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Interview with a Residential Advisor

- As a residental advisor, Stephanie R worked in the academic setting in the last three years during her undergraduate years. For three years, her benefical experiences has been increased. The scope of problem she worked with the variety of problemic issues and developed a relationship with residents of the dorminity. Residents, residential advisors, Cooridators of Residental Education (CRE), and Graduate Assistants worked together in their dorm sites. The teamwork of dorms had to provide the workshops, advices, followed up with safety factors, and monitored their dorm sites....   [tags: Interview Essay]

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What Would Jane Jacobs Think If She Sees Roppongi Hills in Japan?

- Roppongi Hills in Tokyo is often mentioned as one of the largest and most successful city renewal projects ever been made after the World WarⅡin Japan. The project started in 1984 and took about 17 years to complete it involving the city government, the developer Mori Building Co., and the residents living in the area. Just to complete the negotiations with 500 right holders who lived in the site, it took over 15 years for the developer. The concept of the renewal plan seems totally different from that of Jane Jacobs, but there is a point that is equivalent to her philosophy....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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The Effects of Staffing on Patient Care

- In the article “Addressing staffing shortages in an era of reform,” Stanford point out that in a time when change is necessary because of mandated healthcare requirements, there is a shortage of nurses in the field of direct patient care, because they are offered jobs with better pay to oversee office positions. “Health system leaders recognize that these shortages threaten the quality of care they can provide to patients. As a result, competition for talent is becoming more heated in several parts of the country,” (Stanford, 2013)....   [tags: competent nursing shortages]

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Attitudes towards initial tourism development with no prior tourism experience

- This essay is trying to critically analyse the journal article written by A Lepp (2008) entitled ‘Attitudes towards initial tourism development with no prior tourism experience: the case of Bigodi, Uganda’. The journal use qualitative method to assess the resident’s attitudes towards the start up of tourism programs in a rural village in Uganda. Due to the geographical isolation they couldn’t establish any tourism attractions prior to the 1990’s. But in 1991 the country initiated to introduce some tourism projects and eventually it formulated year by year....   [tags: Article Analysis, A Lepp]

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Smallville Should NOT Spend Money to Clean the River

- Although water sports are among the favorite recreational activities of Smallville residents, this certainly does not imply that swimming, boating and fishing are the only aquatic activities that residents are solely and predominantly interested in, or for that matter, that water sports alone are the chief recreational activities of the residents. This assumption could possibly be made because of the word ‘among’. For all we know, other outdoor activities like ball games and sports or track sports for example could also be among the list of favorite recreational sports....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Pro-Con Essays]

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Amsterdam's Historic Neighborhood The Jordaan

- ... Back houses were also constructed and were reachable through small ally ways that were no more than one meter wide. Most tenets of the Jordaans wanted to escape the crowded streets and poverty that surrounded them but there were no escapes. Some of the weathey donated money to build the Westerkerk Church, the famous artist Rembrandt is in fact buried in a pauper's grave. The church gave the community members a place to avoid the slums of their neighborhood. In the early eighteen hundreds six canals were added around the Jordaan-quarter although there was still no running water....   [tags: tourist destinations]

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Reflection Upon Patients With Major Depressive Disorder

- Depression is a common occurrence in society. That is everyone will experience sadness at some point in time (Barlow and, Durand, 2009). According to Barlow and Durand major depressive disorder is a mental illness that affects individuals suffering with debilitating physical and emotional symptoms that keep them from living a meaningful productive life (Barlow and Durand, 2009). If an individual is living with depression there are many symptoms other than psychological they may experience (Barlow and Durand, 2009)....   [tags: Abnormal Psychology, Mental Illness]

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Responsibilities of Care UK's Management Team

- Introduction This essays aim is to show Care UK’s background, stakeholders and the organisation’s structure to provide more information on how the organisation operates. It will also present goals and objectives and the managerial responsibilities in order to achieve them. Care UK is a company which deals with provide support and care to assist people live their lives independently. It is a very responsible task which requires their staff to have excellent communication skills. This report will present more information on this subject....   [tags: Care UK Case Study]

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The Lore of Canton, Missouri

- Ghosts and goblins are lurking around every corner. Mysterious creatures are waiting to jump out of every shadow. The boogieman and his accomplices are posted under the bed and in the closet, counting the minutes until children go to sleep so that that can attack and scare the life out of them. We all grew up with these fears in the back of out heads. There is always at least one person and one building in every town, whether it be small or large, with a story... a history of mysterious, paranormal behavior....   [tags: Informative Essays]

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Wasting Products Such as Water and Food

- During my three years as a CNA at Good Samaritan Nursing home. I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of wasted products. I admit that I’m angry and deeply concerned about the waste of water and food at my nursing home. I’ve observed and conclude that wasting products are not only the fault of patients, but also of the members of the staff. After I underline the importance of water and food in our daily life and explain the ways they are wasted I’ll suggest some challenging yet feasible solutions to break the cycle of unnecessary waste....   [tags: water, food, showers, solutions]

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Converting Property to Dorm Use

