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Queer And The Term Queer

- In a structured society, as one we’ve continued to create today, has raised concerns over the way society uses the term queer. Queer was a term used to describe “odd” “peculiar” or “strange” beings or things alike, but over the centuries societies began to adapt and incorporate the term into their vocabulary. Many authors such as Natalie Kouri-Towe, Siobhan B. Somerville, and Nikki Sullivan have distinct ways of describing the way the word queer has been shaped over the years and how society has viewed it as a whole....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Queer theory, Transgender]

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The Queer Of Queer And Queer

- Safe. Queer. Spaces. We queer folk have come a long way in terms of rights, equal marriage is sweeping over America, the UK and the rest of the world seems to be catching on. Sadly the same cannot be said for trans equality but it is at least becoming more visible and more discussed in everyday life.  Yep. Progress, sort of.   You see as legislation passes and more and more ‘freedoms’ are afforded to queer minorities its easy to think the battle is over and the war has been won.  Not so. Think of 3 gay places in your town… Think of 3 specifically gay or queer places in any town and you get clubs, bars, saunas, choice public bathrooms… Now it is worth noting I personally am not wholly agai...   [tags: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, LGBT]

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The Queer Theory

- Queer, a word first used by the Scottish in 1508 to mean strange, peculiar, or eccentric, has evolved into a critical theory signifying resistance to the traditional views on gender and sexuality since the early 1990s. An Italian author and professor, Teresa de Lauretis coined the term “Queer Theory” during a conference on conjecturing gay and lesbian sexualities held at the University of California. Heavily influenced by deconstruction, post-structuralism, and feminism, queer theory challenges the practice of assigning people to different categories based on a person’s description....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Ecological Constructions of Queer

- Queer ecology is a bridge between ecological criticism and queer theory. The word ecology is derived from the Greek word oikos, which means ‘home’ or ‘surroundings’ and summed as the study of organisms relationship to each other and to their physical, environmental surroundings. The word queer is derived from the German word quer, which means ‘transverse’, ‘oblique’, ‘sideways’, or more understandably “a moment of unfamiliarity” or not at home. These two words based on those definitions seem like they would seldom correlate....   [tags: Sexual Misconduct, Value Systems]

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Social Policies Of The Canadian Queer

- MacDougall (1998) states that society loses its rationality while dealing homosexuality (as cited in Knegt, 2011). According to Knegt (2011), the attitudes and approaches of Canadians are difficult when it comes to young Canadian queer. Moreover, he notes that the age laws excludes majority of LGB youth from the adult LGB community. As Knegt observes, progress has been made in pretaining to advocacy around LGB youth issues by enacting social policies on homophobia as well as encouraging 'gay- straight alliance’ (GSA) clubs....   [tags: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Gay, LGBT]

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The Lgbtq And Of The Queer Community

- The LGBTQ+ is faced with a variety issues, and these issues have their own unique solutions. Additional research, social movements, the creation and abolition of public policy, and societal consciousness are all steps in the right direction to solving queer problems in Canada’s justice system. Research In order to solve some of the issues the LGBTQ+ community is faced with, it is important to analyze the statistics and data available. Unfortunately, one of the greatest problems the justice system faces with dealing with the queer community, is the lack of knowledge about gay men and lesbians in Canada (King & Winterdyk, 2010, p....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT]

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`` Queer `` By Audrey Lorde

- I remember when you asked me what classes I’d be talking Fall Quarter and you laughed when I told you about Queer Studies. You insisted that it was a joke of a class and would probably be an easy A. When you said those things I didn’t stop you or speak up but I should have and I will now. I’m going to tell you why this class is important and how it has helped challenge my ideas and even change them, in some cases. The reason why I am sending this to you is because you are someone that I care about but I feel like you often say things without truly understanding the issues....   [tags: Sociology, Gender role, Feminism, Max Weber]

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The Fight For Queer Rights

- Today, especially with the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, it is easy to believe that the fight for queer rights is something of the past, something that America as a whole moved beyond because we have achieved these rights. For example, the conclusion to Stonewall Uprising creates a sort of historical separation that allows anyone and everyone to believe that the United States and all the people within it have moved past homophobia, transphobia, and queerphobia. However, this is absolutely not a reality for many queer and trans people today, especially poor and/or incarcerated queer and trans people of color....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Transgender, Pride parade]

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The Queer Prison Abolitionist Movement

- It would be misguided to discuss queer prison abolitionist movements without first thoroughly examining the place of the prison system in the neoliberal imperial project of enemy production (both inside and outside the boundaries of the state). The contemporaneous production of exterior and interior enemies (terrorists and criminals respectively), movement toward and legislation for ostensible (and, importantly, homonormative) queer “equality,” the criminalization of radical activism through increased surveillance, torture, disappearance, and imprisonment, and the exponential growth in the transnationally funded prison system is symptomatic of what, in the article “Intimate Investments,” Ann...   [tags: Prison Abolitionist, Inhumane Treatment]

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Queer For The First Time

- When I hear the term queer for the first time, and I ask to someone in my school, they said that is about gay people. I think that the way this person describe to me was something negative because he defines it like someone that is strange or uncommon and this was uncomfortable for me because why people have to label the way of someone 's feeling in a negative way. When I saw the video, I never thought that queer word in the LGBTQ community can be someone that can date with all kind of gender. This definition was interesting and comfortable for me because I realized that LGBTQ community describe the term queer as something positive and amazing....   [tags: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Gender]

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The Queer Imagination By Matt Brim

