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The Gift of the Magi

- Many critics agree, “The Gift of the Magi” is, in all respects, an amazing and one of a kind story. One critic says, “Ironically, Fagin arrives at something utterly crucial to the success of 'The Gift of the Magi': that it has everything—an absorbing (if short) narrative drive and a twist ending that makes it wholly original” (Korb). Even renowned critic, Rena Korb, agrees; O.Henry did an excellent job with this story. Though O. Henry wrote many great stories, one of his most famous, and favorite, stories of all time is “The Gift of the Magi.” “The gift of the Magi” is a classic about a couple who sacrifices their happiness for the other....   [tags: The Gift of the Magi]

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The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry

- Stories of love and sacrifice abound in literature. Perhaps one of the most well known stories among teens and adults is the tale of a poor, young couple struggling to find the perfect Christmas gifts for each other using their very limited means. They each manage to get what they think is the perfect gift for the other, but only accomplish this by selling a prized possession which effectively makes the new gifts impractical. This bittersweet narrative, “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry, illustrates the moral idea that a person, motivated by nothing but love for another, can possess a willingness to give in a self-denying way which necessitates that the reader consider that wealth be m...   [tags: The Gift of the Magi]

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William Butler Yeats’ The Magi

- William Butler Yeats’ The Magi     Briefly stated, William Butler Yeats’ The Magi is a poem about people who, upon reaching old age, or perhaps just older age, turn to God and the spiritual world for fulfillment and happiness. We are told in the footnote to this poem that, after writing The Dolls, Yeats looked up into the blue sky and imagined that he could see "stiff figures in procession". Perhaps after imagining these figures, Yeats debated within himself whom these pictures could represent....   [tags: The Magi Essays]

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Analysis Of. Eliot 's Journey Of The Magi

- ... “With the voices singing in our ears, saying/That this was all folly” (Eliot, 19-20). The poem’s pessimistic tone continues into the second stanza, where Eliot uses details within the Magi’s surroundings to introduce an unstable faith in religion, particularly Catholicism. In line 24, the speaker describes the three trees hanging from the sky is where Eliot alludes to the three crosses of the Crucifixion. “And three trees on the low sky” (Eliot, 24). Eliot continues this pattern with the Wise Men arriving at a tavern and seeing men gamble over coins and clothing....   [tags: Jesus, Biblical Magi, Modernism, Star of Bethlehem]

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The Role of the Nativity in Magi and Carol of the Brown King

- The Role of the Nativity in "Magi" and "Carol of the Brown King"    What were the Three Wise Men searching for when they followed the North Star. They were obviously seeking the Christ child, but they were also searching for the truth and righteousness that he represents. Sylvia Plath in her poem "Magi" and Langston Hughes in his poem "Carol of the Brown King" discuss the merit of their respective minority groups through allusions to the nativity. Plath uses the journey to discuss both the ignorance of philosophers' quest for the "truth" and its neglect of females, and Hughes uses the righteousness of the nativity to emphasize the importance of blacks....   [tags: Magi Carol Brown King Essays]

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A Continuation of The Gift Of The Magi

- It was one week from Della's 30th birthday and Jim didn't have enough money to buy her a present. "Well," Jim thought, “if I don't have a watch then why should I have a chain for one?” So, he sold his watch chain in order to have money for Della's present. “Now, what do I buy Della?” he asked himself. “I think I'll go to the flea market and look for something, because one little rusty old chain won't buy me very much,” Jim stated as he started riding his bicycle to the market. At the market Jim found many things, some very pretty and expensive, some very pretty and cheap, and some just plain ugly things that had been there awhile and always would be until they were finally thrown a...   [tags: The Gift Of The Magi]

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Journey of the Magi

- “Journey of the Magi” is a poem by T.S Eliot extracted from the Ariel poems and published in 1930. It is a dramatic monologue of one of the Magi telling us about his expedition throughout Palestine to find the Christian messiah: Jesus Christ. Through the narrator’s dramatic monologue, Eliot treats the envisioning of reality, usually distorted by the human mind. In the poem, the travelers witness something that changes their reality forever. How does this monologue illustrate the narrator’s envision of his experience traveling through Palestine....   [tags: Literary Analysis, T.S Eliot]

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The Gift Of The Magi By O. Henry

- ... The Gift of the Magi takes place a day before Christmas in the City of New York, a city where most of his fictional stories take place in ("William Sydney Porter Biography"). The story begins with a woman named Della counting the amount of money she managed to save up. It totaled to a dollar and eighty-seven cents. To gather even this amount of money after paying all the countless bills was difficult. Negotiating and bargaining with the local butcher and grocer were all the pennies that helped make up this value....   [tags: Fiction, Character, Protagonist, Short story]

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The Shepherd, the Magi, and Jesus

- The Shepherd, the Magi, and Jesus The shepherds and the Magi, otherwise known as the Three Wise Men, are some of the memorable people from the New Testament of the Bible. Besides Mary and Joseph, they were the first to witness baby Jesus, and their journey confirmed the arrival of the Messiah. There are two Gospels, Luke and Matthew, that introduce the nativity story, but each holds different views as to how the holy message of the birth was delivered to the pilgrims, when the time of their journey happened, and who they were; the Gospel of Luke contends they were shepherds and Matthew states that they were three men from the East....   [tags: nativity, birth, messiah, baby]

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Irony : The Gift Of The Magi, And The Lottery