- With $150,000 to use toward the renovation of distressed property, I would turn a building with 8 units or more into a family dormitory for community colleges in the inner city. The purpose of the renovation would be a personal one as I attempt to extend services to low income families in the process of attaining higher education. The goal of the dorm would be to unite families who are working toward a degree into a comprehensive community that concentrates on urban agriculture and conservation, community leadership and building, family and community togetherness....   [tags: Real Estate]

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Past the Beach Roses

- Growing up on an Island is an adventure. The summers are full of swimming, boating, and lobster bakes. Floating the incoming tides on a found piece of driftwood in the warm afternoon sun. Summer residents, and tourists would arrive early in June; making our sleepy little Island explode with activity. The cove filled with people having picnics on the beach. A warm evening with a heavy full moon reflecting on the water watched over the occasional street dance. Lobster boats shared the waters around Casco Bay with assorted pleasure crafts....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Nursing Home Abuse

- Although it does not usually make news headlines and is rarely discussed, nursing home residents and the elderly experience abuse sometimes on a daily basis. Medical errors, physical abuse, or stealing from them could all be classified as abuse. All around the world today, a population that is not able to help itself is being harmed, whether it is physical or sexual abuse, exploitation, or not being properly supervised; the elderly and nursing home residents are being abused. Types of Abuse There are many types of abuse that occur in nursing homes, even though many do not even realize what all could be classified as abuse....   [tags: health, elders, medical errors]

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The Gang War: AU v. EI

- Universities have a duty to provide their students with a safe learning environment and protect their students by any means necessary. When the safety of the campus environment is compromised, students then have the right to scrutinize their university’s failures and work towards an effective resolution. This is the standard to which I hold all institutions, including American University, whose security was breached in 2001 and has remained as such for over a decade. For the safety of my peers and the posterity of the AU’s reputation, I must maintain this standard and address the issue that has lied dormant for the past several years, that now looms in the darkest corners of campus and threa...   [tags: American University, Epsilon Iota, thug life]

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Advancement of Civic Engagement by Community Foundations in Low Income African American Communities

- The role of civic engagement in neighborhood revitalization, particularly in low income African American communities, has gained increased awareness and in recent years. Community, nonprofit, and government leaders now view civic engagement as a critical component of effective solutions as they seek to address crime, unemployment, low graduation rates and numerous other neighborhood challenges. Several successful initiatives have come to fruition and provide strong evidence of the benefits that increased civic engagement provides....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Interactive Consumer Health Information Technology and the Elderly

- The use of interactive consumer health information technology would be beneficial in the healthcare setting in order to monitor patient status, provide quality care, establish treatment goals, and communicate effectively with the healthcare providers. However, there are barriers in the usage of health information technology in the elderly population. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website, barriers include physical limitations which lead to increase need for assistance, computer literacy (63%), and computer anxiety (58%) (“Barriers and Drivers of Health Information Technology Use for the Elderly, Chronically Ill, and Underserved,” 2008)....   [tags: status, care, goals, providers, barrier]

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Lowering Tuition at Iowa State University

- Lowering Tuition at Iowa State University The Background of the Costs of Tuition at Iowa State University Iowa State University is a land grant school which, among other things, means that the university gets money from the state of Iowa from the taxes that residents pay to the state. Because of this in state residents who choose to go to the university do not have to pay a large amount of money while out-of-state residents have to pay almost twice as much. Iowa State University does not have reciprocity, meaning that even residents from the surrounding states, Minnesota, Illinois, etc., have to pay full out-of-state tuition....   [tags: Colleges Education Finances Papers]

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Placement of Patients with Alzheimer's

- Alzheimer’s Placement Imagine waking up and you can’t remember where you are or who your own husband is. That’s Alzheimer’s disease, so what exactly is it. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that attacks the brain causing normal functions and everyday living so unfamiliar. “Without memory there is no knowledge to recreate or reproduce past perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and actions that are so vital to live a full and functioning life. Memory is the key that unlocks doors that keep us functioning, not only mentally but physically (Corrick 32).” As the brain is being attacked and starts to shut down it is no longer safe to be living at home without direct supervision....   [tags: special care units ]

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Analysis of George Orwell´s Novel: 1984

- “No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.” When ‘60s folksinger Bob Dylan spoke those words, he might very well have been lamenting the conditions described in George Orwell’s 1984. The novel depicts a totalitarian dystopia, Oceania, where there is no personal freedom and residents are being constantly brainwashed. Without sense of any personal fairness, people work for a ubiquitous political party, grinding out their various duties like gears in machines. In order to attain this, the political leaders in 1984 suppress people’s thinking and eliminate their freedom....   [tags: Dystopia, Totalitarian, Language]

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My Service Learning Experiences

- What connections do you make between your service-learning experiences and some of the themes addressed in class (justice, love, rights, responsibility, relationships, etc.). There were several connections made between my service learning experiences and themes addressed in class. Some of the connections were about human dignity, solidarity, subsidiarity and equity. My service learning took place in a nursing home and the applicability of human dignity became abundantly clear. Teachings of solidarity and equity were directly exemplified....   [tags: Personal Reflection]

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Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models

- Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models Introduction This paper will discuss two different conflict models and how they may be used to diagnose a particular conflict. Each model will be described in a way, which better helps understand the conflict. Potential confidentiality issues within the conflict will be described as well. Both the Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models are both effective tools at assisting a practitioner at diagnosing and resolving conflict....   [tags: Conflict Resolution ]