- Matt Brim’s book James Baldwin and the Queer Imagination examines the works of Baldwin through a Queer lens arguing that Baldwin’s works are intersections of race and sexuality. In Chapter 4, entitled “Papas’ Baby: Impossible Paternity in Going to Meet the Man”, Brim focuses on the idea of fathers within literature and culture within white culture. Using Hortense Spiller’s essay “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe: An American Grammar Book”, Brim’s analysis “raises the issue of paternal presence and absence”(124)....   [tags: Race, Black people, White people]

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The Theory Of Queer Gender

- The word “Queer” means “strange, unusual”, the same with word “odd”. The theory of queer gender is not a specific theory, but a comprehensive interdisciplinary discourse that come from multiple subjects such as history, society and literature. The theory of queer gender established outside of the mainstream culture: these people and their theory cannot find their position in the mainstream culture, and they do not have intention to do so. “Queer” is a appellation for a social group including people who are not conform with the mainstream society about sexual preference and gender identity, like homosexual and bisexual....   [tags: Gender, Homosexuality, Sexual orientation]

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Acceptance of Queer Identities in Disney

- For this engagement essay the article Mean Ladies: Transgenders Villains in Disney Films by Amanda Putnam and the chapter “Someday My Prince Will Come”: Disney, the Heterosexual Imaginary and Animated Films by Carrie L. Cokely will summarized, analyzed, and engaged with using the Queer analytical framework. I chose these two articles because I felt that they played very well off of each other, touching on very similar topics. Putnam's (2013) focus was on Disney villains and how these characters “gender-bend”, possibly giving them transgendered identities....   [tags: Article Comparison, Homophobia]

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Racism And The Queer Community

- My own personal experiences of the gay scene and the online gay sites like Tinder and Grindr are pretty grim. Many individuals like to think they are the trendsetters of worthy taste, fashion and style, but the reality is that a disturbing number of gay men are desperately insecure. They feel a constant need to fit in, desperate to find the perfect man, needing constant validation about how they look, craving the perfect body image and desperate to perform every act with the chance to possible to be noticed....   [tags: LGBT, Gay]

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Linguistic Reclamation of “Queer”

- Linguistic reclamation is a cultural process of removing hatefulness from a term that is used negatively and oppressively by a dominant culture (out-group) against a specific, less powerful group (in-group). In the article “A Queer Revolution: Reconceptualizing the Debate Over Linguistic Reclamation,” the author, Robin Brontsema explores the reclamation of the word “queer” and other related “hateful speech intended to disable its target” from three different perspectives that are based on three identifiable goals: “neutralization” of the word, its “value reversal,” and “stigma exploitation” (46, 52)....   [tags: Social Issues, Discrimination]

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The Queer Dionysian Satan

- In the Christian tradition, Satan is commonly accepted as a hideous and monstrous being in direct contrast to God’s graceful mercy, often a shadowy figure with little depth. Yet there exists another very gothic view of this figure, as demonstrated by Milton in Paradise Lost, of a long suffering villain who appears more tragic artist than ultimate deceiver. The Monk, by Matthew Lewis, makes use of more tragic and mythical elements to make something altogether different, a Dionysian figure. Lewis uses such descriptive speech, symbols, and themes all connected to Greek myth to present a chaos creating character who transgresses not only God, but societal boundaries....   [tags: Literature]

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Queer Theory : Sociological And Micro Levels

- Introduction Teresa de Lauretis coined 'queer theory ' in 1991 (Bell). Queer theory is a set of ideas based around the idea that identities are not fixed and do not determine who we are. Intersex is a part of queer theory that is lacking in research however in order to fully understand problems related to binary sex and gender systems, we must acknowledge the difficulty that binary systems create for people who may not fit into these fixed types of categories. Thus, continuing to discuss and research sex and gender in new and inclusive ways will benefit us, both at the macro and the micro levels....   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Gender role, Male]

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The Resistance Movement of Queer People of Color

- ... The area in West Village where many QPOC reside is heavily patrolled by police force. Just a few blocks over, where the population shifts to predominately white, college-aged young adults, the number of police cars seen decreases dramatically. In addition, the few establishments that had previously catered to QPOC have closed or moved a considerable distance away, making access to safe spaces much more difficult and sparse (Farrow). Because of the multiple minority groups that QPOC identify with, the members are subject to many tiers of discrimination....   [tags: discrimination, equality, rights, identities]

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Domestic Violence towards Queer Youth

- Domestic Violence towards Queer Youth “Psychological abuse from family members affects queer youth more than any other group of adolescents” (Young 1). “The constant assaultiveness of parents eventually is reflected in more ways than one in the behavior of children” (Kurland 10). Both statements refer to the old, yet still rising problem of domestic violence towards queer youth. Queer youth frequently face a variety of forms of domestic violence and attempt to cope with such forms; however, a situation similar to the aforementioned does not always work out well....   [tags: physical abuse, injustices]

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Queer Binaries in Kushner's Angels in America

- This paper will discuss Tony Kushner’s Angels in America - A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, published in 1992. The play gives insight into what it meant to be a gay American in the late 20th century showing accurate depictions of social, medical, religious, and political life. The importance of this play cannot be overlooked as even a decade after the premier, the play was dubbed as “one of the most important pieces of theater to come out of the late 20th century” (Odenwald). One question remains, is the play still relevant today....   [tags: literary analysis, gay fantasia]

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Gender, Politics, And The Ethics Of Queer Life

