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A Man Who Is Working A Job

- A man who is working a job I aspire to have is George Schaller. The world is indebted to him for research on gorillas, pandas and various other endangered animals. From humble roots, he received his PhD and went on to travel the globe and save animals in danger of extinction. He is successful in his work due to the variety of studies done for animal conservation, his accomplishments in awareness and the lasting impact he has made in the world. Schaller has spent “nearly two decades” (Panthera) on conservation efforts, written multiple books, and has been honored with a variety of awards for research....   [tags: Extinction, Species, George Schaller, Tiger]

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The Time Of The Age Of Exploration

- During the Time of the age of exploration, soon after the earth was proven round, European countries traveled far and wide. Searching for new land to colonize, find natural resources and spread thier various religions. Overseas exploration had now defined the European culture. Searching for new wonderlands full of treasure. Most of the famous explorers we still know today could not afford the basic necessities needed to travel, resulting in the navigators turning towards the over meant in hopes of a charter....   [tags: Christopher Columbus]

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Globalization And Its Impact On Modern Era

- Globalization is the phenomena of increased economic integration among nations characterized by the movement of people, ideas, culture, and resources across borders. This phenomena dates back to the trade routes developed by the Silk Road, as well as those that were discovered by European explorers such as Columbus, Magellan, and Marco Polo. Globalization has been crucial for the development of both individual countries as well as the world as a whole. The conquests and subsequent settlement of new lands with new biological resources, the potential to accommodate transfers of population, crops, and livestock, international trade, as well as technological innovations are all key elements of g...   [tags: Globalization, International trade, Free trade]

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Holocaust Denial: A New Anti- Semitism

- Are You in Denial. Imagine if someone said that everything that happen to you in your life was a lie. The Holocaust survivors have to go through the rest of their life being told what they went through was a lie. These people are called Holocaust deniers, and they say the Holocaust never happened and teach other people to believe that it never happened. Holocaust denial is very wrong because it is prejudice toward Jews, hurtful to Holocaust survivors, and some things deniers say are not true. Denying the Holocaust is pretty much being prejudice toward Jews....   [tags: jews, holocaust deniers]

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Why did the Great Divergence Occur

- The Great Divergence is term used to portray the gradual shift of dominance that Europe gained by establishing itself as the most powerful world civilization by the 19th century. While a case could be made that the Great Divergence occurred because of the pre-eminence of Europe and Britain, as well as their supposed superiority in invention and innovation above anywhere else in the world, this argument is flawed. A more compelling argument would be to state that it was rather through the geographical advantages that Europe obtained that lead it into eventually becoming the most powerful civilization after 1500 A.D., as this essay will strive to demonstrate....   [tags: european societies,europe civilization,divergence]

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The Discovery of The New World

- I. Christopher Columbus: Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa in 1451. He was inspired by merchants and mariners. As a teenager, he joined the crew of a merchant ship. In his twenties, he settled in Lisbon with his brother, making maps for a living. Later on, he married a woman whose father had connections with the captains on Henry the Navigator’s ship. The couple settled in Madeira as Columbus visited multiple trading posts on the west coast of Africa. During his sailing trips, Columbus read some books that stimulated his curiosity, such as Natural History, written by Pliny....   [tags: Christopher Columbus, Expeditions, Discovery]

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Disasters in US Diplomacy and Negotiations

- December 7th, 1941, “a day that will live in infamy”, These words have been used for decades, over 60 years of our nation saying these words every year to remind us of the way in which our nation was brought into World War II. The media at the time gave the people of the United States the impression that the Japanese were an evil people and all they wanted was to bring the whole of the whole of the world under their control and our nation was next. The reality of this isn’t correct; the Japanese were never on a quest to control the entire world, only to “liberate” the East Asian countries from the influence of the western nations, to make their corner of the world more pure....   [tags: China relations, World War II]

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The History and Future of Denim

- Introduction As the world revolves, there are a lot of changes that happens in the world. For example, in terms of technology, there are a lot of improvements already. Back then, for example, features of mobile phones were only call and text. But more ideas have been developed and people have started to think about how to improve some things so that they can attract more consumers. The result is there are now more, in this case, high-tech phones with carious incredible features such as access to social media, hi-quality camera’s ability to upload to and download from the Internet, e-readers, and video calls for quicker and easier communication....   [tags: denim, jeans, clothing, popular]

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The Islamic World : Ibn Battuta

- Ibn Battuta, or Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Abdallah ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Lawati al-Tanji, was a practicing Muslim in the 14th century CE (or the 8th century H) and a voracious traveler who, at the age of twenty-two, felt prompted by the encouragement of the Quran to embark upon many journeys into not only the Muslim world, but also into such foreign regions as China, Russia, and India. He began his lifelong travels in 1325, with the intention of completing one of the five pillars of Islam: the obligatory pilgrimage to Mecca, known as Hajj “and to visit the Prophet Muhammad’s tomb at al-Madinah” ....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Muhammad bin Tughluq, Hajj]

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The Cause Of World War II

- The Cause of World War II The outbreak of the Second World War was due, in my opinion to one definitive action, the worlds lenience towards aggressive actions by both Japan, and Nazi Germany. The mindset of the Allied powers was peace, because they were so strict to this concept they would ignore the evil actions of these countries. September 19, 1931, Japan would plant a bomb on a train track that would cause very minimal damage, they would blame it on China and invade China only days later....   [tags: World War II, Adolf Hitler]

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Genghis Khan And The Mongol Empire

- According to one of the prosecuting attorneys, Genghis Khan killed an approximate “40 million people, about 10% of the world 's population at the time” during his reign over the Mongol Empire. As staggering as those numbers appear, there is substantial justification that is submitted by Genghis Khan himself, as well as the many other witnesses that defend and corroborate his account. Additionally, the amount of evidence presented by the defense is unparalleled to that of the prosecuting attorneys....   [tags: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Mongolia, Mongols]

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Amerigo Vespucci: Pest or Pioneer?

