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Use of Photographs in This Is a Photograph of Me and Photograph, 1958

- Use of Photographs in This Is a Photograph of Me and Photograph, 1958          At first glance, "This Is a Photograph of Me" by Margaret Atwood and "Photograph, 1958" by Patricia Young are strikingly similar works in that both poems utilize the imagery of a photograph as a communication device however, upon closer examination  they differ markedly in the approach each poet takes in utilizing this same device.  The similarities between these two poems are immediately obvious to the reader; both poems are written by female poets,  both poems have the poet as the speaker,  both poems describe how the poet feels about herself, and both poems utilize the photograph as a device to convey their...   [tags: Photograph]

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Franklin, Rosalind (1920 - 1958)

- Franklin, Rosalind (1920 - 1958) Franklin was a Londoner by birth. After graduating from Cambridge University, she joined the staff of the British Coal Utilisation Research Association in 1942, moving in 1947 to the Laboratoire Centrale des Services Chimique de L'Etat in Paris. She returned to England in 1950 and held research appointments at London University, initially at King's College from 1951 to 1953 and thereafter at Birkbeck College until her untimely death from cancer at the age of 37....   [tags: Papers]

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The Notting Hill Race Riots 1958

- The Notting Hill Race Riots 1958 Source Based Source A is a piece from an article which appeared in Searchlight Magazine in 1999. The author is trying to convey that the Notting Hill race riots were a turning point in race relations in Britain. This source was written by Gary Macfarlane who is most likely anti-Nazi as he wrote this article for an anti-Nazi magazine, this fact establishes that he is for race relations and immigration but might exaggerate how bad his right wing oppositions are....   [tags: Papers]

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The Photograph By Bob Willoughby

- Photography The photograph was taken by an artist, Bob Willoughby, from the United States of America who lived between the years 1927 – 2009. It captures Frank Sinatra on The Set Marriage on the Rocks, 1965. The photograph was printed on 9-9-15 on paper 20 by 24 inches. The image measures 16 by 22 inches. Aesthetic Aspects The entire photograph is not only striking buts also subtle in the way it deals with the subject matter; the image of the lonely man. It is evident that the photograph has an eye for depth; however, he could benefit more by lighting all sections of the photographs....   [tags: Photography, Camera, Photograph, Image]

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Photograph From The Dockweiler 's Personal Family Photo

- Besides the story that the photo is telling, a closer observation of the photo is also crucial in deciphering what the photographer was trying to create. One minute before the photograph was captured, I can envision Gay measuring out the camera to make sure that the horizon would be level to create an illusion that the photo was a single entity and not poorly stitched as six different photos. To conclude on this photo, although it is not a direct story of a person, the images itself allows me to vision my own interpretation on what Gay was trying to accomplish....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Camera, Subject]

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The Pros and Cons of Photograph Alteration

- The use of today’s photography technology invites many controversial arguments among the public. Some people have no problem with manipulated pictures, others believe that editing the picture of human being means not to appreciate human as God’s creature. It is commonly known that the majority of the pictures in magazines, billboards, and advertisements in public areas must have gone through the professional photo editing process to be maximized in effectiveness. The pictures are retouched so that it looks much more lively and delightful than the original ones....   [tags: photography]

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Different Styles Of Taking A Photograph

- INTRODUCTION This essay will discuss and compare two different styles of taking a photograph. The first part of this essay will in depth look into and explore more about spontaneous photography and how Bressons view on the decisive moment is relevant in this matter. In the second part this essay will go deeper in to the narrative world of staged photography. The opposite of a candid and spontaneous photograph. The two genre of photography are far from each other, but where goes the line between the one or the other, and can they ever overlap each other....   [tags: Photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson]

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Photography Is An Art Of Photography

- Today the internet is filled with pictures, they’re all around us. But what most of the world doesn’t realize is that there is a difference between picture-taking and photography. To take a picture, all you have to do is point and shoot. Picture taking has no artistic value. Photography is an art, and like any other kind of art, it takes meticulous practice. Just as anyone can take a picture, though, anyone can learn the art of photography. Here are a few tips and tricks that, along with a little practice, will have you on your way to becoming a master of photography....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Rule of thirds, Camera]

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On Photography by Susan Sotag

- Between 1500 and 1900, paintings and drawings were the main medium of visual art. They represented the universe based on the author’s imagination and technical skill. However, the birth of photography presented new possibilities and a new means to depict and show an accurate, complete and ‘authentic’ reproduction of reality. Based and inspired by Susan Sontag’s book, On Photography, this essay will discuss and explore the notion of the authentic image as well as what makes for an authentic photograph....   [tags: photography, image, photograph]

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Modern Day Landscape Photographs By Carol Franc Buck

- Carol Franc Buck, Kat Martin, Millee Tibbs, and John Pfahl are a handful of photographers that are associated with altered landscapes. Altered Landscapes are photographs depicting scenery that tricks the mind into seeing something that’s not necessarily there. These types of photographs transform our mind into seeing something at a different range, then it actually is or even changing the scene by adding additional images. These four artists work in a similar way, with a similar subject, to create beautiful landscapes that are highly unique....   [tags: Photography, Image, John Pfahl, Photograph]