- An analysis of freedom would be incomplete if it failed to scrutinize the laws of a society that are meant to enhance and promote freedom and equality. Such analyses were undertaken by Catharine MacKinnon (Difference and Dominance: On Sex Discrimination) and Michael Warner (The Trouble with Normal: Sex, Politics, and the Ethics of Queer Life). Their works highlight the patterns of dominance over certain groups (namely women and homosexuals) exercised within the legal structures of society presiding over everything from the military to jobs and marriage....   [tags: Homosexuality, Gender, Marriage, Discrimination]

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Lgbtq, Gay, Bisexuality, Transsexuality, And Queer

- LGBTQ is an initialism for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuality, Transsexuality, and Queer. “Queer” is a nomenclature for unlisted orientations and identities, such as Pansexuality, Asexuality, Non-binary gender, and so on. Through the continued uses of employee discrimination, bisexual/non-binary erasure, prejudices from religious people, and general marginalization has created an atrocious environment for a lot of LGBTQ individuals. Employee discrimination occurs when an employer harasses or terminate an employee purely because of race, religion, gender, age, national origin, and/or disabilities....   [tags: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Gender]

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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and "Queer as Folk

- In 2003, NBC launched on one of its cable channels, Bravo, a reality-makeover show that became a national obsession. The show was "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Two years earlier, in December of 2000, Showtime produced what was to become one of the most controversial and popular television shows in the network's history: "Queer as Folk," inspired by the BBC original of the same name. Queer was here- in a big, bold way. These two pop culture phenomenon set up a discourse for the pivotal word in each title, "Queer." Examining both in the context of their own, self-prescribed language, begs the question, how is the term shaped by its invoker, and how in turn is the invoker shaped....   [tags: Sexuality Homosexuals Media Papers]

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AIDS: Keeping New Queer Cinema Alive

- AIDS: Keeping New Queer Cinema Alive “Queer Cinema is Back” – headlines the front page of the 2005 issue of the Advocate, signifying to a new flood of movies making way into theatres. Five years prior to this news release B. Ruby Rich, who coined the art as New Queer Cinema almost a decade earlier, declared that the cinema had co-opted into “just another niche market” dominated by popular culture (Morrison 135 & Rich 24). What had seemed to be a movement, turned out to be only a moment in the brief years between the late 1980s and early 1990s when the energies of queer theory, the furies of AIDS activism, the legacies of independent and avant-garde filmmaking, and the schisms of postmodern...   [tags: homosexuality, cinematography, inequality]

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Queer As An Umbrella Catch All Term For Any Individual

- Throughout this paper the word 'queer ' will be used as an umbrella catch all term for any individual who is not heterosexual or cisgender, and anyone in the LGBTQ spectrum. Queer will also be used as part of the methodology, it will represent "a moment of fissure when that which is normal is thrown into question...[and] set out the notion of queer as a way of denormalizing gendered heterosexuality." ( Li-Vollmer and LaPointe 92) Using queer examination of film, this paper will discuss and explore the struggle between normalcy and deviance....   [tags: Homosexuality, Gender, Transgender]

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Analysis Of Vicki L. Eaklor 's Queer America

- In Vicki L. Eaklor’s Queer America, the experiences of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people in the years since the 1970s gay liberation movement are described as a time of transformation and growth. The antigay movement, threatened, now more than ever, created numerous challenges and obstacles that are still prevalent today. Many of the important changes made associated with the movement were introduced through queer and queer allied individuals and groups involved in politics. Small victories such as the revision of the anti discrimination statement to include “sexual orientation”, new propositions regarding the Equal Rights Amendment and legalized abortion, were met in turn...   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Gay, Bisexuality]

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The Hours by Michael Cunningham

- In his novel The Hours, Michael Cunningham creates a dazzling fabric of queer references managing to intertwine the lives of three different women into one smooth narrative. In this essay, I will discuss what makes The Hours queer literature, how the novel has contributed to the queer genre, the cultural significance of the novel, and I will discuss several points made in Jeanette McVicker’s critical article “Gaps and Absences in The Hours.” My aim, however, is not to say that Michael Cunningham’s The Hours is strictly a queer novel, but to highlight what makes the novel queer and to discuss Cunningham’s idea of sexual orientation as a fluid entity....   [tags: The Queer Genre]

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Gender Stereotypes Of Women 's Queer Women

- Gendered Linguistic Stereotypes in Person of Interest’s Queer Women The increasing prevalence of non-heterosexual characters, especially women in well watched television shows has brought to the forefront the need to analyze this representation and the message it sends. Too often the beginnings of media representation are characterized by problematic tropes used to quiet the cries for representation without actually challenging the current stereotypes of modern society. Queer women are already much less represented than men and the lack of efficient terms in academia to refer to women in relationships that don’t both identify with the same sexual identity has until now made it hard to discu...   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Sexual orientation]

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I Watched At The Reelout Queer Film And Videofest

- The film I watched at the Reelout Queer Film and Videofest was Iskwewak Sakihitowin Kohchimilomatisin: Women Heal From Love Shorts Program. This movie portrayed nine distinct stories of Indigenous women who overcame their struggle. The first story, Leaks, follows the journey of a young Anishinaabekwe who encountered racism for the first time. Her mother decided it would be beneficial to be comforting towards the situation, instead of trying to shield her daughter from all of her difficulties. The next story, Fighter, depicts a young woman finding redemption through the sport of boxing, after being in an abusive relationship with her previous boyfriend....   [tags: Woman, Short story, Fiction, Indigenous peoples]

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Learning to Cook: Awakening Queer Tastes

