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The Queer Theory

- Queer, a word first used by the Scottish in 1508 to mean strange, peculiar, or eccentric, has evolved into a critical theory signifying resistance to the traditional views on gender and sexuality since the early 1990s. An Italian author and professor, Teresa de Lauretis coined the term “Queer Theory” during a conference on conjecturing gay and lesbian sexualities held at the University of California. Heavily influenced by deconstruction, post-structuralism, and feminism, queer theory challenges the practice of assigning people to different categories based on a person’s description....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Ecological Constructions of Queer

- Queer ecology is a bridge between ecological criticism and queer theory. The word ecology is derived from the Greek word oikos, which means ‘home’ or ‘surroundings’ and summed as the study of organisms relationship to each other and to their physical, environmental surroundings. The word queer is derived from the German word quer, which means ‘transverse’, ‘oblique’, ‘sideways’, or more understandably “a moment of unfamiliarity” or not at home. These two words based on those definitions seem like they would seldom correlate....   [tags: Sexual Misconduct, Value Systems]

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The Queer Prison Abolitionist Movement

- It would be misguided to discuss queer prison abolitionist movements without first thoroughly examining the place of the prison system in the neoliberal imperial project of enemy production (both inside and outside the boundaries of the state). The contemporaneous production of exterior and interior enemies (terrorists and criminals respectively), movement toward and legislation for ostensible (and, importantly, homonormative) queer “equality,” the criminalization of radical activism through increased surveillance, torture, disappearance, and imprisonment, and the exponential growth in the transnationally funded prison system is symptomatic of what, in the article “Intimate Investments,” Ann...   [tags: Prison Abolitionist, Inhumane Treatment]

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Acceptance of Queer Identities in Disney

- For this engagement essay the article Mean Ladies: Transgenders Villains in Disney Films by Amanda Putnam and the chapter “Someday My Prince Will Come”: Disney, the Heterosexual Imaginary and Animated Films by Carrie L. Cokely will summarized, analyzed, and engaged with using the Queer analytical framework. I chose these two articles because I felt that they played very well off of each other, touching on very similar topics. Putnam's (2013) focus was on Disney villains and how these characters “gender-bend”, possibly giving them transgendered identities....   [tags: Article Comparison, Homophobia]

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Linguistic Reclamation of “Queer”

- Linguistic reclamation is a cultural process of removing hatefulness from a term that is used negatively and oppressively by a dominant culture (out-group) against a specific, less powerful group (in-group). In the article “A Queer Revolution: Reconceptualizing the Debate Over Linguistic Reclamation,” the author, Robin Brontsema explores the reclamation of the word “queer” and other related “hateful speech intended to disable its target” from three different perspectives that are based on three identifiable goals: “neutralization” of the word, its “value reversal,” and “stigma exploitation” (46, 52)....   [tags: Social Issues, Discrimination]

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The Queer Dionysian Satan

- In the Christian tradition, Satan is commonly accepted as a hideous and monstrous being in direct contrast to God’s graceful mercy, often a shadowy figure with little depth. Yet there exists another very gothic view of this figure, as demonstrated by Milton in Paradise Lost, of a long suffering villain who appears more tragic artist than ultimate deceiver. The Monk, by Matthew Lewis, makes use of more tragic and mythical elements to make something altogether different, a Dionysian figure. Lewis uses such descriptive speech, symbols, and themes all connected to Greek myth to present a chaos creating character who transgresses not only God, but societal boundaries....   [tags: Literature]

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The Resistance Movement of Queer People of Color

- ... The area in West Village where many QPOC reside is heavily patrolled by police force. Just a few blocks over, where the population shifts to predominately white, college-aged young adults, the number of police cars seen decreases dramatically. In addition, the few establishments that had previously catered to QPOC have closed or moved a considerable distance away, making access to safe spaces much more difficult and sparse (Farrow). Because of the multiple minority groups that QPOC identify with, the members are subject to many tiers of discrimination....   [tags: discrimination, equality, rights, identities]

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Queer Binaries in Kushner's Angels in America

- This paper will discuss Tony Kushner’s Angels in America - A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, published in 1992. The play gives insight into what it meant to be a gay American in the late 20th century showing accurate depictions of social, medical, religious, and political life. The importance of this play cannot be overlooked as even a decade after the premier, the play was dubbed as “one of the most important pieces of theater to come out of the late 20th century” (Odenwald). One question remains, is the play still relevant today....   [tags: literary analysis, gay fantasia]

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Domestic Violence towards Queer Youth

- ... Violence that fits the definition of physical abuse can arise in manners that one may not expect: namely, restriction of movement (such as restraining the victim or preventing entrance or exit from a space), locking the victim out of a space (like a car or a house) or refusal to provide the victim with necessary medication or medical treatment. This sort of violence is extremely problematic, as it can damage not only a queer person’s physical health, but his/her/their emotional and mental health as well....   [tags: physical abuse, injustices]

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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and "Queer as Folk

- In 2003, NBC launched on one of its cable channels, Bravo, a reality-makeover show that became a national obsession. The show was "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Two years earlier, in December of 2000, Showtime produced what was to become one of the most controversial and popular television shows in the network's history: "Queer as Folk," inspired by the BBC original of the same name. Queer was here- in a big, bold way. These two pop culture phenomenon set up a discourse for the pivotal word in each title, "Queer." Examining both in the context of their own, self-prescribed language, begs the question, how is the term shaped by its invoker, and how in turn is the invoker shaped....   [tags: Sexuality Homosexuals Media Papers]