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Sontag 's Photography On Power

- 1. Sontag relates photography to power in many ways. Beginning with how the artist are taking pictures that are like little pieces and moments of the world that they captured and are thought to be holding them. Though causing the viewer to have the feeling to be able to collect the images of the world, which would provide the feeling of power. Another way that Sontag relates photography to power in the way that the life span of photographs trumps the life span of movies and television shows....   [tags: Photography, Camera, Photograph, Image]

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Childhood Purity vs. Knowledge of Maturity: Review of Photograph Virginia at 6 by Sally Mann

- Sally Mann has a gift of pushing buttons—critics and random people alike. Whether those buttons ignite a flame of hate or generate a spark of fascination, a strong reaction is guaranteed. Mann, once again, delivers a thought-provoking piece with Virginia at 6, where she effectively manages lines, value and contrast to illustrate a stimulating battle between childhood purity and the vanity and knowledge that comes with maturity. In Virginia at 6, Virginia, the child, poses nude with her arms comfortably shaped in a triangle over her head, body determinedly arched....   [tags: photograph, lines, youth]

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Wedding Photographers : Photography Style

- Interviewing a wedding vendor is as imperative as the wedding day of an engaged couple. Couples invest a substantial amount of time and effort into planning a wedding, that they will want every vital moment captured for their photo album. Engaged couples need to be thoroughly familiar with their selected photographers by asking detailed questions about the vendor 's business. This article shares Grand Lens Photography 's five most important questions to ask wedding photographers. 1) Photography Style Have the photographer describe their photography style and request to see a portfolio to detect if they are an appropriate vendor for the wedding....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Wedding, Photographer]

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Use Of Photography During The Death Of His Mother Henriette

- Term punctum in relation to photography was first coined by Barthes in the 1977 after the death of his mother Henriette. At this time he began writing Camera Lucida, which is a simultaneously an inquiry into the nature and essence of photography and a eulogy to Henriette. Barthes has lived most of his life with her and two had a very strong bond. Following her death, Barthes sets on a quest of finding his mother again in the old photographs and attempted to explain a unique significance a picture of her as a child carried for him....   [tags: Photography, Emotion, Image, Photograph]

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How Photography Became An Accepted Form Of Art

- The purpose of this paper is to explain how photography became an accepted form of art, as this was accomplished by Gaspard-Felix Tournachon. This was accomplished based on continuous experimentation of techniques to develop photographs, and how he had set up his environments to emphasize the subject and it’s beauty. Though Gaspard was more interested in caricatures and journalism, he decided to apply photography as a rapid form to create caricatures (Janson, 2012) after a friend convinced him to consider the possibility....   [tags: Photography, Portrait, Daguerreotype, Photograph]

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Michael Kenna 's Journey Of Photography

- Michael Kenna is a photographer from Widens, Lancashire who moved to San Francisco in 1977(“Michael Kenna”, Joseph Bellows Gallery). When he moved to San Francisco, he realized that there were hundreds of galleries in San Francisco where he could display and sell his work (“Michael Kenna”, Joseph Bellows Gallery). This is when Michael Kenna’s journey of photography began. He knew he loved photography, but needed to figure out what he loved to photograph. What he didn’t know was that when he figures out what he loved to photograph it would make his work that much better....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Shutter speed, Exposure]

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Photography Is A Wide Area With Multiple Different Sub Sections Involved

- Documentary photography is a wide area with multiple different sub sections involved; these include portraiture, landscape, social documentary and photojournalism. There is also room to expand into travel. As this genre of work is such a large area it allows me to look at many different areas to explore multiple channels. This sort of photography should have a narrative side to taking pictures. The images that are captured should be able to tell a story and the viewer will be able to gain an insight to what the images show....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Rule of thirds]

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I Have Been Working On Photography Ever Since I

- 1. I have been working on photography ever since I was in middle school. It is a passion that comes naturally to me. It is an innate instinct for me to be walking around and see a perfectly composed scene to photograph. I always bring my camera with me whenever I go and if I go venturing around with my friends. I was motivated to use photography to cover my topic of humanism, because I felt that it expresses humans the most. It can show strangers and friends surrounded by their environment and in the midst of their own candid actions....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Camera, Nature]

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The Importance of Photography

- Everywhere you look one thing is common, photographs. People not only use photography to document events and milestones, they use to enhance the beauty of their surroundings. From pictures of quiet country streams and cute animals to family photographs, almost every public space has some kind of photograph as decoration. Photography is much more than taking simple pictures, as a career a photographer must know technical information about lighting, posing, choosing subjects and framing shots. Equipment care is another facet of photography that requires technical knowledge beyond what the amateur needs....   [tags: George Eastman, camera, photograph]

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The Truth Is in the Photograph

- Can you imagine the horrible living conditions The Drought caused in rural America during the Great Depression. "[Agriculture] produced the very stuff of life on which... the nation's industry, society, and culture fed, physically and even psychologically" The Drought first evoked on the eastern area of our country in 1930, by 1934 it reached southern and Midwestern America. The Drought was caused by poor farming techniques, farmers would over harvest, plant and plow and allow their cattle and sheep overgraze which caused the land to become weak....   [tags: drought, dust, bowl, farming, poverty]

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Why is Retouching Photographs Necessary?