- Learning to Cook: Awakening Queer Tastes The initial stages of vegetarian desire are characterized by what may be termed 'epicuriosity' on the part of the food consumer -- an inclination towards food pleasures beyond the meat-centred menus favoured by North Americans -- but often, the transition to a vegan or vegetarian diet is made difficult by the centrality of omnivorism within popular culture. From frozen TV dinners to foie gras, meat's accessibility as a convenient pre-packaged commodity means that animal products are the accepted norm....   [tags: Sexuality Homosexuality Essays]

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Amy Jessica Stein : Queer With A Strong Emphasis On Understanding The Fluidity Of The Term Itself

- Jessica Stein is queer under the definition of queer as a rejection of identities, sexual and other, that are deemed traditional – i.e. not homosexual, heterosexual or bi, but some convoluted mixture of them all. Vague in both definition and recognition, however, it is this indeterminacy that creates a non-specific overlay permitting a wide range of possibilities. Being queer is rebuffing what can be labeled, but being what you are and succumbing to what you desire. Kissing Jessica Stein tells the story of a conservative single woman in New York City, frustrated by her failure with men, until she meets Helen, a sexually overt woman....   [tags: Sexual orientation, Human sexuality]

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Personal Biography : A Queer Woman And Therefore Am Uniquely Situated As A Researcher

- Personal Biography There are two reasons why I would like to conduct the following research. First, I identify as a cisgender queer woman and therefore am uniquely situated as a researcher who could easily be a subject of the study I wish to facilitate. It is due to my queer identity that I decided to look further into the issues discussed below. After multiple instances where doctors made me feel uncomfortable, misunderstood, and alone during medical visitations I began to wonder if this was common....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Research, Physician]

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Butler 's Theory Of Bodily Representation Within The Queer Community

- Next, Butler theory suggest that bodily representation are subversive within sexual minorities. This in essence is Butler proposing that bodily representation within the queer community go against the social conventions which have been gendered by social norms. She states “Such acts, gestures, enactments, generally constructed, are performative in the sense that the essence or identity that they otherwise purport to express are fabrications manufactured and sustained through corporeal signs and other discursive means.” this points out performativity as being a key factor in social representation, the inner reality gets presented by the outer reality, although this suggests that ac...   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Sociology, Gender studies]

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Literary Review of Sexuality and Gender in Science Fiction Literature

- Literary Review My argument is that SF literature offers a utopian hope for the future where individual differences are no longer criticized. To conduct this literature review I used multiple information sources to examine issues of gender and sexuality within science fiction literature. None of these sources claim to have produced a conclusive work on the interpretation of gender and sexuality in SF. Some of what I have read seems to be a general overview while some is more focused, but everything clearly references other theorists, studies and texts to back up the arguments made....   [tags: Masculinity, Utopia, Queer Narratives]

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Cultural Competence, Dignity And Respect For Their Individuality

- This paper will focus upon resources in the Philadelphia area that provide services to individuals in the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) community. The primary focus being upon individuals who are transgender. Transgender individuals face a level of stigma and discrimination that far exceeds that of their(LGB) peers. Integration into the community is even more difficult and often puts them at risk for abuse from individuals who are transphobic (Nuttbrock,, 2015)....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Transgender, Queer]

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The Promise Of Gayness : Queers And Kin

- While the general knowledge of family is available and understood in many societies, the understanding of the those who identify as gay is still in the making its progress. Especially in a country like South Korea, where those who are gay are generally not accepted due to the conservative ideas of Korean society. In our class, we have discussed the importance of family and kinship in Korean society and history. However, the views of homosexuals and their roles and relationships remain to have a minor presence in society and are rarely discussed....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay, Queer]

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The Boundaries Of Normative Life

- Our understanding of the way we think is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of understanding our own society. It is for this reason that the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, and sociology are so incredibly important. Within these areas of study, the boundaries of normative life must fall away in order for us to truly understand our minds. When there is discrimination in a field as extensive as the understanding of the human psyche, we run the risk of wholly alienating entire segments of the population....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Gay, Queer]

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American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism

- American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism Works Cited Missing Nancy Ordover argues that current attempts to regulate marginalized social groups are eugenicist movements couched in new language. While "today, the preoccupation with immigrant fertility is couched in concerns over expenditures rather than in classic eugenicist worries over the depletion of the national gene pool" (54), that supposed strain on the national economy presented by immigration is still located in immigrant's reproduction, although it is less frequently explicitly the "whiteness" of the nation that is threatened....   [tags: Sociology Sociological Essays]

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What's Linguistic Reappropriation

- Linguistic reappropriation is when a word is used in a negative connotation in relation to a minority. These disparaging words have been labelled informally as slurs. A slur is defined as “an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo.” (Merriam-Webster,. n.d.) A minority party becomes oppressed through the use of these slurs because they often cause observers, not of that group, to view the minority differently often in a negative way. The view of outside parties coupled with the use of the word cause the oppressed group to have a sense of a lack of power....   [tags: slur, minority, queer, cunt]

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Declaration of Independence

- Declaration of Independence was written, by Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1776 when United States thirteen colonies claiming their separation from Great Britain. Today, there are still many issues people been debating on. I believe that immigrants and gay/lesbians should have equalities and independence of their own. Three articles I am going to talk about are “Queers”, published by the anonymously by Queers on June 1990, “An immigrant Manifesto” written by Jorge Ramos, and the last is “Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Address at Seneca Falls (1848) and Seneca Falls of Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions (1848).” Queer is another term for sexual minorities which consider gay, lesbian...   [tags: Queer, Immigrants, Homosexuals]

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Excluded Films: Blue Is the Warmest Colour

