mayor Rob Ford Essays]

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The New Mayor, Bill De Blasio

- When New York City had a new leftist mayor, many foreshadowed there would be a significant rise in crime spanning over a few years. The new mayor, Bill de Blasio, was to blame. De Blasio wanted to reform city measure, but he went about it in a different way. De Blasio talked and listen more to ex-cons on this matter, putting their options and advice to the forefront of his mind. Many of them rallied for reducing police stratagems to reduce New York City’s crime rates. It was believed that de Blasio agreed with this idea because of his thoughts on some of the tactics New York City’s police officers used....   [tags: Crime, New York City, Mayor of New York City]

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The Election Of Mayor Of Burlington Vermont

- After several attempt at running for mayor of Burlington Vermont in the 70’s, it wasn’t until 1981 that Bernie had his first major political winning when he won the seat for Mayor of Burlington by a mere 10 votes. Being an independent, Bernie was able to achieve this big win with the support of the Progressive coalition, a grassroots organization. He was reelected 3 more time proving that a “democratic socialist” could win office. Outspoken on many matters, Sanders made a very shocking run for a seat in the U.S....   [tags: United States Congress, United States]

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Life Is A Dream And The Mayor Of Zamalea

- This essay focuses on how the works “Life is a dream” and “The mayor of Zamalea” written by one of the most famous writers in the Spanish Golden Age, Calderon de la Barca, have been translated into English. Basing in the sentence given in the essay title: “A play should breathe for a modern audience; they are not watching some fusty museum piece” I will explain the importance of adapt a work to the modern audience, especially in performing the work and the main difficulties that a translator must deals with to achieve a good theater translation basing in the society and cultural background....   [tags: Translation, Literal translation, Metaphrase]

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A Strong Mother By Wendy Mayor

- A Strong Mother I know it might sound generic but the only person I can imagine writing an essay on is my mother, Wendy Mayor. Throughout my entire life, she has been the single greatest person I have ever known. Through both the best and worst of times, she has cared for and protected her family better than I could imagine; even to this day as I look back on the events of my family 's past, I cannot consider any possible way a person could have handled themselves better. My mother has always had a hard life, even from the times when she was a small child she was put through trials that I do not wish to go into....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Love, English-language films]

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The Role of A Mayor and Personal Opinion as to Best Candidate for Toronto Mayor

- Roles of the Mayor What's a mayor supposed to do. To further understand the duties and responsibilities of a mayor, I looked into provincial acts relating to this (The City of Toronto Act). According to this act1 a mayor's role is: As a member of council: to represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of the City to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the City to determine which services the City provides to ensure that polices and procedures are in place to implement the decisions of council; to ensure the accountability and transparency of the operations of the City to maintain the financial integrity of the City to carry out the duties of council As he...   [tags: Politics, Leader]

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Developing a Competency Leadership Model for a Mayor

- Developing a Competency Leadership Model For a Mayor Introduction The development of a competency model is built by forming a collection of attribute, talents, expertise, behaviors, or traits, which is needed to outline the desired type of person for a leadership post. A competency should be used as a guide not as the ultimate terms for developing a leadership assessment plan. By using the competency model as a guide an organization can avoid synthetic or process which often fail to address certain organizations’ cultures, environments, and distinctions....   [tags: methodologies and processes]

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Mayor Adrian Fenty

- Adrian Fenty’s tenure as mayor of Washington D.C. is a perfect example of the impact of black elite displacement. For one thing, the difficulties faced by a political entrepreneur are the direct result of running a deracialized campaign. A deracialized candidate cannot ignore the black vote and the ideal of linked fate especially if African-Americans comprise a majority of the electorate. Additionally, elite displacement can be observed in an open race where the incumbent has picked a successor....   [tags: Political Entrepeneur, Black Elite Displacement]

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The Stanford Method of the Execution of Mayor Yin

- The story “The Execution of Mayor Yin” takes a perilous look at the dark side of the events that happened during the Cultural Revolution. Chairman Mao’s Red Guards were tasked with a cultural cleansing that left many people more confused at the roles they played in society than it reinforced the social class structure. The story tells of a young member of the Red Guard and the personal conflict he suffered during the cleansing of Hsingan, which lay to rest his uncle and possibly even a good friend....   [tags: cultural, revolution, social, stucture, evil]

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The Is A Conspiracy Of Assistant Mayor Sheep Bellwether