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AIDS: Keeping New Queer Cinema Alive

- AIDS: Keeping New Queer Cinema Alive “Queer Cinema is Back” – headlines the front page of the 2005 issue of the Advocate, signifying to a new flood of movies making way into theatres. Five years prior to this news release B. Ruby Rich, who coined the art as New Queer Cinema almost a decade earlier, declared that the cinema had co-opted into “just another niche market” dominated by popular culture (Morrison 135 & Rich 24). What had seemed to be a movement, turned out to be only a moment in the brief years between the late 1980s and early 1990s when the energies of queer theory, the furies of AIDS activism, the legacies of independent and avant-garde filmmaking, and the schisms of postmodern...   [tags: homosexuality, cinematography, inequality]

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The Hours by Michael Cunningham

- In his novel The Hours, Michael Cunningham creates a dazzling fabric of queer references managing to intertwine the lives of three different women into one smooth narrative. In this essay, I will discuss what makes The Hours queer literature, how the novel has contributed to the queer genre, the cultural significance of the novel, and I will discuss several points made in Jeanette McVicker’s critical article “Gaps and Absences in The Hours.” My aim, however, is not to say that Michael Cunningham’s The Hours is strictly a queer novel, but to highlight what makes the novel queer and to discuss Cunningham’s idea of sexual orientation as a fluid entity....   [tags: The Queer Genre]

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Learning to Cook: Awakening Queer Tastes

- Learning to Cook: Awakening Queer Tastes The initial stages of vegetarian desire are characterized by what may be termed 'epicuriosity' on the part of the food consumer -- an inclination towards food pleasures beyond the meat-centred menus favoured by North Americans -- but often, the transition to a vegan or vegetarian diet is made difficult by the centrality of omnivorism within popular culture. From frozen TV dinners to foie gras, meat's accessibility as a convenient pre-packaged commodity means that animal products are the accepted norm....   [tags: Sexuality Homosexuality Essays]

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American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism

- American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism Works Cited Missing Nancy Ordover argues that current attempts to regulate marginalized social groups are eugenicist movements couched in new language. While "today, the preoccupation with immigrant fertility is couched in concerns over expenditures rather than in classic eugenicist worries over the depletion of the national gene pool" (54), that supposed strain on the national economy presented by immigration is still located in immigrant's reproduction, although it is less frequently explicitly the "whiteness" of the nation that is threatened....   [tags: Sociology Sociological Essays]

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Literary Review of Sexuality and Gender in Science Fiction Literature

- Literary Review My argument is that SF literature offers a utopian hope for the future where individual differences are no longer criticized. To conduct this literature review I used multiple information sources to examine issues of gender and sexuality within science fiction literature. None of these sources claim to have produced a conclusive work on the interpretation of gender and sexuality in SF. Some of what I have read seems to be a general overview while some is more focused, but everything clearly references other theorists, studies and texts to back up the arguments made....   [tags: Masculinity, Utopia, Queer Narratives]

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How Queen's I Want to Break Free Video Explores Queerness in Relation to Queer Theory

- ... To summaries Cartwrights definition of essentialism, it is a way to identify and categorize entities such as art, objects, and people (615). In the case of queer theory, it attempts to complex both gender and sexual preferences. Dyer suggests that queer theory is completely the opposite of essentialism, that it is non-essentialist (Dyer, 2013, p. 12; 13). This idea of non-essentialism is what queer theory attempts to redefine the “nature of male and female, removing the social essences of masculine and feminine gender role conformity” (insert Dyer citation); queer is an “identity without an essence” (Peraino, 2003, p....   [tags: problems concerning burials]

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What's Linguistic Reappropriation

- Linguistic reappropriation is when a word is used in a negative connotation in relation to a minority. These disparaging words have been labelled informally as slurs. A slur is defined as “an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo.” (Merriam-Webster,. n.d.) A minority party becomes oppressed through the use of these slurs because they often cause observers, not of that group, to view the minority differently often in a negative way. The view of outside parties coupled with the use of the word cause the oppressed group to have a sense of a lack of power....   [tags: slur, minority, queer, cunt]

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Declaration of Independence

- Declaration of Independence was written, by Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1776 when United States thirteen colonies claiming their separation from Great Britain. Today, there are still many issues people been debating on. I believe that immigrants and gay/lesbians should have equalities and independence of their own. Three articles I am going to talk about are “Queers”, published by the anonymously by Queers on June 1990, “An immigrant Manifesto” written by Jorge Ramos, and the last is “Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Address at Seneca Falls (1848) and Seneca Falls of Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions (1848).” Queer is another term for sexual minorities which consider gay, lesbian...   [tags: Queer, Immigrants, Homosexuals]

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Excluded Films: Blue Is the Warmest Colour

- What constitutes a ‘good’ queer cinema. The question is as ambiguous as the idea of queer theory, which in its actuality is characterized to be “…nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers. It is an identity without a [defined] essence”. The combination of queer theory’s fluid nature and the rather touchy subject of queer history often make it difficult to draw black and white conclusions on what discerns an exceptional queer film from a mediocre one. Blue Is the Warmest Colour, based on a graphic novel by Julie Maroh and directed by Abdellatif Kechiche....   [tags: Queer Cinema, Film Analysis, LGBTQ]