- What constitutes a ‘good’ queer cinema. The question is as ambiguous as the idea of queer theory, which in its actuality is characterized to be “…nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers. It is an identity without a [defined] essence”. The combination of queer theory’s fluid nature and the rather touchy subject of queer history often make it difficult to draw black and white conclusions on what discerns an exceptional queer film from a mediocre one. Blue Is the Warmest Colour, based on a graphic novel by Julie Maroh and directed by Abdellatif Kechiche....   [tags: Queer Cinema, Film Analysis, LGBTQ]

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How Queen's I Want to Break Free Video Explores Queerness in Relation to Queer Theory

- ... To summaries Cartwrights definition of essentialism, it is a way to identify and categorize entities such as art, objects, and people (615). In the case of queer theory, it attempts to complex both gender and sexual preferences. Dyer suggests that queer theory is completely the opposite of essentialism, that it is non-essentialist (Dyer, 2013, p. 12; 13). This idea of non-essentialism is what queer theory attempts to redefine the “nature of male and female, removing the social essences of masculine and feminine gender role conformity” (insert Dyer citation); queer is an “identity without an essence” (Peraino, 2003, p....   [tags: problems concerning burials]

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Queer As Folk Is A Television Show Produce By Showtime Network With The Collaboration Of Temple Street Production

- Queer As Folk is a fictional television show about four gay men who have been friends for a longtime. Set in Pittsburg, Pa characters include Mike the main character, his friend Brian the player and carefree, Ted the openly gay and very flashy and Amid, who is very smart and reserved. According to Wikipedia, Queer as Folk is a television show produce by Showtime Network with the collaboration of Temple Street Production. It was the first American television show about gay men and women....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT]

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Gay Rights Movements

- By now, unless one is living under some possibly metaphorical rock, everyone has probably heard about the gay rights movement/queer movement and heard all the sides of the homosexuality movement, ranging from 'Gay people should burn in Hell for their sins' to 'Equality for all sexualities and genders'. And the transgender movement is just starting to take off, starting with California passing a law which allows Trans* students to "participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities" ("California Law Allows..." 1)....   [tags: Queer Movements, Homosexual Movements, LGBTQ]

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Gothic review

- ‘To understand the chronicles they must be read as gay’ , at least this is the incredibly bold statement made by George Haggerty in his chapter on Anne Rice and the Queering of Culture in his book Queer Gothic. There is no denying that Anne Rice’s Vampires have a lot to do with homosexuality and Haggerty’s highlighting this is in no way a new criticism, but the claim that is must be read as gay is entirely dismissive of the many other sexual paradigms that exist within The Vampire Chronicles. To begin with, his referral of Lestat as a ‘gay predator’ seems unfair in its definition....   [tags: Queer Gothic, Anne Rice, ]

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I Am Queer

- Cheerleaders with beards strolled arm in arm down the street. "Women" with three-foot-high green bee-hives giggled at silver-lame suited space boys. Six-foot-five divas draped in sequins and heels and attitudes that extended around them like magical auras sauntered along, too beautiful, too glamorous, to even notice the ordinary people around them. But if a camera, glinting in the sunlight, caught their eyes, they turned fiercely, like dragons with glittering scales, not to attack, but to pose....   [tags: Personal Narrative Gay Lesbian Essays]

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The Stonewall Riots And The Gay Rights Movement

- Gays and lesbian in the early 1900s were thought of as burdens, sinful and unhuman. They had no rights and were unable to live their lives to the fullest due to the lack of acceptance in society. Raids of gay bars were not uncommon during the 1960s, but this one was different. Everyone felt the rage of that night and it inspired something great. They had to go through hardships in every aspect of their lives. Unable to work, enlist in the army, or even live their own lives due to the strict laws on sodomy, and the idea that homosexuality was a mental illness....   [tags: Homosexuality, Gay, LGBT, Queer]

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The Game Of Thrones : Gender, Sexuality, Class, And Social Stratification

- Game of Thrones: Gender, Sexuality, Class, and Social Stratification It is very common for several TV shows or movies to reflect real life society, depending on what genre. Game of Thrones, a TV adaptation of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series depicts our society very well; despite the fact that it takes place in a fantasy medieval-like land, called Westeros. This show puts an emphasis on both gender and sexuality, with men being dominant in that society while women are often referred to as the inferior....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Queer theory]

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My Post Secondary Education At Algonquin College And Then Furthered At The University Of Ottawa

- Prior to my post-secondary education I was not familiar with feminism or feminist studies. In my studies at Algonquin College and then furthered at the University of Ottawa, I was introduced to both of these concepts. I am in my last semester of my bachelors degree at the University of Ottawa in the Joint Honours of Criminology and Women 's Studies. Throughout this degree I have had the opportunity to develop an intersectional understanding of feminism through a number of courses: Indigenous Feminisms and Aboriginal Women (FEM 3108), Diversities of Women: Gender, Race, Class and (Dis)abilit (FEM 2107), Class, Work, Gender and (Re)production (FEM 2111)....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Gender studies]

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Dykes Organize: The Founding of the Lesbian Avengers

- Dykes Organize: The Founding of the Lesbian Avengers The Stonewall riots opened the doors to the rise and fall of numerous different homosexual actions groups. The differences in the groups were like night and day and the theories behind them changed with the times. In the 1990’s a group made its debut by coming out strong and forceful. Their handbook stated, “We need you. Because we are not waiting for the rapture. We are the apocalypse.” This became part of a dyke manifesto. A manifesto that changed lesbian views, a manifesto that brought with it a ‘fierce lesbian movement’, it brought confrontation to lesbian politics....   [tags: Essays Paper]