- In nature, the wasp is a reviled creature and one that leaves its venom imbued with a harsh sting. When one is spotted, its natural purpose is overlooked and the creature is hastily condemned. In history, there is one figure who stands prominently as someone whose accomplishments are glorified while the man is slandered as a con man, a deceiving pest. That man is none other than Amerigo Vespucci. It is his name that two continents of the Western Hemisphere have engraved over their valleys and mountains....   [tags: Biography]

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The Adverse Effects of Exploration

- When Christopher Columbus left Spain, the place was considered “land of violence, squalor, treachery, and intolerance.” The Spain of that day was so backwards that it was “no different from the rest of Europe.”The only thing that kept these cities from becoming ghost town was “in-migration.” The people would migrate into the city keeping the cities populated, but the diseases would kill the newcomers in a short period of time. The rich people of the day had the food. “the rich ate, and ate in excess, watched by a thousand hungry eyes as thy consumed there gargantuan meals....   [tags: Pre-Colonial Spain]

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Redifining Presidency: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

- There have been many powerful figures throughout history that have played key political roles to change history such as Napoleon, Agnes Macphail, Gandhi,etc. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, is the only president in American history to be elected four consecutive times. No other president in history led America through some of its greatest domestic, complex and potentially lethal crisis’s, including the Second World War. He redefined each crisis as a chance of opportunity and strived for change of the American people....   [tags: United States, president, American History]

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Christopher Columbus' History of Genocide

- Much of Christopher Columbus’s early life is of a mystery. Even his nationality was a point of debate for many years. He has been claimed by the Spanish, Portuguese, French, Norwegians, and Jews (Hurst 1) but many historians have now agreed that he was born of Italian origin. Columbus was born in 1451, in Genoa Italy, to a family of weavers. Genoa was a major mercantile center like its counterpart, Venice. Going by the motto “In the name of God and Profit”, Genoa hosted profitable trade lines to the Near East that were cutoff when the Turks captured Constantinople in 1453 (Hurst 2)”....   [tags: Atrocities Against Native Americans]

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Navigability of The Northwest Passage

- One of the great occurrences of the world that simply alter many views and ideas, the life of thousands, is the navigability of the Northwest Passage. This sea route took hundreds of years for sailors to discover and many were turned away such as, John Cabot when he lost the battle with the perfidious and grueling weather conditions of the seas. Is this route the future of shipping as we know it. Controversies are evident in this discovery, but there are some benefits. The economics, international waters dispute, effects of climate change, and transfer of specific species to North America waters are all factors that contribute to the Northwest Passage....   [tags: john cabbot, sailors, Venice]

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The Voyages of Christopher Columbus

- The most well known voyage by Christopher Columbus occurred in 1942, when he discovered formerly unidentified western lands of Europe, which were the Americas. Following this discovery, he went back to Spain where he received commission to a bigger fleet. Overall, he went on four journeys to these new worlds, with each one being interesting and important in its own right (Cohen, 1969). Similar to most educated men during his time, Columbus was familiar with the world being circular and shared the concept that a ship could ultimately get to the Far East from the other direction....   [tags: discovery of the New World by the Europeans]

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The Creative City of Venice

- The exploration of the topic of a creative city in the Venetian context uncovers a complex picture. The case of Forte Marghera clearly combines the contradictions of Venice as a creative city. Artists, workers in creative sectors, policy-makers, opinion makers, and operators share a physical space composed by a natural and historical heritage and former military buildings. Top-down governing rules engage with bottom-up initiatives through a language that is still unknown to the two parties. The production ambition of the creative class inhabiting the area goes against the entertainment vocation of bars and restaurants, which are increasingly expanding in the site....   [tags: governance, art, culture]

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The Voyages Of Christopher Columbus

- Amidst the numerous pivotal events in history the voyages of Christopher Columbus impacted not only the Americas, but the world by initiating the process of globalization. Columbus’ voyages not only brought new people to the Americas, but initiated the genocide of indigenous people. The voyages also brought new crops to Europe that increased the population while also providing new crops to the Americas that would fundamentally change the economy of the American tropics for centuries to come. The voyages also brought about the introduction of diseases that would have devastating effects on the Americas....   [tags: Christopher Columbus, Spain, Latin America]

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Ice Cream Is A Myth?