- ... His mother then went on to ask him if Charles got spanked again. “He sure did.” “Look up,” he said to his father. “What?” his father said, looking up. “Look down,” Laurie said. “Look at my thumb. Gee you’re dumb.” He began to laugh insanely (Shirley, 16). Once again, Laurie’s mother and father completely ignore Laurie’s bad behavior and go on to ask why Charles hit the teacher. In addition, Laurie was walking home from school one evening shouting, “Charles was bad again.” Once Laurie walked in the door he asked his mother; “You know what Charles did?” “Charles yelled so in school they sent a boy in from first grade to tell the teacher she had to make Charles keep quiet, and so Charles ha...   [tags: The Lottery, Short story, Stoning, The New Yorker]

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Journey Of The Magi

- T.S. Eliot’s Journey of the Magi This Christmas poem is about the Epiphany and was created the very year of Eliot’s conversion to Christianity (Fleisner, 66). Therefore the theme of religion is an important one if we are to analyse the poem correctly. In the book of Ephesians in the Bible, Paul describes the rebirth of the world upon Christ’s death, emphasising the Ephesians’ new life (2:4-5). This theme of death and rebirth is present in the poem Journey of the Magi, which, I will argue, is structurally and internally divided into three stages; corresponding to the Sacrament of Penance: contrition (guilt), confession and satisfaction....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Gift of Magi

- <<The Gift of Magi>>,one of O.Henry's most famous short fictions, is a simple but moving story. It told us a very beautiful love story. The mistress of the home-Della had such beautiful hair that "if the Queen of Sheba had lived in the flat across the airshaft, she would have let her hair hang out the window some day to dry just to depreciate Her Majesty's jewels and gift." But she is often tortured with poverty. It took her several months to save one dollar and eighty-seven cents....   [tags: American Literature]

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T.S. Eliot´s Poem A Journey with the Magi

- T.S. Eliot beautifully tells the story of Jesus’s birth through the eyes of a magus who traveled to Bethlehem in “Journey of the Magi.” “Journey of the Magi” was published in 1927 and was a part of a series of Eliot's poems called Ariel Poems. “Religious themes became increasingly important in his poetry” after Eliot converted to Anglicanism. The title, “Journey of the Magi,” clearly communicates to the reader of what they can anticipate to read. Magi is the plural form of magus meaning “a member of a priestly caste of ancient Persia.” Commonly, people call the three men who visited Jesus wise men and kings....   [tags: jesus, birth, religion]

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Adoration of the Magi by di Nardo

- Iconographical Analysis: di Nardo, “Adoration of the Magi” The painting “Adoration of the Magi” by di Nardo portrays the three Magi approaching the baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary. However, there is much more to it than just this familiar scene from Judeo-Christian lore. When approaching this painting in order to analyze it iconographically, it is necessary to first look at all aspects of the form. If this aspect is ignored, it provides for an incomplete analysis of the painting. Once this is looked at, the iconography of the painting becomes much clearer, and it is easier to compare the painting to the actual biblical text from which it was derived (Gospel of St....   [tags: Iconographical Analysis Art Artwork]

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Analysis of The Journey of the Magi by T. S. Elliot

- T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Journey of the Magi” was written the year of Eliot’s baptism into the Church of England in 1927, which made an impact on the content of his poems during that time.1 The poem is written in an allegorical style that has two levels of meaning, literal events, and the symbolic imagery that is evoked with language. Eliot gives the allusion that the poem is about the birth of Christ, but by reversing the situation, he instead parallels the death of Christ, thus forcing a choice upon the reader....   [tags: symbolic imagery, Magus, Christ]

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Analysis of the Journey of the Magi

- The Journey of the Magi by TS Elliot centres around one of the three Wise Men who travelled to Bethlehem shortly after his birth bringing him gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. The poem has many different hidden meanings but they are all based around a common theme of faith. A common interpretation of the poem is that Elliot wrote about his experiences in converting to Christianity and put them into the context and mind frame of one of the Magi. This interpretation seems to fit very well. In the first section, of which there are three, the magus describes the physical aspects of the "long journey"; the "weather sharp", the "camels galled, sore-footed", "sleeping in snatches." Elliot i...   [tags: Poetry]

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Hearty Gifts such as the Della and Jim´s in The Gift of the Magi

- The story of “The Gift of the MAGI” by O. Henry is about a couple, Della and Jim, who trying to make each other happy by buying gift in Christmas day. Unfortunately, they are very poor, and the only valuable things they have are Della’s beautiful hair and Jim’s gold watch. Since Della does not have enough money to buy Jim a gift, she sells her hair. After shopping in too many places, Della buys Jim a chain for his watch. She is sad for her hair, but happy that she could get him a gift, and she hopes that Jim likes him with a short hair....   [tags: Friendship, Presents]

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To Give is to Recieve in Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry

- Think about the last time that you opened a present that had been given to you by someone you love. Did you take a moment to think about what they might have gone through just to give you that one perfect gift. The giver may have sacrificed something very dear to their heart to give you that small token. In Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry, a young couple who is in desperate financial struggle sells their most prized possessions to purchase gifts for each other. O. Henry teaches the valuable lesson that sometimes in order to give a well thought out gift we may be required to sacrifice our time, possessions, or self aspirations....   [tags: scrapbook, aspiration, possession]

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Two Short Stories: The Gift of Magi and A Telephone Call

- In the short stories “The Gift f Magi” by O. Henry and “A telephone Call” by Dorothy Parker, two women are troubled by how their significant others view them. While O. Henry’s Della is able to see that Jim is not touched, Parker’s narrator is left with uncertainty because her significant other does not call back, stuffing her with skepticism. In O. Henry’s “The Gift of Magi”, a young couple in love has to get surprise gifts for each other before Christmas. The story takes place in a small-industrialized city where poverty is prevalent and money is scarce....   [tags: O. Henry, Dorothy Parker, literary analysis]