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Rubin 's Thinking Sex : Notes For A Radical Theory Of The Politics Of Sexuality

- Gayle Rubin’s “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality” focused on the history of sexuality and sexual persecution. Gayle Rubin recognizes the idea of sex as a natural force that exists prior to social life and which shapes institutions and society. First, Rubin, emphasizes the idea of negative sex, by showcasing views by other scholars. Rubin notes Foucault in his 1978 publication “The History of Sexuality”, as “sex as the natural libedo wearing to break free of social constraint” (Rubin, 149)....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Sexual orientation]

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Feminism And Gender Expression : Exploring Divas, Deviance And Diaspora

- HUSV2800 Sexualities and Gender Expression Exploring Divas, Deviance and Diaspora in Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora Shareeka Helaluddin Global Divas is a complex interlace of personal anecdotes, commentary embedded in a theoretical framework intersecting queer studies, postcolonial, diaspora, critical race and gender. Martin F. Manalansan works arduously to make apparent the world of bakla — a Filipino version of gendered and sexualised identity in the United States. Through this, we learn how these unique experiences are often erased, fetishised or tokenised in mainstream discourses of queer identities....   [tags: Gender, Gender identity, Homosexuality]

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Relationship Between Harley Quin And Poison Ivy

- When examining the many complicated relationships between the characters in the multiple batman universes, the relationship between Harley Quin and Poison Ivy in “Batman: The Animated Series,” specifically in the episode titled “Harley and Ivy,” is the one I found most fascinating. The personal backstories that they both have as individuals is already fascinating, but as their stories intertwine, things get even more intriguing. The two female villains officially meet for the first time in this episode, they join forces and become the “queens of crime,” while also opening the show, and TV industry, up to the queer audience....   [tags: Homosexuality, Gender, Gay, LGBT]

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Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's Tendencies: Queerness and Oppression

- Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's Tendencies: Queerness and Oppression Over the last two decades or so, the idea of queerness is one that has been utilized and considered by individuals and communities of marginalized sexualities and genders. The concept is one that has attempted to broaden and deconstruct traditional notions of gender and sexuality in order to include all of their incarnations as valid experiences and identities. Queerness endeavors to include all of those who feel they are a part of it yet, seemingly, not everyone can be queer without changing the very nature of queerness....   [tags: Sedgwick Tendencies Sexuality Essays]

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The Progression Of Social Movements

- The Progression of Social Movements We must not forget the foundation that the gay rights movement was built on in the victory of the legalization of same-sex marriage and we must continue to fight for rights of all marginalized groups. On June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that same-sex marriage would be legalized in all fifty states in the United States of America. This was accepted as a monumental milestone on the road to equality for the queer community, and while Timothy Stewart-Winter wouldn’t disagree, he does raise the concern that this may become the “swan song”-the swan song is defined as a person’s final public performance or professional activity before...   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay, Heterosexism]

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LGBTQ Are Still a Source of Conflict in Canada

- Pauline Rankin’s Sexualities and National Identities: Re-imagining Queer Nationalism focuses on the historical priorities of the Canadian government as well as society to re-examine the relationship between national identities and sexual minorities in the country today. Rankin’s focus looks predominantly at the role of women and the construction of their place within national discourse and queer nationalism, given a feminist analysis. The national identities found in Canada have always revolved around the regulation of the sexual preferences and practices of Canadians because it reflects a desire to understand what citizens are up to, even when it goes beyond the bounds of what is considered...   [tags: sexuality and national identity]

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Television Is The Media Of All Media

- Imagine living in a world that did not cater to you. A world that did not approve of the types of relationships you had or desired; a world that only used you for the punchline of a joke or for taboo sex appeal; a world that would rather pretend that you do not exist. For members of the LGBT community, this is their reality. Television shows, movies, music, advertisements — all of these mediums are most assuredly intended for a heterosexual audience. True, there are handfuls of television shows that have queer characters, but it is very rare for these television shows to be on primetime television....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Gay, Sexual orientation]

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Gender And Origin Of Gendered Behaviors

- Reflection Paper #1- Gender, theoretically speaking There are numerous theories for which we use to illustrate the nature and origin of gendered behaviors; these theories assist in the comprehension of gender in a practical light. With varying cultural views and categories of identity, theory allows us to explore all the approaches to understanding gender, gender identity, and how this affects our development. Among the numerous theories emerges the critical theories of gender, which analyzes how a specific group prioritizes their perspectives of gender while simultaneously attempting to advance dominant dogma....   [tags: Gender, Sexual orientation, Transgender]

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Homosexuality Must be Discussed in American Elementary Schools

- Wherever it has been established that it is shameful to be involved in homosexual relationships, this is due to evil on the part of legislators, to despotism on the part of the rules, and to cowardice on the part of the governed. -Plato Society is currently arguing over how to address the issue of violence against homosexuals. Many educators and activists suggest that the educational systems nationwide address the issues of sexual orientation in classrooms to combat stereotypes and myths that lead to violence against homosexuals....   [tags: Teaching Education Essays]

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Values in Urban Studies

- Introduction: In Urban Studies the two theoretical frameworks of positivism and standpoint ideologies hold slightly ontological and epistemological differences in the question of value free science. I will argue from a standpoint perspective that values do and should come into urban studies research because values allow us too empirically and rationally understand urban processes from the perspective of the liberation of gender and heterosexist oppression. First I will develop a working definition of positivist and standpoint frameworks....   [tags: Values Ethics Sociology]

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Social Psychology And Medical Concerns