- Ice Cream Who does not love a scoop of indulgent ice cream. However, does anyone really know how or why people came to like, or more importantly, eat ice cream to this day. Ice cream has been around since the 13th century, maybe even before then, but the actual discovery or creation of ice cream still has yet to be answered. Since its creation, it has made its way all around the globe and has been altered by many cultures to fit their specific qualifications. With different lifestyles and desires, ice cream not only can be altered in flavor, but also has been changed to give many nutritional benefits for those of certain qualities and needs....   [tags: Ice cream, Milk, Custard, Butterfat]

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The Slavery Of Ancient China

- The slavery history of China began 2100 BC, which is Xia Dynasty started to dominate the country. Slavery keeps almost 1800 years in China and was abolished in 1950s. (“Slavery in Ancient China”, 2010) Around 1953, Mao president who is the first president in China abolished slavery in Tibet. Tibet was the last place where existed slavery in China in modern history. In prior to Xia Dynasty, tribal leaders led people. After Xia Dynasty founded, more labors were needed to build country, so the emperor of Xia Dynasty decided to use captured soldiers to build country....   [tags: Slavery, Africa, Atlantic slave trade]

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Khubilai Khan

- Khubilai Khan The founder of China's Yuan, or Mongol, Dynasty was a brilliant statesman and military leader named Khubilai Khan. Grandson and the best-known successor of the great Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan, Khubiliai became the first emperor of the Mongol Empire. He completed the conquest of China that was begun by his grandfather. Khubilai's major accomplishment was convincing China to be ruled by foreign people, the Mongols. His achievements were first brought to the Western and European society in the writings of Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler who lived in China for nearly 20 years....   [tags: Papers]

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Colliding of Separate Worlds

- Back in history, colonies of humans like the Indians, Europeans, and Africans lived by themselves in other parts of the Earth. They had never seen nor heard each other before in their life time. Christopher Columbus was the main reason the Old World and New World were brought together. In addition to this, the impact from the Indians, Europeans, and Africans when their colonies collided were international trade, deadly diseases and slavery. The Europeans found the discovery of the New World, consisting of North America and South America, from wanting to increase in power, wanting contact with a wider world, and for trading or conquest....   [tags: World History ]

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The History of Pasta

- Pasta did not originate during the thirteenth century. A popular myth, pasta originated from Marco Polo’s voyage back from China, when he brought back noodles to Venice. According to food historian Serventi et al. (2003, p211) the myth originated in the 1920s from Macaroni Journal as an American promotional policy. In fact pasta originated 4,000 years ago. According to a national geographic article the preserved bowl of noodles was found below ten feet of dirt in Laija archaeological site (Roach, 2005)....   [tags: Nutrition ]

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Japanese Motives for WWII

- On the morning of December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack and declaration of war against the United States. The attack was the culmination of growing tensions between the two countries had been developing since the early 1930s. From 1931 to that fateful day in 1941, Japan and America had been maneuvering in a political game of chess. Japan’s motives for entering the war can be summarized to two objectives. The first was Japan’s quest for expansion and the second was defense against western capitalism, which threatened Japan’s prosperity....   [tags: History, Pearl Harbor ]

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Kubla Khan: Seeking Paradise

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said that his dreams became the substance of his life. Nowhere is this more evident than in his poem “Kubla Khan.” Written just before the dawn of the 19th century, “Kubla Khan” was originally considered to be the simple ramblings of automatic and nonsensical writing, it is now viewed as one of the most famous poems from the Romantic Period of Literature (Hill). One of the most widely accepted opinions of the poem defines it as a comparison between two forms of paradise; a comparison that is achieved through the incredibly vivid language and the surrealistic ambiance that is created via the tone and form....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Artist-Engineers During the Renaissance

- Through the years, developments in Science and Technology can be noticed. Advancement in science and technology have made life better, easier, and efficient. Take computers, as an example. In old days, computers were as big as a room, and were not comfortable to use because the computer screen can damage the eyes. Conversely today, computers are small as the size of our palm, and has better display. Unlike the computers in the past, which were slow and has limited functionalities, computers in the present time are fast and has all the functionalities an individual needs for his or her everyday life....   [tags: technology, developments]

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Overview of Aviation History

- The idea of human flight was first thought of around 400 BC in China. On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, made the dream of human flying in the air by building sustained, controlled, and powered aircraft. The airplanes we see today would be far from being invented if the Wright brothers and other aviation pioneers had stopped trying to invent the aircrafts. Since right after the Wright brothers invented their first plane, the world has continued to innovate. In aviation history, many of the great aviation pioneers contributed to innovate the aircrafts....   [tags: human flight, wright brothers]

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Biography of Genghis Khan

- Genghis Khan was a brilliant leader who made many positive contributions to Asia. He unified the Mongolian clan, conquered and stabilized the Central Asian Plateau and instituted languages, laws, and reforms across Asia. However these contributions came with a heavy cost. Before Genghis Khan, the Central Asian Plateau was in disarray. Using his extraordinary skills in political manipulation and his powerful army, he quickly gained power. He believed that under his control, he could unite the Mongolian Clan and Conquer the Central Asian Plateau....   [tags: Asian History, Mongolian Clan, History]

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History of the Gingerbread

- Gingerbread houses are very creative and decorative. Although they may be creative and decorative they have been around longer than one person would think. Ginger bread houses have been around since medieval times. From what sources tell us gingerbread houses have been through 3 major phases. It began in medieval times. Gingerbread houses was then modernized around the 19th century. Finally, its modern usage from the 20th century on to today. (Ultimate Gingerbread, 2013) Also how we shape Gingerbread today and what kind of tools we use to build a gingerbread house and how they are put in competition....   [tags: Gingerbread Houses, Decorative, Tradition]