- One of the boldest part metaphor in this movie is a conspiracy of assistant mayor sheep Bellwether, which causes the introspection of power and right. Sheep, herbivores, always standing in the weak side of power structure. But when sheep Bellwether has a right to speak, she wish to indulge her sense of power, which is best done by grinding underfoot those who cannot retaliate. She is not asking for equal or fair, she wants the re-alignment of world politics and to achieve the highest position....   [tags: Race, Miscegenation, White people, Racism]

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The Assassination of the Mayor of Castro Street

- The Assassination of the Mayor of Castro Street and the Consensus of the Judicial System It was November 27th, 1978. There was a cheerful atmosphere in San Francisco’s City Hall that morning. Supervisor Harvey Milk’s good mood was due to Mayor George Moscone’s upcoming announcement to the press. He was going to publicize that he had decided not to reappoint the ultra-conservative "voice for the family", Dan White, back to the board of supervisors. Harvey Milk was a fierce advocate of this political move, for he was the first openly gay elected official, and thus, the most important political leader for homosexuals at the time....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Greater London Authority Is Made Up Of The Mayor Of London

- The Greater London Authority is made up of the mayor of London and 25 elected members of the London Assembly initiated in 2000. The Mayors responsibilities include creating plans and policies for public services including Transport, Environmental issues and various other factors to improve the quality of life in the capital and promote economic and social development. The GLA does not directly provide any services however there are four groups, Transport for London, Mayor’s office for policing and crime, The London Fire and Emergency Planning authority and The London Legacy Development Corporation who work on behalf of the Mayor and Assembly to oversee and carry out works....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management]

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The City Of Somerville ( Ma ) Mayor Joseph Curtatone

- Since 2004, the City of Somerville (MA) Mayor Joseph Curtatone has implemented a performance management system (“SomerStat”) and revised budget models (“Activity-Based Costing – ABC Budget”) utilizing detailed operational and cost data to analyze the efficiency, sustainability, and outputs of its major departmental programs. Faced with limited revenue growth, a weak commercial tax base, declining state support, and increased fixed costs (employee benefits and capital costs), the City focused on aligning its budget decisions with the priorities identified by its citizens; connecting performance objectives and cost to each municipal program; and identifying programs with the potential to gener...   [tags: Cost, Costs, Municipality, Cost-benefit analysis]

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Shannon Richardson's Envelope to the Mayor of New York

- Shannon Richardson is American actress star in hit show such as The Walking Dead, the Vampire Dairies, and among other television shows. In 2013, Shannon was indicted for two counts of mail threat and one count of threat to the president of the United States. Shannon sends ricin laced envelopes addressed to the President, the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg. The whole motivate was taken action against gun control groups by New York Mayor Bloomberg and Mark Glaze. Shannon Richardson Shannon Richardson is an Irish American actress born in August 31, 1977, also known Shannon Guess as well....   [tags: actress, lectin, castor bean, toxicology]

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A Closer Look at Lee Leffingwell, Mayor of Austin

- Lee Leffingwell Austin was born on October 13, 1939 in Austin Texas. He was raised in a neighborhood called Bouldin, which is located in the southern area of Austin Texas. His father worked as a firefighter and later on as a Deputy Sheriff for Travis County. Lee attended public schools in Austin, and later on ended up graduating from the University of Texas with a Degree in mechanical engineering. After he was done with college, lee decided to become and officer and a pilot for the United States Navy, and he ended up serving in the Vietnam War....   [tags: Texas government]

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My Internship at the Erin Stewart Campaign for Mayor

- During the several weeks I volunteered my time as an intern for the campaign of presently elected mayor Erin Stewart, I was not only thrilled to shadow her throughout various political fundraisers, I was indeed excited to help with so many forms of community outreach as well. As I conducted my work, making a plethora of phone calls and delivering campaign signs, I was able to learn many of the assumptions people had about my candidate. Usually, once a conversation would begin and I was beleaguered with questions regarding Stewart, I ended up having to explain in loquacious discourse of why Stewart, if elected, was the panacea for New Britain’s financial woes....   [tags: personal reflection and experience]

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Bill De Blasio The Mayor Of New York City

- Bill de Blasio the mayor of New York City is one such leader. De Blasio has said that the city would refuse to give the federal government access to the databases that contain the names of over 500, 000 undocumented immigrants. He along with many other leaders across the country are not willing to tear families apart and ruin the lives of millions of hard working individuals. Instead these cities and their leaders wish to demonstrate inclusion and security to those who are under the threat of deportation....   [tags: Urban area, Urbanization, City, Metropolitan area]