- I. Introduction The 1990s marked a shift for transgender studies, especially in relation to the US context. Prior to this last decade of the 20th Century, psychology and medical concerns defined what it meant to be transgender. With the arrival of the 1990’s came “a new scholarship…informed by community activism” that disconnected the transgender experience from these structures and, linked to a queer theory-turn, relocate it in the individual themselves, “enabling trans men and women to reclaim the reality of their bodies to create with them what they would, and to leaves the linguistic determination of those bodies open to exploration and invention” (Whittle, 2006: xii)....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Gender identity disorder]

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Analysis Of Michael Warner 's ' The Fight Of Gay Marriage '

- Shame Isn’t Normal As someone who is asexual, this book was very hard for me to read and process because all of his main points revolve around societal pressures surrounding sex and how it encompasses every aspect of queer people’s lives. The author Michael Warner talks extensively about sexual shame and uses it as his framework to analyze those who want to fit into society, those who are less sexual and especially those who “apologize” for the push to legalize gay marriage. Our country has one of the most sexualized cultures in the world, yet our views on sex are very poor....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal?

- The Wedding Cake is Rotten 45 years after the historic Stonewall Rebellion, same-sex marriage has eclipsed all other LGBTQ campaigns as the single-issue that will bring us to “equality.” As a queer person who is not only invested in increasing my life opportunities but also that of my communities, I have come to reconsider my support for same-sex marriage. Like many of you reading this article, I really believed the hype around marriage as a mechanism for change that will parallel our experiences with our heterosexual counterparts....   [tags: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Family]

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The Normality Of ' Normal '

- The Normality of ‘Normal’ Throughout various mediums, queer and gender portrayals are not shown in the best light. Majority of media show clear negative connotations of homosexuals and queens while constantly being a target of discrimination and ridicule. Though as time went on many writers decided to speak up and gain awareness for queer and gender biases by incorporating messages of societal discrimination in their plays. Much of their ideals were that of how sexual/gender identity portrayal, lifestyle stigma, and preconceived notions of the homosexual community....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Gender identity]

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Gender And Sexuality : Sociological Research

- Gender and Sexuality in Sociological Research Gender and sexuality have been contested across fields for a long time now. Sociology has focused on gender and space, but not in conjunction, especially related to queer students. In addition to this, there is no generally accepted definition of queer, and it varies both between the disciplines as well as within them. However, it troubles “essentialist notions” of identity in lieu of a spectrum (Levy & Johnson, 2012). For the purpose of our paper, we chose to group together categories of sexual identity and gender identity into the all encompassing category of ‘queer.’ Anyone who identified as strictly both cisgender and heterosexual was placed...   [tags: Sociology, Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay]

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Negative Representations Of The Hip Hop

- The pivotal role that these disparaging remarks play in hip-hop politics speaks to the overall importance of heterosexuality in the hip-hop community, and only helps develop analysis on how inherently deviant a meaning is attached to gender norm violations and nonhetero representation (Hill, 2009). Homosexual slurs are used to denote more than an individual 's sexuality, rather they are markers of lack of integrity, failure, illegitimacy and phoniness (Hill, 2009). Penney (2012) writes that in order for the heteronormative hyper-masculine identity to be reinforced, the inferior, homosexual Other must be constantly disparaged and inferred through lyrics as a benchmark for legitimate membershi...   [tags: Gender, Homosexuality, Hip hop music, Gay]

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The Community Of The Lgbtq Community

- Each person in the LGBTQ community has different experiences growing up and sometimes they are great, however, often they are quite negative. Parents often skirt around the topic of homosexuality because they believe their children will not comprehend what it means. In formal education, children are taught heteronormative education that hardly benefits anyone who identifies as LGBTQ. In San Jose, sex education is mentioned briefly in 5th grade, 8th grade, and somewhat more in depth once a student takes their biology course in High School....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, High school]

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Canadian Drama

- The representation of queer culture within Canadian literature, and more specifically theatre, can vary based on the multiple means that the playwright chooses to animate. In this instance, by differentiating French Canadian and Western Canadian queer theatre, we are able to analyze what drives each cultural representation. Montreal had experienced gay liberation in the mid 70’s, and theatre was empowered by such a movement to captivate audiences with the idea of a gay individual rather than a stereotype....   [tags: Theater ]

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Analysis Of Rick Riordan 's ' Fantasy The House Of Hades '

- Queerness in Rick Riordan’s Mythological Fantasy Rick Riordan’s children’s fantasy The House of Hades (2013) revealed the first queer child in mainstream children’s fantasy: Nico di Angelo, the demigod son of Hades. Though Riordan’s novels revolve around largely Greco-Roman mythology, as well as Norse and Egyptian, The House of Hades was the first time queer themes from mythology made an appearance in his works. Since The House of Hades, Riordan’s novels have featured gay, bisexual, and transgender characters....   [tags: Transgender, Sexual orientation]

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Representation Of The Media And Pop Culture

- In class we watched The Celluloid Closet (1995) and discussed some current representation of the LGBT community in the media and pop-culture. As someone who grew up in India and identifies her sexuality as fluid or questioning depending how exact my answer needs to be, I was curious to analyze representation of LGBT or queer community in Indian popular culture and media. Through this paper I will try to compare the representation of the “other” in western and Indian media. While I am an avid critic and a skeptic of the Indian “Hindi” film industry, it is hard for me to ignore the cultural significance that Bollywood holds....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay, Bollywood]

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The Cultural Significance of The Hours

- In his novel The Hours, Michael Cunningham creates a dazzling fabric of queer references while intertwining the lives of three different women into one smooth narrative. In this essay, I will discuss what makes The Hours into a piece of queer literature, how the novel has contributed to the genre, the cultural significance of the novel, and several points made in Jeanette McVicker’s critical article “Gaps and Absences in The Hours.” My aim, however, is not to create the illusion that Michael Cunningham’s The Hours is strictly a queer novel but to highlight what makes the novel queer and to discuss Cunningham’s idea of sexual orientation as a fluid entity....   [tags: Homosexual Literature]

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Why Are Both Public and Private Interests within Cities Becoming Increasingly Supporting of Creating a Gay Space?