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The Wonders of Tumeric

- Turmeric (Haldi) Introduction: English name: Turmeric Botanical name: Curcuma longa Common name: Haldi Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family) Turmeric is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to Zingiberaceae (Ginger family). It has smaller rhizome. It’s originated from south eastern Asia means nearly to India. It has fleshy rhizomes and its colour vary from bright yellow to orange, which later become the spice turmeric. The powder of turmeric rhizome is used for its flavouring enhancement properties as a spice, food-colouring agent and food preservative....   [tags: botanics, Haldi, ginger family]

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Tourism in Sun City

- ... SUN CITY HOTEL The Sun City Hotel was the very first hotel constructed at South Africa’s Sun city resort and is a popular choice for those who want to be at the very heart of the action. Situated between the Cabanas and the Cascades Hotel, the Sun City Hotel offers easy access to the facilities and activities of these hotels. Sun City Hotel, is a complete, lively gaming area providing fun for all adults, while children have access to a huge selection of entertainment options close by the 5-star Cascades Hotel in all its lavish colonial style, offers beautiful surrounding gardens and a peaceful CASCADE’S HOTEL The Cascades Hotel is the grand old lady of South Africa’s Sun City resort T...   [tags: business analysis]

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My Most Memorable Event

- ... I remember me my siblings and cousins played outside from swimming, sports, danced and hide go seek anything that you could think of for children to do. When the food was ready we gathered together and said prey and feast. After dinner was served everyone went to movie room for family time. We watched a movie called Madea's Family Renion by Tyler Perry. The Movie reminded me so much of my family. It let me know that family is everything and no family is perfect. We just have to learn to stick together thru good time and bad no matter what....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The New World Discovered

- The fifteenth century brought about the age of discovery as more individuals and countries sought to find new lands to discover and conquer. The New World refers to the lands that were yet to be discovered. Explorers especially from Europe were looking for ways and means to reach this New World and maximize its resources. Europe was in a prime position to explore the New World and increase their conquests. Prior to the exploration periods, the maps developed did not depict the world accurately....   [tags: explore, religion, miscalculation]

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Self-Interest on the International Stage

- Self-Interest on the International Stage A nation’s actions on the world stage can be played in many ways. Whether the role being played is unwanted meddler in other nations’ affairs, supplier of money and aid to countries in despair, or just an ordinary nation trying to keep all of its proverbial ducks in a row, the motivation that drives the plot of international relations is self-interest. Whether the setting is these United States or across the world in the People’s Republic of China, in the theocratic republic of Iran or the military controlled Central African Republic, is doesn’t pay to give something for nothing....   [tags: International Relations Essays Papers]

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Heinz Case Report

- 1) Introduction The H.J. Heinz company is a multinational selling food products globally. In recent years, much positive change has been observed, and the preamble suggests that such changes are largely attributed to the works of William Johnson, the former CEO. The following section would thus examine the managerial functions and roles performed by Johnson. 2) Managerial Functions Fayol identified the classical managerial functions as planning, organizing, commanding, controlling, and coordinating(Carroll and Gillen, 1984), of which the first 4 were identified by Hitt(2012) as being the principal functions(PODC) applicable in contemporary workplaces....   [tags: manegerial function, William Johnson, roles]

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The Zapatista Movement in Mexico

- The Zapatista movement occurred near the end of the 20th century where there was a technological and digital boom. These advances have helped the Zapatistas in a unique way and this resulted in their revolution to be completely different from past revolutions. The creation of network identity and communication transfer using the internet has contributed to the Zapatista’s success. Identity was an integral part in past revolutions, but it was redefined during this movement. Subcomandante Marcos’s testimonial communiques helped create an identity that was universal and this lead the creation of network identity which ultimately contributed to the Zapatista’s success....   [tags: marco´s movement, revolution]

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Plants and Diseases that Ravaged the Western Hemisphere

- Plants and Diseases that Ravaged the Western Hemisphere In 1215, a man named Marco Polo embarked on a journey towards Western Asia and China. His reason for going to Asia was to gain spices, silks, and other luxurious items only the Asians made. Along his journey, Polo soon realized that the Earth was larger than he thought and that there must be some easier way to get to china. Not too long after his journey, the Ottoman Turks conquouered Constantinople. Constantinople (present day Istanbul) is the city, in Turkey, that divides Eastern Europe from Western Asia....   [tags: Papers]

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Ken Wolf's Personalities and Problems

- Ken Wolf's Personalities and Problems Ken Wolf, a professor of history at Murray Sate University and author of Personalities and Problems, wrote with the intent to illustrate the varied richness of human history over the past five centuries. He took various personalities such as adventurers, princes, political leaders, and writers and categorized them in a way for readers to draw lines between them to create a clearer view of world history for himself. Beginning each new chapter with a specific question about worldly concerns and disciplines allowed the readers to relate the topics to broader, more general scenarios of their cultures....   [tags: Ken Wolf Personalities Problems Essays]

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The Crusades

- The Crusades A major turning point in Medieval history were the Crusades. The Crusades were a series of wars fought between the Christian Europeans and the Muslim Turks, which occurred between the years of 1096 to 1272. In this Holy War the Christians goal was to obtain the Holy Land from the Turks, in which they did not succeed. Although the Christians did not meet their goal, many positives did come out of their attempt. Due to the reason that they did not meet their goal, yet numerous positives came out of their effort, many refer to this as a successful failure....   [tags: essays research papers]

