Descriptive Nursing House

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As my mom and I entered the building the first thing I smelled was a strong scent of urine, mixed with food, and cleansers. Sitting in the waiting room at six years old all alone, there was an old lady walking towards me calling me as if she knew me. She had bags under her black, watery eyes, wrinkly skin, and long, gray hair. I didn’t know what to do and I started crying thinking she was going to take me, and I would never see my family ever again. The nursing home was the worst place to be as a six year old. The lady next to my grandma’s bed would constantly be talking to herself and start screaming like crazy as if she was fighting with someone. I would try to stay as far away as possible from her bed whenever I was in the room, or pull…show more content…
I hated going to her house. Every time she passed that fire station and the school right by her house I knew we were going to her house, and I started crying. My mom had to drag me out the van all the time. I would grab on to the seat and my mom would pull me from my wrist and she would always leave me marked as if I was tied with a rough rope. Her home had a unique smell it smelled like artificial flowers, pine corns, and cinnamon like an old lady’s house. She would call me, “la chillona” because I would always be crying when we went over. She was a very sweet lady and was happy all the time and wasn’t sick at all but just seeing her with her wrinkly skin made me not want to be around her. I stayed close to my mom, but try to stay as far as I could from my mom’s aunt I wouldn’t even look her direction. She loved dancing and would always put music, and sometimes she would try to grab me and dance with me. I would run to the empty living room, she only had two small couches and a TV and her artificial flowers, and sit in the corner and look out the big, dirty…show more content…
I was nervous of flying alone, and not knowing anyone over there, but most of all I was nervous, and anxious to meet my grandma. It was a long drive from the airport to my grandma’s house. Before getting to the town where my grandma lived my uncle drove through a long road full of dirt and everything I saw was dust filling the air because of the cars in front of us, malnourished dogs all over the street, and cows as if they were pedestrians. We stopped in front of a white and green house on the corner of the street. Next to the house was a store and right in front were a kiosk and this place called “la cancha” were the people in town played soccer. I got down the car and my grandma hugged me and kissed me and said I looked like my dad’s side of the family. She was loving right in that instant without really knowing me, but she was just like every other grandma. She looked and sounded just like my mom, dark skin, light brown hair, slanted eyes, and both their voice was soft. She made me feel comfortable and like at home that I couldn’t be afraid of her. She took me everywhere she went, she showed me around town and introduced me to family that knew my mom. When I left I cried not because I was scared, but because I didn’t want to leave my grandma. I loved my nana even if she was old because I started to understand that dying is part of life, were born to

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