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Analyzing the Works of Thomas Hardy

- Snell (1998) says that the term 'regional novel' refers to "fiction that is set in a recognizable region, and which describes features distinguishing the life, social relations, customs, languages, dialect, or other aspects of the culture of that area and its people. Fiction with a strong sense of local geography, topography or landscape is also covered by this definition" (1998:1). Novels belonging to such a genre, Duncan (2002) claims, are thus distinctive and familiar. distinctive in the sense that each is differentiated from the metropolis or from other regions within the nation, and familiar in the sense that they all have one thing in common 'the imagined community' of Anderson (Anders...   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Rise and Fall of Marion Barry as Mayor

- The Rise and Fall of Marion Barry as Mayor In January of 1990, Washington, DC, the seat of the federal government of the United States was turned upside down by scandal. While the headlines were filled with the efforts of the Bush Administration to crack down on drugs, the District's Mayor and symbol of black power against a nearly all white backdrop of authority was caught on videotape buying and than smoking crack cocaine with an exotic dancer two days before he was expected to announce an unprecedented fourth campaign for mayor....   [tags: Papers]

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Richard Joseph Daley as Mayor of Chicago

- Richard Joseph Daley as Mayor of Chicago Richard Joseph Daley, the grandson of Irish immigrants, was born in the Bridgeport area of Chicago on May 15, 1902 less than a block from where he later lived as mayor. An only child born to first and second-generation Irish immigrants, Richard J Daley graduated from De La Salle Institute in 1919. As a member of the Hamburg Social and Athletic Club, a local social club/street gang, Daley began his political career with the help of former members Tommy Doyle and Joe McDonough....   [tags: Papers]

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The Phoenix City Council Meeting

- The Phoenix City Council Meeting The Phoenix City Council meeting stood packed with attendees ranging from council men and women, lawyers, (basically elderly) interested citizens, neighborhood representatives, owners of businesses, and many others firm on playing a undeviating role in the due process of local government. The meeting began with an invocation from the pastor of a local church invited to pray by the Mayor Stanton. Then following was a pledge to the flag and then the mayor carries the motion....   [tags: elderly, mayor, council]

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Minorities Say, “DUMP KOCH”: Mayor Koch and His Troubled Relationship with Minorities

- Love him or hate him, no one can deny that Ed Koch loved his city. Often described as New York’s “Quintessential Mayor,” Koch had none of the glamor that one expects from a person in such a formidable position. Like the city he took control of in 1977, he was loud, brash, imperfect, yet proud. Above all his memorable characteristics, his firmness in his beliefs defined his leadership. “Part of the thing that was most refreshing and most appalling about Koch is that he will stand for what he believes in," Reverend Al Sharpton, one of Koch’s great critics, said of Koch....   [tags: New York, Discrimination, Politician]

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Paul Pontieri 's Mayor Was Concern About Jean Kaledas Call

- Paul Pontieri, Patchogue 's mayor was concern about Jean Kaledas call. Paul Pontieri was informed about the violence against latinos in patchongue where he was raised and born. Patchogue was a town where was well known as a immigrant town, and Paul Pontieri refuse to believe that anti-immigrant hatred was happening in Patchogue. During his childhood Patchogue was was a great place for a kid where they could ride their bikes anywhere, and their parents did not have to make play dates. Pontieri was concern about immigrant hatred in patchongue, and he believed that no one should be afraid of walking the streets at night because of hatred against skin color or accent....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio 's New Program

- New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s video announcement that city schools were starting a new program that will bring computer science education to all students is late. America is dragging where it should be exceling. Less than 10 percent of the city’s schools offer computer science education and only one percent receive that education. New Yorkers should still applaud their mayor for taking on this monumental task that states should have addressed years before this announcement because New York City isn’t alone in this failure, only one in four U.S....   [tags: Computer science, Computer, New York City]

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Ethical Dilemmas in Business, NGO's and Politics

- ... The “pay to play” idea has become a familiar site in politics. We start off by defining it, “Pay-to-play is a term used to describe an all too common occurrence our political system: when money is exchanged directly for political favors, such as generous campaign donations for a lucrative government contract. Or tickets to the Super Bowl in exchange for a legislative favor” (CommonCause, nd). Obviously it was within her right to donate the mayor’s campaign but where Ramona stepped over the line was after her employees contributed, she then reimbursed them, which is violation of the law....   [tags: Mayor Janice Noonan, The Lopez Center]

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Another Stressful Evening as Mayor in SimCity 4