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British-Chinese Relations in the Nineteenth Century and Alicia Bewicke Little's Novel, A Marriage in China

- British-Chinese Relations in the Nineteenth Century and Alicia Bewicke Little's Novel, A Marriage in China The year was 1842, and Britain had just finished a successful military campaign in China, a campaign that also signified a rather humiliating defeat for the Chinese army. The first Opium War reestablished Britain's profitable opium trade routes from India to China, and also established a new mode of British-Chinese relations, one that resulted in British control of the new colony of Hong Kong and semicolonial control over various treaty ports....   [tags: Politics Government]

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Legalize It: The Necessity For Marijuana Law Reform

- Legalize It: The Necessity For Marijuana Law Reform When I think about social issues that should be discussed more often than they are, I think about the topic of legalization of marijuana. As a person that has consumed marijuana both in legal settings, and illegal settings, I can say that the title “illegal drug” should not apply to cannabis. The reason that I believe this is because I do not feel that marijuana is a threat to my personal safety, nor is it a threat to the safety of people that are around me if I was to be smoking it in their vicinity....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Globalization, the Mexican Government and the Zapatista Army

- On 1 January 1994, as Mexico was celebrating the entry into force of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), masked rebels seized control of parts of the southern state of Chiapas. The Mexican army quickly pushed these rebels, who were mostly indigenous Mexicans, back into the jungles whence they came, but not before the rebellion in Chiapas gained the attention of the world. As time progressed, these rebels did not go away. They identified themselves as the Zapatista Army for National Liberation and their spokesman, Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, quickly became a minor world celebrity, renowned for his communiqués denouncing the Mexican government and advancing the Zapatista’s c...   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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Hakim Bey, Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism

- Hakim Bey, Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism Such is the fast-paced world and style of Hakim Bey’s writings. Sporadic and rarely rounded up for interrogation, Bey’s Ontological Anarchism pervades all his writings, on topics as varied as “Islam and Eugenics”[1], “The Information War”[2], “The Evil Eye”[3], a critique of multiculturalism[4], and Celtic-African entheogens[5]. Hakim Bey’s zine writings and early 90’s hipsterism have made him known to some as “The Marco Polo of the Subunderground”[6] and a counter-cultural guru to many more....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Camphor: A Diminishing Industry of Great Importance

- Camphor: A Diminishing Industry of Great Importance Camphor, a member of the Family Lauraceae (Heywood, 1978), is much valued in different parts of the world, particularly in China. This prized botanical has been said to originate in China, but there have been references to Japan, Taiwan and East Asia in similar time periods. Camphor is abundant in mostly sub-tropical countries including India and Ceylon. The camphor tree also thrives in Egypt, the Canary Islands, Argentina, Europe, Florida, California, and Formosa....   [tags: Botany]

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Christopher Columbus, Mariner, by Samuel Eliot Morison

- Christopher Columbus was born in the port city of Genoa, Italy in 1451. His father was a wool weaver named Domenico Columbo. As a boy, Christopher had no schooling. He and his younger brother Bartholomew helped their father by carding raw wool. Christopher grew up to be a tall, red-haired, quiet and deeply religious man. He worked for his father until he was 22. He went out with the sardine fishing fleets, as other Genoese boys did and he sailed along the coast to Corsica on business for his father....   [tags: Christopher Columbus Essays]

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Adolphe Sax the Creator of the Saxaphone

- Adolphe Sax didn't know what kind of monster he created, but as history bluntly tells us, it wasn't any four-eyed, flying, purple people eater. Adolphe came upon a horn that would capture many imaginations, save a couple of military bands, define jazz, and win over lame highschool kids like Lily. This colorful history has more kinks in it than your standard garden hose, people have terrorized it, belittled it, outlawed it, and (last, but not least) demonized it. The saxophone, though one of the youngest players in the music world today, has more castatrophes and triumphs in it's history than the brass family rolled up together (and thrown at lame highschool kids like Brekke.)...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Ancient Art of Feng Shui

- The Ancient Art of Feng Shui The History of Feng Shui Feng Shui has been practiced in China for thousands of years and is believed to have started in 2953 B.C. when Hu of Hsia found a tortoise that had a perfect "magic square" on its back. From this discovery evolved the I Ching, the oldest book in Chinese history, and possibly the world (Webster 1). This book contains the first written instructions on the theory of Feng Shui. Feng Shui was seen as a sacred power, so much so that in ancient China, only the privileged class had access to the knowledge....   [tags: History Research Papers China Essays]

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We All Scream For Ice Cream

- We All Scream For Ice Cream Who in their right mind could say no to the irresistible taste of ice cream. Being one of my most favorite snacks, I will admit that a carton of ice cream never stays in the fridge for more than a week. I can remember always having ice cream as a very special treat when I was younger, mostly chocolate and vanilla. Nowadays there are so many flavors of ice cream from simple chocolate to cola flavored. Ice cream may not be as popular as you think it is so here are some fun facts the show just how much us American’s love this simple dessert....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Strategic Analysis of Pearl Continental Pakistan