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Road Traffic Congestion in Singapore

- ... Besides that, SB also includes multiple ultra-sonic sensors that are built underneath it. Ultrasonic sensors were also chosen primarily because they offer a rapid speed and are unaffected by soil or dirt, which sends signals to the alarm and warn all nearby vehicle traveling too close with it. Unlike other buses, SB uses electricity instead of patrol for travellers and makes use of the large sizes of solar panels which is above the rooftop, converting sunlight into electricity to function SB (Refer to Appendix picture 1)....   [tags: traffic-jam, transportation system]

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The Economic Impact of the 2010 Arctic Winter Games

- In this paper, we will be discussing the economic impact study on 2010 Arctic Winter Games conducted by Econometric Research Limited by using the Sports application of Sports Impact Model Alberta (SIMA) developed by themselves. Further, we will explain about how it has been conducted and the key findings and conclusions of the study along with my recommendations. The economic impact study on 2010 Arctic Winter Games was conducted by Econometric Research Limited. The study has been conducted by using the Sports application of Sports Impact Model Alberta (SIMA)....   [tags: sports, canada, tourism]

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Community Analysis: North County Branch - St. Charles City-County Library District

- History & Geography Portage des Sioux, Missouri, a small river town situated near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, was settled in 1799 (Mincke, 2004, p. 13). The first permanent home dates to 1805, one year after Lewis & Clark set off on their expedition up the Missouri river (Mincke, 2004, p. 24). In 1975, Charles City-County Library District, the North County Branch opened its first branch — sited on the southern edge of town in a former one-room schoolhouse (St. Charles City-County Library District, 2010)....   [tags: Community Analysis]

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Crime in Relation to Sustainability

- Crime in Relation to Sustainability When discussing the sustainability of a community, we must consider the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the community and how these affect present and future residents. The social aspect of community sustainability relates to the rise and fall of crime rate, volunteer effort, and the number of people running for offices that represent the community. The economical aspect relates to the number of good paying jobs, the poverty rate, and the ability of people to find homes that they can afford....   [tags: Crime Essays]

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Conflict in The Workplace: A Look at Carolyn and Nick

- This paper will discuss how to diagnose a conflict using various conflict models using a case study that involves a workplace conflict between two individuals. Included will be detailed characteristics and attributes of the parties involved and how they may affect the conflict. Confidentiality is important in the workplace and will be discussed in regards to the case study. Resolution solutions that a practitioner may use will be suggested to assist in resolving the conflict. Conflict resolution can be a difficult task but if a practitioner implements tools like conflict models than conflict can be undoubtedly resolved....   [tags: Occupational Issues]

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Impacts of Tourism in Swanage

- Impacts of Tourism in Swanage Tourism has the potential to create impacts on the environment and communities that it relies on to accommodate visitors. Its impacts are mitigated by the long history of tourism activity. Communities have become used to tourism activity, and management measures to limit some areas of environmental damage have been implemented. Nevertheless, some impacts are far ranging, and they are set out below: * Inappropriate Development An increase in visitors can lead to pressure for new developments to serve and capitilise on their needs, eg....   [tags: Papers]

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Summary of Interim Inc and the Its Program

- ... It accommodates clients who have been dual diagnosed. All residents at the Bridge House are actively involved in the program and policy development, meal preparation and planning and other miscellaneous household tasks. They are also required to participate in the Bridge House Wellness and Recovery Academy. The Academy is a day treatment program. It provides education, recreational, and therapeutic activities to help residents achieve their goals in; symptom and medication management, personal functioning, improving social and family relationships and substance abuse recovery....   [tags: Psychiatry, Disabilities]

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Rennes Health and Rehab Center: Rhinelander, Wisconsin

- Rennes Health and Rehab Center: Rhinelander, Wisconsin Rennes Health and Rehab Center is a rehabilitative services and skilled nursing facility. The facility is run, operated and began by a family. Rennes is known for the excellence of care delivered in its facilities and permanency in the community. It is a profit organization that focuses on short term and long term care needs that are met by highly skilled staff. Rennes Health and Rehab in Rhinelander, Wisconsin is one of the eleven facilities in the northeast and central Wisconsin....   [tags: rehabilitatve and skilled nursing facility]

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Providing Quality Care for Patients with Dementia

- Jeon Y.H. et al.(2012) told that There is an increase demand for care and help services knowledgeable aged care workers due to the increased cases of dementia. Staff should have proper knowledge of dementia and should be properly trained before providing care to the residents suffering from dementia. Banner et al (2009 as cited in Lee al.2012) focussed that attitudes of care staff with the residents suffering from dementia matters because their attitudes shows in the way they react with residents in their routine work....   [tags: staff, care facilities, knowledge]

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Charlestown's Code of Silence

- Charlestown's Code of Silence Driving through Charlestown will take you just three minutes. The kids on street corners will stare at your car, while adults will yell out your name and wave. The friendly atmosphere can make you feel welcome if you are a part of the neighborhood. But it vanishes if you are an outsider or a local victim of a crime. “Charlestown is the nicest town you would ever want to live in. There are people there that would help you rebuild your house if it ever burnt down, but they would never take the risk of becoming involved in a court case where they would have to point the finger at somebody,” said Sandy King, a former resident of Charlestown....   [tags: Murder Violence Crime Essays]