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Analysis of O'Henry's Short Story, The Gift of the Magi

- O’Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi” O. Henry’s short story “The Gift of the Magi,” is about a couple who most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house. The story takes place on Christmas Eve in a furnished apartment at eight dollars a week. I feel that the narrator mocks Jim and Della for being poor. “It did not beggar description, but it certainly had that word on the lookout for the mendicancy squad.” (O. Henry 165). Della and Jim’s income shrunk from thirty dollars a week to twenty dollars a week causing them a great deal of financial problems....   [tags: literary criticism, literary analysis]

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William Sydney Porter 's The Gift Of The Magi

- ... This was where Porter attained knowledge for ranch-life. He later uses his thoughts and insights in many of his short stories(Global notes Uk 3). By 1884, he moved to Austin, Texas.This is where he got his forthcoming pen name O Henry. Porter then resigned a became a bank teller for the First National Bank in Austin, Texas. Porter was then accused of embezzling funds and was sentenced to five years in an Ohio Penitentiary. In prison he realized he was digging up his grave and decided to change his lifestyle....   [tags: Short story, Guy de Maupassant, O. Henry Award]

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A Comparison of The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry and Country Lovers, by Nadine Gordimer

- The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast two stories. I have chosen The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry and Country Lovers, by Nadine Gordimer to accomplish this assignment. My intentions are to compare the author’s writing style, their differences in setting and theme, and note similarities as well. I will focus this paper on not only technical aspects of the author’s writing style, but their use of symbolism in their writing as well. The love the protagonists felt for each in both stories differed as well as the gifts they shared....   [tags: Compare Contrast]

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Important Themes And Biblical Symbols Of O. Henry 's The Gift Of The Magi

- ... Therefore, around this time the Great Depression was also on the rise. The roles of women in the early 1900s were simple; they were to cook for the family and clean the house or be servants for other households. Men, on the other hand, worked outside the home (“The Gift of the Magi”). Della Young, the wife works part time, and she only makes about $20 a week. For several months, Della has been putting away little bits of money to save up for her husband’s perfect Christmas gift. Although she does not have much, Della shows extreme generosity by getting her precious haircut in exchange for money....   [tags: English-language films, Love, Christmas]

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Art Analysis: Adoration of the Magi by Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi

- Viewing Reaction: Adoration of the Magi Introduction This altarpiece painting was done in tempera paint on wood by Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi. He became known as Sandro Botticelli. “Botticelli” was a nickname given by his older brother meaning 'small wine cask'. “(Artble, 2014). According to our textbook, this painting is one of four Adorations he painted that have achieved lasting fame. (Wold, 2008) Botticelli was an Italian Renaissance painter whose life spanned from 1440-1510. I was unable to verify where he was born, but most of the information I came across seemed to agree his home town was Florence, Italy....   [tags: Aesthetic Value, symbolism]

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The Gift of the Magi and Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen by O. Henry

- To understand the characters in O. Henry stories we must understand what motivates each character to do the things they do. How stories that seem similar and have a common theme can change drastically when we begin to analyze their subtle differences. The O. Henry stories “The Gift of the Magi” and “Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen,” both follow a similar theme. The stories are about sacrifices that people make in order to give someone a better outcome. The tone and meaning of each story is changed, however, when we begin to focus on why the character chose to make the sacrifice....   [tags: sacrifices, stories]

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Comparing Journey of the Magi by Eliot and Pygmalion by Shaw

- T. S. Eliot’s poem ‘Journey of the Magi’ is rich in content, imagery, symbolism and above all Biblical References. The poem throws some powerful questions to all the readers and seeks answers from them. This poem is very deep and hard to understand at the very first reading. Its charm lies in its complexity and ambiguity. Here the poet talks about journey of three wise men from East and their struggle. Their journey starts at a very tough time of the atmosphere – “the worst time of the year” and that makes the task altogether more difficult....   [tags: T.S. Eliot G.B. Shaw]

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Renewal in Yeats' Second Coming and Eliot's Journey of the Magi

- Renewal in Yeats' Second Coming and Eliot's Journey of the Magi         Both William Butler Yeats' "Second Coming" and T.S. Eliot's "Journey of the Magi" present a renewal process, but each one focuses on different goals and subjects; Eliot on a particular person's transformation, whereas Yeats predicts a renovation of the entire world as a result of an escalation of chaos. And while Yeats attempts to present a definite picture of what he believes will happen at the time of this renovation, as a human being, lack of foresight leaves him to conclude with nothing more than an unanswerable question....   [tags: Second Journey]

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True Meaning of Christmas in The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

- The “Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry is a short story that has an interesting theme. The main themes in this short story are that people do not need money to express love, and the true meaning of Christmas. Things such as the characters, setting, and events contribute to the theme. The characters Della and Jim have very little money, and yet they express their love by each selling their greatest treasures. Della sells her hair and Jim sells his watch. If they were both wealthy people, the story would have most likely have changed for the worse....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of Jacopo Del Sellaio 's Virgin, Child, And St. John

- ... Her posture and expression indicates the love and dearness with which she holds her child, and her fingers are elongated and featured at the center top third of the composition, conveying a central message of the powerful maternal love she possesses for the Christ Child. The colors and soft texture of Mary’s elegant gold-trimmed dress creates a sense of enveloping warmth around the Christ Child. It drapes over the ground, providing a bed of soft fabric for him. The red color of the inner layer of Mary’s dress as well as St....   [tags: Jesus, Christmas, Mary, Biblical Magi]