- COMPANY PROFILE Our vision We are committed to dynamic growth and service excellence built upon our heritage of traditional hospitality. We strive to consistently meet and surpass guests, employees and others stakeholders expectations. We feel pride in making efforts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the international arena. Our Core Values - G.R.I.T Growth & Development Recognition & Reward Innovation Trust Recognition and Reward Achievement orientation Performance-based evaluation Appreciation Incentives Setting ever-rising standards of performance Innovation Listening and two-way interaction Participation Encouragement Motivation Enterprises Trust Co...   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Environmental Impact of Tourism on Antarctica

- Environmental Impact of Tourism on Antarctica This essay discusses the environmental impact of tourism on Antarctica. The subheading Description will give an overview of the continent, highlight the unique landscape, weather patterns and research stations making up some of the tourist attractions of this continent. The subheading Tourism in Antarctica gives an account of the type of tourist Antarctica attracts and their primary motive identifying scientific research staff as tourists as well as highlighting the current trends and growth towards ecotourism....   [tags: Papers]

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Phytoremediation: Insuring Safe Selenium Levels

- Phytoremediation: Insuring Safe Selenium Levels Selenium is a naturally occurring element found in soil. It becomes a problem when irrigation practices cause it to leach out of the soils in the western states. The selenium is deposited in the rivers, then accumulates until it reaches toxic levels. The high levels of selenium seriously affects the environment and agriculture downstream. However, with the use of phytoremediation, the possibility of safe selenium levels has never been closer. Selenium is an essential trace element, number 34 on the periodic table, that is found naturally in the environment....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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The Taino and the Spanish

- The Taino and the Spanish Cristóbal Colón landed on an unknown island in the Caribbean on October 10, 1492. He planted banners in the beach claiming the land for the Spanish throne. Colón’s perceptions and interactions with the indigenous people, the Taino, sparked the events that lead to the colonization of the Americas. Colón’s perceptions of the Taino were misinterpreted by him. His misconceptions about the Taino were built from a compilation of his own expectations, readings of other explorers, and strong religious influence in Western Europe....   [tags: History Spanish Historical Papers]

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The Spice And Flavor Industry

- The spice industry has evolved from primitive humans flavoring meat with leaves, to multi-billion dollar companies injecting chemical compounds into common foods; from tasting a few minute grains on entrées to feeling a discharge of natural and artificial flavors from exquisite candies, and from scavenging the world for priceless spices to inspecting every ingredient for harmful side-affects. The first speculated accounts of adding flavorings or spices to food go back over fifty thousand years, when primitive humans used aromatic leaves to flavor food (Add Spice)....   [tags: Industry Analysis Spices ]

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The Evolution of Buddha

- Note: The artifact from the Royal Ontario Museum I chose to discuss for this essay, is a beautiful sculpture of a seated Buddha. It was molded out of black schist material, and originated from the ancient Gandharan period and is dated back to 100-200 AD. (figure appears in Appendix 1) The importance of Central Asia lies in the fact that, "from classical times to the days of Marco Polo, it was the bridge of trade, religion, and culture that spanned the world between the East and the West" (Marshal, 45)....   [tags: Religion]

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Deserts of the World

- Deserts of the World I have been presented with the task of researching deserts, hot & cold, where they are, what type they are and so on. I have therefore created the following graphs containing the information needed. Cold Deserts of the World The main form of precipitation in a cold desert is snow -- but only ten inches or less per year. Cold Deserts of the World Name Location Size Physical Features Some Plants & Animals Special Facts Atacama Coasts of Peruand Chile 54,000 mi2 140,000 km2 Covered by sand dunes and pebbles....   [tags: Papers]

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The Spread of Buddhism

- The Spread of Buddhism Buddhism is a philosophy, a moral code, and, for some a religious faith which originated in 530 BC in India. Buddhism evolved as a modification of Hinduism when Hinduism started to become very complicated due to too many sacrifices in the name of God. Today, an estimated 300 million people follow one of the many varieties of Buddhism. Budda, or Siddhartha Guatama which means "the awakened one" had the religion named after him because he founded the ideas behind Buddhism....   [tags: Papers]

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Technology And World Commerce

- Technology and World Commerce Technology has changed global commerce. The question is to what extent has it changed commerce, and how has it changed commerce. What are the repercussions of global commerce and commercial patterns on the natural environment. This paper will strive to answer some of these questions, as well as, delve into other areas of global commerce. When referring to global commerce, the word globalization is often used. The word globalization is used to "describe the changes in societies and the world economy that are the result of dramatically increased trade and cultural exchange" (Wikipedia, 2005)....   [tags: Cause Effect]

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Columbian Exchange

- On August 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus departed from Palos, Spain to begin his journey across the Atlantic Ocean. This was the first of many voyages that allowed him to explore a New World where he was able to discover plants, animals, cultures and resources that Europeans had never seen before. The sharing of these resources and combination of the Old and New World has come to be known as the Columbian Exchange. During these explorations, the Europeans brought diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, typhoid and bubonic plague to the New World, wiping out entire Indian populations....   [tags: History]

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Social Inequality

- Social inequality is a topic that has been debated for 1000’s of years, and remains a very fluid topic today. It’s fair to assume that there isn’t a defining reason as to why certain societies have progressed faster than others, as we can inly give theory as to why we see advanced, industrialized states; while other societies have failed to establish the technology often assumed with modernized nations. Jared Diamond, professor of geography and physiology at the University of California, Los Angeles has dedicated much of his adult life researching why social inequality exists....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Religious and Artistic Sites of Venice