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Gay Rights Movements

- By now, unless one is living under some possibly metaphorical rock, everyone has probably heard about the gay rights movement/queer movement and heard all the sides of the homosexuality movement, ranging from 'Gay people should burn in Hell for their sins' to 'Equality for all sexualities and genders'. And the transgender movement is just starting to take off, starting with California passing a law which allows Trans* students to "participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities" ("California Law Allows..." 1)....   [tags: Queer Movements, Homosexual Movements, LGBTQ]

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Gothic review

- ‘To understand the chronicles they must be read as gay’ , at least this is the incredibly bold statement made by George Haggerty in his chapter on Anne Rice and the Queering of Culture in his book Queer Gothic. There is no denying that Anne Rice’s Vampires have a lot to do with homosexuality and Haggerty’s highlighting this is in no way a new criticism, but the claim that is must be read as gay is entirely dismissive of the many other sexual paradigms that exist within The Vampire Chronicles. To begin with, his referral of Lestat as a ‘gay predator’ seems unfair in its definition....   [tags: Queer Gothic, Anne Rice, ]

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I Am Queer

- Cheerleaders with beards strolled arm in arm down the street. "Women" with three-foot-high green bee-hives giggled at silver-lame suited space boys. Six-foot-five divas draped in sequins and heels and attitudes that extended around them like magical auras sauntered along, too beautiful, too glamorous, to even notice the ordinary people around them. But if a camera, glinting in the sunlight, caught their eyes, they turned fiercely, like dragons with glittering scales, not to attack, but to pose....   [tags: Personal Narrative Gay Lesbian Essays]

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Dykes Organize: The Founding of the Lesbian Avengers

- Dykes Organize: The Founding of the Lesbian Avengers The Stonewall riots opened the doors to the rise and fall of numerous different homosexual actions groups. The differences in the groups were like night and day and the theories behind them changed with the times. In the 1990’s a group made its debut by coming out strong and forceful. Their handbook stated, “We need you. Because we are not waiting for the rapture. We are the apocalypse.” This became part of a dyke manifesto. A manifesto that changed lesbian views, a manifesto that brought with it a ‘fierce lesbian movement’, it brought confrontation to lesbian politics....   [tags: Essays Paper]

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Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's Tendencies: Queerness and Oppression

- Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's Tendencies: Queerness and Oppression Over the last two decades or so, the idea of queerness is one that has been utilized and considered by individuals and communities of marginalized sexualities and genders. The concept is one that has attempted to broaden and deconstruct traditional notions of gender and sexuality in order to include all of their incarnations as valid experiences and identities. Queerness endeavors to include all of those who feel they are a part of it yet, seemingly, not everyone can be queer without changing the very nature of queerness....   [tags: Sedgwick Tendencies Sexuality Essays]

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LGBTQ Are Still a Source of Conflict in Canada

- Pauline Rankin’s Sexualities and National Identities: Re-imagining Queer Nationalism focuses on the historical priorities of the Canadian government as well as society to re-examine the relationship between national identities and sexual minorities in the country today. Rankin’s focus looks predominantly at the role of women and the construction of their place within national discourse and queer nationalism, given a feminist analysis. The national identities found in Canada have always revolved around the regulation of the sexual preferences and practices of Canadians because it reflects a desire to understand what citizens are up to, even when it goes beyond the bounds of what is considered...   [tags: sexuality and national identity]

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Homosexuality Must be Discussed in American Elementary Schools

- Wherever it has been established that it is shameful to be involved in homosexual relationships, this is due to evil on the part of legislators, to despotism on the part of the rules, and to cowardice on the part of the governed. -Plato Society is currently arguing over how to address the issue of violence against homosexuals. Many educators and activists suggest that the educational systems nationwide address the issues of sexual orientation in classrooms to combat stereotypes and myths that lead to violence against homosexuals....   [tags: Teaching Education Essays]

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Values in Urban Studies

- Introduction: In Urban Studies the two theoretical frameworks of positivism and standpoint ideologies hold slightly ontological and epistemological differences in the question of value free science. I will argue from a standpoint perspective that values do and should come into urban studies research because values allow us too empirically and rationally understand urban processes from the perspective of the liberation of gender and heterosexist oppression. First I will develop a working definition of positivist and standpoint frameworks....   [tags: Values Ethics Sociology]

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Canadian Drama

- The representation of queer culture within Canadian literature, and more specifically theatre, can vary based on the multiple means that the playwright chooses to animate. In this instance, by differentiating French Canadian and Western Canadian queer theatre, we are able to analyze what drives each cultural representation. Montreal had experienced gay liberation in the mid 70’s, and theatre was empowered by such a movement to captivate audiences with the idea of a gay individual rather than a stereotype....   [tags: Theater ]

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The Cultural Significance of The Hours

- In his novel The Hours, Michael Cunningham creates a dazzling fabric of queer references while intertwining the lives of three different women into one smooth narrative. In this essay, I will discuss what makes The Hours into a piece of queer literature, how the novel has contributed to the genre, the cultural significance of the novel, and several points made in Jeanette McVicker’s critical article “Gaps and Absences in The Hours.” My aim, however, is not to create the illusion that Michael Cunningham’s The Hours is strictly a queer novel but to highlight what makes the novel queer and to discuss Cunningham’s idea of sexual orientation as a fluid entity....   [tags: Homosexual Literature]

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Why Are Both Public and Private Interests within Cities Becoming Increasingly Supporting of Creating a Gay Space?