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Women in Poverty in the Novels The Necklace Guy de Maupassant and The Gift of the Magi

- The Central Characters of Both These Stories Are Women Who Live In Poverty But React to Their Circumstances in Very Different Ways. What Point Is Each Writer Trying To Make. Both of these stories are about women and their husbands who live in poverty. One of the wives is not bothered about how they live and the other wife is very bothered about how she is living poverty as "she let herself marry a junior clerk in the Ministry of public Instruction". Both of these stories have a beginning like any other good story as it describes the characters and how they think about life but they both have the twist at the end which I think the turns the reader around or could confuse younger readers....   [tags: English Literature]

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Voice in T.S. Eliot's The Hippopotamus, The Hollow Men, and Journey of the Magi

- Voice in T.S. Eliot's The Hippopotamus, The Hollow Men, and Journey of the Magi Poetry has meaning. This meaning is usually a message, and a message is projected though a voice. When we read poetry we hear this voice. The voices projected in the T.S. Eliot poems 'The Hippopotamus', 'The Hollow Men' and 'Journey of the Magi' are particularly strong, and the voice carries a lot of meaning to the readers. The voice is three things; the voice of the poetry in relation to Eliot, the voice of the poetry, and the individual reader's interpretation of the voice....   [tags: Papers]

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Pietro Perugino and El Greco Paintings

- I open with this statement to help provide the context and content of this essay. It is my opinion, like that of the great conceptual artist Sol Lewitt, that many individuals misinterpret art, especially the art of the past. In connection with this, I also believe each person has a right to their own opinions and thoughts. It is my hope that you as the reader will permit my upfront opinion found in this essay. It is my desire to compare and contrast the two pieces I have chased through their formal characteristics, the symbols they contain, and the cultural backgrounds of each piece of art....   [tags: Art Analysis, El Greco, Perugino]

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William Sydney Porter ( O. Henry

- ... Henry was released from prison. He then moved to New York, where he spent the rest of his life. O. Henry pioneered in picturing the lives of lower-class and middle-class New Yorkers (Columbia Encyclopedia). He took up this challenge because of the claim, by socialite Ward McAllister, that “only 400 people in New York were really worth noticing” (Columbia Encyclopedia). O. Henry lived among the poor people of New York and wrote about the things he saw everyday. He took creative influence for his stories from the people he worked with regularly....   [tags: Short story, Guy de Maupassant, Fiction, O. Henry]

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The Eight Themes that O'Henry uses are:

- The Eight Themes that O'Henry uses are: Beauty :Della is worried that Jim won't think she is beautiful with short hair, but Jim loves her for more than just her beautiful hair and how she looks. If you really love somebody, they are beautiful no matter how they look. Family :Jim and Della are husband and wife and they love each other. Jim's watch was given to him by his father and has been in his family for many years. Still, he sacrifices it out of love for Della. Giving :Della and Jim both feel that it is important to give nice gifts to each other to express their love....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Poetry of T.S. Elliot

- Journey to the Waste Land Who is the magnificent Thomas Stearns Eliot or T.S Eliot for short. Besides the fact that he was long distant family to former presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, he was an incredible poet. Eliot had come out the womb writing in September 23, 1888 in the small city of St. Louis, Missouri (Murphy 3). You can call him “the man who virtually invented the idea of separating the poet from the poem and the life and times from work has been subjected to more analysis and interpretation” (Murphy 3)....   [tags: modernist movement]

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Cultural Differences and Similarities Between Mexico and Venezuela

- Culture’s Celebrations The Hispanic culture is filled with feasts, religion and family, but each Hispanic country’s culture has different set of customs and beliefs. These Hispanic countries can be found in South America and Central America. I first noticed the differences in Hispanic culture when my neighbor moved in about three years ago. My family withholds the culture of Mexico while my neighbor withholds a Venezuelan culture. We celebrate many of the same holidays but our traditions are not the same at all....   [tags: parties, belief, hispanic countries]

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Influence of the De Medici Family

- The influence of a few people or ideas can affect a culture for a lifetime. The de Medici family was a powerful family that captured the ideals and principles of the Florence Renaissance and were able to use them to increase their influence during the time. Their influence in this time created many positive effects, some of which are still felt today. The family used their influence during this time to impact Florence and other European countries through their patronage of the arts, and political influence....   [tags: people of power in the Renaissance]

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Starry Dance: Signs in the Stars During the Life of Chirst

- ... Well, if you take our new technology you can go back and see exactly what happened that night. That night Jupiter came into close conjunction with Regulas then turned around (retrograde motion)and passed Regulas two more times. Jupiter for centuries has been known as the king planet and Regulus in the Roman culture is called Rex which means king. Regulus is part of the constellation Leo the Lion. The constellation following Leo the Lion was Virgo, the virgin, and the sun was passing through her – a woman clothed in the sun ....   [tags: conception, birth, crucifixion ]

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Were the African People Partially Responsible for Colonialism?