- ... Photographers also change images for the benefit of advertisements for name brand companies. Many consumers ranging in all ages browse online for clothing and will notice a difference from the model’s body versus the average person’s body. These images are creating a new standard of a typical person. Consumers may believe that these bodies look healthy, yet in reality, they are unreal and nearly impossible to attain. Editors for fashion companies will manipulate a body in such a way that makes the clothing look alluring....   [tags: manipulating photographs, modeling]

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The Invention Of Photography : An Accurate Depiction Of A Real Life Scene

- The invention of photography was a marvelous thing indeed. Gone were the days of standing still for hours on end whilst being meticulously painted by a master craftsman. Photography gave the chance to achieve a perfect representation of a scene within just a few minutes. By capturing a perfect image, there are no mistakes or artistic license that can be made. The truth is though, that image tampering has been around for almost as long as photography itself. Many people blame Photoshop for enabling the doctoring of images, when really it’s nothing but a digital work environment to accomplish many of the same effects people have been achieving with film for years....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, American Civil War]

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A Photograph Of The Garden

- For this short analysis, I will consider Collier Schorr’s “In the Garden (Karin in Grass),” a photograph, for how it appears concerned with the (potentially) manmade confusion between what is real and natural, and what is artifice. At stake is the claim that humans are quite responsible for the rigid distinctions used to separate, identify, and qualify gender and, more poignantly, beauty. To begin in terms of formal components, Schorr frames his shot in what looks like an unremarkable field: There stands a tree in the immediate background, behind the subject who lay sprawled over long grass....   [tags: Male, Gender, Person, Female]

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The Development of Photography

- Photography has developed immensely throughout the years, and will continue to develop through the use of digital cameras, the constant sharing and sending of photographs, and the availability of editing. Photography is a wonderful tool. Photography helps us document our lives, and remember past experiences. Photography has had a long journey from the very first photograph, to the constant sharing of digital photos, and who knows what the future of photography holds. Light is the basis of photography....   [tags: photograph, camera, editing, digital camera]

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Observation of a Photograph

- Observation of a Photograph Observation is a valuable and rich source for gathering data for a qualitative study. It offers the researcher firsthand insight into a phenomenon by personally experiencing the same through his/her five senses (Creswell, 2013). It not only provides an inquirer with the opportunity to document participants, activities, settings, behaviors, and other aspects by directly observing them, but also permits him/her “to better understand and capture the context within which people interact” (Patton, 2002, p....   [tags: researcher, details, setting]

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The Advancement of Photography

- People see pictures every day and everywhere. They are in the newspapers, on wall as art, on billboards too. Photographs didn’t exist not long ago but when they were developed they took the world by storm. Nearly 200 years later people have cameras in their phones and can print pictures wirelessly straight from our phones or cameras. The invention of photography was an advancement that not only changed humanities but also changed the world as it evolved. Photography was developed towards the end of Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the Victorian Era....   [tags: Photography]

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Raymond Carver's poem Photograph of My Father In His 22nd Year

- The Theme of Raymond Carver's poem "Photograph of My Father In His 22nd Year" Growing up we all had expectations of who we should be imposed upon us by our parents. Whether or not we achieved those expectations upon reaching adulthood isn't really the final outcome. There is a greater lesson learned regardless of how we benefited from the imposition. And that realization is what truly shapes our final character. Raymond Carver entertains this topic in his poem, "Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-second Year." In this poem Carver provides us with a beautifully touching slice of life that is not only flawless in writing and technique, but that connects and emotionally evokes...   [tags: Photograph of My Father In His 22nd Year]

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Wisdom of Parents in the Poem, Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second Year

- Wisdom of Parents in the Poem, Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second Year We have all grown up hearing our parent's advice "Do as I say, not as I do". When your parents give this advice you do not always listen at first, but later on in life you may catch yourself using it. I believe it is very important value, respect and listen to what your parent's say; their experience with life is their major tool in shaping their children into adults. Parents have lived life longer than their children that is a fact....   [tags: Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second Year]

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The History of Photography and the Camera

- Photography has come a long way from the first camera all the way until today. In this essay I’ll begin by explaining how the first aspect called the Camera Obscura started. The Camera Obscura was first developed and explained in ancient times during the 4th and 5th centuries B.C. It was first developed by the Chinese and Greeks and also later studied by other philosophers in Ancient Times. It is used to create images that are transmitted through a pinhole camera on a wall that is in a darkened room....   [tags: Photography]

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Edmund Muskie's 1958 Senate Campaign

- Elections are a fundamental part to American politics. There are a lot of factors that play into how elections carry themselves, but what is more important is the work that goes into preparing for them. The elections are like the Baseball World Series and the campaigning is all the training that you have done before hand. Elections are the important part of the game, but without all the campaigning that is done there can be no elections. Candidates are wise and know that campaigning is a true make or break when it comes time to vote....   [tags: Political Science]