- Why are both public and private interests within cities becoming increasingly supportive of the creation of “gay space”. Based on the public interest, “gay space” is important to support creative and high-tech industries. San Francisco, Washington, and San Diego, are all designed as high-tech areas in United States. According to Harvard University economist Edward Glaeser’s statistical analysis, gay workers do a better job than heterosexual (?) individual (Gates & Florida, 2002). Thus, creating diversity and inclusiveness within the population of high-tech industry areas can help to attract creativity and talent in a wide labor pool....   [tags: diversity and inclusiveness, safer areas]

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Homosexualtiy and Heterosexuality

- Homosexuality and heterosexuality have become major subject matters throughout the early twenty-first century. However, these qualities have previously existed and have preoccupied the minds of countless theorists and critics for several years. Homosexuality is not only a common aspect in the twenty-first century world, but has also been developing into a literary critique know as “queer theory.” The theory consists of evaluating the unity between male and female counterparts within the same individual....   [tags: Twenty first Century, Culture, Society]

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The Berdache of Early American Conquest

- The Berdache of Early American Conquest Methodological Introduction This paper attempts to link the facet of queer theory that explains gender and sexuality as culturally constructed identities, with the presence of the berdache in the New World at the time of the Spanish conquest. By analyzing the construction of gender and sexuality among the native peoples, in contrast to the ideologies of the Spanish, I found a clash arose which explained, in some sense, the incompatibility of the two cultures....   [tags: Spaniards Spanish History Essays]

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Looking into the Mirrior: Homosexuals' Human Rights in the USA

- Key Words • Homosexuality-The romantic or sexual attraction or behavior of members of the same sex. • No Child Left Behind- An act that went into effect January 2001 it is a standard based reform program aimed at making all students proficient by the year 2014. • Equity- Fairness in regards to all people. • Homophobia- The fear of a person who is attracted to someone of the same sex. • GLBT- Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Religious Affiliation- To be connected to an organization that proclaims morality and equality for all....   [tags: Homosexuality, argumentative, persuasive, rights,]

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The Relationship Between Sexual Taxonomies and Ideas of the Self

- The relationship between sexual taxonomies and ideas of the self (e.g. Foucault, Jagose or Halperin) Sexual Taxonomies are not trans-historical; they are socially and historically situated and created. Sexual taxonomies are the different ideas about what sexuality is and they circulate around contexts, consequently forming identities. When we categorise sexuality it is categorised into heterosexual people and homosexual people but it is widely known that heterosexual is the ‘normal’ and accepted sexuality as “Homosexuality is a deviation from a privileged and naturalised heterosexuality,” (page 72, Annamarie Jagose, 1996)....   [tags: sexuality, sexual identities]

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A Unique Perspective of The Yellow Wallpaper

-      My perspective of Gilman’s short story, "The Yellow Wall-Paper" is influenced by a great number of different and diverse methods of reading. However, one cannot overlook the feminist theorists’ on this story, for the story is often proclaimed to be a founding work of feminism. Further, the historical and biographical contexts the story was written in can be enlightened by mentioning Gilman’s relationship with S. Weir Mitchell. And I can’t help but read the story and think of Foucault’s concept of Panopticism as a method of social control....   [tags: Yellow Wallpaper essays]

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Lesbianism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- Given that lesbian desire has often been associated with the monstrous in horror and vampire genres, and that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is seen as having reworked the conventions of these genres, it is worth considering how the narrative of lesbianism is dealt with in this series to contemplate if and how this desire has been resignified. This paper is concerned with critically analysing the overt representations of lesbian desire and identity as they are manifested through the Willow (played by Alyson Hannigan) and Tara (Amber Benson) characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the coming out narratives as they unfold in Season Four....   [tags: TV Television Show Essays]

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Homosexuality in Robert Louis Stevenson The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

- References to Homosexuality in Stevenson's Jekl and Hyde Stevenson's choice of certain words in the novel is extremely pertinent to a homoerotic reading of the text. In some Victorian circles (and most certainly not in others), certain words had very explicit homosexual connotations. The word "homosexual" seems to have come into the English language around 1869, introduced by a Hungarian named Benkert but not generally used by the British until the 1880s. Yet, according to Theo Aronson, there were other words used at that time to identify the love between the same gender....   [tags: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essays]

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Lesbianism: Femmes and Lipstick Lesbians

- ... Instead, more stereotypes have been created around what is acceptable in lesbianism and what is not the norm. Femmes and the general population’s perception about them have been wrongly perceived through the idea of femme fatales. When a feminine woman with power is portrayed as seductive and brings disaster to men, she is called a femme fatale. Jane Caputi shares the limiting beliefs bestowed upon women in her book, Goddesses and Monsters: Women, Myth, Power, and Popular culture. It is no wonder that lesbians are not taken seriously, despite their sexualization to tease men through myths and media, straight women are not even taken seriously....   [tags: community, sexuality, diverse]

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We All Be Careful With the Words We Use

- Words are very powerful, and sometimes the words we use offend people. Freedom of speech is highly valued but what happens when your freedom becomes hurtful or disrespectful to someone else. There are so many different kinds of people and different things that offend each person. In this day where we are more inclined to say whatever we want, we see more and more offense being taken to the words that get said. It's hard to understand why certain words can be insulting to someone when it may not seem that way to you....   [tags: Persuasive Essay]

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Fetishism, perversion and the Gay Identity