- “The condition of the native is a nervous condition introduced and maintained by the settler among the colonized people with their consent.” Frantz Fanon, 1961, The Wretched of the Earth Fanon’s quote, repeated on the first page of Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga, seems to state that Fanon held the colonized people of Africa partly responsible for the colonial system of governing and, by extension, the oppression of the African people. Fanon notes the silence of Africa in the face of colonialism and her inability or lack of will to act against the colonial governments....   [tags: Colonialism]

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Manga: The Images Tell More Than the Text

- Osamu Tezuka, the creator of the manga started his career in 1946. At the beginning of his career he mainly wrote shonen manga, but from the 1950’s he also wrote for adult and like the theme of the word war and its aftermath. Later he also dealt with sexuality, economics, alcoholism, nationalism in his comic series. He died in 1989, but the work he began got followers in Japan. (Power, 24-34) Manga is not only a comic book, but it has also the characteristics of a prose, a fiction and a non-fiction.(Poitras, 49) The manga stories can even derive from novels....   [tags: Manga Essays]

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A Comparison of Christmas in America and Spain

- ... While Christmas season in America has no real set beginning, the celebrations end on December 30th. The Spanish Christmas season officially starts on December 8th, with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception; and ends on January 6th, or El Dia de los Reyes Magos (3 Kings Day). In between this time period there are four other celebrations, including the Day of the Innocent Saints occurring on December 28th, “Nochebuena” (The Good Night) being celebrated on Christmas Eve, Navidad (Christmas) being celebrated on Christmas Day, and Nochevieja (The Old Night) being celebrated on New Years Eve....   [tags: gifts, traditions, culture]

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Patrons and Artisans of the Renaissance Period

- The Renaissance period (1400 to 1700) covered art, literature, philosophy and government. Renaissance culture spread outwards from Florence, to other Italian cities and then, over the following centuries, to the rest of Europe. It is widely understood that it was a unique combination of several different influences that led to the Renaissance, with the social and political conditions of the era, combined with great wealth and the large number of talented artists and artisans in Florence; influencing cultural development on an exceptional scale....   [tags: European History, European Artists]

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Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael Sanzio

- Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. His full birth name was Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. The meaning of Leonardo birth name is Leonardo, son of (Mes) ser Piero from Vinci. He was born to Messer Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci who was a Florentine notary, and Caterina, a peasant. Leonardo was an illegitimate son because his parents were never married. Leonardo was raised by his father. In 1466, when he was only 14 he became an apprentice to one of the most successful artist of his day, Andrea di Cione....   [tags: Biographies, Famous Italian Artists]

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Listening Skills

- Listening Skills      The importance of listening effectively is obvious to our everyday activities. The fundamentals of listening appear to be quite simple; however, with a little thought on the matter, the depth of the listening is far from basic. The similarities between hearing and listening can be deceiving. Hearing is a physical process and listening is both physical and psychological. There are several purposes of listening. If you are a good listener, it will be a huge help in school, at work, in relationship, and in other situations....   [tags: Listening Skills Listen Essays]

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Prospero’s Magic in Shakespeare's The Tempest

- Prospero’s Magic in Shakespeare's The Tempest In order to understand the full effect the character of Prospero, in Shakespeare's The Tempest, would have had on the audience, it is important to understand how magic was regarded during the time. During the Tudor and early Stuart periods, interest in magic ran high, and attitudes toward magic were varied and complex. For instance, magic was to be avoided by God-fearing men, but "God permitted magic partly to demonstrate, by its overthrow, his own miraculous powers, and partly as one of the pitfalls that appeared in the world as a result of original sin" (Traister 3)....   [tags: Tempest essays]

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Compare the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke

- Compare and contrast the birth narratives in the Gospel of Matthew and that of the Gospel of Luke. The birth narrative of Matthew begins with a long genealogy of Jesus, which basically shows how Jesus is son of Abraham who is the father of the nation of Israel, and David the King of the Jews. This may not seem important but this genealogy shows how Jesus is connected to the Davidic line. Then we have Mary, who just found out she was pregnant and Joseph decides it is best to divorce her because he wanted to break his union with someone who is pregnant, by someone else....   [tags: Faith Religion bible]

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Leonardo da Vinci

- Leonardo da Vinci Painter, sculptor, inventor. Born April 15, 1452 near the village of Vinci, Italy. He was the illegitimate son of Ser Piero da Vinci, a prominent notary of Florence, who had no other children until much later. Ser Piero raised his son himself, a common practice at the time, arranging for Leonardo's mother to marry a villager. When Leonardo was 15, his father apprenticed him to Andrea del Verrocchio, the leading artist of Florence and a characteristic talent of the early Renaissance....   [tags: History Biography]

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Pride In Poetry

- “And the Devil did grin, for his darling sin is pride that apes humility” (Coleridge). Pride effects everyone and everything. It effects the way that we live, the way that we read and the way that we go about things. It hinders people and events. T.S. Eliot seems to have some experience with this word in context. In his two poems, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and “The Journey of the Magi”, there seems to be strong senses of pride and regret of an unfulfilled life. They each make a tour through points in their lives, which seem to have been hard times....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Waste Land Essay: Superficiality in The Waste Land

- Superficiality in The Waste Land   The Waste Land is concerned with the 'disillusionment of a generation'. The poem was written in the early 1920's, a time of abject poverty, heightening unemployment and much devastation unresolved from the end of WW1 in 1918. Despite this, or because of it, people made a conscientious effort to enjoy themselves. In doing so they lost their direction, their beliefs and their individuality. They were victims of the class system which maintained a system of privilege, snobbery and distrust....   [tags: T.S. Eliot Waste Land Essays]

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John Milton's On the Morning of Christ's Nativity

- John Milton's On the Morning of Christ's Nativity John Milton was born in 1608 and died in died in 1674. He was by far the most learned man of his time. He influenced men from the Romantic poets to the American Puritans. Moreover, he relied heavily on the historic Christian doctrine of Calvinism. In the first four stanzas of On the Morning of Christ's Nativity Milton paints a beautiful picture of man's redemption in Christ. First, the first four stanzas of Milton's poem have a distinct rhyme scheme....   [tags: On the Morning of Christ's Nativity Essays]