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Photography: The History and Everyday Use

- “Art is not to be found by touring to Egypt, China, or Peru; if you cannot find it at your own door, you will never find it.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson . Although many might think that it is a waste of time and money, photography is a great hobby that people should try. However, even if someone has different opinions, they must consider that photography is steadily on its way to becoming a worldwide everyday use, and is already part of the American culture. Who has contributed to the making of the modern camera in earlier times....   [tags: Photography]

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Roger Scruton on Photography

- In Roger Scruton's Photography and Representation the author establishes the idea that ideal photography is not art. In the same breath he says that ideal photography is not necessarily an idea which photographers should strive, nor does it necessarily exist. Yet, he bases his argument upon the ideal. In reviewing his paper, I’ll take a look at why he painstakingly tries to make this distinction between ideal painting and ideal photography. His argument is based upon the proposition that photographs can only represent in a causal fashion, whereas painters create representational artwork via intentional relations....   [tags: Photography]

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A Portrait Of A Photograph By Errol Morris

- A Salute to a Father Aka President of the United States A picture should become a photograph, it should tell a story. A photograph can be a flashback that can be captured in a person 's mind forever. In Errol Morris ' book, (193). In a way, he may be concluding that some people see through lies, some see what they want to see, but most people do not even bother to look. In telling the story of a photograph, the photographer may not only show it was real with just capturing a picture. They can talk about what led to taking the picture in different ways....   [tags: John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination]

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Shaping Perception through a Photograph

- Against a bleak backdrop, U.S troops stand thrusting an American flag into the grey skies. The shards of wreckage at their feet speak of the arduous journey these soldiers had taken to reach the summit of the mountain. Despite the grim setting on the ground, the American flag waves on in a perfect manner swaying along with the wind gusts. As a photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal in 1945, this image of U.S troops raising a flag in Iwo Jima during World War II served as a symbol of hope and victory for the American public during the gruesome end to war....   [tags: Susan Sontag's essay]

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Analysis Of ' A Protest Photograph '

- Sometimes an image can say more than a thousand words. A protest photograph shows a mix of emotions and events that can help to build up our understanding on the event, or the complete opposite. It can burst curiosity to know more about determined occasion, what originated the protest, and what happened afterwards. I came across a particular protest photograph that caught my attention. It is composed by a diversity of women. When looking at it for the first time, my eyes settled in words written in the women’s bodies....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault]

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Visual Analysis of Davis's Photograph

- Memories can be as short-lived as the moments that created them. The recollection of events and the deterioration of memories over time is a constant process that cannot be stopped. This inevitable passing of memory is fused to the inevitable passing of human life. Emily Davis’s still life photograph of wineglasses is reflective and fragmented, allowing the image to act as a metaphor for this fleeting aspect of memory through its own memory-like qualities. The photograph is also symbolic of the transience of human life through the use of the traditional symbol of the wineglass, ultimately serving as memento mori....   [tags: Art Analysis]

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Garry Winogrand: The Godfather of Street Photography

- In the early 1960s, most photographs were taken for a purpose, and that purpose was for news articles, magazines, or advertisement. There was very little consideration of photography as art. This change in the way photography was approached was in large part to photographers such as Garry Winogrand, who turned photography into an art. Winogrand symbolized a new generation of photographers on the rise in the mid-1960s known as “street photographers.” While each photo is of simple, everyday life, they each contain an individual message and meaning much deeper than what was seen through the lens....   [tags: Photography]

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History Behind The 3d Photograph

- The history behind the 3D-photograph is how Parisians have changed over the century as well as their architecture. The late 1800’s saw globalization becoming a popular idea shared by many, new industries were popping up such as coal, mass production of clothing, and this photograph best represents the change in Paris from then to now. Where you see people wearing similar variations of the same clothing back then, but now with over a hundred years of mass production of clothing as we see with the older photo, in the modern era we now able to mass produce several variations of clothing as seen with the people on the bottom right....   [tags: Paris, Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel, Clothing]

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Ideology of the Photographs: Thinking with Sontag and Butler

- When I considered at first to discuss the role of photography and frame as evidence and their limitations, keeping in mind Butler’s argument regarding the visual modes of regulation of reality, the first problem that came up before me was: would it be something futile and an imposition of meaning on something which is by nature to be seen. But Butler’s claim regarding the way suffering is presented to us through the framing of reality in a certain way – for example, “embedded reporting” and our ethical response to it – prompted me to address certain questions involving the frame and its role in establishing or not establishing legal, political and ethical responsibility....   [tags: photography, frame, Auschwitz, human suffering]

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War Photograph and War Photographer

- “Feeling sorry for her”. Kate Daniels uses the iconic photo of the child, hurt in a napalm attack on a Vietnam village who is screaming in pain and fear, to show the extent of the suffering that innocent civilians have to go through in war time. She wants people to be aware of the pain and to show what the reality is like for them in the war, focusing on the horrors in particular. The poem uses this to instil emotions such as sympathy and compassion but also to make people feel appalled by the war....   [tags: Horrors of War]