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We Should Stop Using Patient Restraints

- Physical restraints are used to prevent someone from falling out of bed or a chair. Although restraints may prevent some falls or accidents, they cause significant risks. Many residents have been seriously hurt while trying to escape improperly applied devices. Serious injury, entrapment, and strangulation can and does occur. The other common side effects include decreased appetite, and decrease in mobility, and increase in illness. Diminished independence and social contact, loss of dignity, withdrawal, depression, anxiety and agitation....   [tags: Health Care, Patients]

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Defining Goffman's Total Institution

- To examine how far Lennox castle hospital was an example of what Goffman called a ‘Total Institution’ I will first need to explore Goffman’s definition of this, along with the four factors that he identified as characteristics of a ‘Total institution’ I will then go on to discuss how these four factors fit with Lennox castle hospital and determine whether or not it fell into Goffman’s model of a ‘Total Institution.’ In order to discuss how Goffman’s four factors fit with Lennox castle hospital I will first examine his definition....   [tags: Social Care]

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The Black Dahlia: Elizabeth Short

- n January 15, 1947, local Los Angeles resident, Betty Bersinger, was walking in Leimert Park with her young daughter. She soon came upon, what she first thought, was a discarded clothing mannequin because the body was so white. However, it turned out to be the body of twenty-two year old aspiring actress Elizabeth Short. Her naked body was found severed at the waist and completely drained of blood. Her face was bruised with gashes cut in the corners of her mouth to create a Glasgow smile, and chunks of flesh were cut from her body....   [tags: Hollywood roommates, death]

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Long-term Care Utilizing Nurse Practitioners

- Long term care (LTC) settings provide a vast variety of services that range from convalescent care, respite stays and skilled rehabilitation services which includes: skilled nursing, physical, occupational or speech therapy. LTC includes a broad spectrum of services that are designed to meet the varying needs of geriatric individuals and other adults with functional restrictions. The services rendered in this setting are designed to support individual needs from assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, cognitive and behavioral health support and limitations secondary to acute to chronic medical conditions....   [tags: convalescent care, respite]

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Tobacco: The Original Addictive Substance

- The tobacco of the south has shaped the United States in history and today. The tobacco plant was discovered by Christopher Columbus, and he then brought it back to England when he returned from his voyage. England began to be addicted to tobacco. Its residents spent more than 200,000 euros on the crop a year in the 1600’s (“History 1492-1762”). Since the discovery of the tobacco plant, it has been well sought after and a large cash crop. Big tobacco companies attempt to hide the real effects of smoking their products, and aim their campaigns toward teenagers....   [tags: drugs, tobacco]

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Warsaw Resistance Attempt During the Holocaust

- Warsaw Resistance Attempt During the Holocaust Throughout the Holocaust, Jews organized resistance movements in ghettos, concentration, and extermination camps. Although they had virtually no weapons and faced one of the largest arsenals in the world, the Jewish people fought for their honor and freedom. Without any hope victory and in the face of death, resistance fighters found the courage to take on evil in its purest form. Their efforts must not go in vein; to them we must accord our respect....   [tags: Papers]

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Benefits Transfer and Social Costs

- Appendix B. Theoretical basis for measuring social costs Because landfill disposal creates external costs to nearby residents, market failure often occurs. While benefits provided by a new landfill site are shared by all citizens, harms from a landfill (e.g., reduction in housing values) concentrate on nearby residents (Kunreuther and Kleindorfer 1986; Mitchell and Carson 1986). In order to measure the community’s social costs for each target site, the City determines to measure willingness tor pay (WTP) for avoiding external effects from the proposed landfill....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Appreciation of Life

- To fully appreciate life as it happens is something that many people struggle to do. The play Our Town, by Thornton Wilder, is set in Grover’s Corners, a small town in New Hampshire. Two members of the town, George Gibbs and Emily Webb, grow up and get married. When Emily dies during childbirth, she experiences what happens after death, and meets other people she knew that have died. Emily has the opportunity to relive parts of her life, and decides to do so, even though the other people warn her not to....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Tradition and Dehumanization in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

- The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is a short story about a small town’s annual lottery drawing. Each year, the lottery is held, and instead of the winner being rewarded, members of the community stone them to death. The residents of the town have practiced this tradition for at least 70 years. Jackson’s use of symbols, names, and settings hide the true nature of this long-practiced tradition. The setting of the story is in quiet small town in rural America. The way Jackson describes the town offers little foreshadowing to the dark tradition that the residents blindly follow....   [tags: Murder, Rural, America]

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Human Population Sustainability and Environmental Disasters

- The human population has exploded in the last 500 years. Technologies and infrastructure that have taken the world out of the Stone Age have progressed to the point where the average life span has increased by over fifty years. This explosion of growth has contributed heavily on the environment in which all humans live in. Because of the increasing amount of population and a need for continuing growth in infrastructure there will be a higher rise in environmental disasters. When these disasters affect an entire population center sometimes they cannot be contained which leads to areas such as superfund sites and brownfields....   [tags: technology, stone age, love canal]