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Leonardo Da Vinci's Time in Milan

- The objective of this essay is to provide an explanation of Leonardo da Vinci’s life and work as an artist in context with his time spent in Milan. Following an initial introduction to Leonardo’s formative years in Florence (and his apprenticeship to the sculptor and painter Andrea del Verrocchio, 1435-88), I will attempt to explain the significance of his presence in Milan with detailed descriptions of his work there. Giorgio Vasari (1511-74) was also an artist and architect, but is perhaps better known for his book on the lives of well known painters, sculptors and architects (published 1550; from Cimbue to his autobiography which was included in a revised edition): “Vasari's book offers...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Rich versus Poor in America

- The Rich versus Poor in America America; the land of opportunities. How many times have we heard this phrase in our lives. This is the promise land and here, you will be treated equally and will be guaranteed freedom and justice. Maybe it is so in legal terms. However if we look closely, there are many injustice going on that is not protected by our constitution. Perhaps the most obvious one is the difference between the rich and the poor or the haves and the have-nots. First line in the constitution states; all men are created equal....   [tags: Papers]

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Biography of T.S. Eliot

- Biography of T.S. Eliot T.S. Eliot changed the face of poetry. He has been regarded as the most celebrated poet of his era. This Nobel Prize winning poet is credited with viewing the world as it appears, without making any optimistic judgements. Despite the ire of Mr. Eliot, it would be safe to regard him as a prophet of doom. His works reflected his frustration with mankind, and the seeming need to be released from this cold world. It was once said, “How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot.” (Time 1) His rather cynical view of man’s accomplishments leads one to regard him as a pessimist who prophesies nothing but doom for mankind....   [tags: Thomas Stearns Eliot Writers Poetry Essays]

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O. Henry's Writing Style

- When people try to describe O. Henry’s writing style, they always use the term “smile with tears,” which implies his twisted way of thoughts and endings about every story. These stories usually end in a humorous but also cruel kind of way. It’s absolutely useful to elevate the artistic thought in writing a thoughtful story. To better understand the brilliant plots of his twisted endings let us begin with one of his most famous stories, The Cop and the Anthem1. In this story, the main character was trying to find shelter for the coming winter by getting himself thrown into prison....   [tags: Author O. Henry]

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Love Despite Dominance in Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca

- Literature often words complex phenomena, which otherwise possibly remain ignored. One example of such complex phenomena is the coexistence of two contradictory elements, dominance and love. Dominant personalities in Like Water for Chocolate and The House of Bernarda Alba, Mama Elena and Bernarda Alba respectively, do not explicitly display love towards their daughters, but it is revealed by their behaviour and uncharacteristic actions. Some elements of characterization or narrative mode in both the works try to limit the reader’s perception of the dominant personalities to their static characteristics....   [tags: Compare and Contrast]

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Life in the Middle Ages Depicted in the Book "A World Lit Only by Fire"

- The beginning of the middle ages were tough. Liceracy was openly ignored and only one out of every 100 murderers were brought to justice. Even your average game of football could lead to someone’s burial. Even though some deaths were accidental, most were done intentionally. The punishment for most crimes was death. Even if a person lived a healthy life and didn’t commit any crimes they would only live to the age of 30. Men might make it to forty or even 50 but then would look like men who are 80 years old today....   [tags: a world lit only by fire]

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The San Vitale in Ravenna and The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

- Monuments such as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and San Vitale in Ravenna, perform a great importance in Byzantine and Islamic architecture. Both of these structures did not exclusively represent the main place of worship, but most importantly as a symbol of achievement and growth within the current times of construction. Starting in 524, under the influence of Orthodox bishop Ecclesius, the development of San Vitale was to represent the achievements of the emperor Justinian. Julius Argentarius was the sponsor for this structure and it was dedicated by Bishop Maximian in 547....   [tags: Byzantine, Islamic Architecture]

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Lorenzo De ' Medici, A Famous Statesman And Patron Of The Arts

- ... (pg 89 of Early Medici) Another one of Lorenzo’s painters was Sandro Botticelli, who developed works of art such as the Birth of Venus. Botticelli even included Lorenzo as a character in the Adoration of the Magi along with his brother, Giuliano. Though one piece of artwork in particular is said to epitomize the wholeness of what Lorenzo de’ Medici stood for, and that was through Botticelli’s Pallas and Centaur, which is said to symbolize Lorenzo’s “victory of mind over material things… the triumph of Lorenzo’s statesmanship, wisdom, and courage over the brutal forces opposed to him of sedition, armed conspiracy, and war.” (172 of the Golden Age of the Medici)....   [tags: Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici, House of Medici]

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Analysis Of `` Young Goodman Brown `` By Nathaniel Hawthorne

- ... In the Bible, a serpent is a description used to represent the devil and evil. The traveler’s staff reinforces the idea of the evilness in our traveler and Hawthorne uses the staff to give more biblical allusions. Both our traveler’s encounter Goodman Brown’s mentor and a catechism teacher Goody Cloyse. In similar fashion, to the staff turned into a snake in Exodus 7:12, the traveler’s staff thrown down at the feet of Goody Cloyse “assumed life, being one of the rods which its owner had formerly lent to the Egyptian magi.” Hawthorne implies that the idea of the devil is old and timeless....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown]

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The Connection Between Imagery and Paradoxes in Poetry