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Modern Photograph and Realism

- ... There is contrast between textures of liquid water, grainy dirt, smooth plants, and the hard rough mountains. In 1930, Walker Evans beautiful yet haunting photograph, "Factory Street in Amsterdam, New York,” documents the effects of the great depression. This image almost looks like an alley. Due to the wet glossy floors you can tell it was previously raining. The first thing to catch your attention is the long road receding infinitely, leading your eyes from the foreground to the background creating maximum depth of field like in Shore's photo....   [tags: change, happiness, love, freedom, social]

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Photograpy Advice

- This 4th of July I went to L.A. with my roommate to visit his family. I had been promising myself that I would go to the Queen Mary in Long Beach for the last three times I was in L.A. and this time I was determined to go. So After I had seen the fireworks at the La Verne high school. (Click to enlarge photos.) 4th of July at La Verne Senior High I went to the Queen Mary, it was fantastic. After spending almost a full day on the ship, I decided to go to a camera store before I went back to where I was staying....   [tags: Photography]

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The Birth of Photography

- The Birth of Photography goes way back to the very early stages of it’s development, in 1565 it was found that certain silver salts turned black when open to an element, which at this time they believed to be air. It wasn’t until mid 1720’s when they discovered it was in fact light that reacted with the salts to turn them black; this led to numerous amounts of unsuccessful trials at capturing images in a lasting, photochemical form. Many scientists, amateur inventors and artists passionately pursued developing this form throughout the 29th century....   [tags: Photography Essays]

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Dramatic Photographs of the Civil War: Hanging at Washington Arsenal

- ... These two images represent people who conspired to kill President Lincoln. The images that I have chosen and the two images to me are similar because they represent the life of a person. They represent the sadness and the distraught that some people just have to go through every day of their lives. Now the difference between my images and Gardner’s images are different because the people shown in mine are not prisoners. They are people who have disabilities and struggle from day to day whereas Gardner’s images showed people dying and being hung as well as handcuffed waiting to die....   [tags: photography, photojournalism]

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Whether Photography Limits Understanding

- Photography is defined at the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. To understand photography is having insight or good judgment to know how to take the picture, but also edit it if need be. Does photography limit our understanding of the world. What some people haven’t realized is that photography is all around us, whether it is in the person’s mind to see it or not. While we see photography throughout our daily routine, people dismiss the small types of photography and focus on the bigger sceneries like other countries beautiful cities and landscapes....   [tags: Practice, Taking, Processing, Photographs]

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The Power of the Photograph

- The Power of the Photograph On the wall of my dorm room hangs a photograph that was taken at my paternal grandmother’s house. I’m on Grandma’s lap, and my sister is on the floor. I appear to be about two or three years old. It is after supper, and Grandma is reading to me.      This photograph is interesting to me because it reflects two points that Michelle Citron makes in her book, Home Movies. First, the person taking the picture is asserting control over the interpretation of the memory. Second, there are clues within the frame that signify what has actually been left out of the frame....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Art of Photography

- I look at a photograph I took this past summer when my family was on vacation on Block Island. I remember when I took it: on a hike with my mother and aunt. I see the dusty dirt road sunken on either side- testimony to the tires that groove the path daily. I hear the crunch of the leaves and rocks underneath my sneakers, browned by collected sand and dirt. I remember looking into the distance towards the ocean and thinking to myself “Hey- that would make a good picture.” I remember that I laughed a lot because it was one of those days....   [tags: Photograph Photographer Artwork]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' A 1958 Plymouth Fury ' By Stephen King

- Christine by, Stephen King, Published, 1983 A 1958 Plymouth Fury, named Christine sets in a junk yard with a for sale sign. A boy named Arnie, with nothing going for him, besides harassment and daily assaults from bullies is in search of something, but what. Not until his best friend Dennis and himself are driving home from school, does he notice the red beauty, practically calling his name. He believes it is meant to be and goes against his best friend’s advice and purchases the breakdown car....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart]

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20th Century Photography: Documentary Art

- With the advancement of photography throughout the early 19th century, opportunities arose more frequently for photographers; both amateur and professional, to shoot what they saw fit. Very frequently, humans were the subjects of early daguerreotypes, and later dry-plates, for a number of different reasons. A daguerreotype held a special sentiment with people who viewed them, and it was a popularly held consensus that photographs literally held onto and saved the very essence of a loved one after their death....   [tags: architecture, photographs, walker evans]

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Progression of Photography

- Photography is an affection, a craving and an addiction. It is impossible to explain why people love taking photos, but once people are engaged in photography professionally, nothing will stop them. It has always been a great magic and momentous secret which opens the world to the people, which makes us look at the things used to be taken for granted with special attitude, which makes us ponder over the existing problems. Photography can truly be considered a magical act – here is a little black box that can capture the images of people and wild animals, strange places, and loved ones on a rectangular piece of paper that can be viewed days and years later....   [tags: History of Photography]