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Guiliani vs Clinton

- Guiliani vs Clinton The U.S. senate elections are right around the corner. All across the nation politicians from all parties are starting to lobby to gain support for various Senate seats. Who can run to be a Senator is outlined in the U.S. Constitution, which was written more than 200 years ago. The candidate must be over the age of 25 and must be a resident of the state he wishes to run for the Senate in. A promising candidate is Mayor Guliani. He has lived in New York most, if not all, of his life....   [tags: essays papers]

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Suggestions for Effectively Talking at Your Tenants

- ... You can announce an upcoming event, send a gentle reminder that rent is due or send maintenance updates. Don't type in all caps or issue ultimatums in a text message. Save legal notices for certified mail or in-person channels. Printed and Electronic Newsletters If your property uses a monthly or quarterly newsletter to keep residents informed, don't assume everyone reads the online version. While most of the under 30 crowd have some type of Internet access, older residents, a few college students, and some ethnic groups don't use home computers or mobile devices....   [tags: ownership and value of a neighborhood]

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Opening an Assisted Living Home

- As the population of elderly persons in this country is ever increasing, so too is the need for housing to accommodate this portion of the population. This is one reason why if I acquired $150,000 cash to be used specifically for a distressed real estate purchase, I would open up an Assisted Living Home. In the state of Arizona an Assisted Living Home is defined as: “a facility that provides resident rooms to ten or fewer residents.” Upon receiving $150,000 cash, I will strategically go about purchasing a single family home in an up-scale neighborhood, preferably with five bedrooms....   [tags: Philanthropy]

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Excellence of Canadian Health Care System

- Canadian health care system is well developed, highly efficient, and even with drawbacks it provides Canadian resident the best health care they deserve. Canadian Government has created The Canada Health Act and developed it in all provinces and territories to provide better health care for its country residence. There are thirteen provinces and territories in Canada that works according to The Canada Health Act. Those health care services described by health Canada are as following: Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Health and Community Services, Prince Edward Island Department of Health and Wellness, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, New Brunswick Department of Health, Q...   [tags: insurance, physician, coverage]

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The Foreclosure Crisis

- Everywhere you look you see homes being foreclosed. On TV you see shows displaying the way buyers are benefitting from “short sales” of foreclosed homes. Commercials on radio programs give an 800 number you can call to get listings of foreclosed homes in your area with payments as little as “$120 a month!” No one ever thinks of the owners of the house they are fantasizing about living in. The reality is that families are being put into the streets with nothing, and the government, banks and community are just waiting to pounce on the only thing they had....   [tags: US Economy]

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Having a Voice

- Good care practice is essential in Health and Social Care and should be delivered by competent skilled care workers. Care workers are required to follow the guidelines specified in the five principles of care practice. The five principles assist the care worker in maintaining a good standard of care, which supports and respects the service users’ rights to appropriate services (K101, Unit 8, P134). This essay will focus on one of these principles which support service users in having a voice and being heard....   [tags: Communication ]

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Smart Homes

- The vast majority of older adults reside in many communities today. Though many older adults live in their own homes, there are an increasing number of those choosing continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), which range from independent apartments to assisted living and skilled-nursing facilities. With predictions of a large increase in the segment of the population aged 65 and older, an increase in demand on CCRCs can be anticipated. With these expectations, researchers have begun exploring the use of smart home information-based technologies in these care facilities to enhance resident quality of life and safety, but little evaluation research exists on older adults' acceptance and...   [tags: Technology ]

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Healthcare in Contemporary China

- Introduction In recent years, China’s GDP growth rate has on average exceed nine percent annually. As a result, the country’s standard of living has improved, which encouraged more sophisticated health services. Thus, in combination with strong demands for better health care and growing population, has led China to embark on a major healthcare reform program, with the goals of establishing a national health system. The new system is not only a health care but also a new perspective in lifestyle and social economics circumstances on health....   [tags: migrant workers, living standards]

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One of the Most Deprived Areas in Scotland

- Good regeneration is also created from a long term vision with a plan that takes into account functions of local neighbourhoods and integrates them with wider economic strategies. A regeneration strategy to succeed should be able to link worklessness and training opportunities to deliver sustainable employment to local residents, as well as physical regeneration of the environment. It is useful to consider Ferguslie Park, a small housing estate in Paisley built as a series of projects between 1926 and 1966, that reached at its peak 3,500 dwellings with a population of 13,500....   [tags: ferguslie park, scotland, regeneration]

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Germany – A Leading Economy with an Arguable life Quality

- The article “Vorsprung Durch Exports”, translated “Advance Through Exports” was published online in the “Economist” on Feb 3rd 2011 from their print edition. The author who is not named concentrates on the economic performance of the G7 member countries, mainly on Germany. Compared to the other countries of the G7, Germany is the best performer of the last decade. With a GDP expansion rate of 3.6% Germany put itself ahead of most other rich countries, including the United States. Furthermore, the author covers the growth of Germany’s GDP per person compared to that of the United States....   [tags: Economics]

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What Does it Take to Be a Leader?