- Ars Poetica, written by Archibald MacLeish, depicts the significance of a poem’s use of imagery in order to convey the author’s intended meaning. “A poem should be wordless, as the flight of birds” (MacLeish 558 l.7-8). A flock of birds does not take much thought to comprehend, rather the sight explains the event itself. This beautiful metaphor presents a suggestion for poets by displaying its effectiveness first hand. Likewise, the poems in “cluster 3” follow the same criterion. In essence, Ars Poetica acts as a guideline for the following poems....   [tags: Imagery, paradoxes, poetry, Ars Poetica,]

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The Second Set of Doors at the Baptistery

- The maintenance and completion of the Baptistery of San Giovanni, one of the oldest and most significant buildings in Florence, was entrusted to the Arte del Calimala Guild. This wool merchants’ guild was the oldest of Florentine guilds and was extremely powerful and wealthy. This wealth and power was due in large part to the fact that Florence was the fabric capitol of Italy. The Baptistery was dedicated to Florence’s patron saint John the Baptist. Consequently, the first set of doors created by Andrea Pisano in 1336 depicted scenes from the life of Saint John the Baptist and was installed on the east or main entrance side....   [tags: Art History]

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Critical Analysis of Michael Baxandall's Conditions of Trade

- In the article “Conditions of Trade,” Michael Baxandall explains that fifteenth-century Italian art is a “deposit” resulting from the commercial interaction between the artist and the purchaser, who he refers to as a client. These works, as such, are “fossils of economic life,” and money, and they play an important role in the history of art. In our current perception of the relationship between the artist and art, “painters paint what they think is best, and then look around for a buyer” . However in the past, especially during the Renaissance period, the customers determined the content and form of paintings, as it was them who commissioned the work before it was created....   [tags: Commercial Interaction, Art History]

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Medicine or Spice? The Many Uses of Saffron.

- Throughout history saffron has been used for many things. Although it is known as the most expensive spice in the world, it was and still is commonly used as a dye and as a spice by wealthy people in many parts of the world. Crocus sativus, also known as saffron, is one of the most expensive spices in the world due to the extensive harvesting process which has to be done manually. While it is historically known for being a spice as well as a dye, it also has been discovered to have some very interesting medicinal effects, such as improving glycemia (diabetes), reducing cancer, and improving impotency in males....   [tags: Crocus sativus, Crocus cartwrightianus, plant]

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Leonardo da Vinci - The Dark Side

- Leonardo da Vinci was an exceptionally talented artist who succeeded in several areas throughout his career in art, in architecture, in science, and in many other disciplines. Even though Leonardo was a talented man, several of his works remained unfinished even after he died, leading him to receive a lot more credit now than he did during his time. He has few known paintings. Other artists often mourn Leonardo’s lack of productivity since his talent was so great (Krull, p. 41); he could have taken advantage of his incredible talent more than he actually did....   [tags: Biography]

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The Many Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci

- Can you imagine how would the world’s view be without the contribution of Leonardo Da Vinci. His discoveries and invention unlike any were extraordinary. Leonardo is still known as one of the greatest mind that ever set foot on earth. His perspective helped us see work of art with actual contemptuous expression rather than being unrealistic. He was a man of many talents. Apart from being one of the greatest artists, he made contribution in Anatomy, and Invention in the world of engineering. Although his other discoveries and invention were not focused on as much, it changed society in a way that is impossible for one man to achieve....   [tags: discoveries, art, anatomy, engineering]

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The Culture Of Spain And Spanish Culture

- ... In Spain, men may be seen wearing pink shirts, boots, jackets, underwear and more. Men also are known to wear murses in the European countries (man purse, for those unfamiliar) which is not very common over in the United States of America. Spaniards are a part of the high context communication culture. In high-context cultures the behavior of people is determined by the social roles and expectations. Speaking is real art and focused mainly on emotions in the Spanish culture. Spanish communication interpretation lies in the communication context and does not need to be verbalized....   [tags: United States, Spanish language, Spain]

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The Complexity And Beauty Of Renaissance Art

- ... Zephyrus the god of the wind tries abducting Chloris, shown with a branch coming out of her mouth leading to the figure of Flora. This perhaps shows that the abduction of Chloris led to the creation of Flora. “While she spoke, her lips breathed vernal roses: "I who now am called Flora was formerly Chloris…” (Andrews, 74). She is shown reaching into her bag of flowers, which clearly identifies her as Flora. This also shows the fertility of nature. Above Venus is her son cupid who is blindfolded and aiming his arrow at one of the three Graces....   [tags: Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici, Sandro Botticelli]

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The Sins Of Young Goodman Brown

- It is impossible to fairly analyze Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "Young Goodman Brown" around a single literary approach. American novelist, essayist, and poet, Herman Melville, once wrote about Hawthorn's short story that it over time, like wine, it only improves in flavor and body (The Life and Works of Herman Melville). Hawthorne's short story continues to get better with age, and carries today's readers into a world filled with a plethora of meanings for them to pick from its symbolism....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne]

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Conditions of Trade by Michael Baxandall

- In the article “Conditions of Trade,” 1 Michael Baxandall explains that fifteenth-century Italian art is a “deposit” resulting from the commercial interaction between the artist and the purchaser, who he refers to as a client. These works, as such, are “fossils of economic life,” as money, he states, plays an important role in the history of art. In contrast to our current perceptions of the relationship between the artist and art, “in which painters paint what they think best, and then look around for a buyer” the author examines how the content and form of these paintings were, determined by the customers....   [tags: art, Italian painting, artist, paint]

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Conditions of Trade, by Michael Baxandall

- In the article “Conditions of Trade,” Michael Baxandall explains the interaction serving of both fifteenth- century Italian painting and text on how the interpretation of social history from the style of pictures in a historical period, pre-eminently examine the early Renaissance painting. Baxandall looks not only on the explanation of how the style of painting is reflected in a society, but also engages in the visual skills and habits that develop out of daily life. The author examines the central focus on markets, material visual practices, and the concept of the Renaissance period overlooking art as an institution....   [tags: art, italian painting]