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A Portrait Of A Photograph Taken By Cary Wolinsky

- The piece of work that I decided to look at was Right to Life, a photograph taken by Cary Wolinsky in 2011. The piece was showcased in a room along with several other photograph pieces by the artist and a selection of some of the objects or clothes that were important parts of her pictures. This picture Right to life was one of the many photographs by this artist that I saw that day that really enjoyed. The piece really made me think because they point towards very controversial subjects in photograph....   [tags: Human rights, Abortion, Capital punishment]

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Cameras and Photography

- What do you consider art. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, or maybe something else. I know, when I think of art, I think of photography. Photography Is used for business, science, manufacturing, art, recreational purposes, mass communication, and more. Photography is using light to do amazing things, and some people think of photography as a story that just needs to be told. Ansel Adams probably believed this. He said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Photography has a long interesting history, like the fact that the word photography is made up of two greek words, photos meaning ‘light’ and graphein which is ‘to draw’ ....   [tags: History of Photography]

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The Life and Photography of Eugene Atget

- Eugene Atget was born February 12, 1857 in France. He was a photographer known for his photographs documenting the street scenes and architecture of Paris. Eugene Atget was born right outside the French city of Bordeaux. He was orphaned at age seven and raised by his uncle. After finishing his education in the 1870s, Atget briefly became a cabin boy and sailor on different boats sailing in the Transatlantic. After that, Atget became an actor, but only received bit parts at a second-rate repertory company....   [tags: biography, photography]

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The Relationship of Photographs, History, and Memory

- The Relationship of Photographs, History, and Memory Abstract: This essay reflects on the relationship of photographs, history, and memory based on a found and mutilated photo album. Photographs provide opportunities for disrupting and restructuring history with their attraction to memory; they privilege the subjective, creative power of the personal explanation and provide an emotional and even ideological grounding for memory. Photographs as manifestations of memory assist in the process of understanding the present....   [tags: Image Photography Memory]

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The Invention Of Skateboarding Photography

- (Eppridge 2012) (Figure 1) (Blabac 2012) (Figure 2) Skateboarding photography has changed immensely since the 1960s due to the advancement in technology and change in photographic technique. Despite what most people think, skateboarding photography is an extremely difficult and artistic form of photography that not only requires a skilled photographer, but also requires the knowledge of a skateboarder to know how these photos should look. (Refer to figures 1 and 2) In the 1960s skateboarding was hardly seen let alone photographed, but in todays society skateboarding has become one of the most popular action sports in the world with a need for photographers to capture these amazing tick...   [tags: Photography, Camera]

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The Filming And Photography Industry

- In the filming and photography industry, they are concepts that can be shared but also as well be quite different. Each industry works differently from each other. However, they need each other. Indeed, a picture a cannot tell the same story as film or video and vice versa. That is what make these two industries make people have different interpretations from their work. The similarities between these two industries are long due to the amount ideas and basics that these two industries share. The foundations are ISO, aperture, focus, shutter speed, lens, and manual mode, and as well the camera....   [tags: Photography, Camera]

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Implication of Border Security and Photography

- ... Nowadays, the recollections of photography taken in the past, have been reexamined, and are considered to have a large impact on society today. These images help create a linkage and educate those who were not present at the time of the event. An example of this are, war images, from the Holocaust, WW1 and WW2, which have stirred emotion amongst those who comes across it. This can be illustrated when Susan Sontag felt, when she first saw the photographs of the holocaust. She quoted one of the ‘best known contemporary statements ‘When I looked at those photograph, something broke’ This reaction shows the impact photographs, a recollection of memories, from a significant event has on indi...   [tags: photography as social aid]

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The Physics of Photography

- The Physics of Photography The general population has become so accustomed to their simple point and shoot cameras that they do not either notice the poor quality of images that they are producing or do not have the knowledge to produce better images. For those who desire to take better photographs, photography will be an exciting life long adventure. There are many aspects to consider when taking a photograph. A good photograph is well thought out before the photographer snaps the shutter....   [tags: Pictures Photographs Careers Essays]

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Darkroom vs. Digital Photography

- Darkroom vs. Digital Photography A hot topic among photographers is the ongoing debate of darkroom and digital photography. There are never ending lists of pros and cons for each method of photography, each fuelling the long lasting arguments. For a more thorough understanding of the two alternatives, a basic overview of how film cameras operate in comparison to digital cameras is given. Secondly, the pros and cons of darkroom photography are listed and examined. Thirdly the pros and cons of digital photography are also listed and depicted in an unbiased fashion....   [tags: Photography, Cameras]

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Manchester United Plane Crash in 1958

- Manchester United Plane Crash in 1958 Introduction: My talk is about the Manchester United Plane Crash in 1958 and about the people who died on the plane. Before the Crash: In the early 50’s, Manchester United built itself up under the watchful eye of Sir Matt Busby mainly through a successful youth training policy....   [tags: Papers]

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Photography Is A Matter Of Life

- Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface as film or an optical sensor, (Webster). Over the years, photography has grown, and evolved, and impacted our lives more than ever. It can evoke emotions, and force us to act… by seeing photographs of war, or child labor the need to stop war and child labor is brought to life. It can be a matter of life or death; it can save our lives. Such as when you go to a doctor and they take a scan of your brain or body, and find cancer or a tumor you didn’t know you had but could affect your life....   [tags: Photography, Camera, United States]

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Fashion as Fashion Photography

- Fashion is an evolving subject. Fashion Photography, as Fashion itself has transformed too. The way Fashion Photography has changed a lot to what it was and what it is now. And yes it would have changed as a lot has transformed through the years of fashion. Fashion Photography’s meaning and representation has changed in a way that the image represents something that sometimes is not realistic, Photography as an illusion. Fashion Photography has changed in the way we look at it know, it has changed gender issues, sexuality, ethnicity and the way the body has been portrayed....   [tags: Fashion, Fashion Photography, ]

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Women Of Vision At The Carnegie Museum Of Natural History

- Women of Vision Women of Vision is an exhibition being held at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s R. P. Simmons Family Gallery, September 24, 2016 through January 8, 2017. “Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment” highlights the influential photography of 11 award-winning female photojournalists. This traveling exhibition features nearly 100 photographs, including moving depictions of far-flung cultures, compelling illustrations of conceptual topics such as memory and teenage brain chemistry, and arresting images of social issues like child marriage and 21st-century slavery....   [tags: Photography, Photograph]

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Negatives And Negatives Of Photography

- 1.Same as everything else Photography have some positive and negative impacts. It really depends how we use this technology. A positive example can be the picture of earth taken out of space. For the first time we could see how Earth look like from another planet. another advantage of photography is valuable source of record and it also show emotions and feeling. Its very easy to see the emotions like sadness, happens and other emotions in the photo. It can give us a new experience for example the picture of Earth....   [tags: Photography, Image, Camera obscura]

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Photography Of The Modern World

- In today 's day and age, we are constantly bombarded by images from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. My point is images are at a point where they are unavoidable, so what is going to happen to photography, or arts of its kind. My guess is just as good as yours, but what I can tell you is that many photographers have stayed on the well worn path for over a century now with little to no change. Sure the technology has advanced, but have the so called "photographers". Now I am not speaking of all photographers, so please don 't take my opinion as a generalization, but I believe this applies to the majority....   [tags: Photography, Art, Camera, Photographer]

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The First Camera, Fashion Photography

- Research is an important thing if you want to state facts; research is also good in any career field. Say one of my clients wanted a photograph in their culture style and I didn’t know anything about their culture. I would go and do research on that style and look at examples so I can convey that style in my work. I always want my clients to be happy so if I have to do research I will. The five topics I will conduct research on is the first camera, fashion photography, how marriage should be harder to obtain, body language in an interview, and gender differences in advertising....   [tags: Photography, Image, Camera, Gender]

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Analysis Of The Photograph ' Napalm Girl ' By Press Nick Ut

- We use pictures to develop our own views on specific events that have gone on in the world past and present. In the photograph “Napalm Girl”, Associated press Nick Ut captured a story that only him and the people in the photo would know. The picture was captured of a group of children and soldiers getting away from an accidental napalm bomb that was dropped during the Vietnam War. I am going to establish the history of the event. The issue that this photograph was editors from different media companies and all built stories to show the public that the Vietnam war was not under control....   [tags: Vietnam War, Vietnam, South Vietnam]

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Photography : The Eyes Of Humanity

- Photography, since its invention in the latter half of the twentieth-century, has become one of the foremost ways of opening the eyes of humanity to the world around it. From capturing the atrocities of the American Civil War to the flamboyant displays at Woodstock, the camera has become one of the most widespread mediums in which the world has been seen. From Mary Allen Mark to Annie Leibovitz, photography has captured the attention of artists around the world and broadened the creative scope of the recent of generations in history....   [tags: Photography, Art, American photographers, Camera]

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Annie Leibovitz's Photography of Celebrities

- It was not until a trip to Japan with her mother after her sophomore year of studying painting at the San Francisco Art Institute that Annie Leibovitz discovered her interest in taking photographs. In 1970 Leibovitz went to the founding editor of Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner, who was impressed by Leibovitz’s work. Leibovitz’s first assignment from Wenner was to shoot John Lennon. Leibovitz’s black-and-white portrait of Lennon was the cover of the January 21, 1971 issue. Ironically, Leibovitz would be the last person to capture her first celebrity subject....   [tags: Annie Leibovitz, Photography,]

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The Decisive Moment, Then and Now: Photography

- The consensus is that film photography has gone into extinction with the emergence of affordable digital media. Countless comparisons have been made between the two formats to see which best duplicates the most realistic portrayal. The key component that makes a captivating image is left out when people compare only technical specifications. Photography is more than just pressing a button and shifting through a memory card to find a winner. It is about creating an image that expresses a vision at a decisive moment in time....   [tags: Film Photography, Affordable Digital Media]

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College Admissions Essays - A Photograph