- In project two, I explored the Residential Assistant Community. I chose this community because I have a growing interest and wanted to know more information about becoming a Residential Assistant. I am considering applying for the position my sophomore year at the University of Southern Mississippi. I know by exploring this community it would give me more information before committing my time to it. Being a Residential Assistant is an honor and a privilege. Although being a Residential Assistant is a challenging job, because an RA must always 11stay in character as a leader and an authority figure, an RA also has an opportunity to make a difference in students’ lives....   [tags: becoming a Residential Assistant]

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Kona Airport: A Potential Gateway to Success

- For Kona to gain success in future, its residents must embrace the changes it faces. One of these changes is the expansion of the Kona Airport. It is a “diamond in the rough” whose doors originally opened on July 1, 1970 operating with only a 6,500 ft. strip (“Airport History”). On its first year anniversary, it had successfully serviced over 515,000 passengers. The original style was that of “open air” fun and tropical island scenery. While these are significant memories of the Kona Airport, the changing times will bring great possibilities and growth for the future of the island....   [tags: Island. Tourism, Economy]

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Biography of Al Capone

- Al Capone was a child from an Italian immigrant family, And was one of the most Notorious and infamous Mafia leader in the world during the Prohibition Era in Chicago. Also he was known as "Scarface," Al Capone was sent to Alcatraz Prison in Philadelphia in 1931 from a tax evasion conviction. Al Capone had a personal fortune estimated at $100 million and was responsible for countless murders, His most famous one was the St.Valentine’s Day Massacre. Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 17,1899....   [tags: italian immigrant family, mafia leader]

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Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

- With the aging population growing faster every year many families must make a difficult decision whether their loved ones should live in assisted living or nursing home facilities. I can relate because I made the decision to care for my mother at my home. Some people do not have the money or resources to care for their parent so they must live in a facility for health and safety reasons. These facilities are regulated by the state and federal government and these regulations protects the senior residents....   [tags: taking care of the elderly, senior citizen care]

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My Nursing Theory

- My Nursing Theory While working as a C.N.A serving lunch to the residents of an assisted living facility, I experienced a significant life event that challenged me. I was in the smaller dining room, which was 1 C.N.A to 15 residents. As I was refilling coffee cups, one resident began coughing hard. At first I allowed them to cough up whatever had been stuck, but soon realized they were choking. This on resident was very confused, so I asked if they could talk and all he did was shake his head, continuing to cough the food out....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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A Report Into Rubbish, Waste and Recycling Services Provided by Newcastle City Council

- ... 3.2.4 The survey questionnaire also gives us information about the level of satisfaction that they have from the rubbish, waste and recycle bin collection service provided by city council. On average people are somewhat satisfied or neutral towards the service provided. There are also a few people who are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with services provided by the local council. 3.2.5 According to the survey questionnaire more people are recycling their waste. Some of the residents are still recycling their waste same as before....   [tags: waste management, Tudor Grange, Kingston Park]

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Roppongi Hills

- Roppongi Hills in Tokyo is often mentioned as one of the largest and most successful city renewal projects that have ever been made after World WarⅡin Japan. The project started in 1984 and took about 17 years to complete. The plan involved the city government, the land developer Mori Building Co., and the residents living in the construction area. Just to reach agreements with 500 right holders, the company had spent over 15 years (“Roppongi Hills.”). The concept of the renewal plan seems totally opposite from that of Jane Jacobs, but there is a point in the history of this Roppongi renewal plan that is equivalent to her philosophy....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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A River Runs Through Us

- A River Runs Through Us 1. “The Anacostia River is a metaphor for the way poor people and minorities are treated” (Hoover). In 1994, the Anacostia River was fourth on the list of American Rivers' “Most Endangered Rivers” (Rynor). Since the late 19 th century the water quality in this river has slowly declined with the onset of urbanization and industrialization and the pollution that accompanies this growth. The Anacostia is severely polluted with “sediment, nutrients, pathogens, toxins, and trash” (“Cleaning”)....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The One Who Walks Away From Omelas, by Ursula K. Leguin and The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson

- Imagine a perfect world: the sun beaming through translucent clouds, open fields drenched in daisies, and friendly neighbors on every corner. Everything one could possibly wish for, or need, already existing in his or her presence. No one questions this ideal way of life, or stirs up chaos to change it. In a nutshell, everyone is happy. In the short stories, "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" by Ursula K. Leguin, and "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, the main focus is the idea of human suffering....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Human Suffering]

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United States Marine Corps Campaign Advertisement

- The campaign advertisement ran by the United States Marine Corps uses versatile imagery and a connotative language approach to strategically attract minority women. The print ad shows a female Marine in a defensive martial arts pose on looked by a crowd of men in what seems to be a combat training session implying she is the leader. The tag line: “There are no female Marines. Only Marines” suggests that women who join the Marines will have equal standing with men in their organization. The ad itself appears to be in a military instructional setting....   [tags: Advertising]

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Healthcare Facility Analysis

- The elements of a good nursing home are numerous. Among basic procedures in care, Healthy Digest reports that the “overall cleanliness of the home is important” (Seniors Nursing Home Essentials 2011). While most individuals search for a facility that is clean and friendly, quality nursing facilities should offer residents more than a clean restroom and friendly staff. In addition to providing the standard atmosphere, Redondo Nursing Home aspires to exceed average expectations through accessibility and transparency....   [tags: Healthcare, argumentative, persuasive]