- Why are both public and private interests within cities becoming increasingly supportive of the creation of “gay space”. Based on the public interest, “gay space” is important to support creative and high-tech industries. San Francisco, Washington, and San Diego, are all designed as high-tech areas in United States. According to Harvard University economist Edward Glaeser’s statistical analysis, gay workers do a better job than heterosexual (?) individual (Gates & Florida, 2002). Thus, creating diversity and inclusiveness within the population of high-tech industry areas can help to attract creativity and talent in a wide labor pool....   [tags: diversity and inclusiveness, safer areas]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The 's ' Shake Your Tassels '

- Burlesque is its inception was a radical form of theatrical performance art and "the performances included a ' chaotic and nebulous combination of dancing, singing, minstrelsy (black face), witty repartee, political commentary, parodies of plays and scant clothing ' as well as cross dressing and comedy." (Nally, 2009) When you hear burlesque now the first thing that probably comes to mind is Dita Von Teese. The black hair, fair skin, sultry yet flirtatious aura, the 50s pin-up style that makes you wonder whether or not she’s found a time machine....   [tags: Black people, African American, White people]

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Embracing Subaltern Memory : Kinesthesia And The Problematics Of Gender And Race

- In her essay, “Embodying Subaltern Memory: Kinesthesia and the Problematics of Gender and Race,” Cindy Patton argues that Madonna’s cultural appropriation of Afro-Caribbean drag queen kinesthetics (and said community’s restylization of extensively choreographed posing for the fashion elite, of which Vogue belongs) perpetuated and reinterpreted the “memories of resistance” (Patton …) from the civil rights revolution exploding from the Stonewall riots, although in a necessarily muted form. Patton describes Madonna’s video as an example of “cultural imperialism” (86) in which Madonna co-opted voguing from black and Latino drag queens who used the dance-form which confronts the “realities of int...   [tags: Homosexuality, Gender, Transgender, LGBT]

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Social Interaction And The Culture Of The Drag Queens

- In 1968, Esther Newton work was one of the first major anthropological that studied the homosexual community in the United States. Newton’s PhD thesis “the drag queens; a study in urban anthropology” examined the experiences, social interaction and the culture of the drag queens. In various kinds of theatrical settings there were men who dressed and performed as women, or as an expression of their sexual identity (Newton, 1968). Later in 1972, she wrote the book “Mother Camp: female impersonators in America”....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality]

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The Catholic Church And The Lgbtqa Community

- For a long time there have been issues between the Roman Catholic Church and the LGBTQA community. Whether it be for LGBTQA rights to work in a place of worship, or to get married to the person they love, the two groups have always had conflicts. In order to understand why there are so many conflicts between the two groups, it is important that you understand what LGBTQA actually is. LGBTQA stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Ally. LGBTQA is a community of people who either support the queer lifestyle or are actually living as a queer person themselves....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Sexual orientation]

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Homosexualtiy and Heterosexuality

- Homosexuality and heterosexuality have become major subject matters throughout the early twenty-first century. However, these qualities have previously existed and have preoccupied the minds of countless theorists and critics for several years. Homosexuality is not only a common aspect in the twenty-first century world, but has also been developing into a literary critique know as “queer theory.” The theory consists of evaluating the unity between male and female counterparts within the same individual....   [tags: Twenty first Century, Culture, Society]

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Feminism And Its Impact On The Cancer

- As a transgender person, I also strongly connected with some of Audre Lorde’s discussion of womanhood and what that entails in The Cancer Journals. In this text, Lorde discussed her experience with misogyny following her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent mastectomy. She specifically discussed how societal norms pressure post-mastectomy women to wear a prosthetic breast of some sort, which, as Lorde points out, serves no purpose outside of aesthetic. Additionally, she mentioned that, as a Black Lesbian Feminist, she felt that her post-mastectomy concerns differed greatly from those of typical white heterosexual women and how those differences isolated her....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Woman, Sexual orientation]

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High Maintenance Is A Web Series

- High Maintenance is a web series which allows glimpses into people’s everyday lives in a diverse and insightful way. It is available on the website ‘Vimeo’, with four of the ‘cycles’ (seasons) available for free and the fifth one for a low price, with the episodes varying in length (usually shorter than 15 minutes). The series follows the character known as ‘The Guy’, a marijuana dealer who delivers to these people’s homes. Each episode features a different person, couple or group and “The Guy” acts as the audience’s ‘window’ to each, although he often features very little in each episode....   [tags: Time, Space, Protagonist, Spacetime]

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The Berdache of Early American Conquest

- The Berdache of Early American Conquest Methodological Introduction This paper attempts to link the facet of queer theory that explains gender and sexuality as culturally constructed identities, with the presence of the berdache in the New World at the time of the Spanish conquest. By analyzing the construction of gender and sexuality among the native peoples, in contrast to the ideologies of the Spanish, I found a clash arose which explained, in some sense, the incompatibility of the two cultures....   [tags: Spaniards Spanish History Essays]

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