- Fetishism, perversion and the Gay Identity The contemporary Euro-American idea of identity as coherent, seamless, bounded and whole is indeed an illusion. On the contrary, the self carries many internal contradictions and nuances as a reflection of the many roles that a person plays in various social circles. Identity is partially post-social and socially constructed though rituals and disciplinary acts. In turn Delany challenges the concept of a Gay Identity, an entity of being that could be defined as referential....   [tags: Socialization Sociology Essays]

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Puar's Theory on the Queerness in Terrorist Groups

- Jasbir K. Puar uses the Deleuzian concept of assemblages to breakdown the ideas of queerness in “terrorist bodies” as a reifying antithesis to the American patriot. The project of queering the “Muslim Terrorist” works to reinforce and exceptionalise the western-centric heteronormative ideal through the denigration and sexual subjugation of a “Muslim sexuality”. The typified “Muslim body” serves as the locus of the use of many different types of power, physical as well as rhetorical and even spiritual....   [tags: sociology, terrorism, gay studies]

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How Has Homophobia Become a Witch Hunt?

- According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, homophobia is the irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. Much like a witch hunt, homophobia targets and seeks out individuals, gay or straight, and persecutes them based on ignorance, and further more if one cannot provide solid proof of his or her innocence. (Hughes) It is the fuel behind many hate crimes and discrimination. Some claim that homosexuality is a disease. If this statement is true, couldn’t we all simply begin to call in “queer” to work and school when we won’t be present....   [tags: Homosexuality ]

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Miriam by Tuman Capote: Who is Miriam?

- “…one could not be certain witness to anything: Miriam, so vividly there – and yet, where was she. Where, where?” In the fictional short story Miriam by Truman Capote, Miriam is a queer, mysterious little girl who haunts Mrs. H. T. Miller, a widow who lives alone and isolated in an apartment. Throughout the short story, Miriam remains strange and mysterious, and the story ends inconclusively, with the question “who is Miriam?” unanswered. But through evidence found throughout the text, readers are able to speculate who, or what, Miriam is....   [tags: supernatural]

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The Gay and Lesbian Community in the Y Generation

- The Gay and Lesbian Community in the Y Generation As the Y Generation continues to expand its horizons, new trends of tolerance are beginning to shine through. The gay and lesbian community is more readily embraced by today’s generation than by generations in America’s past. More and more people are “coming out” than ever before, which proves that the gay and lesbian community is gaining acceptance and their rights to equality are slowing increasing, but discrimination is still there. Even though gays and lesbians are more accepted amongst the Y Generation, hate and misunderstanding still exist....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Writer Analysis: Devin Friedman

- Devin Friedman is a creative storyteller who incorporates observant details in his writings, which makes the readers feel like as if they are part of the adventure. Devin attended the University of Michigan, and he was awarded as the winner of the Hopwood Contest. This contest was hosted by the university committee who appoints experienced judges and the Ann Arbor community to select winners in different writing divisions. In his recent years, Devin wrote for numerous publications such as The Best American Crime Writing, The Best American Travel Writing, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Esquire, People's Stories, and GQ....   [tags: creative storytellers]

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Self-Validation and Social Acceptance

- People often need to have validation from themselves, in regard to both their sexuality and general self, before being able to be accepted others. Too often this important fact is disregarded by today's culture and societal norm. This appears to be a recurring theme throughout the many passages and articles we have read in class, as well as in various piece of fictional literature. I will be using the 1991 film "Paris Is Burning," a short work of fiction by Jane S. Fancher called "Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood," the lecture given by Carolyn Dinshaw on the twenty-third of September, and Cherrie Moraga's "The Breakdown of the Bicultural Mind" to support my thesis....   [tags: Culture Cultural Essays]

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Analysis of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

- Analysis of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Diction (i.e. choice of vocabulary) The diction of "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" is extremely simple. None of the vocabulary is difficult or unusual, and most of the most of the words are short and plain, for example 'woods', 'house', 'snow', 'horse'. None of the descriptions, either of the setting, or the horse, is detailed or elaborate: the horse is simply, 'little'; the lake is 'frozen' (but we learn nothing else about it), and the only time more than one adjective is used to described anything is when we are told that the woods are: 'lovely, dark and deep'....   [tags: Papers]

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Perhaps Too Much Make Up

- Perhaps Too Much Make Up The other day I went out with a couple of friends, both students and staff members of the Middlebury community, to eat dinner at the Panda House, a small Chinese restaurant in the town of Middlebury. As we were all sitting at the Chinese restaurant, waiting for the waitress to come and take our orders, we suddenly noticed that I was the only guy at the table. Lately, this has been the topic of many of my conversations. Furthermore, this has been the story of my life, for everywhere I go, every step I take, there have always been girls along the way....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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The Function of Dual Roles in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America

- In Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, the interconnection of people and events, that might ordinarily be viewed as disconnected or unrelated, is implicitly presented in the characters section. Dual roles are implemented by a playwright that has one actor portraying the roles of two or more characters, with or without thematic intentions. The use of “dual roles” in several scenes of this play can be viewed as a demonstration of Kushner’s effort in maintaining the interconnectedness between characters, communities (i.e....   [tags: Angels in America]

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Alice’s Dreams and Thoughts in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

- Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland follows a young girl named Alice on her adventures through her dream world of Wonderland. It is a scary world for “poor Alice”, as the narrator often calls her, as she battles changing size, being terrorized by over sized animals, and being yelled at by an evil queen. While battling all of these things she is also battling her own mental stability. In the novel, Lewis Carroll elaborates on Alice’s dreams and thoughts, and there are wide varieties of interpretations by readers....   [tags: Lewis Carroll, literary analysis]

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Analysis of George Haggerty´s Anne Rice and the Queering of Culture

- ‘To understand the chronicles they must be read as gay’ , at least this is the incredibly bold statement made by George Haggerty in his essay on Anne Rice and the Queering of Culture. There is no denying that Anne Rice’s Vampires have much to do with homosexuality and Haggerty’s highlighting this is in no way new criticism, but the claim that is must be read as gay is entirely dismissive of the many other sexual paradigms that exist within the collection. To begin with, his referral of Lestat as a ‘gay predator’ seems unfair in its definition....   [tags: vampires, homosexuals, criticism, sexual]

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An Analysis of Becoming a Visible Man by J. Green

- Becoming a Visible Man was an insightful and intriguing book to read for this course. It first caught my attention with the picture of the author on the cover smiling next to a billboard of a man bursting through water, almost as if he was being reborn. The process of being reborn was then seen as a common theme throughout the autobiography. The concepts of transsexualism caught my attention during class because I was least familiar with this sub population of individuals within the queer community....   [tags: political and emotional challenges]

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Comparing and Contrasting Poems by Wilfried Owen and Robert Frost

- These two poems are in some way quite similar, as the authors write about two male characters, an injured man and a young boy, one of whom dies later. Wilfried Owen explored the effects of war on those who live through it by comparing the present life of an injured soldier to his past hopes and accomplishments. Robert Frost‘s poem, is seen as a vision of the inhuman evils of technology, and its violence and bleakness appear to justify such a view. The “victims“ are both young men, but the circumstances of their injury/death are very different, one is war, the other domestic....   [tags: solider, death, rhythm]

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Domestic Violence and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Relationships

- Homophobia has marginalized a significant portion of the population. Although strides towards equality for homosexuals have gained momentum, progress needs to continue. Members of our society are being oppressed by the ignorant simply because of their sexual orientation. When analyzing how to address the discrimination of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, it was apparent equal rights was a complex issue requiring a multifactorial response. It is crucial to identify the groups/individuals contributing to the turmoil, such as religious leaders, politicians, bullies, and even social media....   [tags: Social Work, Mental Harrassment]

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Homosexuals: Are They Born or Made That Way

- Intro Do you believe people are born gay. “That is so gay.” seems to have permanently entered the straight teen vernacular at many schools, but what does gay really mean (Did You Know). Three to four percent of men and one to two percent of women are homosexual in America (Cameron). There are pros and cons to contribute to the question if people are born gay. Is homosexuality caused by a gay germ, development disorders, being raised by heterosexual parents, sexual abuse, or are humans born gay....   [tags: sexual orientation and preference, LGTBQ]

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Death of a Bird: Trifles by Susan Glaspell

- ... How ­ she ­ did ­ change.” The discovery of how she changed behaviors from one to another is similar to another psychological theory such as Pavlov’s experiment, as the dog salivated because it was looking at food, but he conditioned it to not salivate with changing it to salivate by looking at light. The reason I mention this is due to the factor that she was never really stuck in a cage, picture this instead replace the bird in the cage with her in the cage. The coping mechanism of a bird is to roam free and sing happily but if she was conditioned such as in Pavlov’s theories to be in a cage with no freedom to roam free her unconcious is telling her she is no longer herself and she is...   [tags: critical perspective analysis]

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Sexual Self-Discovery in Fun Home by Allison Bechdel

- Anguish and Pain In the graphic novel Fun Home, by Allison Bechdel, sexual self-discovery plays a critical role in the development of the main character, Allison Bechdel herself; furthermore, Bechdel depicts the plethora of factors that are pivotal in the shaping of who she is before, during and after her sexual self-development. Bechdel’s anguish and pain begins with all of her accounts that she encountered at home, with her respective family member – most importantly her father – at school, and the community she grew up within....   [tags: homosexual, self-development]

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Breaking Binaries: Common Confusion in Television and Movies

- ... Doubtfire, the movie featuring renowned actor and comedian Robin Williams, serves as an agent of change in the media regarding the perception of gender role assignment. The movie depicts an upper middle class family living in San Francisco, California; the mother a successful business woman and the father a struggling television performer. It is not the first movie we see where women take on a dominant role in the work place and in the home, but it is one that is memorable. It also breaks down the gender role of the man in the house....   [tags: gender, genderqueer, LGBTQ]

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Slips of the Tongue as Speech Errors

- Types of Speech Errors Garrett (1975) represented four characteristics of slips of the tongue. The first one is that the exchange exists between linguistic units of the same positions. For example, initial linguistic segments are replaced by another initial linguistic segment. The same generalization is applied to the middle and final linguistic segments. Additionally, slips appear in similar phonetic units. This means that that the consonants are replaced by consonants and vowels are replaced by vowels....   [tags: linguistic characteristics]

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All that Is Gold Does Not Glitter

- Aragorn is the most qualified to bear the ring and cast it into the fires of Mount Doom due to his pure, kind heart, and his immense passion and dedication. Lastly he possesses powerful intellect and knowledge. These character traits would aide him on his journey to demolish and destroy the ring making him the most capable and competent member of the fellowship. It is these very honorable qualities that would best assist him in accomplishing his goal and purpose. In J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring, Aragorn was initially presented as Strider, a queer, strange, scruffy, and grubby character who produced a suspicious ambiance at the inn in Bree making the Hobbits...   [tags: J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord od the Rings]