- Religious and Artistic Sites of Venice The masterpieces of four visual artists, Bellini (1430-1516), Titian (1485-1576), Tintoretto (1518-1594), and Tiepolo (1696-1770), dominate the religious and artistic sites found in the island city of Venice. The city is divided into six districts. Each contains historical sites, however, the most notable are located in the districts of San Marco, San Polo, and Dorsoduro that border the Grand Canal. The artistic and religious sites of Venice are appreciated as part of the island?s historical past, as well as infused in its everyday present....   [tags: Place Geography Italy Art Essays Religion]

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History of Fireworks

- History of Fireworks The birthplace of fireworks is generally recognized as China. It is said that a Chinese cook accidently mixed three common kitchen ingredients (black powder): Potassium nitrate or salt petre, sulphur and charcoal and lighted it. The result was colourful flames. The cook also noticed that if the mixture was burned when enclosed in the hollow of a bamboo shoot, there was a tremendous explosion. The first application of this technology was for entertainment. Slowly the theory took roots that this loud sound was perfect to chase away evil spirits and to celebrate weddings, victories in battles, eclipses of moon and religious ceremonies....   [tags: Design and Technology]

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Age Of Discovery

- What were the Effects of the Age of Discovery. The Age of Exploration was a time of struggle and wealth for many European countries. The pursuit of a trade route to the Far East led many countries across the ocean, looking for the great spice cities that were rumored by Marco Polo. These countries knew that whoever found the shortest or best route would become rich, very quickly. Explorers from many European countries embarked on journeys that not even they had any clue where they were going. This search for the Far East led to many discoveries that would otherwise have never been found....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Physics of Fireworks

- After black powder was discovered by the Chinese in the 9th Century, the relatively short history of fireworks began with this explosive chemical composition. Black powder is made up of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal (KNO3); in the correct amounts, this combination has very explosive results. The use of black powder sprung forth the evolution of muskets, rockets, and fireworks. Although history has shown that the development of black powder muskets into modern day guns, artillery, and weapons of mass destruction have changed the face of the earth, taken many lives, and changed the outcome of many wars, black powder is also used in many rituals and celebrations....   [tags: physics firework fireworks]

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Nature 's Guide For Your Fertility

- She sat down in the corner on her oversized cream arm chair and ottoman to start her reading. The book about nature’s guide to your fertility was specific about the placement of furniture in her bedroom, but also in the dining room, and even right down to the entryway. It had some simple ideas such as adding a filter to the tap water. The book said that the toxins can lead to infertility. Then it got into weeding and gardening. It told her to plant aloe vera and cactus inside the home. It is supposed to release oxygen at night, making the room air become cleaner....   [tags: Fuck, Profanity, Kitchen, Quartz]

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Cocos nucifera

- Cocos nucifera Cocos nucifera is the scientific name of the common coconut. This very tall palm tree is always an inviting symbol of the tropics. The plant is one of the most valuable plants to man. It is a primary source of food, drink, and shelter. In Sanskrit the coconut palm is called "kalpa vriksha", which is defined as "the tree which provides all the necessities of life." Man can use every part of the coconut. The white nut-meat can be eaten raw or shredded and dried and used in most cooking recipes....   [tags: Botany]

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Individually Unified

- Individually Unified We are Americans. We can customize our cars, homes, and even our lives. How did we become such individualists. During the late 1500’s, the Chinese government had several chances of becoming a vast world power and instilling their sense of loyalty and unity as a country. Since China believed that they were a self-sufficient entity, they were content to leave things as they were and saw no point in exploring the unknown. The Europeans on the other hand were forced to explore new worlds due to the lack of trading ability and natural resources....   [tags: essays papers]

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Christopher Columbus

- Touted as the founder of America, Christopher Columbus has been heralded in the US and Spain for over five hundred years. As children, we were taught that Columbus was a dreamer. He had far-fetched ideas about the world being round, instead of flat as it was once thought to be. And when someone finally gave him the opportunity to prove his theory, he discovered America and named its inhabitants “Indians”. Just as shocking as finding out that the Tooth Fairy is one of your parents, this version of Columbus couldn’t be further from the truth....   [tags: Christopher Columbus Essays]

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Icecream Industry

- The origins of ice cream go way back to the 4th century B.C. In the 13th century, Marco Polo learned of the Chinese method of creating ice and milk mixtures and brought it back to Europe. It became a fashionable treat in Italy and France. Definition of an ice cream To call a product "ice cream," two basic requirements must be met: • The treat must be at least 10-percent milk fat • Use sugar as the sweetener. Though there is a potential market for fat-free and sugar-free ice creams, the country's food laws don't permit them yet....   [tags: Case Study History Ice Cream Global]

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Trademark Laws and Intellectual Property

- The World Intellectual Property Organization, Intellectual property is the ‘products of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, any symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce’. Intellectual Properties such as Patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights are protected by laws .The US government offers different types of protection for these properties. The Lanham Act (15 U.S.C.A. section 1051 et seq) also known as the trademark act of 1946 provides protection for trademarks. A trademark is defined as a name, a word, a symbol, or device or any combination thereof, adopted and used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify his goods and distinguish them from those manufactur...   [tags: Factors, Mark]