- College Admissions Essays - A Photograph Attach a small photograph (3.5 x 5 inches or smaller) of something important to you and explain its significance. At an age when my friends’ floors were strewn with toys, dirty clothes, or video-game cartridges, mine was smothered in paper of all sorts — books, magazines, reams of white and college-ruled, paper bags, paper airplanes. This pattern has survived, and it is representative of the way I live. The house of my life is built on a foundation of paper....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Photography Is The Main Source Of Communication

- Photography has created an outlet for the masses to story tell. It has a way of speaking without words like most art forms and is a manner of expression in itself. To eradicate photography from humans would be equivalent to taking away a limb from humankind. Our society has grown an immense amount of dependency on it. Photography has become almost a daily menial task such as brushing your teeth; where we must take pictures of the things we deem important or equally unimportant, even more so with the invention of social media outlets such as Instagram and Snapchat, where photography is the main source of communication between people who use them....   [tags: Great Depression, Meaning of life, Photography]

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The Reasons for and the Results of the Establishment ot the National Areonautics and Space Administration in 1958

- Part A: Plan of Investigation This investigation evaluates the reasons for and the results of the establishment of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1958. In order to discuss the factors that caused and resulted in the creation of NASA, the ideals of the United States during the origins of the ideological Cold War and how they influenced domestic and foreign policies will be investigated. It is also crucial to understand the pressure the US was facing by the formation of the USSR’s space program and specifically the launching of the Sputnik in 1957....   [tags: NASA, the space race, the Cold War]

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Soiling of Old Glory: Photograph by Stanley J. Forman

- ... It shows that Americans were still deliberately committing violent acts in public because of racial tension, despite laws that had been established to abolish segregation prior to the event that took place. This became apparent in the eyes of many that any progress made in the Civil Rights movement during the 50’s and 60’s did not achieve what it was set out to achieve – remove racism and segregation. The fact that they brutalized an innocent black man, reveals that the protestors were frustrated by more than just the desegregation of schools....   [tags: racial tension between black and white]

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Analysis Of Bill Biggart 's Final Photograph

- On September 11th, 2001 in New York City, The World Trade Center collapsed due to an act of terrorism. It was one of three locations targeted that day. Bill Biggart’s final photograph is an emotionally and visually captivating representation of what occurred on 9/11. (Thesis statement) A photograph is a still frame from our lives, unmoving, frozen in time. It’s an art form of a memory to ensure we never forget moments, and what they were made up of. As the tragic event unfolded in front of us all, we ourselves, were frozen in time, motionless, ensuring that we never forgot what those moments were made up of....   [tags: World Trade Center, September 11 attacks]

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The art of photography and its Relationship with the Truth

- A lie is defined as a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood or to convey a false impression. “Art is a lie that brings us nearer to the truth” (Pablo Picasso) could not be any more accurate. Can the intake of untrue information lead to the discovery of a truth. I believe that Picasso was insinuating that art is merely an imitation of life therefore there must be some truth to it. Photography is the art form that is able to depict this ideal the best....   [tags: photography essay, informative essay]

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The Impact Of Photography On The World

- “One major factor in the development of photography around the world was the desire to record wars” (Liz Wells, 2015) The relationship between war and photography is born from the desire to capture it. Although this desire is what connects the two, it is fundamentally the technology that dictates the subject matter of war. There are major differences in subject matter of 19th Century war photographers and today’s photographers. Restricted by the technology of the time, photographers had to capture other aspects of war, away from battle....   [tags: Photography, Camera, Mobile phone, World War II]

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The Impact Of Photography On The Mid 20th Century

- What changes the discernment of photography in the mid 20th century. Community and ethnic change on an enormous, extraordinary scale. Resembling everyone else, artists were fundamentally exaggerated by industrial development, governmental revolt, movies, radios, cars, and much more; and they wanted to make art that was as drastic and “fresh” as current life itself. Cubists and Dadaists dared the limitations of outdated art with routines, poetry, connections, and photomontage that uses the resources of ordinary philosophy instead of paint....   [tags: Photography, Image, Camera, Art]

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Photography in the Civil War Domain Statement

- The first camera was built in France. Two French artists named Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce and Louis Daguerre worked together on the camera from 1829 to 1833. When Niépce died in 1833, Daguerre continued working on the camera (Nardo 18). His prototype used a thin, rectangular plate that was coated with a thin layer of silver and exposed to iodine and bromide fumes. The photographer would slide the plate into the back of the camera where it exposed to the sunlight and records the image before the camera (18)....   [tags: camera, photography, photo]

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Photography of Love in its Various Forms

- My goal is to make a photo album of pictures depicting some of the various forms of love that exist between humans. Love is unfalteringly one of the strongest emotions that we feel over the course of our lives, and I want to capture that emotion in pictures. The photographs will be taken using a variety of techniques to evoke different forms and strengths of love, and each picture will be accompanied by a quote that promotes the same type of love I chose this topic to gain experience in the art of photography, as well as to further my knowledge of techniques that can be used to show different forms of any certain object or emotion through an image....   [tags: photography, art, love, ]

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