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The 1992 Los Angeles Riots

- ... The police called for backup but were still having difficulty with the arrest as they were continually being interfered with and were outnumbered. The situation rapidly became dangerous and in what would later become a very controversial call, the overwhelmed police were ordered to retreat. This retreat would prove to be very empowering to the now formed mob. Since the police would not return to that intersection that night complete lawlessness would ensue. Any vehicle that was caught passing through this intersection was subject to verbal obscenities, projectiles being thrown at their vehicles as they drove by, and beatings if the mob was able to get the car stopped pull the occupants o...   [tags: tension, rodey king veredict]

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The Role of Washington County, Ohio in the Success of the Underground Railroad

- The Role of Washington County, Ohio in the Success of the Underground Railroad Gone, gone, --sold and gone To the rice-swamps dank and lone, From Virginia's hills and waters, -- Woe is me, my stolen daughters!" (Whittier in Hamilton, pg. 105) Families torn apart, humans sold on auction blocks, using humans for animal labor. These tragedies along with the words of the Quaker poet John Whiittier are just the beginning when trying to explain the motivation for abolitionists helping to free slaves....   [tags: Slavery]

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Alabama Assisted Living Facilities – Find a Local Assisted Living Facility in AL

- Alabama Assisted Living Facilities – Find a Local Assisted Living Facility in AL Alabama, AL, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Alabama assisted living facilities, AL assisted living facilities, Alabama retirement communities, AL retirement communities, Alabama nursing homes, AL nursing homes, Alabama health aides, AL health aides, Alabama adult day care, AL adult day care, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, nursing homes, health aides, adult day care Alabama Assisted Living Facilities – Residents of Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and the surrounding AL areas can get a free online quote for a local assisted living facility ins...   [tags: Aging Care]

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Locally Owned Stores Are Better of the Local Economy than Big Chain Stores

- John Gatto, a resident of Portreo Hill, used to shop in the Castro neighborhood, but now many of his favorite stores are gone. “When retail goes, so does the neighborhood,” said Gatto, a longtime visitor. “You cannot have a viable neighborhood without a local business.” Gatto is one of many residents and visitors who say that franchises like CVS and Whole Foods are changing the neighborhood’s unique atmosphere. However, some residents and city officials say they are generating more jobs and money to the area....   [tags: Canadian local economy]

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Number Grid Coursework

- Number Grid Coursework My task is to investigate a 2x2 box on a 100 square I will take a 2x2 square on a 100 square grid and multiply the two corners together. I will then look at the relationship between the two results, by finding the difference. Test 1 ====== 54 55 54 x 65= 3510 64 65 55 x 64= 3520 3520-3510= 10 DIFFERENCE = 10 Test 2 ====== 5 6 5 x 16= 80 15 16 6 x 15= 90 90-80= 10 DIFFERENCE = 10 Test 3 ====== 18 19 18 x 29= 522 28 29 19 x 28= 532 532-522= 10 DIFFERENCE = 10 Prediction ========== I predict that in a two by two square the difference will always be 10 Proof =====...   [tags: Papers]

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Israel's Surrender of the Gaza Strip Did Not Create Peace

- ... Two children were killed and nine were critically injured. Three siblings had to get amputations. There were also constant attacks to vehicles on Kissufim road, most of which were suicide bombings on children’s busses. Lots of people got hurt. Despite all the terrorism, the residents of Gush Katif were not afraid of living there. They claimed that this land was given to them in the Torah and that all of Israel had their problems so they would not feel safer in the center of Tel-Aviv. In 2004, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced The Disengagement Plan....   [tags: palestine, gush katif, jewish]

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Service Learning: Working at the Youth Detention Center (YDC)

- This semester I have been volunteering at the Youth Detention Center (YDC). YDC is a youth center for those youth ages 13-18 that have committed crimes, from running away from home to cutting the hydraulic brake lines of their parent's car. When is is concluded that the youth can no longer be active members in their communities, they are sent to YDC. There are four different units: H is for the youth that are in court right now but cannot stay at home, E is the girls unit, G unit is for the boys who committed minor crimes and felonies, and F unit is for the boys who committed major crimes and felonies such as sexual assault and dealing drugs....   [tags: detention center, youth]

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Urban Information Systems Course Final Exam

- Urban Information Systems Final Exam 1.Discuss each of the two projects you propose and why the city should purse each one. As the new Chief Technology Officer of a small California city located near Lake Tahoe (known as Lake Tahoe East) that generates majority of its revenue from tourism and maintains nearly a total reliance on old, paper based operations, I would propose undertaking the following two e-government projects for Lake Tahoe East; one to assist the residents and the second to assist the private businesses/tourists....   [tags: Technology, Electronic Privacy]

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The Permeability of Walls in The Tortilla Curtain

- After World War II, the United States of America became a much wealthier nation. As America gained wealth and the populations in urban cities and transportation technology increased, many Americans spread out, away from the urban cities, to fulfill the common dream of having a piece of land to call their own. The landscape constructed became known as the suburbs, exclusive residential areas within commuting distance of a city. The popularity and success of the suburban landscape caused suburbs to sprawl across the United States, from the east coast to the west coast and along the borders between Canada and Mexico....   [tags: TC Boyle, Literary Analysis]