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Effects that Identity Crisis Causes on Society

- In today’s world, society stresses a lot of value on materialistic things. Whether it is the newest electronic gadget, or the latest trend of fashion; somebody somewhere is buying it. This materialistic idea is very evident during the holiday season when thousands of shoppers are standing outside in the cold for the latest trend. But, society’s materialistic ideology can sometimes be misconstrued with true self-identity. Meaning that society often times define their self-worth by what they own instead of by the content of their character....   [tags: ociety stereotype]

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Piazza Piece by John Crowe Ransom

- Poetry is a condensed form of language. It says very much in very few words. The ways that make possible this “linguistic economy” are many. Let us take John Crowe Ransom’s “Piazza Piece” for example and see the various ways in which the poet has managed to enrich his meaning. Here is the text of the poem: Piazza Piece --I am a gentleman in a dustcoat trying To make you hear. Your ears are soft and small And listen to an old man not at all; They want the young men’s whispering and sighing....   [tags: Poems, Poetry Analysis, John Crowe Ransom]

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Trials and Tribulations of a Homosexual

- The history of the gay rights movement has been a hard fought battle within the United States. In fact the first gay rights movement dates back to 1924 with the creation of The Society for Human Rights in Chicago, Illinois. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that gay rights started to make progress. In the year 1969 The Stonewall Riots took place when gay, lesbian, and transgender patrons of a New York bar were raided by the police. This forever changed the movement from isolated incidents to a world wide phenomenon....   [tags: Homosexuality, argumentative, persuasive]

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Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies

- Founded in 1991, the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) provides intellectual leadership towards understanding and addressing the issues that affect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals and the members of other sexual and gender minorities. As the first university-based LGBTQ research center in the United States, CLAGS nurtures cutting-edge scholarship; organizes colloquia for examining and affirming LGBTQ lives; and fosters network-building among academics, artists, activists, policy makers, and community members....   [tags: Education, homosexuality]

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Special Interest Groups Rally Behind QUILTBAG

- Politics dictates how a government or state based system is run, and if its parts are functioning at maximum capacity. At its core, the structure and unspoken hierarchy of politics and religion in the educational system decrees how educational institutions respond to a number of issues including bullying, harassment, and assaults. The goal of politics and to an extend public policy, and special interest groups interested in anti-bullying and QUILTBAG (Queer, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Agender, Gay) education is to identify the minority, define their specific needs, and to create a structure to allow a safe and inclusive learning environment....   [tags: Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Gay]

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Death and Loss: A Short Narrative

- ... He had studied the boy as he had studied for tests or finished homework when he had been in college. He felt enticed by the seventeen year old. Frank left the jobs bed once the dreary sun bit obnoxiously at his eyes. In his jeans pocket was a couple bills. His naked body was a mixture of red, blue purple and black. Gingerly he pulled the long sleeve white shirt across his scratched shoulders and over the cuts whipped vilely into the pallor flesh. He buttoned the cuffs around blue toned wrists before securing his tie around his red, bite ridden neck....   [tags: rain, car, davey, job, money, night]

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Case Study of Chase Corrolin

- Agency Context and Background The Agency The LGBTQ & Diversity Resource Center exists on the Newark campus of Rutgers University. The acronym LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning. The mission of this agency is to provide support for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students on campus, as well as allies of the community. Currently the Resource Center is operating out of renovated closet space in Conklin Hall. It is a very recent addition to Rutgers Newark....   [tags: Diversity Resource Center, LGBTQ]

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Alice in Wonderland Critical Analysis

- Alice in Wonderland belongs to the nonsense genre, and even if most of what happens to Alice is quite illogical, the main character is not. “The Alice books are, above all, about growing up” (Kincaid, page 93); indeed, Alice starts her journey as a scared little girl, however, at the end of what we discover to be just a dream, she has entered the adolescence phase with a new way to approach the mentally exhausting and queer Wonderland. It is important to consider the whole story when analyzing the growth of the character, because the meaning of an event or a sentence is more likely to mean what it truly looks like rather than an explanation regarding subconscious and Freudian interpretations...   [tags: Wonderland, Morton, logic]

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The Phantom of the Opera

- The Phantom of the Opera is known as the most successful musical in history, but its age most clearly shows through some of the themes it displays. Most noticeable to me, is the fact that The Phantom of the Opera conforms to and supports traditional gender roles. This becomes evident after analyzing the characters and their interactions during the 25th anniversary production in London. As a whole, The Phantom of the Opera suggests that the ideal man is authoritative, powerful, decisive, and jealous, while the ideal woman is feminine, indecisive, and naïve....   [tags: gender roles, gender normative roles]

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Developing and Up-Keeping Sexual Standards

- Young adults everywhere in the United States are embracing the moral change in sexuality because they are able to acceptably exploit themselves sexually. Teenagers listen to music about sex, they eat foods advertised sexually, and they even wear scents and clothing made to make them seem sexually appealing. In effect, if young adults are pressured to choose and even stand up for their sexuality then how will they truly understand the importance of maintaining high sexual standards. The education of sexual conservation provides an understanding of marital purpose versus addiction to untamed, bodily attraction which is important because marriage very much defines motives and morale in society....   [tags: sexual conservativism]

