Charleston's Water Pollution

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Going to the beach is always a fun way to spend an afternoon, but how would people feel if the next time they tried to catch a wave they were hit with plastic bottles and styrofoam. Charleston is such a beautiful city but, the harbor is overcome with pollution. This Pollution travels to the oceans and to the shores of South Carolina’s beaches. The water is affecting Charleston’s harbor but household water, local businesses, and marine life in the area. Water pollution should not be looked over and needs to be taken care of before it gets worse.
More and more ways are being discovered to help treat water pollution around the world, but what needs to happen is to stop the pollution. Around the world water pollution is a definite obstacle; luckily South Carolina has everything it needs to make sure the local community household water is clean and sanitary for use. Lots of countries around the world have no access to clean water or the technology to filter their water. “Water pollution has increased in both developed and developing countries, undermining economic growth as well as the physical and environmental health and quality of life for billions of people” (Tortajada and Cecilia). In the local community water pollution has also continued to increase over the years, before 1970 all waste water was distributed directly into the Charleston Harbor. Because of this the harbor already had pollution even before people began to litter. Now polluting the Charleston Harbor is plastic bottles, Styrofoam, and many other man-made products people carelessly threw out their car windows or left on the grown. There are many more ways to clean the water and prevent pollution today than there were in from 1950-1970.
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...water clean and wipe out pollution.

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