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Leonardo Da Vinci: The Mona Lisa

- Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest painters and most versatile geniuses in history. He was one of the key figures of the Renaissance, a great cultural movement that had begun in Italy in the 1300's. His portrait of the Mona Lisa is ranked among the most famous paintings ever painted. His portrayals and drawings presented him another viewpoint of the craft society. He went past his education by making an experimental investigation of light and shadow in nature. It dawned on him the sketches were not contained blueprints, but rather three-dimensional bodies characterized by light and shadow....   [tags: renaissance, painter, italy]

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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

- ... It was as if I started life with 2 missing puzzle pieces. Thus lacking anyone in whose footsteps I was expected to follow, I could develop freely into the universal man I would become. I spent days with my uncle Francesco, who was a farmer. Spending most of my time outdoors, I tended to animals, explored the farmland, observing nature and landscapes. I started to sketch landscapes; this was when I discovered my artistic talent (SparkNotes Editors). Since many career paths were closed to a illegitimate child, art was an obvious choice for me....   [tags: mona lisa, painter, sculptor]

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The Gospel Of Matthew Was Written

- ... Further, many scholars believe that the location of composition for Matthew was in Antioch, Syria, favored because the earliest reference to Matthew 's Gospel was found in Ignatius who was the Bishop of Antioch. Authorship and Redaction: Beginning with the early church fathers, scholars have credited Jesus’s apostle, Matthew, for the composition of the first Gospel, which is “important to early Christians to attach [an] apostolic name to its key documents.” The Gospels were named after the first disciples as a way to claim “theological adequacy and legitimacy” as to not falsify history....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of Matthew, Judaism, Old Testament]

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The Italian Ways of Life

- Of course everyone loves to have a giant feast on Christmas Day. You wouldn’t even believe all the mouth watering meals and desserts they cook up. Instead of having Christmas Eve on the twenty-fifth Italians have it on the fifth of January. Also, on that night the children will hang up their stockings, like us, but instead of waiting for Santa Claus the children wait for Befana. She’s a witch like character that rides a broom stick, but a good witch. There’s a story that goes along with it too: “Three Wise Men, I re magi, stopped at Befana's hut to ask directions on their way to Bethlehem and asked her to join them....   [tags: Culture ]

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The Gospel: Jesus and History

- In the Gospels according to Matthew and that according to Luke, Jesus’ birth and childhood is narrated. While both of these accounts mention Jesus as not only being the son of Joseph and his virgin wife Mary but also the Son of God, they also have numerous differences between the two. When compared and contrasted many scholars find historical inaccuracies between the two Gospels (especially when it comes to the birth and childhood of Jesus). That being said however, after a closer look at some of the historical problems one may be able to see that they are not nearly as important as the deeper motivation they bring out to the reader about God’s kingdom, the Jewish people, and even the Gentil...   [tags: joseph, virgin mary, god´s kindom, gentiles]

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The Real Nature Of Humanity

- ... Brown and the man soon come upon a woman who is introduced by the name of Goody Cloyse. Brown is baffled to discover this woman in the demon infested forest, as she was the woman “who had taught him his catechism in youth, and was still his moral and spiritual advisor.” It is later discovered by Brown that Cloyse is, in fact, a witch. This is clarified when she complains that, “my broomstick hath strangely disappeared, stolen, I suspect.” To this, the man that is accompanying Brown, offers up his staff to the woman in order to further her advancement to the ‘meeting’ she is so desperate to attend....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown]

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Leonardo Da Vinca

- Leonardo Da Vinca The illegitimate son of a 25-year-old notary, Ser Piero, and peasant girl, Caterina, Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy, just outside Florence. His father took custody of the little fellow shortly after his birth, while his mother married someone else and moved to a neighboring town. They kept on having kids, although not with each other, and they eventually supplied him with a total of 17 half sisters and brothers. Growing up in his father's Vinci home, Leonardo had access to scholarly texts owned by family and friends....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The gallery report

- The gallery report “The poisoning of the American south by Richard Misrach”” Since the late ‘70s, Richard Misrach has been known for his large format, eight by ten inch color photographs of the Nevada desert. His epic series of 18 Cantos or groups, of photographs range from lyrical to political. The west was a vision or absolute purity, Misrach tries to temper that reverence with the truth about mom’s occupation of the land. In 1999, Misrach accepted a commission from Atlanta’s High museum of art as part of their “Picturing the South”....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Gremlin Armageddon Clock

- The Gremlin Armageddon Clock The spider weaves his web in thin air. A hornet flies with purpose through the air. His hive mind telling him to collect. Until the moment he realizes he is caught in the spider's web, A web so dense and powerful it forces him into a death rattle. Alarming the hibernating spider. One eye opens fixating on the hornet. Then a second eye, then a third, as all eight eyes bear down on the hornet. The spiders stomach groans in eminent pleasure. The hornet tries one last time to free him self....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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The Art of Michelangelo

- His hands work quickly and delicately to complete this work of art. Every chiseled muscle would be as smooth as silk, each hair a perfect curl. Sweat dripped from his face and his heart pounded rapidly in his chest as he stepped back to see what he had created. Two years- two long years to finish this piece. What will the result be. He worried that all his work would have been for nothing. Tears swelled in his eyes as he gazed at his work. It was spectacular. The marble seemed to faintly glow in the afternoon sun....   [tags: Biography]

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