- Another Stressful Evening as Mayor in SimCity 4 Somewhere, unpublished in bookform, a famous mayor once said, "Show me a man without a vice and I'll show you an arid mind." Everyone has their soft spot: if it's not cigarettes, it's alcohol or else mingling with the wrong partners. Mine is composed of seven letters and a magic number: SimCity 4. After six in the evening, I quit the word processor, e-mailer, my browser's online dictionary window and settle back in the swivel chair. It's time to clock in as mayor....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Change in Law Enforcement Agencies

- 1. Identify and discuss the eight (8) recurring reasons that change occurs in law enforcement agencies. There are many recurring reasons that changes occurs in law enforcement agencies. The book outlines 8 reasons that change occurs. The 8 reasons are as follow: 1. A single catastrophic event, often followed by civil liability litigation, leads to the chief of police being replaced (Swanson, 2012, pg. 650). This forces changes because it addresses a single incident and forces change. A good example of this would be the failure to adequately respond to an incident....   [tags: Catastrophic Events, New Mayor, Politics]

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Julian Castro's Life and Achievements

- Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, displays many characteristics of leadership that should be admired and repeated in younger generations. Born September 16, 1974, in San Antonio, Texas, to Mexican parents who were involved in their community and local political events, he had the perfect foundation for a solid political career. His mother, Maria Castro, was a political activist and founded the Chicano political party. She was a very outspoken politician and a primary inspiration for Castro’s political career....   [tags: mayor of San Antonio, personal reflections]

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Thomas Hardy's Philosophy on Life

- "Happiness is an occasional episode in a general drama of pain"-this is the conclusion drawn by one of Hardy's chief women characters, Elizabeth-Jane in his tragic novel The Mayor of Casterbridge. This is also the concluding sentence of the novel. We can imagine how much emphasis is put upon this observation made by a character who has throughout her life remained a passive sufferer, and therefore an observer, of human life, of human misery. This sad realization is not something that we find in this novel only; all of Hardy's so-called novels of character and environment reflect human tragedy after the grave and sombre manner of ancient tragedies....   [tags: European Literature]

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`` Sacramento Mayor Promises Police Reforms After Video Of Fatal Shooting Made Public `` By Anita Chabria

- 1. A) The major concepts/issues in the article, "Sacramento Mayor Promises Police Reforms After Video of Fatal Shooting Made Public" by Anita Chabria is police brutality, which calls for immediate and major reform when it comes to policing among law enforcement agencies. The videos that were released by Sacramento Police Department and the Sacramento Bee show various angles of the scene. The victim Joseph Mann is a 50 year old black man who was seen by residents to be carrying a weapon, either a gun, knife, or both....   [tags: Police, Constable, Police brutality, Deadly force]

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Masculine Identity in Hardy's Novels

- Masculine Identity in Hardy's Novels In Hardy's novels, masculine identity is explored, evolving from the solid, monolithic, patriarchal role of the mid-1800s, to less typical, nearly feminine styles of manhood. With the increasing power of women during the Victorian Era, Hardy creates men who are in a state of ambivalence about their sexuality; they either reach for the well-worn stereotype of the "manly" man, or they attempt to explore their own complicated emotions, sensitive to the needs of the emerging New Woman....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Character Is Destiny

- Character is destiny. Heraclitus, Greek philosopher (c. 540-c. 475 B.C.) This famous quote has birthed many ideas and philosophies about life and our final destination. Similarly, in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge, issues about life, character, fate and destiny are explored. Ironically, the quote about character being our destiny is being challenged and questioned over and over again in the context of this tragic novel. Indeed, Henchard is a victim of his own delusions. He has falsely believed and is being psychotically driven to accept a misconception about who he truly is....   [tags: American Literature]

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Why did Michael Henchard fail?

- Why did Michael Henchard fail. The Mayor of Casterbridge is a novel about the rise and fall of a mercurial man called Michael Henchard. The book takes us through his life when he is twenty-one and outlines his ascent and descent in society. Michael Henchard is a man of many characteristics. Amongst his characteristics he has a kind, honest and determined personality along with a cold, ruthless, and stubborn personality. Henchard's impulsiveness, aggressive attitude, self-centredness made failure inevitable in his life....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Life and Work of Thomas Hardy