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Masculinity in the Russian Mafia

- ... Most of the contact with women is through prostitution. They perform their masculinity through degradation of women sexually and verbally, assuming dominance over them. Through their relationships with women and the existence of sex for sale, men can reaffirm their masculinity (Weitzer 1999 quoted in Monto 2004). Some men, “see the ability to have sex when they desire to be an essential aspect of masculinity, and they see women as obligated to provide that access”(Monto 2004, pg.174). This is illustrated when Kirill and Nikolai visit a bawdy-house where they can chose girls for sex....   [tags: Kirill and Nikolai, behaviours]

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Reality Television

- Reality Television In today's society, Reality Television plays an important position in people's everyday lives. The reality television programs of today are popular because of the variety of film conventions (eg. audio, visual and symbolic codes) and the values and attitudes used to construct the viewer?s response. Two good examples of reality television programs are The Apprentice and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. In the episode of The Apprentice, 'The Price is Height', wealth is promoted through the values and attitudes of today's society to construct the viewer's response....   [tags: TV Television Reality Show Essays]

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Transgenderism and Feminism

- Judith Halberstam’s lecture focused on the issues regarding transgenderism/transsexualism, feminism/trans feminism (FTM), and the relationships between them. The lecture mainly addressed the necessity of trans feminism and reasons for its absence in the present queer and feminist communities. Trans feminism is necessary for all trans individuals. Leaving femininity behind creates a problem for FTMs. Growing up; they were subject to the same challenges that other young women faced. In fact, they most likely still do face obstacles on top of the challenges that come with not fitting in a “socially proper” category of gender....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Same-Sex Marriage Court Case

- It took less than two hours after Chief U. S. District Judge, Vaughn Walker ruled against California’s ban on same sex marriage (aka gay marriage) before my inbox choked from over 175 emails about it. Apparently, some people think I’m too “queer-friendly” for my own good. But, thankfully, many of the emails—most, actually—praised the move; some others respectfully disagreed with it; and then the usual handful of morons puked forth THEIR opinions, including that I’m too “queer-friendly.” Upfront, I don’t give a damn what mental midgets think of me OR how many people think homosexuality is immoral and/or unnatural....   [tags: Homosexuality, argumentative, persuasive]

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Gay and Lesbian Spirituality

- I began investigating gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (GLBTQ) representations of the sacred during my late adolescence. In college, my knowledge of same-sex desiring and gender-variant deities evolved into a study of the spiritual roles and legacies of GLBTQ people. Such legacies are abundantly evident in parts of the world where indigenous and pluralist religion have remained unhindered, such as on the Indian subcontinent where hijra (male-bodied female-identified individuals) are seen as harbingers of good fortune and curses and perform ceremonies at weddings and births....   [tags: gay, lesbian bisexual]

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Confinement: "The Yellow Wallpaper"

- The realistic period is during that of the Civil War and Reconstruction, from 1855 to 1914. Realism shies away from the Romantic period; there is no specific way of interpreting a story. Instead, readers are given creative accountability and allowed the opportunity to construct an ending from the information that is given to them. Opposing Romantic elements, Realism describes reality bluntly and objectively. It strives to depict everyday characters to draw in readers through their ability to see themselves through the text....   [tags: Charlotte Perkin Gillman, historic analysis]

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Parental Relationships in Poetry

- Poem at 39 written by Alice Walker focuses on the relationship between a father and daughter. From the first line, “How I miss my father”, it is already clear that Walker loves her father and wishes to be with him, but he is absent. When she was born her father was “so tired”. It is not clear why he was, but it might have been from the burden of another mouth to feed or from debt. She wishes that he had not been as tired as he was, showing that she cares about him and possibly feels guilty for making him feel worse during the tough times....   [tags: conflict, finances, patience]

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The Magnetism of the Good and Ethical Realism

- The Magnetism of the Good and Ethical Realism ABSTRACT: Ethical antirealists believe the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, do not signify properties that objects and actions have or might have. They believe that when a person calls pain or any other event ‘bad’ and adultery or any other action ‘wrong’, he does not report some fact about that object or action. J. L. Mackie defends ethical anti-realism in part by appealing to an ontological queerness he believes value properties would have if they existed....   [tags: Philosophy Good Bad Philosophical Essays]

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The Scapegoating of Homosexuals as Threats to Society

- Politics of Exclusion - The Scapegoating of Homosexuals as Threats to Society It is hard to believe that this bill is anything other than a thinly veiled attempt to score political debating points by scapegoating gay and lesbian Americans.-John F. Kerry The monster lulls reason into a night of unknowing in which sleeping leviathans do not lie.-Timothy K. Beal Introduction The scapegoating of homosexuals as monstrous threats to the order of society allows for their exclusion from institutions such as marriage, legal adoption, and The Boy Scouts of America....   [tags: Gay Lesbian Politics Political]

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Inner Smile - Deconstructing the Heterosexual Matrix

- Inner Smile - Deconstructing the Heterosexual Matrix An issue that is gaining in political and social importance is the issue of homosexuality. Reports of homosexuality and societal responses to homosexuality are brought up again and again in media coverage. These past few decades have seen a large increase in awareness of issues concerning homosexuality. Gender is intricately linked to homosexuality and numerous theorists have explored gender and sexuality under the umbrella term of Gay and Lesbian studies or Queer theory....   [tags: Research Papers Essays]

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