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Social Media Increases Cititizen's Engagement in Local Government

- Civic engagement is challenging to achieve in a culture where individuals no longer assemble around mutual public spaces, such as a town hall or school board meeting. It is becoming more difficult for governments and elected leaders to reach citizens who divide their time between a variety of social groups, various activities, travel and more (, 2011). Social media are efficient tools used to reach citizens seeking alternative methods to participating in governance. Using social media at the local level seems to offer the promise of increased citizen engagement reaching citizens on a common platform and allowing for citizen comments (Hand & Ching, 2011) The evolution of soci...   [tags: facebook, feedback, communication]

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Wind Power: Giving Back to the Environment

- The western plains of North Dakota have recently experienced a boom of a great magnitude. The oil industry has found great success from fracking in the region. This Fracking is producing considerable amounts of oil and natural gas. Although the region has seen great wealth from these fossil fuels we need to remember that they are pumping great amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere which is essentially destroying our environment. Taking care of our environment has come to the forefront of the power industry lately....   [tags: Fracking Essays]

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Modern-Day Governance: Bahamian Democracy, True Local Government

- In a recent paper written by Bahamian scholar, Dr. Nicolette Bethel, she discussed federalizing the Bahamian government model to promote decentralization and national progress. Dr. Bethel indicated that local government as presently constituted is a “farce” because the quality of government experienced in the family islands is not on par with democratic representation in Nassau. The Bahamas consist of 700 disjointed reefs, cays and islands, those that are populated are governed by a centralized body from the capital city, Nassau....   [tags: Nicolette Bethel, Nassau, Bahamas, politics]

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The Spread of Urbanization in the World

- ... Somalia lacks financial resources to pay the police and military in Somalia. The Somalia police and military pay are very low and some officers were accepting bribes from criminals. In urban cities electricity, water and food is easy to access than in rural environments. In rural people must depend on their land and livestock to provide food and a way of life. A major flood in 2006 destroyed the central and southern parts of Somalia. Property and land was damaged causing many Somalian residents be displaced....   [tags: development, conditions, population]

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Jane Addams and the Successful Hull House

- ... Lectures and classes on a wide range of subjects including English, citizenship and art were offered for free by social reformers, students and university teachers like Susan B. Anthony and Frank Lloyd Wright (“Hull House” 1).Soon after, Addams and Starr were joined by Julia Lathrop, a college friend and lawyer, and Florence Kelley, a member of the Socialist Labor Party. It was because of Kelley that the Hull-House became a center for social reform. She, along with Alzina Stevens and Mary Kenney, spear headed the research of the sweating trade in Chicago which lead to the passing of the Illinois Factory Act of 1893....   [tags: immigrants, school, suffrage]

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Theoretical Basis for Measuring Social Costs

- Appendix B. Theoretical basis for measuring social costs In order to analyze cases where a change in environmental quality (q) affects individual preference and demand, a basic individual utility maximization problem is considered i.e., maximizing a strictly concave utility function subject to the compact (closed and bounded) budget set (Freeman 2003): Maximize┬(x_j )⁡〖u(x,q)〗 subject to y = ∑_(j=1)^n▒p_j x_j (B-1) where u is individual’s utility, x is a vector of private goods quantities x = (x_1, x_2, …, x_n), and q is the level of environmental quality, which is a scalar fixed exogenously....   [tags: Local Government]

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Elder Abuse in Health Care Facilities

- “Jane, I don’t want to be here anymore. Can’t I just go home?” Jane had heard this so many times from her 94 year old mother, Betty. Betty had Alzheimer’s and often said things that made no sense. As a result, Jane usually did not take what her mother said seriously. Jane was becoming slightly suspicious, though. Betty had said it so many times it almost seemed like she really had a legitimate reason to leave. Wanting to reassure herself, Jane hid a camera in a teddy bear that sat on Betty’s nightstand....   [tags: Cameras, Health Care, Nurse, Patients]

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The Elderly Population

- According to the Collins dictionary, the term ‘elderly’ is associated with persons who are quite old or past middle age. In the Caribbean, the age of definition is mostly linked to 60 years old and over. However, the age variation takes into consideration the social class differences, gender, functional ability related to the workforce, the country’s political and economical situation, likewise the retirement age. This report is cemented on the elderly population in a corporate home in the Kingston and St....   [tags: age, senior citizens, Jamaica, corporate home]

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Land Use in the District of North Vancouver

- Introduction Land use in the district of North Vancouver has been a very sensitive issue for many years. In this area, population growth has been substantial, especially because of the area's popular outdoor recreation opportunities. It is this relationship between population pressure and outdoor 'green zones'1 that is at the heart of the conflict in North Vancouver district. Residents are very passionate about, and emotionally attached to, the natural mountainous surroundings. Thus, when development plans were slated for Mountain Forest and Cove Forest, residents did not want development to take place in 'their forests.' The critical question is, how to incorporate influxes of people into...   [tags: Canada Environment Land Development]

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