- Out of so many authors, writers, and poets, Thomas Hardy was far the most sincere and the most famous writer that made an impact in English literature during the Victorian times. He accomplished many things and wrote a lot of books, poems, and novels. Most of his stories were not really similar to the plot of his life, but his writing career lasted about fifty years long maybe more. At first publishers rejected some of his very first novels and poetry, but even though this occurred he kept doing what he did best and that was to write....   [tags: Thomas Hardy, authors,]

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The Life and Works of Thomas Hardy

- “Beauty lay not in the thing, but in what the thing symbolized.” Thomas Hardy believed beyond the physical element of object, their lies a more important symbolic meaning. Thomas Hardy was a renowned transitional poet with a style between classicism and romanticism. He was born in the mid-1800s in Higher Bockhampton, an English village. Hardy’s upbringing contributed greatly to his views on the world around him, in a symbolic manner. His father was a stonemason and a violinist, and his mother encouraged him to follow his passions....   [tags: English Literature, Poetic Analysis]

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Tragedy and Thomas Hardy Literature

- Many critics and commentators think of tragedy as a broad thematic concept that covers the majority of Hardy’s work (Wright, 2003; Brooks, 1971; Goodheart, 1957; Lawrence, 1936; Johnson, 1923). D. H. Lawrence (1936) comments that tragedy is a central concept in many of Hardy’s novels and places Hardy as a great writer of tragedy at the same level as Sophocles, Shakespeare, and Tolstoy. The tragic approach to understanding Hardy’s work is very old. The first one to discuss it on tragic grounds seems to be Lionel Johnson....   [tags: Literary Elements]

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Pessimism in Thomas Hardy's Novels

- The purpose of this article is to elaborate Thomas Hardy’s pessimism .The three novels of his namely Far From Madding Crowd , Tess Of D’Urbervilles , and Jude The Obsecure have the reflection of his life and relationships. The major elements in his novels are fate and chance responsible for a character’s ruin. Inspite of this all his novels are not totally dark some ends with a hopeful note. Introduction : Thomas Hardy is regarded a major contributor to English novel , born in rural Dorchester ....   [tags: marriage, novels, philosophy, fate]

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The Heresies of Thomas Hardy

- The Heresies of Thomas Hardy     Thomas Hardy is widely recognized as a poet who went against the conventions of his contemporaries by calling religion into question. Hardy's writing style is so prone to allow random natural events to decide the course of his novels that he often seems to be asking why God, if he existed, would let such bad things happen to basically good people.   Another philosopher who expressed heretical views about conventional religion during Hardy's era was Auguste Comte, founder of positivism....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Computer-Assisted Text Analysis

- Computational approaches are largely used in the variety of text applications such as feature selection and classification tasks because of their efficiency of dealing with huge amount of data. The discussion is concerned, however, with the applications of computational approaches to only literary texts in general and Hardy’s texts in particular. To my knowledge, there is no computer-aided thematic classification of the works of Thomas Hardy. The only study that approached Hardy’s works in terms of clustering techniques is Hoover’s (2002)....   [tags: Text Analysis]

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English Literature: Analysis of Julio Cesar and Mayor Characters

- “Does the end ever justify the means?” a surprisingly simple question that poses more than one moral dilemma. Many causes and groups would say that, yes, the end does justify the means, but is this true. Do the positive effects outweigh the negative causes. Are betrayal and deception warranted to truly if one wanted to do good. If ending a life would in fact save the lives of ten others, would you be morally ‘correct’ in ending the life of the first man. Time and time again, this question pops up, making others question their sense of right and wrong....   [tags: antony, cassius, brutus]

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Letter to Mayor Regarding Gang Violence in Canada

- As an individual living in a community where gang violence is an issue, I am grateful that you are able to take part in a movement to lower the amount of gang violence today. According to Statistics Canada, gang-related homicides have been unchanged for 2011 to 2012 years with 0.27 victims for every 100,000 of the population.[1] In Ontario from 2002 to 2012, deaths peaked at 38 in 2003 and lowered significantly in 2004 to 17.[2] These numbers prove that gang-related violence are a constant battle in many communities every year....   [tags: gang-related homicides]

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Fiorello LaGuardia

- Fiorello LaGuardia Fiorello LaGuardia was born on December 11th 1882 to immigrants of Italian and Jewish ancestry in New York. He served as the mayor of New York City from 1945-1945. He is considered to be one of the mayors who redefined New York City politics. Fiorello had a very long career in politics before serving as mayor. After graduating New York University law school in 1910, LaGuardia practiced law and was appointed Deputy Attorney General. He also served many terms in Congress as a republican....   [tags: New York Mayor Biography Essays]

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