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The Movie ' Birth Had Down Syndrome '

- The main point in this movie is the question of bringing up a child as a human being with rights, who by accident of birth had Down syndrome. The movie showed the ugly side of the population and the system at the time, 1979, where gay and their union was regarded as a taboo. From a counselor’s point of view many questions come to my mind, does bringing up a children has a direct relationship with the type of union his/her parents are living or a safe and unconditional love for that child. The movie opens with the main character Rudy and Paul meeting in a gay club....   [tags: Court, Law, Bench, Homosexuality]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The Curtain Of Fall '

- RIBBONS OF FALL is a dramatic, character driven story about lies, secrets, and family bonding. The script is adapted from a novel. The setting in Montana is stunning and would definitely translate to the big screen. The tone is dramatic. The goal is clear and the stakes feel high. The plot centers on the disappearance of a drunken father. It’s a mystery that engages the audience. There’s a clear protagonist in Marco. The script provides some twists and turns, as old buried family secrets are revealed....   [tags: Family, Mother, Twist, Character]

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How does symbolism enhance the drama in A View From The Bridge?

- How does symbolism enhance the drama in A View From The Bridge. Symbolism is a physical object or reference used to provide meaning to a piece of writing. Symbolism enhances the drama in A View From The Bridge because it increases the tension between the characters, as well as highlights key themes. Symbolism is a very important element as it enhances the plot. There are a large amount of symbols that create tension such as: high heels, the chair, the knife, the cigar, the paper doll and homosexuality....   [tags: symbolism, sexuality, power]

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Brand Architecture : Ralph Lauren

- I- Brand foundation: Brand Architecture: Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer philanthropist, and business executive, best known for the Ralph Lauren Corporation clothing company, Ralph was born as Ralph Lifshitz in year 1939 in New York City. Ralph Lauren started in 1967 under the name of Polo Ralph Lauren, until he expended his designs. Polo Ralph Lauren based on American style leader in luxurious, sophisticated fashion and Striking a balance between “timeless” and “modern” style and to make his full line more impeccably crafted the new sportswear is born....   [tags: Brand, Logo, Brand management, Branding]

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A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

- A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller Miller intends to portray Marco as both innocent and guilty to the audience. For example, Miller displays his blamelessness by describing him as a family man, who has "three children" and "trusts his wife". He has responsibility for his family, so he has come to America as an illegal immigrant to provide food for them, because if he stays in Sicily "they will never grow up". He has immigrated to America because his offspring are suffering from illnesses and need medicine....   [tags: Papers]

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Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge

- Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge Manliness, Hostility and Aggression are all important in "A view from the bridge" where Eddie Carbone plays the main character he is a longshoreman working on the Brooklyn docks in New York. He tries to keep his status as "the man" in his household. He is very hostile towards Rodolfo because he thinks he is a homosexual. Marco knows Eddie feels this way about Rodolfo and is unhappy that Eddie feels this way about a member of his family. This creates aggression from Marco throughout the play and results in various conflicts between himself and Eddie in which Marco demonstrates his masculinity over Eddie this makes Eddie feel threatened and insecure....   [tags: Arthur Miller View Bridge Essays]

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Mafia - Original Writing

- Mafia - Original Writing “Bang, bang, bang!” Francesco fell to the ground with a thunderous thud. His body on top of Fabio’s, who was taken out only moments earlier. Marco was the only one left; this attack has completely gone wrong. He hid behind a crate in the dark room, surrounded by five other men, all his compatriots have been killed or seriously injured. “Bang, bang” Marco shot blankly around the room; his inexperienced had just cost him dearly, those two shots gave a clear indication of his whereabouts....   [tags: Papers]

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A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller

- A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller 'A View From The Bridge' is a play written and directed by Arthur Miller A writer that got interested in a lower part of Manhattan which is across the Brooklyn Bridge from the richer part of New York City where the play is set. Miller's play concentrates on a particular community full of Sicilian immigrants. This community has responsibilities towards one another, they look out for each other, but soon a character's betrayal casts a shadow on the rest of the community, the same character that is led by fate towards a destiny that cannot be escaped....   [tags: Papers]

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The Manchurian Candidate by Johnathan Demme

- The Manchurian Candidate, Johnathan Demme directed the remake. Both films portray paranoia, mind control, and conspiracy. Frankenheimer utilizes satire, humor, and symbolism to convey the themes, whereas, Demme uses modern fears, camera angles and focus, and mental illness to achieve similar results. Many of the elements of the 2004 remake have been modernized. While the original movie placed the soldiers in Korea, the remake placed them in Kuwait. Demme did changed the location of the war, in order to appeal to current fears and suspicions....   [tags: film, paranoia, conspiracy]

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A View From the Bridge - Arthur Miller

- A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE We have been studying 'A view from the Bridge' which has been written by Arthur Miller. This is the story of Eddie Carbone who is an Italian American who lives with his wife Beatrice and niece Catherine, When Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolpho, seek refuge as illegal immigrants from Sicily, Eddie agrees to give them shelter. Catherine falls in love with Rodolpho, which creates trouble. Eddie's jealousy culminates in an unforgivable crime against his family and the Italian community....   [tags: English Literature]

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