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Memory, Imagination, and Consciousness in Funes the Memorious and Meursault

- Memory, Imagination, and Consciousness in Funes the Memorious and Meursault       Consciousness separates humans from sense perceiving “garbage heaps.” Jorge Luis Borges, in “Funes the Memorious,” and Albert Camus, in “The Stranger,” explore the causes of consciousness. They are philosophers who write fiction to answer the question, “What makes us aware?” An imperfect memory and imagination define our reality. Funes can be aware of other realities because has a perfect memory. Meursault reveals that the missing element for Funes to possess consciousness is imagination....   [tags: Funes Memorious Meursault]

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Order, Memory, and Anxiety in Borges' Fiction

- Order, Memory, and Anxiety in Borges' Fiction The fundamental questions of how and why we read have an infinitude of answers, none of which entirely 'do the job', simply because they bear too closely upon the automatic, (and therefore, to us, secret) processes of the mind; the act of reading is too closely related to the act of living in the world for us to comprehend definitively. There are few writers who understand and exploit this primal link more persistently than Jorge Luis Borges. One of the ways in which he forces us to examine the parallels between reading and existing (I use the word 'force' because it is not always a pleasant confrontation) is through the thematic use of me...   [tags: Reading Memorize Memory Essays]

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Mademoiselle Beatrice De Funes: Auntie Bee

- ... Shells and other War ordnance have no particular preference as to social class when doing their work. By the Wars end the complete male line, seven in all, of the de Funès who lived in the grande maison on the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, lay amongst over a Million other French military dead. The fall in fortune for the now all female de Funès was not a swift one; it was more a case of just gently withering on the vine. Eventually the money started to run out with the Great Depression speeding up the process, and thus allowing their creditors to eagerly strip away what few assets remained....   [tags: intelligence gathering ear]

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ATP and the Endosymbiotic Theory

- Several compartments known as organelles can be found within the cytosol of eukaryotic cells. Organelles are bound by a plasma membrane and contain specific information related to different cellular functions (Hardin et al., 2012). Some of the most important organelles in eukaryotic cells are the mitochondrion. These double membrane power-houses are about the same size as a bacterial cell and contain their own (circular) DNA. The main function of the mitochondrion is to produce ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, which is a form of energy utilized within the cell....   [tags: mitochondria, chloroplasts, evolution]

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The Transformations in the Spanish Theatrical System during the First Third of the Nineteenth Century

- The Spanish theatrical life during the eighteenth century is characterized by the presence of systems and representation modes typical of the Golden Age, in conflict with the approaches of the Enlightenment culture (see chapters 5 and 6). However, with Earl of Aranda’s reforms, as of 1767 (Rubio Jiménez, 1998) a restrictive regularization of the companies’ constitution and their itinerant regime will start. It is hoped, in this last respect, to limit the itinerant nature of the companies by replacing them with a single, fixed location that lasts the whole theatre season, which will be achieved thanks to the reforms of the last decade of the century....   [tags: theater, spain, world history]

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Literary Crossovers

- Literary Crossovers I wish that I could wrap a character up in the fabric of the author's words and, carrying them by the handles of description and narration, pluck them from their own story and drop them down into the middle of someone else's. On sitcoms, sometimes, they do "crossovers" - episodes in which a person from another show appears and is integrated into the story line as the character he or she elsewhere portrays. I would like to create a series of literary "crossovers." I would send Funes to Vietnam with Tim O'Brien....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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Comparing Two Countries: Norway and El Salvador

- Norway & El Salvador Norway and El Salvador by no means have many similarities if any at all, for instance the official language in Norway is Bokmal Norwegian while El Salvador's official language is Spanish. Not only are their languages different but so are their religious beliefs with Norway having 82.1% of its population belonging to the Church of Norway making their official religion Evangelical Lutheran and El Salvador having 57.1% of its population being Roman Catholic and going to a Roman Catholic Church....   [tags: no similarities, language, religion]

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Ernesto Guevara de Serna

- Ernesto Guevara de Serna Ernesto Guevara de Serna was born in Argentina in 1928 into a fairly privileged family. He developed serious asthma at the age of two, which would plague him throughout his life. He was home-schooled by his mother, Celia de la Serna. It was these early years when he became an eager reader of Marx, Engels, and Freud which all were all part of his father's library. He went to secondary school in 1941, the Colegio Nacional Dean Funes, Cordoba, where he excelled in literature and sports....   [tags: Ernest Che Guevara Biographies Essays]

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